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The best podcast to hear the latest on the Washington Nationals. Hosted by Nick Ashooh, along with Chase Hughes and other contributors to NBC Sports Washington’s Nationals coverage.

Episode Date
Nationals add Jon Lester to star-studded staff

Mike Rizzo strikes again, adding former All-Star and World Series champion Jon Lester to an already star-studded rotation. Nick Ashooh and Chase Hughes discuss what Lester brings at this stage of his career, how Rizzo continues to retool the Nats as championship contenders, and what's left to do before spring training. They're also joined by Matt Weyrich of to discuss the pros and cons of trading Victor Robles.

Jan 22, 2021
Get to know the newest National Kyle Schwarber

The Nationals added a World Series champion to their lineup, former Cubs outfielder Kyle Schwarber. Nick Ashooh and Chase Hughes talk to David Kaplan of NBC Sports Chicago and host of the Cubs Talk podcast on what Schwarber brings to the Nats, as well as perspective on how long the World Series honeymoon lasts. Chase also talks to Schwarber's college coach, Tracy Smith, and also confesses some pretty questionable food takes in this jam-packed episode.

Jan 14, 2021
2021 Resolutions, Juan Soto > Bryce Harper and Al Galdi joins the pod

Nick and Chase are joined by Al Galdi of The Team 980, one of the best baseball minds in town, to get his takes on Juan Soto, how to approach Max Scherzer's future, what's the key to competing in the ever-improving NL East and even reaction to the breaking Francisco Lindor trade to the Mets. Plus, Nick and Chase go through their New Year's resolutions for the 2021 Nats.

Jan 07, 2021
Analyzing the Josh Bell trade and the putting the 2020 season in the rear view mirror

All-star first baseman Josh Bell is now a National, and Nick, Chase and Todd have feelings about it. The crew also discusses the perception of the farm system, and what the trade means for a possible return for Ryan Zimmerman. Before we turn the calendar to 2021, one last look back at the 2020 season what positives Nats fans can take into next year (hint: Juan Soto). Plus, not one, but TWO great Walk-offs that you'll want to stay through the end for.

Dec 30, 2020
Gather round the NL East roundtable for an offseason feast

Nick Ashooh, Todd Dybas and Chase Hughes are joined this week by a quartet of reporters from around the NL East to discuss all things in the division as the calendar gets set to leave 2020 behind. Corey Seidman, the host of the Phillies Talk podcast, Mike Vaccaro, who covers the Mets for NY Post, Jordan McPherson, Marlins reporter for the Miami Herald and Kevin McAlpin, a reporter for the Braves Radio Network, along with our usual crew bat around the new management around the division and where some of the big name free agents will land (1:30). Then each team discusses the biggest offseason storylines (34:00) and the best and worst case scenarios for the coming season (46:30).

Dec 23, 2020
Max Scherzer updates us on his contract negotiations with the Nationals

Does anyone want to set some rules for this podcast? Nick Ashooh, Todd Dybas and Chase Hughes discuss GM Mike Rizzo's press conference where we learned that he has no clarity on whether or not he needs to field a DH next season. Rizzo wants a middle-of-the-order bat, so who fits that bill? Michael Brantley, Marcel Ozuna, and Kyle Schwarber are bandied about as options by the crew before we get to Todd's long interview with Max Scherzer. The Nationals ace touches on his dislike for expanded playoffs, where rules and regulations stand for the 2021 season, and his thought process going into the last year of his contract. After the interview, Nick, Todd, and Chase discuss how the perception of D.C. baseball changes now that the Negro Leagues statistics will be included in MLB's official records. Finally, the pod ends as it always does with Walk-Offs.

Dec 17, 2020
Disaster in Philadelphia and Adam Eaton goes right back to the White Sox

In this week's episode of the Nationals Talk podcast, Nick Ashooh, Todd Dybas and Chase Hughes discuss the disaster unfolding in Philadelphia and bring the Adam Eaton trade full circle now that he has signed back with the White Sox. Then the boys bring in NBC Sports Chicago's White Sox writer Vinnie Duber to get the pulse of White Sox nation on the Eaton/Lucas GIolito trade and which former White Sox free agents would fit best in D.C. Finally, the crew lays out the Nationals minor league affiliations this season before ending the show per usual with Walk-Offs.

Dec 10, 2020
Which National would get the same treatment John Wall is getting on his departure from the District?

On this week's episode of the Nationals Talk podcast, Nick Ashooh, Todd Dybas and Chase Hughes discuss the legacy of Michael A. Taylor as he departs from Washington. Nick then posits a question: which National would experience the same response on his departure from the District that John Wall is currently receiving upon his trade to Houston? The discussion then transitions to the new free agents on the market that were not tendered by their previous teams who the Nationals might want to go after, including Carlos Rodón and Kyle Schwarber. Could Juan Soto be the best recruitment tool at the Nats' disposal? Nick, Todd and Chase discuss his seeming recruitment of All-Star pitcher Trevor Bauer and finally, the boys Walk-Off with some show recommendations and a tribute to John Wall's honesty.

Dec 04, 2020
Can the Nationals actually trade for Kris Bryant? Plus, why DJ LeMahieu is a perfect fit in Washington

Nick Ashooh, Todd Dybas and Chase Hughes are back to get you through the holiday weekend. They start by taking a look at what it might take to get Kris Bryant to D.C. while Chase dons his tin foil hat to theorize how the Nats could continue to troll Bryce Harper with Bryant and other potential moves. The conversation then transitions into alternate options in the trade market before looking at free agents that might be options for Mike Rizzo to bring to town including DJ LeMahieu. Finally they hit on Charlie Morton signing with the Braves and what it means for the rest of the NL East. No Nationals Talk podcast is complete without Walk-Offs and today the boys discuss their favorite foods on the Thanksgiving table. Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at the Nationals Talk Podcast!

Nov 25, 2020
Story time with Charlie Slowes plus news and notes around the NL East

Nick Ashooh, Todd Dybas and Chase Hughes are joined by the voice of the Nationals Charlie Slowes to discuss the strange 2020 MLB season. Slowes walks through the challenges of calling road games from his usual booth at Nationals Park, why the 2020 Nationals never found their groove and discusses some potential changes the Nats could make to get back to challenging for a World Series in 2021. After Charlie departs, conversation turns to Yasmany Tomas and where he ranks among the biggest Nationals in recent memory plus a look around the NL East from Steve Cohen and the Mets to Kim Ng, the first female GM in major US sports, and the Marlins. Chase throws serious shade at Nick in the Walk-offs and Todd has a very strong take about tacos that is worth sticking around for.

Nov 19, 2020
Soto snubbed plus 3 free agents the Nats should go after this offseason

It's the offseason and that means it's time for Armchair GMs!! Nick Ashooh, Chase Hughes and Todd Dybas dive into three possibilities for the Nationals to sign in free agency this season (1:00). The conversation then transitions to the snubbing of Juan Soto as an MVP finalist this season - and no, we don't want to hear your games played arguments (29:30). Nick goes perhaps slightly overboard with his praise of Soto, but is that really even possible? Plus, what could the newly re-signed Aaron Barrett have to offer the Nationals next season (38:30) and Alex Cora is back as the Red Sox manager following his year-long suspension for his role in the Astros sign-stealing scandal (42:00). If you've ever been curious about all the hubbub surrounding blue-light glasses, stay tuned to Walk-offs for everything you could possibly want to know about them (48:30).

Nov 06, 2020
The offseason has officially started and a way too early look at the 2021 World Series odds

Nick Ashooh, Chase Hughes and Todd Dybas officially start the offseason by looking at the Nationals moves in declining the options of Eric Thames, Adam Eaton, Howie Kendrick and Aníbal Sánchez and what that might mean for the roster next season (1:00). Then the crew recaps the Dodgers World Series title over the Rays including the continuation of the great analytics debate and the crowing of the Dodgers dynasty (11:00). Can you believe it's been a year since the Nationals won the World Series?? Neither can we, but the crew reminisce about last season's run and what a difference a year makes (32:00). Finally, the boys take a peek at some waaaaaaay too early 2021 World Series odds (44:00) before closing the pod out with Walk-offs (47:30).

Oct 29, 2020
What the Nationals can learn from the Dodgers and Rays in the World Series

Nick, Chase and Todd dive in to the World Series matchup between the Dodgers and Rays to examine what the Nationals can learn from how the two teams were built. Then the boys break down the NL East and determine how the Nationals can close the gap with the Braves, how Mike Rizzo will operate in the offseason and what Nats fans need to know about new pitching coach Jim Hickey.

Oct 20, 2020
How we would fix the Nats roster this offseason

On a special edition of the Nationals Talk Podcast Nick Ashooh, Todd Dybas and Chase Hughes go through the teams roster position by position and give their ideas on how to fix the Nats this offseason. The three of them get to play GM for a day and decide what free agents to bring in, who to say goodbye to and how they will find the money to pay all these guys. After going through each position group the guys give their walk-offs and Chase tells what might be the most cringe worthy story of all-time.

Oct 15, 2020
Let the offseason begin - what to look for headed into the 2021 season

Nick Ashooh, Todd Dybas and Chase Hughes are back together to discuss the importance of this offseason for the Nats and what we as fans should be looking forward to. The guys get into how much work needs to be done to the rotation, which big free agent will they look to go after, will the team go younger or look to retool for another title run and how they can replenish their farm system.

Finally to wrap up, Nick proclaims his hatred for the Astros even though Dusty Baker is a part of the team and Chase makes his claim against Fall being the best season.

Oct 08, 2020
The Nats season recap plus plans for the offseason

Nick Ashooh, Todd Dybas and Chase Hughes are back together to recap the Nats 2020 season as they finish at 26-34 and last in the NL East. The guys go over some of the highs and lows from the season, what improvements need to be made in order to get back to World Series contenders again, Davey Martinez's "extension" and what we will all remember most from the Nationals 2020 season.

To finish up the pod the guys give their final walk-off of the season and Todd plays the role of Captain Planet for his local community.

Oct 01, 2020
Nats spoiling the Phillies season plus where they might be picking in the draft

Nick Ashooh, Todd Dybas and Chase Hughes are back together to discuss the recent 4 game winning streak from the Nationals and whether as fans we are happy about it because it is spoiling the Phillies playoff hopes or upset we are moving further and further away from the 4th selection in the upcoming draft.

That isn't all the guys discussed they also got into what the upcoming MLB draft order might actually look like when it arrives, why Juan Soto was seen playing on the other end of the outfield, if Yadiel Hernandez is the best story of the Nats season so far and you won't want to miss Chase's walk-off in which he describes an encounter he had with a squirrel that left the rest of the us in shock.

Sep 23, 2020
With the Nats playoff chances dwindling we look towards the future

Nick Ashooh, Todd Dybas and Chase Hughes got together to discuss the Nats disappointing season so far and start looking towards the future. Do they need to take a step back and look to get younger or are the veterans they have enough to make another run? The guys also discuss what they think of the Nats pool of prospects currently on the roster, Chase begins to start his grieving process over Carter Kieboom and Todd explains why Luis Garcia might actually have more promise than Chase's former crush.

Finally for walk-off's Todd's hoodie almost ruins the pod and Chase yet again has a cat story to share you won't want to miss!

Sep 15, 2020
Mike Rizzo's new contract extension and is Davey Martinez next in line?

Nick Ashooh, Todd Dybas and Chase Hughes got together for another edition of the Nats Talk Podcast to discuss all of the news swirling around DC as the team tries to get it's season back on track. The topics include breaking down Mike Rizzo's new contract extension and why it took so long, whether Davey Martinez should be next and what that contract looks like plus Chase's favorite prospect Carter Kieboom is back at 3rd base to stay. Stick around for each of the guys walk-off as Nick almost got his house blown down by a tornado!

Sep 08, 2020
Talking Nats and Phillies with Ricky Bottalico

Nick Ashooh, Todd Dybas and Chase Hughes got together to discuss Washington's recent struggles and look at the difficult road ahead of them. As Chase Hughes says in the pod, they could possibly go from World Series Champions to last in the division if they don't turn it around soon.

Following the discussion, former major league pitcher now broadcaster for NBC Sports Philadelphia Ricky Bottalico joined the gang to talk about the Nats struggles against Philly, Ricky also gave his opinion on Juan Soto, the recent rule changes, the Phillies recent turnaround and some of baseball's unwritten rules.

Once the fellas say goodbye to Ricky they look ahead to the daunting Braves and Rays series plus everyone has a walk-off for this episode and almost all of them involve cats.

Sep 03, 2020
Nats stay put at the trade deadline, but are they still World Series contenders?

Nick Ashooh, Todd Dybas and Chase Hughes got together for this episode of Nats Talk to discuss what the team didn't do at the deadline and how they look going forward sitting at 7 games under .500 at the time of this recording, With Juan Soto playing like the NL MVP yet the rest of the team can't get it going, do they even have the fire power to get back to the playoffs let alone another World Series? Listen in as the guys discuss!

Sep 01, 2020
Stras on the shelf, Is Garcia the next Soto + Bill Ripken joins the pod...

Todd and Chase are without their finely coiffed co-host, as Nick enjoys a well-deserved (?) vacation. That doesn't stop them from wondering how Mr. Ashooh spends his time away from podcasts...

When the topic turns to baseball, there was plenty to discuss --- from Stephen Strasburg's season ending surgery, to what the team should add by next week's trade deadline, to impressions of rookie Luis Garcia - and whether he can keep his impressive start going.

The guys are also joined by MLB Network Analyst Bill Ripken, who offers his take on what the Nats should be looking for in the trade market. And Ripken's praise of Juan Soto is music to all Nats fans ears.

And - Todd actually has a "Walk-Off" this week...

Aug 26, 2020
Nats playing .500 ball, Strasburg concerns and Soto for MVP?

The Nationals won their latest series against the surprising Orioles, but they still seem to be just treading water at the moment. But with the expanded playoffs this season, there's really no reason to worry now...

However, there might be cause for concern when it comes to Stephen Strasburg and his hand injury. He's obviously a key to the team's success, but is shutting him down for the season a better decision for the long term?

Juan Soto continues to amaze - despite missing the early part of the season. With a third of the season in the books, he's a legitimate NL MVP candidate. And he continues to be one of the most entertaining player in the game. But do those antics make him more beloved or disliked?

Plus, after Strasburg and Anibal Sanchez had their run-ins with umpires from the stands, who should be the next Nats pitcher to be ejected/politely asked to leave? There's only 1 right answer here...

And it wouldn't be a Walkoff without a little shade at the Nationals Twitter account...

Aug 17, 2020
Quarterly Nats report following big win and a possible playoff bubble?

The MLB shortened 2020 season is about a quarter of the way through, the Nationals sit at 5-7 the day of this taping and coming off the biggest win of the season after a 3-game losing streak followed by a game ended due to Tarp Gate at Nationals Park...

Nick Ashooh, Todd Dybas and Chase Hughes got together to discuss what they have seen from Washington a quarter of the way through and how they see the next few weeks playing out. Topics discussed included what to do with Sean Doolittle if his play continues like this, why a playoff bubble makes the most sense, Asdrubal Cabrera NL MVP talk plus a major shout out to a couple Nats fans listening from overseas!

Aug 11, 2020
Looking at the road ahead for the Nats with ESPN's Karl Ravech

With the Nationals set to come back from their week long break with series against the Mets and the Orioles, Nick Ashooh, Todd Dybas and Chase Hughes got together to discuss what they have seen from the team a few weeks into the season. Chase continued his pitch for Carter Kieboom's place in the baseball Hall of Fame, while Nick and Todd bickered about the runner on base at the start of extra innings rule. To settle that debate we brought in the host of ESPN's Baseball Tonight Karl Ravech. The guys also talked about the Orioles chances of making the playoffs in this shortened season, thoughts on the latest COVID outbreaks and why Karl loves to go after Twitter trolls. After saying goodbye to Karl the guys each give a walk-off but be warned --- after listening to Chase's, you might want to throw something at him...

Aug 04, 2020
Assessing the Nats Panic Meter after a 1-3 start to the season

Nick Ashooh, Todd Dybas and Chase Hughes give their thoughts on the slow start for Washington and where Nats fans level of panic should be at. The guys also discuss the news of the Marlins outbreak of positive COVID tests and what that means for the MLB season as a whole, why the injuries to some of Washington's key players might be more concerning then their current record and Todd finally has a walk-off... and it's one to remember!

Jul 28, 2020
Play Ball! Nats Begin Defense of World Series Championship

Nick Ashooh, Todd Dybas and Chase Hughes are back together for another Nats Talk Pod, but this time there is actual baseball to be talked about... almost. The guys will discuss their impressions of the Nationals opening day game against the Yankees, before it got rained out, how they thought the game seemed to look without fans as well as how Mad Max looked going against that loaded Yankee lineup.

Jul 24, 2020
2020 Nationals Season Preview

The Nationals Talk crew get you ready for Opening Day with a preview of what they expect from the 2020 Nationals.

This will be as far from a normal regular season as you can get, but we're starting to see signs that resemble America's Pastime. The exhibition games from over the weekend featured crowd noise from crowd-less stands --- something Chase and Todd thought they'd hate. But, you'll hear why they've had a change of heart.

They wrap up by giving some predictions for the season. How many Nats wins? Who leads them in batting average, home runs and ERA? Plus we get a bold prediction on the season.

Jul 20, 2020
Summer Training Update: Scherzer shines, Kieboom bomb and other notes

Nick, Todd and Chase are back together to talk about the upcoming restart to the Nationals season, but this time we have actual baseball to talk about ladies and gentlemen. Todd was able to be in the press box while the team scrimmaged, even close enough to hear Mad Max grunting and Anibal Sanchez talking trash. Chase's infatuation with Carter Kieboom increases ten-fold after hearing about the bomb he hit off Daniel Hudson. Plus, is the feud of the century between Todd and the Nationals social media account finally over?

Jul 14, 2020
Nats 2020 schedule, COVID concerns and ... Crickets

We finally have the particulars of the schedule for your Defending World Series Champion Washington Nationals. Question is - will they get to actually play the games - and how many will they play? COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc on MLB teams - including the Nats.

Nick, Todd and Chase have the latest on how the team is adjusting to the Summer Training before the games begin - including an update on how top prospect Carter Kieboom is handling 3rd base. And - find out what part of the 60 game schedule the trio thinks could make or break the season.

And what would a Nationals Talk podcast be without a couple of groan-inducing jokes from Chase. Cue the Crickets...

Jul 08, 2020
Max Scherzer on the Upcoming Season

Nick, Todd and Chase got together to discuss what this upcoming Nationals season is going to look like as we inch closer and closer to Opening Day 2.0. The guys talk about what the plan is at 3rd base and whether that final starting pitching spot will even matter in this shortened season.

Then Todd was able to have a 1-on-1 conversation with Max Scherzer about his preparations for the upcoming season. Mad Max has plenty to say about this new agreement that was reached in order to restart the season as well as what kind of physical shape he has kept himself in.

Jul 03, 2020
Zimmerman Opts Out + Steve Phillips on Nationals

Nick, Todd and Chase got together to discuss recent reports that both Ryan Zimmerman and Joe Ross have chosen to opt out of the 2020 season. What this means for the Nationals and how it might effect their chances of returning to the World Series in this shortened season.

Also former Mets GM and host on SiriusXM MLB Network Radio Steve Phillips joined the guys to discuss what this season might look on the diamond for the Nationals and if he sees any rivalries brewing between anyone in the AL East. Plus Todd finally gives a parting shot with some movie recommendations you won't want to miss!

Jun 30, 2020
How do the Nats Look in a 60 game season?

Baseball is back.... Finally, the guys have some concrete news to discuss after a 60-game season have been implemented by Commissioner Rob Manfred. Todd, Nick and Chase get in to how they think the Nationals will look this season in this new shortened format, also whether the rule changes help or hurt the team as they get ready to begin spring training once again. Plus, you'll hear what Nick will miss the most this season (think trash cans), and - what truly may be the worst joke Chase has ever told.

Jun 24, 2020
An Important Conversation with Denard Span

Nick, Todd and Chase are joined by a special guest, former Nationals Center Fielder and fan favorite Denard Span. He was able to give a thoughtful and necessary insight into his experiences as an African-American in the major leagues, as well as his thoughts on what the league can do to take steps in the right direction to better the league. Span also gave his thoughts on his time in Washington and the benefit it had on his career.

Jun 22, 2020
Are we getting closer to 'Play Ball' + Charlie Slowes talks favorite Nats moments and Nationals uniforms

After weeks of contentious negotiations, we finally might be close to a deal between MLB owners and players. Nick, Todd and Chase discuss the latest proposal, and are then joined by a familiar voice - Nationals Radio Play-by-Play Announcer Charlie Slowes. Besides the World Series (of course), Slowes talks about his favorite Nats moments through the years - and gives his opinion on the best looking Nats uniforms.

And you don't want to miss this week's Parting Shot as Chase goes full medical on us...

Jun 17, 2020
Buster Olney Joins + "What If" with Barry Svrluga

Nick Ashooh, Todd Dybas and Chase Hughes put together a loaded episode with ESPN Senior Writer Buster Olney. First up - a discussion about the state of baseball and how the Nationals will look if the MLB does have a season. Then, Barry Svrluga from the Washington Post joins the guys to talk about the biggest "What If" scenarios in Nationals history. Plus Chase and Todd give their can't miss parting shots of the week!

Jun 12, 2020
Nationals Draft Preview with Jim Callis

Nick Ashooh, Todd Dybas and Chase Hughes are joined by Jim Callis from to discuss the MLB draft changes as well as what prospects the Nationals will be looking at in the first round. Jim goes on to discuss who he thinks will go number one and number two overall to Detroit and Baltimore respectively, and how this years draft differs from ones in the past. Todd, Nick and Chase also go on to give their updated top 3 moments that have happened at Nats Park and Chase becomes a hipster, you don't want to miss it!

Jun 08, 2020
Scherzer Speaks Out + A Nats-Yanks Rivalry with Tyler Kepner

We know Max Scherzer brings the heat from the mound. Apparently he can also bring it on social media too. Nick, Todd and Chase discuss his comments on players salaries if and when the MLB season begins - and New York Times National Baseball writer Tyler Kepner gives us his thoughts on how things will look in a shortened season, and a potential rivalry between the Yankees and Nationals if realignment happens. And in the latest edition of Nationals Supreme Court, the guys discuss the history of the Nats franchise - and where it should begin...

May 29, 2020
Nightengale on MLB’s Return + A Virtual Ring Unveil

Nick, Todd and Chase are joined by Bob Nightengale of USA Today to discuss his thoughts on when the season will resume and whether the Astros got off easy with possibly no fans in the stands this season. The guys also give their first reactions to seeing the Nationals World Championship rings and hearing Howie Kendrick take a direct shot at Houston.

May 27, 2020
Scott Boras Talks Soto, Max & a Repeat?

Todd and Chase are joined by a very special guest, the biggest agent in baseball Scott Boras, to talk about a few of his clients heading into the 2020 season. Scott also gives his thoughts on the Nationals chances of repeating and when he thinks the MLB season will eventually resume.

May 22, 2020
Clubhouse Stories from 19-31

Todd Dybas is joined by Jesse Dougherty from the Washington Post, and Jamal Collier, former Nationals beat writer for, as they give their stories about where the Nationals were this time last year. The three friends rehash old feelings of despair as the Nationals plummeted to a 19-31 record, plus how soon will we see baseball in 2020!

May 20, 2020
Red Sox View of the Nationals

Nick Ashooh catches up with Todd and Chase to discuss MLB players coming out and stating they won't play for reduced salaries. Plus John Tomase from NBC Sports Boston stops by to discuss the possibility of the Nationals and Red Sox potentially playing in the same division, and a Last Dance Documentary update!

May 15, 2020
Jordan Memories from GM Mike Rizzo

Nats GM Mike Rizzo is a Chicago native and had a front row seat for the beginning of the Michael Jordan Era in the Windy City. Todd chats with Rizzo for a special edition of the Nationals Talk Podcast as ESPN's "The Last Dance" chronicling the 1998 Chicago Bulls continues.

Rizzo shares watching young MJ, viewing the late Bulls run through the lens of being a current executive, his opinion on if Jordan have made it to the Big Leagues, and more. Would he have granted Dennis Rodman a Vegas Vacation?

May 11, 2020
Best of May 2019

May of 2019 was one of the more pivotal months in Nationals history as they began their turnaround from 19-31, which resulted in an eventual World Series title. Tim, Chase, and Todd run through the highs and lows from this time last year, which include the gut punch losses in New York, the turnaround that began at the expense of Miami, and more.

Plus, Chase gives his observations of having watched Korean Baseball in the wee hours of the AM.

May 07, 2020
Jon Morosi Interview

Todd speaks with MLB Network's Jon Morosi about MLB's potential plans to return in 2020 and future changes that might be on its way to the sport. Before that, Tim & Chase join Todd in breaking down the latest contractual situation for Manager Davey Martinez.

Korean Baseball is set to air in America, will you be watching (26:35)? Finally, a recap of episodes 5 & 6 of "The Last Dance" documentary (32:08).

May 05, 2020
Ryan Zimmerman - What Will Be His Post Playing Career?

When Ryan Zimmerman hangs up his spikes, what his stature be like in D.C? It's been a long time since D.C. will have had a long time player/ World Series champ in its sports landscape.

Chase, Todd, and Tim also give their takes on the latest possible plan for MLB to return, which includes revamped 10 team divisions divided by geography.

Plus, hear Todd's chat with Nats new reliever Will Harris (20:24) as he prepares with a fellow big league neighbor, the various plans of return that have been floated, a different sort of pursuit of a World Series title in 2020, and more.

Apr 30, 2020
Looking into Future Decisions for the Nats

We take a look at the Nats big prospect Luis Garcia and how he fits into the long-term plan for the Nationals, as their next wave of major free agency decisions are a few years down the line. Which big name would you be willing to trade for a top line starting pitcher?

Plus, Tim, Todd, & Chase give their reviews of episode 3 & 4 of "The Last Dance" during Parting Shots (26:27).

Apr 28, 2020
Red Sox Get Their Penalties - Slap on the Wrist?

 MLB handed down their sanctions to Boston for their role in sign stealing during their 2018 World Championship run. Were the penalties too light (12:27)?

Plus, Tim, Todd, and Chase share their memories of the Expos moving to Washington before interviewing Luke Mullins of the Washingtonian, who recently wrote an oral history on the 2005 Nationals (18:10).

Apr 23, 2020
SUPREME COURT: Worst Nats Postseason Managerial Move?

The Nationals Talk Supreme convenes to debate which was the worst managerial move in Nationals Postseason history (it's OK Nast fans, you can handle it, you are the defending WS champs).. Before that, a recap of Ryan Zimmerman & his wife Heather's meeting with the media, where they discussed all their great charitable efforts and assistance of healthcare workers who are going to work everyday. Finally, Tim, Chase, and Todd give their thoughts on the new Chicago Bulls documentary, "The Last Dance" (30:46).

Apr 21, 2020
Nationals Game 7 Virtual Reunion

Ryan Zimmerman and the Nats had a creative way to re-live their Game 7 victory while MLB is on hiatus. Todd, Chase, & Tim recap the fun & charitable evening and then a discussion on Dr. Anthony Fauci (10:25) saying how sports might resume (and how he misses Nats games). Plus, Jonathan Stahl, an executive with the Nationals, explains the great humanitarian efforts the organization is doing in partnership with World Central Kitchen to feed those in need (21:05)

Apr 16, 2020
Jayson Werth Contract Debate - Did He Live up to It?

The Nationals Talk Supreme Court convenes to settle a long score between DC fans on the forever controversial Jayson Werth seven-year contract. Todd, Chase, & Tim also look at the latest contingency plans that has been reported where the Nats would play all of their games at the Spring Training home in West Palm Beach. Also, the debut of "Stump the Shoves", all you diehard 2012 Nats fans get your pen and paper ready (27:14).

Apr 14, 2020
The "Arizona Plan" - Does It Work?

Reports are that MLB is looking into holding the season all in Arizona, beginning this summer. Todd, Tim, Chase look at if the plan is a viable one and what the biggest hurdles are. If all of the 2020 season does take place in Phoenix, when do they unfurl the World Series banner at Nats Park?

Plus, a snippet from our podcast following the Nats Game 4 victory over the Dodgers to even the series (31:05).

Apr 09, 2020
Chase on Being A Dad + Jared Diamond Interview

Chase is back from paternity leave and gives an update on what life is like as a new father, especially in the current climate. Jared Diamond of the Wall Street Journal joins Tim & Todd to talk about his new book "Swing Kings", if fans will boo the Astro when MLB resumes, and who he thinks is the team to beat in the NL East.

Apr 07, 2020
EXCLUSIVE: Max Scherzer on Current MLB Situation

Max Scherzer chats with Todd for an update on how he has been handling the season being halted during to the coronavirus. Max says what he thinks is the earliest possible return date for Opening Day, possibly extending the season into November, and other potential scheduling contingency plans.

Apr 01, 2020
Jesse Dougherty's Book on the WS Champs

Jesse Dougherty, Nationals beat reporter the Washington Post, joins the podcast to discuss on the Nats World Championship: "Buzzsaw". Tim & Todd first update the latest on the Nationals organization before chatting with Jesse about the magical carpet ride that was last October and some fun nuggets from the season you might not remember.

Mar 31, 2020
"Opening Day" Unlike Any Other

This was supposed to be Opening Day for the Nats in New York, to begin their quest for another World Series title. Todd & Tim fill the Opening Day void best they can, sharing their favorite memories from Opening Days of the past, what day of the week is most optimal to start the season, and should we continue the tradition of having a day off after starting the season.

Mar 26, 2020
Mailbag Pod

As the Baseball world waits for what's next, Tim & Todd take this chance to open up the mailbag and answer listener questions. Should Juan Soto hit 2nd? Is the 3 batter minimum going to actually save any time?

Plus, we let you know why Chase had an excused absence from taping this episode.

Mar 24, 2020
Mike Rizzo Updates Media on Nats Latest

Nats GM Mike Rizzo held a conference call this morning to update the latest situation regarding the team during this unprecedented situation. Tim & Todd share the thing they will miss most about Baseball during this time away.

Finally, a highlight montage from the off the rails 9th inning on September 3rd, 2019 when the Nats scored 7 runs in the final frame to stun the Mets, capped off by a Kurt Suzuki HR.

Mar 20, 2020
Another Opening Day Delay

MLB has extended the date that Baseball could return to action into Mid-May. Tim, Chase, & Todd react to the lastest news regarding the 2020 season, and an explanation of what led to the Nats releasing reliever Hunter Strickland.

Finally, hear a snippet from our Game 2 postgame podcast (14:19) following the Nats 4-2 at Dodgers Stadium on October 4, 2019. Stephen Strasburg tossed a gem & Max Scherzer had a dramatic appearance out of the bullpen.

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Mar 16, 2020
EMERGENCY POD: Opening Day Pushed Back

MLB has canceled Spring Training and pushed back the start of the season by at least 2 weeks in light of the coronavirus. Todd, Chase, & Tim react to the decision, discuss any scenario in which these games are made up, and more in this fluid situation.

Mar 12, 2020
Scherzer Update + Braves Preview

Max Scherzer missed a start this week and Nationals Talk lets you know what the latest is with the 3-time Cy Young winner. Then, MLB is now being confronted with decisions regarding coronavirus and what effect it has on the Nats and Washington D.C. this month.

Todd sits down with Adam Eaton (13:05) & Tim has a gesture to the fans regarding the controversial trade that brought Eaton to town in 2016.

They continue their preview of NL East rivals as Kevin McAlpin of 680 The Fan in Atlanta (26:53) says what the latest is at 3B for the Braves, will Felix Hernandez make the team, and will ATL 3-peat in the division and Chase weighs in on the latest trajectory of the Acuna/Soto "rivalry."

Mar 12, 2020
Patrick Corbin + Jim Bowden Interviews

Tim, Todd, & Chase start with an update on Adam Eaton's hamstring & who has the inside track on the 5th starter role. Then Todd sits down with Patrick Corbin (12:15), one of the heroes from Game 7 in Houston.

The guys debate where he fits in terms of October MVP's before Todd's chat with former Nats GM Jim Bowden (26:55), who has a strong take on the Astros & lays out why he feels the playoffs should expand.

Mar 10, 2020
Carter Kieboom Interview + Phillies Preview

Carter Kieboom continues to fight for the third base job and we let you know where things stand there before playing Todd's sit-down with the top prospect (11:30). Tim, Chase, & Todd also assess where things stand with 19 year old infielder Luis Garcia, who has had a strong spring.

Finally, Corey Seidman of NBC Sports Philadelphia joins the podcast to give a preview of the Philles (26:40) as Bryce Harper enters season #2 in Citizens Bank Park. What is their 3rd base situation after not landing any of the top free agents this past offseason?

Mar 05, 2020
Max Scherzer Interview

Max Scherzer has now added World Series Champ an already Cooperstown bound resume and sits down with Todd to discuss what exactly was the situation with his back injury last season, possibility of one more contract, and his very strong thoughts on the proposed new playoff format.

Todd, Chase, & Tim evaluate if Max is still the Ace in a world where Stephen Strasbug is the reigning World Series MVP and if he is still on the short list of guys who can win the Cy Young. Plus, a look at his best moments from past October.

Mar 03, 2020
Eric Thames: International Man of Singing Mystery

Todd sits down with new Nats first baseman Eric Thames, who has had a very unusual career that includes a 3-year stint in South Korea, and a rather interesting TV cameo over there. Where does he fit in the lineup while competing for at bats with Ryan Zimmerman and Howie Kendrick?

Thames was also on the field during Juan Soto's hit against Milwaukee last October, so the guys take the opportunity to do a deep dive on that magical 8th inning against Josh Hader (21:20).

Feb 27, 2020
Tim Kurkjian Interview + Games Have Begun

The Nats & Astros Grapefruit League opener didn't have as many fireworks as anticipated and Todd gives Chase & Tim his first-hand account from the action down in West Palm. Then we give you Todd's conversation with ESPN's Tim Kurkjian for his take on how the Houston scandal has been handled and life for Washington post Anthony Rendon.

Feb 25, 2020
MUST LISTEN: Davey Martinez & Mike Rizzo Interview

The World Series winning Manager & General Manager sat down with Todd in West Palm for wide ranging interview that touches on many of your favorite moments from October 2019 and you get a feel for how close Davey Martinez & Mike Rizzo's working relationship has become. Chase & Tim then look back at their favorite in-game moves by Martinez during the postseason. At the very end, they touch upon LeBron James weighing in on the Astros and Rob Manfred.

Feb 20, 2020
Astros Scandal Won't Die + Roster Projections

As Spring Training has begun, the sport is only focused on the Astros sign stealing scandal. Todd, Chase, & Tim look at the recent bombshell comments by angry players and Commissioner Rob Manfred's response (Including Carlos Correa/ Kurt Suzuki spat).

They then project who the 26 men will be that are on the Opening Day roster next month, including the crowded field vying for the final bullpen slots.

Feb 18, 2020
"Pitchers & Catchers" + Sean Doolittle Interview

It's the 4 best words in sports.... "Pitchers and Catchers Report". Todd Dybas is on the scene down in West Palm to relay to Tim what all Nats fans need to know as baseball has at last returned from its winter slumber, and also a round-up of the Astros press conference to address the sign stealing scandal.

Then we play for you the final of our series of interviews from Winterfest as Todd sat down with Sean Doolittle (14:55), including a follow-up to his viral moment of finding out Daniel Hudson was returning to Washington while on Nationals Talk.

Finally, they give their opinions on the possibility of expanding the postseason field from 10 to 14 teams and the implementation of 3 batter minimum for relievers (25:34).

Feb 13, 2020
John Smoltz Interview

Just days away from the Defending Champs pitchers & catchers reporting to Spring Training. Tim, Chase, & Todd get you ready for Florida and also react to Sean Doolittle's tweets regarding the Astros scandal. Hall of Famer John Smoltz & current MLB analyst joins the podcast to give his take on the NL East comparing Nats pitching staff to the one he was part of in Atlanta, and is Trea Turner a viable MVP candidate? (34:01). They wrap-up with a look at the finally finalized Mookie Betts trade and even some discussion on how much of a nightmare it is to park in Adams Morgan.

Feb 11, 2020
Mookie Betts to LA + Brian Schneider Interview

The Dodgers (NLDS participant in 2019) added to their already loaded lineup by trading for Mookie Betts and Tim lets you know how this affects the Nats pursuit of another trip to the World Series. We then toss it to Todd & Tim's conversation from Winterfest with former National Brian Schneider (6:17), who caught the 1st pitch at Game 3 of the World Series. Finally, NBC Sports Washington's Ryan Wormeli (17:30) hops on the podcast to give a "Sabermetrics for Dummies" lesson for those looking to beef up their knowledge of stats such as WRC+, WOBA, and more.

Feb 06, 2020
Juan Soto Interview

Juan Soto joins us from the Washington Auto Show after a discussion on where he fits into the NL MVP race for 2020. Todd is given his chance to respond to the Dusty Baker news and they close with a renewed evaluation of whether or not the Nats might trade for Kris Bryant, as it is clear now that he is 2 seasons away from Free Agency.

Feb 04, 2020
Mike Rizzo & Adam LaRoche Interviews

Dusty Baker is back as Houston has hired him to as their next manager. Tim & Chase put his return in perspective as Baker still seeks his first World Series title as a skipper. Nats GM Mike Rizzo joins our Redskins Talk colleagues in Miami and answers our question about whether or not Ryan Zimmerman should be named captain (19:14). Finally, Adam LaRoche talks to Tim & Todd about seeing Washington finally break through in October (29:31).

Jan 30, 2020
Zim is Back + Dave Jageler Interview

Ryan Zimmerman has finally signed to return to 2020 as the infield finally comes into focus. Tim & Chase share their favorite memories of Kobe Bryant before discussing what sort of role Zim will have this season. Then Dave Jageler, member of the Nationals Radio Network, joins the podcast to talk about the ride in October, calling Howie Kendrick HRs, and more.

Jan 28, 2020
Kurt Suzuki Interview + Carter Kieboom's Starting at 3B?

Kurt Suzuki, one of the integral members of the 2019 World Series Champs, joins the podcast to talk about some of his major moments from the season and preparing for 2020.

Also in the podcast, does Carter Kieboom have a real chance to win the job at 3B outright this Spring (27:30), Nolan Arenado back on the market, baseball lost it's mind last week on social media (41:19), and pitchers speaking out against the Astros/fellow Union-mates.

Jan 23, 2020
Baby Shark Himself, Gerardo Parra Joins the Podcast

Gerardo 'Baby Shark" Parra took the Nation's Capital by storm in 2019 when he joined the Nats mid-season and started a local phenomenon with his walk-up song that then inspired Shark costumes throughout Navy Yard. He joins Tim & Todd to tell them about his World Series tattoo, hugging Stephen Strasburg, and if he will bring the song with him to Japan. Also in this episode, hear Todd's conversation with Nats hitting coach Kevin Long on how his approach will change in 2020 as the team looks to defend its title. Finally, Tim gives his Hall of Fame predictions.

Jan 21, 2020
Donaldson to Twins + Chad Cordero Interview + Sign Stealing Fallout

So much to get to, as we start off discussing the ramifications of Josh Donaldson signing with Minnesota instead of one of the NL East powers. What does this mean for the Nats, and as of now who should be the divisional favorite? Then, Chad Cordero (23:20), the '05 Nats folk hero, joins the show from Winterfest and talks about his experience of throwing out the 1st pitch at the World Series. Finally, a full examination of the sign stealing scandal (32:57) that saw two recent World Series winning Managers lose their jobs.

Jan 16, 2020
Trea Turner Interview from Winterfest

Tim & Todd were at Winterfest at Nationals Park and they let you know of the latest storylines involving the team: Ryan Zimmerman still un-signed, Josh Donaldson Free Agency, and what to make of Carter Kieboom's being at the event. They then talk to Trea Turner about whether or not he is a MVP-caliber player and diving back into the controversial runner interference play from Game 6. Finally, Tim reacts to the breaking news about the Houston Astros penalties/firings (Full breakdown of that coming later this week).

Jan 14, 2020
Sean Doolittle's "Star Wars Pod": SPOILER ALERT

Sean Doolittle joins Todd Dybas to give his full analysis on the latest Star Wars movie "Rise of Skywalker". As Nats fans know, Sean is a huge Star Wars fan, including last summer's bobblehead featuring him yielding a lightsaber. Included in this, is the moment where Todd breaks the news of Daniel Hudson's signing to Sean. THIS CONTAINS MANY SPOILERS, YOU ARE FOREWARNED.

For Sean's full reaction to Hudson & talking about hoping Washington lands Josh Donaldson, please download our previous episode from Tuesday January 7th.

Jan 09, 2020
Doolittle on Hudson/ Donaldson + Nats Making Moves

Hear Sean Doolittle's reaction in real-time as Todd Dybas breaks the news to him that Daniel Hudson will be returning to Washington. Sean gives his immediate thoughts on Hudson's signing and discusses his latest communication with his former teammate & highly prized Free Agent Josh Donaldson. Finally, Tim, Chase, & Todd respond to some of other Nationals recent moves (14:58), including Asdrubal Cabrera & Starlin Castro

Jan 07, 2020
The "Expos Pod"

One element to Washington World Series victory that has not been discussed much, is the prism from Montreal Expos fans, the forefathers to the Nationals. Ben Raby, Montreal native who now works at WTOP in D.C., describes what the final days of Baseball in Montreal looked in the early 2000's before the relocation. Topics include: what does an all time Expos/ Nats starting lineup look like, are there Expos fans who still root for the Nats, and Washington wearing Montreal throwbacks this past summer. Ben also gives his opinion on if the Expos would still exist had the 1994 MLB Strike never happened.

Jan 02, 2020
End of Decade Special

The 2010's were quite busy for the Nationals, as they made the Postseason 5 times and ended it with a World Series Title. Tim, Chase, & Todd look back at some of the most important moments from the decade that includes the no hitters, our favorite games, and discussion on which division winner was the best. We then end it with just focusing on the October run of 2019, as we rank which were our favorite games from the Championship month, and much more.

We certainly left many top moments out, so please send us a note in our mailbag to share your favorite. You can reach it at:

Dec 24, 2019
Strasburg Year in Review

On the heels of him re-signing with the Nats, a recap of Stephen Strasburg's 2019 that ended with him being named World Series MVP. Chase, Todd, & Tim look back at his season that saw a career high in wins & strikeouts, a perfect October (& even July), discuss if will he supplant Ryan Zimmerman as "Mr. National" in the future, and more.

Dec 19, 2019
Strasburg Over Rendon the Right Move? Plus: DeRosa & Bowden Interviews

Was it the right call in giving $245 Million to Strasburg instead of Rendon? Tim, Todd, & Chase evaluate that decision and assess the various options to replace Rendon. Hear Todd's exclusive interviews with Mark DeRosa of MLB Network & former Nationals GM Jim Bowden of Sirius XM as they react to the Strasburg deal.

Dec 17, 2019
EMERGENCY POD: Rendon to Angels + Mike Rizzo Interview

Anthony Rendon will sign a 7- year deal with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, ending his run in Washington. The guys react on what this all means and what is next for Washington in terms of 3rd Base. Plus... Hear Todd's conversation this week in San Diego with the World Series winning GM Mike Rizzo, the day after re-signing Stephen Strasburg.

Dec 12, 2019
Stephen Strasburg Signs Record Deal with Nats

Immediate reaction to Stephen Strasburg signing a 7-year deal with the Nationals, worth $245 million. They break down the deal and also its effect on Anthony Rendon's future. Todd, who is in San Diego at the Winter Meetings, sits down with Manager Davey Martinez as well.

Dec 09, 2019
What's Anthony Rendon & Stephen Strasburg's Future?

Todd is joined by fellow Nats beat writers Jesse Daugherty of the Washington Post and Jamal Collier from The trio run through the latest reports regarding Stephen Strasburg's Free Agency situation, infield options for Washington, and of course a discussion on Anthony Rendon's future.

Dec 05, 2019
Best Moments from April 2019

Tim & Todd update you on the Nats bringing back Yan Gomes, a big name leaving the 2B market, and Koda Glover announcing his retirement. They then bring you the initial of an offseason long series of looking back at the most important moments from the 2019 season month by month, this focusing on Opening Day & the month of April, on their way to a World Series Title. This includes 2 Cy Young winners facing off, Bryce Harper returning to D.C., Carter Kieboom homering in his debut, and more.

Dec 03, 2019
Nats Own the District? + Frank Howard Interview

Chase has a few leftover thoughts on Gerardo Parra's 2019 in Washington that he wants to share with Tim & Todd. They then react to the Washington Post poll about Nats fandom within D.C. and update the back-up catcher situation. To close it out, a conversation with Senators legend Frank "Hondo" Howard (33:35).

Nov 26, 2019
Baby Shark to Japan + Anthony Rendon Championship Year in Review

A special episode that begins with reaction to Gerardo Parra taking his talents to the Yomiuri Giants in 2020. Then, Anthony Rendon had an incredible season on his way to being a NL MVP Finalist in the regular season, and the author of some of the most important October moments for the Nats. Todd, Tim, & Chase do a deep dive into what could be Rendon's final year in Washington, a season in which he led the league in RBIs, almost won the batting title, and had 3 Postseason HRs in elimination games.

Nov 21, 2019
Cole or Betts to D.C.? + Will MLB Hammer the Astros for Electronically Stealing Signs?

Gerrit Cole is the biggest non recent National in Free Agency and Mookie Betts is the biggest name on the trading block. What are the chances either could end up in Washington? How severe of penalties might Rob Manfred give to the Astros? Chase chats with a MLB Authenticator for a behind the curtain look at their official process and we wrap with our experiences as the World Series Trophy visited the NBC Sports Washington Studios.

Nov 19, 2019
The Other Guys: Members of the 2019 Nats You Might Not Remember

It's more than just the 25 guys who were in Houston that will go down in history as part of the 2019 World Series Champions. Todd, Chase, and Tim bring back names you might have forgotten played for the Nationals during the season, including 1 of which who had a game winning RBI for a crucial early season victory. Plus, Tim catches up Chelsea Janes of the Washington Post (25:09), who used to cover the Nats beat and now is covering the 2020 Presidential Campaign Trail.

Nov 14, 2019
Rendon's Short List + Zim's Future in Washington

A look into who are the likeliest pursuers for Anthony Rendon in Free Agency and how likely is it that Ryan Zimmerman will be the 1B on Opening Day. The guys then gauge how the Nats will fit into Awards Season and Todd gives his case as to why we should get rid of the Manager of the Year Award. Plus, Chase speaks with Johnny DiPuglia, Vice President of International Operations for the Nats, on scouting Juan Soto ahead of him landing in Washington.

Nov 12, 2019
Strasburg Opts Out & The Celebrations Continue

As D.C. continues to bask in the glory of a World Series title, Stephen Strasburg will join Anthony Rendon in Free Agency. Tim, Todd, and Chase discuss if Washington is still the favorites to keep Strasburg, what it might take to keep Rendon, and who will be the Opening Day second baseman. They wrap-up with a look at the festivities the Nationals have had since returning from Houston (21:16) and NBC Sports Washington's Savannah McCann gives a first-hand account of Nationals Park Game 7 Watch Party (37:10).

Nov 07, 2019
Parade Edition: World Series Champs Celebrate w/ the Fans

Hear the best moments from the Nationals World Series Championship parade down Pennsylvania Avenue on a perfect Saturday afternoon. Among those who spoke to the large crowd, Ryan Zimmerman, Anthony Rendon, Stephen Strasburg, Davey Martinez, and more.

Nov 03, 2019

Nats rally in Houston 6-2 to capture their 1st ever World Series title. Tim, Todd, Chase, & Tim Murray react to the celebration, recap Game 7, and come to terms with the fact that the Nationals are now indeed World Series Champions. It took 95 years, but Washington D.C. can call itself Baseball World Champions once again.

Oct 31, 2019
World Series Game 6: Strasburg & A Trio of HRs Have the Nats 1 Win Away

The Nats force Game 7 by beating Houston 7-2 as they overcome another questionable call by the umps. Todd, Chase, & Tim start with the craziness surrounding the runner interference call in the 7th that led to Davey Martinez's ejection. They then discuss Strasburg's continued October dominance (13:48) and Juan Soto responding to Alex Bregman's HR celebration with one of his own (23:31). Of course, a preview of GAME 7 OF THE WORLD SERIES, as Max Scherzer is back and will take on Zack Greinke (29:33).

Oct 30, 2019
World Series Game 5: Scherzer Late Scratch & No Help from the Ump

Nats lose 7-1 to Houston, for their 3rd straight defeat; putting them on the brink of elimination. Tim, Todd, and Chase start with the shocking news pregame that Max Scherzer would not start due to neck spasms, the effort by Joe Ross, Umpire Lance Barksdale's crucial calls that didn't go the Nationals way, and a look ahead to Game 6 with Stephen Strasburg starting on the road with the World Series on the line.

Oct 28, 2019
World Series Game 4: Bregman Grand Slam Puts the Nats to Bed

Nats lose 8-1 as the World Series is now all square at 2 games apiece. Tim & Todd recap Jose Urquidy out-pitching Patrick Corbin, Washington's inability to get a hit with men on base this weekend, 7th inning bullpen decisions, and a look ahead to Max Scherzer vs. Gerrit Cole on Sunday evening.

Oct 27, 2019
World Series Game 3: D.C. Takes Baseball's Center Stage Despite the Loss

Nats lose 4-1 in Navy Yard as they go 0 for 10 with runners in scoring position. Tim & Todd give their impressions on the pregame festivities, Washington leaving a dozen on base, Anibal Sanchez's evening, Kurt Suzuki leaving the game early, and a look towards Saturday night's Game 4.

Oct 26, 2019
World Series Game 2: Nats 7th Inning Explosion Leads to Rout

Nationals trounce the Astros 12-3 to take both games in Houston. They guys look back at the unexpected offensive outburst by Washington, Kurt Suzuki clutch plays on both sides, Stephen Strasburg finally pitching in the World Series, and the team being halfway to you know what.

Oct 24, 2019
World Series Game 1: Soto Marvels & Bullpen Hangs On

Nats top the Astros 5-4 to take Game 1 of the World Series. Todd, Chase, & Tim recap Juan Soto stealing the show, Ryan Zimmerman adding to his franchise lore, Max Scherzer gutting his way through 5 innings, and how the bullpen was handled down the stretch. Next up: Stephen Strasburg facing Justin Verlander Wednesday night in Game 2 from Houston.

Oct 23, 2019
World Series Preview: Onto Houston

The Astros advanced past New York and will host the Nats Tuesday night for Game 1 of the World Series (!!) Tim, Todd, and Chase preview what will be a very difficult match-up for Washington, who are heavy underdogs. Topics include, what might be the pitching rotations, who will be used as the DH, our predictions, and who will throw out the ceremonial 1st pitch Friday night at Nationals Park (34:21). Finally, hear quick interviews with members of the National League Champs (43:39) that include Adam Eaton, Aaron Barrett (who threw out the 1st pitch for the Wildcard game), and bench coach Chip Hale.

Oct 20, 2019

Nats sweep the Cardinals to punch their ticket to the World Series (you are reading that correctly). Todd, Chase, Tim cover all the angles from celebratory evening including what the NL Championship Ceremony was like, Ryan Zimmerman's career in Washington comes full circle, and the insane bottom of the 1st inning in Game 4. They wrap -up with what we know so far awaits the Nationals next, because Washington D.C. will be part of the WORLD SERIES for the time since 1933!

Oct 16, 2019
NLCS Game 3: Strasburg, Kendrick & Crew Take A Commanding Lead

Nats beat up the Cardinals 8-1 as Stephen Strasburg strikes out a dozen in 7 frames. Tim, Chase, and Todd recap the first ever NLCS game in Washington that saw Strasburg dominate, Howie Kendrick continue his hot October, St. Louis struggle in every which way, being 1 win away from the World Series (!!), and more.

Oct 15, 2019
NLCS Game 2: Scherzer Has His Own No Hit Bid in Victory

Nats hold off St. Louis 3-1 to take both games on the road to open the NLCS. Chase, Todd, and Tim evaluate Max Scherzer penning a new narrative to his October legacy, the incredible mastery of Nats pitching so far vs. Cardinals hitters, Stephen Strasburg finally gets his shot vs. St Louis in the postseason, and more.

Oct 13, 2019
NLCS Game 1: Sanchez Near No Hitter as Nats Shutout St. Louis

Nats blank the Cardinals 2-0 on the road in their first ever NLCS game as Anibal Sanchez had a no hitter through 7 2/3 innings. Tim, Chase and Todd rave about Sanchez's dominance, Sean Doolittle stepping up with Daniel Hudson unavailable, and look ahead to a big time Game 2 match-up featuring Max Scherzer vs. Adam Wainwright.

Oct 12, 2019
NLDS Game 5: Kendrick Grand Slam Sends Nats to NLCS

The Nats rally to upset the Dodgers on the road 7-3 in extra innings to advance to their first ever NLCS. Todd, Chase, & Tim recap the victory including Kendrick's grand slam, Rendon & Soto going back to back off Clayton Kershaw, Dave Roberts curious late moves, and everything else you need to know as Washington finally wins in the NLDS. They then preview facing the Cardinals, which begins Friday evening in St. Louis (36:58).

Oct 10, 2019
NLDS GAME 4: Scherzer's Gem & Zimmerman's Blast Stave Off Elimination

Nats top the Dodgers 6-1 at home behind Max Scherzer's 7 inning performance to even the series. Tim, Todd, & Chase recap Max bouncing back after a shaky start, Anthony Rendon coming through all evening, and Ryan Zimmerman's pivotal 3 run HR. They then look ahead to Wednesday night's Winner Take All Affair in L.A. as Stephen Strasburg looks to lead Washington to its first ever NLCS appearance (35:21).

Oct 08, 2019
NLDS Game 3: Sixth Inning Nightmare on South Capitol Street

Todd, Chase, and Tim dissect from every angle the disastrous 6th inning in the Nationals 10-4 loss to the visiting Dodgers. Topics include: Should Anibal Sanchez have stayed in to pitch, will Patrick Corbin return to the mound in relief in Game 4, and how critical was the base running gaffe by Howie Kendrick? They give other observations from Sunday night before looking ahead to Max Scherzer taking the mound in an elimination game Monday night.

Oct 07, 2019
NLDS Game 2: Nats Even The Series

Nats top LA 4-2 on the road to tie the NLDS at one game apiece. Tim, Chase, and Todd (who was at Dodger Stadium) recap the victory that began with a gem by Stephen Strasburg and ended with Davey Martinez's roll of the dice paying off in the 9th. They also discuss Max Scherzer's stunning relief appearance and wonder if he will get the start in Game 3 still Sunday night.

Oct 05, 2019
NLDS Game 1: Shutout in LA

Nats only muster 2 hits as they falter 6-0 at the Dodgers to open up the Division Series. Tim & Chase break it all down along with Todd who was at Dodger Stadium, including Patrick Corbin's rough 1st inning, Howie Kendrick's difficult evening in the field, the bullpen decisions in the 7th, and more.

Oct 04, 2019
Wildcard Game: Soto & Nats Rally to Stun Milwaukee

The Nats finally have won a playoff elimination game at home and do so in stunning fashion as they rally in the bottom of the 8th vs. Josh Hader and the Brewers to capture the Wildcard Game. Tim, Todd, and Chase recap everything that happened in the Instant Classic. After going through all that led to the comeback, they discuss which moment at Nationals Park is bigger...Werth Walk-off or Soto's Bases Clearing Hit (21:31)? The guys wrap it up with a preview of the Division Series that opens Thursday night against in LA against the 106 win Dodgers (47:01).

Oct 02, 2019
Wildcard Preview + Doolittle Dugout Chat

A preview of Tuesday night's winner take all match-up at home vs. Milwaukee in the Wildcard Game, including predictions on the 25 man roster. Tim, Chase, and Todd also put a bow on the 93 win regular season that had many ups and downs and look back at their personal favorite moments. Todd chats with Sean Doolittle on his roller coaster of a season which still has at least one chapter to be written (45:52).

Sep 30, 2019
Wildcard Opponent Up in the Air

Todd, Chase, and Tim debate which matchup is better for the Nats..... Milwaukee or St. Louis. They also look at just how important homefield advantage actually is, who should be starting on Tuesday, and for the 1st time ever Strasburg vs. Harper at Nationals Park.

Sep 27, 2019
EMERGENCY POD: Nats Clinch Wildcard Berth

Todd, Chase, & Tim immediately react to the Nationals clinching a postseason spot at home after sweeping a doubleheader against Bryce Harper & the Phillies. They let you know what happened during the long Tuesday, including Trea Turner's go ahead grand slam, the bullpen dominating Game 1, and the Cubs demise in Pittsburgh that paved the way for the celebration.

Sep 25, 2019
Wildcard Berth Inches Closer + A Look at Bryce Harper's Year in Philly

Todd, Chase, & Tim go through the weekend in Miami as the Nats "Magic Number" to clinch a postseason bid has dropped to "4" as the Cubs got swept by the Cardinals. Plus, as Bryce Harper and the Phillies come to town for the final time this season, we chat with Phillies beat reporter Jim Salisbury from NBC Sports Philadelphia on what this season has been like for Harper in his new home (36:04).

Sep 23, 2019
Wildcard Update + Mark DeRosa Interview

Todd, Chase, & Tim react to the Nats dropping the series in St. Louis as their wildcard lead is narrowing. They look at if Max Scherzer's Wednesday outing ends his Cy Young hopes, and if Anthony Rendon has cracked into the top 2 in NL MVP. Then, Mark DeRosa from MLB Network joins the podcast to share his memories from the 2012 NL East title and what he thinks Washington can do this October (39:55).

Sep 19, 2019
Braves Recap + Cardinals Preview

Tim & Todd digest the weekend against Atlanta that included a gem by Anibal Sanchez, tensions between both teams regarding a ruling during Charlie Culberson's injury, where Max Scherzer now stands in the Cy Young hunt following Friday night's loss, and what chances does Anthony Rendon have for the MVP as Christian Yelich is out for the season. Then, Tim chats with St. Louis beat reporter Rob Rains (33:11) to learn more about the NL Central leading Cardinals as Washington visits them for a 3 game set. Finally, a wide-angle lens look at the wildcard situation with two weeks to go (47:07).

Sep 16, 2019
Braves Back in Town + Chuck Todd Interview

The Nats rally to take the series in Minnesota as our trio of Chase, Ryan, and Todd examine what it all means for the wildcard leaders, as Atlanta visits D.C. for the final time this regular season this weekend. Plus, a discussion on if Victor Robles can snag a Gold Glove as a rookie, and Max Scherzer's chances of yet another Cy Young Award.

Then Chuck Todd of NBC's "Meet the Press" joins the podcast (25:13) for the 2nd time as Chuck is an avid fan of the Nationals. He talks about what he thinks the franchise should do regarding Anthony Rendon's future, seeing Bryce Harper play up in a different uniform all year, his theory on attendance this season, and more.

Sep 13, 2019
Long Weekend in Atlanta + Buster Olney Interview

Tim & Todd tell you all that might have missed as the Nats only take 1 game in Atlanta and now are far off from the division lead. Todd handicaps where Max Scherzer fits now into the NL Cy Young hunt, and gives an update on the catching situation. Then, Chase talk with ESPN's Buster Olney, including what an Anthony Rendon free agency market looks like and will Stephen Strasburg use his opt out clause. (28:07)

Sep 08, 2019
Mets Wrap-up + Braves Preview

Loaded episode as Chase & Todd react to the Mets taking the series and having the Nats number in 2019. However, for those who missed it Tuesday night, we give you the highlights of the epic 9th inning comeback. Chase also explains his theory regarding the team's attendance this year and hear Aaron Barrett's emotional reaction to being called back up to the big leagues (22:28) after many years of dealing with injuries. Finally, Tim previews the crucial 4 game set in Atlanta with Braves beat reporter Kevin McAlpin from 680 The Fan (32:44).

Sep 04, 2019
Labor Day Weekend Recap: Sweeping the Fish + Thor Dominates

Todd & Tim catch you up after a busy Holiday weekend on South Capitol Street. They look back at all 4 games including: Will Joe Ross be the 5th starter still, Anthony Rendon making more of a MVP case, and can Stephen Strasburg win the Cy Young despite his current ERA. They give you a look where the Nats are in the standings, and who the nightmare Wild Card match-up would be.

Plus: Hear at the end of the episode (30:16), a portion of our May 23rd podcast when the Nats got swept in New York and the sky was falling (and Tim with a wildly wrong prediction). A lot certainly has changed in 3+ months.

Sep 02, 2019
Nats split 2 game series vs O's + thoughts on Scherzer's return & extending Soto's contract

Chase Hughes, Todd Dybas and Ryan Wormeli break down the Nationals splitting their 2 game series with the Orioles, analyze Max Scherzer's 2 starts since returning from injury, speculate on what it will take for the Nats to sign Juan Soto to a contract extension and much more.

Aug 29, 2019
LIVE SHOW: Nats Are Hot (And We Got a New Name)

Live from Dacha outside Nationals Park, the newly branded "Nationals Talk" podcast looks at the red-hot Nats after their big weekend in Wrigley Field. Conversation includes what lies ahead, wildcard situation, where do Washington guys fit into the award chase, and more. Finally, Travis Thomas chats with the Manager from the South Riding, VA team that made it all the way to the Little League World Series (23:51).

NEXT POD: Thursday evening on the off-day before Miami comes to D.C.

Aug 28, 2019
Davey Martinez Interview + Cubs Preview

Tim & Ryan open the podcast by assessing where Davey Martinez stands in the NL Manager of the Year hunt before Todd sits down with the skipper while the team is in Pittsburgh (5:05). Included in the discussion is how he dealt with the outside noise while the team was struggling in May. Tim & Ryan look at the bizarre gas station/ PED story circulating through baseball and then the main takeaways from the series in Pittsburgh (15:04). They then welcome on David Kaplan from NBC Sports Chicago to hear the latest about the Cubs ahead of the weekend series at Wrigley Field (32:33). Finally, a hat tip to the boys from South Riding, VA for their Little League World Series bid (46:05).

Aug 23, 2019
Brewers recap + Interviews on Saturday Night's Epic Game

Tim & Todd recap the Brewers/Nats series that included tons of offense. They give the latest on Sean Doolittle to the IL and Max Scherzer's return to the rotation before running each of the 3 games from the weekend. Then, hear a highlight package from all the craziness in Saturday night's marathon (25:06) plus interviews with columnist & author George Will (29:44) and finally Brewers beat writer Tom Haudricourt on what they saw from the 14 inning classic (32:43).

Aug 18, 2019
Nats sweep Reds before facing Brewers + Scherzer update + Craig Calcaterra Interview

Tim Shovers, Chase Hughes and Todd Dybas recap the Nationals' series sweep of the Reds (1:04), give the latest on Max Scherzer's impending return from injury and how it will affect the Nats' rotation (6:16), preview the Nats' next series against the Brewers with some of their favorite memories of Gio Gonzalez as a National (16:29) before being joined by Craig Calcaterra of NBC Sports (21:40). Craig sizes up the Nats' Wild Card chances (23:44), predicts the future of Anthony Rendon (26:22) and much more.

Aug 15, 2019
LIVE SHOW: From Dacha Outside Nationals Park

Travis Thomas hosts with Todd, Chase, & Tim for a show on the night of Reds/ Nationals. They open with a discussion with Sean Doolittle admitting "he's gassed", Juan Soto's return to the lineup, Stephen Strasburg the new franchise strikeout king, early look at the 2020 schedule (18:02), and more.

Aug 14, 2019
Game 117: Soto Injury Latest as Nats Avoid the Sweep

Nats win in New York 7-4 to end a 6 game losing streak at Citi Field. Tim & Chase start with an injury update on Juan Soto's ankle, Sean Doolittle bouncing back for a save, where the Mets stack up in the wildcard hunt compared to Washington, and more.

Aug 11, 2019
Game 116: Another Heartbreaker in New York

Nats lose 4-3 to the Mets as they allow 2 runs in the 8th. Tim & Sam Fortier of the Washington Post discuss the final innings, Patrick Corbin's outing, update on Max Scherzer, and more.

Aug 11, 2019
Game 115: Mets Rally for 4 in the 9th

Nats lose a heartbreaker in New York 7-6 as Sean Doolittle can't hang onto a 3 run lead. Ryan & Tim recap what happened in the 9th, Stephen Strasburg's no decision, the tandem of Anthony Rendon & Juan Soto, and more.

Aug 10, 2019
Mets Preview

Chase & Tim look at the success of the back-end of the rotation, the new look bullpen stepping up, and also discuss MLB Players Weekend. Then Anthony DiComo, who covers the Mets for (25:27), previews the upcoming crucial series in New York.

Aug 08, 2019
Game 114: San Francisco Sweep

Nats top the Giants 4-1 behind another great outing from Joe Ross. Tim & Todd start with an update on Anthony Rendon's toe, Ross' shutout, Gerardo Parra strikes again, and more.

Aug 08, 2019
Game 113: Sanchez & Suzuki Lead to Victory in San Fran

Nats win 5-3 at the Giants as Anibal Sanchez earns his 7th victory of the season. Tim & Todd recap Sanchez's outing, Kurt Suzuki's production, the Mets are lurking, and more.

Aug 07, 2019
Game 112: Fedde, Nats blank Giants 4-0

Ryan Wormeli and Todd Dybas recap the Nationals 4-0 shutout win over the Giants in San Francisco. Erick Fedde pitched 6 scoreless innings to earn his first win in his last 8 starts, and the Nats are now 59-53 on the season.

Aug 06, 2019
Game 111: D'Backs top Nats 7-5

Chase Hughes and Todd Dybas recap the Nationals' 7-5 loss at the Arizona Diamondbacks. The Nats are now 58-53 on the season.

Aug 05, 2019
Game 110: D'backs rout Nats 18-7

Ryan Wormeli and Jesse Dougherty of The Washington Post break down the Nationals' 18-7 loss at the Arizona Diamondbacks. The Nationals are now 58-52 on the season.

Aug 04, 2019
Game 109: Ross & Co. Hold Arizona to Just 1 Hit

Nats shutout the Diamondbacks 3-0 to open their road trip. Tim Shovers recaps the evening in Phoenix that included a solid start by Joe Ross, injury update on Roenis Elias, perfect bullpen performance, and more.

Aug 03, 2019
Gerardo Parra Interview

Todd is joined by Gerardo Parra as "Baby Shark" took Nationals Park by storm this past home-stand. Then Chase & Tim look at the Nats new relievers and what it means for the playoff push.

Aug 01, 2019
Game 108 + Trade Deadline Roundup: Donaldson HR in 10th Dooms Nats

Nats fall 5-4 in extras to Atlanta and are now 6.5 games out of 1st place. Tim & Todd start by analyzing the 3 relievers acquired by Washington before the trade deadline, the comeback in the 9th, look ahead to the upcoming rotation on the West Coast trip, and more.

Jul 31, 2019
Game 107: Furious Comeback Falls Short

Nats lose 11-8 to Atlanta despite trailing by 10 runs at one point. Ryan & Tim look back on the late inning rally, what should the Nats do before the trade deadline, Erick Fedde's short outing, and more.

Jul 31, 2019
Game 106: Rendon Grand Slams the Braves

Nats top Atlanta 6-3 to move within 4.5 games of 1st place. Ryan & Todd recap Rendon's go ahead HR, Juan Soto's great defensive play, Patrick Corbin's outing, and more.

Jul 30, 2019
All Quiet on the Trade Deadline Front

Chase, Ryan, & Tim react to the news that Max Scherzer has been placed on the IL before getting into different trade scenarios facing the Nats. Should they go all in and make a splash? How different will the deadline action be now that there will be no August waiver moves?

Jul 29, 2019
Game 105: Strasburg Wins His 14th

Nats take care of the Dodgers 11-4 to avoid the sweep. Tim & Todd look at Strasburg's dominance as of late, offensive explosion against Walker Buehler, a Max Scherzer update before Atlanta comes to town, and more.

Jul 28, 2019
Game 104: Dodgers Get to Ross

Nats get beaten by the Dodgers 9-3 for their 3rd straight loss. Tim & Todd go over Joe Ross' afternoon, decision to use Matt Grace as the opener, the state of the 5th starter slot, and more.

Jul 28, 2019
Game 103: Nats bullpen struggles late in 4-2 loss to Dodgers

Ryan Wormeli and Todd Dybas recap the Nationals' 4-2 loss to the Dodgers after their bullpen gave up 3 runs in the 8th inning. The Nats are now 55-48 on the season.

Jul 27, 2019
Dodgers Preview

Chase & Tim re-evaluate the Nats chances at catching Atlanta, what realistic trades they should look into making, and what's up with this "Baby Shark" craze? Then, they are joined by J.P. Hoornstra of the Southern California News Group (17:37) to gives us the latest with the N.L. leading L.A. Dodgers who visit D.C. this weekend.

Jul 26, 2019
Game 102: Chance at Sweep Falls Short

Nats can't hang on as they lose to the Rockies 8-7. Tim & Todd recap the decision to pitch Fernando Rodney in the 9th, Max Scherzer's return to the mound, Anthony Rendon's MVP chances, "Baby Shark" strikes again, and more.

Jul 26, 2019
Game 101: Doubleheader Sweep

Nats shutout the Rockies 2-0 and are now just 4 games back of 1st place Atlanta. Bob & Ryan discuss Fernando Rodney's big day, Patrick Corbin's victory, Max Scherzer's return to the mound Thursday, and more.

Jul 25, 2019
Game 100: Eaton & Rendon HRs Lift Nats

Nationals held off Colorado 3-2 in the first half of a doubleheader in D.C. Tim & Todd recap the decision to pull Erick Fedde for a pinch hitter in the 4th, clutch work by the bullpen, comparing the last 50 games to the 1st 50 games, and more.

Jul 24, 2019
Game 99: Trea Turner's 2nd career cycle fuels blowout win over Rockies

The Nationals picked up a convincing series-opening win over Colorado Tuesday night. In this postgame edition of the podcast, hear from Bob and Todd regarding Trea Turner's historic night, the importance of Gerardo Parra's presence, Stephen Strasburg's continued dominance, and more.

Jul 24, 2019
RAIN OUT POD: Update on Scherzer

Nats and Rockies were rained out in D.C on Monday. Todd Dybas updates on when the will make-up will be, the latest regarding Max Scherzer's attempts to return to the field, and Ryan Zimmerman back on the IL.

Jul 23, 2019
Game 98: Nats settle for series split in Atlanta

In this postgame edition, Bob and Todd run through the weekend series split with Atlanta, how Joe Ross fared on the mound Sunday night, Ryan Zimmerman's apparent heel injury, and more. PLUS, the guys share their takeaways from the day that it was in Cooperstown.

Jul 22, 2019
Game 97: Doolittle Holds Off Atlanta

Nats beat the Braves 5-3 as Sean Doolittle records a 5 out save. Bob & Tim look at the collective effort from the bullpen, Anibal Sanchez in the victory, an update on the rotation, and more.

Jul 21, 2019
Game 96: 9th Inning Drama Doesn't Go Nats Way

Nats lose 4-3 in Atlanta despite tying the game in the top of the 9th. Bob & Tim react to the moves made by the Nationals in the bottom of the 9th and then update the latest regarding Max Scherzer.

Jul 20, 2019
Game 95: Nats rout Braves 13-4 behind Strasburg's 5 RBI night

Ryan Wormeli and Todd Dybas recap the Nationals' 13-4 rout of the Braves. Stephen Strasburg pitched 5.1 innings giving up 3 ER, but also racked up 5 RBI at the plate, including a HR. The Nats improve to 51-44 on the season.

Jul 19, 2019
Game 94: Bullpen Falters as Orioles Score 8 Unanswered

Nats lose 9-2 at the Orioles to split the 2 game set. Ryan & Todd discuss the move to take Erick Fedde out after 6 frames, look ahead to 4 games in Atlanta, and more.

Jul 18, 2019
Game 93: Taking Care of Business in Baltimore

Nats beat the Orioles 8-1 as Austin Voth earns the win. Tim & Todd recap Voth's outing, big night for the offense, update on the rotation including Max Scherzer's next start, and more.

Jul 17, 2019
Karl Ravech Interview + O's Preview

Listen to Todd's conversation with ESPN's Karl Ravech. Then, Tim, Chase, and Ryan look at the Angels honoring Tyler Skaggs and preview the Nats 2 games at Camden Yards this week.

Jul 16, 2019
Game 92: Franco Walks-off the Nats

Nats lose 4-3 in Philly as Maikel Franco hits a solo HR in the 9th. Tim & Todd discuss who should have been on the mound in the 9th, the 7th inning rally that fell short, updated look at the rotation heading into Baltimore, and more.

Jul 14, 2019
Game 91: Juan Soto's 9th inning HR powers Nats to 4-3 win over Phillies

Todd Dybas and Sam Fortier of The Washington Post recap the Nationals' come from behind 4-3 win over the Phillies thanks to a 9th inning home run from Juan Soto. The Nats are now 2-0 since the All-Star break and have won 17 of their last 21 games.

Jul 14, 2019
Game 90: Strasburg, Nationals blank Phillies 4-0 + Scherzer injury update

Ryan Wormeli and Todd Dybas recap the Nationals' 4-0 shutout win over the Phillies in their first game since the All-Star break to improve to 48-42 on the season, and give the very latest on the status of Max Scherzer.

Jul 13, 2019
Jeff Passan Interview

Todd chats with ESPN's Jeff Passan during the All Star Break, centering around Anthony Rendon and his ongoing contract situation.

Jul 12, 2019
Pedro Martinez Interview

Todd talks with Hall of Fame Pitcher and MLB Network Analyst Pedro Martinez on the field in Cleveland hours before this year's Midsummer Classic (18:29). Before that, Tim & Todd look back at last summer when D.C. took Baseball's center stage and Bryce Harper won the HR Derby at Nationals Park.

Jul 10, 2019
All Star Alert: Boras Updates on Rendon Contract Situation

At the All Star festivities in Cleveland, Todd has a 1 on 1 with Super Agent Scott Boras as his client Anthony Rendon is months away from Free Agency. Of course, they touch upon Bryce Harper as well after his first few months in Philadelphia.

Jul 08, 2019
Game 89: 8th inning surge secures another Nats series win + Scherzer not pitching at the All-Star Game

For the 28th time in in 39 games, the 2019 Washington Nationals emerged victorious with Sunday afternoon's 5-2 rubber match win over Kansas City. Bob and Jesse Dougherty of The Washington Post run through how the team finished off first-half play with a bang. The guys also talk about the news that Max Scherzer will not pitch at the All-Star game.

Jul 08, 2019
Game 88: Scherzer's brilliance continues into July, Nats win 6-0

Bob Trosset and Todd Dybas recap the Nationals' 6-0 win over the Royals, which saw another spectacular start from Max Scherzer and Juan Soto coming through at the plate.

Jul 07, 2019
Game 87: Rendon won't go to Cleveland + Nats drop series opener to KC

For the first time in July, the Washington Nationals lost a game. In this postgame edition of the podcast, Bob and Todd detail the milestone Ryan Zimmerman accomplished Friday night, why Austin Voth's outing put the bullpen in a tight spot, and what led to Anthony Rendon's decision to skip this year's All-Star game in Cleveland.

Jul 06, 2019
Game 86: Nats complete series sweep of Marlins

For the 26th time in 36 games, the Washington Nationals emerged victorious after Thursday's 5-2 win over Miami. The Nats improved to 45-41 overall and 10-3 against the Marlins this season. Bob and Todd detail how Anibal Sanchez's role has been essential in the turnaround, the Fernando Rodney experience, Ryan Zimmerman's progression at the plate, and more in this postgame edition.

Jul 04, 2019
Game 85: Strasburg's season-high 14 strikeouts

For the 25th time in 35 games, the 2019 Washington Nationals emerged victorious with Wednesday night's 3-1 win over Miami. Bob and Todd talk about this remarkable stretch, Stephen Strasburg's successful outing, the new franchise record achieved, and more in this postgame episode.

Jul 04, 2019
Game 84: Trea Turner's walk-off double leads Nats to 3-2 win over Miami

Ryan Wormeli and Todd Dybas recap the Nationals' 3-2 win over Miami, which included an inspiring pitching performance from Patrick Corbin, a lengthy rain delay and a walk off double by Trea Turner in the bottom of the 9th.

Jul 03, 2019
LIVE STREAM: Mike Rizzo at Dacha DC

Nats' GM Mike Rizzo joins Chase Hughes, Todd Dybas and Travis Thomas at Dacha Beer Garden DC before Game 84 vs. the Marlins. Rizzo talks about the Nats getting back on track (0:57), Anthony Rendon being named an All-Star (1:37), the possibility of the Nats playing a game in another country (4:38), the Nats wearing throwback Expos jerseys (7:47) and much more. MLB insider Jamal Collier also joins the show (15:58) to talk Nats.

Jul 02, 2019
Game 83: Max Does It Again + All Star Announcements

Nats edge Detroit 2-1 as Max Scherzer strikes out 14. Bob & Tim discuss another dominant performance by Scherzer against his old team, wrap-up the excellent month for Washington, and reaction to the All Star rosters being finalized.

Jun 30, 2019
Game 82: Blown Lead in Detroit

Nats lose 7-5 to the Tigers as they return to .500. Tim & Ryan look at the tough day for Tanner Rainey, Austin Voth's start, All Star predictions, and more.

Jun 30, 2019
Game 81: Winning Record at the Halfway Mark

Nats defeat Detroit 3-1 for their 4th consecutive win on the road trip. Bob & Tim recap the Nationals moving over .500, Anibal Sanchez's solid start, the return of Ryan Zimmerman, and more.

Jun 29, 2019
Game 80: Back to .500!

Nats top the Marlins 8-5 to sweep the series and return to .500 for the first time since April. Ryan & Tim discuss digging out of the early season hole, Stephen Strasburg on the mound, and a healthy offense that went deep 4 times in the victory.

Jun 28, 2019
Jack McKeon Interview

Busy dayside edition as Tim & Chase first put in full perspective how Max Scherzer is not only a lock for Cooperstown, but is still in his prime, and how rare of company he is in. Then, Todd chats with Nationals Senior Advisor Jack "Trader Jack McKeon" who has seen just about everything in the sport, a man who has managed almost 2,000 games (13:13) . At the close, Tim & Chase say why they like the upcoming July 6th game where the Nats will honor the Expos (27:30).

Jun 27, 2019
Game 79: Adams Goes Deep In Victory

Nats win 7-5 in Miami as they inch closer to .500. Ryan & Todd address the impending quandry at 1B, Patrick Corbin's performance, and a suddenly dramatic 9th inning.

Jun 27, 2019
Game 78: Scherzer Continues His June Dominance

Nats beat Miami 6-1 as Max Scherzer throws 8 innings in the victory. Bob & Todd discuss Scherzer's brilliance, Juan Soto's recent play, and a round-up of recent roster moves.

Jun 26, 2019
LIVE SHOW: Can They Catch Atlanta?

Travis, Todd, Chase, & Tim gather after the marathon home-stand. Plus, shakeup in the bullpen and what's the latest with Anthony Rendon's contract?

Jun 25, 2019
Game 77: Rosenthal Released + Nats Lose Series

Todd Dybas and Bob Trossett recap the Nationals' 10 inning 4-3 loss to the Atlanta Braves, as well as the Nats' decision to release Trevor Rosenthal. The Nats are now 37-40 on the season.

Jun 23, 2019
Game 76: Braves Hammer the Bullpen

Nats lose 13-9 to Atlanta despite leading 8-4 through 6 innings to end the 5 game win streak. Tim & Todd go through the bullpen implosion, update the status of Victor Robles, info on Sunday's starting pitcher, and more.

Jun 23, 2019
Game 75: Spoiling Keuchel's Debut

Nats win their 5th in a row as they rally to beat Atlanta 4-3 to move to just 1 game below .500. Bob & Tim run through Stephen Strasburg vs. Dallas Keuchel, the clutch bullpen performance, Victor Robles playing well on both ends, and more.

Jun 22, 2019
Dugout Chat: Trea Turner

Todd sits down with Trea Turner as the Nats get set for their series at home vs. 1st place Atlanta. Among the discussion, provided Max Scherzer with a football helmet following his broken nose, Anthony Rendon & the All Star game, upcoming portion of the schedule and more.

Jun 21, 2019
Game 74: Nats Sweep the Phillies

Nats beat Philadelphia 7-4 behind 3 different homers for their 4th straight win. Ryan & Todd recap the tough outing by Erick Fedde, Adam Eaton throwing Bryce Harper out at home, Trea Turner's top notch defense, and more.

Jun 21, 2019
Game 73: Scherzer's broken nose brilliance

When it's all said and done, and Max Scherzer's legacy is cemented in Cooperstown, his June 19, 2019 broken nose performance against division rival Philadelphia will go hand in hand with the legendary 20-strikeout game and two no-hitters. Don't miss this postgame edition with Todd and Bob following Wednesday night's shutout victory.

Jun 20, 2019
Game 72: Corbin Bounces Back

Nats finally resumed their home stand and topped Philadelphia 6-2 to open up the split doubleheader. Bob & Todd recap Patrick Corbin's victory and the huge day from Gerardo Parra.

Jun 19, 2019
RAIN OUT POD: Scherzer Breaks His Nose

An eventful evening at Nationals Park despite the rainout as Max Scherzer broke his nose during pregame batting practice. Ryan & Tim discuss that and update you on the now September split doubleheader after the Nats & Phillies were postponed for a 2nd straight night.

Jun 19, 2019
LIVE STREAM: Phillies & Braves Preview

The guys are joined by Corey Seidman of NBC Sports Philadelphia for a look at Bryce Harper's struggles, and handicapping the NL East after the Braves have gotten red-hot. Plus, is Anthony Rendon in danger of yet again missing the All Star Game?

Jun 18, 2019
RAIN DELAY POD: Split Doubleheader Coming Wednesday

Bob & Todd give you our first "No Game Pod" as the Nats/Phillies game was called after a 3 hour delay in D.C. They give you all the new details following the rainout.

Jun 18, 2019
Game 71: Nats erupt for 15 runs to earn series split with D-backs

The Nationals tied their season-high in offensive output Sunday afternoon and cruised past the Arizona Diamondbacks, 15-5, to earn a series split. In this postgame edition of the podcast, Bob and Todd detail Anibal Sanchez's 100th career victory, how hot this offense is right now, Kurt Suzuki's status and look ahead at an important upcoming week with divisional opponents.

Jun 16, 2019
Game 70: Strasburg Allows 4 HRs in Loss

Nats go down 10-3 to Arizona as Stephen Strasburg allowed 6 runs in 5 frames. Tim & Todd discuss Strasburg's outing, Kyle Barraclough's struggles, the situation at catcher, and more.

Jun 16, 2019
Game 69: Scherzer makes more history in win over D-backs

For the 87th time in his already historic career, Max Scherzer reached the double digit mark in strikeouts (10) as Washington pushed past Arizona, 7-3. Hear from Todd and Bob in this postgame edition of The Racing Presidents.

Jun 15, 2019
Game 68: Shutout by Greinke

Nats were blanked 5-0 by Arizona to open up their home stand. Ryan & Todd run through Zack Greinke's mastery, Erick Fedde's outing, Trevor Rosenthal's clean inning, and more.

Jun 14, 2019
All Star Ballot Update + DBacks Preview

Tim & Chase look at the uphill climb Anthony Rendon surprisingly might be in to make his first ever All Star game, what relievers across baseball are expected to be trade bait next month, and a look ahead to the 11 game home-stand beginning with Arizona.

Jun 13, 2019
Game 67: Corbin Struggles Again

Nats lose 7-5 at the White Sox to split the 2 game set. Ryan & Todd dissect Patrick Corbin's last few outings, handicapping Anthony Rendon as an All Star, a look ahead to the 11 game homestand, and more.

Jun 12, 2019
LIVE STREAM: Erick Fedde Interview

Bob, Todd, Chase, & Tim talk to Erick Fedde as the Nats surge continues. They also chat with USA Today's Bob Nightengale on variety of topics including David Ortiz situation, and the Craig Kimbrel/Dallas Keuchel signings.

Jun 11, 2019
Game 66: Slamming the Sox on the South Side

Nats rout the White Sox 12-1 as Trea Turner was a single away from the cycle and Kurt Suzuki hit an 8th inning grand-slam. Bob & Ryan recap another solid outing by Anibal Sanchez, Tanner Rainey continues to impress, Trevor Rosenthal's return to the mound, Trea Turner's night, and more.

Jun 11, 2019
SPECIAL EPISODE: 10th Anniversary of Strasburg with the Nationals

In June 2009 the Nationals drafted Stephen Strasburg #1 overall, 1 year ahead of his famous MLB debut. Tim & Chase give their memories of Strasburg striking out 14 Pirates and what Strasburg has meant to the organization. Finally, MLB Network Jim Kaat, who called his MLB debut, joins the show for his memories from that unique D.C. Tuesday night in June (24:44).

Jun 10, 2019
Game 65: 8th inning history leads to emphatic win over Padres

Sunday's 5-2 win marked Washington's 12th victory in 16 games and solidified a split in the weekend four-game set with the Padres. Hear from Bob and Todd in this postgame edition of the podcast regarding what the team accomplished that has now only been done nine times in MLB history, Stephen Strasburg's solid outing, and an update on recently activated Trevor Rosenthal.

Jun 10, 2019
Game 64: Max Dominates Again

Nats top San Diego 4-1 as Max Scherzer tosses 7 shutout frames. Bob & Tim recap Scherzer's gem, 9th inning bullpen moves, Brian Dozier & Anthony Rendon hot streaks continue, and more.

Jun 09, 2019
Game 63: Blown Save

Nats fall 5-4 in San Diego after Sean Doolittle allowed 2 runs in the 9th. Bob & Tim discuss the busy 9th inning, late offensive surge, Howie Kendrick making a push for the All Star game, and more.

Jun 08, 2019
Game 62: 4 Run 1st Inning Wasted

Nats lose 5-4 in San Diego to open their road trip. Ryan & Tim discuss Patrick Corbin's outing, the offense that went from hot to cold, Brian Dozier's hitting as of late, and more.

Jun 07, 2019
Dugout Chat w/ Giolito

Loaded episode as Chase & Tim put in perspective the Nats recent surge before Todd interviews Lucas Giolito while he was in town (19:39). Finally, hear the Head Coach of San Jacinto tell the guys about Jackson Rutledge, who was selected #17 overall by the Nationals (36:28).

Jun 06, 2019
Game 61: Turner Walk-Off for the Sweep

Nats beat the White Sox 6-4 for their 9th win in 11 games. Tim & Todd run through the final innings, big games for Kurt Suzuki & Juan Soto, and more.

Jun 05, 2019
Game 60: Nats rally back from 5-0 deficit to preserve Strasburg's 100th career win

Tuesday's 9-5 comeback win over the White Sox marked Washington's eighth win in 10 games. In this postgame edition of the podcast, Todd and Jesse Dougherty detail how Stephen Strasburg bounced back from early trouble to earn his 100th career win, another big-time night at the plate for Anthony Rendon, and more in this episode.

Jun 05, 2019
LIVE STREAM: Steve Phillips + White Sox Preview

Hear our live stream from the MyTeams app (which you should download!), as we speak with former Mets GM Steve Phillips of Sirius XM, including his take on how Washington should handle Anthony Rendon's future. Plus, our White Sox counterpart Chuck Garfien gives the latest on Lucas Giolito and the White Sox who come to D.C. for 2 games.

Jun 04, 2019
MAX INSTANT CLASSIC: Game 59: Scherzer Overwhelms Cincy

The Nats take the series over the Reds as they beat them 4-1 behind Max Scherzer's 15 strikeout performance. Todd & Tim digest the 120 pitches Max threw, what seems to be working the Nats lately as they've won 3 straight series, and more.


Jun 02, 2019
Game 58: Nats top Tanner Roark and Reds 5-2

Chase Hughes and Ryan Wormeli recap the Nationals' 5-2 win at the Cincinnati Reds, defeating former Nat Tanner Roark to improve to 25-33 on the season.

Jun 02, 2019
Game 57: Patrick Corbin uncharacteristically rocked in Cincinnati

In what just may have been Patrick Corbin's worst start of his career, the Nationals fell to the Reds in Friday night's series opener, 9-3. In this postgame edition of the podcast, Bob and Todd comb through the lefty's uncharacteristic outing, Juan Soto's latest achievement, Trea Turner's struggles since returning from his broken finger, and more.

Jun 01, 2019
OFF-DAY POD: Finally Some Momentum + Roark Reunion

Tim & Todd dive into the Nats 5-1 stretch and what it means for the team. Examination includes the surging offense, new 5th starter, and the continuing look at the bullpen before a preview of the Reds series that includes facing ex- Nat Tanner Roark on Saturday.

May 30, 2019
Game 56: Routing Atlanta in a 2 Game Sweep

Washington's offensive eruption pushed the Nationals to a 14-4 victory Wednesday night in Atlanta. Bob and Todd comb through Anibal Sanchez's return from the injured list, Juan Soto's continued tear, Jeremy Hellickson's shoulder status and more.

May 30, 2019
Game 55: Nats Take Opener in Atlanta

Nats win 5-4 in their first meeting this season with the Braves. Ryan & Tim gush over Stephen Strasburg's outing and season so far, Sean Doolittle bounces back, Howie Kendrick playing like an All Star, and more.

May 29, 2019
Juan Soto Interview + Braves Preview

Bob, Chase, & Tim catch you up after the Nats had a successful holiday weekend vs. Miami. Then Todd chats with the red-hot Juan Soto (11:48), and finally Braves beat reporter Kevin McAlpin gets everyone up to speed on Atlanta, who the Nats play for the first time this season.

May 28, 2019
Game 54: Defensive blunders, quiet offense prevent Nats from sweep

Washington fell short of a four-game sweep of the Miami Marlins Monday, 3-2. Bob & Todd discuss the trend that is plaguing Max Scherzer this season, how Davey is continuing to mix and match his relief staff, the ridiculous tear Juan Soto is on right now, and more.

May 27, 2019
Game 53: Nats Hang on For 3rd Straight WIn

For the first time in 2019, the Nationals are riding a three-game winning streak following Sunday's 9-6 win over Miami. Erick Fedde's first win of the season, big offensive contributions from a variety of guys, a series win confirmed, and more in your latest edition of The Racing Presidents.

May 26, 2019
Game 52: Patrick Corbin shuts out the Marlins, Nationals win second straight

Ryan Wormeli and Todd Dybas recap the Nats' 5-0 win over the Marlins behind a complete game shutout from Patrick Corbin. The Nats are now 21-31 on the season.

May 26, 2019
Game 51: Skid Snapped in High Scoring Affair

Nats end their 5 game losing streak by out-slugging Miami 12-10. Ryan & Todd discuss the pregame comments by GM Mike Rizzo, the scorching streak Juan Soto has been on lately, the circumstances of Sean Doolittle's save, and more.

May 25, 2019
Barry Svrluga Interview

Bob & Chase are joined by Washington Post Sports columnist Barry Svrluga to mainly focus on the managerial situation after a rough series in New York. The guys also add more context to the Adam Eaton/ Todd Frazier rift.

May 24, 2019
Game 50: Swept in New York

Yet again the 8th inning does in the Nats, as they lose 6-4 at the Mets. Bob, Tim & Todd discuss the latest involving the managerial situation, another bullpen loss, and more.

May 23, 2019
Game 49: Mets Score 6 in the 8th in a Flash

Nats drop their 4th straight, the latest 6-1 in New York. Bob & Tim recap Sean Doolittle's nightmare 8th inning, Max Scherzer strong outing, and more.

May 23, 2019
Game 48: Walked Off By An Infield Single

Nats fall 6-5 at the Mets to drop to 10 games below .500. Bob is joined by Todd in New York to recount the latest edition of bullpen struggles, positives from Erick Fedde's start, and more.

May 22, 2019
Pop Up Pod: Max Scherzer Interview

Todd sits down with the 3 time Cy Young winner Max Scherzer, the day before his next start in New York. They cover why he chose his walk-up music for this year, the 2019 season so far, and more.

May 21, 2019
Game 47: Another Series Opening Loss

Nats lose 5-3 at the Mets, and are now 2-14 so far in series openers. Ryan chats with Todd live from Citi Field to go over the argument between Adam Eaton and Todd Frazier, Patrick Corbin's rough outing, and more from the loss.

May 21, 2019
Maddon vs. Doolittle + Mets Preview

Nats wrapped up a busy weekend vs. Chicago that included the odd situation in the 9th Saturday between Joe Maddon and Sean Doolittle. The Nats head to New York for a game series against a team with many problems of their own, as the Mets have lost 5 in a row.

May 20, 2019
Game 46: Nats' spirited comeback falls short in rubber match with Cubs

The Washington Nationals lost to the Chicago Cubs, 6-5, Sunday to drop their record to 19-27. Join Bob and Todd in this postgame edition of the podcast to hear about yet another short outing from starting pitcher Jeremy Hellickson, how the 'little things' played a role in the rubber match loss, Trevor Rosenthal's current status and timetable, plus much more in this episode.

May 20, 2019
Game 45: Strasburg Shuts Down Chicago

Nats beat the Cubs 5-2 behind 8 innings on the mound by Stephen Strasburg. Tim & Todd discuss Strasburg's dominance, Washington's recent offensive surge, and Joe Maddon's protest filed against Sean Doolittle in the 9th.

May 19, 2019
Game 44: Cubs Pour it on Late

Nats lose 14-6 to the visiting Cubs as Kris Bryant hit 3 homers for Chicago. Ryan & Tim examine the crucial play in bottom of the 7th, the bullpen allowing 9 runs in the final 2 innings, Max Scherzer's start, and more.

May 18, 2019
Sean Doolittle + Cubs Preview

Todd & Sean have more in depth "Game of Thrones" discussion before looking at the latest involving the team (and musical selections when coming out of the bullpen). Then Chase, Ryan, and Tim look ahead to the Cubs coming to D.C. that includes some top flight pitching matchups, Rendon vs. Baez, stinging memories still from 2017 NLDS, and more.

May 17, 2019
Game 43: Nationals win a series for first time in almost a month

The Nationals held on to beat the Mets Thursday in the rubber match of a three-game series, 7-6. Bob and Todd talk what led to Anibal Sanchez's early exit after recording just four outs, whether or not we're nearing a Trea Turner return to the lineup, how timely Gerardo Parra hitting has resulted in two wins for the Nats, and more in this episode.

May 16, 2019
Game 42: Corbin Carves Up the Mets

Behind a dominant start by Patrick Corbin the Nats beat the Mets 5-1 in D.C. Ryan & Tim dissect Corbin's outing, an encouraging night for the offense, a look towards Thursday's rubber match, and more.

May 16, 2019
Game 41: Noah Syndergaard shuts down Nats who spend night in familiar territory

The Nationals began a six-game homestand by falling to the Mets Tuesday night, 6-2. Join Todd and Bob in this postgame edition that features discussion and analysis on which former Nat blasted a grand slam off Jeremy Hellickson in the 1st inning, the crazy Victor Robles statistic, injury updates on Trea Turner, Trevor Rosenthal, and Ryan Zimmerman, plus more in this episode.

May 15, 2019
OFF DAY POD: Mets Preview/Dodgers Recap

Todd, Chase, & Tim open with the troubling standing for the Nats through 40 games. Among the topics: Gerardo Parra's big weekend, Michael A. Taylor struggles, Dusty Baker's comments, and more.

May 13, 2019
Game 40: Ryu Dominates the Nats

Nats split the series after being shutout 6-0 Sunday in L.A. Todd tells you about the effort by Hyun-Jin Ryu as he took a no hitter into the 8th, Michael A. Taylor struggles at the plate, Stephen Strasburg's day on the mound, and more.

May 13, 2019
Game 39: Gerardo Parra's late gland slam powers Nats to 5-2 win at the Dodgers

Todd Dybas recaps the Nationals' 5-2 win over the Dodgers in LA, thanks to an 8th inning grand slam by Gerardo Parra. The Nats improve to 16-23 on the season.

May 12, 2019
Game 38: Dodgers blank Nats 5-0

Ryan Wormeli and Todd Dybas break down the Nationals' 5-0 loss to the Dodgers in LA on Friday night, dropping the Nats to 15-23 on the season.

May 11, 2019
Game 37: Patrick Corbin fuels Nationals’ shutout win in Los Angeles

The Nationals (15-22) bounced back from four consecutive losses Thursday night to pick up the series opening victory in Los Angeles, 6-0. Join Bob and Todd for this postgame edition of the podcast that features discussion and analysis on another solid outing from Patrick Corbin, Howie Kendrick's consistent hitting, the arrival of Gerardo Parra, and more in this episode.

May 10, 2019
Dodgers Preview

Chase & Ryan react to the strong words from GM Mike Rizzo in his weekly radio appearance. Then they welcome on Alanna Rizzo, host/reporter for SportsNet LA for the latest on the Dodgers, as the Nats move their roadtrip out West to L.A (20:02).

May 09, 2019
Game 36: Swept in Milwaukee

Nats fall 7-3 to the Brewers for their 4th straight loss. Tim & Todd react to the 1st inning trouble, Erick Fedde's new role, and a look at the team in the general as they head out to Los Angeles 8 games below 500.

May 09, 2019
Game 35: Rendon Ejection + Brewers 6 Runs All in the 7th

Nats get shutout in Milwaukee 6-0 as the Brewers scored all their runs in the 7th inning. Ryan & Tim discuss Anthony Rendon being ejected in his return, Stephen Strasburg solid performance on the mound, and the state of the team who are now 7 games below .500

May 08, 2019
Game 34: Injuries Keep Piling Up in Another Defeat

The Nationals lost to the Brewers in Milwaukee 5-3, dropping to a season low 6 games .500. Bob & Tim have you covered in this postgame edition of the podcast that dives into yet another wasted Max Scherzer start, Yan Gomes and Andrew Stevenson leaving early due to injury, when Anthony Rendon could return to the lineup, and a whole lot more in this episode.

May 07, 2019
Travel Woes + "Major League" Anniversary

Nats had a nightmare travel experience to Milwaukee and a look at the latest regarding the 5 games below Nationals. Then Todd, Chase, and Tim then give their favorite memories of "Major League", which came out 30 years ago (35:01).

May 06, 2019
Game 33: Shorthanded Nats Fall on a Rainy Day

Nats lose the rubber match at the Phillies 7-1. Todd & Tim go through the marathon 1st inning for Anibal Sanchez, leaving Matt Grace in to pitch the 7th, and more.

May 05, 2019
Game 32: Late home runs from Kurt Suzuki and Victor Robles rescue Nationals

Todd Dybas recaps the Nationals' 10-8 win over the Philadelphia Phillies on Saturday night to improve to 14-18 on the season.

May 05, 2019
Game 31: Phillies give Nationals another series-opening loss

Ryan Wormeli and Todd Dybas dissect the Nationals 4-2 loss to the Philadelphia Phillies Friday to drop the Nats to 13-18.

May 04, 2019
Phillies Preview

As the Nats begin a 3 city road trip in Philadelphia, Bob & Ryan catch-up with Michael Barkann of NBC Sports Philadelphia for his take on Bryce Harper being booed at home, the history of Philadelphia booing, the Philly perspective of the Nats, and more.

May 03, 2019
Game 30: Pitching Coach Change After the Win

Nats edge St. Louis 2-1 to finish the homestand, but immediately after the game it was announced that the team relieved Derek Lilliquist of his duties as pitching coach and promoted Paul Menhart. Tim & Todd react to the breaking news after a long day at the ballpark that began with a 2+ hour rain delay, and also look at Stephen Strasburg reaching a new milestone.

May 03, 2019
Game 29: 3rd Straight Loss

Nats lose 5-1 to St. Louis. Bob & Tim discuss the start for Max Scherzer, Juan Soto late scratch, Carter Kieboom struggles, and look ahead to Stephen Strasburg's start Thursday.

May 02, 2019
Dugout Chat: Sean Doolittle

CONTAINS GAME OF THRONES SPOILERS RIGHT AWAY: Todd and Nats closer Sean Doolittle have full analysis of the most recent "Game of Thrones" episode and they somehow even find a way to tie it in to "Star Wars". They then get back to baseball (11:23), where Sean talks about his busy April and his take on the season so far.

May 01, 2019
Game 28: Limited Nats offense spoils another solid performance from the bullpen

Join Bob and Todd for another postgame edition of the podcast after the Nationals' 3-2 loss to the Cardinals Tuesday night. Hear the latest on Anthony Rendon's injury status, where Dan Jennings took an Uber from for Tuesday's game, whether or not Erick Fedde could find himself a permanent role with the Nats, and a whole lot more in this episode.

May 01, 2019
Game 27: Cards Flip The Script in the 5th

Nats lose 6-3 at home to St. Louis as the Cardinals scored all their runs in the 5th off of Patrick Corbin. Ryan & Todd recap the evening that saw Corbin get roughed up and the Nationals lose a series opener for the 9th time in 10 tries.

Apr 30, 2019
Rendon Still Out + Zim Injured

Stop by for another edition of the Racing Presidents as this week's featured guest and baseball statistician extraordinaire Ryan Spaeder checks in to chat fun numbers with Bob and Chase. How have the Nationals been handling the Anthony Rendon ongoing injury situation? Is Erick Fedde a viable option to bolster the Nats' bullpen moving forward? What about the youthful movement in D.C. that produced an all-time moment on Sunday that MLB has never seen? Dive in for all this, and much more in this episode.

Apr 29, 2019
Game 26: Comeback + Flawless Bullpen Avoids Sweep

The Nats overcome a 6 run deficit to win 7-6 in 11 innings against San Diego. Tim & Todd recap the rally that was capped by Matt Adams, the bullpen pitching 8 scoreless frames, should Erick Fedde stay on the roster, and more.

UP NEXT: Patrick Corbin vs. Michael Wacha and the visiting St. Louis Cardinals at 7:05pm Monday

Apr 28, 2019
Game 25: Nats bullpen rocked in 8-3 extra inning loss to the Padres

Todd Dybas and Ryan Wormeli recap the Nats' 8-3 extra inning loss to the Padres after the Nats' bullpen fell apart in the 10th inning. The Nationals have now lost 6 of their last 8 games.

Apr 28, 2019
Game 24: Carter Kieboom's first career HR not enough as Nats lose to Padres, 4-3

On a night the Nats returned home from a rough road trip, their struggles continued in a 4-3 loss to the San Diego Padres. Despite seven quality innings from Max Scherzer, who became just the 35th pitcher in MLB history to record 2,500 strikeouts Friday night, Washington fell for the fifth time in seven games. Todd and Bob detail Carter Kieboom's big debut, Sean Doolittle's unusual night, and a whole lot more in this postgame edition.

Apr 27, 2019
EMERGENCY PODCAST: Kieboom Coming to the Big Leagues

Chase & Todd react to the news that the Nationals will be promoting star infield prospect Carter Kieboom to Washington. They explain where to expect him in the lineup and what it means for the roster overall.

Apr 26, 2019
What to do with Rosenthal + Craig Calcaterra

The guys convene as the road trip is over and the Padres are set to come to D.C. Trevor Rosenthal roller-coaster continues, latest on Anthony Rendon, and Max Scherzer gears up for Manny Machado's new club.

Then Craig Calcaterra, lead MLB writer for NBC Sports, joins the show to give his take on the Nats so far, and his answer for who currently the best pitcher on the planet.

Apr 25, 2019
Game 23: Outslugged in Coors Field

Nats lose 9-5 in Colorado to finish their road trip with just two wins. Tim & Chase react to the start by Anibal Sanchez, the 8th inning by Trevor Rosenthal, and a full breakdown of Daniel Murphy's almost collision with the Dental Tooth Trot.

UP NEXT: Max Scherzer vs. Matt Strahm of San Diego Friday night in D.C. at 7:05pm

Apr 25, 2019
Game 22: Nats bullpen closes the door after 6 innings from Corbin

Four relievers combined for three scoreless innings before the Nationals padded their lead in the ninth to move back to .500 baseball. Join Bob & Todd for this postgame edition of the podcast after a 6-3 Nationals win in Colorado.

Apr 24, 2019
Game 21: Arenado Big Night Over the Nats

Nats fall 7-5 in Colorado despite a 3 run HR by Brian Dozier. Ryan & Todd run through the loss including a look at Anthony Rendon's 3B rival in Nolan Arenado, Jeremy Hellickson's pitching, & more.

UP NEXT: Patrick Corbin at Colorado Tuesday at 8:40pm

Apr 23, 2019
Game 20: Strasburg Carves Up Miami

Nats avoid the sweep and shutout the Marlins 5-0. Tim & Todd look at Stephen Strasburg's dominant performance on the mound, the latest on Anthony Rendon's elbow, Ryan Zimmerman going deep twice, and more.

UP NEXT: Jeremy Hellickson at Colorado 8:40pm Monday evening

Apr 21, 2019
Game 19: Nats drop another game in Miami + Anthony Rendon leaves early after HBP

Nats and Max Scherzer lose 9-3 in Miami as Anthony Rendon leaves the game early in the 3rd inning, which ended his hit streak.

Apr 21, 2019
Game 18: Anibal Sanchez, Nationals offense fall short in Miami

Join Ryan and Todd for this postgame edition of the podcast following Friday night's series-opening loss to the Marlins, 3-2.

Apr 20, 2019
USA Today's Bob Nightengale joins the show

Join Bob & Chase for a day side version of the podcast which features discussion and analysis on Anthony Rendon's contract negotiation status, Davey Martinez's willingness to mix & match with his lineup, the Dan Jennings signing, Strasburg's early struggle, and a whole lot more. Plus, stick around for this week's featured guest interview with USA Today's Bob Nightengale.

Apr 19, 2019
Game 17: Corbin Gem as Nats Take the Series

Nats beat the Giants 4-2 as Patrick Corbin earns his first victory in Washington. Tim & Todd go through the rubber match where Corbin pitched great, Sean Doolittle shows he's human (but still earns the save), big day for Wilmer Difo, and more.

UP NEXT: Anibal Sanchez vs Caleb Smith in Miami at 7:10pm on Friday

Apr 18, 2019
Game 16: 4 HR's Lift the Nats

Nats hang on in the 9th for a 9-6 win over San Francisco. Travis Thomas & Todd recap the victory that included a lot of hitting, but yet again more attention has to be paid to the struggling bullpen.

UP NEXT: Patrick Corbin vs. Drew Pomeranz of the Giants Thursday at 1:05pm in D.C.

Apr 18, 2019
Game 15: Mediocre Stephen Strasburg outing drops Nats below .500

Washington has dropped three of its last four games since the Philadelphia series and fell below .500 after Tuesday night's 7-3 loss to the Giants. Join Todd and Bob for a postgame edition of the podcast that dives into Stephen Strasburg allowing 3 home runs for the first time in a game since June 2017, what led to Davey Martinez's ejection, Trevor Rosenthal's short outing, Anthony Rendon's hitting streak, and a whole lot more.

Apr 17, 2019
Cabbage Talk + Alan May Joins Us

Hear from Todd, Chase & Bob for a mid-April edition of the Racing Presidents that features discussion and analysis on the Nats' inability to score substantial runs during Max Scherzer outings, the opportunity Austen Williams has in the bullpen, how Davey Martinez should handle Sean Doolittle's workload moving forward & a whole lot more. Plus, NBC Sports Washington Capitals Analyst and Nats fan Alan May joins the guys from the road in Carolina (30:08).

Apr 15, 2019
Game 14: 9th Inning Does In The Nats

Nats fall 4-3 to Pittsburgh to drop the series. Todd & Jamal Collier of run through the 9th inning where the Pirates scored the go ahead run and the Nationals came up empty after loading the bases. They also look at 2B as Howie Kendrick got the start for the 2nd straight game.

UP NEXT: Stephen Strasburg vs. Dereck Rodriguez of the Giants at 7:05pm Tuesday in D.C.

Apr 14, 2019
Game 13: Back To Back HRs In The Win

Nats rally over Pittsburgh 3-2 behind back to back HRs in the 8th inning. Tim & Ryan recap the exciting 8th, Anibal Sanchez's quality start, and Sean Doolittle keeping his scoreless ERA intact.

UP NEXT: Max Scherzer vs. Jameson Taillon of Pittsburgh Sunday at 1:35pm

Apr 14, 2019
Game 12: Another Bullpen Loss

Nats fall at home 6-3 to Pittsburgh after a great start by Patrick Corbin. Tim & Todd discuss another evening where the bullpen doesn't come through. Who will replace Justin Miller on the roster Saturday? Props handed out to Corbin & red-hot Anthony Rendon on their great evenings.

UP NEXT: Anibal Sanchez vs. Chris Archer of Pittsburgh at 4:05pm on Saturday

Apr 13, 2019
Adam Eaton joins Caps Pregame Live + Pittsburgh weekend series preview

Join Bob, Chase & Tim for a wide-ranging conversation that dives into last week's Bud Norris trade buzz, Anthony Rendon's All-Star caliber start to 2019, recent comments from Scott Boras criticizing early extensions, a weekend series preview with Pittsburgh coming to town, and a whole lot more in this episode of The Racing Presidents.

Apr 12, 2019
Game 11: Domination in Philly

Nats take the series as they rout the Phillies 15-1. Ryan & Todd go through the fun evening that included another strong outing from the bullpen & Jeremy Hellickson, Anthony Rendon's hitting streak now at 10 games, Victor Robles continuing to hit well, and more.

UP NEXT: Patrick Corbin vs. Pittsburgh's Trevor Williams Friday at 7:05pm in D.C.

Apr 11, 2019
Game 10: Soto Blast In The 10th

Nats rally in the 9th and ultimately win 9-6 in 10 innings in Philadelphia. Todd & Jesse Dougherty of The Washington Post from Philly look at the pivotal homers by Victor Robles & Juan Soto in the victory, a scoreless outing by the bullpen, and other elements in the 5 run comeback.

UP NEXT: Jeremy Hellickson vs. Nick Pivetta of the Phillies at 7:05pm Wednesday

Apr 10, 2019
Game 9: Loss in Philly

Nats drop the opener in Philadelphia 4-3. Tim & Todd from Citizens Bank dissect the evening including the almost rally in the 9th, full examination of sending Ryan Zimmerman home in the 4th (7:23), and what it was like to see Bryce Harper in his new home. Stay tuned at the end for firsthand accounts from Philly fans on their new RF (26:44).

Apr 09, 2019
Bob's interview with MLB Network's Bill Ripken + Philadelphia series preview

With Dybas and Shovers on the road to Philadelphia, Chase and Bob sat down to discuss Anthony Rendon's hot hitting, the notion that early bullpen struggles is somehow Davey Martinez's fault, Yasiel Puig's role in Sunday's brawl, and a whole more in this episode of The Racing Presidents. A special thanks to Bill Ripken for his time.

Apr 08, 2019
Game 8: A Dozen Runs in The Win

Nats leave New York 12-9 winners despite leading by 11 runs at one point. Bob & Todd yet again have to open with bullpen issues before focusing on solid days by Howie Kendrick and Anthony Rendon.

UP NEXT: Anibal Sanchez vs. Philadelphia's Vince Velasquez Monday at 7:05pm

Apr 07, 2019
Game 7: Bullpen Can't Hang On

The Nats lose their 8th inning lead and fall 6-5 in New York. Tim & Todd look at possible options to upgrade the bullpen and discuss Patrick Corbin's 2nd start with Washington.

UP NEXT: Max Scherzer vs. Zack Wheeler of the Mets tomorrow at 1:10pm

Apr 06, 2019
Recapping the Busy Week of Harper & "Mad Dog Russo"

Bob, Chase, & Todd run through the week that was as D.C. "welcomed" back Bryce Harper, the bullpen had more struggles, and hear Bob's chat with MLB Network/ Sirius XM's Chris "Mad Dog" Russo from Nationals Park (25:48).

Apr 05, 2019
Game 6: Strasburg Throws A Gem in New York

Nats shutout the Mets 4-0 to move to .500 on the season. Travis Thomas & Todd Dybas recap Stephen Strasburg's dominant day on the mound, the bullpen coming through, and Wilmer Difo's impact the plate.

UP NEXT: Patrick Corbin vs. Steven Matz of the Mets Saturday at 1:10pm

Apr 05, 2019
Game 5: Noll Walk-Off Walk

Nats rally to beat the Phillies 9-8 in D.C. Tim & Todd start with the continued troubles of the bullpen, Anibal Sanchez's Washington debut, and a great day for both Anthony Rendon & Juan Soto.

UP NEXT: Stephen Strasburg @ Noah Syndergaard and the Mets at 1:10pm on Thursday

Apr 03, 2019
Game 4: Harper Return + Turner Broken Finger

Nats lose 8-2 at home to Philadelphia as Bryce Harper has an eventful first game back in D.C. Tim & Todd recap Harper vs. Scherzer and get into the ramifications to Trea Turner's injury.

UP NEXT: Wednesday afternoon Anibal Sanchez vs. Aaron Nola of the Phillies

Apr 03, 2019
Mayor Muriel Bowser Interview

The Racing Presidents had the esteem pleasure to sit down with the Mayor of Washington D.C. Muriel Bowser during the Opening Day festivities. She says what she expects the reception to be Tuesday night for Bryce Harper, following the growth of the Nats fan base, and even updates the latest on the RFK site.

Apr 01, 2019
Game 3: Turner Walk-Off HR

Nats avoid the sweep by edging the Mets 6-5 behind Trea Turner's 2 homeruns. Bob Trosset and Ryan Wormeli look at Turner's big day and also acknowledge another rough 8th inning for the bullpen. They close it out by previewing Tuesday night when Bryce Harper and the Phillies come to D.C.

**DON'T MISS: Mayor Muriel Bowser joins The Racing Presidents. Episode coming at you Monday morning**

Mar 31, 2019
Game 2: Bullpen Struggles in Loss

Nats drop to 0-2 after losing 11-8 to the Mets. Tim Shovers & Ryan Wormeli look at the tough 8th and 9th innings by the bullpen, Steven Strasburg's season debut, and another active day for Victor Robles.

UP NEXT: Patrick Corbin vs. New York's Zack Wheeler Sunday at 1:35pm

Mar 30, 2019
Game 1: deGrom Outduels Scherzer

Nats get shutout by the visiting Mets on Opening Day 2-0. Tim Shovers & Todd Dybas react to the strong performance in defeat by Max Scherzer, the impressive day on the bases by Trea Turner, and the up and down afternoon for Victor Robles.

UP NEXT: Saturday at 1pm Steven Strasburg vs. New York's Noah Syndegaard

Mar 28, 2019
Carter Kieboom Interview + Harper Addresses Media

Bob, Todd, & Chase look at Anibal Sanchez's performance at Nationals Park Monday in the final tuneup before Opening Day. They look at other questions including, any chance they sign Craig Kimbrel?

Then listen to Todd's conversation from Spring Training with top prospect Carter Kieboom (26:58) and finally, hear from Bryce Harper as he is less than 24 hours away from opening his career away from Washington (31:50).

Mar 27, 2019
Nats Back Up North + Davey Martinez

The three-day countdown is on as the Nationals prepare for Thursday’s Opening Day in D.C. against Jacob deGrom and the New York Mets. Todd, Chase & Bob bring you this episode from inside Nationals Park and dive into Davey Martinez’s decision to start Adam Eaton in the lead-off spot, Howie Kendrick’s continued hamstring rehab in West Palm Beach and recent comments from Noah Syndergaard and Mike Trout which made headlines. Stay tuned for Todd's sitdown with Davey Martinez as he begins year 2 in Washington (22:08).

Mar 25, 2019
Season Predictions + Ryan Zimmerman Interview

Less than a week until Opening Day, no better time than for season predictions including order of finish in the NL East, can the Nats make it to the World Series, top competitors for Max Scherzer in the Cy Young and more.

Stay tuned for Todd's conversation with the longest tenured Nat, Ryan Zimmerman (26:22), to learn more about him being a family man and the now very competitive division.

Mar 22, 2019
Rendon Extension Latest + Sean Doolittle Interview

Reaction to Todd's scoop about extension talks for Anthony Rendon as so many big name players across MLB have signed before reaching free agency. Then, Sean Doolittle sits down with us in Florida to give his thoughts on the CBA situation and the way he uses social media (24:57).

Mar 20, 2019
Trea Turner Interview

Hear Todd’s sit-down with Trea Turner (22:18) from Spring Training, coming off a year in which he appeared in every game. Before that get caught up on what Michael A. Taylor’s MRI results mean for his playing status, takeaways from Stephen Strasburg’s Spring Training start against the Mets, and what Davey Martinez’s plan might look like for his catcher rotation.


Mar 18, 2019
Juan Soto Interview

Hear Todd's sitdown with Juan Soto, on the heels of his breakout rookie season (21:52). Before that the guys catch you up on the latest with Michael A. Taylor's injury and how it affects roster and a discussion on how Soto stacks up against the man who beat him for NL Rookie of the Year last year.

Mar 15, 2019
New Lefty + Kieboom's Big Day

Nats sign left-handed reliever Tony Sipp and Carter Kieboom goes deep twice off of Justin Verlander. Where does Kieboom fit into the 2019 plans (9:16)?

Then, analysis on Bryce Harper's comments on what helped drive him away from Washington (14:54). When will he thank the fans?


Mar 13, 2019
Max Scherzer Interview

Hear from the freshly named Opening Day Starter, Max Scherzer coming off his 300 strikeout season as he sat down with Todd down in Florida (30:18). Before that, our NBC Sports Washington team of Todd Dybas, Bob Trosset, and Chase Hughes catch you up on the latest with the Nationals, including the release of left handed reliever Sammy Solis.

Mar 11, 2019
Adam Eaton Sitdown

Tim S. & Todd start with the latest with the Nationals as Spring Training is in full swing. Who will be starting in CF on Opening Day? Then listen to Todd's chat with Adam Eaton down in West Palm as he prepares for his 3rd season in Washington (11:20).

Mar 08, 2019
Rendon Exclusive + Pair of Lefties

Coming off a year where he shared the NL lead in doubles, hear Todd chat with Nats 3rd Baseman Anthony Rendon talk about being represented by Scott Boras, cloud of Free Agency, and even his thoughts on rooting for James Harden. Then, Todd is joined by 2 of Washington's left handed relievers, Sammy Solis & Matt Grace, for a conversation that touches on much more than Baseball (9:40).

Mar 06, 2019
Harper Press Conference + View From Out West

The official introduction of Bryce Harper wearing a "P" instead of a Curly W. But what city is he bringing a championship to? Todd also lays out the chances of Washington making a run at Craig Kimbrel (20:19). At the end, Alex Pavlovic who covers the Giants for NBC Bay Area, says what San Francisco's offer to Harper entailed and if the California teams are surprised Harper stayed out East (24:52).

Mar 04, 2019
The Day After: Harper a Phillie

Now that it has sunk in, Bryce Harper is in the NL East, but not in Washington. The Tim's and Todd react to the 13 year deal for Harper in Philadelphia.

Mar 01, 2019
EMERGENCY PODCAST: Harper to Philadelphia

Listen to NBC Sports Washington's immediate coverage of Bryce Harper signing a 13 year/ $330 million deal with the rival Philadelphia Phillies. Our roundtable of Travis Thomas, Chase Hughes, Grant Paulsen, and Todd Dybas analyze all the angles. Guests include Harold Reynolds of MLB Network (5:29) and USA Today's Bob Nightengale (25:32).

Feb 28, 2019
Chuck Todd Interview

Chuck Todd, moderator of NBC's "Meet the Press", joins The Racing Presidents as we are almost a month away from Opening Day. Chuck is a passionate baseball fan and Nats season ticket holder. Hear him express his reasons for optimism this year in Washington, thoughts on Bryce Harper, what changes he would make to MLB, and more.

Feb 27, 2019
CROSSOVER POD: Harper vs. Cousins? Which Was More Annoying?

A different type of episode for you today as Racing Presidents meets Redskins Talk for a debate unique to D.C. Which contract saga was more annoying to cover locally? Bryce Harper or Kirk Cousins?

Feb 25, 2019
Mark Lerner Exclusive

Must listen conversation between Todd Dybas and Nationals Managing Principal Owner Mark Lerner. Hear what he has to say regarding Bryce Harper (4:14) and Anthony Rendon's future (5:01).

Feb 22, 2019
Charlie Slowes + Mike Rizzo

Todd welcomes on the voice of the Nationals Charlie to help set the table for Nats fans. What's the roster looking like? How competitive is the NL East?

Then it's Todd's exclusive with GM Mike Rizzo, which a few of our dedicated listeners had a sneak peek of earlier this week (14:03).

Feb 21, 2019
EMERGENCY POD: Machado to San Diego

Manny Machado signs a 10 year/ $300 million deal with the Padres. How does that affect Bryce Harper's free agency? Immediate reaction to Machado finally signing.

Feb 19, 2019
Manfred Speaks

Forgive us for being too on the nose and having an episode on Presidents Day. Todd tells the Tims what MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred told Grapefruit League reporters in addition to the latest Bryce Harper musings, and more Vegas over/unders. Pus, Murray explains life without having a Washington baseball team to root for growing up (32:12).

Feb 18, 2019
Davey Martinez Exclusive

Todd had a chance to sit down with the Nationals Manager entering his 2nd year with the club and talk about what he plans on doing differently this season compared to 2018 (19:17). Before that interview Todd tells Tim #2 how the clubhouse vibes are in relation to Bryce Harper, the current lineup, and more background on Aaron Barrett returning to the mound after many injury filled years.

Feb 15, 2019
Pitchers & Catchers (&Todd) Report

The Tims chat with Todd who is in rainy West Palm Beach, Florida as Spring Training has begun. Conversation centers around players reporting despite Bryce Harper and other big names still being un-signed. The beginning of this podcast features Closer Sean Doolittle's answer to Todd about the unusual MLB offseason.

Feb 13, 2019
Phillies Busy Winter

Todd chats with his NBC Sports Philadelphia counterpart Jim Salisbury after the Phillies have added news pieces such as J.T. Realmuto, Jean Segura, David Robertson & Andrew McCutchen. You can guess what the first question was about however. Is the NL East shaping up to being the most competitive division in all of MLB for 2019?

Nationals finished 2 games ahead of Philadelphia last season after the Phillies September included being swept in D.C. and a separate 9 game losing streak.

Feb 11, 2019
Remembering Frank Robinson

Tim Murray & Todd Dybas are joined by Craig Heist of the Nationals Radio Network in light of the passing of Baseball Legend Frank Robinson at age 83. In addition to his illustrious playing career, he served as the Washington Nationals first ever Manager.

Feb 08, 2019
Hellickson Signing + Radical Rule Change Proposals

Full infield today of analysis on the Nats signing Jeremy Hellickson and what it means for Joe Ross/Erick Fedde. Anything to the Harper and Giants meeting (25:18)? Finally, a reaction to the possible rule changes that Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic published incuding possibly no more DHs (29:35).

Feb 06, 2019
"Sports Reporters": Nats Style

We have a special Nats beat writer roundtable edition today. Jesse Dougherty of the Washington Post and Jamal Collier of joined our Nats insider Todd Dybas to get into... Bryce Harper. He remains unsigned. As does Manny Machado. The trio hops into reasons why, what may come next and what could happen down the line because of this winter's free agency slog. They also discuss if they think the Nationals should make another move such as Craig Kimbrel, plus possible concerns on the roster (23:56).

Feb 04, 2019
Video Game Dupe + Projected Win Totals

We start you out with some SNL cameo & MLB Press Box location talk as do all January baseball podcasts. Then get into the meat of it with how "MLB The Show" duped the baseball public into thinking Bryce Harper was announcing his future destination on Tuesday (9:38). Then dive into the projected win totals, 87.5 for Washington, is that too low or just right (21:55)?

Under 2 months til Opening Day.

Jan 29, 2019
Harper To L.A. Out the Window? + Sean Doolittle Exclusive

The Tim's look at what the Dodgers signing A.J. Pollock means for the chances of Bryce Harper going out West. Also, is there a chance the Nats would choose Machado instead?

Then Todd chats with Nationals closer Sean Doolittle for everything under the sun ranging from pitching mechanics to Star Wars deep dives (22:14).

Jan 25, 2019
New Age Ideas for MLB + Rule Change Proposals

The Tims & Ryan Wormeli put aside the avocado toast to give their millenial ideas on how to gain interest across baseball including gambling & social media. Your weekly Bryce Harper update (13:27), and finally, Ryan has some rule change proposals for the sport that gets debated and dissected (26:27).

Oh, by the way, 22 days until Nationals pitchers & catchers report to West Palm Beach, FL.

Jan 22, 2019
Idea to Kickstart the Hot Stove + Kyler Murray Situation

It's been a little too quiet on the Free Agent Front as many big (and some huge) names are still unsigned, so an idea is pitched here to get things moving quicker in MLB. The latest on Bryce Harper after he met with Philly for 5 (YES FIVE) hours (18:09). Finally, what does the Kyler Murray situation of him declaring for the NFL Draft mean for Baseball, if anything at all (26:15)?

Jan 15, 2019
Nats Sign Brian Dozier

Nats sign second baseman Brian Dozier to a 1 year 9 million dollar deal. Was it the right move? What does it mean for Carter Kieboom in the minors (10:31).

Wouldn't be an offseason podcast with a Bryce Harper update, do the recent reports and rumors lean in the direction of him returning to offseason (17:12)? Todd ran into a Northern Virginia bartender who thinks so.

Jan 10, 2019
Door Opening Back Up for Harper in Washington?

Todd & Tim Murray react to the report that he Nationals held a meeting with Bryce Harper and his agent in late December. They guess as to when the Hot Stove will heat back up as more big names other than just Harper & Manny Machado are still out there. Finally, making sense of Philadelphia's off-season so far (16:33).

Jan 03, 2019
Closing Out 2018

Todd & Tim Shovers take one final look at 2018 right before the calendar flips and also re-digest the Anibal Sanchez/Tanner Roark swap in the rotation. Plus, is there any way for MLB to speed up the Hot Stove for future seasons?

Dec 31, 2018
What the Batting Order Might Look Like Without Harper

Todd Dybas, Tim Shovers, and Ryan Wormeli get a head-start on the potential reality for Nats fans, a starting lineup that doesn't feature Bryce Harper everyday. Where do Juan Soto and Treat Turner fit in that batting order?

Finally, a look in at the Orioles new brass at GM and Manager (24:02).

Dec 27, 2018
Harper to LA? + Sanchez + Hall of Fame Ballot

Does the big trade involving Yasiel Puig and Matt Kemp to L.A. make it all but official that Bryce Harper is headed to LA? How does the Nats rotation look now that Anibal Sanchez is signed and where do Erick Fedde and Joe Ross stand?

Finally, the 2019 Hall of Fame Ballot has been released (23:56). Shovers & Todd talk about the guys that would vote for, including the usual question of the guys attached to Steroid Era.

Dec 24, 2018
QUICK PITCH: Anibal Sanchez signs with the Nationals

Todd Dybas gives immediate analysis to Washington inking starting pitcher Anibal Sanchez to a 2 year/ $10 million deal.

Dec 21, 2018
Adams +2B + Who Takes Roark's Spot?

As the Winter Meetings are a distant memory and the Bryce Harper front remains quiet, a reaction for the latest involving the Nats. A recap of the Matt Adams signing, and updated thoughts on second base lead things off. Then more of a deep dive into the Tanner Roark trade and what that means for the back end of the rotation. Is more help on the way for the bullpen?

Dec 18, 2018
QUICK HITTER: Matt Adams Returns to Washington

Todd Dybas gives immediate reaction to the news that Matt Adams, left handed hitting 1st baseman, is coming back to the Nationals after signing a 1 year/ $4 million deal.

Dec 15, 2018
Winter Meetings Day 4: Roark Trade + Boras Exclusive

Todd Dybas is joined by Jamal Collier of & Chelsea Janes of the Washington Post in Vegas to give their immediate reactions to the news of the Nationals trading Tanner Roark to the Reds in return for Tanner Rainey. They also dive further into the speculation of whether Bryce Harper would sign for either the Yankees or White Sox.

Finally, Todd exclusively sits down with super agent Scott Boras for not only the latest with Harper, but also the future in Washington for Anthony Rendon (26:07).

Dec 13, 2018
Winter Meetings Day 3 + Davey Martinez Exclusive

Tim Murray catches up with Todd Dybas as the Winter Meetings have experienced some temporary "Harper-Lash", so they cover other pressing topics regarding the Nats. Will they move Tanner Roark, Michael A. Taylor working down in the Winter League, and is Mike Rizzo interested in D.J. LeMahieu?

Stay tuned for Todd's sit-down with the skipper Davey Martinez for all the latest regarding his club as he prepares for his 2nd season in Washington (15:53).

Dec 12, 2018
Winter Meetings Day 2 Roundup

Tim Shovers & Todd Dybas recap a day highlighted by Nats GM Mike Rizzo addressing the media after the well publicized comments last week by Owner Mark Lerner regarding Bryce Harper. Yankees GM Brian Cashman also weighs in on the prized free agent (11:40)

They then discuss the 2 newest editions to Cooperstown and whether they should have been voted into the Hall of Fame (15:31)

Finally, hear what ESPN's Tim Kurkjian had to say to NBC Sports Washington about the possibility of Harper to the Phillies (24:42).

Dec 11, 2018
Winter Meetings Day 1 Roundup

Tim Murray connects with Todd Dybas who is down in Las Vegas at the Baseball Winter Meetings. They certainly dive into Nats Owner Mark Lerner's comments regarding the future of Bryce Harper (8:17)

They look back at Patrick Corbin's press conference and all of the players who were in attendance. Finally (29:10), they answer your twitter questions including a look at the situation at catcher at all levels in the organization.

Dec 10, 2018
Mr. Corbin Goes to Washington

Patrick Corbin is officially introduced as the newest member of the Washington Natinonals starting staff.

Todd Dybas sits two for exclusive interviews with both Corbin and GM Mike Rizzo. Of course it's not all all about Corbin, Todd asks Rizzo the mandatory question about Bryce Harper (10:12).

Dec 07, 2018
Corbin Reactions + Harper Predictions

For the inaugural episode, featuring Tim Murray, Todd Dybas, and Tim Shovers, a reaction to the Nationals signing Patrick Corbin to a 6 year deal. Should the team continue to invest in starting pitching while much of the league is trending in a different direction?

Then of course plenty of Bryce Harper Talk ahead of the Winter Meetings in Vegas (13:57) How does the Corbin money play into it? Where will he end up and what are the driving forces behind his ultimate decision?

Finally, tips of the cap to GM Mike Rizzo for the Yan Gomes acquisition (41:08).

This is NBC Sports Washington's "The Racing Presidents" Podcast, year round coverage of the Washington Nationals.

Dec 06, 2018
Introducing The Racing Presidents

Baseball fans, welcome to “The Racing Presidents” podcast from NBC Sports Washington, where Tim Murray, Todd Dybas and Tim Shovers will be breaking down all things Nationals all year 'round. Subscribe now!

Dec 05, 2018