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By Gary Girod

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 Aug 12, 2019


A weekly history podcast that will cover France from 3 million years ago to present. Presented by Gary Girod, with contributions by numerous scholars.

Episode Date
French Mythmaking of King Arthur by Aaron Kestle
Gary: Today’s special episode is by Aaron Kestle, a Ph.D. candidate at Yale University’s French Department. He is currently preparing a dissertation examining the marvelous in medieval Arthurian literature, focusing on the mythical sorcerer Merlin and his representation in late twelfth and early thirteenth century French romance. His interests also incorporate a broad spectrum of […]
Feb 20, 2021
50 – Charlemagne: Conquering Europe
When last we left off King Charles of Francia became King of the Lombards, adding the northern half of the Italian peninsula to his vast kingdom. Over the next thirty years Charles created the first great post-Roman, European empire. Under his well-organized, well-equipped military machine, the Franks engaged in near-continual warfare across Francia’s vast borders. […]
Feb 12, 2021
49 – Charlemagne: Becoming a King
49 – Charlemagne: Becoming a King   Hey kids, want to hear about Charlemagne? [Intro Music] History is speckled with important individuals who dramatically alter the course of humanity. Scientists like Louis Pasteur and Marie Curie, philosophers like Descartes and Voltaire, artists like Renoir and Monet led the world on paths of their own imagining. […]
Jan 30, 2021
The French Far Right in the 1920-1930s with Dr. Chris Millington
[Picture: Parti populaire français meeting 1943] Gary: Today’s special episode is an interview with Dr. Chris Millington of Manchester Metropolitan University on his book, A History of Fascism in France from the First World War to the National Front. We’re going to talk about the rise of the far right, particularly in the 1920s and […]
Jan 23, 2021
48 – Between Giants
48 – Between Giants: Today’s episode is about Pepin the Short and of course, we have to start with his name. Pepin was not actually short; unlike peasants, aristocrats got enough food and were noticeably taller than most people. Moreover, northern Europeans were among the largest people in the world. Pepin is near-universally called ‘the […]
Jan 16, 2021
Marseillais Jews and Inter-Faith Commercial Relations During the Angevin Dynasty by Arazoo Ferozan
Gary: Today’s special episode is by Arazoo Ferozan, Ph.D candidate at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada. Her work focuses on Mediterranean cross-cultural mercantile networks in the early modern period. Her most recent presentations have focused on the city of Marseille as a nodal point for economic and cultural connections. Today’s talk is about Jews, particularly […]
Jan 09, 2021
47 – The Battle of Poitiers
Episode 47: The Battle of Poitiers Chapter 1: The Arabs and the Last Revelation The Battle of Poitiers, often called The Battle of Tours in the Anglosphere, has long been mythologized as a world-changing event. Edward Shepherd Creasy listed it as one of the decisive battles that shaped human history, as did a number of […]
Jan 02, 2021
France and its Empire during World War 2 with Dr. Chris Millington
[Pictured: French maquis fighters, 1940s] Gary: Before we get into today’s episode, I wanted to make a very exciting and important announcement. I have poured a lot of time, work and passion into this podcast and have been wanting to devote even more time to it. Those of you who signed up on Patreon and […]
Dec 13, 2020
46 – France’s First Dynasty
In the first episode of this podcast I talked about how the words ‘France’ and ‘French’ are not set, but are ever-evolving concepts. Related to this is the question: when did ‘France’ begin? There are certainly precursors to France, going all the way back to the first humans. In the 19th and 20th centuries French […]
Nov 21, 2020
French ‘Corsairing’ in the Americas during the War of the Spanish Succession by Mike LaMonica
It took the podcast quite a while but we finally have an episode with pirates. Today’s special episode is by Mike LaMonica, a PhD student at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec. “French ‘Corsairing’ in the Americas during the War of the Spanish Succession” tells the story of French pirates who acquired the right to legally […]
Nov 14, 2020
45 – The End of the Merovingian Dynasty
Episode 45: The End of the Merovingian Dynasty For roughly 120 years from the ascension of Clovis I to Dagobert the scions of the House of Merovech were the undisputed rulers of the Franks. The long-haired kings controlled incredible wealth, numerous holy places and were accomplished generals. For a long time it seemed the only […]
Nov 07, 2020
The Prefect’s Purse-String: Jean Moulin and the Rex Mission by David A. Foulk
Gary: Today’s special episode is by David A. Foulk. David is a student at Oxford University currently completing his dissertation on the economic aspect of the French Resistance during WW2. He has won multiple awards and been published for his work on the economics of war. In line with his research, today’s topic deals with […]
Oct 30, 2020
The Occupation of Northern France in WWI with Dr. James E. Connolly
Gary: Today’s special episode is an interview with Dr. James E. Connolly about his new book, The Experiences of Occupation, in the Nord, 1914 to 1918, Living with the Enemy in First World War France, which took second place in the inaugural Eugene Faber Book Award and was shortlisted for the 2018 Franco British Society […]
Oct 24, 2020
44 – The Last Great Merovingian Kings
Episode 44: The Last Great Merovingian Kings In 584 Queen Fredegund gave birth to her fifth male child. Her four previous sons died at the ages of 8, 4, 1 and 1, due to disease and possible assassination so this new child’s fate looked bleak. The boy’s outlook became even darker after his father was […]
Oct 17, 2020
43 – The Medieval Transformation Part 5: Medicine and Mythology
Today’s episode is a little short and because of that I will be releasing a full one this Saturday, so consider this a bonus. I just didn’t want to gloss over some last things about Merovingian society before it ends. Medicine was a difficult practice in the early medieval period. Physicians worked on incomplete information […]
Oct 12, 2020
Syria and the French Empire from WWI to Present by Patrick Higgins
Gary: Today’s special episode is by Middle Eastern scholar Patrick Higgins, who gives an account of the French Empire in Syria from its earliest days until the present conflict. Patrick Higgins received his BA from Wayne State University, an MA in Middle Eastern Studies from the University of Texas at Austin, and served as a […]
Oct 10, 2020
42 – The Medieval Transformation Part 4: The Salic Law
Today’s episode begins with a cliché that keeps hanging over people’s collective imagining of the post-Roman world: ‘the Dark Ages.’ In the early 14th century the Italian writer Petrarch claimed that after the Roman Empire fell Europe entered into a dark period. Later writers building off of his work claimed that this period ended with […]
Oct 02, 2020
Before Trans: Three Incredible Lives with Dr. Rachel Mesch
Gary: Today’s special episode is an interview with Dr. Rachel Mesch. She received her BA from Yale College, her M.A. from Columbia University and her Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania. A specialist in 19th century French Literature, Dr. Mesch is the author of Having It All in the Belle Epoque: How French Women’s Magazines […]
Sep 26, 2020
41 – The Medieval Transformation Part 3: Daily Life
This episode and the next one or two will complete the Medieval Transformation series, as I talk about how life changed from late-Antiquity under the crumbling Roman Empire to the medieval period under the Merovingians. After that, we’re going to get right back onto the political narrative with Clothar II and Dagobert, until we reach […]
Sep 18, 2020
Four Royal Women’s Entangled Lives by Keira Morgan
Gary:   Today’s special episode is by Keira Morgan. When Keira was five, her grandmother gave her a book about England’s queens, which started a lifelong fascination. She went on to complete her B.A. in History and English and an M.A. in History, at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada. She spent the next […]
Sep 11, 2020
40 – Great Merovingian Women
There are very few still-existing histories dating to the Merovingian period. Gregory of Tours’ Histories and The Chronicle of Fredegar are the only long-form histories, and both were written by men and were mostly about men. Theirs were histories of great kings and saints, which largely excluded women. When women do emerge in the histories […]
Sep 04, 2020
Cistercian Monks, the Albigensian Crusade, and the French Conquest of Occitania by Leland Renato Grigoli
[Gary]   And we’re back! Thanks for your patience as I did some moving and researching this past month. Episode 40 will be out next Saturday, and I will be back on my regular schedule of main series episodes every other week, with guest episodes when possible. Today’s special episode is by Ph.D candidate Leland Renato […]
Aug 28, 2020
Navigating Paris: What’s the flâneur got to do with it?
Gary: Today’s special episode is by Lauren Quigley who is a PhD candidate in French Studies at Queen’s University Belfast, Ireland. Her dissertation ‘Parisian Poiesis: Architecture and the Aesthetics of Contemporary French Poetry’ explores the relationship between aesthetics, architecture, and form in the poetry of Jacques Réda, Jacques Roubaud and Michel Houellebecq. Today, Ms. Quigley […]
Aug 07, 2020
Napoleon, Egypt and the Birth of Modern Egyptology with Dr. Tara Sewell-Lasater
Intro (Gary speaking): Today’s special episode is by Dr. Tara Sewell-Lasater Dr. Sewell-Lasater received her Ph.D in history from the University of Houston in 2020. Her research focuses on Hellenistic Egypt, numismatics, and gender, specifically exploring the roles open to royal women in Ptolemaic Egypt and the expressions of female power on coinage. Her dissertation […]
Jul 31, 2020
39 – The Epic of Brunhilda
Episode 39: The Epic of Brunhilda   Francia in 561 and 587   Prologue: The early reigns of the sons of Clothar Before we launch into today’s episode I want to make a few quick notes. First, not all dates are entirely accurate, as different accounts provide different dates. Generally speaking the dates I offer […]
Jul 29, 2020
French History Myths with the Fake History Hunter, Jo Teeuwisse
Gary: Today’s special episode is an interview with Dutch historian Jo Teeuwisse, better known as the Fake History Hunter, for her work online debunking numerous popular fake history posts. For over a decade. Jo has specialized in daily life of early 20th century Europeans. She has worked as a historical consultant for museums, documentaries, films, […]
Jul 18, 2020
38 – The Long-haired Kings
Announcements: Hello everyone. Before I begin today’s episode I have three quick announcements. First, I was a guest on the French Embassy to the United States’ official podcast ‘Francofiles’ where I discussed the history behind Juillet Quatorze, known as Bastille Day in the Anglo-Phone world. It’s coming up this Tuesday so there’s no better time […]
Jul 10, 2020
Intelligent Speech 2020 (audio only)
Intentional Wandering: How to find Hidden History Hello everyone, this is Gary Girod from the French History Podcast. The theme of this year’s conference is Hidden Histories & I’m sure by now you’ve heard quite a bit about little-known historical stories. In the short time I have I want to explain how you can uncover […]
Jun 27, 2020
France in Occupied Berlin with Iain MacGregor
Gary: Hello, everyone. Quick reminder, June 27 at 145. I will be presenting a talk at the Intelligence Speech Conference 2020, which is all online this year. Tickets are online at their Web site. And you can listen to me and dozens of other top podcasters talking about hidden history. My talk is how you […]
Jun 20, 2020
37 – The Medieval Transformation Part 2: The Birth and Spread of Monasteries
Episode 37: The Medieval Transformation Part 2: The Birth and Spread of Monasteries During the first four centuries of Christianity’s history, believers were frequently tortured and killed. If they remained true to their beliefs they became martyrs. Martyrdom was the greatest spiritual act, and most early saints were martyrs, including Saint Peter and many of […]
Jun 12, 2020
Louise Michel & the Radical Women of the 19th Century with Dr. Steve Shone
Louise Michel & the Radical Women of the 19th Century with Dr. Steve Shone Gary: Today’s episode is an interview I conducted with Dr. Steve Shone on his new book, Women of Liberty. Dr. Shone received his Ph.D from the University of California, Riverside, in 1992. He has taught at a number of colleges, including […]
Jun 05, 2020
36 – The Medieval Transformation Part 1: Cults, Miracles and Saints
Hello everyone. Quick reminder my debut novel The Maiden Voyage of New York City is out through Amazon and Barnes and Noble. If you are looking for a character-driven, speculative science-fiction story, please check it out and support yours truly. Second, the Intelligent Speech Conference is happening this June 27th. I and other top podcasters […]
May 29, 2020
35 – The Last Saints of Gaul
Episode 35: The Last Saints of Gaul   A few quick announcements before we get started. First, I did a 90-minute-long episode with History’s Most about what caused the French Revolution. It is a fascinating conversation wherein we talked about the many possible causes of one of the world’s most important political and social upheavals. […]
May 20, 2020
34 – Gaul No More
The Western Roman Empire falls. Gaul is no more, & three kingdoms vie to replace it. Antiquity ends & Clovis turns the land into the first great medieval kingdom: Francia.   [Pre-show announcement]: Hello everyone, before we begin I want to make a quick announcement. First of all, life has been hard with the quarantine […]
May 01, 2020
33 – The Battle of the Catalaunian Plains
The Scourge of God descends upon Gaul. Aetius must rally what remains of Western Rome and unite with his nemesis Theodoric of the Visigoths. Together, they will fight Western Rome’s last great battle against Attila and his Huns.   When I started this podcast in January 2019 I decided that I wanted to tell the […]
Apr 12, 2020
32 – Barbaria
Gaul is a battleground & Rome is on the retreat. The Visigoths, Burgundians and Franks vie for supremacy while Gauls are trapped in between them...yet maybe 'Barbaria' isn't as bad as it seems.
Mar 28, 2020
31 – The Long War: Rome and Francia
The Huns march westward, pushing uncountable numbers of Germans towards Rome. The Romanized Franks have to defend Gaul while the empire crumbles. But the more successful the Franks are the more they realize Rome needs them more than they need it.
Mar 17, 2020
Revolutionary Brothers: Lafayette & Jefferson with Dr. Tom Chaffin
In this interview with Dr. Tom Chaffin, we discuss his new book Revolutionary Brothers: Thomas Jefferson, the Marquis de Lafayette, and the Friendship that Helped Forge Two Nations. We talk about Lafayette and Jefferson's work in founding America, writing the Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen, and their long friendship.
Feb 22, 2020
30 – God and the Gauls
Christianity finally comes center-stage! During the 2nd-3rd centuries Gaul gets a host of saints and miracles and becomes an important part of the Christian world. But state persecutions and heresy threaten the faithful.
Feb 15, 2020
29 – Life in a Crumbling Empire
What was life like for ordinary people in 4th century Gallia? In this episode we're covering men, women, children, the family, culture, entertainment, language, medicine, the environment, food, barbarians & everything else that made up the lives of the Gauls during the Late Roman Empire.
Feb 01, 2020
Black Venus: African Women in 19th Century France with Dr. Robin Mitchell
In this special episode, I interview Dr. Robin Mitchell on her new book Vénus Noire: Black Women and Colonial Fantasies in Nineteenth-Century France. We talk about three African women, Ourika, Sarah Baartmann and Jeanne Duval, and how each women reflected and embodied different anxieties felt by France in its tumultuous 19th century.
Jan 25, 2020
28 – In This Sign You Shall Conquer
Galerius rules from the East and Constantine fears for his life. One night the young man flees to Gaul to rejoin his father in the west. When Constantius dies his son becomes emperor. In the chaos that follows the ambitious man looks to the heavens and receives divine revelation.
Jan 16, 2020
27 – The Empire Strikes Back
The year is 285. Diocletian is the undisputed master of a Roman world in tatters. Gaul has fallen completely apart as its own people ravage the land looking for food while German hordes poor in. Diocleatian sends two emperors to save Gaul, but even if they can bring peace it will never be the same as Celtic Gaul declines and the Franks rise.
Jan 03, 2020
26 – The Gallic Empire
Rome is falling apart. It's being invaded along its entire northern and eastern borders. Emperors are assassinated. Usurper generals rise up every year to seize power. Plague devastates the empire. Out of this chaos a Gallic military commander decides to create a new Celtic empire and revive a free Gaul.
Nov 30, 2019
25 -The Ancient Superpower and its Decline
Rome ascends to unprecedented glory by the time of Antoninus Pius. Then the unthinkable happens and the ancient superpower is hit with one disaster after another. Plague, civil war and invasion bring the glorious empire to its knees.
Nov 16, 2019
The Phoney War with Cameron Zinsou
Ph.D candidate Cameron Zinsou talks about the tense waiting period known as 'The Phoney War.' Zinsou argues that despite no large-scale military engagements occuring a whole lot happened. French society had to reorganize for total war and that the political, social and military changes presaged the occupation.
Oct 26, 2019
24 -The Two Lost Centuries
Nearly two centuries of Gallia's history go missing. What happened to the records and what happened in Gallia?
Oct 19, 2019
France, Haiti and the American Civil War with Dr. Matthew Clavin
The Haitian Revolution has often been described as an oddity that had little impact on the world. Since then, historians have challenged this narrative and argue that Haiti's victory over France had a huge impact on the Atlantic World. Dr. Matthew Clavin of the University of Houston argues that the Haitian Revolution had an enormous impact on the world.
Oct 12, 2019
23 – Three Gods, Four Emperors
The Year of the Four Emperors in the Roman Empire brings chaos and war. In Gallia, three people claim divinity as they revolt against the empire.
Oct 05, 2019
The Merchant of Revolution with Sarah K. Miles
Guest host Sarah K. Miles tells the fascinating story of how radical bookseller François Maspero spread revolutionary anti-colonial ideas from the left bank of the Seine. Listen as Ms. Miles recounts how Maspero evaded government sensors, created networks of subversives across the world.
Sep 28, 2019
22 – Twilight of the Druids, Madness of Emperors
Another revolt convinces Tiberius and later Claudius that the only way to civilize Gallia is to rid it of its druids. Gallia survives the madness of Caligula and then unites with Hispania to overthrow Nero.
Sep 21, 2019
Disability and Disease in 19th Cent. Paris with Dr. Catherine Kudlick
Dr. Catherine Kudlick of San Francisco State University talks about a blind community in 19th century Paris. Furthermore, she talks about disability, disease and what those meant in French history.
Sep 14, 2019
21 – The Battle of the Teutoburg Forest
Augustus decides to invade Germania and Romanize it as he did with Gallia. Family drama and an insurrection give the Germans a chance to revolt. What follows is one of Rome's greatest tragedies and a history-defining moment for Gallia, Rome and Europe.
Sep 07, 2019
Jews and Jewish-Muslim relations in France, 1940-2019 with Dr. Ethan Katz
UC Berkeley's Dr. Ethan Katz talks about how Jewish Resistance Fighters captured Algiers for the Allies in 1942. Then we discuss the history and importance of Jewish-Muslim relations in France, which has the largest population of both in the EU.
Aug 31, 2019
20 – The Tragedy of Drusus the Good Son
Gallia wasn't as peaceful as Augustus' propaganda would have you believe. Meanwhile, Germania's shadow stretched across the Rhine. Until the bold leader Drusus decides to march to the ends of the Earth for the glory of Rome and his place as Augustus' successor.
Aug 24, 2019
Post-WW2 French Science Fiction with Prof. Annabelle Dolidon
Prof. Annabelle Dolidon talks about the history of French science-fiction and how it deals with questions of transhumanism, artificial intelligence, climate change, and other potential futures.
Aug 10, 2019
19 – New Gods, New Rulers and Togas: Augustan Gallia
How much of Celtic religion and culture remained during the Augustan reforms? Did the Romans wipe away the old Gaul? And how much did the Gauls influence Rome? All of these and more are answered in today's episode.
Aug 10, 2019
Energy and Power with Dr. Joseph Bohling
Dr. Bohling of Portland State University explains how France, a country with very limited fossil fuels, became an energy leader. Along the way he dispels myths about France falling in love with nuclear power and their position as a green country.
Aug 03, 2019
18 – Pax Gallia: Rebuilding a Roman Gaul
Caesar launches a civil war, then Octavian and Mark Antony launch another, and finally Octavian turns on Mark Antony. All the while the Roman wars leave Gaul in relative peace as the country heals. Octavian becomes the first Roman Emperor 'Augustus' and inaugurates a program of Romanization on the Gauls, starting with the resettling of veterans and the building of massive new cities.
Jul 27, 2019
African American Soldiers in France with Taylor Marrow
In this very special episode I interview the man who inspired me to become a historian, Taylor Marrow. Marrow talks about African-American service in World War I and II France, how this impacted the United States, and what France means to African Americans today.
Jul 20, 2019
17 – A Bitter Peace
The Gallic Wars finally ends as most of Gaul submits to Caesar in a desperate attempt to bring peace to war-torn Gaul. Yet, a few tribes have hatched one final scheme to repulse the Roman invaders that may be even more painful than Caesar's brutal tactics.
Jul 13, 2019
16 – The Gallo-Roman Apocalypse
52 BCE and Prince Vercingetorix unites Gaul in a war to the death with Caesar that will decide Rome and Gaul's fates.
Jun 29, 2019
15 – Fate Meets Folly
It's 53 BCE and Marcus Licinius Crassus is tired of watching Pompey and Caesar take all the glory. Crassus raises an army to invade Persia, a gambit which determines Rome's fate. Meanwhile, Caesar's divide and conquer tactics reach new heights as he turns the Gauls against themselves.
Jun 15, 2019
14 – A Year of Heroes: Lucius Vorenus, Titus Pullo and Vertico the Gaul
Caesar begins the year by invading Britannia and harassing Belgica. Meanwhile Celtica rises up and the Gauls surround two Roman armies. With doom approaching heroes are born as Vorenus and Pullo make an epic last stand.
Jun 01, 2019
Between Throne and Altar: French Kings Versus the Papacy with Quentin Adams
The fall of Rome meant the rise of the Vatican as Europe broke up into small feudal states. But when France emerged as a major nation its kings were done taking orders from the Papacy. What followed was centuries of on-and-off conflict to decide whether God's Chosen Ruler or Christ's Vicar on Earth ruled Europe.
May 25, 2019
13 – The End of the World and Beyond: Caesar’s Invasions of Germania and Britannia
Caesar's devastation of the Belgae opens up Gaul to a German invasion to the east. To the north, Britannia unsettles Gaul. To solve both problems Caesar will have to go where no Roman ever has and become more than a mere man.
May 18, 2019
12 – Belgica: Between Caesar and Germania
After conquering Celtica, Caesar engages in two years of brutal war against the Belgae who are determined to maintain their freedom.
May 04, 2019
France and America’s Cold War with Dr. Robert Buzzanco
One of America's leading scholars on the Vietnam War talks about how France and the US clashed during the Cold War, largely over Indochina.
Apr 27, 2019
Notre Dame de Paris
Ph.D candidate Gary Girod tells Notre Dame's fascinating history from the first stones laid for the Roman temple to Jupiter, up until present and explains why there's hope for a complete restoration after the April 15, 2019 fire.
Apr 20, 2019
11 – The War Begins
A migrating wave of Celts from Switzerland gives Caesar the opportunity to invade Gaul. But things aren't so simple; to conquer Gaul he'll have to defeat a German king before he can bring over an overwhelming number of warriors.
Apr 20, 2019
10 – Destiny Meets Opportunity
A crisis in Gaul sparks a war between civilizations a millenia in the making.
Apr 06, 2019
From Vichy to Alizée: Making The Modern French Woman with Dr. Sarah Fishman
A conversation with renowned scholar Dr. Sarah Fishman on how French women under Vichy, who were among the most oppressed in the developed world, turned France into the most egalitarian major country on Earth.
Mar 23, 2019
The Munitionettes of World War I
In this special episode, we examine the hardships, triumphs and transformation that women underwent in WWI while exploring why French women didn't receive the same rights as their British counterparts.
Mar 09, 2019
#MeToo and Roman Rape Culture with Darah Vann Orr
Ancient historian Darah Vann Orr explains how modern feminist historians are re-evaluating Roman culture in the wake of the #MeToo era.
Mar 02, 2019
9 – Gaul Before the Fall
Where we tell the story of the Gallic kingdoms before the Roman conquest.
Feb 23, 2019
8 – The Greek Empire in Gaul
Anatolian Greeks establish an empire in Southern Gaul around Masallia, or modern-day Marseille.
Feb 16, 2019
7 – Celts on the Warpath: The Sack of Rome
A lover's quarrel spirals out of control and leads to a war between Rome and the Gauls.
Feb 09, 2019
6 – The Celts
The Celts are moving westward and bringing with them their culture, religion and art to France.
Feb 02, 2019
5 – The Metals Revolution and the Revolution of Ideas
The tools and minds of the early French undergo a tremendous leap forward.
Jan 26, 2019
4 – The Indo-European Migration
The Indo-Europeans are on the move and heading to Western Europe, bringing with them war, horses and apocalypse.
Jan 19, 2019
France and the Silver Screen Part 1 with Lyz Renshaw
Film studies expert Lyz Renshaw takes us through the first forty years of French cinema history and gives us a list of titles to add to our Netflix queues.
Jan 14, 2019
3 – Civilization Before Civilization
In this episode we will examine the megalithic structures of France, which are among the oldest still-standing buildings in the world.
Dec 08, 2018
2 – In the Beginning There Was France
Long before there were people, France was a frozen tundra. This episode looks at France from 3 million years ago until the first humans arrived.
Dec 08, 2018
1 – The Journey Begins
In this first episode I introduce myself, the podcast and the fascinating journey we're about to take.
Dec 08, 2018