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The return of "The Hills" to TV is one of the biggest entertainment events of the decade, and we’ve got your all access pass to everything happening on and off the camera! Join host Stephanie Pratt as she shares behind the scenes secrets from “The Hills: New Beginnings” and breaks down all the drama from her brother Spencer and all the rest of your favorite “Hills” cast members. And to help make sense of all of this, we’ve got Wells Adams from The Bachelor on hand as co-host to ask all the tough questions and get you the inside info on the hottest show on TV!

Episode Date
Therapy Session
<br>Stephanie emotionally opens up about her relationship&nbsp; with her family since getting everything off her chest. &nbsp; And she faces the reality of what will happen as we get closer to the premiere of The Hills: New Beginnings.&nbsp;<br><br>Wells has to take a breath and process everything that happened with Stephanie and her family. We talk to Dr. Jenn Mann, a psychotherapist, and she shares her thoughts on what Stephanie is going through, and what she can do to heal.&nbsp;<blockquote><br></blockquote><br><br> Learn more about your ad-choices at <a href=''></a>
Apr 18, 2019
Introducing: Committed Season 2
We’re back, baby! On April 11th, the Committed podcast is coming back for Season Two. Get ready to believe in love all over again as host Jo Piazza interviews couples navigating the good, the bad, the messy, the wonderful and sometimes the hilarious —-often all in the same story. As she did in season one, Piazza will cover an array of poignant and timely topics such as coping with a spouse stricken with a sudden illness, an engagement put in limbo because of immigration status, watching a husband transition to a new gender, processing the news that a newborn baby is diagnosed with a terminally ill disease, adjusting to marrying a famous person, coping with sex addiction, navigating marriage in a brothel and more.<br><br> Learn more about your ad-choices at <a href=''></a>
Apr 11, 2019
Matters of Pratt
We finally begin the official countdown to&nbsp; The Hills: New Beginnings Premiere! (June 24th)&nbsp; &nbsp; Stephanie admits to Wells that her relationship with her brother Spencer is not good, and she blames her sister- in - law Heidi.&nbsp; Steph reveals to Wells all the details about the relationship with Heidi and Spencer, why it's falling apart, and can it be repaired.&nbsp; Wells expresses his concerns about the ramifications that may occur following the airing of this episode.<br>On a happier note, Steph and Derek Peth are on their second date in Napa and they give us all the juicy details.<br><br> Learn more about your ad-choices at <a href=''></a>
Apr 08, 2019
Back to the Future
This week we're reminiscing about Season 1 of The Hills and what happened to those cast members.<br>And we talk to Emily from Us Magazine for the latest news on The Hills: New Beginnings, and we hear about a HUGE Bachelor star that was almost part of the cast!<br><br> Learn more about your ad-choices at <a href=''></a>
Apr 01, 2019
We're Both 32!
We finally get to hear Stephanie's version of her date with Derek Peth, and then Derek calls in to hash things out with her on air, and it might lead to a second date!<br><br>But we need a professional's opinion, so we talk to Dr. Hillary Goldsher for a full analysis of the date.&nbsp;<br><br>And, Wells has some tips to make sure Steph never loses her phone again<br><br> Learn more about your ad-choices at <a href=''></a>
Mar 26, 2019
The Big Date with Derek Peth
<blockquote>You’re not going to believe what happened when Derek Peth showed up to meet Stephanie Pratt &nbsp;<br><br>But what happened during the show today was somehow even MORE shocking.&nbsp;</blockquote><br><blockquote>Wells gets to the bottom of everything, and learns that even after what went down during the date, Derek might actually be falling for Stephanie.</blockquote><br><br><br><br><br><br><br> Learn more about your ad-choices at <a href=''></a>
Mar 19, 2019
Analyze Steph
After last episode's emotionally draining encounter with Kelly Cutrone, Stephanie and Wells are still trying to make sense of it all. As a coping tool, Wells decides to lead a&nbsp; re-enactment of her job interview with Kelly so you find out what really took place.<br><br>You do not want to miss what happens when those old memories come to the surface.<br><br>But Wells has other tricks up his sleeve… and wants to help repair Stephanie’s love life by setting her up with his most attractive friend from The Bachelor.<br><br>And, as we know Steph struggles in the relationship department so we have enlisted the help of a professional.&nbsp; Dr. Hillary Goldsher gives Steph&nbsp; tools she can use to have longer and more meaningful relationships. She gets Steph to open up about her most painful break-up, and why she thinks of a relationship the same as a job.<br><br><strong>&nbsp;</strong><a href=";d=DwMCaQ&amp;c=GC0NZZhaEw6GOQSjMHI2g15k_drElRoPmOYiK2k0eZ8&amp;r=wDpNbRwZZeH1HS6-R1yiF0oWcZT3pyIfZ90BXCHcSFs&amp;m=L3qAIXk_pC29TBUDLzAQljWxdvusmmSLeGFKNB4N8Xg&amp;s=At0f7oEjojXuFXJUfmz5BsTT6cIhD7c2LuicQ2UHsKo&amp;e="><strong></strong></a><br><br><br><br> Learn more about your ad-choices at <a href=''></a>
Mar 05, 2019
Hills and Valleys with Kelly Cutrone
Stephanie is back from London and she gets emotional very quickly as she opens up about her brother, her family and The Hills.&nbsp; Stephanie can't hide her raw and vulnerable feelings as she sheds a few "non mascara" tears.<br><br>Then things take a shocking drastic turn when Stephanie is able to finally confront her former Hills "boss" Kelly Cutrone after ten years. &nbsp;<br><br>Even calm cool and collected Wells was in shock and stressed out by their intense conversation.<br><br> Learn more about your ad-choices at <a href=''></a>
Feb 20, 2019
Break Up Meals with Annaliese Puccini
Wells is hanging out in Pebble Beach, which Stephanie lovingly refers to as “the North”, and Annaliese from The Bachelor is with him! She and Steph actually have some history together, which we need to hear about before we get into her experience on Bachelor in Paradise.&nbsp;<br>And Steph let’s us in on her dating life, and we find out which dating app she’s had the most success with. Plus, Wells tells a shocking story of what happened to him at a star studded Super Bowl party.&nbsp;<br><br> Learn more about your ad-choices at <a href=''></a>
Feb 11, 2019
Vanderpratt Rules with Sheana Shay
What happens when you mix The Hills, The Bachelor, and Vanderpump Rules?? Worlds collide when Scheana Shay from Vanderpump Rules hangs out with Stephanie and Wells. We break down “fake mean” vs “real mean” on reality tv, and hear the story of how Scheana ended up on an episode of The Hills! She gives us some behind the scenes info on the new season of Vanderpump, and she opens up about her decision to freeze her eggs.&nbsp;<br>And Steph tells us about her first boyfriend in London, who may be part of the Royal Family!<br><br> Learn more about your ad-choices at <a href=''></a>
Feb 04, 2019
Pratt Across the Pond
Stephanie is in posh London and Wells is in…. Burbank, so Steph lets us in on what her life is like in the UK, with some secrets about her British reality show “Made in Chelsea”.<br><br>&nbsp;<br><br>Wells gives us an inside look to how he came up with his legendary limo entrance on The Bachelorette, and how it all came crashing down. Plus, Wells watched the first episode of “The Hills” that Stephanie appears in, and he has a LOT of notes.&nbsp;<br><br>&nbsp;<br><br>And Stephanie clears up a long running question about Justin Bobby &amp; Audrina from “The Hills”, and it’s going to blow your mind.<br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br> Learn more about your ad-choices at <a href=''></a>
Jan 21, 2019
Brotherly Love
It’s the first episode of the Pratt Cast!&nbsp; Stephanie’s brother Spencer Pratt joins the show and spills some secrets from the upcoming reboot of “The Hills” that you won’t believe. And, Spencer reveals his inner fangirl when he admits he’s a huge fan of the Bachelor, and follows Wells very closely on social media.&nbsp;<br><br>After getting to know our hosts Stephanie Pratt and Wells Adams, Steph doesn’t waste any time spilling some CRAZY behind the scenes stories of when she worked on “Lost” as well as drama from the early days of “The Hills”, and her first meeting with Wells girlfriend Sarah Hyland.&nbsp; Let's just say it didn't go well.&nbsp;<br><br>And to get ready for the return of “The Hills”, Wells watched the first episode from 2006, and he has some thoughts to share and questions to ask,&nbsp; breaking down the whole episode.<br><br><br><br><br> Learn more about your ad-choices at <a href=''></a>
Jan 07, 2019
Pratt Cast - Coming January 7th. "When Wells Met a Pratt"
Get to know Stephanie Pratt and Wells Adams as they get ready to take you behind the scenes and beyond on the new season of "The Hills"!<br><br> Learn more about your ad-choices at <a href=''></a>
Dec 17, 2018
Just a quick tease of what's to come from Stephanie Pratt and Wells Adams on Pratt Cast!<br><br> Learn more about your ad-choices at <a href=''></a>
Dec 13, 2018