Trashy Divorces

By Hemlock Creatives

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A Good Podcast About Bad Relationships

Episode Date
S3E3: Love Is A Battlefield | Tatum O’Neal and John McEnroe & Brooke Shields and Andre Agassi

Are you ready for some TENNIS! In honor of the Wimbledon finals, we’re bringing you two stories of the life and times of tennis legends of our age. First, Stacie has the incredibly trashy story of Tatum O’Neal, the youngest actor to ever win an Academy Award and a bona fide neglected and abused child, and her early marriage to career-focused and self-absorbed John McEnroe. Then, Alicia gives you a five game match on the strange love that bloomed between superstar Brooke Shields and superpower Andre Agassi.

Jul 14, 2019
S3E2: Everybody Wants to Rule The World | Mary, Queen of Scots & Rupert Murdoch

Happy episode day, friends! This week, Alicia tells the sordid tale of Mary, Queen of Scots, who sure knew how to pick ’em. Stacie brings you the trashy divorces of Rupert Murdoch, who might have been better at destroying democracies than making love work. Everybody wants to rule the world, and this week, both of our profiles really, really tried. 

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Jul 07, 2019
S3E1: You Need To Calm Down | Elton John & Elizabeth Gilbert

Happy Pride, everyone! This week, we kick off season three with two tasty #trashcandy morsels. First up, Stacie has the trashy and short lived marriage of Elton John and Renate Blauel, a German sound engineer that he thought he’d fallen in love with. We sympathize with both of them, but mostly her.

Then, Alicia has the incredible true life & love story of Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of Eat, Pray, Love, who demonstrates a beautiful and Pride-appropriate message that love is love is love…


Jun 23, 2019
S2E12: Girls With Guitars | Shania Twain & Wynonna Judd

Welcome to our season two finale! This week, Stacie peels back the layers of the Nashville onion to explore the tragedies and triumphs in the life of Canadian country music superstar Shania Twain. Then, Alicia applies Imago Therapy as a lens to understand the intergenerational dysfunction of country legend Wynonna Judd and her mother and sometimes-musical-partner Naomi Judd.

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Jun 16, 2019
S2E11: Tom Cruise Crazy | Mimi Rogers, Nicole Kidman, & Katie Holmes

Turns out we’ve lost that loving feeling for Tom Cruise. From his early, relatively short marriage to Mimi Rogers, who recruited him into Scientology, to the unexplained end of his love match with Nicole Kidman, to Katie Holmes’s Mission: Impossible-style escape from him and Scientology, this week we’ve got as much dirt as we could dig on this legendary, and legendarily weird, star.

Jun 09, 2019
S2E10: Double Fantasy | Jennifer Aniston & Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie

It’s Double Fantasy, friends! This week, we have the two trashiest divorce stories this side of the year 2000 – Brad and Jen & Brangelina! Which team are you on?

Alicia will persuade you to come on over to #teamjen, a goddess of an ex-wife and a hero to all women. Stacie started this whole thing pretty neutral but came away with a pretty clear preference. (Spoiler: It’s #teamjen, too.)

Jun 02, 2019
S2E9: Werewolves of London | The Profumo Affair & Princess Margaret and Antony Armstrong-Jones

Groovy, Baby! This week, we head back to the Swinging 60s (and 50s and 70s) in Olde London Towne. Stacie takes a look at the sex and spying scandal that rocked the UK in 1963, The Profumo Affair, and Alicia spills all the tea about the very trashy marriage and divorce of Princess Margaret and Antony Armstrong-Jones, Earl of Snowdon.

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May 26, 2019
S2E8: He Stopped Loving Her Today | Tammy Wynette and George Jones & Priscilla and Elvis Presley

Ready for some royalty? No, not that kind – this week we feature the Trashy Divorces of music royalty! Alicia details the First Couple of Country Music, George Jones and Tammy Wynette. Their relationship covered a lot of territory, from a heroic table flip to a double-barreled shotgun, and every other country music trope you can think of. Then Stacie takes us back to Memphis for the story of The King, Elvis Presley, and his (sorta) child bride, Priscilla. This one goes deep, friends. Enjoy!

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May 19, 2019
S2E7: Diamond Girl | Elizabeth Taylor, with Erica Kelley of Southern Fried True Crime

To celebrate Mother’s Day, we decided to cover the Mother of Trashy Divorces – Elizabeth Taylor! And to cover Elizabeth Taylor, we asked our friend and Elizabeth Taylor superfan Erica Kelley of the Southern Fried True Crime podcast to join us!

There is so much tea in this episode, friends. Not just the seven husbands and eight weddings, but all the side stories and rabbit holes that give us all the joy (and all the feels). Elizabeth Taylor was complex: a child star, a hard-drinking beauty, a foul-mouthed sophisticate, a one-take actor, an Oscar winner, a widow, a mother, an activist, and a many-time divorcee. Elizabeth Taylor was singular. Come meet her with us, or get to know her again.

Love Erica Kelley? Us too. You can find her and Southern Fried True Crime at Facebook and Twitter.

Want more of Taylor and Burton? Check out Furious Love: Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, and the Marriage of the Century. And as always, we have plenty more material at Patreon for as little as $2 a month.

May 12, 2019
S2E6: Mr. Big Stuff | Australia’s Barnaby Joyce & Martha and John Mitchell

This week, Stacie shares a listener suggestion: Barnaby Joyce, former Deputy Prime Minister of Australia and, apparently, a trash man on the make. After a career as a family values champion, a 2018 sex scandal known as #barnababy brought a swift end to his 24-year-long marriage and a firm estrangement from his four daughters.

After the break, Alicia has a story she’s been waiting her whole life to tell: Martha Mitchell, wife of Nixon-era Attorney General John Mitchell, and the flawed Cassandra of the Watergate scandal, and, in the memorable words of one listener, “that resourceful little drunk-dialer.”

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May 05, 2019
S2E5: When I Paint My Masterpiece | Ellen and Dominick Dunne & Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera

Alicia explains the multifaceted life and times of former Hollywood executive turned writer warrior for justice Dominick Dunne to Stacie. Stacie shares the unimaginably complicated and (yet somehow) inspiring love of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera.


Apr 28, 2019
S2E4: Time In A Bottle | Linda and Harry Macklowe & Marilyn Monroe

This week, we look at very different relationships. Stacie shares the sordid tale of the nearly six-decade-long marriage of New York real estate developer Harry Macklowe and his wife Linda, who recently completed their trashy divorce at the tender ages of 80+.

Then, Alicia has all the tea on the three trashy divorces – and deeply sad personal story – of Marilyn Monroe, a timeless icon who married and divorced the likes of Joe DiMaggio and Arthur Miller.

And get ready for Alicia's limited series "Funne with Dunne" coming to Patreon starting Wednesday. If Dominick Dunne is your Patronus, be our Patron ($5 level and higher) and get all the trash candy!

Apr 21, 2019
S2E3: Language or The Kiss | Agatha and Archie Christie & Nora Ephron and Carl Bernstein

Join us for an exploration of the failed romances that shaped – but certainly didn’t break – two pioneering women writers.

First, Alicia brings us an enduring mystery from the life of the mother of the genre, Agatha Christie. On Friday, December 3, 1926, the 36-year-old author disappeared without a trace, only be found 11 days later safe and sound in a hotel in Harrogate. What happened during this period has been a point of speculation for nearly a century, and Alicia thinks she’s got all the tea for this one.

Then, Stacie brings us closer to current events with the unfortunate tale of the celebrated marriage of writers Nora Ephron and Carl Bernstein. When they wed in 1976, they were considered a power couple. Bernstein had recently been half of the dynamic duo who took down a president, and Ephron was a columnist for Esquire magazine who was reinventing the form for women. They were the life of party in DC and New York, until Bernstein fell for the wife of a foreign ambassador. From this catastrophe, Ephron rebuilt herself and her career, and found lasting greatness.

Apr 14, 2019
S2E2: Go Your Own Way | Fleetwood Mac and Carly Simon & James Taylor

This week, pull on something mustard yellow and get your glitter scarves out of the closet: we’re taking a trip to the 1970s!

First up, Stacie has the trashy situation that rock superstars Fleetwood Mac found themselves in circa 1977, when the whole band was a roiling mess of heartbreak, infidelity, illicit attraction, and power-pop prowess.

In the second block, Alicia has the heartwrenching story of the marriage of Carly Simon and James Taylor. Though they had two children and spent years together, James’s drug addiction eventually made the marriage untenable.

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Apr 07, 2019
S2E1: Cats in the Cradle | Donald Trump and Donald Trump, Jr.

And we’re back! In case you aren’t familiar with the subjects of our season two opener, Donald Trump is the son of a real estate millionaire based in Queens, New York. He got into the family business as a young man and made a bit of a name for himself, ultimately becoming a reality TV star. Along the way, he had five children, three weddings, and a couple of trashy divorces. We’re not ruling out a third divorce for him, either.

His story is trashy, but it’s even trashier when you dive into the life of his eldest son, Donald Trump Jr. Don Jr. had a startlingly tragic adolescence and has gone on to live deep in the shadow of his father – and somehow decided that the senior Trump’s life choices were something to emulate. We don’t get it either.

Receipts for this tea at

Mar 31, 2019
Weird Science | No-Strology and Other Trashy Tidbits

Yes, it’s our week off, but we wanted to share some of the Trashy Tidbits that we put up on Patreon, as well as reveal Stacie’s hard-hitting No-Strology rebuttal to Alicia’s astrological framework. And wouldn’t you know it? No-Strology works pretty well as weird science too. We also update you on some Royals action, Rudy shouting, and preview a trashy octogenarian NYC divorce. See you back next Sunday, March 31, for Season 2!

Mar 24, 2019
S1E12: Divorce Song | Zelda Sayre and F. Scott Fitzgerald & 12 E. 82nd Street

For our season one finale – we’re taking one week off and will return March 31 – we wanted to play a little, so we’re telling some stories that might not normally fit into a theme this week. First, Alicia brings us the story of the King and Queen of the Jazz Age, writer F. Scott Fitzgerald and his wife Zelda. Though they never actually divorced, the story is a great illustration of the reality that some marriages and don’t work, and a lot of people would be better off ending a marriage rather than staying in it.

Stacie follows that up with the story of a Manhattan address that ties together a bunch of Trashy Divorces threads. Its owners have included a previous Trashy Divorces subject, a divorcing couple we’re likely to cover in the future, and a slightly mysterious real estate magnate who will likely reappear.

References & Stuff to Check Out:

Zelda: A Biography

Zelda Fitzgerald: The Tragic, Meticulously Researched Biography of the Jazz Age’s High Priestess

The Subversive Art of Zelda Fitzgerald

Sometimes Madness is Wisdom: Zelda and Scott Fitzgerald: A Marriage

Exiles from Paradise: Zelda and Scott Fitzgerald

Dear Scott, Dearest Zelda: The Love Letters of F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald

F. Scott Fitzgerald: A Life in Letters

The Collected Writings of Zelda Fitzgerald

Everybody Was So Young: Gerald and Sara Murphy: A Lost Generation Love Story

This is the 2012 NYT article about the backlessness of the E. 82nd St. townhouse.

The Real Deal is a New York real estate blog that has provided surprisingly good coverage of the unlikely career of Janna Bullock.

Promo: The F. Scott & Zelda Fitzgerald Museum 30th Anniversary Gala

No episode next week. We’re back with season two on March 31!

Mar 17, 2019
S1E11: I Got You Babe | Sonny & Cher and Prince Andrew & Sarah Ferguson

Welcome to Week 11, where we bring some soft focus to a bleak topic with some divorces that seem to have genuinely left everybody – and perhaps the relationship itself – in better shape.

First, Stacie tells the weird story of music and television stars Sonny & Cher, and how Sonny’s unshakable vision of what Cher’s dreams looked like ultimately broke their relationship beyond repair.

Then Alicia shares the tale of England’s Prince Andrew and his lady love – possibly even to this day – Sarah Ferguson. They do seem to have had a spectacularly successful divorce, and even continue to cohabitate more than two decades later.

Mar 10, 2019
S1E10: What’s Love Got To Do With It | George Harrison, Pattie Boyd, and Eric Clapton & Ike and Tina Turner

This week, we talk musical royalty from the UK and the US. First, Alicia tells us the terribly trashy tale of the love triangle between Beatle George Harrison, his wife, model Pattie Boyd, and guitar legend Eric Clapton.

Then, Stacie brings us back across the pond to cover the fascinating but heartbreaking story of Ike and Tina Turner. This one’s tough, but we can all celebrate that ultimately, Tina Turner escaped an abusive relationship and followed her dreams, becoming a role model for badasses everywhere.

Check out a mountain of music from our subjects this week on the web at

Mar 03, 2019
S1E9: The Winner Takes It All | The Man Who Prints Money & The Divorce That Brushed Art World Royalty

This week, Alicia and Stacie look at a couple of divorces featuring people whose names may not be top of mind, but whose wealth makes them almost untouchable – until their marriages fail.

Swiss businessman Maurice Amon has been embroiled in a high-profile divorce from his socialite wife Tracey Hejailan since 2015. The case has made global headlines for the light it has shone on a certain tiny nation’s divorce laws, as well as a nasty battle over a pricey art collection.

Alec and Jocelyn Wildenstein enjoyed a 20-year-long marriage until everything fell apart, scandalizing the ultra wealthy world of fine art buying and selling.

Promo this week: Book vs. Movie Podcast

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Feb 24, 2019
S1E8: New Jack Hustler | L. Ron Hubbard & Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker

Welcome to episode 8, where we're talking big time religious hucksters! Alicia walks us through the very trashy life - and marriages, and divorces - of Scientology founder and apparent boat enthusiast L. Ron Hubbard, and Stacie gives us the play-by-play of the scandal that didn't really change American evangelicalism (but probably should have), PTL Club founders Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker.

Feb 17, 2019
S1 Bonus: I’m Your Venus | Trashy Mythology

A very merry Valentine’s Day to you and yours! To celebrate this ancient celebration of love, Alicia and Stacie invited a favorite friend pursuing her PhD in Mythology to talk about the Trashy Divorces of the ancient world. Alicia (yes, her name is also Alicia) shares a selection of sometimes disturbing, occasionally baffling, but deeply, deeply trashy interactions by gods, goddesses, and heroes from different cultures of yore.

Feb 14, 2019
S1E7: Royals | Charles and Diana & Ernest and Wallis Simpson

This week, Alicia and Stacie explore the not-so-fairytale world of English royalty, and the fated romances of two of the modern era’s Prince of Wales. First, we look at possibly the most famous trashy divorce in living memory, Prince Charles and Princess Diana. Next, we give a fresh take on the romance – or was it? – between Wallis Simpson and Edward VIII, which led him to abdicate the English throne after less than a year upon it.

Feb 10, 2019
S1E6: The First Cut Is The Deepest | Buttafuocos & Bobbitts

This week, we jump jump back to the early '90s to get into two of the most infamous cases of the decade: Joey & Mary Jo Buttafuoco (and Amy Fisher), and John & Lorena Bobbitt. Journey with us to the trashy past while we take a second look at these cases and why they still matter.

See source content and more at

Feb 03, 2019
S1E5: Smells Like Teen Spirit | Britney Spears & Drew Barrymore

This week, we look at two women who got famous – and then got married – way too young. Britney Spears was a pop juggernaut before she was 18 years old. Within a few years, she was desperately lashing out in pursuit of a life she could call her own. Drew Barrymore was born to Hollywood royalty, but was forced to take on life on her own very young. Both found their way into ill-advised marriages that ended with great fanfare.

Jan 27, 2019
S1E4: The Devil Went Down to Georgia | Margaret Mitchell & Newt Gingrich

Looking for some southern hospitality? Well, there’s some of that. This week, Alicia brings you the trashy divorce of Gone With The Wind author and Atlanta native Margaret Mitchell, while Stacie shares the long and trashy story of the several weddings, divorces, and many, many affairs of former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich.

For sources and more, check out

Jan 20, 2019
S1E3: Fame | Bethenny Frankel & Debbie Reynolds

Some people pursue fame relentlessly, while others can’t seem to shake the most notorious chapters of their lives.

This week, Stacie shares the trashy, almost four year long divorce of reality TV fixture – and super smart businessperson – Bethenny Frankel of the Real Housewives of New York City.

After the break, Alicia shares a golden oldie of trashy divorces – the 1950s love triangle between Debbie Reynolds, her husband Eddie Fisher, and most beautiful woman in the world, Elizabeth Taylor.

Get even more trash candy at

Jan 13, 2019
S1E2: My Own Worst Enemy | Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen & Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner

Welcome back! This week, Alicia explores the weird life (and marital) history of actor Charlie Sheen, and gives particular props to his ex-wife Denise Richards, who we're pretty sure is a saint. Then, Stacie explains how Anthony Weiner's penis broke American politics, world history, and of course, his marriage to the fabulous Huma Abedin.

Check out the extras that we mention in the show at our website,

Jan 06, 2019
S1E1: Oops I Did It Again! | Rudy Giuliani & Henry VIII

Welcome to Trashy Divorces! This week, we explore repetitions and patterns of misconduct with none other than Rudy Giuliani, who is currently going through his third divorce, and King Henry VIII of England, whose six wives mostly met an alarming series of ends. 

Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @trashydivorces, or drop us an email with divorce stories you'd like to hear at Or join our Facebook group. You can also listen to full episodes on YouTube! 

Jan 01, 2019
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Dec 18, 2018