King and the Sting

By Theo Von and Brendan Schaub

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Category: Society & Culture

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 May 6, 2020
funniest podcast I subscribe to

 Mar 13, 2020
Adds on adds on adds. Constantly "trying" to read adds. way to many adds!!!! they start with adds, than again adds. they were cool until they weren't. ya know?!?!!? stop with the adds

 Feb 14, 2020

 Jul 19, 2019
I think you'd be surprised how well Theo and Shaub work as a comedy duo. gang gang

 May 9, 2019
Gang gang, buzz buzz


A new podcast from Theo Von and Brendan Schaub

Episode Date
Episode 88: Big Jean

The gang talks Theo's Nashville Trip, Rolling With Big Gene, Sex After 50, Sex With Light's On vs Off, All New Race My Cases and Kats In The Wild, Halloween Costumes, State Fair Rides, an Introduction To Riley and much more!

Sep 25, 2020
Episode 87: Loveline with Dr. Drew & Mike Catherwood

The guys welcome in Dr. Drew and Mike Catherwood for this KATS Loveline Special. The guys talk Mikes Blowjob Bandit Story, Female Weiners, Theo's Bus Boy Past, Hamster Sales, Relationship Advice For A Plumber, Sex Habits, Ghost Loads, Cancel Culture, 90 Day Fiance, Hot Karl Calls In and much more!

Sep 18, 2020
Episode 86: Houston's Finest

The guys welcome in Houston TX Rap Legend Paul Wall to the show and talk Funeral Song Choices, Mike Clevinger, Papiotoon Cartoons, Crying In School, Joe Rogan and Eddie Bravo Lookalikes, Brendan's LA to SF Bike Ride, TV Johnny, Cesar Millan Getting Bit, Licking Cinnamon and much more!

Sep 11, 2020
Episode 85: No Laws No Brakes

Trevor Wallace and Andrew Callaghan sit in as special Culture Corner guests and the guys talk Frat Party Fights, Barn Brothels, Elephant Walks, Following Screams, Kid Rock, Overdosing On No Doz, Atheist YouTubers, Viral Videos, Swords, Wook's and much more!

Sep 04, 2020
Episode 84: Psychic Special

Theo and Brendan get a Live Psychic Reading from Thomas Dale and talk Libraries, Famous Thick Girl Art, Nick's Library Bust, Library Crimes, Ultimate LARPing, Drinking Breast Milk, Gap Teeth, Cutting Boards, Rope Jumping and much more!

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Aug 28, 2020
Episode 83: Outta Gas

The guys switch it up on set and talk Cowboy Hats, Thiccc Jay Schaub, Trip to Salt Lake City, Bros Not Behind Bars, Fortune Tellers, Hollywood Medium, Brett Michaels, Theo's Gas Problem, Terry Crews, Pump N Jump's, Lot Lizards, an All New Sandwich Name Game, Wisdom Teeth and much more!

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Aug 21, 2020
Episode 82: Banana Slugs

The guys bring in an All New Guest Culture Corner featuring Malik B and Ari Mannis and talk Theo's Nashville Trip, Ari's Big White Van, Malik's Louisiana Roots, Wrestle Fridays, Theo's Emails, College Football, Tone Loc, Short Rappers, Warm Books and much more!

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Aug 14, 2020
You've Got To Be Britain Me

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For this All British/UK Special the guys kick it off with the British National Anthem, God Save The Queen, jump on a Zoom Call to talk with UFC Bantamweight Jack Shore, and discuss Yas Island AKA Fight Island, Dan Hardy vs Herb Dean, Cussing Aunts, Haggis vs Bangers N' Mash, Harry Potter vs Lord Of The Rings, UK Women, they guys play a British Name Game, also,Theo and Brendan practice their British Accents and much more!

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Aug 07, 2020
Big Al's Dingers

The gang talks Drive Thru Strip Clubs, Lou Williams' Magic City Wing Stop, Salon Stripper School, Shapel In White Face, Theo's Date with Jared Fogle's Sister, All New KATS In The Wild, Regional Roids, NASA Bros, Jo Koy, Hottest Asian Women Debate, Dave Portnoy's Interview with Donald Trump and much more!

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Jul 31, 2020
Episode 79: Dark World Of Wisconsin

Theo and Brendan do an On-Air Taste Test of Chef Pel's Smokin Lacey's BBQ and talk Theo's Bun Theory, Brendan's Blueberry Ribs, Dinosaurs TV Show, Al Bundy, Nick's Violent Wisconsin Weekend and Wedding Day KO, Eyeball Tats, An All New "Shoot Your Shot" Segment, Rumspringa, First Date Dinner Ideas, Girls Slapping Geoducks and much more!

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Jul 24, 2020
Episode 78: Feet Me At The Mall

The gang talks Brendan's New Rona Test, Different Strokes, Shapel's OG Gangster Dad, All New KATS Music Submissions, Hubzu Arizona, Animal Videos, Big Cat Briskets, Cat's Toe Sauce, Face Rattler's and much more!

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Jul 17, 2020
Episode 77: Asian Food Challenge

The guys take an Asian Food Challenge and talk Cat's Birthday, Inflatable Pools, All New KATS In The Wild, School Dances, The Sandlot vs The Mighty Ducks, O.J. vs Carole Baskin, Theo's Bathroom Bouncer Story and much more!

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Jul 10, 2020
Episode 76: 4th Of July Special

The gang talks Fourth Of July Celebrations, Dustin Poirier vs Dan Hooker, Theo's Call Out Of Conor McGregor, Bang Snaps, Trunk Fireworks, Camping, Theo's Only Fans Account, Shapels BBQ Sauce Update, ideas for Cat's Mukbang Page, American Pie, Burned In Tats and much more!

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Jul 03, 2020
Episode 75: Slices

The boys evaluate Gianni Paolo's Instagram Pics and talk Shapels BBQ, Kimbo Slice, Narc Pigeons, Creed, Nick's UFC Picks, Fishing vs Hunting, Training Day vs Bad Boys, Korean vs Vietnamese Cuisine, A One Way Trip To Mars and much more!

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Jun 26, 2020
Episode 74: A Tribute To Western America

The guys do an All New Doppelgänger Segment "KATS In The Wild" and talk Nick's Underwear, Naked Theo, Dining On Penis, Shapel Rapping To Paul Wall, Matchbox 20 Hits, Darius Rucker, Restaurant Birthday Songs, Poisoned Shakes, Cat's Dating Life Update, Brendan's ACT Score Update, Heath Ledger vs Joaquin Phoenix as the Best Joker, LA vs LA, Scar Stories and much more!

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Jun 19, 2020
Episode 73: Burger Boys

The guys partake in the very first King And The Sting Burger Shootout!, between 5 Guys, In-N-Out, McDonald's and Shake Shack, and talk Vitiligo Beauties, Quavo Graduating High School, Community College, Theo's Drew Brees Controversy, Chris D'Elia On Roids, Ass Waxing, Cat's Dating Life and much more!

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Jun 12, 2020
Episode 72: Ham Soup

Hannah Barron joins the show again and the guys take a Deep Dive into her Creepy DM's, and talk Boosie Badazz, the White Guy from Run The Jewels, Chris D'Elia's Solidarity Text to Shapel, The Sting's trip to Houston, Nick's Tragic Tooth Story, Talking Politics At The Dinner Table, The Old Lion King vs The New Lion King, Home Made Pie vs Store Bought Goods, Fake Oreo News and much more!

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Jun 05, 2020
Episode 71: Pond Stars

The guys talk Theo's Garage Hair Salon, Brendan's Mexican Barbershop, Joe's vs Bro's, Cat's Creepy DM's, 92 Year Old Rapper Fan, All New Singing Contestants, Hannah Barron vs Hot Karl as potential dates for Theo, Asian Skeet Shooters, 4th Of July Dick Pics and much more!

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May 29, 2020
Episode 70: Chuck O' Cheese's

The gang welcomes Culture Corner guest Irish Mark Hayes In Studio and talk Pikey Fights, Ejaculation Shame, Erotic Poems, Canada vs Mexico, Chuck E. Cheese, Fanny Packs vs Wallets, All New Sink My Ink's, Stretchy Jorts, Flirty Grandma Relationship Advice and much more!

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May 22, 2020
Episode 69: Noodling 2

Special guest's Hannah Barron AKA The Queen Of Noodling, and Lil Brows AKA The King of KATS Rap Battle join the show and the guys talk Shapel's Fear Of Energy Drinks, Brendan's Bike Crash, Blind B-Ballers, Hacky Sack, Robot Pigeons, an All New Name Game (TV Show Edition), Tarantino vs Scorsese, a Live Performance by Lil Brow's and much more!

Follow Lil Brows on IG:

Check out Hannah Barron's YouTube:

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May 15, 2020
Episode 68: Noodling

Hot Karl is back to update us on her dating life and the guys talk Theo's Utah Trip, Cocaine vs Banana Bread, Dirt Serpents, Murder Hornets, Shapel's Shirt, Walter White Of Asia, Ari Shaffir Dosing Bert Kreischer, Vietnamese Bicyclists, Noodling and much more!

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May 09, 2020
Episode 67: Korntine

The guys talk Snakes, Security Thots, Fat Boy Bike Club, Thriving In The Cold, Spencers Gifts, Paul Walker & Paul Wall, Korn vs Corn, Famous Fathers, All New Rap Battles featuring the first Female Rapper and the return of Lil Brow's, History Lessons from Oat Milk 40, Scottish Accents and much more!

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May 01, 2020
Episode 66: Lunch Bunch

The guys play All New Race My Cases and talk Boy George's Sidepiece, Dark Web Penguin Salesmen, 90 Day Fiance', No Neck Ed, Meth-A-Matics, A Scale From 1 to Thix, Think Rolls, Marshmallow Guns, Michael Rapaport vs Trump, Deep Fryer Tuck, Sumo Wrestlers, Easter vs Halloween and much more!

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Apr 24, 2020
Episode 65: Brendan’s Butterscotch Getaways

The guys talk Easter, Danes Of Thunder, Theo's Mud Hike With Soccer-Style Attire, Lightwing F*ck, Pond Thot's, Getting A Puppy During Quarantine, All New Sink My Ink's, Neck Tats, Heady Bravo, The Hillside Bangler, Relations With Cousins, Walmart vs Target, Dinosaur Deniers, Roadside Attractions, King And The Sting Caskets and much more!

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Apr 17, 2020
Episode 64: Whitefishing

The fellas talk Rich Chigga, Bhad Bhabie, Gangnam Out-Of-Style, Brad Williams Dancing, Thiccc Lord Upstairs, Stranded IG Models, Ikea Ninja's, Fans Voting On Brendan's New Hair Cut, Ass Lipo, Blackfishing, Whitefishing, Thot Topic, Chris Light Brown and much more!

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Apr 10, 2020
Episode 63: Summer Camp

The gang gets a special Debate Club question from Tiger King's Kody Antle and talk Survival, Tobacco, Getting Lockdown Crazy, Viral Family Photos, Church Games, Big Lunch Weiner's, Latin Basketball, Kidnapping Nick's Grandma, Panty Business Name Submissions, All New Rap Battle Submissions looking to dethrone Lil Brow's, Lifted Trucks vs Lowriders, Theo becomes an Angry Latino and much more!

Hims -


Apr 03, 2020
Episode 62: Tiger King and the Sting

Theo and Brendan are balls deep in Netflix's new documentary "Tiger King" and talk Tiger Cunts, Hot Lemurs, Huffing York Peppermint Patties, Carnie Trouble, Bryan Callen vs Bobby Lee, Gas Jackers, Scented Hitters, Panty Business Names, Meth Traps, Brohibition and much more!

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Mar 27, 2020
Episode 61: The 'Rona Special ft. Eddie Bravo & Sam Tripoli

Special guests, Eddie Bravo and Sam Tripoli, join Theo and Brendan for The Rona special! The guys talk Ron Paul's Virus Theory, Drinking Tap Water, Alien Invasions, Corona Pick Up Lines, The THREAT Of Anal, Eddie Bravo's Bottom Of The Barrel Porn Story, Sex With Masks, Shrooms At The Zoo, Homeless Judges, Ass Wiping Regulations, and much more!

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Mar 20, 2020
Episode 60: Pisces Bros Birthday Bash

The boys celebrate their birthdays, exchange gifts and get a surprise performance by barber shop quartet group "Bank Of Harmony". Also, they talk Megan Thee Donkey, Slow Pesci, Macho Man Randy Average, Theo's Hawaii Trip, Broke Back Soda Fountain, Chris Hansen Update and Much More!

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2. Simplisafe -

Mar 20, 2020
Episode 59: "Years Ago They Tried To.."

The guys talk Nikka Whiskey, Waterboarding, St. Paddy's Day, Danica Patrick vs Dan Patrick, McGruff The Crime Dog vs Smokey Bear, All New Rap Battles, Love Is Blind, O-Town, Culture Corner Ink and much more!

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Mar 13, 2020
Episode 58: Body Math

The gang talks Theo's New Crock-Pot, Coronavirus Scares, Body Math, Young Love, Little House On The Prairie, 90's Sitcoms, Face Tattoos, Lil Puck Ho's, All New Race My Case's, Mysterious Toe Suckers, Tim Horton's Poopers and much more!

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Mar 06, 2020
Episode 57: Cheddar Bob & Pee Pee King

The boys talk Bad Bitch Suckerfish, Black Rock Climbers, Maple Leaf Ho's, Aladdin Face, Jogging Through The Six, Semen Pigeons, Freeze Rappers, All New Rap Battle Submissions, Eskimo Sisters, Fury vs Wilder, One Titted Devils and much more!

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Feb 28, 2020
Episode 56: The Grateful Bread

The guys introduce an All New Segment - Shiver Me Tinder, and talk Theo's Every Growing Ass, NWA Lays, Lil Ruffles, Stumbler Shapel, Baby Hippo Theo, Snow Cone Stand Brendan, Cock Steady and Bebop, Albuquerque Butt Lifts, Mochi and Cigs, Minor League Hockey, Male Cheerleaders, PBR, Postmates Pups and much more!

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Feb 21, 2020
Episode 55: Valentines Day Special 2020

The guys celebrate Valentines Day and invite Shapel Lacey and Craig Conant to fill in for today's Culture Corner. The guys talk Parasite, Theo's Growing Butt, Relationship Advice for the Broke, Powdered Pigeons, K-Swiss Coffins, Penile Bones, White Castle Reservations, All New Race My Case's, BBQ Romance, Bull Riding and much more!

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Feb 14, 2020
Episode 54: Smells Angels

Theo and Brendan talk All New Sink My Ink's, Curling Up To A Warm Book, Sadie Hawkins Dances, Smokin CPC, Dick Island Lighthouse, Angry Meg Ryan, Frank Sinatra Eyes, Billy Ray Thyroid, Hockey Fights vs Baseball Fights, Draft Dodgin, The Green Mile vs The Shawshank Redemption and much more!

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Feb 07, 2020
Episode 53: Magic Mike Alstott

The boys talk Cholo Aliens, Cheek Sneakin, Jimmy Walker, All New Segment Race My Case, Frozen Trout Pants, Falling Frogs, Snakey's vs Spiders, Al Pacino vs Robert De Niro, All New White Rappers, Verbal Gerbil's, Winstrol with Cream and much more!

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Jan 31, 2020
Episode 52: Rodney King of the Hill

WE'RE BACK! The break is over and the guys Recap the first ever Chinder Date and talk Theo's Euro Trip, Chocolate's for the Homeless, the Aaron Hernandez Documentary, B. Cosby Fritters & Falafels, Outerspasia, Future Segment Ideas and play all new segments, Sink My Ink, The Name Game and much more!

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Jan 24, 2020
Cheer Our Year | Best of King and the Sting 2019

Thank you for an amazing year! Take a look at some of our favorite moments, and we will see you January 23 for a brand new episode. Gang gang buzz buzz!

To submit to the show email:

In the subject line, specify whether your submission is King It or Sting It, Debate Club, Rip My Drip, Relationship Advice, or Flaunt My Aunt. In the body of the email, include the attachment, your name, where you’re from, and in the case of Flaunt My Aunt, the name of your relative.

Jan 10, 2020
Episode 51: Christmas Special

The gang takes part in the first KATS White Elephant Christmas Exchange and talk Favorite Christmas Movies, Favorite Xmas Songs, San Diego at Night, Stem Cell Gifts, DidgeriDon'ts, All New J-Rod Christmas Debate, Real vs Fake Christmas Trees, Sippable Tits, Vintage Latino Voices, GI-Greg, Asian Eggnog, Mexican Christmas Carols and much more!

*Side note, we'll be taking a short break in the new year but we'll be back with exciting ALL NEW episodes starting Thursday 1/23!

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Dec 25, 2019
Episode 50: Chinder Date REVEALED!

The guys interview the mystery date for Chinder and talk Kumail Nanjiani's new jacked body, Bloodsport, Steroids, Ethnic Sports Teams, Zoo Owners, Cigarette Boat Titties, All New Rap Battle Submissions & Competition, Denzel Washington vs Samuel L. Jackson, A Brutus The Barber Beefcake Marriage Request, True Crime Shows and much more!

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Dec 20, 2019
Episode 49: Young Rabies & Lil Thicc

NEW SET and the guys are calling for ALL SINGLE LADIES and nominated ladies to throw your submissions in the hat for a chance to win a King And The Sting sponsored Chinder-Date (AKA Theo & Brendan are paying). The guys review the top King And The Sting Rap Freestyle Submissions, play the Name Game, and talk Brain Thots, Lil Brows, Caterpillar Eyes, Naughty Mics, Singing Fish, Climbing Vines, Chinder Update (hint, not much), Beatles vs Rolling Stones, Betty White Rumors and much more!

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Dec 13, 2019
Episode 48: New Digs

Day 1 in the new studio and the guys are calling all rappers to send in your best King And The Sting rap freestyle. The guys talk White Rappers, Yung Gravy, Face Transplants, Clint Eastwood, Gator Bites, Mississippi Allstars, Thanksgiving Stories, Panda Express, Vietnamese Vegetarians, Women Proposing To Men, The Rock vs Stone Cold Steve Austin, Chinder Dating is Reborn and much more!

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Dec 06, 2019
Episode 47: Thanksgiving Special

The guys share what they're thankful for and talk Disney Plus and BUST, Turkey Whores, Butt Flex Walking, Freddy Cruisers, High School Years vs College Years, Crotch Pocket Relationship Advice, Jurassic Chide My Ride, Sweet Potato Penises, Purple Yam Dicks and much more!

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Nov 28, 2019
Episode 46: Tits Don't Lie

The guys do an all new segment called "Who's More Likely?" and talk Muzzle Loading Season, Thot Hunting, Asian Hunters, Insect Eating, Penis Bugs, Acoustic Guitar Life, Butt Play Relationship Advice, Hippo's vs Elephants, Ubering With Your Heart and much more!

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Nov 21, 2019
Episode 45: Hat Fishing

The guys talk Dark Nut Butter, JFK, Conspiracy Theories, Ethnic Experiences, Hat Fishing, Sand Urban's, 50 Shades of Sand, Bungee Jumping vs Sky Diving, Singing Like Stephen Hawking, Carl Weathers Theory, Pastor P and much more!

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Nov 14, 2019
Episode 44: Sinaloa State Zoo

The guys talk opening a Zoo in Sinaloa, Fragile Quarterbacks, Asian Serial Killers, Original Planters Cheese Balls, Ford vs Chevy, Will Ferrel vs Ben Stiller, Corn Mazes, give an update on Paula Abdul and much more!

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Nov 07, 2019
Episode 43: Halloween Special

Theo is Buzz Light Month and Brendan's a Giant Woody. The guys rip Halloween costume submissions, wonder if ghosts are real, and talk Trick Or Treating Stories, Pedo Scares, Best Halloween Outfits, The Dark Hearts, Urban Pickle Life and much more!

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Oct 31, 2019
Episode 42: Beef And Thongs

The guys get into a Hairy Leg Debate and talk Day Strippers, BBQ Beef & Thongs, Justin Long, Halloween Celebrations, Furries vs Bronies, Hair Loss Race, Rockstars vs Rappers, D'Elia vs Santino and much more!

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Oct 24, 2019
Episode 41: Repurposed Hair

Theo got his hair did and the guys talk Love for Filipinos, Orange Chicken Bitches, Loud Mimes, Exotic Pets, Dirty Fritos, Good Will Haunting, Jason Airborne Ilness, White Guys with Black Names and much more.

Hims -

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Oct 17, 2019
Episode 40: Cream Me Up, Scotty!

The guys talk Hamburgers vs Hotdogs, Magic City Hounds, Milky Squad Cows, Sumo Wrestlers w/Eating Disorders, Taco Bell Goalies, Home Owner Erotic's, Thighceps, Trucks w/Scoliosis, VR Porn and much more!

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Oct 10, 2019
Episode 39: PLANTASIA

Theo returns from Hawaii and the culture corner welcomes comedian Shapel Lacey. The gang talks Theo picking up hitchhikers, Mountain Drunks, Crash Cab'n, Cheer Bodies, Super Nintendo vs Sega Genesis, Badge Bunnies, Salmon Sosa, Dwight Howard University, is Lester Holt white? And much more.

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Oct 03, 2019
Episode 38: Power Bottom Ranger

The guys are back with all new Roast My Hosts and talk Beef Titty Taste, Uber Pool Lifeguards, Boss Babies, Tim McGraw, Bruce Buffer vs Michael Buffer, Soft Crabs, Relationship Advice for dating a Porn Star, Vacuum Stealing Strippers, Misbehaving Pigs, our favorite video submitter J-Rod is back and much more!

Stance -

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Sep 26, 2019
Episode 37: Olympic Sized Tits

The fellas talk the Best Serial Killers, Balloon Funerals, Unicorn Fights, Slangeroo's, Fredrick Cougar, Dykle Angelo, Hourglass Pit Bull Bodies, Relationship Advice for a Handsome Hilary Swank, Theo Hiding Cheeks, Slam Pigs, a special NFL Rip My Drip, Hardcore Camping and much more!

Hims -

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Sep 19, 2019
Episode 36: The Final Boss

The guys read all new Roast My Host's and talk Khabib vs Poirier, Gayted Communities, Buff Pigeons, Shitty Beers, Chicken Coupe De Ville's, Netflix and Children, Cars with Eyebrow Fronts, Door To Door Sales, Champ Stamps, Davey Crackhead and much more!


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Sep 12, 2019
Episode 35: Know Your Cheese!

The boys get heated in a game of "Know Your Cheese" and talk Fabric Ho's, Textile Bitches, worst vacation destinations, being starstruck over Uncle Kracker, Seashell Puppies, Hermit Crab Hitters, Sugar Ray Cyrus, Athlexicans, Andy Dick Aunt's, GI Janis, Nephew Saltine Brendan, Relationship Advice for the Bald and much more!

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Sep 05, 2019
Episode 34: No Buzzer
Aug 29, 2019
Episode 33: Loitering Tits
Aug 22, 2019
Episode 32: Playing With Your Organ
Aug 15, 2019
Episode 31: Quack Cocaine
Aug 08, 2019
Episode 30: Welcome to Ghetto Heaven
Brendan and Theo get a surprise hospital call from Simon Rex aka Dirt Nasty, Brendan's blown away by Theo's old rap video and the guys talk Dongs vs Fart jokes, new giant wrinkly one eyed Hounds to Clown, Dead Pool Cat, Theo's Ultimate Smelling Championship nose, a camp counselor love story, pierced nipples and much more!

No Bull -

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Aug 01, 2019
Episode 29:: Transgender Magician
The boys introduce a new segment called Chide My Ride and talk 90's fashion, Theo hanging with Damn Long Neck, why Brendan looks like Shia LaBeouf, Tang bottle Aladdin's, Bust Lamps, Alphabet Hopscotch, all new Roast my Hosts, unpaid chore money, Matthew McConaughey vs Brad Pitt, Unicycling and much more!

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Jul 25, 2019
Episode 28: Everybody Loves Ribs
Theo and Brendan introduce brand new segments - Clown my Hound, Chide my Ride & Punk my Unk. They also wonder if Drake is white and talk ribs, drinking "Lean", Tigger, T-Pain, 50 shades of brown, Mel Gibson, riding Lawnmower's, Snack Mates and much more!

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Jul 18, 2019
Episode 27: Bed Bath & Bath
Brendan and Theo recap their lunch with a wet waiter and talk watermelon fronts and desert fat backs, Nut Nation Relationship Advice, Roller Coasters vs Water Slides, David Aquafield, new submission ideas, Tobacco Dippin, Cosplayers, Blondes vs Brunettes, Goodwill models and much more!

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Jul 11, 2019
Episode 26: Horses In The Front
The boys get the Culture Corner's thoughts on Lil Nas X coming out, 4th of July celebrations and talk buying outlawed fireworks in San Berneeda, bathtub water games, fisherman strippers, relationship advice for a natural snakes in the front hitter, power outages at Dave & Busters, the Broke Back Revenant, sprung Sooner State, sound p#ssies and much more!

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Jul 04, 2019
Episode 25: The Tree & The Shrub
Treeo Von and Brendan Shrub talk hot dog champ Drake, Waynes world vs Austin Powers, Befuddled Babies, Aussie Murderers, Glasgow Graffiti,Plane Clappers and much more!

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Jun 27, 2019
Episode 24: Rat Rage
Theo's in a bad mood after quitting cigarettes and takes it out on Brendan. The guys talk Soft Asians, Goldfish Crackers vs Cheez-Its, the Culture Corner's snack picks, Brendan's sound proof face, Theo's love for Spirit Airlines, Mantenna Nipples, Brief Jerky's and much more! -
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Jun 20, 2019
Episode 23: Dallas Returner's Club
The boys talk bust bulbs, jackhammer twerks, The CTE Championships, Raver girls vs Country girls, brand new Wed, Bed or Dead's, oversized dong probs, Brown Walkers, Brendan being 80% Mex and playing cupid for Theo and much more!

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Jun 13, 2019
Episode 22: Unmolested
Theo is fresh back from Australia and reunited with Brendan. The boys talk chlamydia, Jet Li jet lag, Small Dick Energy, Foster can noses, Old Town Road, Nippleback, levitating bat boy, Asian hat dick pics, relationship advice for an Arthur cartoon lookalike, Game of Throw rugs, Dustin Poirier vs Khabib Nurmagomedov, uploading carbs and much more!
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Jun 06, 2019
Episode 21: Bobby Ricky Bobby
The guys launch "Roast my Host", reading off YouTube comments from fans and talk Theo reading coloring books, Brendan's open mouth winking, Bobby long-nap-short-cock Lee, low tit bellies, seasoned calf muscles, Apple vs Android, Beavis and Butt-Head vs Ren & Stimpy, more Cultural Corner talk, advice on having sex in a pool and more!

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May 23, 2019
Episode 20: Black Widow in White Face
The boys test out a brand new buzzer and talk texting during the holidays, Ellen vs Bieber, solo trips to the movies, famous Owl's, transition mullets, The Met Gala drip rip, Nugget THOTS, The Culture Corner with Deric and Cat, Tupac vs Biggie, Master P, Mystikal, Meth nuggets, cereal debates: Cap'n Crunch vs Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Urine tears, CTE flare up's and much more!

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May 16, 2019
Episode 19: Politically Correct with Brendan Schaub
The boys reminisce bout old Nelly hits, catch up with the St. Lunatics and talk battle rap, prison fun, Elon musk vs Jeff bezos, Tesla Uggs, Marvel vs DC vs Hanna-Barbera, Sugar Raycism, Chief Qweef, insecurities, new Wed, Bed or Dead's, Buns of Anarchy and much more.

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May 09, 2019
Episode 18: Brody Lowroller
The boys kick off a new segment called Wed, Bed or Dead and talk Theo's day with Riff Raff, Brendan's giant blender coffee cup, Morgan Freeman as a stripper, transition coaches, dogs with human names, Stripper names, The Golden Girls, cranberry stem cells, tangerine tigers and more!

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May 02, 2019
Episode 17: Aliens vs Ethnicities
The boys talk Theo's bad hip and fondness for Dustin Poirier, Brendan's new 2 rivers 3 dudes nickname,
Game of Thrones toiletries, Lil John's donated eye, cum pops and crawfish tapouts, advice for a girl banging her best friend's boyfriend, ravioli martial artists, air sky aliens, SMILFY aunts, bass fishing, the Rat King imposter and more!

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Apr 25, 2019
Episode 16: The Mile High Dump
Theo's back from his first UFC and now sees Brendan in a new light. The guys discuss their Poirier vs Holloway bet and talk taking a dump in public restrooms, Theo's movement to stop technology, Brendan's fear of Steven Seagal, talking with Uber drivers, dating advice from Brendan, Theo and Cat, mumble rap vs Lyrical rap, school lunch vs home lunch and much more. Promo code: KATS

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Apr 18, 2019
Episode 15: Secondhand CTE
The guys talk meaty fronts, deepthroating catfish, Theo's first UFC, orgasms of the soul, beatboxing, Nicolas Cage starring in Facebook, dirtbike racing aunts, mudskipper aunts, The Fonz vs Tony Danza, Brendan, the Pepsi truck driver, Theo, the deaf cheerleader, the Saigon Suck Boys and much more!

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Apr 11, 2019
Episode 14: Cock Eye View
The boys discuss world events and talk Broadway Joe Dirt, sex surveys, cock cams, Jussie Smollett Juice Bar, Girbaud jeans, lip extensions, planking aunts from Montana, aunts with long clams and much more!

Hims -

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Apr 04, 2019
Episode 13: Neverland Ranchers
Brendan and Theo talk chubby chasers, gramp stamps, underboob tats, comedy special stunt doubles, hangover cures, Jussie Smollett and Papa John, Van life, bald chicks, grandma's faking heart attacks, catfished grandpa's and much more!

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Mar 28, 2019
Episode 12: Pisces Brothers
It's Theo's birthday and Brendan's birth week. The guys talk Kratom crust pizza, hot dog nips, Lester Holt lips, Chick-fil-A vs In-N-Out, creatine doughnuts, sweet noodle Cat, guys rockin wigs, Chinese spies, bad bitch Mother Nature and much more!

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Mar 21, 2019
Episode 11: Carrey vs Sandler
The boys are back! And so is Brendan's voice. The guys talk jizz messaging, viral sad dad doughnut shop, Rock of Love vs Flavor of Love, Mardi Gras, smoking great grandma who looks like Walter Matthau, hairless cats, dickets, Dunkin Donuts stories and much more.

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Mar 14, 2019
Best Of: Vol. 1
We’re looking back at some of the funniest moments from King and the Sting, such as Aunt Horny Lorny, pregnant crossfit chicks, Kelly Kapowski vs. Topanga Lawrence, words of wisdom on vasectomies, Bebop & Rocksteady, the survival of gingers, J-Rod’s fat hog, the fellas ripping each other’s drip, and plenty more of your faves!

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Mar 07, 2019
Episode 10: Rocky vs Rambo
The boys rip on Joe Rogan's drip and talk fashion from the Oscars, sober boning, white face, cholo brows, advice on picking up girls, grenade hoppers, risky biscuits, pets with social media accounts, joke my smoke fan submissions, a special start my heart tribute to the great Brody Stevens and much more.

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Feb 27, 2019
Episode 9: Teddy Rubskins
The guys ring in the Chinese New Year, introduce a new segment called "Joke my Smoke" and talk cute pigs, childhood Teddy Bears, sex robots, dogs in strollers, American muscle, skeetin mudskippers, silent love making, girls with male best friends, mispronounced names and much more!

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Feb 21, 2019
Episode 8: Valentines Day Special
In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, the guys answer your questions about dating, first kisses, virginity, love, relationships and more. Also, a special Rip my Drip - Celebrity Edition, a new inspirational segment called "Start my Heart", PB & J vs Grilled Cheese, Bert Kreischer vs Ari Shaffir, big booty aunts and much, much more!

30% off our BAkblade 2.0 bundle. Here is the link:

*To submit to the show email 

In the subject line, specify whether your submission is King It or Sting It, Debate Club, Rip My Drip, or Flaunt My Aunt. In the body of the email, include the attachment, your name, where you’re from, and in the case of Flaunt My Aunt, the name of your relative.

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Feb 15, 2019
Episode 7
Theo loses use of one eye and Brendan finds it inspiring. The guys talk awkward first kisses, Kool-Aid lips, beefy aunts, eye advice, fake Starbucks in Jamaica, gauged ears, emo sister from The Incredibles, Friends vs Seinfeld, to use or not to use blinkers and much more!

Go to or text [kats] to 500500 and listen for a change.

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Feb 06, 2019
Episode 6: Kelly Kapowski vs Topanga Lawrence
The guys dive into an all new set of submissions and talk forced hugs, Kelly Kapowski vs Topanga Lawrence, lunch lady drip, anal sex, cookie facials, fat dong spirit, freeze tag, white girl dreads, women proposing to men, male masseuses, circumcision stories and much more. 

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Jan 30, 2019
Episode 5
The guys break down the first Rip my Drip fan submissions and talk lot lizards, semen lava lamps, courtesy flushes, public restroom news, soft fatty sex necks, Brendan's tips on sock masturbation, Theo overdoses on Pedialyte and much more!

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Jan 22, 2019
Episode 4: Rip my Drip is born
Brendan Schaub and Theo Von are back in studio for the 4th episode of the ever evolving King and the Sting.

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Jan 15, 2019
Episode 3: New Studio
The guys are back and in the new studio to cover all your favorite segments and more, enjoy!

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Jan 09, 2019
Episode 2: Happy New Year!
The guys add a new segment called Flaunt your Aunt for the New Year! Also, King it or Sting it, Debate Club and more, enjoy!

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Jan 02, 2019
Episode 1: Pilot
King it or Sting it? Debate club and more, enjoy! Episode 1 of King and the Sting is here! Happy holidays!

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Dec 25, 2018
King and the Sting official announcement episode!
The official announcement of The King and the Sting!

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Dec 21, 2018