The Construction Management Podcast

By damienedwardsh2h

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Category: Educational Technology

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The Construction Management Podcast is a tool for new and seasoned construction professionals looking to take their career to the next level.

Episode Date
This is a non-podcast podcast

Damien and Jason basically shoot the shit for about 25 minutes.  There is actually a ton if info about the construction management profession, including stats, help with resumes and a brief discussion about different pathways after you gain some experience. We even make you an offer offer to help you get into the industry. Enjoy. 

Sep 19, 2019
CMP Episode 21 Hard conversations for managers

Damien and Jason discuss the importance of setting clear expectations for employees.  They discuss daily corrections as well as how to manage annual evaluations and everything in between. This is a must listen to for any manager that wants to elevate the people around them. 

Sep 12, 2019
How to break into the industry.

Damien and Jason discuss a listeners question, "how do I break into the industry". Not your usual podcast from us but an important topic.  If you plan to gain employment in the industry we highly encourage you to listen up.  

Sep 02, 2019
Season 2 Episode 8 Be a Builder not a Scheduler

Damien and Jason discuss the difference between being a "Builder" versus being a scheduler. Be a builder, its better. 

Aug 25, 2019
CMP Season 2 Episode 7 Interview with Felix Vasquez CEO Hyphen Solutions

Damien and Jason talk technology and the future of construction management with Felix Vasquez, the CEO of Hyphen Solutions. Hyphen Solutions is the creator of Build Pro and Supply Pro, two of the most widely used construction management software platforms in use today.


Aug 09, 2019
CMP Season 2 Episode 6 Frame Checks

Damien and Jason discuss the importance of conducting frame checks immediately after the home is "dried in" and again after your mechanical trades are complete. They also discuss Damien's new blood lust to go hunting. 

Aug 02, 2019
Season 2 Episode 5 Dealing with under performing trade partners.

Damien and Jason discuss how to handle trade partners that are not performing at an optimal level to maintain your production schedule or standards. This includes documentation and a let me help you, help yourself attitude. 

Jul 22, 2019
CMP Season 2 Episode 4 Ethics

Damien and Jason discuss ethics on the job. We talk about the role of the construction manager as the leader on the job and how they influence others around them. This is a must listen too for anyone in the building industry.    

Jul 14, 2019
Season 2 Episode 3 Building Science

Damien and Jason discuss Building Science with Matthew Cooper of We discuss the thermal envelope, building systems and how the separate components work together to produce high performance homes.  

Jun 26, 2019
S2 Episode 2 Critical Path Inspections

Damien and Jason discuss inspections for critical stages of a construction project and give tips for what to look for and why. 

Jun 11, 2019
Season 2 Episode 1 Technology

Damien and Jason talk tech through the years in construction, sort of.  Their focus is on construction management software programs and what to look for when selecting a program.  

Jun 01, 2019
CMP Episode 10 Stress Management

Damien and Jason talk about the importance of not getting overly stressed. They discuss causes of stress and anxiety on the job site and the effects it can have on your mental and physical well being.  They also offer some advice on how to manage stress and maintain calm during stressful situations.  Enjoy. 

May 09, 2019
CMP Episode 9 Accounting Stuff

Damien and Jason try to make sense of builder accounting practices.  Job numbers, cost codes base budgets and a bunch of other boring stuff. 

May 04, 2019
CMP Episode 7 Listener Comments

In this episode Jason And Damien answer listener questions and respond to your comments.  

May 02, 2019
CMP Episode 8 Trade Partner Management

Today Jason and Damien discuss best practices for managing trade partners. We talk about "old school" versus "new School" styles of construction management and the importance of understanding what's in the scope of work for each of the trade partners working on your job site.  

Apr 20, 2019
CMP Episode 7 Listener Comments

In this episode Damien and Jason answer questions from listeners and respond to listener comments.  

Apr 19, 2019
CMP Episode 6 Dirt

Damien and Jason discuss sediment and erosion control AKA Dirt.  In this episode the guys break down sediment and erosion control to it's simplest form and explain the importance of keeping dirt and trash in their place. 

Mar 02, 2019
CMP Episode 5 Skilled Workers and where to find them

Damien and Jason interview a group of trade school students followed by some industry leaders. We ask the students about their decision to enter the building trades, what motivated them and what projects they are working on. Next we discuss the need for skilled workers and how some of our trade partners are bridging the gap and helping to train the right people.  Finally we discuss the benefits of working in the building industry and the opportunities that are available to motivated candidates, enjoy. 


Feb 09, 2019
CMP Episode 4 Job Site Safety

Damien and Jason continue their discussion on job site management. This week they are discussing safety on the job with their guest Jake Edwards.  The guys share their experiences about accidents on the job site and discuss what to do in case you have an accident or a visit from OSHA. 

Jan 21, 2019
Construction Management Podcast Episode #3 Trash

Damien and Jason begin a three part series on job site management.  In this episode we discuss trash and the impact it has on your job site from a cost perspective as well as marketing.  In parts 2 and 3 we will be discussing the environmental impacts of construction including sediment and erosion controls as well as safety and what to do in an emergency.  

Jan 05, 2019
Construction Management Podcast Episode #2 Time Management

Damien and Jason discuss best practices for managing your time and recognizing what type of tasks are time wasters and how to avoid them. They also discuss the importance of maintaining your production schedule and the importance of being prepared for your trade partners. 

Dec 22, 2018
Construction Management Podcast Introduction

Damien Edwards and Jason Shipe share their knowledge and ideas on construction management and introduce you to The Construction Management  Podcast.   

Dec 21, 2018