That's Not Spit, It's Condensation!

By Ryan Beach

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“That’s Not Spit, It’s Condensation” is a weekly podcast with conversations and discussions about all things music. In it, we’ll peel back the layers of what makes great musicians great, hoping to inspire others to achieve their maximum potential.

Episode Date
Freeway Philharmonic: Will Baker

On this installment, we are featuring Will Baker. Will is the bass trombonist of the Monterrey Symphony, and he has subbed with the San Diego Symphony, the San Francisco Symphony, the Detroit Symphony, the Alabama Symphony, and more. He also started Get Fluent, which he creates video and resources to help musicians improve their playing.

Mastering Engineer - Brandon Jochum
Music in the episode - Will Baker

Aug 15, 2019
Winning the Job: Chris Smith

This edition of "Winning the Job" features Chris Smith, who recently won the principal trumpet position with the San Diego Symphony. Chris has a wealth of knowledge to share about how to be successful in auditions, and also some real and practical advice to people who are thinking of auditioning for an orchestral position.

Mastering engineer - Brandon Jochum
Music in the episode - Chris Smith

Aug 08, 2019
Barbara Butler

This episode features an amazing conversation with Barbara Butler, one of the trumpet professors at Rice University. Previously she taught at Northwestern University and the Eastman School of Music before that.

Not much that can be said about this interview other than it's Barbara speaking words of wisdom for almost three hours. I hope you get as much out of it as I have!

Mastering engineer - Brandon Jochum

Aug 01, 2019
Lessons From Indy

In this episode I discuss the various lessons I learned from my experience not getting tenure in Indianapolis. Without going into detail, the lessons are:

1) When I receive feedback, I should make sure I understand
2) Goals are just goals
3) You're more than meets the eye
4) Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans
5) When you're going through hell, keep on going

Hopefully these lessons I learned can help encourage people at all stages of their career.

Jul 15, 2019
Winning the Job: Jeff Lewandowski and John Romero

In this installment of "Winning the Job", I was able to speak with Jeff Lewandowski and John Romero. Jeff recently won a job with the United States Army Field Band, and John Romero recently won principal trombone in the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra.

Jeff gave some really great advice about how he used the audition process to understand how to give structure to his busy life of freelancing, in order to make sure he was totally prepared given the lack of time he had in his day. It's also inspiring to see how he made positive changes to his life in general through his preparation.

John shared how he came up with a brand new way to make sure his intonation was rock solid on his excerpts. I had never heard his method before, and I thought it was incredibly smart and interesting.

Jul 08, 2019
Glenn Michael Egner

Glenn is the librarian with the Alabama Symphony Orchestra. Before joining the ASO as librarian, he was the principal flutist with the Venezuelan National Orchestra.

Glenn has an amazing story. He had a picture perfect life in Venezuela, but because the country began to fail, he had to leave an start all over in Alabama. I hope this interview is able to give the listener some really good perspective on life, and also to see that everyone has a story. We should make as much of an effort as we can to learn peoples stories so that we can understand who they are and where they are coming from.

Jul 01, 2019
I Didn't Win, and That's OK

In this episode, I talk about my preparation for the Chicago Symphony principal trumpet audition that was held in early June of 2019. I discuss what my original plan for my prep was, and how it changed as I went through the process. Finally, I give my thoughts on auditioning in general, and how to change our mindset to help ensure we can always have a successful audition.

Mastering engineer - Brandon Jochum

Jun 22, 2019
Freeway Philharmonic: Kathy White

In this episode, I talk with Kathy White about how she built and maintains her successful career as a freelancer in the Southeast region. Kathy is principal clarinet of the Atlanta Ballet Orchestra, and she subs frequently with many orchestras in the area as well. Not only does she have really wonderful advice about how to succeed as a freelancer, she also has really great words about how what a career in music means to her.

Freeway Philharmonic is a series dedicated to interviewing musicians who have built successful freelance careers in order to gain insight and inspiration from their stories.

Jun 15, 2019
Winning the Job: George Goad and Derek Fenstermacher

In this episode I talk with George Goad and Derek Fenstermacher about their success in recent auditions. George recently won associate principal trumpet with the Montreal Symphony and Derek won principal tuba with the St. Louis Symphony.

Jun 08, 2019
Calvin Falwell

In this episode I have a conversation with Calvin Falwell, 3rd/Bass Clarinet with the Sarasota Orchestra. We talk about how Calvin has used his desire to make things happen into multiple opportunities for his career and for his life.

Master Engineer - Brandon Jochum

Jun 01, 2019
Starting Over: Changing Your Embouchure with Dr. Matthew Vangjel

In this episode, we go into detail about all things related to changing your embouchure on a brass instrument. We aim to give encouragement for anyone going through an embouchure change, as well as a resource for any teachers who might see changing an embouchure as a solution to a students problem, but may not feel equipped to make it work.

Dr. Matthew Vangjel is professor of trumpet at Louisiana State University.

Mastering engineer - Brandon Jochum

May 15, 2019
Winning the Job: Ansel Norris and Joe Lefevre

In this episode we speak with Ansel Norris, who recently won second trumpet in the Naples Philharmonic and Joe LeFevre, who recently won principal tuba with the Kansas City Symphony about what they think helped them be successful in their auditions.

Mastering engineer - Brandon Jochum

May 08, 2019
Lisa Wienhold

In this episode I talk with Lisa Weinhold principal flutist of the Alabama Symphony Orchestra. We talk about her life growing up, her educational opportunities, as well as her difficulties around the time that the Alabama Symphony went bankrupt in the 1990's. We also discuss her love and passion for dog training, and dig into how she makes sure she's prepared to play her orchestral parts at the highest level every week.

May 01, 2019
Carlos Izcaray Part 2: Cancer and Venezuela

Here is part two of my interview with Carlos Izcaray, music director of the Alabama Symphony orchestra. In this episode, he talks about how he was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma, and what it was like continuing to work and live life while going through chemotherapy. After that, we go into a pretty in depth discussion on the current state of life in Venezuela. It's hard to listen to a lot of what he talked about. This is a must listen episode! 

Apr 22, 2019
Arnold Jacobs and Mindfulness - What They Have In Common

In this episode, I discuss what the teaching method of Arnold Jacobs, tubist with the Chicago Symphony from 1944-1988, and the practice of mindfulness have in common. At the end, I explain what connections I've made between the two and how I've applied them to my own trumpet playing.
Music in the episode - Andrew Miller
Master engineer - Brandon Jochum

Apr 15, 2019
Winning the Job: Nathan Clark and Sam Huss

Winning the job is a series dedicated to finding out how people who have recently won auditions were successful.

In this episode, we talk with Nathan Clark and Sam Huss. Nathan Clark recently won a position with the Presidents Own Marine Band. Sam Huss recently won principal trumpet with the Richmond Symphony. Both of these players have some really great insight into what made them successful, you do not want to miss this episode!

Mastering engineer - Brandon Jochum

Apr 08, 2019
Carlos Izcaray: Part One

In this episode, I have a conversation with Carlos Izcaray, music director of the Alabama Symphony Orchestra. It was a wonderful opportunity to get to speak with him and cover his life from his earliest musical memories to being named music director of our orchestra in Birmingham, Alabama. He gave me so much great content, we actually ran out of time, and so we had to make this part 1 of a two part interview.

Mastering enginner - Brandon Jochum

Apr 01, 2019
The Music of Harry Potter

Join Chris Confessore, principal pops conductor of the Alabama Symphony Orchestra, and I as we talk about the music of Harry Potter! In this episode we will do a name that tune of sorts: we'll play a familiar theme from the Harry Potter movies and then we'll let you know what that theme represents and discuss each one a little bit.

Master engineer - Brandon Jochum

Mar 15, 2019
Freeway Philharmonic: Dean Haist

Freeway Philharmonic is a series in which we interview people with successful freelance careers and talk to them about how they built it from the beginning.

This episode will feature Dean Haist. Dean is an active trumpet freelancer in Lincoln, NE and the surrounding areas. He also has a business he started called Arts Incorporated, which services the musical community in Lincoln.

You can find more information here:

Master engineer - Brandon Jochum
Music - Nebraska Brass

Mar 08, 2019
James Sullivan

In this episode, we have a conversation with James Sullivan, principal oboe of the Alabama Symphony Orchestra. Jim explains how he came to play the oboe, what he does to be prepared for such a demanding job, and why he started the Southern Oboe Intensive. He also shares with us some of the passions he has and how they have enriched his life.

James Sullivan's bio
Mastering engineer - Brandon Jochum

Mar 01, 2019
The Good, The Bad, and Things I Learned the Hard Way

In this episode we discuss successes and failures that I've had in my career, and tell a few funny anecdotes about times I experienced some embarrassing situations, but ended up learning a lot from them.
Music in the episode - Caelum by Ivy Garden
Master engineer - Brandon Jochum

Feb 15, 2019
Winning the Job: Jeff Strong and Tyler Lindsay

Winning the job is a series dedicated to finding out how people who have recently won auditions were successful.

In this episode, we talk to Jeff Strong and Tyler Lindsay about their recent audition successes. Jeff won third trumpet in the Los Angeles Philharmonic and Tyler won a position with the Presidents Own Marine band.
Mastering engineer - Brandon Jochum

Feb 08, 2019
Kevin Fitzgerald

In this episode, we talk with Kevin Fitzgerald, assistant conductor of the Alabama Symphony Orchestra, and music director of the Alabama Youth Symphony Orchestra. He talks about his youth, his life as trumpet player, and we go into depth about his plans for the ASYO.
Master engineer - Brandon Jochum

Kevin Fitzgerald's bio

Feb 01, 2019
Powerlifting and Music - What They Have In Common

In this episode, I discuss how my love of powerlifting has taught me valuable lessons in how to progress as a trumpet player. I break down how volume, intensity, and frequency are used in powerlifting, and how we can apply it to our musical practice.
Music in the episode - Empire Springs
Master engineer - Brandon Jochum

Jan 14, 2019
Demondrae Thurman

This episode features an interview with Demondrae Thurman, an internationally renowned euphonium soloist. He has recently been appointed the position full professor of euphonium at Indiana University and also teaches low brass studies at Samford University. Some of the topics covered are conducting, free-lancing, orchestral playing, as well as social media as a marketing tool for musicians.
Master Engineer - Brandon Jochum

Demondrae Thurman bio

Dec 23, 2018