Cultivating H.E.R. Space: Uplifting Conversations for the Black Woman

By Cultivating H.E.R. Space

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In a world where black women are often underrepresented and misunderstood, we need more safe spaces to just… be. Every Friday, join Dr. Dom, a college professor and psychologist, and Terri Lomax, a techie and motivational speaker, as they initiate authentic conversations on everything from fibroids to fake friends. If you’re a Black woman looking for an extra dose of inspiration on the go, pull up a seat and join us on the Cultivating H.E.R. (Healing, Empowerment, Resilience) Space podcast.

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Episode Date
S20E9: Invisible Alarms: Subtle Red Flags That Speak Volumes
Dec 01, 2023
S20E8: The Truth About Caretaking with Pamela Wilson
Nov 24, 2023
S20E7: I'm OUT: Strategies for Quitting Your Job
Nov 17, 2023
S20E6: Journeying with Joy with Grace Harry
Nov 10, 2023
S20E5: True Beauty: Shining with Vitiligo and Loving Your Uniqueness with Lid'ya C. Rivera
Nov 03, 2023
S20E4: Nurturing Black Women with Luxurious Self-Care Experiences with Denise Gilmore-McPherson and Kala Garner
Oct 27, 2023
S20E3: Reclaiming Your Power in the Workplace with Dr. Wendi S. Williams
Oct 20, 2023
S20E2: Surgery Decisions: Navigating the Preparation and Decision-Making Process
Oct 13, 2023
S20E1: Ending the Year Strong: A Personalized Approach to the 4th Quarter
Oct 06, 2023
S19E13: Sexy Talk with Sadia Azmat
Sep 29, 2023
S19E12: Beyond the Boarding Pass: Expert Hacks for Navigating Travel with Ease
Sep 22, 2023
S9E11: Free to Be: Leaning into Discomfort and Embracing Your Journey with Latasha Gillespie
Sep 15, 2023
Bonus: Amplify Color: The Rise of Black Radio
Sep 12, 2023
S19E10: The Great Xscape: Family, Legacy, and Choosing Wisely with Tamika Scott
Sep 08, 2023
S19E9: Work to Live, Don't Live to Work: How to Add More Joy, Fun, and Pleasure to Our Lives
Sep 01, 2023
S19E8: Celebrating Pride and Trailblazing Leadership: A Journey of Advocacy and Inclusion with Gerald Garth
Aug 25, 2023
S19E7: You Deserve Grace Even From Yourself with Lanelle P. Laws
Aug 18, 2023
S19E6: Empowering Women to Thrive: Overcoming Fear, Building Resilience, and Shining Bright with LaShawnda McLaurin
Aug 11, 2023
S19E5: Through Thick and Thin: Navigating Life's Challenges With Your Friends
Aug 04, 2023
S19E4: Beating Burnout with Kelley Bonner
Jul 28, 2023
S19E3: Solutions for Supporting Young Scholars with Dr. Antar Tichavakunda
Jul 21, 2023
S19E2: Hot Topics: Dating a Younger Man, Handling Difficult News Stories, and Therapists Opening Up About Clients
Jul 14, 2023
S19E1: The Power of Black Sisterhood: Allow Us to Reintroduce Ourselves
Jul 07, 2023
S18E13: 9 Signs You May Need to Let Your Relationship Go
Jun 30, 2023
S18E12: Black Romance Isn't Dead with Toni Judkins
Jun 23, 2023
S18E11: Talking Tarot with Leona Nichole Black
Jun 16, 2023
BONUS: Choosing Faith Over Fear: Join Us In Person for Our Live Show in Oakland, CA on July 8, 2023
Jun 13, 2023
S18E10: Tough Conversations: Calling Off A Wedding, Cohabitating, and Speaking Up During Sex
Jun 09, 2023
S18E9: 7 Practices to Empower You to Shift into Intentional Mothering
Jun 02, 2023
S18E8: Expanding Your Horizons with MeryAnne Loum-Martin
May 26, 2023
S18E7: When Your Reality Isn’t Matching Up With Your Dreams
May 19, 2023
S18E6: Practical Techniques to Enable Black People to Win at Work with Ben Adkins
May 12, 2023
S18E5: The Value In Listening To The Wisdom of Your Elders
May 05, 2023
S18E4: 30 Affirmations to Empower Black Women to Raise Their Vibrations
Apr 28, 2023
S18E3: Oh You Blatchet?™ Celebrating Our Bougie, Classy, and Ratchet Selves
Apr 21, 2023
S18E2: Ghosting: How to Deal, Feel, and Heal When There's No Closure
Apr 14, 2023
BONUS: Taboo BDSM Play with American Sex Podcast #170
Apr 10, 2023
S18E1: Why It's Important to Show up Even If You're Not Ready
Apr 07, 2023
BONUS: When Magic Happens: Body-ody-ody-ody with Michaela Duerson
Apr 03, 2023
S17E13: Leading at a High Level with Clothilde Ewing
Mar 31, 2023
S17E12: How to Shift Your Perspective and Change Your Life for the Better
Mar 24, 2023
S17E11: Green Flags: Signs That Your Partner is a Keeper
Mar 17, 2023
S17E10: Best Practices for Living on Your Own for the First Time
Mar 10, 2023
S17E9: It's Bigger Than Me: Changing the Conversation About Weight and Obesity with Yvette Nicole Brown
Mar 03, 2023
S17E8: Girl Code: Unofficial Rules that Black Women Should Live By
Feb 24, 2023
S17E7: If That Happened to Me I would Have...: How to Respond When Things Catch You Off Guard
Feb 17, 2023
S17E6: Life Beyond Likes with Isa Watson
Feb 10, 2023
S17E5: Navigating Life's Embarrassing Moments (Get Ready to LOL)
Feb 03, 2023
S17E4: How to Stand Your Ground and Hold Gaslighters Accountable
Jan 27, 2023
S17E3: What Gaslighting, Red Flags, and Manipulation Sound Like
Jan 20, 2023
S17E2: Evolving to Your Next Level with Saman Munir
Jan 13, 2023
S17E1: Reminders You Need to Remember If You Want to Be Successful This Year
Jan 06, 2023
S16E13: Overcoming Avoidance: It's the Most Important Thing You Don't Want To Do
Dec 30, 2022
S16E12: How to Embark on Your Real Estate Journey with Ed and Tatiana Davis
Dec 23, 2022
S16E11: Magnifying Black Girl Menstrual Magic with Dr. Carmen McNeil
Dec 16, 2022
S16E10: Reason, Season, Lifetime: Understanding the Cycles of Our Experiences
Dec 09, 2022
S16E9: Making Your First 6 Figures and Filing Taxes as a New Business Owner with Ms. Business
Dec 02, 2022
S16E8: Planning a Graceful Corporate Exit Strategy with Elle A. Williams
Nov 25, 2022
S16E7: Bullied from Terror to Triumph with Tensie Taylor
Nov 18, 2022
S16E6: Big Boss Moves: How to Work Smarter and Not Harder with Brittany Bettini
Nov 11, 2022
S16E5: Things I'm Glad My Mama Taught Me
Nov 04, 2022
S16E4: Showcasing Black Love with Codie Elaine Oliver
Oct 28, 2022
S16E3: Approaches to Personal Activism with Charlene A. Carruthers
Oct 21, 2022
S16E2: Reclaiming and Celebrating Our Rich History with Dr. Crystal Menzies
Oct 14, 2022
S16E1: Just One of Those Days: Dealing with Depression as a Successful Woman
Oct 07, 2022
S15E14: Decolonizing Sex and Porn with Jet Setting Jasmine & King Noire
Sep 30, 2022
S1513: Expressing Your F*cking Awesome Self with Trap Yoga Bae
Sep 23, 2022
S15E12: Healing with Gemstones with Ashley McLemore
Sep 16, 2022
S15E11: A New Era in Love with Mac Stanley Cazeau
Sep 09, 2022
S15E10: Navigating the Fear of Dating Again (FODA) with Bree Jenkins
Sep 02, 2022
BONUS: Introducing: Holding Court with Eboni K. Williams
Aug 30, 2022
S15E9: Why Mental Wellness is Business Wellness with Dr. LaShonda T. Green
Aug 26, 2022
S15E8: Making Mental Health Care More Accessible with Cara McNulty
Aug 19, 2022
S15E7: The Routines That Help Us Thrive
Aug 12, 2022
S15E6: The Importance of Black Stories and Storytellers with Felicia Pride
Aug 05, 2022
S15E5: Rediscovering Yourself After Motherhood
Jul 29, 2022
S15E4: Why We Need More Uplifting Content with Ione Butler
Jul 22, 2022
S15E3: Understanding Burnout: It's Not About You
Jul 15, 2022
S15E2: This Too Shall Pass: 7 Ways to Find Stability During Unstable Times
Jul 08, 2022
S15E1: The Importance of a Personal Homecoming
Jul 01, 2022
S14E13: Becoming an Outdoorsy Black Woman with Toyin Ajayi
Jun 24, 2022
S14E12: PART 2: How to Stand Out in a Job Interview (and Create a Killer Cover Letter and Resume)
Jun 17, 2022
S14E11: PART 1: How to Stand Out in a Job Interview (and Create a Killer Cover Letter and Resume)
Jun 10, 2022
S14E10: Learning How to Love Ourselves with Elizabeth Acevedo
Jun 03, 2022
S14E9: Own Your Magic: Positive Self-Talk for Black Women with G. Michelle Goodloe
May 27, 2022
S14E8: You’re Black Because You’re Not White with Melissa Sutherland Moss
May 20, 2022
S14E7: Cultivating Deeper Connections in Your Squad with Isa Watson
May 13, 2022
S14E6: Overcoming the Lack of Approval and Fear of Judgment with Sid Scott
May 06, 2022
S14E5: Cultivating a Powerful Birthing Experience with Nicole Bailey
Apr 29, 2022
S14E4: Plus-Size: The Conversation We Need to Have About Fatphobia in America with Mekdela
Apr 22, 2022
S14E3: The Fourth Trimester with Nana Eyeson-Akiwowo and Marcia Cole
Apr 15, 2022
S14E2: The Secret to Successful Dating with OkCupid Relationship Expert Damona Hoffman
Apr 08, 2022
S14E1: The Importance of Sisterhood and Friendship to Black Women with Bethany Hawkins
Apr 01, 2022
S13E12: Igniting the Force Within and Finding Your Personal Power with Rhonda Ross
Mar 25, 2022
S13E11: Reversing Autoimmune Disease by Healing Your Gut with Lauren Wells
Mar 18, 2022
S13E10: 5 Ways to Manage Social Media Anxiety and the Comparison Game
Mar 11, 2022
S13E9: Black Women and Eating Disorders: Invisibility, Racism, and Treatment with Dr. Tiffany Loggins
Mar 04, 2022
S13E8: Moving From Painful to Powerful with Yah Hughes
Feb 25, 2022
S13E7: How to Nurture Your Children's Gifts with Jennifer Vassel
Feb 18, 2022
S13E6: Programs and Resources every Black Woman in Business Needs to Know About with Ruky Tijani
Feb 11, 2022
S13E5: Understanding the Importance of Breast Cancer Early Detection with Olympian Chaunté Lowe
Feb 04, 2022
S13E4: Your Legacy, Equality, and Social Justice in the Arts with Schele Williams
Jan 28, 2022
S13E3: Why More Black Families Should Consider Having a Doula with Bare With Me Duo
Jan 21, 2022
S13E2: Turning Your Misfortune into Millions with Grace Eleyae
Jan 14, 2022
S13E1: Vibrate Higher: 11 Things to Leave in the Past Year and How to Have Your Best Year Yet
Jan 07, 2022
S12E14: Why Billionaires Use Astrology and How You Can Too with Jhéanell Bloom
Dec 31, 2021
S12E13: How to Adult "The Right Way" with Tennielle Clark
Dec 24, 2021
S12E12: What You Need To Know About Web 3.0, Cryptocurrency, and Personal Sovereignty with Daniel DiPiazza
Dec 17, 2021
S12E11: Navigating Grief, Trauma, and Crisis While Running a Business with Arion Long
Dec 10, 2021
S12E10: Postpartum Depression and Feeling Unprepared for Motherhood with April Hernandez-Castillo
Dec 03, 2021
S12E9: The Truth About Transracial Adoption with Opal Franklin
Nov 26, 2021
S12E8: It Ain't About You Boo: How to Stop Taking Things Personally
Nov 19, 2021
S12E7: Supporting Parents Who Breastfeed with Courtney Stallworth
Nov 12, 2021
S12E6: How to Maintain and Manage Life Through Chronic Pain
Nov 05, 2021
S12E5: The Complex Relationship Between Black Women and White Women
Oct 29, 2021
S12E4: Cultivating a Dynamic Relationship with Food with Vanessa Rissetto
Oct 22, 2021
S12E3: Family, Food, And Faith: Why Pouring Into You Is a Non-Negotiable with Tommi Vincent
Oct 15, 2021
S12E2: Bamboozled By Jesus with Yvonne Orji
Oct 08, 2021
S12E1: Everything You Want to Know About Ayurveda with Dr. Avanti Kumar-Singh
Oct 01, 2021
S11E13: Healing From Childhood Sexual Abuse and Recovering From Traumatic Loss with Katherine Barner
Sep 24, 2021
S11E12: How to Promote Your Products & Services Into a Profitable Business with Abu Fofanah
Sep 17, 2021
S11E11: Defining Your Personal Style with Wardrobe Stylist Germanee G
Sep 10, 2021
S11E10: Taking Charge of Your Journey with Michelle Blue
Sep 03, 2021
LIVE: What They Didn't Tell Us About Adulting
Sep 02, 2021
S11E9: P*ssy Talk: How to Keep Your Cookie Tasty and Fresh with Starr Dawkins
Aug 27, 2021
LIVE: Bringing Sexy Back: Body Image After Life Changes
Aug 22, 2021
S11E8: Why We Need Black Women in Sports Media with Joy Taylor
Aug 20, 2021
LIVE: Finding the Purpose in Your Odd Job (As You Wait for Your Dream Job)
Aug 19, 2021
S11E7: How to Stop Overthinking
Aug 13, 2021
LIVE: Déjà vu? Managing Anxiety When COVID-19 Cases Are Mounting
Aug 12, 2021
S11E6: How to Cope When a Loved One Has a Mental Illness and Treats You Poorly with Eve Marie
Aug 06, 2021
LIVE: Mommy Issues: Forgiving Our Mothers and Cultivating Mother Energy
Aug 04, 2021
S11E5: Stocks, Bitcoin, and Wealth-building with Modern Blk Girl, Tiffany J
Jul 30, 2021
LIVE: 7 Ways to Become a Better Partner
Jul 26, 2021
S11E4: We Love Our HBCUs with Dr. Moody
Jul 23, 2021
LIVE: Let's Process Netflix’s Sex/Life Series Together!
Jul 19, 2021
S11E3: How to Make Your Next Career Move Your Best Move with Kimberly Cummings
Jul 16, 2021
LIVE: Don't Confuse Who You Are With Where You Are
Jul 12, 2021
S11E2: Nice Girls Finish Last
Jul 09, 2021
LIVE: You Are Enough Even As You Pursue Something Greater
Jul 06, 2021
S11E1: Getting Back to Dating After a Toxic Relationship
Jul 02, 2021
LIVE: The Art of Manifestation: How to Keep Hope Alive
Jun 28, 2021
S10E13: How Dimming Your Light Is Holding You Back- SHARE THIS!
Jun 25, 2021
S10E12: How to Respond When People Start Acting Funny
Jun 18, 2021
S10E11: Let Our Girls Be Girls: Side Effects of the Adultification of Black Girls
Jun 11, 2021
S10E10: Put Down Your Superwoman Cape
Jun 04, 2021
S10E9: You Can't Sit With Us: 7 Signs That You're a Mean Girl
May 28, 2021
S10E8: New Mom Who Dis?: 3 Tips for Navigating the Change in Friendships for New Moms
May 21, 2021
S10E7: Ask Dr. Dom: Addressing Taboo Relationship Questions From Listeners Like You
May 14, 2021
S10E6: 6 Ways to Manage Anxiety As the World Re-Opens
May 07, 2021
S10E5: Calling Out or Calling In? A Conversation about Cancel Culture
Apr 30, 2021
S10E4: The Other Side of the Couch: How to Become a Therapist
Apr 23, 2021
S10E3: How to Finally Leave Your Narcissistic Partner with Dr. Ramani Durvasula
Apr 16, 2021
S10E2: Is Your Partner a Narcissist? Diving into Dr. Ramani Durvasula's Narcissism Quiz
Apr 09, 2021
S10E1: How to Put Shame in Its Place
Apr 02, 2021
S9E13: How to Be Whole and Happy While Being Estranged From Your Mom
Mar 26, 2021
S9E12: Cultivating Community When You're Not Close to Your Family
Mar 19, 2021
S9E11: When Black Does Crack: Coping With Aging and Beauty Standards
Mar 12, 2021
S9E10: Why Youth Mental Health is Important with Dr. Alfiee Breland-Noble
Mar 05, 2021
S9E9: What Every Business Owner & Creative Needs to Know About Trademarking with Ruky Tijani
Feb 26, 2021
S9E8: What's a Chakra?: Sex, Healing, and Balance with Eliza Boquin
Feb 19, 2021
S9E7: Destigmatizing Sex and Embracing Sex Toys and Pleasure with Nenna Joiner
Feb 12, 2021
S9E6: Two Husbands and One Boyfriend? Demystifying Polyamory and Polygamy with Kenya Stevens
Feb 05, 2021
S9E5: Heaux Tales: Who Told Jazmine Sullivan to Tell the World Our Business?
Jan 29, 2021
S9E4: 7 Ways to Become a Better Partner
Jan 22, 2021
S9E3: The Shadow Side of Success: The Sacrifices Made to Achieve Great Things
Jan 15, 2021
S9E2: Using Visualization to Cultivate Resilience
Jan 08, 2021
S9E1: How to Know When You Should Give Up: Saying Goodbye to the H.E.R Space Podcast!
Jan 01, 2021
S8E13: What Would You Do? Girls' Night Edition
Dec 25, 2020
S8E12: Mommy Issues: Addressing the Wounds From Your Mother-Daughter Relationship Dr. Thema
Dec 18, 2020
S8E11 : Coming to Grips with Being Enough with Dr. Jannis Moody
Dec 11, 2020
S8E10: Ambiguous Grief: Grieving When You Can't Get Closure
Dec 04, 2020
S8E9: Getting the Relationship You Deserve with Alison Wellington
Nov 27, 2020
S8E8: The Unconventional Expat and An Introduction to Shadow Work with Nikhol Rei
Nov 20, 2020
S8E7: The Art of Manifestation: Keeping Hope Alive While You Wait for What You Want
Nov 13, 2020
S8E6: What We Never Learned About Health, Food, and Disease with Djehuty Ma'atra
Nov 09, 2020
S8E5: Understanding the Power of Black Economics with Britni Wilcher
Oct 30, 2020
S8E4: Daddy Issues and How it Impacts Your Relationship and Sex Life with Good Moms Bad Choices
Oct 23, 2020
S8E3: Getting It In: Sex, Intimacy, and Dating in Times of Quarantine with Dr. James Wadley
Oct 16, 2020
S8E2: All My Skinfolk Ain’t Kinfolk
Oct 09, 2020
S8E1: Healing from Racial Trauma and Tapping into Sensuality with Dr. Candice Nicole
Oct 02, 2020
S7E13: How to Stay Positive in a Negative Environment
Sep 25, 2020
S7E12: How to Strategically Win at Work with Dr. Kimberly James
Sep 18, 2020
S7E11: Uncomfortable Conversations with White People
Sep 10, 2020
S7E10: Who's Controlling Your Narrative? It Might Not Be You...
Sep 04, 2020
S7E9: Coping With 2020 When It Continues to Show Its Ass
Aug 28, 2020
S7E8: Why Black Women Need Executive Coaching with Farah Bernier
Aug 21, 2020
S7E7: Black Creativity and The Controversy Around Black is King
Aug 14, 2020
S7E6: How to Eliminate Debt and Transform Your Finances with Sophia Melone
Aug 07, 2020
S7E5: Executive Women: Living Your Purpose and Exploring The Myth of Balance with Thasunda Duckett
Jul 31, 2020
S7E4: Manifesting Your Ideal Life and Transmuting Energy with Jasmine Green
Jul 24, 2020
S7E3: When Life Gives You Lemons with Terri Lomax
Jul 17, 2020
S7E2: Letting Go of What Doesn't Serve You and Getting Results in Your Business with King Ashley Ann
Jul 10, 2020
S7E1: New Beginnings and a Walk Down Memory Lane
Jul 03, 2020
S6E13: Invisible No More: A Conversation about Trans Folx with Eryn Scott
Jun 26, 2020
S6E12: Juneteenth: A Celebration of Blackness
Jun 19, 2020
S6E11: Say Her Name: Black Women We Need to Know and Remember
Jun 12, 2020
S6E10: Dear Black People: This Will Not Be Our Undoing
Jun 04, 2020
S6E9: How to Deal with Frustration When Technology Won’t Let You be Great (LIVE Recording)
May 29, 2020
S6E8: How to Keep Your Relationship Fresh and Fun with Teleshia Delmar
May 22, 2020
S6E7: Raised By A Narcissist: Signs, Symptoms, and How to Recover with Dr. Ramani Durvasula
May 15, 2020
S6E6: 5 Tips to Help You Combat Zoom Fatigue
May 08, 2020
S6E5: Unapologetically Addressing Black Mental Health with Dr. Rheeda Walker
May 01, 2020
S6E4: Loving On You: How to Love Your Body Inside and Out
Apr 24, 2020
S6E3: Haircare, Entrepreneurship, and Leveling Up with Sharie Wilson
Apr 17, 2020
S6E2: Dream ChaseHer 101: The Power of the Pivot and Managing Mommy Guilt with Jennifer Hammock
Apr 10, 2020
S6E1: How to Maximize Your Time & Self-care Routine While Practicing "Social" Distancing
Apr 03, 2020
S5E13: Season 5 Finale- How to Connect with the H.E.R Space Community
Mar 27, 2020
S5E12: A Trip Down Memory Lane: An Episode for the 90s and 2000s Kids
Mar 20, 2020
S5E11: The Coronavirus and More: Surviving and Thriving in Uncertain Times
Mar 13, 2020
S5E10: Signs That You're The Toxic One in the Relationship
Mar 06, 2020
S5E9: The Complex History of Black People with Dr. Candice Harrison
Feb 27, 2020
S5E8: Exploring Plastic Surgery, Mental Health, and Body Image with Dr. Myla Bennett
Feb 21, 2020
S5E7: Reducing Shame and Stigma Around STDs with Dr. Joy Cooper
Feb 14, 2020
S5E6:Being Transformed In and Through Relationships with Zo Williams
Feb 07, 2020
S5E5: Processing the Loss of Kobe Bryant and Grieving Those with Complicated Legacies
Jan 31, 2020
S5E4: How Your Words Are Creating Your Current Reality (Put Some Respect on Your Name)
Jan 26, 2020
S5E3: A Fresh Perspective on Receiving Feedback and Managing Defensiveness
Jan 16, 2020
S5E2: Are You Tired of Being Broke? Manifest Abundance Today with Constance Carter
Jan 09, 2020
S5E1: Creating a 2020 Vision For Your Life
Jan 03, 2020
S4E13: Season 4 Finale- What to Expect from H.E.R Space in 2020!
Dec 27, 2019
S4E12: How to Conduct Your Annual Year in Review & Why It’s Crucial to Your Personal Growth
Dec 20, 2019
S4E11: The 4 Levels of Friendship and How to Spot Fake Friends
Dec 13, 2019
S4E10: Tapping Into Your Greatest Self Defense Tool with Linda Leu
Dec 06, 2019
S4E9: 8 Life Hacks to Save You Time and Energy
Nov 29, 2019
S4E8: How to Deal with Jealousy and Envy Without Beating Yourself Up
Nov 22, 2019
S4E7: Myths and Beliefs We Need to Unlearn
Nov 15, 2019
S4E6: 6 Tips to Cope with the Holiday Blues
Nov 08, 2019
S4E5: How and Why Gratitude Can Change Your Life for the Better
Nov 01, 2019
S4E4: How to Heal Your Spirit Through Relaxation So You Can Truly Be at Peace
Oct 25, 2019
S4E3: The Burden of Fibroids for Black Women with Dr. Joy Cooper
Oct 18, 2019
S4E2: A Conversation You Need to Hear About Suicide and Resiliency
Oct 11, 2019
S4E1: Beyond Shyness: How to Face Your Social Anxiety Fears
Oct 04, 2019
S3E14: Season 3 Finale- You Helped Us Reach 100K Downloads
Sep 27, 2019
S3E13: Who Taught Us to Deny Our Sensuality? with Free the Cheeks Founders Breezy and Bobbi
Sep 19, 2019
S3E12: Healing Intergenerational Trauma with Dr. Thema Bryant-Davis
Sep 13, 2019
S3E11: The Silent, Secret Grief of Miscarriage and the Pressure to Become a Mom
Sep 06, 2019
S3E10: A Fresh Perspective on Death You Need to Hear (Plus Our First Giveaway!)
Aug 30, 2019
S3E9: How to Make Fear Your Greatest Teacher with Guryan Tighe
Aug 23, 2019
S3E8: Therapy for Black Girls with Dr. Joy Harden Bradford
Aug 16, 2019
S3E7: What "They" Didn't Teach You About White Supremacy and Feminism with Rachel Cargle
Aug 09, 2019
S3E6: How to Thrive as an Introvert in a World Built for Extroverts
Aug 01, 2019
S3E5: How To Become More Assertive (And Why It's Important)
Jul 26, 2019
S3E4: What To Do When Life Comes at You Fast
Jul 19, 2019
S3E3: 5 Tips to Help You Get Back On Track and Find Your Passion
Jul 12, 2019
S3E2: It's Our Anniversary BONUS Bloopers Reel
Jul 09, 2019
S3E1: Why You Should Sleep Like Your Life Depends On It
Jul 05, 2019
S2E13: Season 2 Finale- Highlights From the Season & the H.E.R Space Retreat
Jun 27, 2019
S2E12: Oh You Bougie, Huh?
Jun 21, 2019
S2E11: I Am Not My Hair... Or Am I?
Jun 14, 2019
S2E10: Songs in the Key of Life
Jun 07, 2019
S2E9: So What's Therapy Like Anyway?
May 30, 2019
S2E8: Is This What Anxiety Looks Like?
May 24, 2019
S2E7: What Do You Wish You Could Tell Your Younger Self?
May 17, 2019
S2E6: Addressing the Problematic: What You Don't Know Can Hurt Others with Dr. Ja'Nina Garrett-Walker
May 10, 2019
S2E5: What You Need to Know About Being Black and Queer and Why it Matters with Dr. Ja'Nina Garrett-Walker
May 03, 2019
S2E4: Our First Fight: Tips to Manage Conflict for the Non-confrontational Woman
Apr 26, 2019
S2E3: Why You Might Be Struggling to Gain Confidence
Apr 19, 2019
S2E2: Play-Deprivation: What to Do When Fun Is Not Your Ministry
Apr 12, 2019
S2E1: Let's Talk About Sex with Eliza Boquin
Apr 05, 2019
S1E14: Season 1 Finale - Shoutouts, Black Enterprise Feature, and Season 2 Teasers
Mar 29, 2019
S1E13: Boundary Violations You Might Be Crossing That Are Impacting Your Relationships
Mar 22, 2019
S1E12: Imposter Syndrome: How to Deal When You Feel You Don't Belong
Mar 15, 2019
S1E11: How to Create a Dream Team For Your Life and Business
Mar 08, 2019
S1E10: Thriving With Depression
Mar 01, 2019
S1E9: How to Set Boundaries Effectively- No Is a Complete Sentence
Feb 22, 2019
S1E8: How to Find Your Own Self-Care Routine
Feb 15, 2019
S1E7: The Dating Game LIVE SHOW at University of San Francisco
Feb 08, 2019
S1E6: Colorism, Talking White, and Black History, Oh My!
Feb 01, 2019
S1E5: Adulting Woes: When Everyone's Life is LIT and You Feel Stagnant
Jan 25, 2019
S1E4: The Best Ways to Heal After Leaving a Toxic Relationship
Jan 18, 2019
S1E3: How to Overcome Procrastination and Make Progress Fast
Jan 11, 2019
S1E2: 7 Easy Tips to Help You Manage Your Time Effectively
Jan 04, 2019
S1E1: Welcome to the H.E.R Space Podcast!
Jan 01, 2019