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 Jan 12, 2019
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A daily gaming news show dedicated to keeping you informed and getting you back in the game in under 10 minutes. The Gamer Daily News Podcast does not believe in fan boy wars and brings you reliable, fun and fair gaming news every morning. We cover Nintendo, Playstation, Xbox, PC gaming and more! Subscribe for free and join us in the amazing adventure that is gaming!

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Out Sick

Hey guys, I'm out sick for the rest of the week. I will be back at it first thing Monday April 22nd. Thank you for understanding and i'll see you guys then! 

Apr 18, 2019
New Capcom Console, New Xbox & Dr Disrespect Gets Hacked - Wednesday April 17th 2019

In Today's News... 

Capcom Releases an arcade game pad, 
Microsoft announces a new Xbox,  
& Dr Disrespect get’s hacked…. 
Apr 17, 2019
Sony Blocks Character Transfers & Lego Star Wars is Coming - Tuesday April 16th 2019

In Today's New's....

Sony blocks Destiny character transfers,
New Lego Star Wars in development,
& Mario Tennis gets an update….
Apr 16, 2019
Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order details - Monday April 15th 2019

In Today's News... 

Star Was Jedi: Fallen Order was officially announced,  
& we have all the details.…. 
Apr 15, 2019
Sekiro Sales Numbers, Guerrilla Games Multiplayer & Atlas Mega Update - Friday April 12th 2019

In Today's News... 

Sekiro sales are huge,
Guerrilla Games is hiring for a multiplayer project,
& Atlas gets a mega update.…. 
Apr 12, 2019
PSN ID Change, Eve Online Starter Pack & Witcher Copyright Issues - Thursday April 11th 2019

In Today's News... 

Change your PSN ID,
Play EVE Online starter pack DLC for Free,  
& CD Projekt Red accused of copyright infringment.…. 
Apr 11, 2019
BDO Battle Royal & a Billion Dollars - Wednesday April 9th 2019

In Today's News... 

BDO gets rid of battle royal,
Star Wars Jedi Premiere date announced,  
& BDO makes 1 billion dollars.... 
Apr 10, 2019
Nintendo Direct Rumor, Blizzard PVP Plans & Kotaku Is Sold - Tuesday April 9th 2019

In Today's News....

Nintendo Direct rumored this week, 
Blizzards PVP content plan,  
& Kotaku get’s sold.…. 
Apr 09, 2019
Fortnite Respawn, Borderlands 3 Loot Tables & Octopath on PC - Monday April 8th 2019

In Today's News... 

Fortnite gets a respawn system,
Borderlands 3 is bringing individual loot tables,
& Octopath traveler is coming to PC…. 
Apr 08, 2019
BAFTA Awards, Minecraft Gamepass & Meat Boy Delayed - Friday April 5th 2019

In Today's News.... 

BAFTA Happened and we have all the winners, 
Minecraft is added to Game Pass, 
& Super Meat Boy Forever is being pushed back…. 
Apr 05, 2019
Epic Games Store Exclusive, Cloud Saves & Cross Play Co-Op - Thursday April 4th 2019

In Today's News.... 

Epic Games store gets another HUGE exclusive,
Civilization 6 gets cloud saves, 
& Boderlands 3 might have cross play co op…. 
Apr 04, 2019
Black Ops Map, Red Dead Online Showdown & Hellblade on Switch - Wednesday April 3rd 2019
In Today's News... 
Black Ops releases a new map, 
Red Dead Online gets a new mode, 
& Hellblade gets a release date on switch…. 
Apr 03, 2019
Sony Refund Policy, Borderlands 3 Release Date & DMC Bloody Palace - Tuesday April 2nd 2019

In Today's News.... 

Sony changes refund policy,

Borderlands 3 release date leaked,

& DMC Bloody Palace is now available….

Apr 02, 2019
Sega Genesis Mini, Valve VR & Kaz Harai - Monday April 1st 2019

In Today's News.... 

Sega Genesis is available for preorder,

Valve is releasing a VR headset,

& Kaz Harai is retiring from Sony…

Apr 01, 2019
Gearbox Panel Has Commenced - Friday March 29th 2019

In Today's News... 

Gearbox Held it’s panel at Pax East today,

And we have all the details….

Mar 29, 2019
CD Projekt Red E3, Divinity Original Sin Sequal & Gamestop E-Sports - Thursday March 28th 2019

In Today's News... 

CD Prokekt Red is betting big on E3,

Divinity Original Sin 2 is getting a sequal,

& Gamestop partners with Esports…  

Mar 28, 2019
Myst Studio New Game, EA Layoffs & PS4 Downloads No More - Wednesday March 27th 2019

In Today's News... 

Myst studio announces a new game,

EA lays off 350 people,

& Sony will no longer sell PS4 download codes…  

Mar 27, 2019
State of Play, Apple Arcade & New Nintendo Switch - Tuesday March 26th 2019

On Today's News... 

Playstation launched it’s first episode of State of Play,

Apple reveals a gaming subscription service,

& Nintendo is getting two new Switch devices…  

Mar 26, 2019
Dead Cells Sales, Apple Gaming News & State of Play Direct - Monday March 25th 2019

In Today's News... 

Dead Cells sales numbers are in,

Apple might reveal a new gaming service,

& State of Play Direct is later today…  

Mar 25, 2019
Metro Exodus Sales Numbers, Disc-less Xbox One & 100 Million Dollar Giveaway - Friday March 22nd 2019

In Today's News... 

Metro Exodus is selling like hotcakes,

Discless Xbox One is coming May 7th,

& Epic Games is giving away 100 million dollars…  

Mar 22, 2019
Walmart Gaming, Cuphead on Switch & Detroit Become Human on PC - Thursday March 21st 2019

In Today's News... 

Walmart is looking at getting into gaming,

Cuphead is coming to switch in April,

& Detroit Become Human is coming to PC…  

Mar 21, 2019
Google Stadia Announced - Wednesday March 20th 2019

In Today's News.... 

Google jumps into Gaming,

& we have all your details here….

Mar 20, 2019
More Gearbox, Apex Battlepass & Splatoon 2 - Tuesday March 18th 2019

In Today's News... 

Gearbox to announce another new game,  

Apex Season 1 Battlepass Drops,

& Splatoon 2 is free this weekend...

Mar 19, 2019
New Sonic, Game on Discord & Rage 2 Frame Rate - Monday March 18th 2019

On Today's News....

A New Sonic is coming,  

Buy games straight from developers on discord,

& Bethesda reveals Rage 2’s frame rate…..

Mar 18, 2019
Dragon Ball Card Game, Snoop Dogg League & Xbox Live for IOS - Friday March 15th 2019

In Today's News...

A Dragon Ball Z card game is coming,  

Snoop Dogg starts a Madden League,

& Microsoft officially reveals Xbox Live for Android and IOS…..

Mar 15, 2019
Ninja Apex Sponsorship, PC Games On The Xbox & Sony Purchasing Take Two - Thursday March 14th 2019

In Today's News... 

Ninja's Apex numbers are in,

You can stream pc games to your Xbox,

& is Sony purchasing Take Two?

Mar 14, 2019
Google Gaming Teaser, Dragon Dogma Anime & Borderlands Baby! - Wednesday March 13th 2019

In Today's News... 

Google teases it's gaming reveal,

Dragon Dogma Anime is on it’s way,

& it looks like we’re definitely getting some Borderlands news….

Mar 13, 2019
WOW Classic Phases, Fortnite Lawsuits Dropped & March's Game Lineup - Tuesday March 12th 2019

In today's News, 

WOW Classic roadmap is announced, 

Fortnite Dance lawsuits have been dropped,

& we take a look at March’s Game Lineup….

Mar 12, 2019
Stellaris Expansions, Turok 64 Is Coming & Tetris 99 Gets A Tournament - Thursday March 7th 2019

In Today's News... 

Stellaris Console Edition Expansions starts in March,

Turok 64 is coming to Switch,

& Tetris 99 gets it’s first tournament …..

Mar 07, 2019
Fallout 76 Ending, Xbox One S All Digital & Destiny 2 Patch Notes - Wednesday March 6th 2019

In Today's News... 

Fallout 76 Secret Ending,

Xbox One S All Digital,

And Destiny 2 Patch Notes are up….

Mar 06, 2019
Gaming Subscription, Gwent Expansion & Apex Success - Tuesday March 5th 2019

In Today's News... 

The Gaming Subscription model is the future,

Gwent gets it’s first expansion

& Apex Legends hits 50 million players…..

Mar 05, 2019
Halo Infinite, Snake & Jablinski Games - Monday March 4th 2019

In Today's News... 

Halo Infinite is coming to E3,

Oscar Isaac wants to play Snake in the Metal Gear Solid Movie,

& Jablinski Games has It’s first LP…..

Mar 04, 2019
Anthem Changes, Borderlands 3 & Fornite Ping System - Friday February 29th 2019

In Today's News... 

Changes are coming to Anthem,

Borderlands 3 might be at Pax East,

& Fortnite gets a ping system….

Mar 01, 2019
Big Pokemon News, Kingdom Hearts DLC & Epic Gets Sued Again - Thursday February 28th 2019

In Today's News... 

A New Pokemon is coming,

Kingdom Hearts DLC is on it's way,

& another lawsuit comes to Epic….

Feb 28, 2019
Microsoft & Switch News, Cuphead & Baptiste Reveal -Tuesday February

In today's News... 

Microsoft is bringing Gamepass to Switch this year,

Cuphead gets an artbook,

& Baptiste is revealed…

Feb 27, 2019
Switch Gets More RE, Division 2 Open Beta Details & GOG layoffs - Tuesday Feb. 26th 2019

In Today's News...

Switch gets more Resident Evil Games…

Ubisoft details it’s open beta

& GOG makes some layoffs…

Feb 26, 2019
Microsoft's E3 Reveal, Epic Respawns & Fallout 76 Roadmap - Monday February 25th 2019

On Today's Show... 

Microsoft to reveal new Xbox at E3 2019,

Epic is thinking about adding respawns to Fortnite,

& Fallout 76 releases it’s roadmap...

Feb 25, 2019
THQ Buying Studios, New Overwatch Hero & Nintendo Says Goodbye - Friday February 22nd 2019

In Today's News.... 

THQ Nordic is buying more companies,

New Overwatch Hero is teased,

& Nintendo Of America bids a fond farewell…   

Feb 22, 2019
Apex Legends New Gun, Hearthstone Comeback & Paradox Mods - Thursday February 21st 2019

In Today's News.... 

Apex Legends gets it’s first new gun,

Hearthstone is asking players what went wrong,

& Paradox Mods has come to PC & Xbox....

Feb 21, 2019
Fortnite Lawsuite, Final Fantasy DLC & The Synthesis Expansion - Wednesday February 20th 2019

In Today's News... 

A Fortnite Live Event is in trouble, 

Final Fantasy 15 DLC gets a release date,

& the Synthesis expansion is coming to Path of Exile.....

Feb 20, 2019
Fortnite Infinity Blade, Tekken 7 DLC & Scalebound Coming Back - Tuesday February 19th 2019

In Today's News...

The Infinity Blade is back,

New fighters announced in Tekken 7,

& Scalebound could be coming back…

Feb 19, 2019
Jade, Division 2 Sales & New Fallout 76 Updates - Friday February 15th 2019

In Today's News...

Jade is back,

Division 2 sales are strong,

& New Fallout 76 Content is coming…

Feb 15, 2019
Tetris 99, Trials Rising & THQ Nordic - Thursday February 14th 2019

In Today's News.... 

Tetris 99 is here,

THQ Nordic buys Warhorse Studios,

& Trials Rising gets an open beta…

Feb 14, 2019
Nintendo Direct Today, Division 2 Beta & A New Mass Effect - Wednesday February 13th 2019

In Today's News.... 

It’s Nintendo Direct Day,

Division 2 gets a beta,

& a new Mass Effect is coming…

Feb 13, 2019
Sony E3 Explanation, Capcom Music & Apex Legends Solo Mode - Tuesday February 12th 2019

In Today's News.... 

Sony’s E3 Explanation,

Capcom drops a ton of music,

& Apex Legends is getting Solo mode....

Feb 12, 2019
Solitaire, Activision Cuts & Rainbow Six News - Monday February 11th 2019

In Today's News... 

Solitaire is leveling up,

Activision is making cuts,

& Rainbow 6 is going down under….

Feb 11, 2019
ESO PLUS, DRAM Prices & Baldurs Gate - Friday February 8th 2019

In Today's News.... 

ESO Plus is free,

RAM prices are falling,

& Baldurs Gate is coming to consoles…  

Feb 08, 2019
Division 2 Photography, Assasins Creed 3 & Oculus Rift S Rumors - Thursday February 6th 2019

In Today's News... 

Division 2 photo mode,

Assassins Creed 3 remastered release date,

& Rumored Oculus Rift S details…

Feb 07, 2019
Hearthstone Curse, BFV Sales & Sea of Thieves is Free - Wednesday February 5th 2019

In Today's News... 

Hearthstone Curse is infecting everyone,

BFV failed to meet it’s sales expectations,

& Sea of Thieves is Free….

Feb 06, 2019
Apex Legends, Guild Support For Anthem, & Kingdom Hearts 3 - Tuesday January 5th 2019

In Today's News.... 

Respawn Releases Apex Legends,

No guild support at launch for Anthem,

& Kingdom Hearts 3 crushes it in the UK....

Feb 05, 2019
Playstation Revenue, Sharing Media From Xbox & Switch Online is Doing Great - Monday February 4th 2019

In Today's News, 

PlayStation announces huge revenue numbers,

It’s getting easier to share media directly from the Xbox,

& Switch Online is doing great…..

Feb 04, 2019
Sea of Thieves Options, Smaller Nintendo & Hearthstone Nerfs - Friday February 1st 2019

In today's news... 

Sea of Thieves cross play options,

Smaller & cheaper Nintendo Switch,

& Hearthstone nerfs....…

Feb 01, 2019
Sony Games, Quantic Dream & COD League Play - Thursday January 31st 2019

In today's news... 

Sony first party studios focused on PS5 games…

Quantic dream going multi platform….

& League Play coming to COD Black Ops 4…

Jan 31, 2019
Gamestop, Resident Evil & The EA vs Belgium Fight - Wednesday Jan. 30th 2019

In today's news... 

Gamestop no longer up for sale…

Resident Evil 2 has a ton of success….

EA removes FIFA points in Belgium…

Jan 30, 2019
Metro Exodus, Madden Predictions & Dragon Ball Z RPG - Tuesday January 29th 2019

In Today's News... 

Epic Games Store lands another exclusive pc game,

Madden predicts the Superbowl winner,

& Dragonball Z goes rpg….

Jan 29, 2019
Xbox at E3, Metroid 4 & Anthem VIP Demo - Monday January 28th 2019

In Today's News... 

Xbox going big at E3,

Metroid 4 is starting over,

& Anthem VIP Demo has issues....

Jan 28, 2019
Next Gen Xbox & PS5 Rumors, Fallout 76 Survival & Blizzard New Hire - Friday January 25th 2019

In Today's News, 

Rumors leak about the specs on next gen consoles, 

Fallout 76 teases us about survival mode, 

Blizzard hires a new head writer.... 

Jan 25, 2019
Farming Simulator, Wargroove & Athem - Thursday January 24th 2019

In today's news... 

Farming Simulator Gets and E Sports League,

Wargroove is coming out,

& Anthem Demo here we come…

Jan 24, 2019
PUBG, FIFA & Trials Rising - Wednesday January 23 2019

On today's show... 

PUBG’S Winter Wonderland,

FIFA Nerfs,

Trials Rising Leaderboards…..and more!

Jan 23, 2019
Overwatch, Game Sales & Atlas - Tuesday January 22nd 2019

On Today's News... 

Overwatch gets new skins,

UK Games Chart has released,

Atlas goes offline, again…

Jan 22, 2019
Mortal Kombat 11, Total War Three Kingdoms & Anthem - Friday January 18th 2019

In Today's News.... 

Mortal Kombat 11 gets revealed, 

A new spy system comes to Total War, 

& Anthem gets a new video....

Jan 18, 2019
Super Smash Brothers, Sea of Thieves & Halo MCC - Thursday January 17th 2019

In Today's News....

Super Smash Brothers Sales Numbers,

Sea of Thieves is Shrinking,

Halo MCC update,

And Much More....

Jan 17, 2019
NBA 2k Licensing Deal, Star Wars News & ESO Expansion Extravaganza - Wednesday January 16th 2019

In today's News...

1 billion dollar licensing deal,

Star Wars is Dead,

ESO gets Dragons....

Jan 16, 2019
Fortnite Gliders, Steam Numbers & Rocket League - Tuesday January 15th 2019

In Today's News... 

Fortnite Gliders are back,

Steam is crushing it,

Rocket League now has full cross platform….

Jan 15, 2019
Conan RTS, Epic Refund Policy & Verizon Cloud Gaming - Monday January 14th 2019

In Today's News.... 

The Conan Universe finally gets a RTS GAME

Epic changes it’s refund policy

And Verizon enters the cloud gaming space…

And more….

Jan 14, 2019
Bungie Leaves Activision, Red Dead Battle Royal, & Dragons Dogma - Friday January 11th 2019

Bungie and Activision get a divorce…. And Bungie is keeping the children

RDR2 jumps into battle royal

Dragons Dogma is coming to the Switch

And more….



Jan 11, 2019
Nintendo Switch 2019, Bravely Default Rumors & Steam Snubbery - Thursday January 10th 2019

In Today's News....

Bravely default rumors.. will it come to the switch?

The Division 2 snubs steam

A new switch in 2019?

Jan 10, 2019
Metro Exodus Bundle, HTC Viveport & Suppressor Sniper - Wednesday January 9th 2019

In Today's News..

Metro Exodus Bundle goodness is upon us!

HTC video game subscription service announced at CES

New weapons in fortnite….yep again…

And more…...


Jan 09, 2019
The Mad Box, Humble Nintendo, Razer Monitor & Halo Infinite - Tuesday January 8th 2019

In Today's News, 

Slightly Mad Studios gives us a first look at their new stand alone console….

You can now buy Nintendo games on the Humble store….

Razer is making a gaming monitor ……

Black desert online finally gets a release date on console….

Jan 08, 2019
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