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By Nicole Franzel & Victor Arroyo - Wave Podcast Network

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Category: Society & Culture

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 Apr 9, 2019
Just started listening to your pod and have been binge listening. I love the realness you both put out about life and relationships! Thanks for keeping me entertained! P.S...Salad is cold :)

 Mar 1, 2019
I sure wish you 2 would start a You Tube channel

 Feb 19, 2019
Love you guys. Enjoy your conversations about how you met and how you make it work. Keep up the great work!

 Feb 15, 2019
I absolutely love your podcast. You guys are so awesome. I think it would be super cool if you had one or all of them couples that came out of BB20. It'd be neat to compare your adventures as a couple outside of the house!!


Welcome to Coco Caliente, hosted by Nicole Franzel and Victor Arroyo. Famously meeting on Reality TV series Big Brother, their relationship was definitely not “love at first sight". But all good things come to those who wait! Proof that opposites do attract, this country girl and city boy are ready to take you on a whirlwind adventure behind the scenes into their new life together! Ready to discuss everything, from reality TV, hot trending topics, pop culture news & gossip, to personal relationships, life and love! You'll also enjoy plenty of awesome guest interviews with celebrity cast members and friends from your favorite reality shows. So get comfortable, and enjoy your weekly and extremely entertaining dose of CoCo. Amazing Race content, updates and recaps will be releasing during this Amazing Race Season 31!

Episode Date
EP105: Baby Expert, Dr. Tina Payne Bryson

New York Best Selling Author and psychotherapist, Dr. Tina Payne Bryson, is on Coco Caliente to talk about her research on babies! You will learn so much on this week’s episode, you don’t want to miss it! Enjoy your weekly dose of Coco.

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May 06, 2021
EP104: Hypnotist Keith Barry

Keith Barry is a world-renowned Mentalist, Magician, & Subconscious Mind specialist. Nic & Vic sit down and enjoy his company while he talks about the power of the mind, why he hypnotized his wife a couple times, and how he helps so many people around the world. You don’t want to miss this episode. Enjoy your weekly dose of Coco Caliente!

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Apr 29, 2021
EP103: Momma Spice

Nic’s mom, Jeni takes over the co-hosting duties this week! Lots of advice, childhood stories and Nicole and her mom’s relationship is explored! Nicole discusses the nursery, the wedding story and how she was raised. We also answer listener questions! Enjoy your weekly dose of Coco!

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Apr 22, 2021
EP102: Meditation with Neuroscientist Ariel Garten

Today Coco Caliente sits down with Ariel Garten—a  neuroscientist, psychotherapist and the creator of Muse. Muse is a headband that detects your brain waves to record feedback while in meditation. PS Nicole has the headband and muse app—she LOVES it. You learn all about the benefits of meditation, optimism and gratitude on this weeks podcast! Enjoy your weekly dose of Coco!

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Apr 15, 2021
EP101: Newlyweds

Nic asks Vic if he feels different being married. Learn how he feels to have a baby on the way and how he plans to keep the spark between the Newlyweds alive! Enjoy your weekly dose of Coco!

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Apr 08, 2021
EP100: Topics from a hat with Nic & Vic

Nic and Vic each write 5 topics to discuss on this weeks pod and throw them into a hat. During the episode they randomly pull out the topics and have to talk about them! They don’t know what the other one wrote. Enjoy this improv dose of Coco.

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Apr 01, 2021

Nic and Vic are married!!…finally! They talk about what made their wedding day extra special and what they couldn’t have done without. Learn wedding dos and dont’s! Nic and Vic also talk about their gender reveal and where the idea came from! They also discuss baby boys name & ideas! You don’t want to miss this episode! Enjoy your weekly dose of Coco!

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Mar 25, 2021
EP98: OBGYN Dr. Shannon Clark

Nic and Vic discuss their 20 week anatomy ultrasound and give pregnancy updates. Dr. Shannon Clark is here today to discuss her own journey through pregnancy and her passion in helping/researching women who are over 35 years old and want to get pregnant. Dr. Shannon Clark aka the “tiktokbabydoc” has tons of knowledge to share and we hope you learn something new and helpful. Enjoy your weekly dose of Coco!

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Mar 11, 2021
EP97: Woodstock Farm Sanctuary

Today Nic & Vic talk with Lizz from Woodstock Farm Sanctuary! Learn what it takes to run a non-profit sanctuary & the positive impact it has on all. Nicole wonders if she is too emotional to be able to run one in her future, since that has been her goal for as long as she can remember. This episode exhibits the genuine, kind-hearted caring for animals in need. Enjoy your warm dose of Coco!

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Mar 04, 2021
EP96: Facials, Food and Free Britney

Vic discusses his experience with his first ever facial and how old his “skin age” is. They laugh about their weight gain in college and reminisce on the food they had on campus. Nic also lets you know what is going on with her wedding dress situation. Nicole gets REAL weird with the weird or normal, you don’t want to miss this! Enjoy your weekly dose of Coco Caliente.

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Feb 25, 2021
EP95: Knowledge from pioneering psychologist, Dr. Alfiee

Dr. Alfiee M. Breeland-Noble is a pioneering psychologist with a passion for helping people of all backgrounds, especially young adults and youth, achieve optimal mental health. Listen as Dr. Alfiee translates her scientific knowledge of mental health disparities into engaging and actionable ideas for the public. You will learn so much in this conversation. Enjoy this expert dose of Coco.

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Feb 18, 2021
EP94: Vulnerability with Nic & Vic

Victor brings up common fears for new parents and discusses what he is afraid of. Nicole chimes in about everything going on in their lives— A LOT. Their wedding is in a month, there’s a soon-to-be house addition, first time pregnancy & what it feels like being in the public eye during all of these life events. Enjoy your weekly dose of Coco!

Feb 11, 2021
EP93: Boy or Girl?! Old Wives’ Tales

This week Nic & Vic go through Old Wives’ Tales to try and determine the gender of their baby. They are aware a lot of these are myths that may hold no truth, but they tally up the amount that point to girl and the amount that point to boy. Join in on this fun journey with them! Enjoy your weekly dose of Coco.

Feb 05, 2021
EP92: Motivation & Creativity with author and international speaker Todd Henry

Today Nic and Vic sit down with Todd Henry, an author, international speaker, consultant and advisor. The conversation is everything you need to hear, from explaining how to stay motivated, creative, and always putting your best foot forward without getting worn out. Todd explains the difference of Authenticity versus Transparency—it's quite miraculous. Pull up a chair, this episode will definitely inspire. Enjoy your weekly dose of Coco.

Jan 28, 2021
EP91: Randomness

Today on Coco Caliente Nic and Vic discuss some interesting topics and respond to listeners questions.  From why humans have eyebrows to Nic and Vic’s bad budgeting attempt, this episode is sure to make you laugh.  Don’t miss this fun filled dose of Coco! 

Jan 21, 2021
EP90: Nic and Vic are PREGNANT!!

Nic and Vic have a sidekick on the way! On todays episode they talk about all the pregnancy details, from when they found out, to how they shared the good news with their loved ones to when their wedding will be. Nicole opens up on her journey so far through pregnancy and answers listeners questions! We hope you enjoy your weekly dose of Coco.

Jan 14, 2021
EP89: Happy 2021 with Nic & Vic

Happy New Year! 2021 here they come.  Nic and Vic chat with you about what has been going on in their lives since the two-week Holiday break! Some exciting stuff will be brewing for Coco Caliente this year, Nic & Vic hope you will join them for the ride! Enjoy your weekly dose of Coco.

Jan 07, 2021
EP88: Wrapping up 2020 with Nic & Vic

This week Nic & Vic highlight small businesses that are holding on through the tough times of COVID. They interview their good friends who own a local restaurant, Rachels of Bad Axe, where they share their struggles and successes over the past 20 years. Nic & Vic then share a small business story of a fellow Coco Caliente Listener, Ashley Young. "All About Grace" is a boutique inspired by her 2 year-old daughter who passed away from a very rare form of leukemia. They share stories in hopes we all can remember to support our small local businesses when life allows. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! See you in 2021!

Dec 17, 2020
EP87: Christmas Abbott & Memphis Garrett Big Brother All Stars

Nic and Vic sit down with the latest Big Brother couple, Christmas and Memphis from Season 22 All-Stars! They talk their new relationship and answer questions you have been wanting to know! Enjoy this hot dose of Coco!

Dec 10, 2020
EP86: Marine Biologist & Sea Turtle Expert Melissa Bernhard

Today Nic & Vic chat with Sea Turtle Expert Melissa Bernhard, who is a Senior biologist at Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium in Sarasota, Florida! All Sea Turtles are either threatened or endangered in Florida so learn how we can help, even with small changes we can do at home. Enjoy this expert dose of Coco.

Dec 03, 2020
EP85: Thanksgiving Traditions

Happy Thanksgiving! This week Nic and Vic chat about their different Thanksgiving traditions growing up with their families. Learn about everything from the midwestern green bean casseroles to Puerto Rican mofongo! Enjoy and laugh with them in this grateful dose of Coco.

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Nov 26, 2020
EP84: BB All-Stars: Final Thoughts

The episode you’ve all been waiting for, Nicole opens up about Big Brother All-Stars. Enjoy this emotional dose of Coco.

Nov 19, 2020
EP83: Nicole Franzel Big Brother All Stars 22

Co-host Nic is back from Season 22 Big Brother All Stars, and has a lot to say. Vic starts at the very beginning of it all. Nicole talks about what it was like before leaving, what it felt like coming off the show after being blindsided by her best ally and she updates you on all the wedding news. We hope you enjoy Nic and Vic being reunited on the podcast for the first time in long time. Enjoy your spicy dose of Coco.

Nov 12, 2020
EP82: "Angels For Change" founder Laura Bray

Join Vic as he speaks with the founder of Angels For Change, Laura Bray.  Laura shares the story of her daughters battle with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, and the obstacles they faced every step of the way.  Throughout their journey they learned of a systemic problem of medication shortages for life saving treatments.  Through pure dedication, Laura was able to get the medication that was needed to save her daughter's life.  Laura’s journey led to the foundation of Angels For Change, an organization dedicated to ending the drug-shortage crisis and helping families secure the medications they need to survive. Don’t miss this important and heartfelt conversation.

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Sep 10, 2020
EP81: Gretchen Arroyo aka Vic's Mom

Join us this week as we take you through the journey of how the Arroyo family came to be. Join Vic and his Mom, Gretchen, as she shares the story of how she met Vic's father. Plus, we get to learn more about Vic's mom as she opens up about her own personal story and becoming a Mom. This mother and son duo reminisce about moving around as Vic was growing up and Gretchen lets us know her thoughts on Big Brother All-Stars. Enjoy this week's dose of Coco. 

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Sep 03, 2020
EP80: BB All-Stars with Paul Abrahamian aka Deadskull

This weeks episodes features one of Nic and Vics closest friends from Big Brother, Paul Abrahamian, aka Deadskull. Enjoy the great conversation and banter between one of the most loved BB Duos “The Sitting Ducks.” They reminisce about their friendship, talk about life today, and cover some interesting topics. They also discuss Paul’s decision to pass on BB All-Stars.  You don’t want to miss this weeks dose of Coco!

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Aug 27, 2020
EP79: BB All-Stars with Josh Martinez

Join the discussion with Victor and special guest Josh Martinez this week on Coco Caliente! They chat about Josh getting the call for Big Brother All Stars and how he felt about the final decision. They discuss who Josh would have worked with and his predictions on the upcoming eviction.  Victor changes it up with an "Italian Word of the Day" and talks about almost burning the house down.  Enjoy your weekly dose of Coco!

Aug 20, 2020
EP78: BB All-Stars with Jeni (Nic's Mom)

In this week's Coco Caliente Podcast, Victor and Jeni (Nicole's Mom) talk Big Brother All-Stars.  They discuss Nicole’s adjustment into the BB house and how life is without her home.  They discuss Nicole’s strategy, alliances, and dispel some rumors. With a very interesting Weird or Normal mixed in, you don’t want to miss this dose of Coco!

Aug 13, 2020
EP77: Big Brother All Stars, Nicole Franzel

Our very own, Nicole Franzel, will be competing on Season 22 of CBS Big Brother All-Stars! We get an EXCLUSIVE pre-show interview with Nicole before she leaves to Los Angeles to be sequestered. Victor is joined by Nicole’s parents, Dave and Jeni, to discuss all the thoughts and feelings prior to her departure. From exercising her mind and body, to who she hopes to see in the Big Brother House, Nicole opens up about her preseason preparations.  So much interesting information to share in this behind the scenes interview, don’t miss this exclusive dose of Coco!


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Aug 06, 2020
EP76: Dr. Adolph Brown III

Teacher, Educator, Author, Speaker and Social Justice Advocate, Dr. Adolph Brown III chats with Nic & Vic this week for an inspiring episode! Join us as we discuss his humble upbringing from the inner city housing projects and his background that led him to be the man he is today. As author of the mental wellness bestseller, "Two Backpacks," we dive into the topic of mental health. He strives to fight for better education and teaching the leaders of tomorrow about the true meaning of hard work. Dr. Adolph Brown III follows the motto "Learn. Laugh. Lead." which he demonstrates in this episode. Enjoy this week's dose of Coco. 

Jul 30, 2020
EP75: Zach Rance

Fellow Big Brother Alumni, and good friend, Zach Rance joins Nic and Vic on the podcast today!  Nic’s fellow BB16 house guest opens up about his post-show experience, and how he has transformed as a person.  From abusing drugs, to questioning his sexuality, and becoming a life coach, Zach shares his journey.  Join Nic, Vic, and Zach on this weeks Dose of Coco!  

Jul 23, 2020
EP74: Average Fashion Blogger

Nic is super excited to have her favorite instagram follow, @averagefashionblogger aka Courtney Parchman, on the podcast this week! Courtney talks about how she got her platform, how she continues to grow and what her future holds! Also, learn what it’s like to have Chrissy Teigen, Brie Larson and other celebrities just casually follow you! Courtney is currently working with Comedy Central! Join in on this podcast as they laugh, a lot! Enjoy your weekly dose of Coco!

Jul 16, 2020
EP73: Travis Mills “Never give up. Never quit"

Join Nic & Vic as they speak with the inspirational Travis Mills.  A retired United States Army Staff Sergeant of the 82nd Airborne, Travis defines himself as a recalibrated warrior following a critical injury sustained during his third tour of duty in Afghanistan. They discuss his journey to recovery as one of only five quadruple amputees from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Travis shares his story to inspire others to overcome life’s challenges and adversity.  Enjoy this most inspirational dose of Coco!   

Jul 09, 2020
EP72: Phil Keoghan, Host of “Tough As Nails” and “The Amazing Race”

Today Nic and Vic welcome back Emmy Award Winning Producer, Phil Keoghan!  You may recognize him from the CBS hit show "The Amazing Race” and the host of the new series “Tough as Nails” premiering on CBS July 8th. Phil discusses how the new competition series “Tough as Nails” celebrates the everyday American worker who roll up their sleeves, get dirty, work long hard hours and keep this country going. Phil also gives an update on "The Amazing Race"! You don’t want to miss this weeks’ show, Phil is the best company. Enjoy your weekly dose of Coco.

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Jul 02, 2020
EP71: Big Brother Winner Andy Herren

This week Nic & Vic talk with Big Brother Season 15 Winner, Andy Herren! Andy talks about how winning Big Brother has positively changed his life and what is he is up to now for an occupation! Andy briefly discusses his casting experience and what it was like to be on a season that was controversial. Enjoy this weeks dose of Coco! PS, Victor is the weird one this week!

Jun 25, 2020
EP70: Big Brother 18 Zakiyah Everette

Today Nic and Vic sit down with friend Zakiyah Everette from Big Brother 18. They laugh about memories from the house, talk about life before the CBS reality TV show and learn about all the things Zakiyah has been up to since! Nicole shows her weirdness again on the “Weird or Normal” segment, no one is surprised. Haha. Enjoy your weekly dose of Coco.

Jun 18, 2020
EP69: Big Brother Cody Calafiore

Today Nic and Vic sit down with Cody Calafiore, runner-up of Big Brother 16. Cody is currently an American Actor.  They dive into what Cody was up to prior to appearing on CBS’ Big Brother and what has led him into pursuing his acting career! The weird or normal segment is so weird Victor thinks Nicole is joking when she admits to something she does. Enjoy your weekly dose of Coco. 

Jun 11, 2020
EP68: Victor interviews Nicole

Victor flips the script to interview Nicole this week. He asks her about her future goals, what it is like living in the same small town her whole life, where her love for animals comes from, how her current read has pretty much "cured" her anxiety and much more. Victor learns more about his fiancé on today's episode and you will too! Enjoy this weeks dose of Coco!

May 28, 2020
EP67: Survivor Special w/ Michele Fitzgerald & Natalie Anderson

CBS Survivor Fans, you’re in for a real treat. Today Nic & Vic talk with two of the "Winners at War” Season 40 finalists, Michele Fitzgerald and Natalie Anderson. Michele Fitzgerald won Season 32 and came back with something to prove. Natalie won Season 29 without a single vote against her, but is the first to head to “Edge of Extinction” this time around. Both of these amazing women played entirely different games and they are here to talk about it. Natalie was also on The Amazing Race twice previously with her twin sister, Nadiya. These women are strong, smart, fierce and everything great you could ever imagine. Enjoy this empowering dose of Coco.

May 21, 2020
EP66: Big Brother 19 Champion & 3X Challenge Competitor Josh Martinez

Today Nic & Vic sit down with good friend Josh Martinez, CBS Big Brother 19 Winner and current Challenge competitor. Josh goes into detail about how difficult it was for him in the Big Brother house for the first several days and how he overcame the obstacles. Josh talks about how he was immediately cast for The Challenge and his thoughts on making this reality MTV show a career. He also partakes in Weird or Normal and the Spanish Word of the Day! Enjoy your weekly dose of Coco!

May 14, 2020
EP65: Demi Burnett, Relationships, Fame & Zodiac Signs

Demi Burnett, from The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise, joins Nic & Vic on discussing zodiac signs, driving stick-shift cars and social media. Demi is a fun, spunky and honest guest! She shares stories and her opinion about being on The Bachelor, what it's like to have a huge social media following, and her new relationship with Slater Davis. Enjoy this weekly dose of Coco!

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May 07, 2020
EP64: This Is Us with 12-Year-Old Kate Actress Mackenzie Hancsicsak

If you love the NBC hit show This Is Us as much as Nic and Vic, you’ll love this episode.  They have a fun and interesting conversation with Mackenzie Hancsicsak and her mother Melinda.  Mackenzie plays 12 year old Kate on the Emmy Award Winning series which was her first ever Hollywood audition . They discuss Mackenzie's journey to landing the role and all the behind the scenes of creating a tv series. They even discuss how you could win a speaking role on Season 5 of This Is US! Nic and Vic have a more than interesting weird or normal, and talk about bear encounters. Don’t miss this unforgettable episode of Coco Caliente!

Apr 30, 2020
EP63: Kaycee Clark's Big Decision, Big Brother vs The Challenge

Big Brother Season 20 Winner and MTV's The Challenge cast member Kaycee Clark joins Nic and Vic on this week's episode and revela's which show she would choose if she could only play one again! Kaycee talks about life before Big Brother and how getting cast at that time couldn’t have been more perfect. We also learn how Kaycee prepared for Big Brother and The Challenge physically and mentally! She reveals her future plans and considers making The Challenge her career choice! Enjoy your weekly dose of Coco!

Apr 23, 2020
EP62: Jake Borelli aka Dr. Levi Schmitt from Grey’s Anatomy

Join Nic & Vic on this week's episode of Coco Caliente with special guest Jake Borelli. Jake can be seen playing Dr. Levi Schmitt on ABC’s hit tv series Grey’s Anatomy. Nic & Vic learn how Jake navigated through the struggles of being an up and coming actor, and almost gave up hope entirely. Also on the episode they discuss how Jake had an equal passion for art as he did for acting, and the tough decision he made.  A fun conversation to say the least and a bit of weird or normal.  Enjoy this dose of Coco!

Apr 16, 2020
EP61: Big Brother Talk with Former Houseguest & Host Peter Brown

Big Brother Canada stopped production of its eighth season of the show due to the COVID-19. Peter Brown, former houseguest of Big Brother Canada 1 and talk show host, take the listeners though the season week by week. He explains why this was one of his favorites and discusses if these houseguests will get another shot at the game. Peter wraps up the show with his hopes for Big Brother Season 22 US, if of course it's safe to proceed with filming. Nic and Vic also share their opinions on using each other's toothbrushes, and of course Vic has a Spanish Word of the Day! Enjoy this weeks dose of Coco!

Apr 09, 2020
EP60: Our Love Story, Wedding Dates & Quarantine

On this week's Coco Caliente Podcast, listeners asked for it so Nic & Vic delivered. Enjoy this light-hearted and funny episode of Nic & Vic describing their love story, quarantine date ideas, and giving wedding updates. Stay safe!

Apr 02, 2020
EP59: Bachelor Couple Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon

Nic and Vic talk with Bachelor Nation couple Ashley I and Jared Haibon about wedding details, how their lives have changed since appearing on ABC's The Bachelor/The Bachelorette and what the future looks like for them. Find out where they are planning to move in the near future and wedding advice for future brides and grooms! Enjoy your weekly dose of Coco!

Mar 26, 2020
EP58: The Bachelor, Behind the Scenes, w/ Heather Martin

On this week's Coco Caliente Podcast, Nic and Vic take a deep plunge behind the scenes of ABC's hit show The Bachelor, with special guest Heather Martin! Nic asks all the questions viewers want to know. What do you pack, how do you prepare, and how much time do you really spend with the Bachelor? Heather speaks about life before and after the show, and joins in on “Weird or Normal” Enjoy this refreshing dose of Coco!

Mar 19, 2020
EP57: Love Is Blind with Mark Cuevas

Today Nic & Vic sit down with Mark Anthony Cuevas to discuss his time on the New Netflix Hit Reality TV show “Love Is Blind”. Mark was the youngest contestant at age 24,  when "LIB" was filmed a year and a half ago. Mark proposed to Jessica Batten, 36, on the show and at the end of it all Jessica didn’t say “I do". Mark takes us through his journey explaining his thoughts and feelings while in the experiment. From talking in the pods, to seeing Jessica for the first time, their time in Mexico, watching her walk down the aisle to recently seeing her for the first time since their wedding at the reunion show is all explained here.  You don’t want to miss this dose of Coco.

Mar 12, 2020
EP56: American Ninja Warrior & Stuntman, Flip Rodriguez

Flip Rodriguez, a top American Ninja Warrior Competitor, Stuntman, Public Speaker, and soon to be Author is here to share his story. Flip opens up about the mask he wore for a long period of time. He discusses how sharing his journey has helped many other sexual abuse victims. Along with his new book Flip plans to become a motivational speaker to impact more lives. While Flip isn’t training, he is a stuntman! He talks about how difficult and dangerous the job is while highlighting the cool parts, like working with Will Smith in Bad Boys 3. Flip is inspirational, determined and dedicated. Nic and Vic hope you love this dose of Coco!

Mar 05, 2020
EP55: Shubham Goel from the Netflix Reality Series “The Circle”

Today Nic and Vic sit down with Shubham Goel, a fan favorite from the Netflix Series “The Circle”! Shubham aka “Shooby” answers questions about the new, popular reality show. He reveals that he has applied for Big Brother and Survivor prior to landing a spot in "The Circle” cast, and he is not giving up hope! Shubham also ran for Governor of California, which he discusses with Nic and Vic! Get all the details in this weeks’ dose of Coco!

Feb 27, 2020
EP54: Shane McAnally, Multi Grammy Award Winning Songwriter

The best episode of Coco Caliente is here! Shane McAnally, an American Country Music singer, songwriter and record producer. Shane takes Nic and Vic through his journey starting with his appearance on Star Search when he was fourteen. Now, at age 45, he has over 40 Number One Top Hits and accumulated several Grammy Awards. Shane has wrote songs for artists such as Luke Bryan, Kelly Clarkson, Kacey Musgraves, Sam Hunt, Jake Owen, Kenny Chesney, Miranda Lambert, Keith Urban and many, many more. Shane is also one of the producers and hosts of the NBC television reality series Songland. Shane is the nicest, most humble and exciting guest yet. Nic and Vic can’t wait for you to listen to this week's episode of Coco Caliente!

Feb 20, 2020
EP53: Crochet Street Artist and The Amazing Race Contestant London Kaye

Today Nic and Vic sip coffee with author and artist, London Kaye, who is paving the way for Crochet Street Artists all over the world. The talented, intelligent and intriguing artist is working with large companies to bring crochet to billboards, shows, museums and even covering cars in yarn that are driving cross country! London was also on The Amazing Race Season 29! Today’s episode is fun, creative and you will learn so much about the journey of a talented artist who is creating something no one has done before. Enjoy this unique dose of Coco!

Feb 13, 2020
EP52: Winner of Netflix Series, "The Circle” Joey Sasso

Today Nic and Vic talk with Joey Sasso from the new hit reality Netflix show, "The Circle”. He takes them through the process of auditioning for the show and how he ended up landing a spot. Joey talks about where he was in his life prior to the TV series and where he is headed now! Learn about his new opportunities that have come about and find out the answers to the questions we are all dying to know! Did he go on a date with Miranda yet? Can you chat with whoever you want whenever you want while competing? And so much more! Enjoy this exciting new dose of Coco!

Feb 06, 2020
EP51: Catch Up with Britney Haynes Godwin

Today Nic and Vic have the witty, funny, and lively Britney Godwin on to talk about life. Drop into their morning conversation over coffee as these friends catch up, and laugh about their time on The Amazing Race together. Britney shares how she was casted for Big Brother (BB) and compares her experiences on BB seasons 12 & 14. Together they discuss the “realness” of social media, and Britney introduces her own Weird or Normal. Enjoy your dose of Coco and hopefully you’ll get the Spanish Word of the Day!  

Jan 30, 2020
EP50: Donny Thompson, America’s Favorite Player, and underdog!

This week we catch-up with Season 16 Big Brothers’ America’s Favorite Player, Donny Thompson! Find out what Donny is up to now, how the show impacted his life and what he did in his audition tape to catch the casting team’s eye! Donny talks about how his famous beard came about while him and Nicole reminisce on funny things that happened in the house that summer. They also talk about what the jury house is like and what happened when he was asked to be on The Amazing Race! Find out what Donny’s perfect girl qualities entail, on this week’s episode of Coco Caliente.

Jan 23, 2020
EP49: Bathroom Stalls, Road Trips & Technology with Dani & Dom Briones

This week Nic & Vic catch up with their friends, Dani and Dom! Dani was on Big Brother seasons 8 & 13, where she met her now husband Dominic! They take us through their past, present & future, from how they met, to where they are now! They discuss a variety of topics, this couple is so lovable, genuine, real and down to earth, definitely a breath of fresh air. Laugh with us as we discuss which bathroom stalls we choose (strategically), how Big Brother has changed over the years and Dominic challenges Victor with a spontaneous Italian Word of the Day Segment! Enjoy one of the best weekly doses of Coco yet!

Jan 16, 2020
EP48: Catching up with Nic & Vic

New Year, New Nic & Vic. Jk, they’re pretty much the same, but they do share their 2020 hopes and dreams with you! They give you a glimpse into their current real life situations and share their most recent wedding mishap! Nicole discusses how she recently realized she is a Highly-Sensitive Person and what this means exactly! Join in with the weird or normal segment and see if Nicole can guess the first Spanish word of the decade! Enjoy your extremely personal and honest dose of Coco!

Jan 09, 2020
EP47: Reality TV Casting Tips with Big Brother Casting Director, Robyn Kass

If you love Big Brother, showmances or one of the other 60 shows Robyn Kass has cast for, you will love this episode! Casting director Robyn Kass, gives tips on how to land yourself on a Reality TV show by explaining what key characteristics she's is looking for in a Big Brother 22 Houseguest. Following along on the topic of casting, Nic and Vic walk you through their experiences and discuss their own process! Nic also explains when you should do a video submission versus an open call. This is a fantastic behind the scenes episode for all Reality TV fans. Enjoy your weekly dose of Coco!

Dec 19, 2019
EP46: Suicide Survivor, Filmmaker and Storyteller, Kevin Hines

Today with talk with all things mental health with Suicide Survivor, Kevin Hines. Kevin’s message is powerful, raw and real. He shares his thoughts, feelings and future goals with us. Kevin doesn’t sugar coat things, he still has bad days and he gives insight on what helps him through the dark times. He wrote a book, has told his story in person to over 2 million people, has saved many lives, and is now making a film. This is a podcast everyone should listen to, everyone can use education on brain health. Enjoy your weekly dose of Coco!

Dec 12, 2019
EP45: Haters keep you relevant with Kathryn Dunn

Today Nic and Vic talk with Kathryn Dunn, Big Brother 21 Houseguest about her “four failed showmances”,  her pageant days and her current relationship status with BB 21 houseguest, Nick Maccarone. Kat opens up about her younger pageant days and how that prepared her for the internet trolls after her reality tv show experience. From professional dancing, to broadcasting to how she got recruited for BB to what she plans to do next, laugh with us, Kat is very bubbly and entertaining! Enjoy your conspiring dose of Coco. 

Dec 05, 2019
EP44: Misty Griffin; A Story of Surviving Master Manipulation

Today we have Misty Griffin, who at age six her parents started to dress her and her sister in Amish clothing, attempting to fool the public of their abusive, and torturous parenting. Misty shares her long hard journey in a place that barely anyone knew of her existence, where she wasn’t allowed to speak to her sister without permission or allowed to go to school. Her childhood was full of betrayal after betrayal and eventually she joined the Amish community in hopes for a better life, and that was not the case. With all of the hardships and countless disappointments when asking for help, Misty never gave up. She is sharing her story in hopes this doesn’t happen to anyone ever again and to spread knowledge about the characteristics of master manipulators. Join us and the Author of “Tears of the Silenced” in this brutally honest, raw and real episode of Coco Caliente. 

Nov 28, 2019
EP43: Big Brother Final 2 Showmance in the Real World, Jackson Michie and Holly Allen

Jackson Michie and Holly Allen, final two from Big Brother season 21, are in a real life “Showmance”. Since the BB house days they found out they are pretty much inseparable. They elaborate on their living situation and future plans of living and how they handle the outside stressors from the show. Jackson talks about the hardest part of maintaining a relationship in the eye of 7 million viewers. Holly makes you laugh about how she found her Malibu Safari Guide job several years ago, her pageant days and why she has always been so well-spoken. Jackson mentions how people think they know him because they watched him in a house for 99 days but he was actually in a competition for 99 days, not just living. They are such a great couple and this is a very enjoyable discussion! Laugh with us, enjoy your weekly dose of Coco.

Nov 21, 2019
EP42: Married at First Sight w/ Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner

This couple on couple is a unique one given how both couples met, on reality TV. Jamie and Doug however, were married at first sight! We explore how this situation happened, what each of their thoughts/feelings were when seeing each other for the first time while saying “I do” and how their life has progressed since! Jamie also opens up about her past and current pregnancy experiences. Enjoy your dose of Coco! 

Nov 14, 2019
EP41: Life after Reality TV Fame with Tommy Bracco

Big Brother 21 Fan Favorite Tommy Bracco graces Coco Caliente with his vibrant personality, charm and honesty! He discusses how it felt coming home to his family after the show, elaborates on his and Christie’s new bond, & discusses his plans moving forward in life! He teaches us, persistence pays off! Join us for this theatrical dose of Coco! 

Nov 07, 2019
EP40: Food is the best medicine with Dr. Steven Gundry, World Famous Heart Surgeon.

Dr. Steven Gundry has many accolades, being a pioneer into baby heart transplants, world famous heart surgeon and four time New York Best Selling Author are a few. Dr. Gundry elaborates on why our life expectancy for millennials has steadily decreased for the last 3 years, and it has to do with food. Dr. Gundry gives advice on what to feed your children and how some everyday foods are linked to childhood cancers. He elaborates on lectins and how those affect our health; his books revolve around food and how to reverse diseases or prevent them from happening in the first place. Get in the know with this wise dose of Coco!

Oct 31, 2019
EP39: Fighting For Your Health with Catherine and Donald

This week we have an inspiring couple on the show, Catherine and Donald, who takes us on their weight loss journey. They have each lost over 100 pounds and have been fighting with their weight for most of their lives—but not anymore. Catherine talks about how she had her first binge eating session when she was very young and has used food as comfort for many things. Donald talks about how he had been diagnosed with Type II Diabetes when he realized he had to do something. Catherine describes how small steps are important while juggling life, being a mom, having a full time job and being a wife. It's all about figuring out what you can do in your situation, the timing will never be perfect so get inspired by their real life weight-loss journey, they don’t sugar-coat it one bit! Enjoy this weeks dose of Coco!

Oct 24, 2019
EP38: Expert, Kati Morton talks Mental Health, Relationships and Social Media

Today we have Kati, who holds a Master’s in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University and is a marriage and family therapist, on to discuss relationships, mental health and the impact of social media. Kati discusses the biggest difficulties she notices in relationships and gives advice on how to prevent the problems before they arise. Kati’s passion is to increase awareness about mental health and today she discusses how to help teenagers deal with the pressures of social media. Learn the key advice for maintaining a healthy relationship & how to find happiness and fulfillment, because we know, money isn’t it. Enjoy your expert dose of Coco. 

Oct 17, 2019
EP37: America's Favorite Player Nicole Anthony

Host Nicole Franzel podcasts with two of America's Favorite players today, Nicole Anthony and co-host Victor Arroyo III. Nicole Anthony was AFP on Big Brother 21 and she fills us in on how her life has been going since the finale of the show a couple weeks ago. Nicole explains how it is getting used to social media, she had none before going onto the CBS reality show and now she has it all. Nicole opens up about her life before the fame, what her ideal dating situation would be and what her future opportunities look like. Laugh with them, this is one is pretty awkward, in a good way! Enjoy your dose of Coco!

Oct 09, 2019
EP36: Instagram Influencing with Professional Paul Desisto

Today we sit down with Celebrity Talent Agent, Paul Desisto and discuss the Public Influencer society. Paul, with CEG agency, has been working with Influencers before Instagram was around. He discusses how the market has changed over the past several years and what he expects the future of the Social Media world to look. What does a thriving Influencer look like, what are the salaries for the influencers he works with, what does his job entail, and what type of Influencers have it for the long haul? Find out the answers to these questions on this week's episode of Coco Caliente! 

Oct 03, 2019
EP35: Big Brother 21 Finale Talk with Derrick Levasseur

Winner of Big Brother Season 16, Derrick Levasseur joins Nic in talking about the very uncomfortable Big Brother 21 Finale. They discuss their opinions on what happened and talk about gameplay! They also tease the idea of an All-Star cast and what that could look like. ALSO, Vic brings his funny into this pod’s weird or normal segment, enjoy! 

Sep 25, 2019
EP34: Victor Arroyo III’s Past Present and Future

Nic practices her interviewing skills on co-host and this weeks guest, Victor Arroyo III. Victor talks about aliens, and space while Nicole embarrasses herself just listing the planets. Nic dives into the questions the listeners asked about Victor and he tells you all about his past, present and future (he’s a talker).  Nicole also introduces “Midwestern Word of the Day”. Listen to find out everything you didn’t know about Victor….. and Nicole’s intelligence. Enjoy this goofy dose of Coco. 

Sep 19, 2019
EP33: Sam Smith Send It! Big Brother 21 coverage

Big Brother 21 houseguest, Sam Smith and wife Melissa join us on today’s BB episode! We find out their love story, Sams audition process, their current feelings on the cast mates, who their rooting for and who they predict to make it to final 2! Also, learn how to properly use Sams punch line “Send it”!  This episode is very fun, energetic and informative!! Enjoy your weekly dose of Coco! 

Sep 12, 2019
EP32: Big Brother After Life with Haleigh Broucher

Today Nic and Vic chat all things Big Brother with Haleigh Broucher from season 20. Coco Caliente dives into who Haleigh was before appearing on the CBS’ reality television show. They discuss what it's like to come off of the show in a showmance and what is like to have public scrutiny on that relationship. Haleigh opens up about her future plans with Fessy and future career goals. Enjoy this week’s dose of Coco!

Sep 05, 2019
EP31: How to be Debt Free with Millennial Finance Expert Anthony O’Neal

Today we are joined by inspirational Author, Speaker and Writer Anthony O’Neal. Anthony explains how he changes the lives of teens and millennials through his motivational speeches, books and social media videos. He teaches how to attack debt and gives insight through personal experiences on how to avoid it. High school and College kids, this part is for YOU. Anthony explains why you should NOT get student loans and how the school you chose to get your education at does not define you. It’s the knowledge you have in your brain that does. Also, if college isn’t for you, that’s perfectly okay, we talk about how you can have so many opportunities that could be a better fit for you. For everyone else out there, Anthony gives tips about saving for retirement and the need to find your “WHY”. He makes you want to be the best version of yourself. Enjoy this inspiring dose of Coco. 

Aug 29, 2019
EP30: CBS Love Island USA Winners Zac & Elizabeth

Feel the love on Coco Caliente this week with the winners of Love Island USA, Zac Mirabelli and Elizabeth Weber. They talk about how they got cast onto the new CBS show, what they were expecting, how life is outside of the show and if they have future plans together. What did they think America thought of them while on the series and who are they closest to from the cast? We also play a little game of "who is" and learn just how close their mothers got on the plane ride down to Fiji! If they get married, do they plan on keeping the anniversary date alive? (Their parents share the same anniversary). Find out now, on Coco Caliente!

Aug 22, 2019
EP29: The Bachelor, Babies, & Big Brother

The Big Brother world collides (in a good way) with The Bachelor Nation. Nic and Vic talk all things reality TV with Bachelor in Paradise couple, Jade Roper Tolbert and Tanner Tolbert. Jade and Tanner discuss life after the Bachelor, Bachelorette, and Bachelor in Paradise. We dive into their love story, they compare the two ABC shows and talk about what CBS series they wouldn’t mind participating in now! It’s an open, honest conversation you don’t wanna miss! Enjoy your weekly dose of Coco! 

Aug 15, 2019
EP28: College, Crushes & Careers w/ Nic's BFF Mariah

It’s BFF week on Coco Caliente Podcast! Nicole has her best friend, Mariah on to reminisce on the good ‘ole days. They talk about their love story, why they gained the freshman fifteen, and a lot of awkward situations they encountered together. Mariah updates the world on her relationship status after being 26 years single. Oh! Do you have the asparagus pee gene?! Listen to find out, enjoy your dose of Coco! 


Aug 08, 2019
EP27: The Modern Jewelry Industry with Sarah O & Dating on “Love Island” with Winston Hines

We have Jewelry Designer, Sarah Ortega, on the podcast this week to discuss the Modern Jewelry Industry. Sarah helped Victor design the perfect engagement ring for Nicole, all in secret. Learn the story how the beautiful, timeless, double halo sapphire piece came alive and ended up on the CBS’ show Big Brother. Sarah talks about how she got started in the jewelry industry and how her business stays unique from the rest! Don’t miss your chance to win a Moonstone piece made by @SarahOJewelry! Details inside! Also, all you Love Islander Fans, we have Winston Hines on the pod for a quick conversation to let us know the scoop! Winston is the first Big Brother player to have been on Love island, located in Fiji, and he lets you know who he’s rooting for and which girl he was trying to steal! (We wish he would have, tbh). Enjoy this sparkling dose of Coco!

Aug 01, 2019
EP26: Criticism, Kindness and Character, w/ Big Brother 21's Ovi

It’s a spicy Coco Caliente episode! Find out what’s new in the Village of Ubly! Nic and Vic talk about how they each handle criticism versus how they should handle it. Ovi Kabir from Big Brother 21 and girlfriend Hannah Blackwell are surprise guests on today’s episode! These two are #RelationshipGoals. Hannah talks about Ovi’s sweet emails he left for her to receive while he was away and she explains how she felt watching the show. Ovi opens up about his gameplay, how he felt when sticking up for Nicole, and who he is rooting for. Who would Ovi target in the house now and what would Hannah have told Ovi if she had a 1 minute phone conversation with him while he was in the house? Find out now on Coco Caliente! 

Jul 25, 2019
EP25: Skincare, Cystic Acne & Success w/ The Skin Saint

We wanna know how to glow, so this week we talk with Award-Winning Skin Clinic Owner and Creator of SkinSaint products Holly Cutler AKA The Skin Saint! Holly discusses her road to success and humble beginnings. We dive into how her cystic acne steered her right into her passion of skincare. Holly’s husband, Dr. Cutler does Integrative Medicine; she discusses how this goes hand in hand with skincare. You’ll learn how this power couple met! Also- find out why she keeps her widely successful clinic in Michigan! If you want to know some skin tips and tricks, don’t miss this episode of Coco Caliente!

Jul 18, 2019
EP24: Casual Catch-up on Holiday, Health and Habiliment

Back to normal programming this week, Nic & Vic catch you up on what’s going on in their lives. They talk about their Barbados vacation, Nic updates you on her health while Vic will crack you up discussing his old clothing trends he went through growing up! They also answer listener questions! Enjoy your casual dose of Coco! 

Jul 11, 2019
EP23: Big Brother Favorites Jeff Schroeder & Jordan Lloyd

Big Brother is back for the summer! What better way than to catch up with fan favorites Jeff Schroeder & Jordan Lloyd! Nic & Vic realize just how similar their reality TV journey is to J&Js. This couple is real, down to earth and so relatable; they will make you laugh and fall in love with their banter! Jordan also opens up about postpartum depression and discusses her success story. We talk love, life, Big Brother & Amazing Race, all here on today’s episode! Enjoy your dose of Coco! 

Jul 05, 2019
EP22: Amazing Race 31 w/ Colin & Christie + LIVE PODCAST

On this final #CocoRaceRecap Nic & Vic talk about their last leg of the Amazing Race as part of the final four and are joined by the Million Dollar Winners Colin & Christie. Together they discuss the difficulties the race can bring and how to best manage not only the stresses of the race, but the stresses of life. The winning couple flash back to the past on how they met and open up on their philosophy for a healthy relationship. Additionally in this episodes you can listen to the podcast recorded live from the Dallas Finale Party which features the final 3 teams before heading into the last episode. So much to enjoy on this extended dose of Coco!

Jun 28, 2019
EP21: Amazing Race 31 w/ Team Fun

On this week's episode of #CocoRaceRecap we have the pleasure of chatting with Team FUN, the two time Amazing Race Team (TAR29, TAR31). Becca and Floyd discuss their time on Season 29 when they were partnered up as strangers and compare it to the race of Season 31. We dive into the Double U-Turn and the “breaking of the egg” scene. Becca reflects on the episode and reveals how she learned from it. How do they stay so happy and energetic all the time?! Tune in to find out! Enjoy this week's fun dose of Coco!

Jun 20, 2019
EP20: Amazing Race w/ Bret LaBelle

Today on #CocoRaceRecap we sit down with Bret LaBelle, former Survivor (Season 33: Millennials vs Gen X), current Boston police officer and other half of “Team Bromance” to chat about their leg in Split, Croatia. Bret discusses his unlikely journey into Reality TV, & gives insight to their final leg on The Amazing Race and what was going through their minds while switching between detours. Nic & Vic discuss their airport mishap and how they could have been eliminated from the race. Like friends talking over coffee, or Bret’s Dunkis, come laugh with us on today's episode of Coco Caliente. Enjoy your dose of Coco.



Jun 13, 2019
EP19: Amazing Race 31 w/ Chris Hammons

The Amazing Race conversation continues this week with guest Chris Hammons who makes up half of “Team Bromance.” On this #CocoRaceRecap Chris explains their U-Turn Vote decision and walks us through their thought process. Nic & Vic share their respective sides to the intensity filled vote and how previous decision in the Race may have saved them this leg. Chris talks about his background as a trial lawyer and how after 16 years of auditions he finally made the cast of Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X. Hope you enjoy this and much more with your weekly dose of Coco!   

Jun 07, 2019
EP18: Amazing Race 31 w/ Korey Kuhl

#CocoRaceRecaps gets into the thick of what happened in Switzerland. Nic & Vic share their thoughts on how events transpired and what their thought process was through it. Also on the show is guest Korey Kuhl, a fellow Michigan native, who is half of the Tyler & Korey duo. He tells us how he and Tyler met, compares his Amazing Race 28 & 31 experiences, and what bumps and bruises he’s gotten along the way. Don’t miss this dose of Coco Caliente. 

May 30, 2019
EP17: The Amazing Race w/ Britney & Janelle

On this #CocoRaceRecap Nic & Vic host Big Brother legends Britney & Janelle. Together they talk about their Amazing Race experience and what it's like running in a dinosaur costume in Dubai. Brittany discusses the physical toll the race has on your body and how it compares to Big Brother. Janelle opens up about the difficulties they faced in Uganda, and how the “Rolex” challenge was not what she thought. Don’t miss this fun and interesting dose of Coco Caliente!

May 23, 2019
EP16: Mothers Day w/ Jeni Franzel (Coco’s Mom)

In this episode Coco Caliente gives tribute to Mothers Day by having Nicole’s mother, Jeni Franzel, as a special guest. They discuss the interesting and funny story on how Nic’s parents, Dave and Jeni, first began dating. They talk about how Nic & Jeni are best friends and even worked at the same store together in Ubly. Jeni also reveals how she gave Nicole the push to apply for Big Brother and what it is like to be the mother of a “reality star.” All this with a more than interesting “Weird or Normal” on this weeks dose of Coco. Happy Mothers Day!

May 17, 2019
EP15: Amazing Race Season 31 w/ Corinne & Eliza

Today on Coco Caliente Podcast Nic & Vic chat with Corinne and Eliza aka "Team Villain” of The Amazing Race Season 31. Together they recap Episode 4 which takes place in Vietnam, where they ultimately get eliminated. They discuss their race experience and dive deep into some interesting behind the scenes information, that didn’t make the cut. Team Villain also share their reality tv backstory, discussing Survivor, and also how they prepared for TAR 31. All this and more on this #CocoRaceRecap!  

May 09, 2019
EP14: The Amazing Race 31, Recap with host Phil Keoghan

This week's #CocoRaceRecap covers Episode 3 of the Amazing Race Season 31. Today Nic and Vic have a very special guest, Phil Keoghan, the host of CBS’ The Amazing Race. They dig into Phil’s past and learn about the many obstacles and accomplishments that led him to his inspiring success story. Phil also shares his near death experience which changed his outlook on life and drives everything he does. Enjoy this intriguing dose of Coco.

May 03, 2019
EP13: Amazing Race 31 w/ Leo Temory

Today Coco Caliente does a #RaceRecap in LA with three time Amazing Race competitor Leo Tamory. Known as half on the Afghanimals duo, he dives into episode 2 with Nic and Vic which takes place in Luang Prabang, Laos. They discuss behind the scenes events that didn’t air and Leo explains what may have lead to the rivalry with Corrine and Eliza. Nic and Vic also confront Leo about his teams deceptive tactics which allowed them to steal first place. All this and more on this week's episode of Coco Caliente.

Apr 26, 2019
EP12: The Amazing Race Season 31 Premiere, w/ Art & JJ

Coco Caliente Podcast takes on the CBS Emmy Winning Show “The Amazing Race.” Nic & Vic represent Big Brother as one of the eleven teams competing in the Reality All-Star Showdown Edition. Today they go behind the scenes with seasoned racers and border patrol agents Art & JJ, who appeared originally on The Amazing Race Season 20. They let you in on their experience this season, and give comparisons to their previous success. Find out all the details, juicy secrets and behind the scenes gossip, all on today's Coco Caliente!

Apr 19, 2019
EP11: Puppies, Pollution, and Phone A Friend

On today's episode Nic & Vic discuss their love for animals and why you should boycott the circus. Nic phones a friend and attempts to comeback from her Spanish Word of the day fails. They also discuss our planet and some current pollution issues. They encourage you to help be the change and welcome any advice that can help reduce waste. All this and more for this week's dose of Coco.

Apr 11, 2019
EP10: Crime, Criminals, and Cops w/ Derrick Levasseur

Former Big Big Brother 16 winner Derrick Levasseur joins the Coco Client Podcast to share him passion for solving murders and fighting crime. Starting his career as one of the youngest sworn officers in the state of Rhode Island he opens up about working under cover and having “hits” put on his life. Derrick talks about his hit tv show on Discovery ID, “Breaking Homicide,” and gives a behind the scenes look into selecting cases and solving murders. The trio also discusses the mind of a serial killer and the importance of good policing. We hope you enjoy this weeks dose of Coco.

Apr 04, 2019
EP9: Gratification, Goals, and Gambling

Does Money equal Happiness? In this episode Nic and Vic talk about the successes and failures of those lucky enough to win the lottery. They also dive into the correlation between job satisfaction vs salary, and the sacrifices people make for their family. Additionally they encourage you to be more social, outgoing, and challenge you to reconnect with old friends. Grab your mug and enjoy your weekly dose of Coco!   

Mar 28, 2019
EP8: Relationships w/ Kaitlyn Bristowe & Jason Tartick

Nic & Vic talk relationships, and who better to chime in than the new love birds Bachelorette, Kaitlyn Bristowe, and no longer eligible Bachelor, Jason Tartick. In their seemingly mirrored experiences they dive in on the realities of a public relationship and the difficulties that can come with it. Kaitlyn opens up on how she fell for Jason, how they manage a long distance relationship, and what the future may hold. In true Kaitlyn fashion we sip wine and tell all, in the couple on couple edition of Coco Caliente. PS, Victor also lets us know why he won’t let Nicole wax his bottom!

Mar 21, 2019
EP07: Diets, Differences, & Discipline

Today Nic & Vic talk Spring Break! Learn how Spring Break in adulthood is much different for both of them in opposite ways. They also reminisce on past diet fails, fads, and wonder why they started them in the first place. Vic talks about what he wants to give up for Lent and how you don’t need to be religious to practice self discipline. Vic also exposes Nics weird behavior that she often does not recall, all on the episode of Coco Caliente!

Mar 14, 2019
EP06: Wedding Planning, Party and Pointers w/ Jessica Sloane

Nic & Vic have been engaged for five months and have made zero wedding plans. Today they sit down with one of the top wedding planners in the nation, Jessica Sloane, who was recognized by Martha Stewart Weddings & Brides Magazine. She gives advice, perspective and shares her experiences hoping to guide them in the right direction. From jungle weddings to celebrity clients, she’s done it all. Raise your mug and toast to this dose of Coco.

Mar 07, 2019
EP05: Flying, Freakouts and Frustrations

On today’s episode of Coco Caliente Nic & Vic share their recent travel mishaps, how their podcast came about and how Victor managed to keep his surprise proposal on Big Brother Season 20 a secret. They also want you to settle a debate, If Nic and Vic each had a salad bar, whose would you go to? Listen to find out and enjoy this coco on the go!

Feb 28, 2019
EP04: Breakups, Big Brother and Broadway w/ Frankie Grande

Big Brother Alumni, Youtube personality and Broadway star Frankie Grande is on Coco Caliente discussing his sobriety, recent breakup and Big Brother experiences. Frankie was not only Nicole’s castmate on Season 16 of BBUS, but also cast on Celebrity BB UK. Nicole and Frankie discuss how their relationship has changed since leaving the BB house and what new adventures he’s up to. Tune in to get your weekly dose of Coco Caliente! 

Feb 21, 2019
EP03: Childhood, Compassion and Confidence

Nic & Vic chat and compare their different upbringings, and how that potentially influenced Victor’s easy move to Small Town, Michigan. Nicole opens up about her struggles with anxiety and sensitivity, while Victor discusses a personal health issue that he surprisingly doesn’t lose sleep over. The conversations of todays episode show how their opposite behavioral tendencies mesh and depend on each other. Find out what new thing grosses Vic out when it's left on the counter. PS it’s probably not as bad as you're thinking. Enjoy your weekly dose of Coco.

Feb 14, 2019
EP02: Spontaneity, Success and Skulls w/ Paul Abrahamian

Get ready to laugh! Today's cup of Coco Caliente is real, raw, and a bit explicit! Close friend Paul Abrahamian is on to chat about his favorite things from music to skulls, and of course Big Brother! Learn what exciting things he's been up to since he left reality television, and what lessons he's learned from the experience. Laugh with the three amigos as they share memories and what they call "good advice." Enjoy your dose of Coco! 

Feb 07, 2019
EP01: First Impressions, “Fame” & Feet

In the first official episode, Nicole Franzel & Victor Arroyo talk about their love story & why it wasn’t love at first sight for them on the set of Big Brother. Vic explains his first taste of fame and Nic talks about why the timing of their meeting was everything. Plus, Victor's neat-freak tactics & Nicole's not-so-neat habits are revealed, & they share why it works for them. Find out what they'll be discussing each week on the podcast, including pop culture, reality tv, & relationships. You may also learn a new Spanish word or two!

Jan 31, 2019
Introduction Episode

Welcome to Coco Caliente, hosted by Nicole Franzel and Victor Arroyo. Famously meeting on Reality TV series Big Brother, their relationship was definitely not “love at first sight". But all good things come to those who wait! Proof that opposites do attract, this country girl and city boy are ready to take you on a whirlwind adventure behind the scenes into their new life together! Ready to discuss everything, from reality TV, hot trending topics, pop culture news & gossip, to personal relationships, life and love! You'll also enjoy plenty of awesome guest interviews with celebrity cast members and friends from your favorite reality shows. So get comfortable, and enjoy your weekly and extremely entertaining dose of CoCo.

Jan 04, 2019