Bully and the Beast

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David Malewski
 Feb 5, 2019
So happy wax finally got a platform to just talk. Some of my favorite Brilliant idiots podcasts have him on them. you guys keep doing it.


Wax and Lorel are the Bully and The Beast (but which one is which) Catch them every week, as they take calls from listeners looking for advice on sex, love, and life from podcasting's funniest frenemies!

Episode Date
I'm the Big Bully... Period
This episode of "Bully and the Beast" Lorel and Wax both had some callers that were not to fond of their comments in the past about certain situations, however they responded just as you would imagine the Bully and Beast would.. with no filter. Also, they opened up the phone lines to a topic that they both know all too well about, and that is bullying, after a viral video went out about a mother approaching young boys about bullying her daughter.
Jun 17, 2019
Nipple C*m
Today on the show we had some very interesting voicemails, with one listener having to question her man's sexuality when it comes to what he likes in the bedroom. Moreover, Wax and Lorel also had surprised guest, DC rapper Chaz French to join in on their conversations. Also, for everyone's favorite segment "Who's On Drugs" they gave you options on questions to answer from, one being "Would you choose going to jail for one year on being on parole for 10 years" or "Are you still friends with your ex?" And of course they gave out some real advice.
Jun 10, 2019
Moan For Me
You thought Wax taking a dump in his hand was bad, well wait till you find out what wax does on long plane rides! Moreover, Wax and Lorel get into the segment "Who's on Drugs" with the topic about love, in which a lot of the callers do not want to be the first to admit they do love someone. Also, as always callers are free to ask for some advice, and lets just say one caller had some trouble expressing her feelings in the bedroom.
Jun 03, 2019
Dirty D*cks and Side Chicks
This episode was full of surprises especially after Wax new found fame, which means the sh*t continues but in different ways than one. A caller, that Lorel has been waiting for finally returns and we find out if new pu*** is better than loyal nowadays with our segment "Whos On Drugs"
May 27, 2019
Secret Fantasies
On today's episode we find out some odd fantasies about our listeners, when one of our listeners left a voicemail asking what the Bully and the Beast would do if they found out their partner masturbated to a picture/video of someone that is not themselves!? And lets just say, when they asked that question during "Who's on Drugs", a lot more sexual odd stories came out!
May 20, 2019
You Sh*T In Your Hand Bro
Wax and Lorel are back with another crazy episode of “Bully and the Beast”. During this episode we discover another disturbing thing Wax does or doesn’t do in the bathroom. Also, with all the controversy surrounding Ayesha Curry comments on “Red Table Talk” you know they had to have the discussion, especially with their listeners during “Whos On Drugs” and according to Wax he does not compliment unless something will be given in return.
May 13, 2019
Field Negro
This episode of Bully and the Beast, thanks to the voicemails their listeners leave them, we find out more reasons why Wax prefers to be number 5 than number 1, and why he rather be on the field than in the house. Moreover, when it came to the segment "Who's On Drugs" we posed the question, would you sacrifice your life or put yourself in harms way to protect your mate, and lets just say a lot of our listeners are savages when it came to their answer.
May 06, 2019
Securely Insecure
Today's episode we not only learn that Wax has another woman that had enough of his games during the Voicemail but we also learned more reason's why Wax is so Insecure when it comes to relationships. Speaking of relationships, we asked our listeners on our segment "Who's On Drugs" if they ever had beef with their bf/gf exes, and lets just say with their stories it seemed like they needed a lot more advice about the partners they choose than anything else!
Apr 29, 2019
This episode Wax and Lore'l received some more voicemails from their listeners, and they were in need of their help when it came to get laid. Also, Wax gives us exclusive details about the Wendy Williams scandal and more. Moreover, they get into their favorite segment "Who's On Drugs" where callers can ask for advice or weigh in on their topic. They even got a surprising call in from comedian Chico Bean !!
Apr 22, 2019
Pamisquwes (Wax Grammar)
Today's episode we start off with some more voicemails, and you may or may not find out what is really hiding under wax's hat! Also, for our segment "Who's On Drugs" besides giving advice we also opened up the phone lines to see if any of our listeners take in rumors spread about someone in consideration when dating someone? And according to Wax "Pamisquwes" is the new term for cheating.
Apr 15, 2019
In and Out the Closet
The wait is finally over, because this episode we got some more voicemails, and lets just say our listeners didn't hold anything back! Also, during the episode we gave our respects to the great Nipsey Hussle, as well with reciting some Savage News and Black Excellence news. Moreover, we opened up the phone lines to see if any of our listener are in need of advice and to see if they prefer a "Toxic mother or an absentee father", however, the conversations kept taking an interesting turn about Wax doing the hokey pokey.
Apr 08, 2019
Horny Time
Today's episode for Bully and the Beast, Wax opened up about a few things, and one is the part he played in this whole Wendy Williams scandal, also they touched on Cardi B's drama and more. Moreover, when it was time for our segment "Who's On Drugs" Lore'l was able to put her feet up, because their listeners did her job for her, when it came to bullying Wax. Also, we asked our listeners if they ever left somewhere important to have sex, we find out that everyone has a horny time!
Apr 01, 2019
Play Your Role
Today's episode The Bully and The Beast discussed gay men hopping into Wax's DM's and within that discussion Wax confessed something we never would have guessed! Moreover, after Eva Marcille opened about the roles she expects in a marriage, we wanted to know if our listeners agree with her during our segment "Who's On Drugs", and we even had some listeners call in, that need unprofessional advice from Wax and Lore'l
Mar 25, 2019
Sweet Savage
Today's episode Wax and Lore'l discuss levels of being savage. First starting with education, something everyone should be privileged to have, but are you willing to pay for your child to get into college?They also got into their segment "Savage News" as well with adding a sprinkle of "Black Excellence" in the discussion. And of course they took calls for everyone's favorite segment "Who's On Drugs" with the topic discussing breakup's in relationships, which they found out that a lot of the callers are just 'sweet savages'.
Mar 18, 2019
Feen Lovin
Today's episode Wax and Lore'l had a chance to listen back to voicemails that you guys left! Moreover the discussion took an interesting turn when it came to the topic about crack heads? Have you ever had an itch that only a crack head can scratch? Well lets just say that our listeners had some interesting stories pertaining relations with crack heads during our segment "Who's on Drugs".
Mar 11, 2019
If You're Dumb then You're Smart
On Today's episode Wax and Lore'l definitely had something to say about Jordyn Woods aka Jordyn Smollett who went on "Red Table Talk" to spill her tea, and lets just say they were not buying what ever she was saying, but we opened up phone lines for "Who's On Drugs" to see what our listeners thought about the subject, along with giving advice to their listeners. Also, listen all the way to the end, as Wax has a surprise for you!
Mar 04, 2019
Piece of Sh**... Literally
Today's episode they discuss recent news on Jussie Smollett, 50 Cent and more. Also we find out some more hidden secrets about the beast Wax, with one of them having to do with him sleeping with his friends girl, and just him being a piece of sh** ... literally! Moreover, Lore'l needed some extra help from their listeners, to figure out what Wax should do with his situation and his odd addiction.
Feb 25, 2019
Play Games So I Know It's Real
Just when you thought it was over they make up, just in time for Valentines Day! Wax and Lorel commented on Gucci and their "Black Face" and spoke on the allegations surrounding Jussie Smollett. And of course, we opened up the lines for our segment "Who's On Drugs" for callers to get advice and give their opinion on the topic. Today's topic Wax believes in playing games first before giving wifey status, and if she passes, you know its real! What do you think?
Feb 18, 2019
Someone is On Cocalinas
This episode the discussion between Wax and Lore'l got a little heated when speaking about double standards, so much to the point when it came to the segment "Who's On Drugs" with usuallyWax Lore'l helping the callers out, this time the callers had to hop in and help them out.
Feb 11, 2019
I love Fageena
On this episode the best frenemies Wax and Lore'l debate over a couple of things, one being the actor Jussie Smollett's recent attack, whether or not you gift your sidepiece for Valentines Day and more. And of course to join in on that conversation we opened up the phone lines to see what our listeners would do, and during these calls, you find out more about Wax's skeletons. Also, we added a new segment called "Savage News" where we read off the most crazy and at times illogical stories and decide who's really on drugs!
Feb 04, 2019
I'm Throwing That Ish Out
Today's episode Wax and Lore'l share their thoughts on the love triangle between Ciara, Future, and Russell Wilson, and give their opinions when it comes to keeping things that their ex gave them. One of them is throwing anything away that had to do with their ex, and the other is keeping their exes stuff no matter how you feel. The discussion was so interesting that they asked their listeners how they feel about it on their segment "Who's On Drugs", and even had time to give advice to some listeners that only Wax and Lorel can help with!
Jan 28, 2019
In Ya Mouth
Today's episode we had a special guest to help Lorel get Wax in order, where you might have heard him on The Breakfast Club, Angela Yee's Lip Service and now on "The Bully and the Beast" podcast, and that is Trav! During their "Who's on Drug" segment they discuss polygamy relationships, if body count matters, and of course Wax gets slipped into some more drama with his "friends".
Jan 21, 2019
Bonus Episode
We decided to give you guys a bonus episode! This episode find out what Wax and Lorel really feel about the R.Kelly allegations, their thoughts one the most richest man in the world giving half his money to his now ex wife and more! Also, you get an exclusive song from Wax!
Jan 15, 2019
Taste Like Pepper
This episode on Bully and the Beast Wax and Lorel give their take on looking into their partners cell phone as well as Wax revealing some more sexual secrets about himself. Also, they opened up the phone lines to see what their listeners think about using Airpods to listen in on people's conversation, but would you really want to eavesdrop on a conversation about you?
Jan 15, 2019
"After Sex... I'm Out"
This episode of Bully and the Beast, Lorel tries to guide Wax in understanding the definition of celibacy, and we find out some of Wax's sexual secrets with the help of callers as their co- host with their segment "Who's On Drugs" Enjoy
Jan 08, 2019