Turn Autism Around

By Dr. Mary Barbera

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Category: Kids & Family

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Dr. Mary Barbera, autism mom, BCBA-D, RN, best-selling author of The Verbal Behavior Approach, and online course creator discusses autism from several different angles for both parents as well as medical, educational, and behavioral professionals. Each week we discuss autism ideas to improve the lives of your children or clients and also cover how to help you be less stressed and live a happier life. Topics include the early signs of autism, the chances of autism recovery, the importance of autism treatment, especially the use of ABA and the Verbal Behavior Approach in toddlers through teens. In each episode, we discuss problem behaviors including reducing stimming and scripting as well as handling self-injurious behavior and aggression. Some shows also cover the medical aspects of autism including topics such as PANS/PANDAS as well as supplement and medication use for kids on the spectrum. There are financial implications and political aspects of autism that we talk about too. So, whether you're a parent or other relative of a child with autism, or an autism professional such as a behavior analyst, nurse, physician, speech pathologist, or teacher, you’re going to want to listen and subscribe!

Episode Date
#011: How to Teach Conversational Skills to Children with Autism

I cannot stress the importance of helping your child develop conversation skills enough. Your child needs to be able to ask and answer questions, and to request help. In this episode I go over my strategies and tips for teaching a child conversational skills.

Mar 19, 2019
#010: Rosemarie Griffin, SLP & BCBA: Increasing Speech

There are very few dual SLP’s and BCBA’s in the world, and I have the pleasure of knowing and interviewing one of them, Rosemarie Griffin. Rose shares her story about how she fell in love with being a speech therapist, and how that led to working with children with severe autism.

Mar 12, 2019
#009: Getting Kids with Autism to Talk or Talk More

It’s very important that your child or client is able use their verbal language skills as much as possible. Dr. Mary Barbera shares simple techniques to encourage these skills, along with practical advice and over two decades of Behavior Analyst wisdom.

Mar 05, 2019
#008: Behaviorbabe (Dr. Amanda Kelly): Autism, Advocacy and Social Media

Dr. Mary Barbera interviews her close friend and fellow behavior analyst Doctor Amanda Kelly, also known as Behaviorbabe, and invites her to share her journey into the world of autism. 

Feb 26, 2019
#007: Dr. Megan Miller: Problems with Escape Extinction

Early detection and treatment of autism is key in aiding your child/student’s growth and recovery. Dr. Mary Barbera interviews Dr. Megan Miller, who depicts her journey into the world of autism, and offers valuable insight when traditional methods may fail.

Feb 19, 2019
#006: Improving Problem Behaviors in Children with Autism

I did a survey of parents and professionals and asked what their challenges were in the autism world. 300 people filled out the survey and within a week, the number one challenge was problem behaviors. In this podcast episode, I'm tackling the four steps to reducing any problem behavior.

Feb 12, 2019
#005: Using ABA and the Verbal Behavior Approach to Treat Autism

There are key differences between the Lovaas ABA approach and a verbal behavior approach when dealing with treatment of autism. I share my journey to discovering how these two approaches don’t have to be mutually exclusive. This blended method has helped my own son tremendously and I’m on a mission to get this info out to other parents and professionals.

Feb 05, 2019
#004: Is it High Functioning or Low Functioning Autism?

Early detection and treatment of autism is key in aiding your child/student’s growth and recovery. Dr. Mary Barbera explains the difference between high functioning autism verses low functioning autism, and why that’s not always a fair and accurate way to label children on the spectrum.

Jan 29, 2019
#003: Lessons about Turning Autism Around: An Interview with Mom of 2 Young Boys with Autism

Dr. Mary Barbera interviews Kelsey General and invites her to share her journey of becoming a single mother and raising two young sons with severe autism. From fighting to get her sons the diagnosis and care they needed, to becoming a professional in the field of autism behavior… she’s learned how to advocate for herself and her children.

Jan 21, 2019
#002: Early Detection and Treatment of Signs of Autism in Toddlers

Early detection and treatment of autism is key in aiding your child/student’s growth and recovery. Dr. Mary Barbera is sharing advice based on experience for leaving the land of denial and getting on board with treatment as soon as possible.

Jan 21, 2019
#001: Lessons I've Learned on My Autism Journey for Parents and Professionals

In this episode, Mary talks about her “fall” into the autism world 2 decades ago and her own transformation from overwhelmed parent to autism advocate, professional, and change-maker.  Subscribe to the show for lots more to come!

Jan 21, 2019