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By Tommy Marquez & Sean Woodland

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 Jan 24, 2019


CrossFit Games Analysts Sean Woodland and Tommy Marquez, alongside filmmakers Heber Cannon, and Marston Sawyers, bring you all the latest information, updates, and analysis on the sport of fitness, and the CrossFit community.

Episode Date
#74 - Sprint Couplet Sequel, CrossFit Health gets Healthier and Dani Dominates

The Sprint Couplet stirred up a lot of controversy at the 2019 Games.  Could Dave Castro be bringing it back this year?  Sean and Tommy break down some social media posts that suggest he may do just that.  CrossFit Health is launching a new course and Dani Speegle is now officially a Titan.  Plus, Crazy Things We Saw This Week and a review of our talk with EZ Muhammad.

Jun 03, 2020
Fitness with Friends #41 - EZ Muhammad

On this edition we speak with 2-time CrossFit Games athlete and owner of CrossFit Unorthodox in Des Moines, Iowa EZ Muhammad.  EZ has been vocal on social media recently about the current state of affairs in the United States and we wanted to have him on to provide his unique insight and hopefully provide a jumping off point for more conversations.

Jun 02, 2020
Podium Picks #7 - Board Games

So many classics, but only three spots on the podium.  You won't be Sorry that you listened to this episode as Sean and Tommy Clue you in on their favorite board games of all time.  Will a timeless classic have a Monopoly on the top spot or something more obscure be numero Uno?  Get a Ticket to Ride for this one!  It's definitely worth the Risk. 

May 30, 2020
Fitness with Friends #40 - PGA Tour Golfer Scott Stallings

Scott Stallings started on the PGA Tour in 2010 and has three career tournament victories. After winning at Torrey Pines in 2014 he hit a rough patch in his career that forced him to re-evaluate his fitness and eventually led him to CrossFit.  We talk to Scott about how he actually found CrossFit, how it’s helped him get his golf career back on track and an awkward first time meeting with Josh Bridges.

May 28, 2020
#73 - Castro's Clues, Titan Talk and Tommy's Post Murph Munchies

Is Dave Castro dropping clues about the Games on social media?  Sean and Tommy discuss a mysterious Instagram story that suggests he is.  Matt Chan takes on a Titan from Tennessee on national television.  Tommy gained a Murph PR on Monday followed by some epic gains on the scale.  Plus, more details on the age group competitions that are taking the Games' place and another edition of Crazy Things We Saw.

May 28, 2020
Podium Picks #6 - Mind Blowing Moments

The CrossFit Games have provided us with some incredible moments over the years, but which ones are the best?  From sleds and slugs to cameramen and cleans, Sean and Tommy offer their Podium Picks for the top mind blowing moments from 13 years of the Games.

May 23, 2020
Fitness with Friends #39 - Battle Cancer Founder Scott Britton

After a number of small-scale fundraising events in 2015-2016, Battle Cancer was born in 2017 with its first competition held in Manchester, UK.  Last year saw the Battle Cancer movement grow into six events across Europe plus a Battle Tour of LA. To date, they've raised over £500,000 for almost 40 cancer charities worldwide helped by nearly 5,000 athletes.  Scott Britton talks about why he started Battle Cancer, some of the new initiatives they are getting behind and how we are doing in the fight against Cancer.

May 21, 2020
#72 - Froning Speaks, Good News for the Games and You Can't Say That on Social Media

The champ is here!  Rich Froning stops by to talk about Mayhem Madness.  The team event in Cookeville promises to be one of the most unique and entertaining competitions we've seen.  Sean and Tommy discuss what it could mean for the future of the sport of fitness.  There's good news coming out of California, but what does it mean for the CrossFit Games?  People are still doing dumb things on social media.  Sean and Tommy talk about the fallout from an ill-advised post.  Plus, Crazy Things We Saw This Week and getting ready for Murph.

May 21, 2020
Podium Picks #5 - Cereals

When you're an adult, cereal is no longer a "sometimes" food.  Sean and Tommy are here with their top three cereals of all time. Will a sweet treat take the top of the podium or will something wholesome and healthy stand above all others?  Plus, what cereal will take the Spirit of the Games award and which is a dark horse to tickle you taste buds?  Let the debate begin!

May 16, 2020
#71 - Thirty is the Magic Number, Done in Dubai and Cancelled in Canada

Thirty men and thirty women will be heading to Aromas for the CrossFit Games, but who exactly will they be?  Sean and Tommy discuss the latest announcement from the CrossFit Games and why there are still a lot more questions than answers.  We have our first Sanctioned Event cancelled for next year and another one calls it quits for 2020.  Plus, Tommy gets Sean ready for dad life, Crazy Things We Saw This Week and and tale of a harrowing animal rescue.

May 14, 2020
Bonus Episode: Programming the 2020 Games with Chase Ingraham and Bill Grundler

Avengers, assemble!  Chase Ingraham and Bill Grundler from "Get with the Programming" join Sean and Tommy for this special crossover episode.  The Games are coming back to The Ranch in Aromas.  What will that look like?  Sean, Tommy, Chase and Bill try and answer that question. Using events done at Aromas in the past, they put together a three day competition that will not only crown the Fittest on Earth, but also pay homage to CrossFit's history.

May 07, 2020
#70 - Age Groups Axed, CrossFitters go Prime Time and Recalling Regionals

The season is over for the Masters and Teenagers.  Sean and Tommy discuss the recent move to not include them in the Games this year.  You'll soon be seeing some familiar faces on national television in the United States.  Podium Picks focus on the best moments from Regionals.  And monkeys are stealing our children in Crazy Things We Saw This Week!

May 07, 2020
#69 - Cancellations Continue, Is Castro Teasing and Stay for May

Another Sanctioned event pulls the plug on 2020.  Sean and Tommy have the latest on the season schedule and what is left of it.  Dave Castro has been active on social media.  Is he possibly dropping hints?  David Colina, founder and CEO of O2, stops by to talk about he's helping out gyms with Stay for May.  Plus, it's a sugary sweet version of Podium Picks and another edition of Crazy Things We Saw.

Apr 30, 2020
#68 - Going Back to Cali and Jerks at Your Gym

The CrossFit Games are planning to return to Aromas.  Sean and Tommy discuss what they would like to see at the competition if and when it happens.  Everyone has seen bad behaviors inside the gym.  Find out which ones are the worst in this week's edition of Podium Picks.  Plus, another edition of Crazy Things We Saw This Week.

Apr 23, 2020
#67 - Guessing about the Games, Favorite Open Workouts and Athletes Flipping Out

"The Fittest on Earth will be crowned."  That's part of the tweet we saw from CrossFit HQ this week. With all options for hosting the Games being explored, what are some likely scenarios that could play out?  Tommy and Sean give their thoughts on what the CrossFit Games may look like this year.  They introduce a new segment called "Podium Picks of the Week" where they rank their top 3 Open workouts. And one backflip is nice, but 15 are even better in this week's edition of "Crazy Things We Saw This Week."

Apr 15, 2020
#66 - Fundraising is Fun, Braving the Local Costco and BKG vs. Ohlsen

There's a lot of good stuff going on the CrossFit community right now.  Sean and Tommy recap their weekend with the United in Movement 24-hour broadcast and tip their caps to some other charitable efforts.  They talk about braving crowds and battling grocery store rage at their local Costco.  We have a winner in the BKG vs. Noah Ohlsen CrossFit Wrestlemania match.  Plus, Crazy Things We Saw and a Snack Food Showdown.

Apr 09, 2020
#65 - Dave Castro Debrief, More HQ Layoffs and Tiger King Craziness

Sean and Tommy discuss their interview with Director of the CrossFit Games Dave Castro.  What did they learn?  Where do they agree with Dave and where do they disagree?  Like all of us, CrossFit HQ is feeling the pinch and laying off more employees.  Plus, everyone is talking about the Tiger King, Crazy Things We Saw and the latest delays and cancellations surrounding the Games season.

Apr 01, 2020
CrossFit Wrestlemania 2

Let's get ready to rumble!  Ever wonder what would happen if your favorite CrossFit athletes stepped into the squared circle?  Sean and Tommy have the answer.  It's CrossFit Wrestlemania 2!  Who will survive the No Holds Barred Masters Living Room Battle Royale?  Can the Grundler Brothers hang on to the tag team titles?  Will Pat Vellner force an apology out of Dave Castro?  Will Tia Toomey exact revenge on the Dottirs of Destruction?  An action-packed event awaits for your listening pleasure.  Strap in, hold on and have some fun!  

Apr 01, 2020
#64 - Coronavirus Chaos Continues - Where the Season Stands Now

The delays and cancellations continue amid the coronavirus pandemic.  Sean and Tommy update the latest changes to the Sanctional schedule.  Still, plenty of good things are going on in the CrossFit community.  Rogue Fitness has joined the fight against the coronavirus and plenty of people are helping us stay fit at home.  Plus, people are still putting crazy stuff on video for our enjoyment and Tommy gets his birthday present.

Mar 27, 2020
Fitness with Friends #38 - Dave Castro

Sean and Tommy head to the Ranch in Aromas, California to talk with director of the CrossFit Games Dave Castro.  From the coronavirus to the cuts at the Games, Dave is not at a loss for words. He talks about how his career as a Navy SEAL influences how he programs, how the current pandemic could affect this year's Games and the controversy surrounding some of the events in 2019.

Mar 27, 2020
Fitness with Friends #37 - E.C. Synkowski

E.C. Synkowski is here to talk all things nutrition!  She is the founder of OptimizeMe Nutrition and a former member of the CrossFit Seminar Staff.  She tells us why she decided to start her own nutrition company, what the 800g Challenge is and what are some common mistakes people make when trying to dial in their nutrition.

Mar 23, 2020
Fitness with Friends #36 - Dr. Julie Foucher-Urcuyo and Dr. Daniel Urcuyo

Dr. Julie Foucher-Urcuyo and her husband Dr. Daniel Urcuyo were nice enough to take time out of their busy schedules to talk with Tommy and Sean about everything going on with the Coronavirus right now.  What do we know?  What don't we know?  How can people help combat this and what needs to happen for things to start to get back to normal?  They also give their thoughts on some things they think will change about healthcare once we get through this current ordeal.

Mar 20, 2020
#63 - Age Group Qualifier Recap and More Coronavirus Chaos

The Age Group Online Qualifier is done!  Sean and Tommy go through each division and recap the unofficial scores and results.  Find out what Masters athletes are keeping impressive streaks alive and what age groups put up some unbelievable numbers.  More events have been postponed due to the Coronavirus pandemic.  They get you updated on where the season schedule stands now.  Plus, more Crazy Things We Saw This Week and find out just how bad Sean's sleep game was last night.

Mar 19, 2020
Fitness with Friends #35 - Dr. Jonathan Arkin

On this episode Sean and Tommy talk with Chiropractic Neurologist and CrossFitter Dr. Jonathan Arkin. He is a licensed chiropractor who has additionally completed a 3-year course of study in neurology, including academics and practical training, and has passed a written and practical certification examination by the American Chiropractic Neurology Board. There are currently less than 500 board-certified chiropractic neurologists in the world. Dr. Arkin talks about how your brain influences athletic performance, some of the methods he uses to treat and diagnose patients and why you should always train handstand push ups last.

Mar 16, 2020
Special Edition - March Sadness: Coronavirus Cancellations and the State of the Season

Well, that escalated quickly!  Sean and Tommy recap a crazy few days in the CrossFit world.  Events are getting postponed and the season is on hold.  They talk to Matt O'Keefe, the president of Loud and Live Sports, about the decision to postpone the West Coast Classic and what the coming weeks and months could look like for fans and athletes alike.  On a positive note, the age group qualifier is underway!  Sean and Tommy take a quick look at all 6 events and give their thoughts on the overall test.

Mar 14, 2020
#62 - Happy Birthday to Tommy, Australia and Brazil Recap and Previewing the Atlas Games

It's Tommy Marquez's birthday!  He and Sean celebrate by recapping the two Sanctioned events that took place over the weekend - The Australian CrossFit Championship and the Brazil CrossFit Championship.  Find out who impressed with their performances and who is heading to the CrossFit Games.  They also look ahead to the Atlas Games in Montreal, Quebec, Sean is in a panic over one of his favorite teams and it's another packed edition of Crazy Things We Saw This Week.

Mar 11, 2020
Fitness With Friends #34 - Coach Chris Rawlins & The Buddy Lee Master Class

Grab your jump ropes! Coach Chris Rawlins from the Buddy Lee Masters Class (formerly the CrossFit Jump Rope Workshop), joins the show to breakdown the value of jump rope training for athletes of all levels, how most gyms have gotten jump rope training wrong, and how they can better utilize the jump rope as a tool for building fitness. Hint: There's more to training than just double-unders! He also discusses the transition from being a CrossFit Subject Matter Expert course to being an independently run CrossFit preferred course.

Mar 05, 2020
#61 - Welcome (Back) to Facebook, Getting Our Flo On and Previewing Australia and Brazil

Less than a year ago the CrossFit Games left Facebook.  Now they're back!  Sean and Tommy discuss the account's recent resurrection.  They address some of the reaction to the FloElite broadcast of Wodapalooza, preview the next two Sanctioned Events in Australia and Brazil and recap how the coronavirus is affecting the season schedule.  Plus, find out how bad Sean's sleep game really is right now and another edition of Crazy Things We Saw This Week.

Mar 04, 2020
#60 - Wodapalooza and Dadapalooza

Tommy is back from Miami and Sean is back from the delivery room!  They breakdown everything that took place last week at Wodapalooza.  Tia Toomey survives a battle with Sara Sigmundsdottir.  What does that mean for both women moving forward?  The men's competition comes down to a tiebreak while the team division came down to the buzzer (literally!).  Find out why Tommy's win in The Gauntlet was more impressive than it looked and what some high school teachers will do in the name of charity.

Mar 01, 2020
Live At Wodapalooza - Whoop Athlete Data Analysis

Director of strategic partnerships and elite performance Michael Lombardi joins Tommy at the Wodapalooza Live Set to break down the strain, recovery, and sleep data from nearly 1,000 athletes wearing Whoop straps while competing in Miami. Michael and Tommy take a look at programming and other external factors in the analysis, and Michael provides insight into future improvements Whoop is working on to help improve data collection and analysis for athletes in the future. 

Feb 29, 2020
Live At Wodapalooza - Annie Thorisdottir & Frederik Aegidius

Two-time CrossFit Games Champion Annie Thorisdottir, and five-time individual Games athlete Frederik Aegidius join Tommy at the WZA Experience Live Set to discuss the recent announcement about their pregnancy. They share the story of how their relationship started a decade ago, growing up in the sport together, and their pregnancy journey so far. They also share some SPECIAL news about the baby, as well as give some insight into running the Reykjavik CrossFit Championship.

Feb 24, 2020
Live At Wodapalooza - Feeding The Frasers

Sammy Moniz, creator of Feeding The Frasers and culinary ninja joins Tommy at the WZA Experience Live Set to talk about going from DJ-ing weddings, to helping manage some of the biggest names in the sport, to discovering a passion and joy for cooking and sharing that through Feeding The Frasers.

Feb 24, 2020
Live At Wodapalooza - Logan Aldridge & Steph Hammerman

Wodapalooza was one of the first events to feature an adaptive athlete division, and athletes Logan Aldridge and Steph Hammerman sit down with Tommy to talk about their journey in the community, the development and overall state of adaptive training in CrossFit, and how they're working to create more opportunities for athletes in the next generation.

Feb 24, 2020
Live At Wodapalooza - Brent Fikowski

Presented by WIT Training, the man known as "The Professor" sits down with Tommy at the WZA Experience Live Stage to chat about his weekend in Miami, things he's working on this season, the business side of an athlete, working with brands like Reebok and WIT, and building The Professor Project to share his experience and knowledge with others. 

Feb 24, 2020
Live At Wodapalooza - The Buttery Bros & Rory Mckernan

Onsite for the 2020 Wodapalooza CrossFit Festival, Tommy catches up with the Buttery Bros, Marston Sawyers and Heber Cannon, along with Rory Mckernan, to discuss the past year's journey of personal and professional growth in the midst of the massive changes the sport has gone through. They also recap getting to see the special screening premiere of the new documentary The Fittest and their thoughts on the movie.

Feb 23, 2020
#59 - Goodbye, Norway! Hello, Miami!

Tommy Marquez is back, but not for long.  After heading overseas to take in the Norwegian CrossFit Championship and about 24 hours at his home, he is back on the road again.  But before he headed out to Miami he sat down with Sean Woodland to recap what went on in Norway and preview what may go on at Wodapalooza.  Tia Toomey and Sara Sigmundsdottir are set to clash in Florida while Pat Vellner and Noah Ohlsen headline a talented men's field.  Plus, find out who are the teams to watch as more invites to the Games are on the line.

Feb 19, 2020
Fitness With Friends #33 - Kelsey Kiel

Kelsey Kiel is getting ready to make her first individual trip to the CrossFit Games after earning the invite from Strength in Depth.  She talks with Sean Woodland about her collegiate soccer career, her experience competing at the Games on a team, how she went from making fun of CrossFit to being really good at it and what she has to work on from now until the Games roll around in August.

Feb 14, 2020
#58 - Norwegian CrossFit Championship Preview, Laying the SmackDown and "Extra Screening" Marquez Moves Some Product

The next Sanctioned event takes place this weekend and Sean and Tommy are here to get you ready for the Norwegian CrossFit Championship.  They break down all three divisions and tell you who could walk away with the invites to the CrossFit Games.  WWE SmackDown made a stop in San Jose and the guys were there for some "research." Plus, Tommy Marquez helps outfit a TSA agent, Laura Horvath is making a change and another packed edition of Crazy Things We Saw.

Feb 12, 2020
#57 - Lefteris Apologizes to Nobody, Annie is Expecting and Disneyland Hijinx

Sean and Tommy discuss Lefteris Theofanidis' failed drug test and what backfill scenarios could unfold moving forward.  Some workouts have been announced for the next three Sanctioned Events.  Find out what they are and what inspired them.  Plus, Sean celebrates his birthday at Disneyland, Crazy Things We Saw and big congratulations to Annie Thorisdottir and Frederik Aegidius who are expecting their first child.  

Feb 06, 2020
#56 - Saying Goodbye to the Black Mamba and Strength in Depth Recap

The 6th Sanctional of the Season is in the books! Three more invites to the Games have been handed out. Sean and Tommy recap Strength in Depth and tell you who won, who earned the invites and who else stood out for the men, women and teams.  Ever wonder who that guy Facundoe is?  Sean and Tommy will tell you. Plus, a jam-packed edition of Crazy Things We Saw and reaction to the shocking death of NBA legend Kobe Bryant.

Jan 29, 2020
Fitness with Friends #32 - Danielle Brandon

Sean and Tommy talk with Danielle Brandon fresh off her third place finish at the Mayhem Classic.  Brandon is returning to the CrossFit Games for the second-straight year.  She talks about finishing 10th overall in Madison in 2019, getting her first event win in Second Cut and what she learned from competing against Tia Toomey in Cookeville.

Jan 25, 2020
#55 - Strength in Depth Preview and Contemplating Life's Biggest Questions

Sean and Tommy get you ready for the sixth Sanctioned event of the season as they preview Strength in Depth.  Mat Fraser is the favorite on the men's side, but who will earn the invite to the CrossFit Games?  A handful of athletes have the inside track for the invite on the women's side while Rich Froning and CrossFit Mayhem  look to be the team to bet in their division.  Plus, the Russians return in Crazy Things We Saw, our Patron of the Week finds a genie and some important community support.

Jan 22, 2020
#54 - Mayhem Classic Recap, Why Rich Froning Sr. is The Man and The Best $11 Steak We Ever Had

Sean and Tommy Recap the Mayhem Classic, the 5th Sanctional of the season.  They go over who will be getting the invite to the CrossFit Games for the men and the women and tell us who impressed them the most over the weekend.  Find out why Rich Froning Sr. could be the MVP of the entire competition and which Cookeville restaurant provide them with a very pleasant surprise.  Plus, Crazy Things We Saw and some very important Community Support.

Jan 15, 2020
#53 - On Site at the Mayhem Classic and The Peril of La Chancla

Hello from Tennessee!  Tommy and Sean are in Cookeville to cover the Mayhem Classic.  They recap the first two events and preview the rest of the weekend.  Tommy recounts childhood trauma of dealing with La Chancla and a packed edition of Crazy Things We Saw.

Jan 10, 2020
Sanctional Series #3 - Mayhem Classic

Sean and Tommy talk with Rich Froning about the upcoming Mayhem Classic Sanctioned Event.  Rich goes over what to the athletes and fans can expect, what he thinks good programming looks like and hot spots for people to visit while in Cookeville.

Jan 07, 2020
#52 - A CrossFit Jedi, Mayhem Classic Preview and Sean's Brush with the Big Time (and Bears)

A CrossFit hero has been immortalized in Star Wars lore!  Sean and Tommy talk about Riley Howell becoming an official Jedi.  They have a quick review of the season so far, look ahead to the Mayhem Classic and Sean tells us how he almost got a job working with TV bears.  Plus, more Crazy Things We Saw and support for our friends Down Under.

Jan 03, 2020
Fitness with Friends #31 - Russ Greene

Russ Greene is the former Director of Government Relations and Research for CrossFit.  He played an instrumental role in CrossFit's legal battle with the NSCA that recently resulted in a judge awarding CrossFit $4-million in legal fees and granting their motion to terminate sanctions.  Sean and Tommy talk to Russ about who the whole thing got started, how it escalated and what might have happened had CrossFit decided to just look the other way.

Dec 24, 2019
#51 - Holiday Special Extravaganza!

On this special Holiday edition of Talking Elite Fitness Sean and Tommy hand out gifts to CrossFit athletes.  Some are practical, some are imaginary, some are a little mean and some are somewhat dumb.  It's all in good fun as we look to spread a little joy this holiday season!

Dec 23, 2019
#50 - Star Wars, Deadlines and Dubai

The final Sanctional of 2019 is in the books.  Sean and Tommy recap the Dubai CrossFit Championship.  What impressed Tommy the most about Brent Fikowski's performance and what exactly is different about Sara Sigmundsdottir this season?  They also discuss CrossFit missing their self-imposed deadline to finalize the Open leaderboard on December 16th.  Plus, more Crazy Things we Saw and a quick review of the latest Star Wars movie.

Dec 21, 2019
The Numbers Game with Brian Friend - Looking Back on the 2019 Games

On this new segment that will be featured exclusively on Patreon, stats and numbers guru Brian Friend joins Sean and Tommy to take a look back at the 2019 CrossFit Games.  What do the numbers tell us about how adequately the Games tested fitness?  Brian takes us through some stats he's gathered about scoring, average event finish of some specific athletes and intricacies of a few events to help answer that question.

Dec 19, 2019
Fitness with Friends #30 - Bethany Shadburne

Bethany Shadburne joins Sean Woodland on this edition of Fitness with Friends.  Shadburne recently won the SouthFit CrossFit Challenge down in Argentina to earn her fourth career trip to the CrossFit Games.  She talks about how she got into CrossFit after trying just about every other sport when she was younger, what her 8th place finish at the Games in 2019 did for her confidence and what she wants to accomplish the rest of this season.

Dec 16, 2019
#49 - CrossFit Crushes the NSCA, Day One in Dubai and More Games Invites Handed Out

Sean and Tommy discuss the recent court decision that ordered the NSCA to pay CrossFit nearly $4-million in legal fees and where things go from here.  They recap the Southfit CrossFit Challenge and the Pandaland CrossFit Challenge and tell you who stood out and who is heading to the Games from each competition.  Tommy has a rundown of everything that happened on the first day of competition at the Dubai CrossFit Championship and gets us set for day two.

Dec 11, 2019
Fitness with Friends #29 - Justin Medeiros

Justin Medeiros won the Filthy 150 in Ireland to earn his first career invite to the CrossFit Games.  At just 20-years-old, he beat some pretty impressive competition to put himself on top of the podium in the season's first Sanctional event.  Mederios has been competing since he was a teenager and looks to be one of the rising stars of the sport of fitness.  He talks with Sean about how he found CrossFit, what motivated him to become a competitor and how a failure at the Granite Games last season helped prepare him for success this year.

Dec 06, 2019
#48 - They're Baaaaack! CrossFit Returns to Instagram, 20.5 Penalties and Naked Tommy Meets Some Chinese Fans

On this episode, Tommy Marquez joins the show from Chengdu, China where he's covering the Pandaland CrossFit Challenge and meeting fans in some interesting settings.  Find out why he'll never look at a paddle the same way again.  He and Sean discuss the CrossFit Games return to Instagram, the latest round of penalties handed out from the Open and preview the two Sanctionals taking place this weekend in China and Argentina.

Dec 05, 2019
#47 - What We Learned From the Filthy 150, Questions From the Competition and Thanksgiving Hype

Sean and Tommy are back from Ireland and take a look back at the first Sanctional of 2019 - the Filthy 150.  Who is heading to the CrossFit Games and what questions do we have after watching three days of competition.  Plus - Crazy Things We Saw, rowing at Strength in Depth and some Thanksgiving hype to get you ready for those beans, greens, potatoes and tomatoes.

Nov 27, 2019
2019 Filthy 150 - Day 2 Recap and Day 3 Preview

Sean and Tommy recap the second day of competition and get you ready for an exciting Sunday at the Filthy 150.  They breakdown the events the athletes will be facing on day three and set up the races for the coveted invites to the CrossFit Games.  

Nov 24, 2019
2019 Filthy 150 - Day One Recap and Day Two Preview

Sean and Tommy take a look back a the opening day of competition at the Filthy 150 and preview day number two.  Find out who put forth the most impressive performances and where the leaderboards stand heading into the weekend.  Plus, find out how the latest penalties from the Open have impacted qualification spots for the CrossFit Games.

Nov 23, 2019
#46 - Filthy 150 Preview, Fun with Math and Let's Improve Air Travel

Sean and Tommy preview day 1 of the first Sanctional of the year - the Filthy 150.  They run down the athletes to watch in the individual and team competitions and dive into Friday's events.  Plus, they have fun with some math courtesy of Jacob Heppner and Sean shares how a little common courtesy can make air travel much more enjoyable for everyone.

Nov 22, 2019
Fitness with Friends #28 - Jacob Heppner

Fresh off a strong performance in the Open and a 6th place finish at the CrossFit Games, Jacob Heppner talks with Sean and Tommy on this edition of Fitness with Friends.  Heppner talks about his plans for the upcoming season, how he managed to deal with the handstand push up standard that gave him so much trouble a few years ago and what he's doing around his community to try and give back.

Nov 18, 2019
#45 - The Open is Closed, Measurement Mishap and Who's Going to the Games (Unofficially)

The Open is over and Sean and Tommy are here to recap the 5th and final week.  They go over the top scores from 20.5 and breakdown the final leaderboards for the men and women.  Minor penalties have been handed down for 20.3.  The guys debate one punishment, or lack thereof, in particular.  Also, the top headlines from around the sport, Crazy Things We Saw and the Patron of the Week.

Nov 14, 2019
Sanctional Series #2 - Filthy 150

It's the first Sanctioned Event of the 2020 CrossFit Games Season.  The Filthy 150 kicks off November 22nd outside Dublin, Ireland.  Sean and Tommy talk with event organizers Darina Dunne and Jamie Lawlor about what fans and athletes can expect at the Filthy 150 and what makes it such a special event for the entire CrossFit community in Ireland.

Nov 13, 2019
#44 - Open Week Four Review, How Videos are Judged and Pain is Coming in 20.5

Four weeks down, one to go!  Sean and Tommy take a look back at the top scores from the men and women in 20.4 and set the stage for what should be an exciting final week.  Some more athletes got penalized while a few saw things swing in their favor.  You get to hear some inside information on how the video review process for the Open is handled and some predictions for what 20.5 will be.  Plus our Patrons of the Week and more Crazy Things We Saw.

Nov 06, 2019
Fitness with Friends #27 - Scott Panchik

He's been one of the most consistent CrossFit competitors over the last 8 years.  Sean and Tommy talk with 8-time Games athlete Scott Panchik on this episode of Fitness with Friends. Panchik finished 4th overall at the 2019 Reebok CrossFit Games and will be making the transition to the team competition this season.  He talks about his decision to join Rich Froning and company on the CrossFit Mayhem squad, how doing Fight Gone Bad with his father led to his competitive career and some of his most memorable moments at the CrossFit Games.

Nov 04, 2019
#43 - Penalties, penalties and more penalties, 20.3 Recap and Worst Double Unders We've Ever Seen

The dust has settled from the fallout from week one of the 2020 Open.  Sean and Tommy recap the penalties that were handed out for 20.1.  They discuss potential problems looming with 20.3 and discuss the top performances and overall leaders with two workouts to go.    How do you do double unders without a rope!?  We've found someone who may have tried.  Plus - Crazy Things We Saw and tons of great community support for you to get behind.

Oct 31, 2019
Fitness with Friends #26 - John Wooley

He's the man behind the popular CrossFit meme page "Make WODS Great Again."  John Wooley talks with Sean and Tommy about how he got "dragged" to CrossFit for his first workout and immediately got hooked, how his page began and how he comes up with the hilarious content on his Instagram page.  John also tells us where he draws the line with his content and how he tries to pay respect to athletes while also poking fun at them.

Oct 28, 2019
#42 - Open Week Two Review, Girls Run 20.2 and Creeping at the Local Mall

Week two of the Worldwide Open is in the books!  Sean and Tommy give their thoughts on the workout and run down the top scores from 20.2.  They talk about who needs to have a big performance in week 3 in order to get back into contention for a qualifying spot to the CrossFit Games.  Plus, who endured the punishment for Trash Talk Thursday, our Patron of the Week and Crazy Things We Saw.

Oct 24, 2019
Fitness With Friends #25 - Dave Lipson

Time to get HUGE!  Dave Lipson, the co-founder of Thundrbro, joins Sean and Tommy on this episode with Fitness with Friends.  Dave is a former 3-time CrossFit Games competitor who is currently bringing together the worlds of functional and aesthetic fitness. He talks about how he first got into CrossFit, what led him to learn about hypertrophy training and all the things he's offering with his Thundrbro program.  Don't be surprised if your biceps get bigger just listening to this interview!

Oct 21, 2019
#41 - Open Week One Review, More PED Sanctions and A Big Dirty Sandwich

The season has begun!  Sean and Tommy recap the PED sanctions that were recently handed out.  They take a look back at the first week of the Worldwide Open as they run down the top performers, some athletes who didn't do so well and the "two foot takeoff" controversy.  Find out why Brent Fikowski had to eat a dirty sandwich and who will be throwing down where as part of the 20.2 live announcements.  Plus, the latest edition of Patron of the Week and Crazy Things We Saw.

Oct 16, 2019
Fitness with Friends #24 - Pat Vellner

Pat Vellner is back for his second round of Fitness with Friends.  Sean and Tommy talk with the 3-time CrossFit Games podium finisher about what he learned from the 2019 season, his experience at the CrossFit Games and where he plans to compete in 2020.  Pat also gives us a preview of some of the punishments that may be in store for the Trash Talk Thursday group during the Worldwide Open.

Oct 09, 2019
#40 - The Open is Here! First Games Failed Drug Test and Top 5 Questions Heading Into the Season

It's the final episode before the 2020 Games season gets started.  Sean and Tommy discuss the first failed drug test from the CrossFit Games.  They list their top 5 questions going into the season and provide what they think will be the answers to each one.  Plus, Crazy Things We Saw, Community Support and a quick look at Dave Castro's 20.1 clue.

Oct 09, 2019
Fitness with Friends #23 - Pat Sherwood

He's here!  The wisecrack spouting, program writing, ice cream eating, front squat crushing Pat Sherwood!  The analyst who manned the Update Show desk with Sean and Tommy stops by to talk about what he's up to now, the origins of the Monster Mash and CrossFit Linchpin and take a stroll down Games Media memory lane.  Pat talks about his love of programming and how he learned to always assume his mic is hot.  Enjoy!  

Oct 08, 2019
Sanctional Series #1 - Mohammed Ghazzawi, Dubai CrossFit Championship

On this first episode of the brand new Sanctional Series, Sean Woodland and Tommy Marquez speak with the Project Manager of the Dubai CrossFit Championship Mohammed Ghazzawi.  Mohammed talks about the history behind the very first event to get sanctioned and what athletes and fans can expect at this year's competition.  HEADS UP!  Mohammed is speaking via phone from Dubai and sometimes his audio may not be perfectly clear.

Oct 07, 2019
#39 - Open Matchups Announced, Castro's Clues and Sanctional Safety Tips

Sean Woodland and Tommy Marquez update the latest news surrounding the 2020 CrossFit Open.  The individual matchups have been revealed for the first three announcements and Dave Castro might be dropping some pretty big clues on Instagram.  They discuss the problems with the Southwest Championship and what other events and athletes can do to protect themselves from similar troubles.  Plus, it's another week of Crazy Things We Saw and Community Support.

Oct 02, 2019
Fitness with Friends #22 - Catching up with Tia Toomey

Sean and Tommy speak with 3-time CrossFit Games Champion Tia Toomey as she gets ready to start the 2020 season.  She talks about what it's like to be the first woman to win the Games three times, the lessons she learned in 2019 and her plans for where and when she will compete in the 2020 season.  She also discusses her favorite moments from her latest championship run in Madison and what she would have said if you had told her that she would be the first woman in history to win the title of Fittest on Earth three times back in 2015.

Oct 01, 2019
#38 - Open Announcement Update, Weightlifting Worlds and Crazy Feats of Fitness

Sean and Tommy discuss the latest news surrounding the 2020 Open as multiple announcements have been scheduled for week 1.  They tell you who's participating and where each is being held as well as where registration currently stands.  They talk about the success Team USA is having at the Weightlifting World Championships and run down the craziest feats of fitness they saw on social media this week.

Sep 26, 2019
Fitness with Friends #21 - Whoop and Mike Lombardi

Sean and Tommy sit down with Whoop's Elite Performance Manager Mike Lombardi.  They talk about how the Whoop Strap 3.0 helps athletes at every level optimize their performances.  Mike discusses the importance of sleep, recovery and day strain, explains how the data is collected and the impact they have on performance.  He even goes through Sean and Tommy's weekly data in order to give them a better understanding of where they are falling short and how they can fix it.

Sep 23, 2019
#37 - Tommy's Travel Adventures, Another PED Penalty and Open Registration Update

Sean and Tommy are back in the same location, but it wasn't easy getting there.  Tommy recaps his adventures in air travel following his trip to Hawaii.  He and Sean discuss the lates news from the competitive fitness world including another failed test for a PED and the start of the IWF World Championships.  They update registration for the 2020 CrossFit Games Open and talk about what the latest numbers could mean.

Sep 18, 2019
#36 - Ultimate Hawaiian Trail Run Recap

Shortly after the 2019 Ultimate Hawaiian Trail Run and post-race luau, Tommy sits down with an all-star crew to recap their experience at the Ultimate Hawaiian Trail Run. The Buttery Bros Marston Sawyers and Heber Cannon, Matt O'keefe, Patrick Vellner, Michelle Workun-Hill, Jessica Griffith, and Dan Bailey all stop by to share their stories and recount their favorite memories from a week spent working with the Keala Foundation, and the trail run to help support the children of Kauai. 

Sep 15, 2019
Fitness With Friends #20 - The Keala Foundation & Ultimate Hawaiian Trail Run

On location in Kauai, Tommy sits down with CEO of the Keala Foundation, Event Director for the Ultimate Hawaiian Trail Run, and 2-time Individual Games Qualifier Rory Zambard to talk about the foundation's mission and history. The Keala Foundation is a non-profit organization that helps battle the drug and alcohol abuse problems that plague the youth of Kauai's island by providing free programs such a youth CrossFit and Jiu Jitsu classes that include transportation and meals to nearly 600 children year-round. The Ultimate Hawaiian Trail Run is the primary fundraising effort of the foundation and top athletes and coaches join every year to run the race and teach special classes and seminars in support of the organization. 

Sep 14, 2019
#35 - Competing at the Iron Games with the Buttery Bros

After competing on team Buttery Churro this past weekend at the inaugural Iron Games competition in Utah, Tommy sits down with his fellow teammates from the event the "Buttery Bros," Heber Cannon and Marston Sawyers. They recap the workouts and their experience competing as a team of 3 and share some of the fun and hilarious adventures they were able to partake in during their time in Utah.

Sep 11, 2019
Fitness with Friends #19 - Jamie Greene

Sean Woodland and Tommy Marquez interview 3rd place finisher at the 2019 Reebok CrossFit Games Jamie Greene.  She talks about her experience in Madison this year, What it means to be the first woman from New Zealand to stand on the Games podium and the how the lessons she learned last season will help her in 2020.

Sep 05, 2019
#34 - Tommy is Getting Married, IF3 Worlds and The Buttery Churros Ride Again

Sean Woodland and Tommy Marquez recap Tommy's recent engagement and the one thing Sean wants to do at his wedding.  They discuss the recent International Federation of Functional Fitness World Championship that took place in Malmo, Sweden and the Buttery Bros. are set to team up with Tommy Marquez for a competition in Utah.

Sep 04, 2019
Fitness with Friends #18 - Noah Ohlsen

Sean Woodland and Tommy Marquez talk with Noah Ohlsen fresh off his second place finish at the 2019 Reebok CrossFit Games.  Ohlsen recaps his highlights from Madison, how his finish motivates him for 2020 and the things he did to get his mental game on point.  He also shares some entries from his journal leading up to and during the CrossFit Games.

Sep 03, 2019
#33 - Games Rulebook Released and CrossFit CEO Resigns

Sean Woodland and Tommy Marquez go over the changes to the 2020 CrossFit Games Rulebook and how they affect the competitive season.  They discuss the recent resignation of CrossFit CEO and what it might mean for the future of CrossFit as a company and a sport.  They recognize their first "Patron of the Week" as well as recap some crazy stuff they saw on social media from the fitness community.

Aug 29, 2019
Fitness with Friends #17 - Adee Cazayoux

Adee Cazayoux, the founder and CEO of Working Against Gravity, joins Sean and Tommy on this edition of Fitness with Friends.  Working Against Gravity (WAG) is an online nutrition coaching program with one ambitious yet achievable mission — to transform lives. Having made a name for herself in the world of nutrition early on, Cazayoux has worked with elite athletes such as Katrin Davidsdottir, Jessica Lucero and Tia Clair-Toomey just to spotlight a few.  Adee talks about what motivated her to start her company, the simple things people can do to improve their nutrition and why having a nutrition plan is valuable for everyone.

Aug 28, 2019
#32 - The Season is Here - New Changes and Updates for the Start of 2020

The official start of the 2020 season is weeks away!  Sean Woodland and Tommy Marquez talk about the changes to the initial cuts at the CrossFit Games, the beginning of the International Online Qualifier and Open registration.  They set the table for the first few months of the season and give you the information you need to know in order to get ready for another year of competition.

Aug 21, 2019
Fitness with Friends #16 - Chandler Smith

Sean Woodland and Tommy Marquez talk with Chandler Smith fresh off his 15th place finish at the 2019 Reebok CrossFit Games.  Chandler talks about having a professional football player as a father, his experience at West Point and how his performance at the Games has affected his expectations and training moving forward.  Chandler also gives us some insight on who he might want as a tag team partner for CrossFit WrestleMania 2020.

Aug 19, 2019
Fitness with Friends #15 - Michele Letendre

Sean Woodland and Tommy Marquez talk with 6-time CrossFit Games athlete and current Deka Comp coach Michele Letendre.  Michele coached four different individual athletes at the CrossFit Games this year - Pat Vellner, James Newbury, Samuel Cournoyer and Laura Horvath.  She talks about why she wanted to become a coach, what she does to get the most out of her athletes and what she thinks about the format changes to the CrossFit Games season.

Aug 16, 2019
Fitness with Friends #14 - Kristin Holte

Sean Woodland and Tommy Marquez talk with Kristin Holte fresh off her second place finish at the 2019 Reebok CrossFit Games.  Kristin talks about why she is so often overlooked in competition, what it was like growing up with an Olympian as a father, and how she developed her strong mental game that helped her become the 2nd Fittest Woman on Earth.

Aug 12, 2019
#31 - 2019 Games Overview and Age Groups Recap

Sean and Tommy recap all the age group competitions from the 2019 Reebok CrossFit Games while marveling at some of the individual performances from the Masters and Teenagers.  They also discuss recent news from Greg Glassman regarding future presenting sponsorships for the CrossFit Games before getting into some overall thoughts and impressions from a great weekend in Madison, Wisconsin.

Aug 08, 2019
Games Road Trip #5 - Katrin Davidsdottir & Rory Mckernan

The morning after her 4th place finish at the 2019 CrossFit Games, 2-time CrossFit Games Champion and Fittest Woman on Earth Katrin Davidsdottir joins the show to talk about the release of her new book titled DOTTIR alongside co-author Rory Mckernan. They discuss the process of making the book a reality, the vulnerability required to make it happen, as well as how her recent performance would fit into the framework of her story. 

Aug 07, 2019
Games Update - Final Day Recap

The 2019 CrossFit Games are DONE! Sean and Tommy head back to the RV for one last daily recap of the Games following the final day. They recap the championship performances of Mat Fraser, Tia-Clair Toomey, and Mayhem Freedom. The Buttery Bros join to make an announcement about their new project. 

Aug 05, 2019
Games Update - Day 3 Recap

Sean and Tommy take things back inside the RV to recap one of the craziest days of competition in CrossFit Games history. They discuss the field being cut to 10 athletes, the quality of the test used to filter the field down, and break down some of the stats behind why some improvements are needed in the future. 

Aug 04, 2019
Games Update - Day 2 Recap

Our first episode outside! After Day 2 of the 2019 CrossFit Games, Sean and Tommy recap all the action that took place for the day in the team and individual competitions and a host of fans and fellow campers onsite at the campground at the Games come by the RV and the campsite to join in on the fun. 

Aug 03, 2019
Games Update - Day 1 Recap

Sean Woodland and Tommy Marquez sit down in the RV onsite at the Games to recap all the big stories and results from day 1 of the 2019 CrossFit Games. The Buttery Bros Marston Sawyers and Heber Cannon also pop in for a few minutes to discuss the recent discovery of a "pancake printer," in Sean's hotel. 

Aug 02, 2019
Games Update - Pre-Event

Sean Woodland is BACK!! CrossFit Games Analyst, Level 1 Seminar Staff Member, and affiliate owner of CrossFit Big D Chase Ingraham joins Sean and Tommy to discuss the days leading up to the start of the CrossFit Games, the lack of info about the event itself, and Tommy's experience at the press orientation and athlete dinner. 

Aug 01, 2019
Games Road Trip #4 - Dan Bailey

The man, the myth, the legend, Dan Bailey joins Tommy and the Buttery Bros in their RV at the CrossFit Games Campgrounds to catch up and chat about Dan's recovery from injury, the creation of Dan's alter ego "Danny Broflex," and share some hilarious stories about his time spent training with the crew at CrossFit HQ. BONUS: Matt O'keefe (Fitness with Friends #2) surprises the crew and shows up to the RV to join the show as well. 

Jul 28, 2019
Games Road Trip #3 - Sara Sigmundsdottir & Phil Mansfield

On the third day of the road trip, Tommy sits down with Sara Sigmundsdottir and her coach Phil Mansfield of Red Pill Training to talk about their journey together as athlete and coach, Sara's growth over the last 2 years, battling back from injury, and their approach to the 2019 season and the new Games format. 

Jul 27, 2019
Games Road Trip #2 = Rich Froning

After a full day of training with the CrossFit Mayhem crew, Tommy Marquez sits down with 4-time individual CrossFit Games champion and 3-time team champion Rich Froning, to discuss Rich's thoughts on all the new season changes, adding new members to the Mayhem Freedom team, fatherhood, and his decade long journey at the top of the sport.

Jul 25, 2019
Games Road Trip #1 - The Buttery Bros & Rory Mckernan

On the first stop of their CrossFit Games Road Trip, Tommy and the Buttery Bros Marston Sawyers and Heber Cannon crash Rory Mckernan's house in Cookeville, Tennessee. They detail what their new roles at the Games will be this year, and share their fondest memories working the Games together over the past decade. 

Jul 24, 2019
#30 - Road Trip Update and Thoughts on Games Scoring

Sean Woodland and Tommy Marquez update Tommy's itinerary for the upcoming Talking Elite Fitness Road trip that starts in Tennessee and ends in Madison, Wisconsin for the 2019 Reebok CrossFit Games.  They also talk about the new Games scoring system and how it might affect the test to crown the fittest on Earth.

Jul 23, 2019
#29 - Super Mega CrossFit Games Preview Extravaganza

On this episode of Talking Elite Fitness Sean Woodland and Tommy Marquez recap the the headlines and news from the past week before turning their attention to the 2019 Reebok CrossFit Games.  Brian "Friend of the Show" Friend joins the guys for a full breakdown of the teams, men's and women's divisions.  The three offer their podium picks for the men and women and highlight stories to watch in the age groups. It's everything you need to get ready for the CrossFit Games in Madison, Wisconsin!

Jul 18, 2019
Fitness With Friends #13 - Pat Vellner

Sean and Tommy talk with 2nd Fittest Man on Earth Pat Vellner as he gets ready to head to the 2019 Reebok CrossFit Games.  Vellner talks about what he's doing in his training, what changes he would like to see made to the CrossFit Games season and what he thinks about the recent failed drug tests.  Vellner also clears up the meaning of some Canadian slang.

Jul 11, 2019
#28 - Dress Codes and Favorite CrossFit Games Events

Sean Woodland and Tommy Marquez discuss the latest headlines from the world of competitive fitness including the recent implementation of a dress code at Graham Holmberg's gym.  With the CrossFit Games less than a month away, they start looking ahead to Madison by looking back at some of their favorite events from the last 9 years.  Sean and Tommy talk about their five favorite events from the Games during their time in Carson and Wisconsin.

Jul 10, 2019
TEF Update - We're on Patreon!

Just a quick update from Sean and Tommy on their plans to publish some Talking Elite Fitness Content on Patreon and how you can get involved and support the cause.

Jul 05, 2019
#27 - PED Penalties, Scoring Debate and French Throwdown Recap

Sean and Tommy discuss the penalties handed down to Elly Kabboord and Hinrik Ingi Óskarsson as a result of their failed drug tests, they debate different scoring systems used at various events and which one may possibly be used at the CrossFit Games and they recap the CrossFit French Throwdown, the final Sanctional of the season.

Jul 03, 2019
#26 - Honoring Heroes, CrossFit Games World Feed and French Throwdown Preview

Sean Woodland and Tommy Marquez discuss the announcement of the CrossFit Games World Feed and what fans can expect to see.  They preview the French Throwdown, the final sanctioned event of the season.  They also take time to talk about a special hero workout taking place on July 13th honoring a former member of CrossFit Asheville who gave his life protecting others in an attempted mass shooting at UNC Charlotte earlier this year.

Jun 26, 2019
Fitness With Friends #12 - Richard Bohlken

On this episode of Fitness with Friends Sean Woodland and Tommy Marquez talk with former CrossFit Games athlete Richard Bohlken. Bohlken failed a drug test in 2015 when ostarine was found in his system before he was scheduled to compete at Regionals.  Bohlken was able to prove it was due to a tainted supplement that he took.  He talks about what he learned from that experience, what he thinks can be done to make drug testing more effective and what athletes can do to protect themselves.

Jun 25, 2019
#25 - Elly Kabboord and the PED Dilemma

On this episode of Talking Elite Fitness Sean Woodland and Tommy Marquez discuss the news that Elly Kabboord of the CrossFit Mayhem Independence team tested positive for clenbuterol at the Reykjavik CrossFit Championship.  They also get you caught up on the latest headlines in the world of competitive fitness and update the Marston vs. Heber pancake eating contest hypothetical.

Jun 18, 2019
Fitness With Friends #11 - Gretchen Kittelberger

Sean Woodland and Tommy Marquez interview 4-time CrossFit Games athlete and President of the International Functional Fitness Federation (IF3) Gretchen Kittelberger.  The mission of the IF3 is to create a pathway for competitive functional fitness to be included in the Olympic Games by developing a governance structure which provides rules, safety standards, judge training, and competitive opportunities for athletes.  Gretchen talks about how she started the IF3 and how she is working to get functional fitness included in future Olympics.

Jun 17, 2019
#24 - More Failed Drug Tests, Crazy Things We Saw and Listener Questions

On this double-episode of Talking Elite Fitness Sean Woodland and Tommy Marquez discuss the latest round of failed drug tests involving Ben Garrard and Manila Pennacchio as well as an admission by former Games competitor Bryan Miller that he was using PEDs in 2016.  They also take time to answer listener questions submitted via social media on topics like fantasy wild card picks, the future of the CrossFit Games and who would win in a pancake eating contest between the Buttery Bros.

Jun 13, 2019
Fitness With Friends #10 - Tia-Clair Toomey

2-time Fittest Woman on Earth Tia-Clair Toomey joins Sean Woodland and Tommy Marquez on this edition of Fitness with Friends.  Tia talks about how she found CrossFit and her journey to becoming a competitor, how she dealt with finishing 2nd overall at the Games in back-to-bak years and what it's like having Mat Fraser as a training partner.  Tia also dispels the notion that everything in Australia will kill you and tells us why Tim Tams are so tasty.

Jun 10, 2019
#23 - Drug Sanctions and Lowlands Throwdown and Granite Games Recaps

Sean Woodland and Tommy Marquez summarize the latest headlines from the CrossFit Games season and discuss the latest surrounding the drug sanctions handed down to Chantelle Loehner and Lauren Herrera.  They then recap the Lowlands Throwdown before being joined by the Buttery Bros. for a look back at the Granite Games.

Jun 06, 2019
Fitness with Friends #9 - Amanda Barnhart

Amanda Barnhardt joins Sean Woodland, Tommy Marquez and Rory McKernan on this edition of Fitness with Friends.  Barnhardt finished 9th overall in the Open this year to earn her second-straight trip to the CrossFit Games. She talks about what she learned from her rookie appearance at the Games in 2018, her plan to improve on her 15th place finish and how getting in trouble in the second grade still traumatizes her today.

Jun 01, 2019
#22 - Granite Games, Lowlands Throwdown and Wild Card Roundtable

Rory McKernan joins Sean Woodland and Tommy Marquez on today's star-studded extravaganza.  Up first, a preview of both the Granite Games and Lowlands Throwdown Sanctioned event.  Then it's on to  to Hunter McIntyre.  Chase Ingraham joins the discussion on the Wild Card rule and whether or not it's a good idea.

May 30, 2019
#21 - Social Media Purge, Sanctionals Recap and How We'd Fix the System

On this mega-episode of Talking Elite Fitness, Sean Woodland and Tommy Marquez react to CrossFit's social media purge and Greg Glassman's subsequent explanation.  They also recap the Brazil CrossFit Championship, the Rogue Invitational and the Down Under CrossFit Championship.  Finally, they explain how they would fix the season all the way from the Open to the CrossFit Games.

May 23, 2019
#20 - Rogue Invitational, Brazil CrossFit Championship and Down Under CrossFit Championship Preview

Sean Woodland and Tommy Marquez recap some of the headlines in the CrossFit Games world and preview a busy weekend of Sanctioned events.  They take a closer look and tell you who to keep an eye on in the men's, women's and teams divisions for the Rogue Invitational, the Brazil CrossFit Championship and the Down Under CrossFit Championship. 

May 14, 2019
Fitness with Friends #8 - Becca Voigt

Sean Woodland and Tommy Marquez talk with soon-to-be 12-time CrossFit Games competitor Becca Voigt about finding CrossFit, being part of the early days of the Games, helping put the sport on the map and her unrivaled longevity.  Becca finished 3rd at the CrossFit Games as an individual in 2011, won the Spirit of the Games award in 2014 and is currently a coach and owner of CrossFit Training Yard.  She is also preparing to compete at the Rogue Invitational in the Legends division.

May 14, 2019
Ep. 19 - Reykjavik Recap, Lessons from the Sanctionals and CrossFit Games Coverage Update

Sean Woodland and Tommy Marquez talk about the latest news from the CrossFit Games season, recap the Reykjavik CrossFit Championship, discuss things they've learned from the Sanctionals so far and give an update on the current state of what's going on surrounding the streaming and broadcast of the 2019 Reebok CrossFit Games.

May 08, 2019
Ep. 18 - Asia CrossFit Championship, Italian Throwdown and Reykjavik CrossFit Championship

Sean Woodland and Tommy Marquez recap the Asia CrossFit Championship and the Italian Throwdown as four more individuals and one more team are heading to the CrossFit Games.  Then it's a preview of the next Sanctional, the Reykjavik CrossFit Championship.

May 02, 2019
Fitness With Friends #7 - Grant Wistrom

Sean Woodland talks with former Nebraska Cornhusker, St. Louis Rams and Seattle Seahawks defensive end Grant Wistrom about his college football career, winning three national championships, playing in the NFL, finding CrossFit and his personal fitness journey.  Grant is also married to CrossFit Games Masters competitor Melissa Wistrom and is currently a co-owner of CrossFit Springfield in Missouri.

May 01, 2019
Ep. 17 - Open Penalties, Asia & Italy Preview
  • Open Penalties for top athletes
  • Future adjustments to the system
  • Preview for CrossFit Italian Showdown
  • Preview for Asia CrossFit Championship
  • Community Support
Apr 24, 2019
Fitness with Friends #6 - Brent Fikowski
  • Brent's performance in the Open
  • The 2019 season so far
  • Competing at the Asia CrossFit Championship
  • Growing as an athlete and person
  • His vision for the future of the sport
  • Favorite Music, Movies, and Hobbies
Apr 23, 2019
Ep. 16 - MACC Recap & Media Landscape Update
  • Mid Atlantic CrossFit Challenge Review
  • Competition Recap and Analysis
  • Media Landscape Update
  • Top News Stories
  • Community Support 
Apr 18, 2019
Fitness with Friends #5 - Mike "Rothy" Roth
  • CrossFit Games Media & Live Broadcast
  • History of production at the CrossFit Games
  • The future of Media for the CrossFit Games
  • What it takes to produce the CrossFit Games
  • The best/worst live moments of the CrossFit Games
Apr 15, 2019
Ep. 15 - MACC Preview & WrestleMania Fan Poll
  • MACC Broadcast Team Announcement
  • Men's, Women's, and Team Division preview
  • Individual and Team workout review
  • CrossFit WrestleMania Fan Poll results
  • Community Support
Apr 10, 2019
Ep. 14 - CrossFit WrestleMania
  • Top line news about Team ROMWOD/WIT and Camille Leblanc-Bazinet
  • CrossFit WrestleMania concept
  • Match breakdowns and description
  • Fun explanations of finishing moves, storylines, and results
Apr 04, 2019
Ep. 13 - The 2019 Open Recap
  • 2019 CrossFit Games Open Recap
  • Media coverage recap
  • Programming and the Open test grade
  • Community discussion
  • Chyna Cho and CrossFit Mayhem
  • Rob Forte's team for the Down Under CF Championship
  • Community Support 
Apr 02, 2019
Ep. 12 - The final week of the Open
  • 19.5 announcement and performance recap
  • Bubble watch update
  • Workout recap and breakdown
  • Sanctioned event backfill scenarios
  • Drug Testing and video verification
  • Community Support
Mar 27, 2019
Fitness with Friends #4 - Mat Fraser
  • Mat Fraser Interview
  • 3-time CrossFit Games Champion & Fittest Man on Earth
  • 19.5 Open Workout Announcement recap
  • 2019 Season discussion and recap
  • Training with Tia-Clair Toomey
  • Hobbies, future plans, and life after CrossFit
Mar 23, 2019
Ep. 11 - Open Week 4, National Champs, & Races to Watch
  • Open week 4 recap & top 19.4 performances
  • 19.5 Announcement Preview
  • Trash Talk Thursday update
  • National champion races to watch
  • Sanctioned event invite developments
Mar 20, 2019
Fitness with Friends #3 - TeamRICHEY
  • Craig Richey & Jasmine Cabourn
  • Becoming YouTube Vloggers
  • Their passion for Health and Fitness
  • Founding HSTL.MADE clothing
  • The journey from unknowns to hanging with the biggest names in the CrossFit space
  • Futures plans
Mar 14, 2019
Ep. 10 - Programming & Open Week 3
  • Trash Talk Thursday update
  • Hot topics in the community
  • Open Week 3 Recap
  • Overall standings recap
  • 19.4 and Announcement Preview
  • Community Support Stories 
Mar 14, 2019
Fitness with Friends #2 - Matt O'keefe
  • How he got his start in the CrossFit space
  • Founding Redline Gear
  • Managing the top CrossFit Athletes
  • Joining Loud and Live Sports
  • Running Wodapalooza and the WCC
  • His thoughts on the new system and the future of the CrossFit Games
Mar 13, 2019
Ep. 9 - The Open Week 2 & The Arnold
  • 19.2 workout and announcement recap
  • Overall standings in the Open
  • Hot topics for the week
  • Open week 3 and announcement preview
  • The Arnold Strongman Classic recap
  • Broadcast tips 
Mar 06, 2019
Fitness With Friends #1 - Annie Sakamoto
  • Special Guest Annie Sakamoto
  • Running the Open and an Affiliate
  • Early days of CrossFit and Annie's experience
  • Competing at the CrossFit Games
  • Eva Twardokens fundraiser
Feb 28, 2019
Ep. 8 - Open Week 1, London Recap, & The Buttery Bros
  • Guest visit from the Buttery Bros
  • Open Announcement Week 1 Recap
  • Open Workout 19.1 Recap
  • Strength in Depth Recap
  • Communities Stories About 2 Brave Women
Feb 27, 2019
Ep. 7 - 19.1 Announcement & Strength in Depth Preview
  • Open Announcement 19.1 Preview
  • Strength in Depth Preview
  • CrossFit Games Affiliate Email discussion
  • CrossFit CEO Op-Ed discussion
  • Margaux Alvarez news
  • Community Support Stories
Feb 19, 2019
Ep. 6 - HQ Layoffs & BIG NEWS!!
  • More Layoffs by CrossFit HQ
  • Our New Media Venture
  • ChallengeMe App Kickstarter
  • Community Support Stories
  • Fan Q&A
  • Use TALK15 for 15% off at
Feb 13, 2019
Ep. 5 - Open Announcements, Cape Town Recap, & More
  • Live Open Announcement Details
  • Fittest in Cape Town Competition Recap
  • US Army Fitness Team Details
  • Charity opportunity for a fellow CrossFitter
  • Fan Q&A
Feb 07, 2019
Ep.4 - Australia Recap, Cape Town Preview, & Fan Q&A
  • Full recap of individual and team competition from the Australia CrossFit Championship
  • Preview of the upcoming CrossFit Fittest in Cape Town including favorites, and dark horses
  • Fan Q&A answering questions posed by the community via Social Media 
Jan 29, 2019
Ep. 3 - Wodapalooza Recap & Buttery Bros Update
  • Recap of the Wodapalooza CrossFit Festival
  • Individual and Team competition analysis
  • Update on the Buttery Bros Vlog & projects
Jan 24, 2019
Ep. 2 - Wodapalooza CrossFit Festival Preview
  • Wodapalooza CrossFit Festival Preview
  • Overall event thoughts
  • Men's division favorites
  • Women's division favorites
  • Team Division Favorites
  • Dark Horse picks and other races to watch
  • How to follow the event
Jan 17, 2019
Ep. 1 - The State of The CrossFit Games
  • The changes to the CrossFit Games Season
  • How the changes at CrossFit Inc. and CrossFit HQ affected us
  • The future of the sport
  • What we've been up to
Jan 16, 2019