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The Motherly Podcast features honest conversations about modern motherhood with inspiring leaders—who also happen to be mothers. These incredible women, like Kristen Bell, Sen. Tammy Duckworth, and AnneMarie Slaughter, are helping to redefine motherhood, using their voices to uplift women with practical ideas and expert insights. Hosted each week by Liz Tenety, an award-winning journalist and co-founder of Motherly.

Episode Date
Musician Amanda Sudano Ramirez on embracing adventure and chaos

Amanda Sudano Ramirez, one half of the musical duo, JohnnySwim, and star of an upcoming reality show on Joanna and Chip Gaines’ Magnolia Network, talks about what she’s learned about embracing chaos from life on the road touring with kids, how she and her husband juggle being both musical partners and parents, and why “home” will always be her family.

Oct 15, 2020
Comedian Gina Brillon on healing through laughter

Liz speaks with comedian Gina Brillon, just a few weeks before the birth of her son, to discuss her Amazon Original comedy special titled, The Floor is Lava, what pregnancy has been like during COVID-19, and why it has always been so important for her to find the humor in even the toughest moments.

Oct 08, 2020
Rachel Hollis on the importance of maintaining an identity outside of motherhood

Liz talks to Rachel Hollis, bestselling author, motivational speaker, blogger, podcast host, and mom of four about her new book Didn’t See That Coming, her recent divorce, and how she overcame her childhood trauma. Rachel also shares tips on how women can maintain an identity outside of motherhood and marriage.

Oct 01, 2020
YouTube star Dzung Lewis on cooking for kids

Liz checks in with popular YouTube host, Dzung Lewis to discuss her new cookbook Honeysuckle. Dzung shares tips on how to cook for kids, talks about her eclectic food influences, and explains about how food has become a way for her to share her Vietnamese culture and her husband’s Korean culture with their children.

Sep 24, 2020
Mutha Founder Hope Smith on Surrogacy and the Meaning of Unconditional Love

Mutha Founder and TV personality Hope Smith talks to Liz about IVF, her surrogacy pregnancy, the group of foster children she and her husband have taken under their wing, and what motherhood—in all its incarnations—has taught her about unconditional love and acceptance. She also explained why her pregnancies inspired her to become a certified doula.

Sep 17, 2020
Dr. Joy Harden Bradford on how mamas can preserve their mental health

Dr. Joy Harden Bradford, licensed Psychologist, speaker, and host of the popular podcast, Therapy for Black Girls, offers Liz tips on how to cope with the parenting stress of COVID-19. She also explains why every mama should have their own “coping kit.”

Sep 10, 2020
Actress and author Danica McKellar on teaching kids math skills and confidence

Liz speaks with actress and math writer Danica McKellar about how math helped her find her own identity after her time on Wonder Years and why being friends with your own kid isn’t so bad. She also talks about how to encourage math skill in young girls who may be discouraged at an early age.

Sep 03, 2020
Vrbo’s Melanie Fish on the importance of mental health breaks

Liz speaks with Vrbo’s Melanie Fish about her zig-zagging career path after kids, how she caught the travel bug at an early age, and why it is so important for mothers and families to take a break right now, whether it is renting a home on a lake or a solo drive around the block.

Aug 27, 2020
Meena Harris on what she learned from growing up in a family of Super Women

Liz speaks with Meena Harris, lawyer and founder of the Phenomenal Woman Action Campaign. Meena talked about what she learned from growing up in a family of strong, tight-knit women and why she wrote her children's book Kamala and Maya’s Big Idea, which is based on the story of her mother, Maya Harris and her aunt and Vice-Presidential nominee, Kamala Harris. This episode is sponsored by Highlights. For more information on all their great products please visit

Aug 20, 2020
Lauren Paul and Molly Thompson of the Kind Campaign on bullying and mom shaming

In this episode, Liz talks to Lauren Paul and Molly Thompson, founders of the Kind campaign, an internationally recognized nonprofit that brings awareness and healing to the negative effects of girl-against-girl bullying. They talk about their mission, what they’ve learned from a decade of speaking to young kids on the topic, and the separate but related problem of mom-shaming. This episode is sponsored by Highlights.

Aug 13, 2020
Actress and activist Jurnee Smollett on mom guilt and changing the narrative

Liz speaks with actress and activist Jurnee Smollett -- star of Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn, Eve’s Bayou, the hotly anticipated HBO show Lovecraft -- about mom guilt, why she chooses stories that re-examine the legacy we’ve all inherited, and how growing up in a big and unconventional family influenced her approach to motherhood.This episode is sponsored by The Mothery Shop --curated must-haves for motherhood. Listen to the episode for a discount.

Aug 06, 2020
Peloton’s Jenn Sherman on Finding Time to Work Out and Second Beginnings

Host Liz Tenety speaks with Jenn Sherman — Peloton’s very first cycling instructor — about finding joy in her second career and taking care of her teenagers in quarantine. Jenn also shared motivating and encouraging tips for mama’s who struggle with finding time in their day to exercise.

Jul 30, 2020
Ai-Jen Poo on making the invisible work of mothers and caregivers visible

Host Liz Tenety checks in with Ai-jen Poo, the co-founder and Executive Director of the National Domestic Workers Alliance, a non-profit with the goal to bring quality work, dignity and fairness to the growing number of caregivers in America. Together they discuss Ai-jen’s work, her idea of care squads, and what we can all do, as mothers, to begin to correct a system that isn’t working well for anyone.

Jul 23, 2020
Glennon Doyle on imperfect motherhood and raising wild children

Host Liz Tenety kicks off Season 4 of the podcast with an interview with Glennon Doyle, New York Times bestselling author, philanthropist, and mother of two. Glennon talks about her latest book, Untamed, her relationship with her wife, soccer icon Abby Wambach, and why we need to reframe how we talk about step-parenting. Glennon also reads an excerpt from her book. This episode is sponsored by Highlights. For more information on all their great products please visit 

Jul 16, 2020
Eliza Blank on why plants are an important part of nurturing yourself and your children

Eliza Blank is the founder and CEO of The Sill, a NYC-based indoor plant company focused on connecting people to plants and the outdoors. In this episode, Eliza talks to Liz about how growing plants and being a parent are not all that different, why teaching kids to connect to nature is absolutely vital, and she suggests fun gardening activities parents can do with their children.

May 07, 2020
Danielle DuBoise on the importance of empathy in motherhood and listening to your body

Danielle Duboise, Cofounder of Sakara Life, the organic, plant-based food delivery service and lifestyle brand, sat down with Liz to talk about Sakara Life’s mission to change how you think about food and nourishing yourself. She also shared easy healthy eating tips, talked about what motherhood has taught her about empathy and grace, and explained why being healthy doesn’t have to mean giving up the occasional pizza or onion bagel.

Apr 30, 2020
Harmonia Rosales on being a single mom, a working artist and finding her path in life

Artist Harmonia Rosales, talks to Liz about how her daughter inspired her paintings, pursuing a creative career path after having her children, and why she hopes her art reshapes the narrative of what power and beauty looks like, putting women—and particularly women of color—at the center. She also talks about the parallels between creating art and motherhood and encourages mothers to remember that it is never too late to pursue a dream.

Apr 23, 2020
Gabby Bernstein on her journey through postpartum depression and prioritizing her mental health

In this episode, Gabby Bernstein, bestselling author, a motivational speaker, and life coach opens to Liz up about her postpartum depression, why she advocates for mental health medication when it is necessary, and why motherhood has been an ongoing spiritual journey. She also shares one of the methods that helped her during some of her darkest moments. Following Gabby’s interview, we also hear from a listener about her own experience with postpartum depression. 

Warning: This episode mentions suicidal and self-harm ideation, which we know can be upsetting or triggering for some listeners. If you are having thoughts of harming yourself or others, please get help by calling the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255. You can also call 911 or go to an emergency room. Please know that you are not alone.

1 in 7 mothers will experience postpartum depression. At we have more resources on the topic. You can visit, There you’ll find articles on the signs of postpartum depression, other helpful resources, and phone numbers to call for support. Please know you are not alone.

Apr 16, 2020
Jeannie Gaffigan on slowing down, savoring the present, and what she learned from tragedy

Jeannie Gaffigan, producer, comedy writer, brain tumor survivor, bestselling author, wife of Jim, and mother of five talks to Liz about what her brain tumor taught her, how she found humor and joy in tragedy, and why slowing down and enjoying the present has become so important to her. She also explains why mothers, who so often put their own care last, need to remember to take care of themselves—not just for their own health, but for their family’s health.

Apr 09, 2020
Zahra Kassam on Montessori education and the benefits of freedom within limits

Zahra Kassam, internationally certified Montessori teacher and CEO and cofounder of Monti Kids, the only at home Montessori program for birth to age three, talks to Liz about the Montessori approach, how to facilitate independent play, her approach to temper tantrums and meltdowns⁠—and why kids are more self-sufficient than we often think. Zahra is also offering all our listeners $60 off Monti Kids boxes. New customers can go to and enter this code at checkout: MOTHERLY60.

Apr 02, 2020
Molly Sims on the trade-offs of taking care of your kids, your parents and yourself

Molly Sims, author, actress, advocate, lifestyle influencer and former model talks to Liz about how she’s learned to be less hard on herself after having three children, the positive impact her mother has on her, and why she prefers staying in with her family to nights out on the red carpet. She also opened up about pressures of caring for sick parents and small children at the same time.

Mar 26, 2020
Chelsea Clinton on motherhood, public health, and how parents can support their kids during coronavirus
Mar 16, 2020
Kara Richardson Whitely on why making peace with her body made her a better mom

Kara Richardson Whitely is an author, speaker, and three-time climber of Mount Kilimanjaro, who has spoken candidly about her struggles with binge eating. She opened up to Liz about motherhood, how she talks about body image with her children, the changing conversation around obesity, and her biggest adventure yet—a new movie about her life produced and starring This is Us star, Chrissy Metz.

Mar 12, 2020
Kristen Bell gives us the motherhood advice we all need to hear

Host Liz Tenety kicks off Season 3 of the podcast with an interview with Kristen Bell—actress, singer, soon-to-be children’s author, mother of two, and Hello Bello founder. Kristen discusses co-parenting, self-care, and how there’s no such thing as other people’s kids. Kristen also talks about one of her most famous characters: Anna, from Frozen and Frozen II. Additionally, this season, we’ve invited our Motherly community to share their own stories—and following Liz’s discussion with Kristen, you’ll hear from a listener about how she co-parents with her partner.

Mar 05, 2020
Valerie Jarrett on how motherhood changed her sense of purpose
Aug 15, 2019
Clea and Joanna of The Home Edit share tips on keeping a tidy home, even with kids
Aug 08, 2019
Jessie James Decker shares how motherhood changed her life’s purpose + strengthened her marriage
Aug 01, 2019
Christy Turlington Burns on how crucial it is to improve maternal health in the U.S. and abroad
Jul 25, 2019
Psychologist Angela Duckworth on the art of teaching perseverance to your kids
Jul 18, 2019
Hilary Duff on motherhood, loneliness and how it all goes by so fast
Jul 11, 2019
Birchbox’s Katia Beauchamp wants to change the way we talk about working moms
Jul 03, 2019
LaTonya Yvette on why fashion can be a form of self-care for moms
Jun 27, 2019
Goop’s Chief Content Officer Elise Loehnen on postpartum depletion, self-care and what moms really need
Jun 20, 2019
Reshma Saujani of Girls Who Code on replacing perfectionism with courage in motherhood
Jun 13, 2019
BONUS EPISODE: Co-founders Liz Tenety and Jill Koziol talk modern motherhood and launching Motherly
Jun 06, 2019
Melissa Hartwig Urban on being a single mom and why we should re-frame our thinking around self-care
Apr 04, 2019
Caterina Scorsone on Down syndrome and why it’s all about difference, not disability
Mar 28, 2019
Tiffany Dufu on what being a 'good mother' really means
Mar 21, 2019
Anne-Marie Slaughter on the value of caregiving, co-parenting and why we need to do less
Mar 14, 2019
Whitney Port talks breastfeeding, sleep deprivation and how she learned to tame her mom guilt
Mar 07, 2019
Nora McInerny on how her blended family expanded her understanding of motherhood
Feb 28, 2019
Senator Tammy Duckworth on breastfeeding, preschool drop off and the importance of your village
Feb 21, 2019
Hillary Frank on trusting yourself—and your child—in parenthood
Feb 14, 2019
Tone It Up co-founder Katrina Scott wants to change how we talk about postpartum bodies
Feb 07, 2019
Joy Cho opens up on being creative in motherhood
Jan 31, 2019
Introducing The Motherly Podcast
Jan 16, 2019