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A reported, narrative show hosted by Katherine Goldstein about a new generation of working mothers—not parenting, not kids, but the real, three-dimensional stories of mothers from the campaign trail to the legal brothels of Nevada and everywhere in between.

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Bonus: Inflection Point on Paid Family Leave

If you loved Ep. 10 on family leave, check out this episode of Inflection Point with Lauren Schiller, a show about how women rise up. She’s joined by Katie Bethell, founder of Paid Leave for the US, who shares stories and strategies for getting paid leave for all by 2022. Listen to Inflection Point for more great interviews.


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Jul 29, 2019
BONUS: Unladylike preview

We’re still on break working hard on Season 2, but in the meantime, check out this preview from our friends at Unladylike, a show about gender rules and the people who break them. This episode features Hillary Frank discussing a topic dear to us: the special misogyny reserved for working mothers. Subscribe to Unladylike today!


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Jun 25, 2019
Paid Family Leave: We Can Do Better

The paid family leave situation in America is so bad, mothers are conditioned to think that we’re “lucky” to get ANY time off at all to care for a new baby or adopted child. Erin Grau was a New York Times employee who wasn’t satisfied with “good enough” parental leave. So, along with a determined group of women, she fought to make it better for everyone at her company.


Additional interview with Claire Cain Miller, reporter for the Upshot at the New York Times.


In addition to Erin, Rebecca Grossman-Cohen, Alex Hardiman, Christine Hung, and Alex MacCallum worked to improve the New York Times’ parental leave policy.


Additional field production on this episode by Molly Nugent.




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Where are the Mothers?” Read host Katherine Goldstein’s original reporting about how the women at the New York Times improved their parental leave.


Making the case for parental leave with reporting from Claire Cain Miller:

The Economic Benefits of Paid Parental Leave.

In Google’s Inner Circle, a Falling Number of Women.”

Wal-Mart and Now Starbucks: Why More Big Companies are Offering Paid Family Leave.

With Paid Leave, Gates Foundation Says There Can Be Too Much of a Good Thing.


Read The NYTimes Parenting Section’s Guide to negotiating for parental leave:

How to Ask for Parental Leave When You’re an Hourly Worker

How Freelancing Parents Can Create Maternity or Paternity Leave.

How to Ask for Maternity or Paternity Leave When Your Company Has No Policy.


Making Motherhood Work: How Women Manage Careers and Caregiving, By Caitlyn Collins


Additional organizations that support parental leave advocacy:


Paid Leave US is a national advocacy organization aimed at getting national paid family leave by 2022. Check out their FAQ, templates for getting better workplace policies and a cost benefit analysis resource.


A Better Balance has tons of resources on knowing your rights around family leave, pregnancy and more.


National Domestic Workers Alliance has an online platform for paid leave for domestic workers.

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Jun 03, 2019
Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby

Angelica Lindsey-Ali is the mother of four and a sex educator. She’s also a practicing Muslim who travels around the country with a bag full of rainbow dildos teaching mothers that a sexually awakened woman is a powerful woman.... And the best “self care” of all might just be really mind-blowing sex.


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May 20, 2019
A Mother's Day Revolution & Invitation

Author Amy Westervelt and host Katherine Goldstein discuss how we can recapture the revolutionary spirit of Mother’s Day... and why it’s time for us to put a dollar amount on all the invisible labor moms do to keep society and families running. Plus, we announce an awesome next step for The Double Shift... a membership program for listeners.

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To read Amy and Katherine’s essay on returning Mother’s Day to its revolutionary roots, click here. And check out our invisible labor calculator and to find out how much you should earn per year keeping your family (and society) running.



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May 06, 2019
Co-Work, Co-Play

Most offices in America are still built by men, for men. Because of this, Tiffany Frye couldn't find any work and childcare arrangement that worked for her. So she built her own. We visit Nido, a workspace in North Carolina that puts the needs of mothers and children first.

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Apr 22, 2019
On Not Having It All

Host Katherine Goldstein was dedicating her career to covering issues facing working moms when her own personal and work life came messily crashing together. Recorded as an audio diary, Katherine shares a very personal story about family, ambition, and loss.

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Apr 08, 2019
Inside the Brothels BONUS Episode

Our "Mamas of the Brothels" episode took a lot to pull off. We tell some of the wild, behind-the-scenes stories about how this story about sex worker moms almost fell apart. Executive Producer Sarah Ventre shares how she pulled the story together by "brothel hopping" in a Tony Soprano car.

Apr 01, 2019
Mamas of the Brothels

Natasha Star is one of the highest-earning sex workers at The Sagebrush Ranch in Lyon County, Nevada. She's also a mom to a five year-old son. In this episode we talk to moms, a madam at The Mustang Ranch, and experts to explore the perks and pitfalls of being a working mom when your office is a legal brothel.

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Mar 25, 2019
The Candidate Who Carpools

Ashton Clemmons didn't think the voice of mothers was well represented in North Carolina's state government. So in 2018, she was one of the unprecedented number of women who ran for office. This intimate story gives a real look at what it's like to be a candidate with three little kids.

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Mar 11, 2019
Night Shift in Sin City

Nydia Sanchez runs one of Las Vegas' only overnight, 24-hour child care centers, serving 108 kids. Many of her clients are single moms who work in casinos, and as waitresses, nurses and dancers. We visit to find out how Nydia keeps her business affordable and serves a group of moms that many bosses, politicians, and other daycare owners just don’t think about.

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Feb 25, 2019
Punk Rock Rabbi

For over 10 years, Louisa Rachel Solomon has been the frontwoman for the rock band, The Shondes. She hasn't let pregnancy or parenthood slow her down. But she's now staring down a big existential question: How do you continue to have a creative and fulfilling professional life after you have a kid?

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Feb 11, 2019
Introducing The Double Shift

Welcome to The Double Shift, the show about women who are challenging how society sees mothers and how we see ourselves. 

Jan 21, 2019