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Welcome to The Earn Your Leisure Podcast. Financial Advisor Rashad Bilal and Educator Troy Millings will be your host. Earn Your Leisure will be giving you behind the scenes financial views into the entertainment and sports industries as well as highlighting back stories of entrepreneurs. We will also be breaking down business models and examining the latest trends in finance. Earn Your Leisure is a college business class mixed with pop culture. We blend the two together for a unique and exciting look into the world of business. Let’s go!! #earnyourleisurepodcast

Episode Date
EYL #9 Billionaire Boys Club.
In episode 9 we cover the marijuana industry in-depth, we discuss a former NBA player who now has a multi state cannabis empire, and we examined new proposed legislation that could change the marijuana industry forever. We also examine what roll racism plays in the home appraisal process and explain how black homes are devalued nationwide by $156 billion. In our business story of the week, we highlight the richest person of African descent in the world and shed some light on his little known story. This podcast is sponsored by The Black Tux
Mar 19, 2019
EYL #8 My Accountant is so Good, I’m Practically Living Tax Free.
In episode 8 we break down how Amazon was able to paid no federal taxes after making $11 billion in profits in 2018. We brought tax expert @ms.business101 in to help us explain the details of how they did it. But more importantly she gave useful tax tips that everyone can benefit from. Episode 8 is packed with a lot of practical gems. We also discussed Kanye’s crazy contract which he’s suing over “servitude” laws, the tragic De La Soul situation, and how Frank Ocean pulled one of the greatest financial moves in music history. This podcast is sponsored by The Black Tux
Mar 12, 2019
EYL #7 Hustlers Don’t Stop, They Keep Going.
In Episode 7 we tackle the student loan crisis and talk about a new proposed program for employers to pay employees loan debt. We also discuss a government student loan forgiveness program where only 1% of the applicants were accepted. We examine Uber and Lyft’s competition and the heated race between companies to develop self driving cars. We highlight Google and Uber’s complicated relationship and we go over the phenomenal story of how Air Bnb went from being laughed at to $38 Billion in 10 years. This podcast is sponsored by The Black Tux
Mar 05, 2019
EYL #6 Pay Us Like You Owe Us.
In Episode 6 we discuss Zion Williamson, March Madness reaching a billion dollars in revenue, the extremely complicated financial breakdown for college sports, the difference between the money in college basketball and college football and we examine if student athletes should be paid while they are in college. We also discussed Colin Kaepernick’s settlement with the NFL, the money play behind how the national anthem became a game time ceremony and the concept of paid patriotism. In addition we took a look at the recent racist fashion controversies with high end fashion brands. We discussed if these happenings are calculated marketing decisions and if boycotts are effective. This podcast is sponsored by The Black Tux
Feb 26, 2019
EYL #5 I Got a Story to Tell.
In Episode 5 we discuss Snapchat’s rocky road. We look at some of the choices the company has made and we question if they will be able to survive all of the issues they currently face or if they will fall victim to the wrath of Facebook the same way Vine did. We also examined an ex NBA player who managed to turn $350,000 into $400 million with fast food franchises. And we stepped into the political world and examined the idea of bridging the racial wealth gap with baby bonds. This podcast is sponsored by The Black Tux
Feb 19, 2019
EYL #4 Big Bank Take lil Bank.
In Episode 4 we discuss the billion dollar streaming fight between Netflix, Amazon, Apple and Hulu. In addition we also cover the Amazon effect in detail, and the global trend of gentrification. We also discussed the cosmetic industry and took an in-depth look into Kylie Jenner and Rihana’s makeup lines. Rashad also gave his perspective on what it takes to be an entrepreneur. This podcast is sponsored by The Black Tux
Feb 12, 2019
EYL #3 It ain’t hard to tell, I’m the new Jean Michel.
In Episode 3 we discuss the evolving Sports Gambling Industry, the unbelievable story behind one of the best endorsement deals of all time, the billion dollar World of Art investing and how a homeless high school dropout became the most successful American artist in history. This podcast is sponsored by The Black Tux
Feb 05, 2019
EYL #2 Stack chips for a rainy day.
In Episode 2 we discussed: The Government Shutdown, The Racial Wealth Gap, Super Bowl Ad Marketing, Fashionnova’s business model, The story why the Government changed Instagram ads and more. This podcast is sponsored by The Black Tux
Jan 29, 2019
EYL #1 Why shoot the breeze about it, when you can be about it.
Earn Your Leisure Podcast - EPISODE 1. In Episode 1 we talk about 360 record deals, How Steve Jobs and Sean Parker changed the World, The power of owning your own Masters, Chris Brown’s new contract, A Boogie making history, the importance of Soulja Boy, Money vs Validation, The Oscars financial impact on Actors, George Clooney’s $700million tequila deal and more. This podcast is sponsored by The Black Tux
Jan 22, 2019