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SEN Live is a daily two-hour entertainment show hosted live by Kristian Harloff ('Movie Trivia Schmoedown') on YouTube at 11 a.m. PT and available immediately after as a podcast.

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The Mandalorian Episode 2 'The Child' NON SPOILER Review - SEN LIVE #10
On today's show, Kristian is joined by Brett Sheridan, Kate Mulligan David Michael Frank and RB3! We will talk about the latest in movie news and give a NON SPOILER review of The Mandalorian Episode 2. We also cover the Trolls trailer and Netflix responding to the Disney+ war.  Catching up with Kate and Brett- 1:30 Mandalorian Thoughts- 2:30 Bretts Kids Problems- 5:20 Kate is back! 7:00 Kristian Watches THE AFFAIR-9:25 Schmoebot is on!!!! 11:30 WHAT'S WRONG WITH TUNA?!?! 13:25 Who's the White Sinead?-14:20 Which retired Schmoedown player do you wanna see? 15:20 Fires fires and more fires-17:30 Steelers fight-19:30 Spoiler review for Chapter 2-21:20 Kate likes to knit-23:15 Whos the biggest snorer in the room-24:00 Mandalorian Length?-26:00 Schmoebot Interruptions-27:00 Different director for every episode-28:30 Who do you want to play Moon Knight-30:20 Roasting Child Actors?-32:00 Winner for Schmoedown Spectacular-34:00 More relatable characters in Mandalorian-39:30 Netflix Beverly Hills Cop-40:55 Mandalorian Non Spoiler review-46:55 Is Netflix worried about Disney Plus?-58:00 6 Underground Poster-1:05:00 Netflix Changed the game-1:09:00 Jon Favreau wants Star Wars Holiday Special-1:10:15 Trolls World Tour Trailer-1:13:30 Schmoebot is back on!-1:15:00 Shoes and beef?-1:16:45 New Charlie's Angels is good?-1:20:00 Linkin Park biopic-1:21:30 Hilarious kid stories-1:22:45 Jedi Fallen Order game-1:25:00 I cannot type what this is but click on it-1:27:10 Did David have a Barmitzvah?-1:29:20 Weekend plans?-1:34:00 Does it matter if Pedro Pascal is in the costume?-1:39:30 Was Chapter 2 a filler Episode?-1:42:00 Rodney Dangerfield as Han Solo-1:44:30 Did Kristian ever bomb on stage?-1:47:00 What order do you watch Star Wars in? 1:53:00 Does Obi Wan appear in the Mandalorian?-1:56:00 Schmoedown Fan Expo-2:03:15
Nov 16, 2019
Disney Addresses Potential Mandalorian Movie - SEN LIVE #9
On today's show, Kristian is joined by Winston Marshall, Ben Goddard, David Michael Frank and Sinead Devries returns to Schmoeville! We will talk about the latest in movie news, Black Adam, Disney plus does 10 million signs ups and Alan Horn talks about a potential Mandalorian film! Starting a new show pains- 1:30 Sinead Catch up- 2:45 Tuna Mac and Cheese 4:00 David Michael Franks weird Flex- 5:50 Sinead catching up continued-6:30 Who does Sinead look like?!?!- 10:30 Superchats-14:00 Solo is better than we remember-15:30 How long can MANDALORIAN run for-17:45 What Star Wars movie should you watch first-20:30 Does Ben commit Star Wars suicide-23:00 Sound goes out- 26:00 Sound back-27:00 Sineads fav show of 2019- 27:30 Favorite Pixar short-31-30 Everyone gets roasted-32:30 What order do you watch animated star wars? 37:01 Schmoedown news!- 40:30 Who wins the Box office in 2021- 43:30 What is clickbait-49:30 Winstons Impressions-51:50 Mandalorian movie- 54:00 Disney plus 10 million first day-1:04:00 Is Disney a monopoly? 1:08:17 The Rock finally announces BLACK ADAM- 1:11:00 Spike Lee-1:14:30 Marky Mark as Sully?!?!-1:16:00 BC is a bad ass-1:18:00 Podcast is available-1:21:15 More Foreign films in Schmoedown- 1:22:40 What’s something that could show up in Mandalorian?1:26:30 3 funniest AMC movie talks-1:28:30 Meet the Mandalorian-1:31:00 What Star Wars Character would you wanna be? 1:34:00 Taika Waititi directing finale of Mandalorian-1:38:30 Order 66 tv show?-1:40:00 Dan Murrell on SEN soon? 1:42:30 Have you ever played the Star Wars tabletop game? 1:44:30 Kristian's family on SEN? 1:48:00 SEN Chemistry- 1:50:00 More Mac and Cheese talk-1:52:00
Nov 16, 2019
No Plans For Spiderman Movies On Disney+ - SEN LIVE #8
On today's show, Kristian is joined by Winston Marshall, Ben Bateman, Ben Goddard, RB3 and the former two-time teams and Innergeekdom Schmoedown champion Rachel Cushing! We will talk about the latest in movie news, Spidey not going to Disney+, some movie reviews and more!
Nov 13, 2019
'The Mandalorian: Chapter One' NON SPOILER Review - SEN LIVE #7
On today's show Kristian is joined by Kate Mulligan, Brett Sheridan, RB3 and Ben Goddard. The day is here. The Mandalorian dropped, we watched it and now we will discuss it and the launch of Disney Plus. Join us, ask questions, let's get to it. Start sending in those Superchat/ questions now! We are going to try to get to all of them today!!
Nov 13, 2019
Here Are Some Details On That Obi Wan Series - SEN LIVE #6
On today's show Kristian is joined by Kate Mulligan, Brett Sheridan, David Michael Frank, Ben Bateman and then Mark Ellis.. The crew will discuss the comments made by the Obi Wan series writer about what we might expect in the new Disney Plus series. We will also discuss Joker becoming the most profitable comic book movie all time and details on Ellis' new comedy special! 99 Problems: 1:00 Batemen is everyones enemy: 7:30 SCHMOEBOT ON 15:00 Harrison Ford in Ep9? 27:00 SHMOEDOWN DRAFT 32:30 FX/HULU/DISNEY PLUS 36:00 Lowest Rating you hooked up with 37:30 Ben Batemen Schmoedown 44:00 Mark Ellis joins the show Live! 45:45 DOCTOR SLEEP and MIDWAY box office 48:00 Mark Ellis was on a Josh Wolfs podcast/ Game Show 52:00 Dog Stepfather 54:00 Bill Murray is back for GHOSTBUSTERS 56:00 JOKER most profitable comic book movie ever 1:00:00 Obi Wan a series instead of a movie 1:05:00 FALLEN franchise 1:11:30 MCU add ins 1:12:30 THE AFFAIR 1:13:30 SUPERCHATS 1:15:30 Ellis talks THE IRISHMAN 1:17:45 Logan Vs KSI 1:18:45 Kate brings down the house with a Kristian Harloff impression 1:24:00 Luke or Ezra in Mandalorian 1:38:30 Our Top 5 TV Shows 1:41:00 Schmoedown Spectacular talk 1:42:00 Why did the crew move to LA 149:00 Tv or Movie for the rest of your life 2:00:00
Nov 12, 2019
'Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker' Original Plan Had Leia As A Powerful Jedi - SEN #5
On today's show Kristian is joined by Mark Ellis, Kate Mulligan, Brett Sheridan and David Michael Frank. The crew will discuss Carrie Fisher's brothers comments about how she was going to originally be used in Episode 9 and how that has now changed. We will also discuss Ben Mendelsohn's comments on Spidey in the MCU and the robot will annoy Ellis! Send a question/tip at: or YT Superchat
Nov 09, 2019
Disney Is Pushing 'Avengers: Endgame' Cast For OSCARS! - SEN LIVE #4
On today's show Kristian is joined by Winston Marshall, Ben Bateman, Ben Goddard, and RB3 to talk about the Avengers Endgame cast being pushed for Oscar consideration along with a review for FORD VS FERRARI, Japanese Spider-Man, and much more! Send a question/tip at: or YT Superchat
Nov 08, 2019
Colin Farrell and Andy Serkis as Penguin and Alfred?! - SEN LIVE #3
On today's show Kristian is joined by Brett Sheridan, RB3 and ASHLEY MOVA to talk the latest in The Batman casting news, Hogwarts coming back in full effect and what the heck has Ashley Mova been up to?!  Send a question/tip at: or YT Superchat
Nov 06, 2019
Fantastic Beasts 3 Is Happening and No One Cares Except Harloff - SEN LIVE #2
On today's show Kristian is joined by Kate Mulligan, Brett Sheridan and RB3 to talk Fantastic Beasts, Scorsese doubling down on superhero movies and Bad Boys for Life trailer! And nonsense and maybe a robot! Send a question / tip at: or YT Superchat
Nov 05, 2019
'Terminator: Dark Fate' Bombs; Should The Franchise Die? - SEN LIVE #1
Today's stream is the inaugural SEN stream featuring Kristian Harloff, Mark Ellis, Brett Sheridan, Kate Mulligan & David Michael Frank. Send a question / tip at: or YT Superchat Mark Reilly fart 1:30 Nonsense 3:20 Fav lightsaber duels 19:00-21:00 Nov movies 22:00 Movie news/terminator tank 27:40-36:00 Rian Johnson Star Wars 39:55 Lady Gaga 43:14/58:00 AVP reboot 49:15 Spider verse 54:00 Ant man 3 1:04:00 Fan questions 1:06: 20 Christmas decor 1:45:30
Nov 04, 2019