Do It For the Process

By Emily Jeffords

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Category: Arts

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Empowering you to live creatively and to THRIVE while doing so! A Podcast by Emily Jeffords,

Episode Date
11: Five Ways to Improve Your Instagram Stories

Instagram is one of the platforms I LOVE most -- and that is, in large part, due to Instagram Stories!  Instagram Stories bring community and friendship to the platform.  It allows us to connect on a more human and personal level and brings the intimacy of the creative practice right into the hearts and minds of our audience.  


In this podcast I offer 5 tips for using this platform really well.  Download the guide here

Apr 03, 2019
10: Can artists Make It On Their Own? The Mindset Shifts Needed To Be a Creative Entrepreneur

Can artists make it on their own?  I mean, really.  We are supposed to be dependent on others and suffering and starving... but no.  Nope.  I'm having none of that.  In this episode, we get into the mindset shifts needed to create a sustainable creative career.  


Visit to find out more about the podcast, Emily Jeffords, and Making Art Work

Enrollment will reopen in early 2020.  

Mar 27, 2019
9: My Five favorite Photo Editing Apps

Making Art Work is OPEN!  Visit to learn more and to JOIN US!

Your ability to edit photos on the go has NEVER been easier -- but which apps to use?  I list my 5 favorite apps, reasons I chose them, and tips to use them well for your own photos!  


Get the guide HERE

Mar 20, 2019
The Studio Series

Join me in a 5-part VIDEO series, The Studio Series!  This is a mini-course designed to bring clarity & inspiration and to your creative practice.  

Join us!  The course launched TODAY and will available through the 27th of March! 




Mar 15, 2019
8: Can Artists Really Sell Artwork Online?

Can artists actually sell artwork online?  Really...?  

In this podcast we delve into:

  1. Communicating well with your audience
  2. Removing doubt + allowing your audience to trust you
  3. Sharing a lifestyle, not a product
  4. Connecting genuinely and authentically

BROUGHT TO YOU BY MY UPCOMING COURSE: Making Art Work -- a 3 month, 12-week intensive course and community for artists and creatives wanting to grow their creative practice into a thriving, sustainable business.

Download the Worksheet that accompanies this podcast here


Mar 13, 2019
7: Five Books that are changing the way I think about my creative practice

Download the PDF with links to each of these books here

5 books that are changing the way I think about marketing, the creative process, and WHY I chose to lead this beautiful, complex, vibrant lifestyle.  I hope they encourage and inspire you as well!

Mar 06, 2019
6: Instagram for Artists (part 2): tips for creating a VIBRANT and ENGAGING account

What makes some Instagram accounts come ALIVE?  Why do some people seem to have ALL the engagement while your account gets crickets?  This episode dives into engagement across the whole Instagram platform and how to really add value to your community. 

I'm getting a bit nerdy in this episode to bring you ALL the goodness and growth (and the exact method I used to grow my account from 0 to 70,000+). Download the PDF workbook that accompanies this conversation HERE.

PS. visit Emily_Jeffords on IG for a visual example of what we're discussing.  xo

Feb 28, 2019
5: Instagram for Artists (part 1): tips for creating a VIBRANT and ENGAGING account

Have you ever thought about the psychology of an engaging Instagram account?  How about the aesthetic flow and community-centered conversation?  I'm getting a bit nerdy in this episode to bring you ALL the goodness and growth (and the exact method I used to grow my account from 0 to 70,000+). Get the PDF workbook "Instagram for Creatives" HERE.

PS. visit Emily_Jeffords on IG for a visual example of what we're discussing.  xo

Feb 27, 2019
4: Mother + Artist: can creativity coexist with parenting?

Can creativity live alongside motherhood?  We address this question and delve into mindset shifts and practical tips to make this challenging task even more rewarding.  


"Allow your children to find space within your life --but don’t remove all other loves in the process.  Your heart is big enough for all of it." 


xo, Emily Jeffords

Feb 20, 2019
2: My journey from starving artist to six-figure business owner AND the power of small, consistent steps

In this podcast, we discuss topics like

  • overcoming fear
  • embracing the bravery needed to share journey and work
  • My journey from starving artist to 6-figure business owner
  • the power of small consistent steps.

I'm your host, Emily Jeffords and I'm so glad you're here.  Welcome to #DoitfortheProcess

Feb 13, 2019
1: Do It For the Process: 14 tried & true ways to remain inspired and ALIVE in your creativity

Creating a practice the keeps your heart and mind far from burnout and deep in your inspiration. This mantra, "do it for that process", Has deeply inspired my practice and that of thousands of other creators. Download the jet for the process creative practice guide here: "14 Tips for connecting with your creative process."

Feb 13, 2019
3: BONUS // What Does "Art" Mean to You

212 people answered this question openly and honestly on one of my Instagram posts recently.  Their replies are deep and heartfelt and DESERVE to be heard.  This is a random sampling of some of those comments read aloud.


Art is POWERFUL.  Art is change.  It is grace and peace and pain and passion.  

Feb 13, 2019
Intro: Do It For The Process, a NEW Podcast from Emily Jeffords

Welcome to the studio and to the Do It for the process Podcast. A Podcast for creatives, artists, and those who are creatively curious.

I’m Emily Jeffords. Artist, mother, & educator


Feb 04, 2019