The Rise & Conquer Podcast

By Georgie Stevenson

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Category: Self-Help

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On the Rise and Conquer Podcast, we dive deep into all things mindset, habits, career, health, relationships….and MORE….this is a podcast for women who want to rise up to be the best version of themselves, who have big dreams and who are willing to put in the work to get there. This podcast will bring you the tools & actionable steps to feel confident in yourself, inspired to take bold action and motivated to conquer your goals.

Episode Date
Ep 10: Giving yourself permission to pivot, The reality of post bikini/fitness shows + Starting your own business with Sami Rose

Sami (@samirosefitness) is a health & fitness coach. From being overweight in her early 20's, to competing at her most leanest state in 9 bikini shows, she now lives somewhere in the middle and focuses on living her healthiest, happiest, and most balanced life, and teaches her clients and followers how to do the same!

Today me & Sami are chatting about how to stay motivated after you have conquered a big goal, how to give yourself permission to pivot when your goals change, Sami's experience with post fitness/bikini shows, completely step into your power & feel confident while doing it! + we have a in depth chat about Sami’s experience of going out on her own & the good & bad with owning your own business.

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Mar 20, 2019
Ep 9: 5 Life Lessons to 18yr old self - Love, career, friendship & health!

5 life lessons I would tell my younger self! Life lessons about my career, my relationship with my husband, finding friends & learning from my failures.

Mar 15, 2019
Ep 8: Conquering ACNE + body positivity chat with with The Unrefined

Today we are chatting to Nicola Scruby who is the know as the unrefined on Instagram. Nicola started a sugar free, full fat blog in 2014 which had the desire to inform, nourish and empower people to put their health first. Since then Nicola has expanded to encompass two brands including NutiiBoost a healthly, low sugar granola and F.acne and online educational acne program & community with health professionals.

Today we chat about all things acne including what are the most common factors, if you acne face maps are accurate, Nic’s go to supplements for healthy skin, the solution for acne scars + we chat all about our go-to practices when we aren't feeling comfortable in our own skin.


Mar 12, 2019
Ep 7: Leaving my corporate law job to pursue my passion, expanding my business + how you can build your online brand! Replay episode from the Life Lessons Podcast

Host Georgie Stevenson gets interviewed by Sarah Wilson from the Life Lessons Podcast. Discussions include my transition from law to being a health coach, how I expanded my business, social media, building your online brand + so much more!

Check out the Life Lessons Podcast!

Our Instagram: @riseandconquer.podcast

Mar 05, 2019
Ep 6: REAL TALK: Getting your period back, over-training & finding what foods bloat you! with Better Being Steph

In this episode, we are chatting to Better Being Steph! Steph's tag line is 'treat yourself better', she is a wellness blogger who has an inspiring story from recovered from an eating disorder and dealing with depression and anxiety. We chat about how she is getting her period back, overtraining, orthorexia, how to find out what foods bloat you + so much more!



Feb 27, 2019
Ep 5: The art of saying "no" How to stop being a people please & how to set healthy boundaries!!

Do you constantly say "yes" when you really want to say "no"? Do you find your are always filling up other peoples cup instead of your own? Do you feel guilt if you say "no"?

In this episode we chat about why we say "yes" to things we really don't want to and how to take our power back. I give you the tools to be confident in your "No" & how to make the mind-sifts to fill up your own cup first.


Feb 20, 2019
Ep 4: How to get anything you want!! Law of attraction, manifesting & gratitude hacks with Larissa Emara

Today we are talking all things law of attraction, manifestation and gratitude. We are chatting with Larissa Emara, the founder of I Am Happy, I Am Here, an uplifting brand that creates gratitude and vision journals for people all over the world. We chat about both of our experiences with these topics plus give you some actionable steps to start these practices today & manifest everything you want in life!


Feb 13, 2019
Ep 3: Staying in your lane: How to stop comparing yourself & feel enough

Today we are talking about how to stop comparing yourself to others. These are my go to tools I use when comparison creeps into my life. 


Feb 13, 2019
Ep 2: No BS health talk: how food affects hormones, celery juicing? + ditching diet culture - with Nutritionist Nina Gabriela

Today we go into Nina’s past of recovery from an eating disorder and how she transformed her mindset around food & her body. We also go into topics like diet culture, the best foods to lose weight, how food affects your hormones, how many calories a young girl should be eating, Nina’s opinion on this new trend of celery juice drinking + so much more!

Feb 13, 2019
Ep 1: STOP quitting! Set yourself up to achieve your goals in 2019

Welcome to the first episode. Today we talking about how to stop quitting on your dreams and how to actually stick to the goals you have set. It is too easy to set yourself goals at the start of the year then forget about them come February 1. BUT not us GF's. Let's do this & make sure we are sticking to our goals + achieving them!

show notes:

Feb 07, 2019