The Right Feeling Podcast

By Jane Alice

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Category: Society & Culture

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When was the last time you felt like things were just right?

Episode Date
11 - Are You Happy With Yourself?

Are you happy with who you've become? Are you proud of the person you are? On this episode of The Right Feeling Podcast, we'll deep dive into why it's so important to be happy with yourself and what to do if you aren't. 

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Mar 29, 2020
10 - Relationship Sacrifices (ft. Jess & Ollie)

Have you ever made sacrifices for your relationship? But what does it really mean to sacrifice? And at what point do you sacrifice too much? In this episode of The Right Feeling, I chat with Jess and Ollie about what it takes to be with the person you love. We explore sacrifice in different relational contexts, long distance relationships, cultural differences and what we need in our lives to be happy. 

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Mar 03, 2020
09 - Challenging Stereotypes (ft. Pau)

What stereotypes have you had or experienced? This episode of The Right Feeling Podcast explores the personal and social impact of stereotypes through honest confessions and experiential realizations with Paulina Cerna-Fraga from Entrópica. 


You can find Entrópica on Facebook and Twitter @entropicamx, Instagram @entropica_ or online at


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Jan 02, 2020
08 - Is Your Relationship Worth It? (ft. Samuel)

Is your relationship 'doomed'? Are you just 'wasting time'? On this episode of The Right Feeling, I talk with Sam about the value we place on different relationships. We explore how the perception of romantic relationships is often dependent on individual perception of time and potential, and what it really means to value our most intimate relationships. 

Oct 11, 2019
07 - Human Resilience (ft. Maren Hunsberger)

What do you do when Life throws you a curve ball? On this episode of The Right Feeling, I chat with Maren Hunsberger about resilience through hardship, and what it means to lose and take control in the face of Life's most bitter surprises.

You can find Maren on Seeker, Youtube and Instagram (@marenbea).

Aug 08, 2019
06 - The Guidance of Fear

What are you afraid of? On this episode of The Right Feeling, we explore the layers of fear and how understanding it can give clarity to your outlook on life. 

Jul 18, 2019
05 - Reconnecting With Your Parents (ft. Mom)

Do you have a difficult relationship with your parents? Family relationships can be tough, especially with generation and culture gaps. In this episode, I chat with Mom about how power dynamics, misunderstandings, change and openness can all impact our relationship and its growth (or estrangement).   

Jun 16, 2019
04 - Validation & Owning Yourself

What does it mean to 'own yourself'? On this episode of The Right Feeling, we'll explore the impact of external perception and how seeking too much validation can negatively control our decisions and actions. 

Jun 03, 2019
03 - Why You Shouldn't Always Be Nice (ft. Silvia Lazzaris)

Silvia Lazzaris shares the Be-Nice Imperative and the big issues around being too nice, from the internal struggles to major experiences. Her short story can be read here.

May 17, 2019
02 - Is Sustainability Really For Everyone?

Can we really say sustainability is for everyone? On this episode of The Right Feeling, I chat with strangers from Mauerpark, Berlin, as well as the Extinction Rebellion and its bystanders to explore the relationship between sustainability and empathy. 

Apr 22, 2019
01 - Self Honesty & Introspection (ft. Jess)

Are you honest with yourself? How do you know when you're being dishonest with yourself or with others? On this episode of The Right Feeling, I chat with Jessica about introspection and how honesty affects both you and your relationships.  

Apr 15, 2019
Trailer | The Right Feeling

How does it feel when things just feel right?

When was the last time you felt that feeling?

If you have a hard time describing it, don’t worry you’re not alone.

But if I could somehow define this magnitude of a feeling, I’d say that it’s a sense of alignment and connection with the things around and within you. I think the right feeling brings out the best in all of us, it deepens the way we interact with the world, with other people, and with ourselves.

If you just think back to the last time you felt that feeling, try to remember the whole experience. How did you feel about the world? How did you feel about the people around you? And how did you feel about yourself?

And I think that’s a feeling that’s been increasingly missing over the last few years.

This podcast series explores the right feeling through a number of different issues in our world today. Some things like sustainability and empathy, cheating and betrayal, ownership, artificial intelligence, things I’ll be elaborating on in the coming episodes.

I hope The Right Feeling expands our understanding of one another by rationally reflecting on the associated emotions, and ultimately channeling that feeling into the things we care about and the things we do.

Don’t forget to subscribe and you can find The Right Feeling on Instagram @therightfeeling_.


Feb 10, 2019