The Thirty Girl Podcast

By Kisha Jo

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Category: Business

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The Thirty Girl advocates for the empowerment of Women, promoting financial literacy, entrepreneurship and leadership. Discussing ALL Topics on: • Credit / Finances • Life •Love / Relationships •Being A Woman •Career & Business

Episode Date
S3/90: Is it Divorce Season or something?!
Oct 13, 2022
S3/89: Check on your Strong Friends
Sep 15, 2022
S3/87:Herbal Medicine and Manifesting w/ Macy Shuchart
Aug 11, 2022
S3/86: Embrace your Beauty with Ebony Kelsey
Aug 04, 2022
S3/85: Are you a High or Low Maintenance Friend?
Jul 28, 2022
S3/84: Are you Recession ready?
Jul 08, 2022
S3/83: Business Credit 101
Jun 23, 2022
S3/82: Hot Topic- Pro-Choice or Pro-Life?
May 12, 2022
S3/81: Mothers Day w/ Ariana & Malia
May 08, 2022
S3/80: Leveraging your Finances with Amanda Neely
Apr 15, 2022
S3/79: Hot Topic- Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM)
Apr 07, 2022
S3/78: Hot Topic- The Oscars Smackdown w/ Will Smith & Chris Rock
Mar 29, 2022
S3/77: LIVE re-cap & Host Updates
Mar 24, 2022
S3/76- PreMature Birth & Awareness with Katonya Trent
Mar 04, 2022
S3/75: Love & Marriage with Host Tia Noel & Husband Ray Puckett
Feb 25, 2022
S3/74: Hot Topics with Kisha Jo & Tia Noel
Feb 10, 2022
S3/EP73: Love after Love- Relationship Series with Gisela Anderson
Feb 03, 2022
S3/72: Wedding Tings with Wedding/Event Planner Jess Jones
Jan 27, 2022
S3/71: Hot Topic- Were you raised to be a wife or to be independent
Jan 20, 2022
S3/70: Hair Growth With Brenda Holmes- Owner of B4AL Beauty
Jan 13, 2022
S3/69: Girl Talk- New Year Catch Up with hosts Kish aJo & Tia Noel
Jan 07, 2022
S3/68: Hot Topics: Tristan/Khloe Tea & DeVon/Megan divorce
Jan 06, 2022
S3/67: Girl Talk “interview” w/ Tia Noel Jo by Kisha Jo
Dec 10, 2021
S3/66: Girl Talk “interview” w/ Kisha Jo by Tia Noel
Dec 02, 2021
S3/65: Health, Wealth & Winning with Arbonne’s Exec. Nat’l VP Ashley Jackson
Nov 18, 2021
S3/64: Where did the year go? —Girl Talk w/ Tia Noel & Kisha Jo
Nov 04, 2021
S3/63: The inside scoop on Real Estate with DMVs Ultimate Realtor India Hall
Oct 28, 2021
S3/61: Saving Oceans with Scientist, Mequela Moreno
Oct 25, 2021
S3/60: Learn how to Market your Brand with Dolce Thompson
Oct 14, 2021
SEASON 3 Kickoff w/ Hosts Kisha Jo & Tia Noel
Oct 11, 2021
TGP- Men Edition w/ Ray Puckett & Chidi Hinton
Jun 13, 2021
TGP: Fathers Day Special— Men Takeover
Jun 13, 2021
EP58: Awareness : Breast Cancer Warrior with Chelsea Haizlip
May 27, 2021
EP57: Check-In w/ Hosts Kisha Jo & Tia Noel
May 06, 2021
EP56: We got Bodied by Genna Ross
Apr 29, 2021
EP55: Music & Soul w/ Songstress Shayna Martin
Apr 08, 2021
EP53: #HotTopics -The Derrick Jaxn L!ve
Mar 25, 2021
EP52: Hot Topic- (Royal Interview) w/ hosts Kisha Jo & Tia Noel
Mar 11, 2021
EP51: Zen Your Life (feat. Jeanee Wallace)
Mar 04, 2021
SEASON 3: Thriving at Thirty Something
Feb 18, 2021
Working from Home is Distracting!
Sep 30, 2020
BONUS EPISODE: Do Nothing Without Intention
Sep 15, 2020
Episode 47: Beauty & Business talk with Salon Owner, Cheritty Warren
Aug 07, 2020
Episode 46: Podcast/Brand Updates with Kisha Jo
Jul 31, 2020
Episode 44: Real Estate Tips with Terri N. Lee
Jul 03, 2020
Episode 43: Girl Talk with Massage Therapist Noel Williams
Jun 19, 2020
Episode 42: We’re getting Money Hungry with Michelle
Jun 05, 2020
Episode 41: Real life chat with a Beauty Queen, Sindel Taylor
May 29, 2020
Episode 40: Beauty & Beyond Talk w/ Chereè Thornton
May 22, 2020
EP39: Brand Building with Victoria Goodlow
May 15, 2020
EP38: Insight with Tesh Wilson
May 08, 2020
Episode 37: Life & Soul talk with Entertainer, IAMGYRND
Apr 24, 2020
EP35: Talking with Tanya J Miller- Author/Speaker/Coach
Mar 27, 2020
Episode 34: Speaking Life with Coach Gab- Motivational Speaker/Life Coach
Mar 13, 2020
EP33: Girl Talk with Keiana Armani- CEO/Creative Director of INDIGO BLUE STYLE
Mar 06, 2020
EP32: Girl Talk w/ Toshia Weaver- The Jewelry Jewel
Feb 21, 2020
EP31: Girl Talk w/ Shanice- Owner of KenslisLove
Feb 14, 2020
EP29: Boss Talk with AJ- Owner of Jaeluxe
Jan 17, 2020
EP28: Money Talk with Kisha Jo & Rachel- Money Hacking Mama
Nov 22, 2019
EP27: Girl Talk w/ NY Blogger Dolce Thompson- The Raw Dosage
Nov 08, 2019
EP:26- Girl Talk w/ Kisha Jo & NELLY NELLZ - How do Explain this shit to my mom
Oct 25, 2019
EP 25: Do You! + Girl Talk with TeShandra (Insight by Tesh)
Oct 18, 2019
EP24: THIRTY GIRL THURSDAY- Updates w/ Kisha Jo
Oct 04, 2019
EP22: Girl Talk with Elle Mac Inc. Owner• Latoya Mackall
Sep 06, 2019
EP:20- The Road to FT Entrepreneurship talk w/ Jasmyn Tea LLC Owner, Jasmyn Bullock
Aug 16, 2019
EP:19- OMG, I Did It!/ 7 tips to setting up your Business with Kisha Jo
Aug 09, 2019
EP:18: Sierra Leone• Owner of, GIRLS WHO CANNA• How she Made her own lane in the Cannabis Industry
Jul 26, 2019
EP16: Laura DiFranco• Author, Living, Healing and Tae Kwon Doe
Jul 05, 2019
EP15: Recap, Contests, Girl Talk w/ Kisha Jo
Jun 14, 2019
EP14: Thirty Girl Talk with Author, Bintu Kabba• BINTU THA GURU- New Book • FckYou FckBoi•
Jun 07, 2019
EP13: Mental Health Talk w/ Board Certified Occupational Therapist, Michelle Hebb
May 31, 2019
EP12: Boss Talk w/ Monchele Renee, Owner of BeaUty by Monnie.
May 24, 2019
EP11: heard It’s TAURUS season!. HOROSCOPES with TeShandra Wilson.
May 10, 2019
Ep 10: Interview with Ms. LIT Beyond DMV• Samantha aka-@MuvaChocolate
May 03, 2019
Ep8: Thirty ‘Girl Talk’ with Kisha Jo & Tia Noel •
Apr 19, 2019
Ep6: Natalie Ngounou • Owner of Space of Gratitude,LLC.
Apr 05, 2019
Ep5• Real Jessy Jane • NEW MUSIC!! “I gotcha” mix
Mar 29, 2019
Ep:4 Jessica Dorsey-Owner of Glory by Nature, LLC
Mar 22, 2019
EP3 • Tiffani Woods, Owner of Attractiff Cosmetics
Mar 15, 2019
Ep2: Tammy Sorento Owner of Fireball Approves.. The “Anti Scam Lady”..New Song & more!
Mar 08, 2019
EP:1- Credit Special, Get your Life, upcoming guests!
Mar 01, 2019
Thirty Girl Podcast Intro
Feb 25, 2019