Just Between Us

By Stitcher, Allison Raskin & Gaby Dunn

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 Feb 5, 2020
love these two!

 Jan 9, 2020

 Oct 3, 2019

 Mar 26, 2019
Been a fan of these two for years. Funny individually, but even better together.


Just Between Us is a comedic variety show where Allison Raskin and Gaby Dunn openly discuss everything from mental health to sex and all the stuff in-between. Each week, they’ll answer a question from a listener seeking advice, interview someone fascinating, participate in a rarely winnable game show and discuss a random topic affecting the world. Jump from highbrow to lowbrow in a single episode! Sometimes multiple times! Nothing is off limits for these New York Times best selling authors who are trying to destigmatize the world one hilarious episode at a time.

Episode Date
Meet Allison’s New FIANCÉ, Teletherapy and Perspective
BREAKING NEWS: Allison is engaged! But first, Gaby and Allison give advice to a listener who is struggling to feel comfortable with teletherapy. Then, they talk to Allison’s new fiancé, Jake Hirsch, all about proposing TO ALLISON during a pandemic! Then, they discuss the power of perspective and how it can help your mental health. ALSO ALLISON IS ENGAGED!
Jun 03, 2020
Comic Book Writer Greg Pak, Not Enjoying Penetrative Sex and Bucket Lists
Gaby and Allison tackle the conundrum of a newly married woman who realizes she does not enjoy penetrative sex. Then, they talk to comic book writer Greg Pak about indie presses vs. working for Marvel, Asian representation in comics and the collaboration between storyteller and artist. Also bucket lists! What’s on them? Why do people make them? What’s stopping us from both getting pet rabbits? Come nerd out with us!
May 27, 2020
Brain Scoop’s Emily Graslie, Marriage Anxiety and Childhood Memories
Gaby and Allison give advice to a listener worried about bringing up marriage to her boyfriend who went through a nasty divorce. They then discuss  anti-science sentiment with “Brain Scoop” host and museum curiosity correspondent Emily Graslie. And finally, they break down some defining childhood moments. Also, penis bones???
May 20, 2020
Hood Feminism with Mikki Kendall, Forgiving Yourself For Past Mistakes and What To Ask A Potential Partner RIGHT AWAY
On this week’s episode, Allison and Gaby grapple with a listener’s question about self-forgiveness. They’re then joined by Hood Feminism author, Mikki Kendall, to discuss intersectionality, inequality and what it truly means to be a feminist. The girls end the episode with a lively discussion about what you need to know about a potential partner from the get go. Mainly, are they a republican who hates their job? If so, pass. Content Warning: Mention of rape
May 13, 2020
Climate Change with Jessica Wilson, Getting A New Diagnosis and Unemployment
Allison and Gaby try to help a listener deal with a potential new mental health diagnosis. They’re then joined by Fire Drill Fridays activist Jessica Wilson to discuss climate change and how to help during and after a pandemic. And finally, a tough discussion about the realities of unemployment. Is it a “fun” episode? Maybe not! But you’ll definitely learn something! (We hope.)
May 06, 2020
Planned Parenthood’s Alexis McGill Johnson, Seeking Reassurance and Sleep Habits!
Allison and Gaby help a listener who wants to learn to communicate with her partner without constantly seeking reassurance. They’re then joined by Planned Parenthood’s Alexis McGill Johnson to discuss conservatives' sneaky attack on reproductive rights during the pandemic. And finally, sleep. Goodnight!
Apr 29, 2020
Investigative Journalism with Natasha Del Toro, Zoom Hangouts with Friends and Our Perfect Life
Allison and Gaby offer advice to a listener who can’t seem to find joy in Zoom Hangouts with her friends. They’re then joined by investigative journalist, Natasha Del Toro, to discuss an investigation that involved 14 women and the many people who didn't believe them. And, finally, Allison and Gaby describe their perfect lives. (It involves animals for Allison and multiple partners for Gaby. Shocking!) Content Warning: Discussion of rape and sexual assault during the interview portion
Apr 22, 2020
Examining Grief with Nora McInerny, Choosing A Major and Aliens
Allison and Gaby start off by helping a listener decide between passion and practicality when it comes to choosing a college major. They’re then joined by writer and podcaster Nora McInerny for a frank discussion about grief and how to keep living when you lose someone you love. And later, aliens. (With a little bit of ghosts and cryptids!) This show is wild, y’all!
Apr 15, 2020
Online Extremism with Journalist Andrew Marantz, Staying Sane During the Pandemic and Sexism in Politics
How are we holding up under self-quarantine? Allison and Gaby offer (conflicting) advice to a listener about staying sane during the pandemic. They then discuss the hazards of social media and the spread of misinformation with Andrew Marantz, author of “Antisocial: Online Extremists, Techno-Utopians and the Hijacking of the American Conversation.” And later, the girls chat about sexism in politics. Light, fun stuff for a comedy show!
Apr 08, 2020
Interracial Love with Ashley C. Ford, Proving Mental Illness is Real and Understanding Social Skills
Happy self-quarantine, everyone! Allison and Gaby discuss how they’re handling the coronavirus crisis (lots of games). They then offer advice to a listener whose mom won’t take their mental illness seriously. They’re also joined by writer Ashley C. Ford, who shares a heartwarming story about real love. And later, we analyze and dissect our own social skills in possibly the nerdiest way ever. Chef’s Kiss! Content Warnings: self harm, suicide, mention of an eating disorder
Apr 01, 2020
Olympic Superstar Simone Biles, Toxic Beauty Standards with Jackie Johnson and When We Feel Beautiful

Get ready for a special episode featuring Simone Biles and SK-II! Gaby and Allison answer a listener’s question about whether she actually enjoys her feminine presentation or if she’s a victim of societal beauty pressures. They then interview the greatest gymnast of our time, Simone Biles, about SK-II’s Beauty is #NOCOMPETITION campaign, toxic beauty standards and her involvement in SK-II Studios’ six-part animated series “VS.” They’re also joined by beauty expert and the host of the podcast Natch Beaut, Jackie Johnson, who shares her insight on the positives and negatives of the beauty world. And finally, Gaby and Allison discuss what makes them feel beautiful. Because beauty is #NOCOMPETITION.

Mar 25, 2020
Being There When It Matters w/ Hospice Nurse Cathy Campbell, When Your Boyfriend’s Friends Hate You and Work-Life Balance

Allison and Gaby offer advice to a listener now and forever dubbed QUEEN EMILY. No spoilers, but it’s a can’t miss International Question involving an exploding bag of chips! They’re then joined by Cathy Campbell, a University of Virginia nurse who sheds light on the much needed support for our transgender senior citizens. And later, Allison and Gaby discuss maintaining a healthy work-life balance! Content Warnings: Mentions of domestic violence, transphobia and elder abuse

Find out more about our guest, Cathy Campbell: UVA Nurses Study The Needs Of Transgender Senior Citizens

Mar 18, 2020
Maybe You Should Talk To Someone’s Lori Gottlieb, Different Financial Backgrounds and Past Misconceptions
Why are we SO UNCOMFORTABLE talking about money? Allison and Gaby offer advice to a listener dating someone who is having a tough time with his finances. They’re then joined by Lori Gottlieb, a best-selling author and therapist, who talks about her own journey through therapy. And later, we share some of our biggest misconceptions! Hindsight is 2020! (Pun alert!)
Mar 11, 2020
The Cult of Wellness with Dr. Abdul El-Sayed, Internalized Homophobia and Having Kids While the World Is Burning

Allison and Gaby offer advice to a queer listener struggling with internalized homophobia after her brother came out. They’re then joined by host of the podcast America Dissected, Dr. Abdul El-Sayed, to talk about the dangers of supplements, wellness crazes and other untested cure-alls being sold for our health. And later, we get super personal! How do Gaby and Allison feel about having kids in the age of climate change? Trigger Warnings: Disordered eating and infertility

Mar 04, 2020
RIP Medical Debt Founder Craig Antico, Managing Bipolar II and The Possibility of Change

Some days, you’re so happily in love that you could cry. And others… you feel nothing at all. Allison and Gaby offer advice to a listener struggling to make sense of her conflicting emotions after recently being diagnosed with Bipolar II Disorder. They’re then joined by Craig Antico, a former debt collector who turned his life around and started a charity to help those drowning in medical debt. And later, we debate whether people can truly change. (Good news! They can!) 


Watch how RIP Medical Debt got its big break on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver!

Feb 26, 2020
The 2020 Candidates with Negin Farsad, Balancing Friends & Your Relationship and Prioritizing Kindness

Gaby and Allison discuss how to balance your friendships and partnership after a listener writes in to say her roommate feels neglected now that she has a girlfriend. Then, they welcome Fake The Nations’ Negin Farsad to muse on the 2020 Democratic candidates. And finally, kindness! When and where can we extend it and why it is so important to prioritize. Unless of course, someone asks you to get in their van. Trigger Warning: Discussion of sexual assault

Feb 19, 2020
Immigration Lawyer Marko Maglich, What If You Can’t Afford Therapy and Healthy Relationships

Gaby and Allison offer some mental health alternatives to a listener who can’t afford therapy. They’re then joined by immigration lawyer, Marko Maglich, to discuss Trump’s disastrous policies and roadblocks in the American immigration system. And to round it all out, what the heck is a healthy relationship? And how do you maintain it? We definitely know! Trigger Warnings: xenophobia, racism

Feb 12, 2020
The Trevor Projects’ Dr. Amy Green, Dealing With Ghosting and Our Favorite Content

Allison and Gaby offer solace to a listener who has been ghosted after an international love affair. They’re then joined by The Trevor Project’s Director of Research, Dr. Amy Green, to discuss advocacy and crisis prevention tools for suicidal queer and trans youth. And finally, the girls give all the content recommendations you never asked for! Meow! (You’ll get that later.) Trigger Warning: Suicide, homophobia, transphobia, brief mention of assault.

Feb 05, 2020
Gaby’s Partner Mal Blum, Upsetting Art and Queer Baiting

Allison and Gaby offer advice to a listener wondering if they should tough it out and consume media even when it’s difficult and upsetting. (Yes? No? Maybe?) They’re then joined by Gaby’s partner, musician Mal Blum, who shares all the dirty details of Gaby’s attempts at seduction. And later, queer baiting and why we hate it!

Jan 29, 2020
Getting Diagnosed with Annie Segarra, Romantic Jealousy and Going Back To School

Allison and Gaby offer advice to a listener whose jealousy is out of control! They’re then joined by disability rights activist, Annie Segarra, to discuss her fight to get properly diagnosed with a rare genetic syndrome. And later, Allison opens up about her highly personal (and scary!) decision to go back to school. (OH GOD!) Trigger Warning: Medical Malpractice / Abuse

Jan 22, 2020
Polyamory with Shannon Watters, Medical Side Effects and Death!

Allison and Gaby offer advice to a listener on how to love your body when you gain weight or experience other physical changes. They’re then joined by Gaby’s ex-girlfriend, comic book editor Shannon Watters, who reveals surprising details about their past relationship -- plus she shares a best practice guide to polyamourous relationships! And later, we’re getting real about death. SPOOKY! Trigger Warning: weight gain.

Jan 15, 2020
Letting Go of Resentment, Erin Gibson’s Aging Parents and N00dz!

How do you move on? Allison and Gaby offer advice to a listener struggling to let go of complicated and spiteful feelings towards a former friend. They’re then joined by “Throwing Shade” podcaster Erin Gibson to discuss aging parents and how to make them listen (to reason). And later, a long overdue chat about sending nudes, baby! Trigger Warnings: Revenge porn, rape and assault.

Jan 08, 2020
Scam Goddess Laci Mosley, How To Know If You’re Ready For Love and All About Porn

Are you ready to be in love? Allison and Gaby offer advice to a listener wondering how to tell when a “lust crush” could become something more. They’re then joined by “Scam Goddess” Laci Mosley, who shares some of her most hilarious scams, plus tips to avoid getting scammed yourself! And later, Allison and Gaby debate the pros and cons of porn, fanfiction and graphic romance novels! Trigger Warning: Assault.

Jan 01, 2020
Coming Out with Kathy Tu, Cosmetic Surgery and Instagram’s Likes Policy

Allison and Gaby offer advice to a listener considering cosmetic surgery. They’re then joined by “Nancy” podcast co-host Kathy Tu, who had to come out over and over… and over again to her conservative mother. She’s got some tips if you’re going home to an unaccepting family this holiday season! And later, Allison and Gaby look back at how social media has impacted their careers, as Instagram makes a major change. Trigger warning: homophobia.

Dec 18, 2019
Esmé Weijun Wang and Living with Schizophrenia, Anti-Feminist Friends and Guilty Pleasures

Allison and Gaby offer advice to a listener whose friend is proudly anti-feminist. They’re then joined by writer Esmé Weijun Wang, who shares revealing details about living with a schizophrenic and schizoaffective disorder. And later, all the guilty pleasures that you should TOTALLY NOT feel guilty for! Trigger warnings: schizophrenia, mental illness and mass shootings

Dec 11, 2019
Sperm Donation with Sabrina Jalees, Initiating Sex and Rejection

Allison and Gaby offer advice to a listener on how to initiate sex. They’re then joined by comedian Sabrina Jalees, who shares her story of meeting the man who would become her and her partner’s sperm donor on a beach in Mexico. And later, how to cope with rejection! (Or at least how to try!)

Dec 04, 2019
Cherokee Writer Rebecca Nagle, Starting Therapy and Gratitude

Allison and Gaby offer advice to a teenage listener afraid to get help for anxiety. They then discuss the complicated symbolism of Thanksgiving with Rebecca Nagle, a writer, podcaster, and member of the Cherokee Nation. And later, it’s all about gratitude, baby!

Nov 27, 2019
Herpes Activist Ella Dawson, Gender Dysphoria and Adulthood

Trigger Warnings: gender dysphoria, relationship abuse, sexual assault


Allison and Gaby offer advice to an androgynous listener anxious about having to wear a dress to her friend’s wedding. They’re then joined by writer and STD activist Ella Dawson, who answers everything you were too afraid to ask about genital herpes. And later, at what point do you finally feel like a real adult? (Um. Never?)

Nov 20, 2019
Recent Divorcée Adrienne Airhart, Roommate Homophobia and Murder!

Trigger warnings: homophobia, assault

Allison and Gaby offer advice to a listener dealing with a (possibly) homophobic roommate. They’re then joined by comedian Adrienne Airhart, who is healing from a traumatic divorce by rediscovering herself. And later Allison and Gaby talk murder and vigilantes! Is it controversial? You betcha!

This episode is sponsored by Native (www.nativedeodorant.com code: BETWEENUS) and Parcast - Dog Tales (www.parcast.com/DOGTALES).

Nov 13, 2019
Disability Activist Eva Sweeney, Being Alone Forever and Comedy vs. PC Culture

Allison and Gaby offer advice to a listener anxious they’ll never find a lasting relationship. They’re then joined by Eva Sweeney, a groundbreaking sex educator with cerebral palsy. And later, Allison and Gaby chat about comedy in PC culture. (Groan!) It’s also producer Melisa’s last show. Cry with us!

This episode is sponsored by HelloFresh (www.hellofresh.com/BETWEENUS9 code: BETWEENUS9).

Nov 06, 2019
Wags And Walks’ Founder Lesley Brog, Your Partner’s Family and How To Flirt

Allison and Gaby try to help a listener determine whether their partner’s annoying family should be a deal breaker. They’re then joined by Lesley Brog, founder of the fabulous dog rescue Wags and Walks where both girls got their beloved pooches. (We love you Sugar and Beans!) And later, Allison and Gaby share best tips for flirting with a new crush!

Oct 30, 2019
Little Person Activist Sinead Burke, Getting Over Your Ex and New Year’s Resolutions

Allison and Gaby offer advice to a listener struggling to get over her ex while in a relationship with someone else. (Uh oh!) They’re then joined by disability activist Sinead Burke, who is breaking ground in the fashion industry for little people. And later, Allison and Gaby get into the hype surrounding New Year’s resolutions even though it’s October. Whoops!

This episode is sponsored by Native (www.nativedeodorant.com code: BETWEENUS) and Bombas (www.bombas.com/betweenus).

Oct 23, 2019
Book Editor Sara Goodman, Confrontation and Our Unhealthiest Relationships

Allison and Gaby offer advice to a listener who is afraid of conflict, despite Allison also being afraid of conflict. They’re then joined by book editor Sara Goodman of Wednesday Books, who published the girls' two novels and sheds light on her somewhat mysterious industry. Later they discuss their unhealthiest relationships and thank god they're not in them anymore.

Oct 16, 2019
Mob Expert Jess Bendinger, Self-Harm Stigma and Hope

Trigger Warnings: Self-Harm and Suicide

Allison and Gaby share advice on if a listener should show their self-harm scars in order to gain self-confidence. They’re then joined by Jess Bendinger (the writer of “Bring It On”) to talk about her new podcast “Mob Queens.” (It's about the mob AND drag queens!) Later they discuss if hope is delusional, detrimental or a super power. What do you think? LEAVE A COMMENT WE LOVE COMMENTS!

This episode is sponsored by HelloFresh (www.hellofresh.com/betweenus80 code: BETWEENUS80).

Oct 09, 2019
Pet Psychic Jessica Lanyadoo, Changing Your Sexuality, and Being Transparent Online

Allison and Gaby try to help a listener who is second guessing defining herself as a lesbian. They’re then joined by animal communicator, Jessica Lanyadoo, who talks with their dogs, Sugar and Beans. What they learn will shock the bone right out of your dog's mouth! Later they intensely debate whether or not fans deserve total transparency online. Woof!

Oct 02, 2019
Drag King Vico Ortiz, Friends In Need and Food

Allison and Gaby answer a listener’s question about how to confront a mentally unstable friend. They’re then joined by Vico Ortiz to discuss the Drag community. Later they share their thoughts on their weird relationships with food. What a delicious episode!

This episode is sponsored by Bombas (www.bombas.com/BETWEENUS) and The RealReal (www.therealreal.com code: REAL).

Sep 25, 2019
OCD Specialist Sheva Rajaee, Self-Love and Conspiracy Theories

Allison and Gaby give a listener tips and tricks on building their self confidence. (Be nice to yourself, goddammit!) They’re then joined by Cognitive Behavioral Therapist Sheva Rajaee (@theshrinkwrap) to discuss all things OCD including Allison's intrusive thoughts. And later they share their favorite conspiracy theories while arguing about all sorts of stuff. You know, typical episode!

This episode is sponsored by VitaCup (www.vitacup.com code: BETWEENUS), Care/of (www.takecareof.com code: BETWEENUS), and The RealReal (www.therealreal.com code: REAL).

Sep 18, 2019
Linguist Amanda Montell, Keeping the Spark Alive, and Abortion

Trigger Warnings - Rape and Transphobia

Allison and Gaby answer a listener’s question on how not to get bored in a long-term relationship. They’re then joined by linguist and author of “Word Slut,” Amanda Montell, to talk about discrimination...in language. And later they discuss abortion. (Spoiler: We're pro-choice.)

This episode is sponsored by Away (awaytravel.com/betweenus code: BETWEENUS), Parcast (www.parcast.com/Horoscope), and The RealReal (www.therealreal.com code: REAL).

Sep 11, 2019
Introducing We Love You (and So Can You)!

Here’s a new podcast for you! We Love You (and So Can You) is part reality show, part self-love school, and the best makeover podcast out there. Hosts Kristen Meinzer and Jolenta Greenberg (from By the Book) draw on their extensive knowledge of self-help to provide guests with a prescription for their next life challenge, whether it’s getting back into dating or starting a new career. The goal: for the guest to find the outstanding person who was there all along, and learn to love themselves more. We Love You (and So Can You) is out NOW - listen wherever you get your podcasts.

Sep 09, 2019
LIVE FROM CHICAGO - Platonic Intimacy, Circus Tricks and Apologies with Symphony Sanders

This episode was recorded in Chicago while on tour and may or may not be the funniest episode yet! (We swear we're not biased!) Allison attempts to answer a a listener's question about platonic intimacy while also explaining the concept of platonic intimacy to Gaby. They’re then joined by actor, acrobatist, and star of "Welcome to Nightvale," Symphony Sanders who shares all the dirty details of the aerial arts. And later they discuss the complexities of apologizing. Quick Question: Have you tried soaking?

This episode is sponsored by VitaCup (www.vitacup.com code: BETWEENUS), Brave Not Perfect podcast, The RealReal (www.therealreal.com code: REAL), and HelloFresh (www.hellofresh.com/betweenus80 code: BETWEENUS80).

Sep 04, 2019
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Feb 25, 2019