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By John Smallios

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 Mar 22, 2019
Great show. Awesome discussion regarding Gracie Jiu Jitsu and everything about it.


We help everyday people build quality of life with Gracie Jiu Jitsu. Join us as we take you through the ins and outs, and ups and downs of the jiu jitsu journey.

Episode Date
Oss and Out, for Now ...

Coach John updates you on the progress of the HJJ Podcast!

After at least a couple years creating podcasts, let's say Season 1 is done!

A big thanks to Bradley Hamo at Art of Surrender, and co-host Matty Voger Mason, and all the students for helping to create these episodes so far. It's been lots of fun :)

And to you, dear listeners, thanks for checking in and being a part of it!

Please note this is just a break for the time being. We'll be back for an action packed Season 2.

Our school definitely isn't going anywhere but from strength to strength. People of Sydney, we're here to help everyday people build quality of life. Come see us and get in on the action. 

And of course you can scroll down and listen to the existing episodes - and hopefully get lots from them.

For now, it's Oss and Out!

Coach John

Nov 05, 2021
Stories Show #024 Agony and Ecstacy w/ Gray Negrine

In this episode Coach John chats with Morning class regular, HJJKids parent, and the man who keeps the Morning Moves class alive, Mr Gray Negrine. 

Gray was introduced to the martial arts early, starting with different styles before finding jiu jitsu. It's been a couple years at Higher with no end in sight. We've seen Gray progress to multiple stripes on the white, and on the doorstep to the blue belt, all the while having fun and keeping the smile on his face the whole time. 

It's not just Gray that enjoys himself on the Higher mats. His kiddos are also staples of the Kids program, meaning this is a true jiu jitsu fambam.

It was a pleasure to chat with Gray, and we hope you enjoy it lots too!

All the best,

Coach John

Sep 27, 2021
Stories Show #023 - Missing the Mats w/ Danny Willmot
Coach John is joined for another Stories show with none other than recently ordained Purple belt and all round nice guy Danny Willmott! In the four years that Danny has been training, he's experienced a transformation of sorts, in many areas of his life. He attributes lots of this to his jiu jitsu practice.  In this chat, we speak about how he is coping with this current NSW lockdown, the joys of the mats, what he's learned, his competition experience, travels with jiu jitsu and so much more.  Of note: Although Danny is an audio engineer, he thought recording a podcast in an open park would be a good idea. We love the sun too, but it means the audio quality is a little off with this one :) Apologies in advance! We forgive Danny for this, and we thank him for jumping on and having a chat. Hope you enjoy! Yours in jits,  Coach John.  PS. Don't forget about our other HJJStories Show episodes at the previous feed that can be found here. 
Sep 20, 2021
Stories Show #022 Anti Fragile Jiu Jitsu w/ Luke Whiffen
Coach John is joined with HJJ purple belt Luke Whiffen.  Luke is a dad, husband, lawyer, and devout student of jiu jitsu. He is in his second stint of jiu jitsu, and has been training at Higher Jiu Jitsu for over three years.  Throughout his journey in the art, he has been faced with numerous challenges, and has appreciated the ups and downs for making him stronger off the mats too.  It was an inspiring chat, and I'm happy to share it with you! Thanks for tuning in.  Catchya on the mats! Coach John PS. Don't forget about our library of HJJStories on this feed too.
Sep 13, 2021
Stories Show #021 - Mental Toughness w/ Pat Osbourne
HJJ's very own Pat Osbourne has done the rounds of the martial arts. And he has applied his knowledge in the most stressful situations. We sat down to discuss his martial arts journey so far, as well as where he sees it all going in the future.  It was a fun chat, and we thank Ozzy for jumping on! PS. In the name of simplicity, we will now be moving all future HJJ Stories Shows onto this HJJPodcast feed. And with the current situation in NSW, we're hoping for a few more episodes like this one so stay tuned! All the best,  Coach John. 
Aug 23, 2021
#039 To the Telos - When There is No Jiu Jitsu
Coaches John and Matty come together to discuss life with no jiu jitsu.  We discuss love hate relationships with the couch versus staying in the game and continuing the journey along the path.  What is the path? The jiu jitsu path is the one to quality of life, or as Aristotle described it as 'Eudaimonia'. And it is this way to the Telos, our purpose in life. So when there is an obstacle along the path, we can shift directions and move around it, but we don't stop.  So what are some ways we can shift directions on the path to awesome? - Get some coaching - Watch those BJJFanatics instructionals, finally! - Read books - Cook something different.  - Go for a run - Do some fasting And so much more! It's a fun chat and we hope you enjoy it and take something from it. And if you do or don't, let us know on Insta @higherjiujitsu.  And here's the link to the original Blog Post! Much love. Oss and out.  Coaches John and Matty. 
Jul 05, 2021
#038 You Can't Manage What You Can't Measure

Sure you do jiu jitsu because you love it. You also want to improve. So how do you measure this?

To base your performance against these foes is unfair to yourself and your own progress. That's why the practice of jiu jitsu isn't best measured in terms of wins or loses or amount of submissions inflicted or eaten per class. Sure you tap but there are also many other ways of determining progress in jiu jitsu.

How can we do it better?

In this podcast we discuss three ways:

+ # Consistent sessions per week.

+ Your breath during rolls. 

+ Length of time without an injury. 

+ Amount of fun. 

Have a listen and let us know what you think!

Thanks for being a part of the Higher Jiu Jitsu Podcast. Matty and I appreciate you!

Original blog post can be found Here

Oss, and out. 

Jun 19, 2021
#037 What We Wish We Knew Before Starting Jiu Jitsu
This is a discussion based on the legendary Higher crew's thoughts about what they wish they knew before starting jiu jitsu.  It touches on many angles of the jiu jitsu experience, and you'd benefit from the listen no matter what level you're at.  We love feedback too! So send over at least some of your thoughts.  And if you're keen on giving jits a crack, no matter where you're at, get in contact at higherjiujitsu.com.au and let's chat.  Oss and out.  Coaches John & Matty. 
Apr 16, 2021
#036 Getting Started with Jiu Jitsu - The Higher Guide
Matty and I get together to discuss the complete beginner's process to getting started with JiuJjitsu.  We talk about how to find different schools in your area. We discuss what to do to schedule in a trial, as well as what to expect.  We then go into what happens on the day, when you show up, during class, and after class.  There are so many aspects to getting into it, and we hope this chat gives you a better idea, and some more confidence to go in and make the right decision for yourself.  If you'd like the Getting Started with Jiu Jitsu Guide all to yourself, visit www.higherjiujitsu.com.au and sign up to our newsletter!  Then, go find yourself an awesome jiu jitsu school and get training :))) Also, share this with your friends that want to get started with jiu jitsu.  See you on the next one.  Oss, and out!
Mar 27, 2021
#035 The Higher Mission and our Jiu Jitsu Vision
Around 7 years ago Higher Jiu Jitsu began as the Jiu Jitsu Commune. We were there to train, and learn together, and enjoy the fruits of jiu jitsu. There was no plan, or syllabus, but definitely lots of enthusiasm, and a vision of how I wanted things to be.  Numerous years on, and it sure is a different place than how it started. Now we have curriculums, and more classes, and so many new faces. But the ethos that the Commune was built on still stands to this day.  In this poddy, Matty and I discuss our Higher Jiu Jitsu mission 'to help everyday people build quality of life with Gracie Jiu Jitsu'. We're happy with where we've come, and yet we have a long way to go. This is OK, because it's the long game we're playing. Class by clas, and day by day we're getting there. We sow the seeds of jiu jitsu within all of our students, and they go out and help others do the same thing.  This was a nice chat. Apologies for the audio quality. We're doing our best.  Much love.  Coach John and Coach Matty. Oss. 
Mar 21, 2021
#034 How To Help a Friend in Competition

Matty and John come together and discuss how best to help a friend in a competition. 

"When one of us go to war, we all go to war" - Conor McGregor

As a teammate, you help eachother day in and out in the training room. Now it's your buddy's turn to jump in the mix and test their skills. There are things you can do that can help, and or hinder. So be sure to be on the right side of this. 

In a nutshell... 

Be calm, and be there to Support. 

Help your Friend with their Warm Up

Offer general info and encouragement.

Focus on Your Friend. Not on Your Opponent. Or the Ref.

Have some Water Handy & Film those matches!

Focus on the Bright Spots

Support and Encourage All the Way

This is a timely episode considering the HJJ In house tournament is coming up on March 20th! Very excited to see these points put into action. 

Anything else you think is handy? We would love to hear it. Hit us up!

Thanks for the support. 

Oss, and out!

Coaches John & Matty

Feb 27, 2021
#033 Be a Good Uke. Here's How
Aand we're back! It was an extended layoff, due to numerous reasons. From technical difficulties, to problems with the recording locations. Alas, we're here, and we have an exciting year of podcasting planned! This time around we chat about how to be a good 'Uke'. An uke when I wrote the article was the student the instructor would show technique on during the demonstration part of the class. Upon further review, we can say an Uke is anyone who is receiving a technique, so that will include when you are practicing what the teacher has shown.  Either way it's a very important role to play, because jiu jitsu is done with two people, and you need the right circumstances to make the techniques happen.  In a nutshell, here are the tips we discuss: 1. Listen with all of you.  2. Feed the technique 3. Don't fight the technique.  4. Minimise the words.  5. Smile (enjoy yourself). And don't smell! Any other pointers to do with being a good uke? We'd love to hear them! Original blog post can be found here.  Thanks so much for listening. We promise to have a poddy for you ready on the 14th and the 28th of every month this year :) Heard it here first! And feel free to share with your friends who need to hear this.  See you on the 28th!
Feb 14, 2021
#032 On Cranking Necks and Cracking Joints
Coach John and Brad Hampson of Art of Surrender Podcast did this podcast at the beginning of the HJJPodcast days. There was a technical glitch which meant we took it back off but now we've repaired it, and it's a great chat. We talk about how to train with effectiveness and respect for yourself and others. How do we stay safe on the mats while maintaining the integrity of our art?  The risk of injury keeps so many people away from the jiu jitsu mats. This is an unfortunate reality considering just how beneficial the practice can be. This applies especially for those who are more frail, and weak and need the self defence skills the most. If we can manage how we train, we can welcome many more people to our beloved martial art, and we can enjoy it for a lifetime. It's how we help everyday people build quality of life - this is the Higher Jiu Jitsu way. Hope you all enjoy and get something from the discussion! Original article can be found here. Coach John
Dec 13, 2020
#031 So is it Concepts or Techniques?

Join coaches John and Matty as we discuss a contentious topic in the world of jiu jitsu. 

The Cart Goes Before the Horse

It’s important to learn the ABCs before you move to your essay writing. That is, you need to learn the What of jiu jitsu before you learn about the How etc. Techniques are the basis of understanding what jiu jitsu is and how to apply it.

Of course you need more than technique eventually. But nothing else will make sense until you have some understanding of what it is you ought to do.   We can talk about concepts until the cows come home, but without any knowledge of technique from said positions, it becomes rather futile.

A better way would be to show certain techniques and connect the inherent concept throughout them.

Don’t Throw the Baby Out with the Bathwater

Of course conceptual based learning offers a multitude of benefits. Linking the techniques with the glue of concepts allows you to connect the dots not just in one particular position, but throughout all the positions and all of jiu jitsu.

It is how we can help all of our students in the room, and it allows students to then connect the dots for themselves, and thus build more effectiveness, and this is what we’re looking for.

We hope you enjoy this chat!

We appreciate the comments and feedback - so keep sending them in!

Much love, 

Coach John and Matt

Nov 27, 2020
#030 Help! I Can't Sleep Post Jiu Jitsu

Join John and Matty as we discuss how to get better sleep post jiu jitsu!

Jiu Jitsu and Sleep

In hard training and you’re fighting, or flying. It may not be either, but it’s how your body perceives the stress of someone trying to choke you, or catch your limbs, whether you’re playing or not.

In this type of training you’re using your sympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for these high stress situations. It’s like a car revving in order to keep up with the traffic.

Slow Down Slowly

From fight, or flight, you transition to rest and digest, otherwise known as your parasympathetic nervous system.

It's why you need to build good sleep habits with a sleep ritual.

Give Sleep a Chance

Your sleep ritual is a predetermined set of behaviours that helps you to make the transition between being awake and being asleep. These behaviours tell your brain: Hey, it’s time to calm down now. Stop thinking about that submission you nailed, and focus on shut-eye.

Here are some tips to get you started:

+ Decide on a bedtime, and work backwards 1-2 hours ahead of it.

+ Limit your caffeine to the morning. None after 2pm!

+ 1 to 2 hours before bed, take out a piece of paper and do a "brain dump.”

+ Turn off all electronic screens (TV, computer etc.) an hour before bed.

+ Make yourself some decaf tea, listen to soft music, and read something light.

+ Keep your bedroom cool.

Develop Your Own Sleep Ritual

Find what works best for you. The benefits of high quality, restful, regular sleep will have you winning on the mats and off.


Matty and I aren't sleep experts. We've compiled this information from the following resources, and these are here for you to explore for yourself. 

1. Joe Rogan Experience #1109 - Matthew Walker

2. Hacking Sleep - Brian St Pierre

3. All About Sleep - Ryan Andrews

Hope you enjoy this episode and it helps you get some better sleep!

As always, let us know what you think. We love hearing your comments and feedback. 

Yours in jits, 

John & Matty

Nov 13, 2020
#029 To Compete or Not to Compete?

They say pressure makes diamonds. 

So then are the joys of jiu jitsu locked in competition, now and forever? Or can we enjoy jiu jitsu and learn and flourish on the mats and off, without the rigours of competition?

Join Matty and I as we discuss the pros and cons of competition, as well as how to do it safely and effectively, for long term benefits. 

The Need to Win vs Learn.

Sure pressure can be fun if that's what you enjoy. But when you are competing you are there to win.

But take a moment and think about where you are at in the journey of jiu jitsu. Let's say you're a white belt, or even a blue belt. Are you skills at a level to be tested? Is it the right time of your journey to go from learning to winning?  Take note that winning and learning can be two very different things.

Goddamn Injuries!!

When you don't have the basic skills of Gracie Jiu Jitsu, and when you don't have the understanding of the essential principles that make our art form what it is, then a competition roll isn't so much a jiu jitsu match as it is a backyard roll with a stranger.

Jits for Glory or Jits for a Lifetime?

You can find glory within jiu jitsu on the competition mats, and you can also find it off them too.

For both peoples competition can be a fun outlet for your competitive juices, and a chance to test yourself in a different environment to anything you have ever encountered. As long as we aim to be safe, and keep the experiences within the realms of learning for the future, we can have fun and everyone is happy.

Original article can be found here.

Hope you enjoy the chat!

Thanks for tuning in. 

Catch you on the next one :)

Oct 27, 2020
#028 Help Me I Got Choked Out

Join John and Matty as we discuss a question sent in by an avid listener!

So you were training jiu jitsu and you accidentally got choked out...

You also know that tapping is a much more favourable option. You know that you should have tapped out earlier, and for this reason you may be a little upset, worried, or embarassed at what happened.

As a devout learner, and a good student you will take this experience and you’ll learn from it, in order to do things better the next time this situation eventuates.

The Milk is On the Table.

Or, there's no use crying over spilt milk. Spilt milk comes in the form of many things, but it's important to remember that shit happens, and for you it happened on a few fronts, albeit hopefully not literally.

Sure you slept, which was unintentional, yet it happened.

The more important milk that had been spilt, was the choke that made you sleep. There is a time and a place to escape submissions, but that wasn't one of them. It was clearly deep enough to make you sleep, and in the ensuing battle of escape vs tapping, you held onto the hope of escape for too long, which is why it happened.

To Play is to Tap Often and Always.

You can do this because you're there to play, not fight. Just as your training partner isn't your opponent, so too you're not in a battle to the death. You're allowed to tap, and there's no shame in yielding to the good work of others.

Defence First.

And with this being said, you can play, and still not get caught. The secret is in your defences. In jiu jitsu, you need to stay safe, which is why you need good defence. Just like you clear your gutters of leaves to prevent fires, you can't wait till the submission is almost on before you think about defending it!

The truth is it's your neck, and your joints, and it's up to you to keep them safe way before any danger can eventuate. Posture. Defence. Always. 

Joys of Jiu Jitsu

The beauty of this martial art is that it takes many years to learn well, and it is inevitable that you will fail along the way. On your path to black belt, you will tap hundreds if not thousands of times. These taps can either be many failures, and/or many opportunities to learn.

It's the opportunist, and the future black belt who will take what happens, think about it objectively, and learn from it so that it doesn't happen again.

Just like that the ups and downs and lessons and learnings of jiu jitsu are a portal into everyday life. Not everything will go your way. Sometimes there's nothing to do but accept this, move on, and try again, no matter what. So never mind getting choked. Enjoy jiu jitsu, stay on the mats, and learn for life.

Original blog post can be found here.

Oct 13, 2020
#027 So You Want to Start a Jiu Jitsu Academy

Higher Jiu Jitsu has been in the making for many years. The journey has been filled with ups and downs. There is so much more to be, and do. And yet every day, and in every way, we’re going higher and higher.

Join John and Matty as we discuss the early days of Higher and how it all came about. 

Hope you all enjoy! 

Original article found here.

Sep 28, 2020
#S026 Spark Program w/ Sam Alderton Johnson

In this special episode I'm joined by HJJ legend Sam Alderton Johnson. We introduce the exciting, new HJJ initiative known as the Spark Program. 

The Spark program is here to offer the opportunity of Gracie Jiu Jitsu to less privileged kids from around the Woolloomooloo area. We've created a sponsorship program with an application process to find the right students to provide mat skills, and guidance along the martial arts journey. 

With so much on offer in our Jits4Kids class, we see this as the next step forward to help our local community and embody the PCYC mission of 'helping young people stay active in life'.

Lastly, the Spark Competition is a chance to support this! HJJ students, jump on and have a go, and let's do great things for the kids of Sydney. 

A special thanks to Sammy for being an integral part of this. We're very grateful to have his passion and enthusiasm being put to work at Higher.

Thanks for listening. 

Higher We Go. 

Coach John

Sep 20, 2020
#025 Predator vs Prey: The Strategy of Gracie Jiu Jitsu

Does the trap go after the mouse or the mouse go after the trap?

Join coaches Matty & John as we discuss a very important idea of jiu jitsu - strategy. 

Technique is ubiquitous, but there is an underlying strategy that is crucial if your jiu jitsu is to be effective.  That strategy is exactly what we dicuss here!

Be Aware of Yourself

Use your own 4 limbs and your entire self to connect to the environment around you. Feel the ground, and scan your opponent. Know where you are in space, and activate your suction caps whenever possible, in order to connect like glue to their skeleton.

Move yourself in order to mould around the opponent. Understand your body, so that you can be soft, not stiff, and able to move in any direction without hesitation or preparation. That way anywhere the prey goes you are able to follow.

Keep your prey in your hands and stay free and away from danger. And with the right technique, and at the right time, latch onto them and divulge them for good.

Don't Chase

You focus on defence, and patiently wait for your prey to fall into your numerous said traps.

Be Intelligent

This is the jiu jitsu you ought to aspire to. There’s bigger, stronger, faster predators around and you can try to keep up with them but eventually you’ll tire and die.

Sometimes it’s fun to feel like a shark. But even then the shark runs into battles it can’t win.

Instead, play the defensive game, pick and choose your battles, and wait patiently for your partners to fall into your traps. This way of training will allow you to live your days safe, and free from pain and injuries. And best of all you’ll have fun, learn effectively, and enjoy your practice of jiu jitsu for years to come.

Original blog post can be found here: Predator vs Prey: The Strategy of Gracie Jiu Jitsu

Thanks for listening!

Please share your thoughts, and this podcast with your friends if you enjoy :)

A review would also be awesome!

Much appreciated, 

John & Matty. 

Sep 13, 2020
#024 You're Sidelined. Now What?

Coaches John and Matty discuss what it's like to be injured and how to do jiu jitsu better, meaning ... don't get injured!!

You live and breathe jiu jitsu. You wake up doing technical stand ups out of bed. Co-workers say hi and your instinct is to respond with ‘oss’. Your Chrome is filled with jiu jitsu articles to read, and most waking moments of your life are dedicated to the gentle art.

So when you find yourself out injured with no chance of doing jiu jitsu, that world can easily come crashing down.

Physical ailments very quickly becomes mental anguish. Every part of yourself wants to don the gi and jump on the mats to train. You get antsy, and no amount of Youtube videos will help you. You hate being on the sidelines, and so does everybody else.

Injuries Suck

Have you ever attempted to drive a manual car with a dislocated left shoulder? Or push in a clutch with a torqued left knee? I have. It’s frustrating, humiliating, and extremely difficult. It makes you want to flash a wand and make everything better. Then you wake up, only with the real pain.

Change is Hard

Most jiu jitsu injuries are the result of boisterous enthusiasm coupled with a lack of knowledge.

You’re not mindful of your movements. Your partners don’t look after you enough. Your gym doesn’t know what sustainability means. There’s a litany of reasons to explain you being hurt. None of them help you.

How To Yield

Give up a position. Be swept. Tap early, and even if it isn’t totally locked in. Initially it will hurt to concede earlier than you need to, but this practice will help you minimise injuries, and will leave you more capable of jiu jitsu for a lifetime.

Be Intelligent

The best thing you can do is learn from your mistakes. Whether you are injured or not, use your experiences to help you make better ones. There are always ways to optimise your training if you’d only be happy to do some things a little different.

While our objective in jiu jitsu is to hyperextend limbs and asphyxiate our prey, we can do this in a way that is sensible, and smart. This means that we can train regularly, and always, keep the trauma to a minimum, and enjoy learning Gracie Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for a lifetime.

Original article: You're Sidelined. Now What?

Any feedback to share? A review to post? We appreciate it all. 

Thanks for listening!

Oss and Out!

Aug 27, 2020
#023 Where Did All the Love Go? A Reflection on Self Defence

Matty and John have a conversation around BJJ and Gracie Jiu Jitsu and the idea of training for self defence. 

Why do we regularly discuss jiu jitsu from a standpoint of violence? It’s known as the gentle art for a reason, and you like it because you don’t need to get hurt while doing it.

Learning the sweeps, and escapes, and submissions of grappling is also so much fun, and plenty of work in and of themselves. So why then are kicks, and punches, and eye gouges, and headbutts still relevant in the conversation of BJJ?

BJJ is Fun

The game of BJJ is so much fun, and it equips you with amazing skills of movement, and controls, and submissions. And when you add the understanding of striking, it only serves to make it more rich, and more potent, as a skill to serve you for the rest of your life.

You want to be effective as a BJJ practitioner, not just in a certain rule set but in all areas of life. You also aim to be a better husband/wife, mother/father, you want to improve at work, and be the best you can be. This is what it’s like to be a martial artist.

Gracie Jiu Jitsu is Better

That’s why it’s best to train with a mindset of self defence. And this is why we place so much emphasis on the original Helio Gracie Jiu Jitsu curriculum, and also why we do No Gi Gloves now on Thursday at Higher Jiu Jitsu.

We still roll. Competitions are still always fair game for our students. But the intention is always self defence because that is what will allow you to understand jiu jitsu so much better, and do it in a way that keeps you on the mats for a lifetime.

Reviews, and feedback are always welcome :)

Thanks for listening!

John & Matty

Aug 13, 2020
#022 How To Visit Another School and Feel Good About It

As a blue belt I was visiting another school until I was told not to. I hadn't done anything wrong, but it wasn't working for my home school or the school I was visiting. I was upset, and a little offended, and I didn't know what I had done wrong. 

Fast forward numerous years, I am now a school owner and I can see both sides of the coin. 

Here is a chat about how to visit another school and feel good about it instead of guilty or disloyal or anything else. 

Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences on this topic!

Thanks for listening to the HJJ Podcast!!

All the best, 

John and Matty. 

Jul 27, 2020
#021 Infidels of Jiu Jitsu - Listen Up
John and Matty return in a chat for the infidels of jiu jitsu! You know THOSE people, who think it's very weird and abnormal to be on top of other sweaty men and women trying to choke eachother. The ones that laugh at the thought of you training, because they'd rather be out doing normal things. Lots of us were there before we even started in this martial art. Then we got into it for one reason or another, and suddenly we find ourselves having drunk the Kool Aid. Now we're hooked. And it's awesome in so many ways.  Well, this is a conversation for them.  "Better than all is that you've met a group of people that only want to see you improve. These fellow students aren't meatheads, or bullies, or assholes, or weirdos at all. They're actually really nice, and they're always happy to help. Soon you realise they're there for the reasons you are too - to grow with like minded people, and improve on themselves, and enjoy this life, and have lots of fun doing it. You see them on the mats throughout the week, you exchange some giggles, warm up, learn technique, and you have a great time. By the end of the class, you've loosened up, your mind is no longer at work, and you feel amazing." Thanks for listening, and if you enjoy the chat send it to an infidel :)  We love those reviews too so keep them coming! Till next time,  John & Matty.
Jul 13, 2020
#020 Come Back! Jiu Jitsu Loves You
Join Matty and I as we discuss why you need to come back to jiu jitsu! This is a timely reminder for those who are out of routine due to the pandemic, or previously injured, and/or jaded from a previous jiu jitsu experience. More than anything it's a fun discussion about why we train, and why we recommend it for all walks of life. "Jiu jitsu this and that. You’ve been there, and done that. The academy served you for some time. You were having fun. And then you got injured. You were out for some time, and sadly, you came to terms with the idea that this game just isn’t for you. It became easier for you to stay at home - the couch is more comfortable than the chokes. Easier and more comfortable can be hard to pass up, and it's easy to take the bait." Original article can be found here.  PS. We're out of our lockdown shackles, and excited, and now aiming for fortnightly release of the HJJPodcast! So stay tuned as there will be more and more unfettered discourse re all things jiu jitsu coming your way.  Like, subscribe, share - all of this jazz & thanks because it helps! Oss,  John.
Jun 27, 2020
#019 Get Higher with Jiu Jitsu
Matty and John talk about 3 big reasons to do jiu jitsu, and they're very relevant today... Self Defence Superpowers When you learn self defence, you practice how to act in the interests of wellbeing. You build situational awareness, and the ability to adapt in order to protect your life, and the lives of those around you. You will understand how to nullify aggression with avoidance, control, & submission. ... Possessing this superpower brings about greater confidence. The ability to do what you think is right, without hesitation, or fear of retaliation - this is freedom. It doesn't mean you can be rude, you're just well equipped to deal with whatever may go awry. Learn How to Learn You take the powers learned inside of the dojo and you apply them to life outside the dojo. You’re learning about yourself in this process. And as you learn about your own habits the superpower reveals itself in awareness; of yourself and how you interact with everything around you. Now that you’re aware, there is no going back to not being aware. This is it. Life is changed forever. Know Thyself As you seek to control others, first you have to know how to control yourself. Jiu jitsu is like your mirror. It brings things to light. Some say to leave your ego at the door. This doesn’t work. There’s no running away and coming back from yourself. Bring your ego, and bring every other bit of you along to Higher Jiu Jitsu. It’s all worthy. This is Higher Jiu Jitsu Amongst all the self defence techniques, the struggles, and the submissions the superpower we know as jiu jitsu weaves it’s way in and around your life and soon leaves you a mere shell of your former self. The newer version is no better, or worse. Just different. Calculated. Refined. And above all, potent. Ready to move in any direction, without hesitation or preparation. You can roll forwards and backwards. You flow from side to side. You can pivot. Shimmy. Then you can stop, turn around and go the other way if you wanted to. You’re not held back by prior habits, or emotions or fears. You’re free to do whatever you like. You determine the path and the course of action. This is how you go Higher. This is jiu jitsu. Thanks for listening :) If you enjoyed this feel free to write us a review! These help lots.  Original blog post is Here.  Oss.  Coach John
Jun 13, 2020
#018 On Repetition and Re-Learning of Basics

John and Matty discuss the importance of learning the basics and building your knowledge of jiu jitsu from the ground up. 

First a big thanks to the students who jump on Zoom and continue the learning. And a spray to those who haven't :)

We chat about the history and progression of the Jiu Jitsu Commune into what we now know as Higher Jiu Jitsu.

“If a man knows not to which port he sails no wind is favourable

— Seneca

+ "Soon enough new students found us and began to stream onto the PCYC mats. I promised them they could learn jiu jitsu here, and they reciprocated by placing their trust in me as Coach.

Class after class they’d show up and I’d teach what I thought were the most relevant techniques. They were picking up the tricks, but it became obvious that these students needed to begin with the basics."

+ We’re not limited by the curriculum, just liberated.

For when you have your bases covered, you can move in different ways. You can venture as deep, as far, and as wide as you like, content in knowing that you’ll always come back to where you began.

It’s how you’ll get better not just at doing jiu jitsu, but understanding how it works. This is the focus, and once you start to get it, it’s jiu jitsu that’s at your beck and call. You can do it in your own way, safely, with effectiveness, and for a lifetime.

A fun chat, hope you enjoy it!

Coach John and Coach Matty

May 27, 2020
#017 10 Ways to Annoy Your Jiu Jitsu Buddies

During our Covid19 lockdown, Matty and I meet up, whilst practicing social distancing of course, and discuss 10 of the most annoying things you can do on the jiu jitsu mats.

We all know you’re a great person, and don’t intend to annoy your friends. But there are some things that are taboo on the jits mats. Avoid these and you'll be fine and ready to enjoy jits and keep friends, on the mats and off. 

Thanks for listening!

Any ones to add to the list? Let us know!

PS. The audio in this podcast might not be Top Notch due to technical difficulties. 

Cheers and Happy Quarantines. 

Coach John

Apr 28, 2020
#016 From Start to Struggle: The Process of Starting Jiu Jitsu
Matty and John get together to talk about the early stages of jiu jitsu, and how to best organise, and think about your training right from the beginning. Just like every game you need to know the rules first before you can play properly. Without knowing the rules, and especially when up against other beginners, you run the risk of not having fun, and getting injured, and building bad habits.  Considering the nature of jiu jitsu, there are serious consequences if you don't do it safely.  When you go about learning the fundamentals step by step first, you can build a complete understanding of how jiu jitsu works. When you know the mechanics of jiu jitsu, you can do it better, and you can use the art everywhere else in your life.  It's how you can play jiu jitsu, and build a good path to ongoing finesse and quality of life on the mats and off.  -- Thanks everyone for listening! Matty and I hope you enjoy it. Original post can be found here. Stay safe,  Coach John
Mar 28, 2020
#015 Know Thyself - The Essential Jiu Jitsu Journey

Join John and Matty, this time in the dojo as we discuss the essential jiu jitsu journey - from within yourself and throughout those around you. 

Study Yourself

You decided to don the gi and take part in this journey. You make your way to jiu jitsu class, you tie your belt, and you train for hours. It’s your neck that’s on the line, and it’s your limbs that are sought.

It sounds just like a personal endeavour. But that’s far from true - all of this is facilitated by other people.

We're All Connected

Acknoweldge that you are part of a tight knit community. Jiu jitsu is an individual endeavour, and it’s very much a team sport. To stay on the mats, you need to give back.

You need to be there for others. Not because it helps you but because it helps the people around you. The treasure comes not just from the search within but when you open your eyes and look around you.

Team Jiu Jitsu

Jiu jitsu is you and it’s the team around you. It’s the community of grapplers in your area, throughout your country, and all over the world. We’re connected through our love for the mats, and our passion to make the world a better place.

We are Team Jiu Jitsu.

Original blog post - Know Thyself - The Essential Jiu Jitsu Journey


Apologies for the sound problems in the dojo, and for the multipe umm's and ahhh's particularly at the beginning!


Thanks so much for listening! We appreciate it and hope it helps you on the mats and off!

Let us know thoughts, and flick a review whenever you can!


John & Matty. 

Feb 28, 2020
#014 'Go Easy' They Say - For Those Who Can't Relax

Stop using your strength! 

Does this sound familiar? 

We're not judging. We're just here to help.


You huff, and you puff, and you fight jiu jitsu. We tell you to 'go easy', relax, and not use your strength. You hear us, but you don't listen to us. You nod your head, and the moment you touch gloves, the bulldog is once again off the leach.

We don’t blame you. Your intentions are pure, and it's not your fault.

Your skeleton is your strength, not your imposing will.

When you learn how to use your bones, you can pick and choose where you need to grit your teeth and force your willpower.  And when you take away the force during training, you’re free to sense the intricacies that make jiu jitsu the gentle art.

An essential element of self organisation is your breath.

You hear 'go easy', but it's not enough. You need to feel it instead. We can do this via your breath.

Don't Fight, Feel.

This is a different approach to one that you're used to. Yet when you work on your approach to jiu jitsu, you enjoy immeasurable benefits in all areas of your game within jiu jitsu. Your half guard improves along with your mount and all positions in between. Your pin gets heavier, and your submissions get sharper. Your jiu jitsu gets more fun, you're injured less, you learn more, and as a result your days gets brighter.


Here's the original blog article link: Go Easy They Say.

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Coaches John and Matty. 

Jan 28, 2020
#013 The Jiu Jitsu Long Game - Here's How to Play
Join John and Matty as we discuss the Long Game of jiu jitsu and how to play it.  --- When you play the long game, there isn’t a finish line. No end in sight.  That isn’t a punishment, but a just reward for being a student of this martial art. The long game comes with it’s own rules of play. 1. First things first, do not get injured. In the long game, letting your limbs snap, and your neck crank isn’t an intelligent thing to do because you’ll need those joints fresh and healthy to train till the end. When you let bones break you lose many points. Points come in years you’re able to be on the mats. 2. Keep it Fun The rage of our culture is the hustle. If you’re not drowning then you’re not in deep enough. So we load and load and load. How strong is this camel’s back? Stress can come in many forms and you start to have a wide array of problems when it becomes the norm. An overreliance on self discipline, & willpower in the push for success is a surefire way to reach game over in this game. When you think of dedication it doesn’t have to be something of excessive effort, and obsessive attention. Remember, you need to Actively choose to play the Long Game.  Over the years, we’ll see how the leaders of the long game will eventually come to the fore. The investments in the long game won’t always come in medals around your neck, but degrees on the black belts, and red and black belts, and coral belts. Those belts represent the years of hard work, and commitment, and sacrifice spent on the mats with Gracie Jiu Jitsu. As a lover of jiu jitsu, it’s the game you’d want to play most of all. Original blog page can be found here: https://higherjiujitsu.com.au/higher-blog/the-long-game Thanks for listening! If you enjoyed this and want to help us out, please be sure to leave us a review! These helps lots.  Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and all the best from John and Matty!
Dec 27, 2019
#012 The Third Place and Why You Need One Too

They say home is where the heart lies. And then there’s your jiu jitsu academy.

John and Matty discuss what a third place is and why you need one too. 

"Members feel more like brothers and sisters. The mats feel just like the warmth and comfort of your own home. You feel a piece of yourself is rooted in the space, and you gain strength just by being there.

These are the feelings that come via your dojo. It's how you learn and grow in all other areas of your life. It's why you can't wait for your next session.

Jiu Jitsu is self defence, and submissions, and it's also community, and camaraderie. You need both to be happy and this is the magic that happens in the third place."

Higher Jiu Jitsu Blog: The Third Place and Why You Need One Too. 

Want a free trial? You're welcome. 

Thanks for listening!

Nov 28, 2019
#011 When There's No Choice But to Change

John and Matty discuss the differences between sport BJJ and Gracie Jiu Jitsu as a way of life. 

Many people start in jiu jitsu with the goal to stay safe and compete in MMA. Very quickly I was pulled into the competitive realm, and the 'stay safe' part fell by the wayside to the focus of winning competitions. 

It isnt that competition jiu jitsu isn't an opportunity to learn, or lots of fun. It's just that there is so much more to this martial art than the sport based competitive side. 

The Importance of Self Defence

A nasty injury forced me to contemplate the other side of jiu jitsu, and therein I came across an entire, unfamiliar world of 'Gracie Jiu Jitsu'. Suddenly we were thinking about situations where an aggressor didn't have jiu jitsu skills. For the first time I contemplated what happens when someone doesn't play by jiu jitsu rules. 

Through this lens we get to see just how important the concept of leverage is. If there aren't weight divisions, and if we assume that an aggressor (not a competitor) is bigger, and stronger, we must understand how to use it in order to stay safe. 

Jiu Jitsu for a Lifetime

One thing Professor Sauer and Big Phil talk about is the importance of relying on techniques that can be practiced today, as well as in the future, when you're old and grey, and frail. 

We can't stop the aging process, and time definitely flies by, so if you want to do jiu jitsu for a long time, you need to think about this today. 

This is Gracie Jiu Jitsu

Matty and I have drank the kool aide. 

It's one that tastes nice, and soothes our competitive juices, and keeps us safe, and confident, and healthy, building quality of life with Gracie Jiu Jitsu. 

It's how we like to think about jiu jitsu, how we we practice on the mats at Higher Jiu Jitsu, and how we can be on the mats for a lifetime of enjoyment with Gracie Jiu Jitsu.

May this conversation helps you consider how you train, why you train, and how you can do it better relative to your intentions, and goals on the mats and off. 

Hope you enjoy, and either way let us know your thoughts because we'd love to hear them.

Much love,

John and Matty and all of HJJ. 

Oct 27, 2019
#010 The Jiu Jitsu Imposter - Are You One of Them?

John and Matty discuss the very common Imposter Syndrome amongst jiu jitsu students, and how it can wreak havoc on your ability to learn, as well as the enjoyment you derive from your practice of the gentle art. 

It's Self Awareness

Being critical is a strength when you seek out what to improve on, and look to refine the parts and benefit the whole.  In this way there is no limit to how good you can be. With the right effort in the right areas you can do anything you like. 

But there is a fine balance to be had here. Issues arise when you expect too much too soon. When you aren't patient with the learning process, you set yourself up to fail. 

Learn to pay attention to what you are thinking, so that when those thoughts come about, you can consciously replace them with a different story for yourself. Instead of being that guy who doesn't know anything, you're the student who is coming in all ears ready to learn. 

Focus on Others

The fact that you have done even one class means you know more than others. Those others are relying on you to show them the way. You’re the example of how to be a jiu jitsu practitioner. And when you’re nervous within yourself, everyone feels it around you. In turn it makes them nervous. 

Give yourself a break from the internal talk - divert it toward others around you, look to be of service, and show them the way instead of picking out all of your flaws. 

Seek Out the Positives

There's already enough suck in the Imposter's brain. Instead of focusing on what you aren't doing well, make a habit of seeking out the things that you do well.

You tapped early to an oncoming submission. Good for you, note it down. You helped a beginner learn something. Write it down. You prepared a delicious meal for lunch at work? Note it down. Revel in the joys of your good work. These are what you can seek out and learn from and take satisfaction in. 

Hope you enjoy this conversation. If it resonates with you, let us know how! We'd be delighted to hear about it. 

Till the next one!

John & Matty & HJJ.

Sep 28, 2019
#EXTRA Leverage Camp Lefkada 2019 Review

The Leverage Camp of 2019 has come and gone, and with it has etched some of the most amazing jiu jitsu memories that the participants will never forget. 

It was as though the jiu jitsu Gods were looking down on us, for everything about this camp was nothing less than perfect. 

Below I will do my best to put this experience into words, which definitely won’t demonstrate that tingly sense of satisfaction deep in our hearts that we all felt daily. 

2020 was looking like a special part 2, but it looks like 2021 will be the return of Lefkada Camp.

All the best!

Coach John

Aug 31, 2019
#009 The Expert vs the Supercoach

John and Matty discuss the coaching process happening at Higher and what it takes to be a good coach. 

We chat about the importance of staying a learner for life, and being guided through the jiu jitsu journey in a way that offers structure and freedom at the same time. 

Points of Note:

+The importance of the environment around you to maintain curiosity and stay safe as you explore the lands of jiu jitsu. 

+ Why we organise regular jiu jitsu camps and seek knowledge from everywhere. 

+ How Rylan Lizares demonstrated what it's like to be a supercoach on and off the mats. 

+ 'Let's See if it's True' mentality and why Professor Sauer is a wizard on and off the mats. 

+ The things we will focus on in the future as we look to go Higher with the students of our school. 

Hope you all enjoy! 

We appreciate you listening & we love feedback - so get in touch and let us know what you think!


Aug 28, 2019
#008 Self Defence: Preparation, or Paranoia?
Matty and I recorded this two weeks ago and it was scheduled to be released at the end of August.  In light of the recent Sydney Stabbing Attacks that occurred on the 13th August, I feel like it's important to bring up these points of discussion today.  Yesterday Sydney's CBD was faced with a random act of violence by a knife yielding, mentally unstable man. It resulted in the loss of a life, multiple injuries, and innumerable trauma amongst those who were amongst it, and beyond.  It's another example of how unlikely situations can arise from normal circumstances.  Key Points You Never Know Why do you wear a seat belt when you go driving? The ratio of you getting to a destination safely vs crashing is hopefully way more in favour of not crashing. Maybe you're like me and you've never crashed at all. But we still sit in our seats and automatically reach for the belt.  Also, why does your workplace have such a resolute fire safety plan? It's extremely unlikely that your building will ever catch fire. But still there are extinguishers marked clearly throughout the building.  It's because there are inherent risks in everything we do, even though they're not immediately apparent to us. Just because there are options that happen regularly doesn't mean there isn't any other way of things going down.  LIFE ISN'T AN IBJJF TOURNAMENT Most people in Sydney are nice, and friendly, and accomodating. Of the 5 million people living in this city, let's be kind and say 99% of them would not even think about starting a fight or being aggressive to someone else.  That leaves us with 1% of others. These others don't care for your feelings, they've grown up in very hostile environments, and fights are something they derive lots of satisfaction from. The murderers, and the gang members, and the rapists are all part of this 1%. So are those deluded ones that enjoy punching people in random attacks, and those who even think of harming others.  This 1% actually works out to 50,000 people across the city. That's an Allianz stadium full to the brim of people who are ready, and willing to harm you for whatever purpose it serves for them.  DO IT FOR OTHERS It's easy to think you're on your own in this big world, but you're really not. You have friends, and loved ones all around you, and there may be times they'll need your help.  When you learn self defence you can be the person to improve on precarious situations, rather than sitting back and watching or being part of the problem. In order to help others, you need the skills to help yourself, and stay safe. This is where self defence training comes in.  Book your Free Trial @Higher Jiu Jitsu today: Click here Get in touch and let us know your thoughts.  Thanks for listening!
Aug 14, 2019
#007 Curiosity on the Mats Doesn't Kill the Cat
Curiosity On the Mats Doesn't Kill the Cat. John and Matty as we discuss how to stay curious on the mats, and learn for a lifetime.  If you want to do jiu jitsu well, you need to learn how to do it.  So, what's the best way to learn? First, be curious. You're not curious when you're under pressure to perform, or when you're worried about being flattened or broken. You're curious when you play with possibilities, and differentiate between each of their outcomes. It's how you can determine the most effective, and efficient way forward, and that's how you find improvement.  Survival mode usually looks like very heavy and abrupt breathing, scrunched up faces, loud bangs and stomps, and heavy amounts of effort. This is also around the time the injuries start to happen.  When you're learning WITH your partner, you work with eachother. You understand what each of you are looking for, and you're on the same path practicing and trading moves.  When you play jiu jitsu like this, you can be curious and ready to learn at any moment.  And if you want to do jiu jitsu for a lifetime, this is the only you’ll get there.  Original article can be found here. About Seryoku Zenho: http://kodokanjudoinstitute.org/en/doctrine/word/seiryoku-zenyo/ If you enjoyed this feel free to like, and share, and let us know!
Jul 27, 2019
#006 Stop Busy. Start Jiu Jitsu.
"Beware the barreness of a busy life." - Socrates. Join Coach John and Matty as they talk about how to 'Stop Busy. Start Jiu Jitsu". The more attention you give to something, the more it will flourish. This is why you need to proactively plan your jiu jitsu time.  A regular practice of jiu jitsu will not happen by accident.  Time will not leap up and bite you in the butt. Nobody will give it to you, they'll only try to take it away.  That's why you need to anticipate, plan, and strategise. Seek out time, snatch it, and hold onto it for dear life.   1. Be Realistic To Be Consistent   You may want to aim high shoot for the stars. But in this case aim for what you think will be easy, and achievable. It’s important to set the right expectations from the start. Consistent training is what will create progress, and give you the most joy.  2. Get A Calendar & Practice Defence Use your schedule planner. Carve out those times in your week that you’ll be going to jiu jitsu class. Render yourself unavailable during those times.   Think ahead. You know your routines. Few chores are truly surprising.  3. Know Thyself You are in the best place to create your plan because you know what suits you. If you hate mornings, don’t expect to go to jiu jitsu for 6am class. It is never a good idea to work against your habits and nuances. This will only further ingrain them into your psyche. Listen, and look around. See how you work best. And do that.  You know what makes you tick. Work with yourself.  4. When the Time Comes, Go To Jiu Jitsu.  It’s not easy. You may not be perfect. But when you plan ahead, and you make the necessary arrangements beforehand, you can make it work for you.  Consistency is contagious.   Soon you will realise that jiu jitsu times becomes less of an expense, and more of an investment. When this happens, you know your jiu jitsu journey is well and truly under way.  Sit back, show up, and enjoy the ride.  Original blog post link: Stop Busy. Start Jiu Jitsu.  Thanks for listening!
Jun 26, 2019
#005 Study the Science of Jiu Jitsu

Join Coach John Smallios, Prof Phillip Grapsas, and purple belt extraordinaire Roger Dio as we discuss how to take your practice of jiu jitsu and turn it into a study of science. 


The beauty of jiu jitsu means that there are countless choices in any one moment in time. From each position, you can pick and choose many different options to move forward. And with every second of motion, these choices change.  

Dissect the parts, uncover the patterns, test the results, do it for life. 

 This is also how the martial arts can infiltrate life outside of the dojo too. When you are used to forcing your way through jiu jitsu, you will also be forcing your way through the world. After some time that becomes tiring and unsustainable. Work with things. Take your time to understand them, because it’s this search for understanding that helps to discover the gold of jiu jitsu, off the mats, and in everyday life.  

Key Points

Doing jiu jitsu in a way that helps you take lessons off the mats too. 

The difference between sport jiu jitsu and self defence. 

How to look for leverage on the mats. 

Where we would be today without jiu jitsu?

Original Blog Post


Thanks for listening :)

Coach John & Team HJJ!

May 30, 2019
#004 Injuries Suck. Prehab Says No.

Injuries suck. I hate them. If you're a human being, you do too. 

Your training methods should be focused on improving your capacity to live, perform, and have fun. Not hurt you.  If you're frequently getting injured, it may be time to consider your program.

Join Coach John and Matty as we discuss the perils of injury, and what to do in order to minimise the risks of them, on the mats and off. 

Shit Happens - Some things are out of our control. Living in a bubble would be 0 fun. But this doesn’t give us an excuse to be negligent with our bodies. Captain Obvious says they are the only ones we’ll ever get.

Prehab Before Rehab - Be proactive in minimising your injuries. Look after yourself. Do what's necessary in order to keep yourself in the best shape possible, so that you remain resilient and ready for whatever comes at you. 

Thanks for listening!


Apr 30, 2019
#003 Jiu Jitsu Saves the Day

Life is busy and you're a little under the weather. 

You're tired, a little bored of your current routine, and just want to do something fun and fresh. 

This is around the time that jiu jitsu can help. 

You do a trial at HJJ, you meet new friends, you learn self defence, and have fun, all at the same time. 

You're now hooked, you have the bug. You haven't been this excited in a long time. 

And there you have it, jiu jitsu has saved the day. 

Join John and Brad as we discuss the joys and delights of Gracie Jiu Jitsu. 

Apr 23, 2019
#002 Ladies, It's Time.

 Gracie Jiu Jitsu means self defence via leverage where smaller, weaker people can defend themselves against bigger, and stronger aggressors.   So then why are the everyday people doing jiu jitsu predominantly men? The gentle art is the perfect martial art for women to learn because it doesn't rely on physical attributes. You don't need big muscles, or lots of fitness to make it work.  

Ladies, with jiu jitsu you no longer need to feel defenceless against anyone, fearful of your safety, or scared of being yourself in confrontation.  It's how the women of our community can rise from feeling scared and overwhlemed to being empowered and free and ready to live to your fullest potential.  

But first, you need to get started. 

So join John and Emma as they discuss the ins and outs of women in jiu jitsu.  

Ladies, it's time!

Mar 24, 2019
#001 The Strategy of Survival First then Counter Attack.

 John and AJ sit to discuss the entire ethos of Gracie Jiu Jitsu.

When you first start jiu jitsu, and your understanding is lacking, you see one move after the other. When you've been training for a while, you start to consider the strategy that connects all of these techniques together.

The Perils of Poker - On the poker table, if you show your hand to your opponent, you'll get burned. The same thing applies on the mats. It's best to make your opponent show his hand to you first, so that you can counter and do what's necessary to come over the top of it. Don't show your cards.

Counter Attack as the Way - It's why you need one half of your brain involved in your actions, and the other half observing and feeling where your opponent is going. It's why you want to be soft, and supple, and able to move in any direction without hesitation. It's because you never know when that moment to counter attack will come, and you want to be ready, and able to pounce.

Maintain good frames - Be connected to your partner and to the ground, and be safe and ready to counter attack the moment it comes up.

This is the strategy of survival. Find the blog post here.

Hope you guys enjoy this discussion as much as we enjoyed having it. Likes, shares, and comments are welcomed!

See you next week :)

Feb 24, 2019