But Not All At Once

By Anne Smith

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Category: Kids & Family

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Are you "that" person? The one who shows up everywhere 20 minutes early, dressed impeccably with homemade baked goods in hand? No? You've found the right podcast. Learn about wellness that doesn't involve force-feeding yourself wheatgrass. Lean into hospitality when your home has more dust bunnies than Pinterest-perfect tablescapes. Find out what to say when, after Thanksgiving dinner, someone misguidedly asks if you're expecting. What does life look like WITHOUT an Instagram filter? Let's discuss it all, learn it all, figure it all out - but not all at once.

Episode Date
Episode 10: Just Say No and Check the Box

You can't spell "mayhem" without May, and everyone you know is up to their eyeballs in commitments. 

Ready to make some room on your over-filled plate? Here are a few things you can say no to sans guilt. 

Once you've said no where you can, "just check the box" on everything else. Aim for adequate; there's no need to earn a gold medal in everything you touch.

Sometimes we just need to survive and advance, and May is one of those times. 

May 22, 2019
Episode 9: Body Image Pep Talk

Have you ever rushed to un-tag a photo of yourself, then spent ages pinching, zooming and dissecting it from every angle? Do you wince or stare when you walk past a mirror? Make jokes about your size, shape or how very different you look than your favorite Instagram personality? Feel pressure to Photoshop every "flaw" before you post something? Wish you could walk around with a Snapchat filter in front of your actual body? 

This pep talk is for you. (And also for me. Ok, mostly for me.) 

May 15, 2019
Episode 8: "We're Stressed Enough"

Holistic health coach Brady Godfrey thinks you're stressed enough; you don't need to let nutrition or wellness be add to your worries.

Hear from an expert about how lowering your expectations, removing judgment, listening to your body, putting on "ear muffs" and tuning out Instagram could make all the difference in looking and feeling your best.

Learn her shortcuts for easy school lunches, sneaking produce into your kids' diets (without sneaking it in at all), getting the men in your life on board, making changes without taking away your favorite foods, enjoying treats and the power of a fresh start.

Brady's breezy, judgement-free attitude toward food, parenting, life choices and everything in between will inspire you to take a new approach. (Spoiler alert: It probably won't involve wheat grass.)

May 15, 2019
Episode 7: "You Are More Than Your Roles"

Whitney Meade is a wife, mom, small-business owner, speaker, author and YouTuber who took "chaos" out of her vocabulary and is teaching women to live out their purposes.

She dives into the mommy wars; a Lyme disease diagnosis that took her by surprise; how wellness and weight aren't synonymous; why investing in your marriage will pay off; what to quit feeling guilty about; the value of a good night's sleep; and the importance of a Christian counselor.

More than anything, Whitney wants you to know you're "more than your roles" as a working woman, wife, mother, sister or friend. Find her at @whitneymeade across social media platforms.

May 08, 2019
Episode 6: "I Can't Fix It, But I'm Here"

What do you say to someone facing unimaginable pain? (Better yet, what do you NOT say?) How do you return to normal life after grief? When did our moms become so wise? And how quickly will our children realize we don't know what we're doing? 

Dive in to all this and more with Anne Harris, who brings joy and laughter to her family's story of infant loss, rainbow babies and faith when hope was hard to find. Learn what it's like to grow up in a family of six, how life without an Instagram filter still holds plenty of beauty and why there's no gold medal for grieving. 

May 01, 2019
Episode 1: Starting from Scratch to Beat MS

Meredith Jaggard is a go-getter. Unflappable. And unafraid to take off the Instagram filter to tell you what's really going on in her life.

A born and bred South Carolinian, she is beating MS with the help of her husband, her new baby girl, her "vegan plus pizza" diet and the physician she moved to Portland to pursue. 

Meredith's mind was made up from the moment she got a diagnosis: against the predictions of previous doctors, she was going to win this fight. Years later, she is! She wants to make sure you know, no matter who you are or what your story is, that you have a friend in her.

Whether it's the truth about miscarriage, pregnancy and post partum life, or the reality of starting from scratch with a new village when your "people" are on the opposite coast, Meredith tells it like it is. And you're going to love her.

You can connect with Meredith at @msjaggs across social platforms. 

Apr 24, 2019
Episode 2: A Pep Talk for New Moms

Did someone just hand you a baby and wheel you to the hospital door? Do you feel like you're simultaneously being thrown into the deep end and set aflame? Here's what you need to know - or at least what I wish I'd heard in my first days as a mom.

You're equipped, you're doing beautifully, and no one could be handling this better, I promise. You aren't alone, this isn't your life forever and things are only going to get better from here. Hang in there, friend.

Know a new mom? Send this her way! Better yet, just come over and hold her baby while she naps. 

Apr 24, 2019
Episode 3: Building Community and Buying Ethically

Do you have someone in your city who's universally beloved? Someone absolutely everyone believes is their personal best friend? Our town has four: the "Given girls."  

Sisters Erin, Beth, Jesse and Caitlin started their store, Given, to offer cause-conscious goods to women looking to spend their dollars and build their wardrobes in ways that matter. 

Along the way, they learned about balancing work and family, doing their homework into where goods come from and how artisans are treated, building a supportive community and encouraging the women around them. 

You can find "the Given girls," their beautiful hearts and their ethically-sourced offerings on Instagram at @shop_given or in downtown Greenville, South Carolina. 

Apr 24, 2019
Episode 4: Wellness at (and Families of) Every Size

Mother of four Danielle Sorrells is on a mission to teach the world that you can pursue wellness at any shape or size. Whether you look like Instagram's most popular yoga instructors or not, she says, there's a place on the mat for you.

Danielle believes we can teach and encourage those around us even if we haven't crossed the finish line on our goals, and that we can take the sting out of typically-hurtful words - especially "fat." She finds that speaking honestly about size and treating ourselves with care models self-worth and health for the little ones watching us.

Find Danielle at @fat_bottomed_mama on Instagram, or look for her around the Upstate of South Carolina with a wagon of her four sweet preschoolers in tow. (Be sure to hear her thoughts on what's most - and least - encouraging to say to moms of big families, too!)

Apr 24, 2019
Episode 5: "There Will Be No Shame"

Dr. Kelly Kline joins us to answer the But Not All At Once Instagram community's most pressing questions.

Her answers include:
"Yes, you should absolutely tell your doctor the truth about how much and how often you're drinking wine."

"No, you don't need to worry that our staff is going to bat an eyelash at anything you throw our way. Our motto is, 'There will be no shame.'  We've seen it all."

"Absolutely, I'll write you a prescription for a pre-baby pedicure. That sounds medically necessary to me."

Kelly walks us through what is "normal" in terms of how you feel after delivering a baby. She shares what it's like to be a single woman building a successful practice, taking good care of yourself and making time for your friends in a busy season. She also recounts the first time we almost met, and how Hollywood writers couldn't have scripted it any more ridiculously. (I really wish she'd just walked into that room!)

If you need to feel good about yourself, you need to take a listen! Find Kelly's practice at @ParksideOBGYN on Instagram, or bring her a Chipwich to buy a chance to be her newest friend, as I did. Spoiler alert: it worked.

Apr 24, 2019
Season 1 Trailer

Six months ago, I started But Not All At Once on Instagram to amplify conversations that matter - things we were discussing in group texts and preschool parking lots, but hadn't taken to a wider audience. 

We focused on balancing the facets of our lives that mean the most to us: faith, marriage, motherhood, friends, hospitality, family, work, fitness, supporting the people we love, attempting to look like we've slept all night, masquerading as functioning adults. (Spoiler alert: we can do it all, but not all at once.) 

The But Not All At Once podcast will be an extension of those conversations. Thirty-something years into life and four children into parenthood, I realize more every day that none of us can do this thing alone. 

Through the beauty of technology, we now have a virtual dining room table to gather around - all that's missing are the wine and cupcakes. So grab your earbuds, take a moment for yourself and prepare to befriend a passel of people you've yet to see in person.

Join us each week to hear another woman's story, celebrate some accomplishments, steal some ideas - whatever it takes to prove no one has all her ducks in a row. Subscribe now and you'll hear a new episode every week! (We have a BYOP policy: Bring Your Own Pinot and Petits Fours.) 

In the meantime, head over to @butnotallatonce on Instagram and join the conversation! 

Mar 26, 2019