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 Aug 25, 2020
maneki neko cat


How do you get over someone you never dated and when did dating become so 50 shades of complicated?! I’m getting anxiety just thinking about it. If he likes my picture is he flirting? Why is he ghosting me but watching my stories? Whats the meaning of life? And why can’t I sleep?! I don’t know about you guys, but I’d listen to me talk each week about dating and LA and life and whatever else comes to mind. So here we are and welcome to Too Tired To Be Crazy - a hilarious podcast brought to you by me, Violet Benson (creator of @daddyissues_ ). Don’t forget to subscribe!!

Episode Date
Big Boys DO Cry w/KFC Kevin Clancy
Sometimes you just have to let it all out...that means you too, boys. This week Violet is joined by Barstool Sports personality, Kevin Clancy, more popularly known as KFC. Together the two have a surprisingly intimate yet HILARIOUS conversation. The unlikely duo dissects the ins and outs of dating in your thirties, how to navigate the dating scene as a parent, and the difficulty men have expressing emotion. Violet also gives KFC a rapid fire dating quiz, only for him to reverse it and put HER on the spot! This episode is jam packed so you do NOT want to miss this! Don't forget to check out my sponsors BADDIES! Triller: Download Triller app and add me @VioletBenson and I will see you on my LIVE podcast recording every Wednesday at 5:30pm PT where you will ask me all the dating questions your heart desires!! Billie: Go to - It’s just NINE DOLLARS to get your starter kit PLUS FREE shipping ALWAYS! Bright Cellars: Get 50% off your first six bottle orders at - You can take their 7 question quiz to get your wine matches, and receive 50% off your first 6 bottle order! Headspace: Go to for a FREE ONE-MONTH TRIAL with access to Headspace’s full library of meditations for every situation! ShipStation: Use offer code, VIOLET, to get a 60-day free trial at
Feb 25, 2021
People Are Weird w/Ellie Schnitt
Wanna know the secret to being a hot girl? Of course you do! This week Violet is joined by Twitter aficionado Ellie Schnitt! Together the duo lets us in on ALL of their best tips and tricks about how to be the truest version of yourself in EVERY capacity. Violet teaches us the eight steps you should use to evaluate your friendships, how to set boundaries, and how friendship breakups actually aren’t all that bad. Ellie then gives us her secret formula to giving the best oral (hint: it’s not what you think it is!). Finally, we learn how to be a hot girl and what that truly means. At the end of the day, who’s gonna wanna f*ck you if you don’t wanna f*ck yourself? Follow the podcast on Instagram @TooTiredToBeCrazy and don't forget to subscribe! See you next Thursday BADDIES!
Feb 18, 2021
Bad B*tch Bootcamp - Bad Habits
Roses are red, Violets are blue...the rest doesn’t matter because I’m spending Valentine’s Day with YOU! Welcome to Bad B*tch Bootcamp! This week we’re diving into how we view and shape our world around us. We’re focusing on removing bad habits from unhealthy beliefs about ourselves and others. We are no longer subscribing to the need of tricking and controlling people into loving us. Even if we think we’re being selfless, it’s actually selfish. Get your bff the gift that keeps on coming here: See you next Thursday Baddies!!
Feb 14, 2021
Don’t Become Famous, It Sucks w/ Amanda Hirsch
Would you name your child Cricket? Busy Philipps did! This week Violet is joined by Amanda Hirsch, host of the Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast! Together the two Internet personalities discuss EVERYTHING pop culture from the latest Bachelor Nation drama, Halsey’s pregnancy (congrats!), Armie Hammer’s most recent controversy and why Violet believe he's the way he is, the reality of life of a celeb, pizza gate, and so much more. Violet puts both Amanda AND you guys to the test with her rapid fire Celebrity Baby Name Game. Tune in and see how well you do. Who needs E! News when you have Violet and Amanda together? Support my podcast by checking out my sponsors!! :) Honey: Get Honey for FREE at Bright Cellars: Get 50% off your first 6 bottles at Manscaped: Get 20% off free shipping with promo code VIOLET
Feb 11, 2021
Only Fans w/ Lena The Plug
She's just this ferocious slut that masturbates all the time or so you think.... She's actually so much more. Lena The Plug joins me as we discuss how she got into porn, being both a youtuber and a pornstar, f*cking her boyfriend on camera, origination of the name Lena The Plug, crazy fan stories, her childhood and growing up in a strict Armenian household. We the move into how she lost her virginity, the first time she watched porn, loving her body, the porn industry, her sexuality, what she looks for in a girl, and the difference between Only Fans, Patreon, Live cam sites, and Premium Snapchat, and which one she’s on. We end the podcast with sex, sex, sex and more sex from loving anal, toys, size really does matter, what makes her cum, eating a girl out, eating ass, threesomes, queefing, common myths about pornstars, having a roast beef p*ssy and even getting gonorrhea. Love Wellness: Find Do It All Wipes at and get 20% off your order with promo code violet Manscaped: Get 20% off plus free shipping with the code VIOLET at Follow Lena Nersesian at @LenaThePlug on Instagram and youtube.
Feb 06, 2021
Everyone's Annoying w/Nick Viall
On this episode sexy bachelor, Nick Viall joins me and gives us stellar dating advice from a man's perspective that we're all dying to know but are to afraid to ask!! from how to tell if he even likes you or is just using you, getting what you want in the relationship, finding the one, love bombing, getting over a breakup, and so much more! We also discuss The Bachelor Matt James, me sliding into Bachelor contestants dm's and getting rejected, to his turn on and offs in bed and other sex stuff :D Nick literally changed my whole perspective on dating after this episode!! Follow Nick on IG @NickViall and check out his podcast Viall Files every Monday! Don't forget to subscribe and follow @tootiredtobecrazy on IG! see you next Thursday baddies!!
Jan 28, 2021
Living The American Dream w/Kristina Schulman
On today's episode I first discuss the power of manifesting and how I manifested my current life. I then have Kristina Schulman on, as she opens up about her childhood as an orphan in Russia and being adopted by an American family that took her in and moved her to the US. You will laugh, you will cry, this will be one inspiring episode. Follow Kristina on Instagram at @kristinaschulman and the podcast @tootiredtobecrazy See you next Thursday BADDIES!!!
Jan 24, 2021
Bad B*tch Bootcamp
CONGRATULATION BADDIES!!! YOU'VE OFFICIALLY GRADUATED FROM DUMB BISH TO BAD BISH!!!! I'M PROUD OF YOU. I start this episode with the first 20 minutes discussing, my booty hole, anal bleaching, I reminisce on how I started Daddyissues, how I was able to turn the lowest point in my life to one of the best, and how I worked through my daddy issues and changed my whole family's dynamic. The other half of the episode is all about BOYZZZZ. I give you the 12 rules to follow after the first date so you don’t self sabotage yourself, how to be a game changer versus a place holder, and what to do when a man takes a step back. Lastly, I close the episode with checking in with your mental health. Be good Baddies and I'll see you next Thursday!
Jan 15, 2021
Surviving A (Friendship) Breakup
On this episode we discuss friendship breakup, why we struggle with them, and how to cope with losing a friend. We start with a Q&A on feeling lost, letting go, and a weird habit of mine that no one knows about. We then dive into how to spot a ride or die BFF, why friendship breakups are so painful, tips on moving on, and a recent experience of mine. New episode every Thursday. Pls rate & subscribe and don’t forget to follow me on IG at @violetbenson & @tootiredtobecrazy
Jan 11, 2021
Dumb B*tch Bootcamp - Recap
Say hello to your last dumb b*tch bootcamp because after today, you have graduated to BAD B*TCH BOOTCAMP!!! hello 2021! Now let's get you some confidence and a man! :) 0:00 - 27:00 - I address some thoughts from CHD to anal bleaching and then answer some listeners questions. 27:05 - 51:30 - Congratulations you've now officially graduated into Bad B*tch Bootcamp. Don't forget to write me a five star review, send me a screenshot, and I will venmo you $5! Happy new year! see you next Thursday Baddies!
Jan 04, 2021
I Am Transgender with Corey Rae
On this episode we start with getting to know Corey Rae and her journey as the world’s first transgender prom queen, the movie she’s working on, the one thing you should NEVER ask a transgender person, and horror dating stories before and after transition, Corey then goes into a detailed explanation of her transition from her childhood to her transition physically and emotionally, (including hormone blockers, hormone replacement therapy, body dysphoria, sex therapy, gender dysphoria, surgery, voice and facial feminization, tracheal shave, and more). We end the podcast with all questions you ever wanted to know, from sex, to orgasms, to when she finally felt like herself, being stealth, pronouns, finding herself, and learning how to love yourself inside and out. For more information:
Dec 27, 2020
Sex, Daddy Issues & Fetishes w/Sofia Franklyn

On this episode, Sofia Frankly, host of Sofia With An F podcast joins me as one of the most requested guests! We cover reverse cow girl, and a "how to" guide to cum when on top and in the "cat" position.

We get into the do's and dont's of dating apps, our daddy issues, thoughts on f*cking on the first date, fetishes, and the gluck gluck 9000.

We end the episode with tips on eating the p$ssy, Jay Alvarez, bleaching our butth0le, biggest boner killer, and friendship breakups!

Make sure to catch me on Sofia's podcast "Sofia With An F"! Don't forget to subscribe, rate, and review!! 

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Dec 17, 2020
Are you dating a F*ckboy? - bonus edition w/ Alex Papiccio

Today we're going back to the episode that started it all! But first I give you a pep talk about that F8ckboy in YOUR life and remind you to be the BO$$ ass betch you were meant to be! 

Then I have Alex Papiccio joins me to talk about my insane dating life... and even crazier mind. We discuss our own f*ckboy experience, answer your questions, and give advice on how to end a toxic cycle and love yourself!

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Dec 03, 2020
Call Her DRAMA w/ Francesca Farago

On today's episode, Netflix's Too Hot To Handle, Francesca Farago joins me as we spill the TEA addressing the lies told by Call Her Daddy's host Alexandra Cooper, living together, hooking up, sex stories - including me maybe... masturbating in Frankie's bed, Miami, team Sofia Franklyn, and last but not least, we answer ALL of your dating questions!!!

Trust me, this is one episode you don't want to miss!!

Don't forget to subscribe, and check out my solo series, Dumb B*tch Bootcamp, if you're looking for some empowering tips from dating to confidence, I got you. See you next Thursday Baddies!!

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Nov 26, 2020
Dumb B*tch Bootcamp 3
Welcome to the Dumb B*tch Bootcamp series!!! On today's episode # 3 we cover why it's important to be selfish from dating to work, becoming more confident and staying that way, forgiving yourself for your past and the old you, and letting go of "the right guy wrong time" mind set. Don't forget to subscribe and write a review and I will see you next Thursday b*tches!
Nov 22, 2020
Sugar Daddies & Low Standards w/ Alex Papiccio

Comedian / Influencer / YouTuber ALEX PAPICCIO shares how to get ALL the sugar without the daddy - dating older vs younger men - ignoring red flags - dumb things guys do on first dates - why liquid courage doesn't always help - and the craziest things we've ever done to impress a guy!

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Nov 12, 2020
How To Cum Every Time w/ Emily Morse

Sex therapist / author / friend of the podcast EMILY MORSE returns to answer all of Violet's hard hitting questions LIKE: Do some guys cause UTIs? How do you awaken your vulva? Is not giving oral a deal breaker? Can anyone become a deep-throater? How do you reduce your gag reflex? Should you taste yourself before sex? AND How many orgasms can you have in one sitting???

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Nov 05, 2020
Dating & Crying in LA w/ Brennen & Jake Taylor

Are you a verbal slut? Do you ever cry on a hike? Does having a huge following get you laid? Do you ever send nudes to your best friends? What are all the rules of dating in Los Angeles?? YouTuber Brennen Taylor and his co-host / brother Jake Taylor talk about their new scary stories podcast SUS: SHARE UR SCARE... and what it's like to be an influencer dating in LA during a pandemic!

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Oct 29, 2020
Dumb B*tch Bootcamp 2
We start the episode with a roomate edition where Francesca Farago and I spill the tea on all the questions you guys asked!!! like whether we've ever hooked up, how we became roomates, if we're dating, and more!!!! this is one episode where we did kiss and tell he he. I then continue the episode with another DUMB B*TCH BOOTCAMP and its a good one!! by the time you finish this episode you will walk out a brand new b*tch, I guarantee it!
Oct 23, 2020
fake Butts, Cheap Lipo & Anti Semitism w/ Dr. Nazarian
Joining me today is award-winning plastic surgeon and star of Skin Decision on Netflix. Dr. Sheila Nazarian! We discuss it all from who’s getting work done and lying to you about it, one procedure you shouldn’t get done, self esteem all the way to escaping Iran and anti semitism in the US. TIME CODES: 0 - 39:28 - She's here to tell us all about plastic surgery including procedures she recommends, what people are getting the most done right now, she confirms celebs are lying about being natural and calls them out, the current unrealistic beauty standards, what a vagina is supposed to look like, getting lipo done, types of butt surgeries, the most current most trending procedure that you should STAY AWAY FROM, the importance of loving yourself before going under the knife, and why you should NEVER get cheap plastic surgery! 39:28 - 1:14:00 - We then have an in depth conversation about our shared faith and religion. Sheila tells the story of her family being smuggled into Pakistan from Iran and later moving to the US to escape anti-Semitism. How she met the man who saved her family’s life, the holocaust, the reason I legally changed my jewish last name, how anti-Semitism is still very much an issue all over the world even within the US, including personal stories.
Oct 16, 2020
Sex Stories, Older Men, & STD's w/ Hannah Berner
My guest this week is a standup comedian, cast member on Summer House on Bravo AND host of her podcast Berning in Hell, Hannah Berner! We kickoff the episode by talking about d*ck. Curved d*ck to be exact. She shares her experience with different d*ck sizes and why bigger isn't ALWAYS better! We discuss what marriage d*ck means, my wide set vageen, the one lie every man has told you that you fell for, and tips on dating an athlete. We then get into scorpios and Leos, why older men are the move, signs you’re about to get ghosted by the nice f*ckboy, how to have that X factor that will get all the boys coming back. We end the podcast with normalizing STD’s and Hannah shares a bunch of embarrassing drunken sex stories with the class like the time she farted on a man while he was eating her out… and that’s not all! Tune in and don’t forget to leave a review when you’re done. <3 Follow Hannah on IG at @BeingBernz and check out her Berning In Hell podcast.
Oct 08, 2020
Vlog Squad, Molly & Dating w/Natalie Noel
You might know my guest from David Dobrik's crazy vlogs, She is part of the vlog squad, also known as David's assistant and has made a name for herself on social media, Natalie Noel! Timestamps: 0:00 - 23:00 - We talk about how watching your parents go through a divorce as a child can carry over into our adulthood and cause us to blame ourselves for failed relationships. Natalie talks about why the boys in the Vlog Squad are drawn to her, dealing with haters, body image and advice on OWNING IT. 23:00 - 42:15 - We then get into her party girl days, doing Molly and shrooms, throuples, craziest thing a guy did for her, why shell never chase a man, getting out of the friend zone, and thoughts on dating during quarantine. 42:15-1:04:00 - We end the podcast with thought on David Dobrik and being his assistant, how to become a vlog squad member, who the funniest member is vs who the most annoying one is, her relationship with Todd Smith, the real reason David stopped vlogging and what to expect from them next! Follow Natalie Noel on Instagram @NatalinaNoel and follow our podcast @Tootiredtobecrazy Don't forget to subscribe and I'll see you next Thursday! <3
Oct 01, 2020
From Ghosted To Begging U Back
I start the podcast in tears but quickly remember that I can be a sad bitch n still being a bad bitch. I CAN DO BOTH and then give you some killer advice. From why I'm single, the proper sext that will leave him jizzing his pants, how to tell if he's into you, and what to do if he's not. I then get into EXACTLY, step by step, of what you need to do to win a breakup and get him to beg you back. I end the podcast with why you've been ghosted and how to get over it. Thank you so much for listening! Don't forget to subscribe, and follow me on IG at @TooTiredToBeCrazy See you next Thursday!
Sep 25, 2020
DAP Need Love Too w/Keltie Knight
Keltie Knight of the LadyGang comes on to give us a guidebook, if you will, to train your man to be the man YOU need. She gives us her cunning advice on the power of asking, why you should always have an escape plan, putting yourself first, and why having no friends is the best. We also get into DAP.. I said DAP!! using lube, keeping it spicy in the bedroom, what it takes to have a successful relationship, and the reason you're not able to keep a man. We then end the episode with answering fan dating questions from porn, to cheating, to confronting the other girl. Check out LadyGang podcast on every Wednesday and give them a follow! Follow @TooTiredToBeCrazy on Instagram and I'll see you next Thursday <3
Sep 17, 2020
Love, Sex, Boys & Feelings w/ Kiana Ledé
“I know that you're superwoman but even superwoman is only one person. You need people sometimes… and that’s okay." On this episode, the talented Kiana Ledé joins me to discuss our zodiac signs, growing up mixed, her music and what inspires her, losing our virginity, sex, second chances, the harm in dating potential. We also address, what we look for in a man, masturbating, feelings, boys, payback on a cheating ex, and our first time opening up on our experience with sexual assault. We then get into love, how your thoughts become reality, learning to love yourself and changing your perspective on dating, boundaries, and how to get what you want. We end the podcast with a discussion about mental health, Kiana's battle with bipolar disorder, her recent depressive suicidal episode, and how she got better. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800-273-8255 Check out Kiana's album Kiki and follow her on Instagram at @Kianalede Don't forget to subscribe and @TooTiredToBeCrazy on Instagram and I'll see you next Thursday!! <3
Sep 10, 2020
Give Love Without Fear w/Jojo
Today's guest is the beautiful and talented singer, JoJo!! We start the episode with the weirdest thing sbout us, my hookup with a girl this weekend, and her 3some experience, She relays an important message about the ugly side of the music industry that involves 'grooming' young girls and the importance of knowing the boundaries of consent. She then addresses why she cheated on her ex, the damage of cheating, why we cheat, and forgiving yourself. We end the podcast with, why the hell we sometimes feel the need to bring up our EXES in CURRENT relationships, why we self sabotage, and the benefits of wellness, therapy and self-care. Check out Jojo's newest album "Good To Know" and follow her on Instagram @iamjojo Don't forget to subscribe and leave me a review with your dating questions!! and I'll see you next Thursday! Resources: SAMHSA’s National Helpline – 1-800-662-HELP (4357) 1-800-662-4357
Sep 03, 2020
Dumb B*tch Bootcamp
Today I present to you the dumb b*itch bootcamp part 1!!! I used to be the ceo of dumb bish club, but I've changed and now Im here to teach you how to go from dumb bish to boss bish. On today's solo episode, I cover, a fan's sex story, tb to me getting fingered and ending up in the hospital, girls with nipple piercings are superior, and being a dumb bish no more. We also cover, why you're dating the same men, changing your perspective, becoming the leading role in your movie, start acting like a prize, why he's not choosing you, and getting your power back. I end with a powerful message and hope that by the end of this, you're one step closer to a boss bish. Don't forget to subscribe to my podcast. :) New Episode every Thursday! follow us on IG at @TooTiredToBeCrazy and write your dating questions/sex stories on the podcast app reviews for a chance to be featured!!!
Aug 27, 2020
THAT b*tch w/ Christine Quinn

This week I have Christine Quinn, the star of Netflix’s hottest show, Selling Sunset and you better listen up because she spills all the show’s tea, dick sizes, tricks for bagging a millionaire plus being cheated on??

We also get into the wedding drama you've been DYING to hear about, Christine’s issues with Chrishell, being blocked on socials, the real reason why her dad didn’t walk her down the aisle and why she doesn't like to watch her wedding on the show!

I loved chatting with Christine, she may be everyone’s favorite Selling Sunset villain but in the real world she’s a total boss bish!

Be sure to subscribe, rate and review for new episodes every Thursday my loves!!

Follow @TheChristineQuinn and @TooTiredToBeCrazy on Instagram.

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Aug 20, 2020
Daddy Issues & Exes w/Daniel Preda
Daniel Preda joins me this week where he opens up for the first time about growing up with a physically abusive alcoholic bipolar father which will leave you in tears.... We then dive into his breakup with joey graceffa, From What made him fell in love with Joey to what broke them apart, to whether he thinks they'll get back together in the future. We end the podcast by giving the worst dating advice to also the best dating advice when you first start dating someone Thank you for listening and don't forget to subscribe! Follow @Misterpreda and @Tootiredtobecrazy on Instagram! HOTLINES: National Helpline - 1-800-487-4889 National Domestic Violence Hotline - 1-800-799-7233 National Alliance On Mental Illness - 1-800-950-6264 Substance Abuse And Mental Health Services - 1-800-662-4357
Aug 13, 2020
BOY BYE With Francesca Farago
Netflix star Francesca Farago from, Too Hot To Handle, joins me this week on an emotional episode to set the record straight and speak her truth about her ex, Harry Jowsey. Francesca tells her side of the breakup, from falling for him to why they really broke up, and the truth of everything in between. She addresses his lies and cheating allegations, still loving him, why it's made her so jaded, life after the breakup, and who she's currently dating. Thanks for listening and don't forget to subscribe!! I'll see you cuties next Thursday!! Follow @FrancescaFarago and @TooTiredToBeCrazy on Instagram
Aug 06, 2020
Reasons We Date Toxic Ppl W/Demi Burnett
Demi Burnett from The Bachelor Franchise joins me on this episode as we talk about everything from toxic relationships to childhood trauma to our love for masturbating! you're not gonna wanna miss this one! Timestamps: 0:00 - 25:00 - We discuss Demi’s breakup, our relationship fears, toxic relationships - our addiction to high n lows, why we stay, what draws us, our dating pattern, how to let go, and steps to loving yourself again. 25:00 - 47:43 - Demi opens up about her complicated relationship with her mother from physical abuse, neglect, her mother being incarcerated, and forgiving an absent parent for not being there. 47:43 - 1:11:31 - We end the podcast like two drunk girls in the club bathroom n gush how much we love each other, our love for masturbating, tips on cumming during sex, Demi’s love for getting eaten out, and advice on how to love your vageen. Follow @Tootiredtobecrazy on Instagram and don't forget to subscribe! See you next Thursday! <3
Jul 30, 2020
Yung, Dumb & Full Of Red Flags
Violet and Gabriel ARE BACK spilling the tea and shedding some tears!! Timestamps: 3:00 - 15:29 - Violet update on Taurus guy, quarantine depression, V attraction to insecure men, and why she's done with love. 15:30 - 33:16 - Gabriel's booty call gone wrong, don't just shove it in, and should you block him if he doesn't make you cum? (V & G disagree) 33:17 - 45:28 - V finally gets f*cked right but she's done with men so she dropped his ass, A trick to not cum too fast, and condoms - we don't know her.... 45:29 -1:02:30 -G's getting a cat, how having a pet teaches you to love, V's allergy journey to her cat, saving lizards, and G shares a heartfelt story of when he lost his dog. 1:02:31 - end - V's childhood pets are all dead bc of them, and what to look forward to in next week's episode :) Follow @TooTiredToBeCrazy on Instagram and send us your questions and funny stories for a shoutout in the next episode! and don't forget to leave a 5 star review and we'll see you NEXT THURSDAY!!
May 29, 2020
Quarantine tears, & Fourplay W/Gabriel Zamora
How is your 2020 going? wtf is happening lol!?!?!Gabriel and I discuss how were handling quarantine life, how to stay positive, Covid-19 dating, my breakup with my taurus, feeling unlovable, and steps to healing your heart and moving on.We then move into why men having 69 makes more sense and why I hate it. my insecurities about getting eaten out, the secret move that makes me cum in 2 seconds, proper sexting, and Gabriel's first ANAL experience YAY!We end the podcast with, BDSM, our pets watching us masturbate, fans first date horror stories and pooping.Don't forget to subscribe and leave a nice 5 star review and we will see you again next Thursday!!
Mar 26, 2020
Women On Top W/Tammin Sursok
Are women too hard on men during sex??? what do you do if you're the more sexual partner in the relationship? is there life after a baby? From masturbating to your fav porn, to your sex life, to your career. I have the ladies from Women On Top answer it all and more.On this episode I have Tammin Sursok and Roxy Manning help break down the stigma of mothers and sexuality and just being a women in general and juggling it all! We share their thoughts on big d*cks, why we love them average, Tammin's love for anal, masturbating, sex positions, cummin inside and sex after marriage.We also dive into more serious topics like being a mother, having a miscarriage, juggling a baby and a career and so much more!!!Check out my episode with them on their podcast Women On Top every Wednesday!Don't forget to subscribe and leave a review and I will see you next Thursday! <3
Mar 15, 2020
PhD In D*ck & A Giveaway With Gabriel Zamora
We start the episode with the 3 guy rule, how to not get attached to ur fuck buddy, treat ur man like a king, changing ur perspective on sucking D, the worst part about dating, hemorrhoids & anal, and are handjobs still in? We then dive into should you change your Instagram etiquette from what you post, to who you liking n following, once you start dating someone? We end the podcast with Miami D-Rama, our love for uncircumcised peen, And my MOST CRINGE embarrassing dating story ever... basically I ruined Tinder for him.Don't forget to subscribe and listen to the podcast every Thursday and leave us a 5 star review on what else you wanna hear us talk about!!!Follow Gabriel on IG at @GabrielZamora and me at @VioletBenson & @TooTiredToBeCrazy
Mar 05, 2020
How To Attract An Earth Sign
Interested in stealing the heart of an earth sign?? I got you girl!Today we discuss everything you need to know to get a Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn to fall in love with you.For each signs I discuss, Women traits, signs they're most compatible with and not compatible with, male traits, what he's looking for in a woman, how to tell if he likes you, and signs he's not interested.0:00-22:26 - Taurus22:26 -36:00 - Virgo36:00-48:00 - Capricorn Don't forget to leave me a 5 star review and let me know what you want me to discuss next on my solo episodes!!! See you next Thursday! <3
Mar 01, 2020
Revealing Hollywood Secrets With Just Jared
On this episode I have Jared Eng who is one of the smartest people I've ever met discuss his key to success and how he started Just Jared and turned his dream into a reality with passion and hard work. Jared runs one of the largest multi million dollar entertainment sites currently estimated at over 25M. He prides on the fact that he's never put out negative news or targeted celebrities unlike other news sources, which is one of the reasons he's able to stand out.We also discuss wellness, how to fix eczema, touring work Rihanna, craziest story he ever covered, Prince Harry naked scandal, meghan markle, the secrets of hollywood including how celebs including Kim Kardashian call the paparazzi to get their pics taken, celebrities preaching body positivity, advice to anyone trying to succeed, and his new passion in styling including his recent work styling Jaime King.*this episode was recorded in December 2019*
Feb 20, 2020
Nudes and Butt Stuff With Gabriel Zamora
We start the podcast with the new boy I'm taking to, why older guys are the move, how to suck the D after he cums, and guys with small d*cks and how to love them.We then move on to, how to take the perfect nude, perfecting anal and will he respect you less if you give up anal too fast?We end the podcast with how to feel comfortable in your own skin, sex with the lights on, and thoughts on celebrities starting their own makeup line.Follow us on Youtube and Instagram at @TooTiredToBeCrazy, @VioletBenson, and @GabrielZamoraDon't forget to subscribe and give this podcast 5 stars!!! New episode every Thursday!
Feb 13, 2020
Keeping it 100 With Gabriel Zamora
We discuss how he became such a big makeup sensation, we share stories growing up as immigrants, makeup tips, coming out, having a complicated relationship with his father, faking feeling beautiful till you feel beautiful, and how Rihanna inspired him.We then move into the beauty community drama from James Charles to Jeffery star and why the beauty community can be so toxic. We also discuss how to work on yourself, a message to the haters and what the future holds.Follow Gabriel on all his social media platforms @GabrielZamoraFollow the podcast on IG @TooTiredToBeCrazy! don't forget to leave a 5 star review, and I'll see you next Thursday!
Feb 06, 2020
Are You Still A Dumb Bish?
I bring Alex back on the show from Season 1, episode 1 to see if she's learned her lesson on playing with f*ckboys, unfortunately she did not. shocker! We discuss drunk sex vs sober sex, why we fall for people who don't love us, getting out of the friend zone, and some of our worst date stories.... it involves throw up and pissing yourself so enjoy!Follow Alex on Instagram at @AlexpapiccioFollow my podcast on Instagram @TooTiredToBeCrazy and add me on youtube!New episode every Thursday!!
Jan 30, 2020
Taking Control of Your Destiny With Adelaide Kane
I sit with this Aussie bombshell and we discuss everything from partying to how she started to what inspires her to when drinking becomes a problem and why she stopped to all the way to her regrets with her last relationship.Adelaide opens up for the first time about why her last relationship ended, her regrets, and her current love life as we cry and laugh through this episode.
Jan 23, 2020
F*ck More, Cry Less 2020
FINALLY THE DATING ADVICE YOU ALL BEEN ASKING FOR!!Join me on this hilarious episode where I don't hold anything back and give you the best dating advice.I cover everything from how to ask your man to properly f*ck you, healing from cheating, being ghosted, why you're choosing the wrong partner, first date etiquette, and long distance relationships.I also discuss what to do when your man likes other girl's ig pics, if waiting to have sex matters, anal surprise, getting on birth control for your man, pullout method, what it means when someone says you're too good for them, how to not make your partner your life, my biggest fear and so much more!!!New episode every Thursday!!! thanks for tuning in and don't forget to leave me a 5 star review! love you. <3
Jan 16, 2020
Booked & Busy With Rickey Thompson
we start 2020 big with my favorite human RICKY THOMPSON!!We discuss everything from his career, getting dick, boys that made us feel less than beautiful that were leaving in 2019, our zodiac signs, and finding love.Ricky also gets into how at one point he felt like he lost it all and was giving up and how 2019 completely changed his life and put him back on the map, how he started, what motivates him, his biggest insecurity, and manifesting what we want.We end the episode with coming out stories, being black and gay, getting bullied, advice, bottoms vs tops, needing to be liked, battling depression, and more!!!Follow Ricky Thompson on instagram: to our youtube channel at:'t forget to leave a review and I'll see you next Thursday!!! <3
Jan 13, 2020
How to Attract a Fire Sign
On this episode, I decided to continue my solo series where I break down Zodiac signs to help with your love life. This week I am breaking down fire signs. Listen and download this episode before you start chasing after that next man, so you know what you are getting into. LMK in the review what the next solo podcast should be about!!?!?
Dec 19, 2019
Sharing Their Strange Addictions w/ Devon & Sydney Carlson
On this episode, Violet is joined by Devon & Sydney Carlson to discuss relationships, conquering depression, and strange addictions. Be sure to download now to hear how these two sisters went from having sibling rivalry to being BFFs, and of course, naked boyfriends!
Dec 12, 2019
How To Attract A Water Sign
On this episode, I decided to start a new solo series where I break down Zodiac signs to help with your love life. For the first one, I wanted to break down water signs: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. Listen and download this episode before you start chasing after that next man, so you know what you are getting into. Timelines:1:00-22:21 - Worst to easiest signs to date, signs that shouldn't date but work really well together, and signs that should NEVER date.22:21 - water signs discussion23:11 - PISCES - Most dreamy and selfless sign 27:23 - Everything about Pisces men 34:12 - how to attract a pisces man & his best matches 35:41 - how to make a pisces fall in love with you 36:49 - signs a pisces guy is into you41:23 - CANCER - Most emotional and moodiest sign  44:09 - everything about cancer men 49:00 - how to attract a cancer man & his best matches 52:08 - signs he likes you 53:28 - his worst traits 59:38 - how to tell if hes not into you1:00:16 - SCORPIO - Most obsessive and loyal sign 1:06:00 - Negative traits, commitment and sex for scorpio and for other signs 1:12:00 - more about scorpio traits 1:15:27 - how to tell if he's into you 1:17:16 - how scorpios are after a breakup1:24:27 - explanation about your chart and other zodiac signsLMK in the review what the next solo podcast should be about!!?!? FIRE SIGNS OR HOW YOUR ZODIAC SIGN F*CKS. 
Dec 01, 2019
Surprise! I'm Pregnant! With Iskra
Pull out method was weak because Iskra got pregnant while on birth control!!! Listen to her wild story, her modeling career from the ups and down of being a curvy model in this industry, her eating disorder and body dysmorphia, everything pregnancy from the good to the ugly, being in a bi racial relationship from the negative comments to the future of her child.1-33 minutes - Pregnancy discussion33 - 1:18:00 - Modeling, eating disorder, body dysmorphia1:18:00 - social media, mental health, bi-racial relationship, hate comments and moreFollow Iskra on all social media platforms at @Iskra
Nov 21, 2019
Are You Emotionally Unavailable? W/ Empathy Therapist Figs
Your toxic relationsh*t may actually have a chance IF you listen to this episode. On this episode we discuss, Types of empathy and having empathy for yourself, becoming the one you've been waiting for, coping mechanisms, what your partner is really feeling but not saying when you fight, and the type of lover that you are, We dive into turning your toxic relationship back into love, the type of love you're attractive, being emotionally unavailable and reaching true intimacy, self sabotaging and why it feels safer to be alone, which attachment style you are based on your childhood trauma, We end with the attachment style you are based on your childhood trauma, why its so hard letting go of a relationship where the other person has moved on and so much more!!! For more information on licensed therapist Fiachra "Figs" O'Sullivan, his free quiz, courses, or therapy, VISIT EMPATHI.COM
Nov 14, 2019
Being A Mother Changed Me With Milla Jovovich
"It was like giving birth and having an abortion at the same time" Mila says during the interview. We first start the episode with speaking Russian, her current obsession, DIY home tips, the reality and struggles of being pregnant, and her marriage including breaking up for almost two years.We dive into growing up with an abusive alcoholic father, being an immigrant, the moment she had to grow up, keeping the romance alive by having sex in the closet and laundry room, how being a mother changed her, having an emergency abortion while 4 1/2 months pregnant, the worst depression of her life, and how she survived it.We end the podcast on a lighter note with playing a baby shower game, what weapons she hides next to her bed, her current film Paradise Hills that's out in theaters now, and Monster Hunter that comes out in 2020. Follow Milla at MillaJovovich on Instagram and watch out for her new movie, Monster Hunter in theaters next year.
Nov 07, 2019
Why You're Not Cumming With Emily Morse
Emily Morse is back!!! And we start with, celebrating that I finally had sex!!!, why you're not cumming, why lube is everything, passing gas during sex, what's considered normal fluid in the bedroom, and how I realized I had a yeast infection in the middle of sex.We dig into period sex, hot tub sex, a method for great shower sex, tips for good sex for a smaller pipi, and the #1 ORAL method that gets your girl to cum every time.We end with masturbating, what it's like to date a boss ass bish, open relationships, how to be a good kisser, and nibbling on the ears n neck. Thank you,Violet BensonInstagram: @Daddyissues_ & @VioletbensonTwitter: @Daddyissues__Snapchat: DaddyissuesLAYouTube: VioletBensonFacebook: VioletBensonOfficialSite:
Oct 31, 2019
I Forgot That You Existed
On This Q&A episode I give you tricks to getting over someone, why tango is important for your relationship, how you're being dumped and you don't even realize, and why you shouldn't fall in love with potential. I then give a whole new meaning to the saying, "getting over someone by getting under someone" and it's not what you think!! I discuss, new tricks to stalking on Instagram's since they got rid of the following tab, being friends with an ex is shady af, and why you need to stop bringing old scars to new relationships.I end this episode with, ways to be grateful, the craziest thing I've ever done - hint: witch craft, surviving hitting rockbottom, why I love masturbating and you should too! why were so drawn to toxic people and how to stop talking to your favorite toxic person, feeling broken, when it's time to give up on a relationship, letting go of a toxic friend, and lastly STOP TRYING TO SAVE PEOPLE YA DUMMY AND LOVE YOURSELF <3Don't forget to check out my youtube channel!!
Oct 24, 2019
Why We Waited To Have Sex With Wells Adams
I cant believe I'm invited to the wedding!!! 0:00 - 27:05 min - Bachelor Nation - We start with discussing his dad's love for vageens, being the Bachelorette, the process of getting on, and we gossip about this season of Bachelor In Paradise.27:06-40:00 min - Dating - We move to, feeling not good enough, being cheated on, toxic relationships, feeling worthy of love, why your type changes over the years, Mr. Right vs Mr. Right now, why men are intimidated by successful woman and how to outgrow that.40:00 - 1:04:16 min - Sarah and Wells - We discuss love at first sight, how they got together, How wells made money in the beginning to keep up with Sarah, their first date, why he made the decision to be there for Sarah during her health problems in the beginning of their relationship, how Sarah changed love for him, the difference of love and being in love, being twin flames, what they love about each other, NY Sarah, and the first time they had sex. 1:04:17 - End - Wedding - We end the podcast with how he planned the proposal, proposing, how Derek and TSA almost ruined his perfect proposal, writing the vows, advice on love and keeping the sparks alive, their secret guilty pleasure that keeps their spark alive (hint: outdoor porking), and more wedding talk.Follow Wells Adams at @WellsAdams on all of his socials and check out his podcast, "Your Fav Thing With Wells and Brandi"
Oct 17, 2019
The Hardest Part About Dating With Amy and Jack
We start the episode with coming out stories before diving right into everything you need to know about being a Scorpio or a cancer and dating one. from the good, to the loving to the toxic.We then get into if it's necessary to always date a few people at the same time, how to not get affected with being ghosted, our love for toxic people, and the hardest part about dating.We continue with why we push people away, love at first sight, why you shouldn't change yourself for someone, myths about gays and lesbians, vageens insecurities, and open relationships in the gay community.We end the podcast with sex sex sex!!! spitting, orgies, toys, my ex asking me to send him his own d*ck pic, letting someone watch, Amy's type, and Jack's butthole but not before I talk about why love is so beautiful and cry about it.... as usual.Check out Amy Ordman's and Jack Doge's podcast @DatingStraight on every Tuesday!!! and follow them on their social media platforms @JackDodge & @AmyOrdmanFollow my podcast @TooTiredToBeCrazy on Instagram and check out my youtube channel: don't forget to like and subscribe!!!
Oct 11, 2019
I Was Born With A Birth Defect
I finally open up about being born with a birth defect, how I fixed it and years of hating myself.This episode goes more in depth to teach us that no matter how much you'll fix what you don't like about yourself on the outside, if you don't love who you are on the inside, you will never find true happiness.Time Stamps:4:46 - Birth defect explained23:18 - Becoming Daddy Issues and life after fixing my birth defect33:49 - Learning that beauty is on the inside41:39 - F*ck the current beauty standards48:23 - Small daily tricks to learn how to love yourselfRate and subscribe now! New episode every Thursday!!! Follow me on IG at @violetbenson & @tootiredtobecrazy! and check out my youtube page:
Oct 07, 2019
Daddy Issues With Kristen Mcatee
Kristen and I discuss what it's like coming from a humble upbringing and how it shaped us to be the women we are today.We also discuss Kristen's childhood, having divorced parents and not having her biological father in her life, moving to LA, becoming a YouTuber, her relationship with youtuber Scotty Sire, being part of the vlog squad, and being a chef. Follow Kristen at @KristenMcatee on Instagram and youtube.Follow my podcast @TooTiredToBeCrazy on Instagram and check out my youtube chanel: don't forget to like and subscribe!!!
Sep 20, 2019
I Don't Wanna Be Sad Anymore
In honor of September's #SuicidePreventionMonth today's episode covers depression because doesn't it sometimes just feel like everyone's depressed??? It's because everyone probably is. On today's episode I share one of the darkest times of my life. As I choke up and cry, I share my painful story of shame, battling with clinical depression 3 years ago and how I almost didn't think I'd survive it. I also discuss the difference between being sad, feeling depressed, and having actual clinical depression. Please know that you are not alone, that you are loved, I'm so proud of you for getting out of bed today, and that the pain you are feeling won't last forever. You will smile again one day, I promise.If you or anyone you know is battling with depression or having suicidal thoughts, please speak up. Please reach out. Self Harm Hotline: 1-800-366-8288Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration (SAMHSA) Helpline: 1-800-662-4357National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255Trevor Project Lifeline: 1-866-488-7386National Hopeline Network: 1-800-442-4673LGBT National Hotline: 1-888-843-4564The Friendship Line: 1-800-971-0016Los Angeles County Suicide Prevention Center - 1-877-727-4747
Sep 05, 2019
What’s Your Love Language? with Nazanin Mandi
On this episode with Nazanin, we discuss growing up mixed, being a child of divorce and how it affects your outlook on love, zodiac signs, her tattoos, and her most traumatic memory at 8 that she never told anyone before. We then dive into her definition of happiness and how its changed over the years, how she learned to love herself, what she does to stay so positive, her ongoing battle with body image, abusing diet pills, and how she got back into a healthy mindset. We end the podcast discussing her famous relationship with singer/songwriter Miguel, how they met, how they made it to 14 years, what keeps the spark alive, how breaking up made them stronger, surviving long-distance, the importance of couple's therapy, reasons why she never gets jealous, love non-negotiable, what constitutes a healthy relationship, their love language, cheating, interracial dating, kids, and we even answer some questions from the listeners. Follow Nazanin at @NazaninMandi on Instagram & check out her podcast, The Ladies Like UsFollow my podcast @TooTiredToBeCrazy on Instagram and check out my youtube channel: don't forget to like and subscribe!!!
Aug 29, 2019
I Can't Be Gay! With shannon beveridge
On this episode I have Shannon come on and discuss everything LGBT from coming out, accepting herself, dating boys, when she realized she was gay, dealing with hate, We also confront myths and misconceptions about lesbians, we discuss sex from scissoring to anal to toys, battling depression, and being an ally for the LGBT communityFollow Shannon at @NowThisIsLiving on Instagram, Youtube and TwitterFollow me at @violetbenson & @Tootiredtobecrazy and don't forget to subscribe!! Watch this episode on my youtube channel at more about your ad choices. Visit more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 22, 2019
Why You’ve Been Ghosted
I start the episode with setting the record straight about my hangout with Tyler C from The Bachelorette, I then give advice on winning a job interview, why people who hurt you pretend like you're the bad person, and why it's easier to put up a front with people, We then get into GHOSTING!! I ask 50,000 people their definition of ghosting, if they ever ghosted, been ghosted, and why they've ghosted. I give advice on what to do when you've been ghosted, what it feels like, why you didn't see it coming, why it hurts so much, steps to move on, and the type of person that ghosting affects the most.I end the podcast with some research, a discussion about the effects of loneliness, getting rejected, ruminating, having low self esteem, and the importance of building emotional resilience for a better quality of life.Rate and subscribe now! New episode every Thursday!!! And don't forget to follow me on IG at @violetbenson & @tootiredtobecrazy! Thank you for listening! 
Aug 16, 2019
Get In Bed With Hasan Piker
On this episode I have woke 6'4 bae, Hasan Piker open up on how he lost 80 pounds, found courage to talk to girls, overcame his insecurities, found love, and dated a porn star.We then discuss Leo traits, what men want, whether guys care about a girl's labia, sex, eating ass, open relationships, f*ck buddies, and toys, We end the podcast with fear of rejection, being vulnerable, coming off overbearing, and the struggle to find love with you don't love yourself. Follow Hasan at @HasanDPiker on Instagram & HasanAbi on TwitchFollow me at @violetbenson & @Tootiredtobecrazy and don't forget to subscribe!! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 09, 2019
Meet Maluma’s Girlfriend With Natalia Barulich
Natalia breaks her silence and discusses what it's like dating one of the hottest, biggest, and most wanted Latin artists in the world aka MALUMA! On this episode, we start with the bizarre way we met, seeing each other naked, how Natalia met Maluma, the pressure of being in the public eye, from the sex, private jets, and vacations to the tabloids, hate, and the moments she was ready to walk away. Natalia then discusses setting boundaries in order to maintain a successful relationship, doing long distance, thoughts on marriage, the importance of communication and having your own career and life, and how she keeps the romance alive with her man.We end the podcast with Natalia sharing some crazy stories, she then confronts cheating rumors, spills the tea on dealing with thirsty ho*s, and gives some amazing dating advice on knowing your worth and finding your person. Follow Natalia at @Natalie & @NatalieAndEsther on Instagram and @NataliaAndEsther on YoutubeFollow me at @violetbenson & @Tootiredtobecrazy and don't forget to subscribe!! Also check out this episode on my youtube channel at more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 01, 2019
Surviving a public breakup with Lauren Riihimaki
On this episode with Lauren Riihmaki aka LaurDIY aka everyone's DIY-obsessed bestie, we cover how she survived a public breakup and was able to heal and find love after a heartbreak.The most logical girl I've ever met teaches me how to move on with grace and allows me to get down and dirty with personal question about her old relationship from parting ways, to regrets, to what she learned, to accepting it was over, to being a youtube couple and how she'd never do it again, and much more.We also touch on the importance of non-negotiables when it comes to dating, your friends meeting your new man is a requirement, what she looks for in a new partner, dealing with conflict, and how she found her perfect man.We end the episode with advice to her younger self, a day in the life of a youtuber, dealing with failure, and always staying positive. Follow Lauren at @LaurDIY on Instagram, Youtube, Twitter and Tiktok Follow me at @violetbenson & @Tootiredtobecrazy and don't forget to subscribe!! Watch this episode on my youtube channel at more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 25, 2019
Can A Cheater Change?
HOW YOU GET HIM IS HOW YOU LOSE HIM SIS PERIODTHHHHI start this episode with some ass play, tips for a successful anal, my daddy issues and even share a poem I wrote my dad.I get into what love means to me, signs he's cheating on you sis, what's considered cheating, reasons he's cheating, what it feels like to get cheated on, why it's so hard to move on, and reasons why we stay.I end the episode with reasons why he's so mean to you after he's the one that cheated, why cheaters keep in touch, the damaging emotional effect it has on future relationships, tips to fixing a broken heart and moving on.And don't forget kween, if he cheats on you, then he doesn't deserve you. You are more than enough!!Rate and subscribe now! New episode every Thursday!!!Follow me on IG at @violetbenson & @tootiredtobecrazy!
Jul 19, 2019
Life's Too Short for Bad Sex with Emily Morse
Renowned sex therapist Emily Morse, teaches you how to cum over and over again so have a seat because you're gonna wanna listen to this.On this episode we discuss how to, get a guy to go down on you, have multiple orgasms, find your G spot, swallow, spice up your sex life and the #1 ORAL METHOD THAT WILL MAKE YOUR GIRL CUM EVERY TIME.We continue with how size doesn't matter, the importance of lube, loving your sexy body in the bedroom, communicating your desires, best toys to use in bed, and the best positions to help you cum.We end the episode with, deep throating, bad sex experiences, squirting, unrealistic porn standards, tips to not cum too fast, why I love uncircumcised penises, eating ass, anal, and our unhealthy pattern to the men we attract. For more sex tips follow Emily at @Sexwithemily on Instagram and her podcast on weekdays.Follow me at @violetbenson & @Tootiredtobecrazy and don't forget to subscribe!! Watch this episode on my youtube channel at more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 11, 2019
I’m 30 But My Vagina’s 17 with Lauren Elizabeth
On this episode with Lauren Elizabeth, we discuss, the benefits of therapy, battling with anxiety/depression and how we cope with it, being a cancer, losing a loved one, and our pierced nipples.We also dive into, me looking for someone to put a baby in me, getting out of a tiny d*ck appointment, keeping your ex a secret, and getting your crush to follow you back on IG.We then end the podcast with relationship advice from fighting with your partner to better understanding each other, different languages of love, healthy space vs. too much space,  flirting while in a relationship: Do's/Dont's, proper trick to "grab and go" at the club, and thoughts on your man having female friends, Follow Lauren at @LaurenElizabeth on Instagram and Youtube and check out her clothing line XLE Label at Follow me at @violetbenson & @Tootiredtobecrazy and don't forget to subscribe!! Watch this episode on my youtube channel at more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 04, 2019
Signs of a Toxic Friendship
I start the episode with a Q&A on why I hate vegans, saving turtles, eating ass, trick to stop queefing, why I don't wear fake eyelashes, and how to win an argument with your man.I then get into - signs you're in a toxic friendship, why we stay, steps to end a toxic friendship, signs YOU are the toxic friend, two types of toxic people, and steps to changing if you are toxic. Don't forget to rate and subscribe and follow me on IG at @violetbenson & @tootiredtobecrazy! New Episode every Thursday!! and catch the longer video version on youtube!! Thank you for listening!!! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 27, 2019
Is Your Vagina Normal? with Dr. Nazarian
Today's episode is all about BIG P*SSY LIPS ENERGY!! Including my own since I share 22 pics of my taco with Dr. Nazarian to get her professional opinion on my beef curtains. On this episode, Sheila Nazarian joins me, an award-winning plastic surgeon and one of the top vaginal/ labiaplasty surgeons in Los Angeles, to discuss EVERYTHING VAGINA. We cover every myth and all of your questions; you'd be surprised by some of the answers.We get down and dirty on what is considered a "normal vagina", "outtie" vs "innie", why one labia side hangs lower than the other, bad odor down there, how shaving can cause discoloring, vageen changes after pregnancy/hormonal changes, tucking in your labia, porn star vag, getting wet, discharge, how a larger labia's provides higher sexual sensation and so much more!!!Dr. Nazarian also shares some plastic surgery horror stories, different non-invasive/invasive procedures you should consider, and SPOILER ALERT she says I have a barbie vagina so TIME TO WIFE ME UP BOYS!!!!Follow Dr. Sheila Nazarian at @DrSheilaNazarian on Instagram and check out her site https://nazarianplasticsurgery.comFollow me at @VioletBenson & @Tootiredtobecrazy and don't forget to subscribe!!! New episode every Thursday!! Pls rate and review!!!Full video is uploaded to youtube every Friday on more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 20, 2019
Bad Timing Or Wrong Person?
It's not bad timing, It's just the wrong person - What you're not seeing.On this episode, I discuss what your friends are not telling you, signs you're being played, how "bad timing" is just a myth, and how to make a long distance relationship work.I also reveal something EMBARRASSING that I do when I like someone that I've never told anyone before, losing my virginity, my trick to getting over someone, and making the first move.I end the episode with signs you're currently in a toxic relationship/friendship, signs that you may be the toxic friend - (this may surprise you), and steps on healing, changing and growing as a person.Don't forget to rate and subscribe and follow me on IG at @violetbenson & @tootiredtobecrazy! New Episode every Thursday!! and catch the longer video version on youtube!! Thank you for listening!!! <3Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 13, 2019
Your BF Has A Baby D*ck with Sophia Miacova
On this episode with Sophia 'Miacova' Esperanza, we discuss, being vegan & an environmentalist, vaginas, reasons why we stay in a controlling toxic relationship and how to get out, toxic friends and when it's time to let go, and even our own friendship breakup - awkward...We also dive into the different types of vaginas there are and which one we each have, your BF's baby d*ck, being a crazy ex, having a positive outlook on your breakup, how social media is making us insecure and how to accept our bodies. We then end the podcast with tips on how to love yourself, even on a bad day. Follow Sophia at @SophiaEsperanza on Instagram and YoutubeFollow me at @violetbenson & @Tootiredtobecrazy and don't forget to subscribe!! New episode every Thursday!*This episode has been edited.* To view the FULL episode, head to: new video every Friday!Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 06, 2019
We Never Had Sex with Logan Paul
On this episode with Logan Paul, we discuss that time I tried to bang him, Logan's type, Japan, depression, James Charles, cancel culture, and my embarrassing drunk texts. We then get into a more serious discussion like the first time Logan touched a wiener, our most embarrassing sex stories, and what everyone's been dying to know...  who's d*ck is bigger - LOGAN or JAKE?!?! Which team are YOU on!?! Length or girth?We end the podcast with final thoughts on sending nudes, f*cking on the first date, going through your partner's phone and what it means when he watches your IG story but doesn't call (spoiler alert: It don't mean sh*t).Follow Logan at @loganpaul and check out his podcast, Impulsive!Follow me at @violetbenson & @Tootiredtobecrazy and don't forget to subscribe!! New episode every Thursday!Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 23, 2019
How to Get Over Someone You Never Actually Dated
On this episode I give you 9 steps to get over that fuckboy that's ruining your life and answer some of your questions like, 5 things you don't know about me, being rejected, and how being 'Daddyissues' has actually affected my love life in a negative way. GURL, If we're not best friends by the end of this episode and you don't feel empowered and deserving of love then bishhh DM ME because, you amazing, you are loved, and you are going to be OKAY. I'm here to remind you of that.Below are 9 steps to get over someone, no matter how many times his pipi was inside your vageen:1. Cut communication2. Cry, like a lot3. Get a hobby4. Don't react to anything5. Get your ass out of the house6. Find yourself a rebound7. Forgive your ex8. Trust that time heals9. Forgive yourself and LOVE YOURSELFIf you need dating advice or have questions, please dm me at @violetbenson for a chance to be featured on my podcast. Don't forget to rate and subscribe!!! New episode every Thursday! Thank you for listening and see you next week! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 16, 2019
Single and Rejected: Horror Stories with Alisha Marie and Remi Cruz
On this episode, Remi Ashten and Alisha Marie join me to discuss being single, feeling rejected, getting cheated on, how to win a breakup even if you never actually dated, the importance of friendships, and how to stop looking for love in all the wrong places! We end this episode on a hilarious note where I share fan's first date horror stories like maybe don't leave a Ziplock bag with your poop in someone kitchen??? Enjoy because it's gonna be a sh*t show! Pun intended. Follow Alisha at @Alisha, follow Remi Ashten at @missremiashten and check out their podcast @prettybasicLastly, follow me at @violetbenson and don't forget to rate and subscribe to this podcast!! New episode every Thursday. ?Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 02, 2019
Are you dating a F*ckboy?
Welcome to the first episode of Too Tired To Be Crazy - a hilarious podcast brought to you by me, Violet Benson (creator of @daddyissues_ )!!Today we're talking about my insane dating life and even crazier mind. So grab a bottle of wine and some tissues because you're about to get on an emotional rollercoaster called "He's wasting your time 2019". On this episode, we discuss our own f*ckboy experience, answer your questions, and give advice on how to end a toxic cycle and love yourself.Don't forget to subscribe and tell a friend!!Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 18, 2019