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Okenna oparah
 May 13, 2019
always admired j. Scott's success and an early fan of his blog. looking forward to getting a front row seat to his business knowledge!

 May 10, 2019
interesting podcast with dynamic hosts, excited to see where it goes!


Welcome to a real-world MBA, where entrepreneurs guide you through what it really takes to start, scale, and sell your own business.

Your hosts: J and Carol Scott, who left careers in corporate management to launch their own house-flipping business. Every Tuesday, you'll meet a new guest and learn actionable tips for hiring, firing, marketing, raising capital and more.

So whether you're looking to boost profits or bring a new idea to life, you'll come away informed and inspired. Tune in, and learn how to treat your business like a business!

Episode Date
63: Full-Time Firefighting While Building a Million-Dollar Business With Lance Korhorn

Do you feel like you don’t have the knowledge and experience to start your own business? Perhaps you're looking for a way to leverage your full-time job to find the right business opportunity? Or maybe you’re looking for ideas on how to create a grassroots marketing and branding effort without a lot of out-of-pocket costs?

If so, this is the episode for you…

Lance Korhorn—full-time firefighter and entrepreneur—walks us through how he was able to start Ladder 34, a business focused on recycling old fire hoses that were destined for the dump. Not only was he able to save tons of waste from the landfill, but he has recycled that “trash” into financial and philanthropic treasure.

In this episode, Lance talks about how every fire hose is a story and how he has been able to build a business around preserving those stories—turning old hoses into belts, wallets, mats, and other items that delight customers and carry on the legacy of the lifesaving equipment. And not only is this a business supporting Lance and his family, but it's also supporting firehouses and firefighters around the country who are putting their lives on the line every day.

Lance tells us how he came up with the idea for the business, how he struggled to create his first prototypes, and how he’s had to learn how to start, build, and grow a business every step of the way through trial and error.

Make sure you listen to the end, where Lance reveals the power of storytelling, and how it’s helped grow Ladder $34 million-dollar business.

Check him out, and subscribe to the BiggerPockets Business Podcast so you won’t miss our next show!

In This Episode We Cover:

  • How he built a store with a simple step-by-step process
  • How he threw out products just to see how they're received
  • How he built his team and started outsourcing advertising
  • How he gets 80-90% profit on many products
  • How to work with family members
  • How they financed their business
  • How he segments his time
  • And SO much more!

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Jul 07, 2020
62: Building a Massively Profitable Business Around Your Passions With Alex French

Are you looking to build a business around something you love and are passionate about? Do you want to ensure that the business you’re working on has massive profit potential? Are you concerned that you don’t know how to do both of these things simultaneously?

Today’s guest tells us how he was able to blend his passion with massive profits... and how we can, as well!

Alex French—co-founder of Bizzy Coffee, the most popular cold-brew coffee brand sold through Amazon and retailers—knows firsthand how important it is to do something you love while also ensuring that there is market demand for your business. On this episode, he teaches us how we can identify which of our passions can be scaled into a profitable enterprise and how to validate our ideas quickly and inexpensively using Google.

Alex also tells us how we can use influencers to get feedback on our business ideas and how they can spread the word to potential customers, too. Finally, he walks us through the basics of selling on Amazon, including how to use the platform to dominate in your product category.

Make sure you listen for Alex’s powerful tip—one that cost his investors over $1M to learn—on what to do when you find your business veering off-course.

Check him out, and subscribe to the BiggerPockets Business Podcast so you won’t miss our next show!

In This Episode We Cover:

  • How he used Google Trends to find a great product idea
  • How he does market research
  • What led to choosing cold brew coffee
  • How he tests his ideas very inexpensively and very quickly
  • How he got big influencers to promote his brand new product
  • Develop their product step by step
  • How a rejection led him to selling on Amazon
  • Learn about where they are now and what's next for their company
  • And SO much more!

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Jun 30, 2020
61: Launching a Hands-Off 'Cash Cow' Business With Less Than $100K, Step by Step With Ashley Kehr

Have you ever thought about creating a brick-and-mortar retail operation from scratch? Ever wonder what hoops you have to jump through to get a liquor license and launch a business selling alcohol? Ever wonder how to do consumer research before opening a local store?

Ashley Kehr—real estate investor, entrepreneur, and co-host of BiggerPockets' Real Estate Rookie Podcast—is in the process of building and launching a local liquor store, and she shares with us her step-by-step plan. In this episode, Ashley tells us how she found and hired an expert consultant, how she applied for and got a state liquor license, and how she was able to purchase the real estate and design it for her business.

And she did it with a whole lot less cash than you might expect!

Ashley provides a ton of great tips for any budding entrepreneurs looking to take that next step toward creating their own business. She talks about the value of networking, asking the right people the right questions, and the biggest roadblock that many of us need to overcome to get started. And make sure you listen for Ashley’s amazing tips on how to advertise your local business, as well.

Check her out, and subscribe to the BiggerPockets Business Podcast so you won’t miss our next show!

In This Episode We Cover:

  • Using an industry expert to navigate licensing
  • Leveraging your network to market through word of mouth
  • Buying the real estate your business will use
  • How Ashley's setting up her network of alcohol distributors
  • How to succeed in a new industry by "asking the right people the right questions"
  • Setting up a business that will run on autopilot!
  • And SO much more!

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Jun 23, 2020
60: Turning Your Passion Into a Scalable Business With Tammeca Rochester

On today's show, learn how to identify a personal passion and/or need, combine it with your professional skillset, and launch a business that energizes you and your community.

Tammeca Rochester sits down with J and Carol to reveal the story behind Harlem's first and only indoor cycling studio, Harlem Cycle.

From the genesis of her idea, to hiring contractors and renting space, to her pricing strategy focused on "packages and commitments," Tammeca shares a ton of great tips for anyone looking to bootstrap any type of business today.

Download this one, and be sure to subscribe to the BiggerPockets Business Podcast so you won't miss us next week!

In This Episode We Cover:

  • Tammeca's concise "elevator pitch" for her business
  • Launching a side business as a parent with a full-time job
  • Writing down her business plan right at the start
  • Negotiating a commercial lease
  • Working with designers to shape the look and feel of her studio
  • Putting the consumer's desires front and center from the beginning
  • Getting rejected for a business loan
  • Why free giveaways don't convert into paying customers
  • Connecting entrepreneurship with family ("It's OK to bring your kids to work!")
  • And SO much more!

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Jun 16, 2020
59: A Sweet Deal: Buying a Chocolate Company With No Money Out of Pocket With Ryan Novak

Have you ever thought about taking over an existing business? Would you like to purchase a business with no money out of your pocket? Have you ever considered what it would take to expand a local business nationally?

All these questions—and more—are answered on this week’s podcast.

Ryan Novak, owner of, graduated college and then went back to buy the small, local chocolate shop that he had worked in since he was 14 years old. He negotiated a no-money-down deal that left him as the sole owner of the shop—and an opportunity to grow the brand nationally.

Using the power of the internet, Ryan has grown to a seven-figure company, shipping chocolate treats and gifts all around the United States. And at the same time, he has grown that local shop into a successful business in and of itself.

On this episode, Ryan talks about how he acquired Chocolate Pizza, how he used what he learned in business school to grow and expand with over a dozen employees, and how he is now using the circumstances of the coronavirus pandemic to extend his brand even further. He tells us how he’s evolved his product offering to surprise and delight his customers and get people talking about the company to expand his reach.

In addition, Ryan tells us how he’s giving back to his community. And specifically how he is using a local mentorship program he’s created to build a win/win for his business—hiring local high-school students to train them in business, while at the same time getting the benefit of low-cost employees, who are excited to learn and work.

Check him out, and subscribe to the BiggerPockets Business Podcast so you won’t miss our next show!

In This Episode We Cover:

  • The unique real estate strategy of lending and pitching to developers
  • How the recession helped him become an entrepreneur
  • How he developed a plan for a hotel restoration
  • How he focused on building a franchise prototype
  • How he coined the company's core values
  • How he communicates the core values during the hiring process
  • How he created a syndication that is more than just about real estate
  • And SO much more!

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Jun 09, 2020
58: Elevating Your Business & Investments in 3 Words With Josh McCallen

What differentiates good businesses from great businesses? What is that thing that keeps your customers coming back time after time? How do you ensure that your product or service really stands out from your competitors?

More times than not, it’s providing an amazing customer experience.

In fact, today’s guest has built his eight-figure business on this principle alone. And he tells us how we can do the same in our business.

Josh McCallen—entrepreneur, investor, and business owner—has built his reputation as a luxury resort developer. Over the past decade, he and his investment team have bought, renovated, and turned around several high-end resorts. His key to success is always the same: implementing a customer experience that is second to none.

On this episode, Josh tells us how he got started in both business and real estate, as well as when he first recognized the value—and necessity—of defining a world-class experience brand for his resorts. He also shares the three core values that rule over the experience he creates, how he implements those values in his business, and how you can do the same in yours.

And make sure you listen through the "Four More" segment at the end to learn about the biggest mistake Josh made (and many people make) when buying a business and how it led him to failure in his first business purchase.

Check him out, and subscribe to the BiggerPockets Business Podcast so you won’t miss our next show!

In This Episode We Cover:

  • His unique real estate strategy of lending and pitching to developers
  • How the recession helped him become an entrepreneur
  • How he developed a plan for a hotel restoration
  • How he focused on building a franchise prototype
  • How he coined the company's core values
  • How he communicates their core values during the hiring process
  • How he created a syndication that is more than just about real estate
  • And SO much more!

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Jun 02, 2020
57: Negotiating with Joe Exotic and Buying "Tiger King" Merchandising Rights with Tim Shiner

We've all heard the adage about the importance of multiple streams of income. Today's guest takes that idea to a whole new level...

From patents to books to real estate to businesses to licensing royalties, Tim Shiner is truly an investing and business Renaissance Man. And his most recent project is his biggest yet!

On this episode, Tim tells us about how—as a "professional opportunist"—he has created dozens of income streams, how he manages his time to juggle all these projects, and most importantly, how you can start identifying opportunities in your life to do the same.

Then we delve into Tim's latest project: He has purchased the exclusive rights to license dozens of products related to the "Tiger King" and Joe Exotic brands, sensationalized by the Netflix mini-series over the past several months.

Tim tells us about how he hooked up with Joe Exotic's lawyers to negotiate the deal and how he's working with some of the biggest marketing companies in the world to monetize it.

Make sure you listen to Tim's story about how he acquired the largest bus in the world, wrapped it in a controversial design, and drove it from Texas to Washington, D.C., to promote the brand!

Are you looking for some inspiration for tackling big projects that might be a little bit out of your comfort zone? If so, this episode is for you!

Check it out, and subscribe to the BiggerPockets Business Podcast so you won’t miss our next show!

In This Episode We Cover:

  • How Tim came to own the marketing rights to the hit Neflix show "Tiger King" and its star Joe Exotic
  • Building dozens of revenue streams
  • Becoming a "professional opportunist"
  • Why Tim believes money equals freedom
  • His unique real estate investing strategy
  • The tax advantages of having a side business
  • Inventing a beer koozie and making royalties
  • The struggles—and benefits—of working with partners
  • And SO much more!

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May 26, 2020
56: From Poverty to Millions Through Laundromats with Dave Menz

If you've found this show, you probably have that entrepreneurial itch... and you've probably wrestled with just how to turn that impulse into action.

Well, that transition is exactly what today's show is about... so don't miss it.

Our guest Dave Menz shares his journey from poverty, to a corporate career, to taking the plunge into business and turning a struggling laundromat into a cash-flowing asset producing generational wealth (then scaling up).

And Dave pulled this off with no formal business training!

As he says in the episode, "If you want to see me accomplish something, tell me I can't do it."

Tell us what you think in a rating or review on Apple Podcasts (it takes just 30 seconds), and subscribe to the BiggerPockets Business Podcast in your favorite podcast app so you won't miss the next one.

In This Episode We Cover:

  • Overcoming "programming" from parents and school and choosing a different path
  • Why Dave left his corporate career to start a business
  • Why "the process" is more important than "the product"
  • How he decided on laundromats
  • How he negotiated the purchase of his first laundromat
  • Writing a business plan and getting an SBA loan
  • Starting a business while working full-time
  • How he improved laundromat operations to become profitable
  • Scaling up and acquiring additional laundromats
  • Creating synergy among his businesses
  • Relentlessly focusing on serving his community
  • And SO much more!

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May 19, 2020
55: Moving Your Competition Out of the Way While Spending Nothing on Marketing with Ryan Welch

Are you looking for ways to increase your profitability while spending less on marketing and customer acquisition? Are you running a business where differentiating yourself from the competition is downright difficult? Do you feel like the only way to build your brand and business is to spend ridiculous sums of money on marketing and advertising?

If so, this episode is for you!

Ryan Welch—of Breezy Moving—is not a professional marketer or advertising guru. But he has used his expertise in creating relationships and focusing on his customers' needs (and their customers' needs) to generate more business than he can handle in the ultra-competitive moving industry. And he's done it all without spending a penny on marketing or advertising!

Ryan shares his business secrets—including a deep dive into the financials and tips to become more competitive without spending a fortune on marketing. He tells us how he researches competitors and prices his services for maximum profit.

He goes on to explain that no matter what your business is, expanding and fostering relationships is going to be one of the best ways to lower your customer acquisition costs, expand your customer reach, and grow your margins and bottom line.

And make sure you listen to Ryan’s thoughts on how to hire and manage employees in an industry where there is a lot of turnover, as well as where first impressions matter most.

Check him out, and subscribe to the BiggerPockets Business Podcast so you won’t miss our next show!

In This Episode We Cover:

  • How Breezy Moving was born
  • How they've managed to get Realtor referrals
  • How Ryan markets by building relationships
  • Why logistics and delivery services are not going away
  • How they price their services
  • Calling competitors as market research
  • How their margins are better because they don’t spend a lot on marketing
  • His thoughts on expanding
  • How he keeps good employees
  • Moving horror stories
  • And SO much more!

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May 12, 2020
54: $4M in Revenue in 6 Months Through Software & Licensing with Brennan Tolman & Nik Krohn

Have you figured out a good business model that is consistently making money but don’t know how to expand? Itching to take your local business national? Ready to put your business on auto-pilot, generating recurring income while others do the work? If so, this episode is for you!

Brennan Tolman and Nik Krohn—founders of Tolman Media—were in that same boat just a couple years ago. They had grown their local wedding photography business in Salt Lake City and were ready to expand. But they quickly decided that owning locations around the country or franchising the business wasn’t for them—too much work, too much red tape.

So, they figured out an even better plan, creating an online marketplace and licensing the business to dozens of other entrepreneurs.

On this episode, Brennan and Nik walk us through the process they used to scale their business and then license it all around the country—and around the world. The two were able to generate over $4M in revenue in just six months by letting others do the bulk of the work—while they simply collected the royalties.

Whether you’ve already explored the idea of licensing your product or business, or you’re looking for a new tool to add to your business toolbag, Brennan and Nik walk you step by step through the process of taking your business to the next level. And making LOTS of money in the process!

Make sure you stick around to the end, where Brennan and Nik tell us the single most important metric to the success of your business.

Check them out, and subscribe to the BiggerPockets Business Podcast so you won’t miss our next show!

In This Episode We Cover:

  • How Brennan and Nik met and started their business
  • How they solved a problem for photographers
  • How they solved scheduling, improved earning, and added scores in their booking app
  • How they made changes in their system
  • The hard decision they had to make
  • How they managed to expand internationally
  • How they brought in entrepreneurs and went the licensing route
  • Franchising versus licensing
  • How they've set partner expectations
  • How business comes down to one metric: cost per acquisition
  • And SO much more!

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May 05, 2020
53: Fixing All Your Business Problems, One at a Time with Mike Michalowicz

Are you overwhelmed with all the things you’re falling behind on in your business? Not sure what to do next? Have you been taught to believe that as business owners, we need to tackle all of our business issues at once?

Well, it doesn’t have to be that way!

Michael Michalowicz—author six books, including the newly released Fix This Next—knows firsthand what it’s like to struggle with too much to do and not enough time to do it. And on this episode, he teaches how we can evaluate and prioritize the issues in our business—and also how to FIX THEM!

Mike starts with an overview of why identifying the biggest obstacles in your business is important and why so many entrepreneurs make the mistake of trying to solve too many issues at once. From there, he reveals the business hierarchy of needs—the five parts of our business that we must in order to truly put our business on autopilot and create a legacy that can be handed down. Then, he tells us how to identify the biggest obstacle in our business, and the methodology of how we can solve that problem before moving on to the next.

The formula is simple, even if it’s not obvious. But Mike breaks it down step by step so that even the most frantic among us will be able to use it to get our business under control and relieve our daily headaches. He helps us realize that the biggest challenge that most of us face as entrepreneurs is figuring out what our biggest challenge is—and then helps us do that!

And make sure you listen for Mike’s explanation of “the double helix” while helping business owner Carol solve the biggest business challenge she’s facing today.

Check him out, and subscribe to the BiggerPockets Business Podcast so you won’t miss our next show!

In This Episode We Cover:

  • The biggest challenge entrepreneurs have
  • Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs for business
  • What Survival Trap is
  • OMEN (Objective, Measurement, Evaluation Frequency and Nurture)
  • Why sale is not complete until delivery of the service.
  • Actual Case Studies
  • Two stages of Business: Get Stage and Give Stage
  • How to make employees act like owners
  • And SO much more!

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Apr 28, 2020
52: Murder Scenes, Meth Labs, and 27 Franchises with Laura Spaulding

Not happy in your current career? Looking to do something entrepreneurial but don’t know where to start? Well, maybe this is the inspiration you need to build something HUGE!

Laura Spaulding is a former police officer who was ready to forge her own future. Using the experience, knowledge, and insight she got working undercover, she decided to start her own business focused on cleaning up crime scenes, meth houses, and a host of other environmental hazards that many of us don’t have the stomach for.

Laura walks us through how she decided on her business path, how she financed it, and how she came to realize that the real opportunity was in expanding it through franchising. But it hasn’t all been rainbows and teddy bears—franchising created a whole host of challenges that Laura had to tackle in order to continue to grow and expand her business.

And grow her business she's done! Entrepreneur Magazine recently ranked Laura's company as one of the top 10 new franchises, and Spaulding Decon has been at the forefront of the coronavirus cleanup across the U.S. over the past six weeks.

If you’ve ever thought about creating your own franchise system from the ground up, this is the episode for you. Laura tells us how it’s done, how NOT to do it, how much to expect to pay, and all the good and bad that come with expanding your business nationwide.

If you have a strong stomach, make sure you listen to the end, when Laura tells us some of her favorite crime scene cleanup stories...

Check her out, and subscribe to the BiggerPockets Business Podcast so you won’t miss our next show!

In This Episode We Cover:

  • How she went from being a beat cop to cleaning crime scenes
  • How she funded and started her business
  • How she drives house to house to get leads
  • How her first hires were stay-at-home moms
  • How she got into franchising
  • The lesson she learned from hiring a consultant
  • Entrepreneur vs. franpreneur
  • Why brand culture matters
  • The common misconception in franchising
  • The biggest reason franchisees fail
  • And SO much more!

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Apr 21, 2020
51: Business Opportunity Is Knocking… Answer the Door! With Nigel Guisinger

This show is a wake-up call for young and hungry entrepreneurs.

The main message: there is a massive wealth transfer underway in this country. An entire generation of business owners is reaching retirement age, and most don't have a clear succession plan in place.

So... who takes over these successful businesses?

Why not YOU?

That's the topic of today's show with Nigel Guisinger, an Oregon-based real estate investor who's also owned an appliance store, a glass company, and a laundromat among other ventures.

In this episode, you'll learn how to identify business owners who are part of this big shift (think "Millionaire Next Door" types). You'll learn how to approach them and open a conversation about succession plans. AND you'll hear Nigel's tips for buying businesses using seller financing—an effective strategy he's personally used to great effect.

You'll love how passionate Nigel is when it comes to the opportunities available to hungry investors—and the real-world stories he tells to bring these concepts to life. So listen to this episode, then identify a local business you could see yourself taking over someday soon.

Don't forget to subscribe to the BiggerPockets Business Podcast so you won't miss the next episode... and we'll see you next Tuesday!

In This Episode We Cover:

  • How to buy a business
  • Nigel's "the weak zebra" business strategy
  • The 3 things you can negotiate
  • Why he thinks there is so much opportunity right now
  • The first thing to check when buying a business
  • What it means to have a succession plan in your business
  • What he means by not leaving behind a single business
  • How to make sellers become partners
  • And SO much more!

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Apr 14, 2020
50: The Disaster Loans That Could Save Your Business -- and Why You Should Apply Now with Angela Venti and Mike Regina

Today: Everything you need to know to get YOUR slice of $349B in emergency small business loans.

You'll learn which SBA disaster loans are available now, what the terms are, and -- most importantly -- how to apply ASAP.

Yes, there's a lot of money out there for businesses hurt by coronavirus. But the rollout of these programs has been messy and chaotic. Banks aren't used to lending so much money, so fast... with such little due diligence.

So it's crucial to know what you're doing when you apply.

Our guest Angela Venti is Director of Practice Growth at the accounting firm Alloy Silverstein. Toward the end of the episode we also speak to one of Angela's clients, Mike Regina, the co-owner of a construction management firm that has applied for these loans.

NOTE: This show was recorded on Friday, April 3. We're doing our best to make sure it's up-to-date but guidelines are changing in real-time. As always, work with a professional who can give you professional advice for your situation.

Let us know if enjoyed this episode of the BiggerPockets Business Podcast, and be sure to check out the rest of the podcasts on the BiggerPockets network. Just search "BiggerPockets" on your favorite podcast app.

Apr 07, 2020
49: Coronavirus: Rising to the Challenge for Social Good with Stephanie Howard

During this unprecedented, uncertain time, here's a CHALLENGE for us all to collaborate for social good TOGETHER. 

What are others doing during this difficult time to help their communities? What can YOU be doing to make a difference today?

On this episode, Stephanie Howard—owner of How and Why—joins us today from her industrial design studio. As an international award-winning designer of wearables for companies such as Nike, New Balance, and Reebok, Stephanie started her own firm nearly a decade ago. She previously led the innovation team at Seventh Generation, a company lauded for its focus on sustainability. Her work taps into connecting a large network to design mission-based products—and the current global health crisis is no exception.

Stephanie tells us how a family health scare thrust her into the world of caring for a loved one at home. These days, in the midst of COVID-19, her work has been reprioritized to lead a design challenge that each and every one of us can participate in to help others in the unfortunate event that we are faced with a similar circumstance.

Huge corporations such as 3M, Nike, Tesla, and many more are making headlines for retooling and repurposing their operations to provide PPEs (personal protective equipment) to hospitals—but each of us individually, as family members, as community leaders, has the power to make an impact. As entrepreneurs and small business owners, we are innovative, resourceful problem solvers. Learn how YOU can put your expertise to use during this time of uncertainty.

In This Episode We Cover:

  • The triad of product design
  • How she helps companies with their innovation planning
  • How macro trends differ from seasonal or fashion trends
  • How design has the power to move people
  • How to keep long-term relationships with clients
  • How she started a DIY face shield design movement
  • How anyone can help
  • And SO much more!

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Mar 31, 2020
48: Shuttered, But Still Writing Checks to 100+ Employees: the View from the #1 College Bar with Bret Oliverio

On today's episode -- a "bad business decision" that simply had to be made... and a microcosm of what's happening to small businesses across the country right now.

Bret Oliverio—owner of Sup Dogs, voted the #1 college bar in the country in a Barstool Sports poll, had a bittersweet start in the restaurant business, committed to carrying on his brother’s legacy.

With absolutely no experience in the space, he and his wife worked tirelessly to build a thriving business employing 120 people, encompassing two locations, and generating millions in annual revenue.

Leading into the busiest season of the year, Sup Dogs was thriving. And it continued to thrive leading right up into St. Patrick’s Day weekend.

Then the coronavirus health crisis hit... and although it was a tough decision from a business standpoint, Bret was proactive in closing his two locations, using his influence in the community to encourage college students to stay put -- all while providing paychecks for his large team.

It hasn’t been easy, but he’s doing everything he can to maintain relationships, continue building his brand, and encourage others that with each passing day, we’re one day closer to this crisis ending.

Make sure you listen to the end, when Bret shares hope and optimism around the opportunities that these difficult times will inevitably bring.

In this very raw, real episode, he shares what we as family members, as business owners, as community leaders, need to be doing right now as we make our way day to day and look toward the future.

Mar 24, 2020
47: Coronavirus: Business Strategies to Adapt, Dangers to Heed, and Opportunities to Watch for With Andrew Sherman

COVID-19 has presented challenges for all of us—not the least of whom are those who own a business or are in the process of starting, growing, or scaling a business.

In order to provide as much support and insight to our listeners as possible, we recorded this episode yesterday with Andrew Sherman, a prominent Washington, D.C. attorney, business school professor, and author of 26 books on every aspect of business.

Andrew shares his thoughts on where the economy goes next (will this economic event be "V-shaped" or "U-shaped"?), what business owners can do TODAY to best navigate the crises, and the crucial importance of risk management and emergency preparedness.

Don't own a business quite yet? There's still value here: Andrew outlines questions to think through if you plan to start a new venture this year AND shares what he believes to be the opportunities that are likely to arise over the next several months and years.

We hope you enjoy this episode of the BiggerPockets Business Podcast. If you do, we encourage you to share it with a friend or family member. Stay safe, and we'll see you next week.

In This Episode We Cover:

  • Where the economy might head next
  • Potential government interventions
  • How Andrew's clients are grappling with cash flow problems
  • Creative solutions in times of low customer demand
  • Where to turn for financing during an economic downturn
  • Which companies and industries have the most cash to deploy today
  • Creating an emergency fund to prepare for "black swan" events
  • Why this event is likely to create many entrepreneurs
  • And SO much more!

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Mar 17, 2020
46: From Flea Filled Trailer to Flipper to Master Franchiser with Logan Hand

Do you feel like you’re too young to take on huge business challenges? Are you trying to figure out the best way to break into entrepreneurship but want the support of a big team behind you? Have you considered franchising but are looking for something a little bit bigger—that also won’t break the bank?

After this episode, you will find that you have a whole new perspective on what’s possible with scaling up a built-for-you system.

Logan Hand—master franchise developer for the new restaurant concept Mahana Fresh—learned at a young age that not only was it possible to break into franchising in a big way, but it could be done without a ton of cash in his bank account. 

In this episode, he teaches us how he went from real estate wholesaler and house flipper to running a four-county, 30-franchise development for an up-and-coming restaurant brand. And he explains the ins and outs of this little-known franchising concept called master franchising or area franchise development.

Logan recounts his days of hustling to generate sales commissions and wholesaling fees. He came to realize, at the young age of 27, that building a business that could generate passive income—and eventually be sold—was the better path. He talks about how he decided to go the franchise route, buying a franchise that he could own and operate himself. Then, he realized that he could do the exact same thing—but on a much bigger scale. 

If you’ve heard of franchising and want to learn more, or if you’ve considered franchising but want to learn how to do it bigger and better, this is the episode for you. Logan tells us how we should be evaluating franchises, how we can get money to buy one (or 30), and who that one person is who can provide you the support you need to make the right decision when it comes to buying into a franchise.

Make sure you listen to the end, when Logan provides some amazing tips for all the young entrepreneurs out there looking to get—and stay—motivated!

Check him out, and subscribe to the BiggerPockets Business Podcast so you won’t miss our next show!

In This Episode We Cover:

  • How he got into franchising
  • The parallels between real estate and franchising
  • Signing a franchise disclosure document
  • How he recruits new franchisees
  • Why location is important
  • How investment cost is based on a price per person in the area
  • How to work with franchise brokers
  • Why there's more risk in franchising than real estate
  • His tips for underwriting
  • Why you shouldn't buy into a fad or trend
  • Why he keeps close proximity to great people
  • And SO much more!

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Mar 10, 2020
45: From Scrubbing Toilets to a $4M Business on Autopilot with Michelle Reed-Spitzer

Do you dream of the day you can be your own boss? Wish you could generate full-time income from your side hustle passion project? Or do you have a small business that you want to expand to something BIG, while simultaneously allowing you the time and financial freedom you crave? Becoming a franchise owner can be an effective path to make that happen!

Michelle Reed-Spitzer, owner of SIX MaidPro franchises, including the No. 1 MaidPro franchise in existence—runs her team from one central location. Meanwhile she has the freedom to travel, spend time on her boat, and zip around the Gulf Coast of sunny Florida in her shiny red convertible.

In this episode, Michelle teaches us what a successful franchise model has done for her in terms of scaling a business to the next level.

She tells us the story of her early days working hard cleaning houses, building up a client base, and hiring a few people to help. After "secret shopping" some new competition in town, she ultimately became a franchisee of that company, paying an initial franchise fee of just ONE DOLLAR since she brought an already-successful business to the table. Implementing MaidPro’s training, systems, and processes, she has mastered the formula to grow and expand with the help of an exceptional team.

Whether you’ve already explored the concept of franchising or know nothing about it, Michelle shares her expertise with one actionable tip after another. She fills us in on how franchises work, recommends items to think about before making the leap, and discusses the advantages—as well as potential pitfalls to avoid. And perhaps most importantly, Michelle is living proof that with hard work, focus, and determination, ordinary people can do extraordinary things.

Check her out, and subscribe to the BiggerPockets Business Podcast so you won’t miss our next show!

In This Episode We Cover:

  • Why you should surround yourself with the right people
  • How to "secret shop" your competition
  • How franchises work
  • What Right of First Refusal means
  • Finding the right location for your franchise
  • Finding your passion and figuring out the lifestyle you want
  • The importance of focusing on recurring revenue streams
  • How to do due diligence on the other franchisees
  • And SO much more!

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Mar 03, 2020
44: The Most Effective Marketing Technique You’re Probably Ignoring in Your Business with John Ruhlin

Have you considered that there may be a marketing channel for your business that you’ve never taken advantage of? One that could literally provide dozens—or hundreds—of times return on the cost of it? You may not have put much thought into it before, but after this episode, you will!

John Ruhlin—author of the bestselling book Giftology—knows firsthand the value of giving gifts as a way to build both your network and your bottom line. And on this episode, John gives us all the ins and outs of giving gifts in a way that will not only surprise and delight the recipients of those gifts but also catapult the success of your business in the process.

John tells us his story of how—by strategically spending $10,000—he was able to create and foster a relationship that has made him and his business well into the seven-figures. And how with much lower amounts than that, you can generate the same value for your business, as well.

John tells us why giving gifts in the business world is important; who we should be giving gifts to (hint: it’s not who you think!); which types of gifts we should—and SHOULDN’T—be giving to achieve maximum impact; and how often we should be giving gifts to achieve the best results.

Most importantly, John explains why most of the gifts we often give to our clients, vendors, colleagues, and potential partners are not just failing to help us foster those relationships but are actually HURTING our relationships!

And make sure you listen for John’s tip on how to give the most impactful gifts for the lowest cost: It’s all about picking the right categories.

Check him out, and subscribe to the BiggerPockets Business Podcast so you won’t miss our next show!

In This Episode We Cover:

  • Why it's all about building relationships
  • The impact of giving at unexpected times
  • Why you should start sending handwritten notes
  • How to choose a gift that your recipient would appreciate
  • His Cameron Herold story
  • How to ask for something by offering value first
  • Why a good gift doesn’t make up for a bad service offering
  • How often you should send gifts
  • How to handle gatekeepers
  • The risks of gift giving
  • And SO much more!

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Feb 25, 2020
43: Financial Freedom Through Multiple Streams of Income with Yaro Starak

Do you value freedom and time above all else? Are you craving a lifestyle doing what’s truly most important to you, while financially supporting yourself, your family, your hobbies, and your adventures?

Today’s guest has done just that, paving his own way and achieving freedom on many levels: financial, time, and mental. He’s taught thousands of people how to do the same. Today, he shares how you can do it, too!

Yaro Starak—an online entrepreneur earning a full-time income from the internet since 2004—walks us through his evolution of multiple businesses, identifying potential opportunities, and taking steps with minimal risk to start additional ventures. He debunks myths about passive income and digs deeply into the “how” of making a “laptop lifestyle” work.

Yaro gives actionable tips to identify areas in which you’re an expert, then use that expertise to earn income by sharing that information with others. He tells us the lessons he’s learned along the way: from early goals of simply making money to intentional, conscious decisions to do something you love to working with people you really enjoy.

And make sure you listen for Yaro’s recommendation on how to fast-track learning the ins and outs of a business you’re passionate about, closing your gaps in knowledge, and increasing awareness of how everything works before wasting time and energy charging full-speed ahead.

Check him out, and subscribe to the BiggerPockets Business Podcast so you won’t miss our next show!

In This Episode We Cover:

  • How he built his "lifestyle business"
  • Focusing on starting a 4-hour work week business
  • Why entrepreneurs are always looking for opportunities
  • The 3 different types of freedom
  • Figuring out how business works
  • Why freelancing is a good starting point
  • How he's able to manage his business
  • His whole process in selling his courses and how you can do the same
  • How to be good at the 80/20 rule
  • The theory of constraints and sprints
  • And SO much more!

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Feb 18, 2020
42: Building a Business You Can Sell for Top Dollar with David Barnett

Have you ever wondered how businesses are bought and sold? Or have you considered buying a business but don’t know where to start? Or maybe you've considered selling a business—or are starting a business that you’re hoping to sell at some point in the future.

Buying and selling a business seems complicated... but it doesn’t have to be that way!

David Barnett, business broker and author of six books including How to Sell My Own Business, knows firsthand how important it is that you build, structure, and manage a business in a way that will allow you to eventually sell it—even if that’s not your plan A. In this episode, he tells us why sometimes we have to sell even if we don’t expect to and how we can be certain to get top dollar if and when that time comes.

In addition, David helps us understand how businesses are valued, the most common reasons why business owners sell, the types of terms that can be negotiated when buying or selling a business, and why most businesses sell for less than you’d think.

And make sure you listen for David’s advice on how to handle situations where a seller is telling you one thing, but his financial statements are telling you another.

Check him out, and subscribe to the BiggerPockets Business Podcast so you won’t miss our next show!

In This Episode We Cover:

  • The difference between business broker and real estate broker
  • Why the business marketplace is a secret
  • How business brokers work with buyers to get financing
  • How brokers are often dual agents
  • Some of the online marketplaces for business sales
  • Why businesses sell for a lot less than you think
  • The reasons people sell their businesses
  • How the value of a business depends on cash flow
  • And SO much more!

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Feb 11, 2020
41: Outsourcing Your Way to Millions with Nathan Hirsch of Outsource School

Intrigued by the concept of virtual assistants? Understandably so—the time commitment and expense of office space and in-house employees can be intimidating. Luckily, there are alternatives…

Nathan Hirsch—serial entrepreneur and outsourcing expert—knows firsthand how difficult it can be to manage an office with lots of employees. And not only did he figure out a way to avoid it, he’s built several companies to help others do it, as well.

As founder of his previous company, Nathan created a marketplace of remote workers and virtual assistants to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses without the need for local employees. And as a follow-up, Nathan has created, an educational platform where business owners can learn how to manage their businesses efficiently and effectively by using remote employees.

In this episode, Nathan brings his expertise in outsourcing to our listeners, providing tons of actionable tips and ideas for how we can build our businesses without the overhead of office space and local employees. Nathan tells us how he built his Amazon store to over $25M in gross revenue and how he built and sold FreeeUp without a staff of local employees—only hiring remote help. He shares how we can do the same.

Make sure you listen for Nathan’s four-step process for harnessing the power of remote employees.

Check him out, and subscribe to the BiggerPockets Business Podcast so you won’t miss our next show!

In This Episode We Cover:

  • Why he treats his remote team like they're in a real office
  • How he built another freelancer marketplace to cater to his needs
  • How he makes customer service his competitive advantage
  • Why he may never hire someone in person again
  • The 4-step process to dealing with remote employees
  • How to get on the same page with expectations
  • The traits of virtual assistants that you want to look for
  • Why Nathan prefers to outsource in the Philippines
  • 3 different levels of people you hire: followers, doers, and experts
  • The 90-day rule
  • And SO much more!

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Feb 04, 2020
40: Buying and Growing a Small Business With Little to No Risk With Brit Foshee

Have you ever considered buying a business but were terrified of paying more than the business is worth? Have you ever wondered what you can do to help ensure that a business you buy today will generate the numbers promised by the previous owner?

Well, today’s guest answers both those questions, helping us to minimize our financial risk when buying a small business!

Brit Foshee—real estate investor and small business owner—walks us through the process he used to buy his first five landscaping companies, how he consolidated them into one big company to increase their value, and how he did it all with minimal financial risk. And he tells us how we can do the same thing if we decide we want to go the route of buying a small business.

Brit tells us how he finds the businesses he buys, how he evaluates them, how he recruits partners to run them, and most importantly, how he gets the owners to all but guarantee their financial success. And for you real estate investors out there, you’ll be amazed at how similar buying a business is to buying real estate!

And make sure you listen for Brit’s recommendations on using “claw backs”—a way to literally guarantee that a business owner doesn’t misrepresent the numbers when selling you a business.

Check him out, and subscribe to the BiggerPockets Business Podcast so you won’t miss our next show!

In This Episode We Cover:

  • Brit's story from buying a property to buying businesses
  • How people underestimate what it takes to get a business off the ground
  • How he finds available businesses on the market
  • Similarities between his business model and buying real estate
  • How a business with $1M in revenue is likely sustainable without the owner
  • Why he made a partner a part-owner
  • Come work "with me" vs. come work "for me"
  • Why he recommends the owner financing route when buying a business
  • How he reduces expenses and increases income right after buying
  • Why he thinks employees are #1
  • The top mistake owners make
  • And SO much more!

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Jan 28, 2020
39: Creating Your Vision and Achieving Massive Success with Cameron Herold

Does the book, “Vivid Vision” sound familiar? Brandon Turner (host of the BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast) raved about it when he we interviewed him on the show last year. Brandon credited the book with helping him overcome his vague thinking, providing him the insight to hone his goals and putting him on the path to massive success with real estate syndications.

In fact, Brandon raved so much about the book that we knew we had to have the book’s author on the show to provide our listeners a first-hand education on why creating a vision is important and how we should be doing it. And that’s what we’re doing today...

Cameron Herold -- best-selling author, founder of The COO Alliance and the operational brain behind several behemoth companies, including 1-800-GOT-JUNK -- is here to help you learn how to clearly define your business and life vision in a way that will put both you and your team on the path to success. Cameron breaks down the steps for defining your vision, documenting your vision (hint: it’s a lot more fun than you think), and then sharing that vision with your partners, employees and prospective employees to ensure that the entire team is aligned with YOUR vision for success.

And, for those of you who like to think about things from an analytical perspective, make sure to listen for Cameron’s mathematical formula for success…

Check him out, and subscribe to the BiggerPockets Business Podcast so you won’t miss our next show!

In This Episode We Cover:

  • Cameron's incredible backstory
  • Difference between CEO and COO
  • How vision impacts your business
  • Creative ways to relay your vision
  • The craziest vivid vision story
  • How vision helps you attract or repel the right people
  • The miracle morning for entrepreneurs
  • Cameron's secret formula to success
  • And SO much more!

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Jan 21, 2020
38: Converting Customers Into Fans Who Grow Your Business for You with David Meerman Scott

Do you hate marketing? Do you hate sales? Do you wish there was an easy way to grow your customer base and your profits without relying on all the old bread-and-butter sales and marketing techniques that everyone else is using? 

Today’s guest provides us a path to business growth that doesn’t hinge on being a professional marketer or salesperson.

David Meerman Scott—bestselling author of 11 books, including the just released Fanocracy—explains to us why the most powerful marketing force on the planet isn’t social media, television commercials, or any other traditional marketing technique. Instead, it is the ability to convert our customers into loyal fans. And he tells us how we can convert customers in our businesses into super-fans, helping us to scale and grow our business in ways that we’ve never considered.

David uses everything from neuroscience research to the band Grateful Dead to show us how we can convert our customers into brand ambassadors for our businesses. Whether your business is a product or a service, whether you have a recurring relationship with your customers or you only engage with them once in a lifetime, David’s techniques will provide you the tools you need to get your customers to grow your business for you.

And make sure to listen for David’s suggestion on using selfies to grow your business! It's brilliant.

Check him out, and subscribe to the BiggerPockets Business Podcast so you won’t miss our next show!

In This Episode We Cover:

  • How to create fandoms to grow your business
  • Discover how the 4 levels of proximity could help you get noticed
  • Why you should take more selfies
  • Characteristics that make a true fan
  • How to convert your customers into loyal fans
  • A story that turned David into a fan of a company
  • Giving freely vs. giving with the expectation of receiving something
  • Why you shouldn't pay for attention
  • And SO much more!

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Jan 14, 2020
37: Choosing the Right Niche—Follow a Business Startup Journey From Day 1 with J Scott

J Scott isn’t just the host of this podcast—he’s also a serial entrepreneur, who has a passion for starting businesses. And with 2020 now underway, J is finally ready to announce the launch of his latest endeavor, which he does right here on this episode of the BiggerPockets Business Podcast.

In this episode, J talks about his criteria for choosing an industry and a specific business, he details the new business that he’s launching this week, and he dives into the nitty-gritty details of his financial projections and growth strategy.

J tells us why “sexy” isn’t always the best choice for picking a business niche and how focusing on your existing strengths and expertise can help you create a “barrier to entry”—something that gives you a tremendous advantage over your competition and over others who might try to compete with you in the future.

Best yet, J has promised to come back every few months and update us on this new business journey, so that our listeners can learn from both his successes and his mistakes!

In This Episode We Cover:

  • J's backstory
  • Why sexy businesses have a ton of competition
  • The 4 things J looks for in a business
  • Plans to start a service business in the real estate industry
  • The kind of staff required to launch this business
  • Why redoing the existing website has been low priority compared to other marketing
  • The 2 sides of this business: emergency and rebuild
  • J's long-term plan
  • And SO much more!

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Jan 07, 2020
36: ALL NEW Tips, Inspiration, and Words of Advice From Some of Our Favorite 2019 Guests

In 2019, the BiggerPockets Business Podcast was launched. In the past eight months, we’ve gotten nearly ONE MILLION downloads, as well as some tremendously positive feedback.

Our guests have included entrepreneurs who are just starting out, entrepreneurs who have built eight-figure businesses, and everything in-between. We’ve talked to business owners who have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars on Shark Tank and have even talked the the Sharks themselves.

We’ve also talked to bestselling authors of some of our favorite business books and to coaches who help entrepreneurs reach their full potential.

Now that we’re entering 2020, we wanted to revisit with some of our favorite and most popular guests from last year, and get their words of wisdom, encouragement, and advice for the new year.

In this episode, we’re bringing back a number of our 2019 guests to give us their best actionable tips and suggestions for entrepreneurs and business owners. Whether you’re planning to launch a business in 2020, are looking to scale your business, or are trying to overcome some business obstacles, today’s show is for you.

In This Episode We Speak To:

  • Josh Dorkin - BiggerPockets Founder
  • Trevor Mauch - Founder of Carrot
  • Brent Underwood - Co-Founder of BrassCheck
  • Jay Papasan - Co-Author of The ONE Thing
  • Christina Gillick - Owner of
  • Alan Donegan - PopUp Business School Co-Founder
  • Andy Seth - Flow Founder & CEO
  • David Greene - Co-host of the BiggerPockets Podcast
  • David Hoffeld - Author of the book Science of Selling
  • And Paige Wilcox - Owner of Wilcox Wellness & Fitness

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Dec 31, 2019
35: Starting a Brand New Business While Putting Family First with Carol Scott of Scott Silver Concierge Realty

Have you dreamed of starting a new business but can’t imagine how in the world you’d fit that into your already-packed family schedule? Love the idea of getting your significant other involved in your venture, so you can tackle the world together—power-couple style?

It CAN be done… and today’s guest is passionate about sharing how, with the right approach, you can even get the kids on board, too!

In this engaging episode, BiggerPockets Business Podcast host J Scott interviews his wife and co-host Carol Scott, as she launches a brand new business. Carol shares her expertise in leveraging the successes you’ve had in your personal and work life to create a company that generates income while prioritizing—and not compromising—your responsibilities at home.

Carol also provides actionable tips on creative hiring from the get-go to put together an impactful team that can help drive your vision. She also discusses the power in telling everyone you know, loud and clear, about what you’re doing.

Together, Carol and J teach how to instill values of collaborative entrepreneurship in the family and the crucial importance of a dedicated workspace to help shift mindsets, support one another, and make progress toward your goals.

And if you’re hung up on the expectation of perfectionism and doing it all, make sure you listen to Carol’s often-controversial take on how to overcome that unattainable, society-driven notion!

Enjoy, and subscribe to the BiggerPockets Business Podcast to continue learning throughout 2020 and beyond. Happy Holidays!

In This Episode We Cover:

  • Carol's backstory—from employee to stay-at-home mom
  • Her new business—a boutique real estate brokerage
  • What makes a real estate agent unique
  • The difference between working IN your business vs. working ON your business
  • How she juggles putting family first while running a business
  • The main reasons to hire somebody
  • Valuable tips on finding, interviewing, and hiring the right people
  • Advice for stay-at-home business owners
  • Family as the #1 priority
  • Tips for starting a business
  • And SO much more!

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Dec 24, 2019
34: From NO Business Experience to $40M in Sales and Shark Tank Success with Jamie and Brian Ratner of CertifiKID

Are you concerned that your lack of business experience is going to hinder your ability to start and grow a company? Do you think that being a marketing expert is a prerequisite to getting your first customers? Well, that’s not the case... and our guests today are here to prove it!

Jamie and Brian Ratner—co-founders of CertifiKID, a multi-million dollar family-focused deal site—are here to tell you about how they started their company without business degrees, without a big team, and without a big marketing budget. And on this episode, they teach us how you can bootstrap your business and how building a team that buys into your vision can propel you to success.

Jamie tells us how she stood on the street corner handing out flyers, trying to find that first customer. And Brian tells us how—10 years later—they were able to put themselves in front of some of the most influential investors on the planet. Brian also tells his story about how he went toe-to-toe with Kevin O’Leary (from Shark Tank), negotiating a deal that would bring them a big six-figure investment and a realization of one of their big business goals.

And if you’ve ever dreamed of being on Shark Tank, make sure you listen for Jamie’s tip on how to bypass the cattle-call auditions and get straight to the decision makers!

Check them out, and subscribe to the BiggerPockets Business Podcast so you won’t miss our next show!

In This Episode We Cover:

  • Why it's important to move quickly and be the first to market
  • How to hire employees by reaching out to customers
  • How they follow trends to never become boring to their customers
  • How they complement each other in their business
  • How they got into Shark Tank
  • How they plan for success and not failure
  • Why building a strong team is their #1 priority
  • Why you should make appropriate sacrifices
  • And SO much more!

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Dec 17, 2019
33: How to Generate Business No Matter the Product or Service with Pat Fenton

Having trouble generating business in your business? Having difficulty converting sales?

CEO, mentor, coach, and marketing expert Pat Fenton is here to talk about the principles of attracting—and converting—customers to your business. No matter what you offer, whether it’s a product or a service, the principles for getting business are the same.

Pat shares actionable steps on how to generate business, how to influence people to contact you, how to grow by expanding your network, how to create reciprocity, and how to add value above and beyond the competition to get continuous referrals and repeat business.

Make sure you listen for Pat’s words of wisdom about how to turn failure into success and how even those who fail the most can ultimately end up being the best.

Check him out, and subscribe to the BiggerPockets Business Podcast so you won’t miss our next show!

In This Episode We Cover:

  • Why mentorship is a necessity
  • How you can strike out 7 out of 10 times and still be a superstar
  • Why top professionals like rejections
  • Why practice is where the money is made 
  • Building on existing relationships rather than starting over with new customers
  • What to be aware of in partnerships
  • Asking yourself what problems you are solving
  • Understanding the sales process
  • Why capital is not the driver of success
  • And SO much more!

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Dec 10, 2019
32: Building an App That Partners With Billion-Dollar Brands—But Only Because They "Just Got Started" With Wes Schroll and Tyler Kennedy

"If you wait until you have a perfect plan," says Fetch Rewards co-founder Tyler Kennedy, "you're never going to get started."

That line sums up Tyler's journey alongside his partner Wes Schroll. Today, they take us behind the scenes at their fast-growing startup, which employs 100-plus people and helps two million-plus app users earn discounts on everyday consumer products.

You'll learn how Fetch started "pivoting" right off the bat, how Tyler and Wes approached giant brands like Kraft and Dove (hint: start small), and how two magic words turn regular old customers into evangelists.

No matter what business you're in, you're in the business of looking for "win-win" arrangements. And in this interview, you'll learn how to do that from two creative, tenacious entrepreneurs who credit their success to getting started BEFORE they had it all figured out.

Download this episode, and make sure you're subscribed to the BiggerPockets Business Podcast so you won't miss the next one!

In This Episode We Cover:

  • What is Fetch Rewards
  • How the idea came to be
  • Focusing on the customer experience
  • The steps they took to build the app
  • How they scaled to 1.7 million users
  • How they earn money
  • Giving rewards to users (and getting even better at it)
  • What their company looks like from an organizational structure
  • Focusing on the customers first
  • The culture of the company
  • Why you should be a problem solver
  • Their individual roles
  • And SO much more!

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Dec 03, 2019
31: Leveraging Your Network to Launch and Grow Your Business with Gavin Steinberg

Do you have a business idea but are afraid that you don’t know enough about the industry to achieve success? Do you worry that you’ll hit a roadblock that will keep you from growing your business to its full potential? These are scary thoughts that plague many entrepreneurs, but there is a simple solution to overcoming these risks!  

Gavin Steinberg—real estate developer turned founder of the novel furniture subscription company The Everset—is here to tell you how he overcame these risks to his business. His solution is all about leveraging your network and finding other people who can help you navigate those areas of your business where you may not be the expert.

When Gavin decided to enter the world of furniture, he was like a fish out of water. It wasn’t an industry that he knew, but it was an industry that he wanted to be part of. Leveraging his relationships and relying on the help of others who did know the industry, Gavin was able to gain the expertise that he needed and lean on others to help his company grow and thrive. 

In this episode, he tells us how we should be constantly expanding our network and recruiting others to help us grow in areas where we don’t have the knowledge or experience to do it ourselves. 

Make sure you listen for Gavin’s words of wisdom about how unlikely it is that your first idea will drive your ultimate success and how you should embrace the changes your business will inevitably go through.

Check him out, and subscribe to the BiggerPockets Business Podcast so you won’t miss our next show!

In This Episode We Cover:

  • How Gavin created a novel furniture subscription company
  • Where they offer their service and to whom
  • How he found his partner
  • How he's leveraging his network
  • Strategic partnership with real estate communities
  • Reaching out to customers by offering service as an amenity
  • 3 things furniture should have: quality, reasonable price, and looks
  • How they got their first customers
  • The ability to say no
  • And SO much more!

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Nov 26, 2019
30: How to Guarantee Profit From Day 1 with Mike Michalowicz

Do you worry that after everyone and everything else in your business is paid, there will be nothing left for you? Have you been taught to believe that the first several years of your business must involve constant financial struggle? Well, it doesn’t have to be that way!

Mike Michalowicz—author of five amazing business books, including The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur and Profit First—knows firsthand how important it is to ensure that you get paid each and every day. And in this episode, he teaches how to make sure that you’re profitable in your businesses from day one.

Mike tells us his story of entrepreneurship highs and lows. After two early successes, he found himself in dire straights, not bringing in enough money to pay his bills and falling into depression. But it was these struggles that made him realize that there was a better way of running his businesses—a way that would ensure that he could take care of his family while his businesses would continue to grow.

The formula is simple, even if it’s not obvious. Mike breaks it down step by step, so that even the most skeptical among us will realize that immediate business profits are just a simple mindset shift away. He helps us realize that profitability in our business is already “baked in” and that by changing our habits, we can start extracting it TODAY!

And make sure you listen for Mike’s business-changing idea: start slow, let it grow.

Check him out, and subscribe to the BiggerPockets Business Podcast so you won’t miss our next show!

In This Episode We Cover:

  • How Mike discovered his vocation despite his big failure
  • Why you don’t have to be a billionaire to be successful
  • The significance of the profit first formula
  • The 5 foundational bank accounts
  • Why you should start slow, and let it grow
  • How one company switched to profit first and innovated their way to earning more
  • What companies with debt should do
  • The Parkinson's law
  • And SO much more!

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Nov 19, 2019
29: Scaling Multiple Businesses and Making a BIG Social Impact with Andy Seth

Want to "do well" AND "do good"? Andy Seth's done just that—building several businesses and doing big things in his community. In this episode, he shares how he did it.

You'll love hearing about Andy's journey from humble beginnings, like how he hustled at every turn and how he fought with what he calls "a terrible business partner"—his own ego! (Can anyone relate?)

Andy shares great tips for finding what you're really passionate about and maintaining your energy while juggling multiple pursuits. You'll learn why it's OK to bounce around as you look to make a real impact beyond success and money. And our conversation on hiring might totally change the way you look at job applicants.

Oh—and don't miss Andy's story about writing his book, Bling, in a shockingly short period of time. Andy is a super-thoughtful entrepreneur who's looking at the big picture and making a real difference in people's lives every day.

Check him out, and subscribe to the BiggerPockets Business Podcast so you won't miss our next show!

In This Episode We Cover:

  • Andy's upbringing and how he grew up struggling financially
  • Making $300K/year as a DJ in college
  • How he sold two tech companies before he graduated college
  • How to build businesses in parallel
  • How to not fall victim to your ego
  • His hiring and job description tips
  • How he was able to write a book in five days
  • Why he dislikes "world domination"
  • And SO much more!

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Nov 12, 2019
28: Marketing Funnels, Automation, and an Actual 4-Hour Work Week with Ryan Dossey

Whoa! Today's episode is a masterclass in building a business that runs without your day-to-day involvement.

You might have heard of Ryan Dossey the real estate investor, but today he takes us behind the scenes of Call Porter, his live call answering business, employing 27 people in St. Louis, Mo.

You won't find Ryan in the office, though. He lives 1,800 miles away. And because he's put an executive team in place, he can focus on his "superpowers": content marketing and big-picture strategy.

You'll love hearing Ryan's tips on how to keep remote employees accountable, why "core values" aren't B.S., and how to screen potential mentors/coaches to make sure they know what they're doing.

This is a seriously inspiring episode, and you'll walk away ready to automate and delegate those tasks you've been meaning to get off your plate.

Download this one, and subscribe so you won't miss the next BiggerPockets Business Podcast episode!

In This Episode We Cover:

  • Starting a call center catered to real estate investors
  • How he became good on the phone
  • How Call Porter works
  • Vetting and hiring the right people
  • How the St. Louis "accent" helps them close deals
  • How he used paid advertisement and funnels to get clients
  • Incredible tools to gain more leads
  • Training employees to convert leads
  • Using How to Win Friends and Influence People principles
  • Automating the whole business process
  • Benefits of having employees work from home
  • Why you should establish core values in your company
  • And SO much more!

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Nov 05, 2019
27: The 3-Step Social Media Strategy to Attract and Convert More Leads with Brendan Kane

There are tons of social media “experts.” But how many of them have gone from zero to one million followers in just 30 days?

Today's guest Brendan Kane did. And in this episode, he teaches us the straightforward strategy outlined in his book One Million Followers.

If you like the idea of attracting leads on social media but don’t know where to start, you’re in the right place. You’ll love Brendan’s simple recipe for creating content that attracts followers, spreads your message, and turns leads into customers. He's worked with everyone from Taylor Swift to dentists hoping to grow their practices—and his advice boils down to a few lessons you can apply right away.

This episode could gain you thousands of followers and help you form valuable connections. So don’t miss it! And subscribe to the BiggerPockets Business Podcast so you won’t miss the next one!

In This Episode We Cover:

  • How Brendan got into business online
  • From zero to 1 million followers in just 30 days
  • Which platform should you start with?
  • How much money do you need to spend?
  • His process involving hypothesizing, testing, and pivoting
  • 75,000 tests
  • 5 elements of content to test
  • 2 reasons you should test a lot
  • What makes a good content?
  • The concept of hook points
  • Targeting your core audience
  • Do you really need viral content?
  • And SO much more!

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Oct 29, 2019
26: Fail Fast? No, Start Slow! Secrets from Building (and Exiting) the World’s Biggest Wine Brand with Michael Houlihan and Bonnie Harvey

How would you run your business differently if you started with the end in mind?

Today’s show is all about forming your exit strategy up front… and there’s no one more qualified to talk about that than the co-founders of Barefoot Wine.

Bonnie Harvey and Michael Houlihan weren’t even “wine people” when they went into business. Yet they found a way to outsell everyone else and eventually had giant companies competing to buy THEM. (They happily sold to Gallo in 2005.)

In this episode, you’ll learn the strategies that drove their explosive growth and the way in which you can apply them—no matter your experience level.

From the simple question that launched their business, to the pitfalls of “falling in love with your product,” to why every entrepreneur should meet business brokers for lunch once a month, this show is packed with practical, hard-won wisdom you can immediately implement.

Download this one, subscribe to the BiggerPockets Business Podcast, and share this episode with just one person who you think you would get value out of it!

In This Episode We Cover:

  • Barefoot’s (crazy!) origin story
  • The one-sentence piece of advice that guided their launch
  • Identifying a hidden opportunity in a competitive market
  • How to design an iconic logo
  • Why your market is more crucial than your product
  • Avoiding the unnecessary expenses that kill most businesses
  • How “worthy cause marketing” transformed their customers into advocates
  • How to take other brands' followers
  • The importance of ensuring your product display is correct
  • How to think about what retailers want
  • Preparing to sell a business
  • Using narrative storytelling to teach entrepreneurship
  • And SO much more!

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Listen on BiggerPockets:

Oct 22, 2019
25: What You Can Learn from a Company that Manages 12,000 Contractors with Ken Davis of TaskEasy

Today we get a peek inside a company that handles lawn care for 800,000 properties across the U.S.

And although few of us will ever build such a behemoth, trust us—you will learn a ton from this episode with TaskEasy CEO Ken Davis.

In it, you'll hear how Ken started the company to solve his own biggest headache, why TaskEasy zeroed in on mowing lawns, and the biggest operations challenges the company faces as it services thousands of clients.

Also, Ken speaks to the importance of doing right by your very first customers before scaling, why ideas are a dime a dozen (execution—not so much), and how the right mentors can save you a fortune.

Ken also reveals his No. 1 tip on how to automate processes in your own business. So if you are looking to get more organized and think strategically about how your business is set up, download this episode and subscribe to the BiggerPockets Business Podcast so you won't miss the next one!

In This Episode We Cover:

  • The original vision of TaskEasy
  • Starting a lawn care company without owning a single lawn mower!
  • The difficulty of hiring a contractor
  • The power of technology and automation
  • How he manages his contractors
  • Their business processes
  • How they handle issues and conflicts
  • The single most difficult support request they take
  • How to turn a synchronous experience in support
  • Why they do tasks manually first
  • How they're marketing evolved over time
  • Why you should focus on the "ones and tens"
  • Why you should surround yourself with mentors
  • And SO much more!

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Check full show notes on BiggerPockets:

Oct 15, 2019
24: LIVE from BPCon2019: Ask Us Anything!

All the BiggerPockets podcast hosts on stage in one place! 

This bonus episode was recorded at the BiggerPockets Conference last week in front of a live audience of more than 1,000 people at the Gaylord Opryland Resort in Nashville, Tennessee.

We turned the mics over to our members, who fired a bunch of great questions at Scott Trench and Mindy Jensen, Brandon Turner and David Greene, Joshua Dorkin, and J and Carol Scott.

Our panelists covered some nitty gritty real estate topics like tackling vacancy and how to invest IRA funds, as well as big-picture concepts like motivation, marketing, and how to teach family members the importance of investing at an early age. 

Also -- everyone reveals what animal they would be if they had to choose. And one member of the audience challenges David Greene to produce an analogy on the spot… listen to find out whether he performed under pressure. 

Our first conference in 7 years was a big success, and we’re so thankful to everyone who came out to learn, network, and have a great time.

Download this bonus episode, and be sure to subscribe to all three shows so you won’t miss an episode.

Oct 13, 2019
24: Achieving 'Time Freedom' and Franchising a Personal Training Business with Paige Wilcox

What if you documented every process that makes your business run?

Imagine how much easier it would be to scale and how much less stressful it would be to take a day (or week or month) off to spend with your family?

Today’s show is about creating standard operating procedures to make your life easier down the road. Paige Wilcox of Wilcox Wellness & Fitness breaks down how she and her husband built a personal training business that can run on autopilot—which eventually allowed them to open their first franchise.

You’ll learn how Paige thinks about systems, how she automated her email marketing, and how businesses can expand. Paige brings a ton of energy in this episode, and it’s clear how much she loves being in business for herself and putting her stamp on her community.

Download this episode and subscribe to hear more stories like hers!

In This Episode We Cover:

  • How a blind date lead to marriage and a business!
  • The story behind their business
  • How to start a wellness business with your spouse
  • What was wrong with their initial business model
  • How they scaled up their business from 30 to over 100 clients and growing!
  • Shifting from customer type to client type mindset
  • Automation and marketing machines
  • What is franchising and what made them decide to go that route
  • Their first franchisee
  • How they put everything on SOP
  • And SO much more!

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Oct 08, 2019
23: Scientifically Proven Sales Techniques with David Hoffeld

Grandpa may have been a great salesman in his day. But if you’re using the same strategies he used (and most of us are), you’re ignoring powerful brain science that flips conventional wisdom on its head.

And you’re leaving a lot of money on the table.

In today’s episode, we’ll dive into new research with David Hoffeld, a sales trainer who wrote the bestselling book The Science of Selling

After listening to this show, you’ll have a far better understanding of how your prospects think through concepts like fear and risk. You’ll learn how to overcome their objections by “priming,” how to use stories to reassure them, and how to address the six “whys” that explain every buying decision.

Plus, when you do lose a sale, you’ll be able to apply David’s framework for analyzing exactly what went wrong. That way, you'll know how to close the very next deal!

Turns out, potential buyers are often turned off not by the product itself but by the way it’s presented by the salesperson. 

Listen to this episode to learn the “buyer-centric, science-based” sales methods David teaches his clients. If you like this show, let us know in the comments below! And be sure to subscribe to the podcast, so you won’t miss an episode!

In This Episode We Cover:

  • How a “make 100K/year” ad spawned David's start in sales
  • How our brains form buying decisions
  • What is “sales shame” 
  • The importance of giving first, then asking
  • Providing value through knowledge and curating articles
  • Getting people to thank you for a cold call
  • 40-50% of salespeople underperform vs. quota
  • The 6 "whys" that motivate people to ACTUALLY buy
  • Using stories to get past client’s fear of risk
  • Stories' ability to engage a different part of the brain
  • Analysis after losing a sale to strengthen process
  • Priming for commitment
  • Why putting too much emphasis on “the close” is misguided
  • Rejection based on the product vs. rejection based on the way a product is presented
  • Buyer-centric, science-based selling
  • Selling like our grandparents did
  • His thoughts on over-dependence on technology
  • And SO much more!

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Oct 01, 2019
22: The Free Strategy to Reach WAY More Customers with PR Expert Josh Elledge

Like a lot of entrepreneurs, Josh Elledge got started trying to solve his own problem. After launching the personal finance tool, he came to realize that by far the best way to generate brand awareness was to provide massive value to news organizations—who would in turn give him a free platform to promote himself!

If you’ve been struggling to get press or establish yourself as an expert, this episode might just change the whole way you approach publicity. Josh lays out a realistic path for starting off small (sorry, Oprah’s not going to pluck you out of obscurity), describes the two things you must do to raise your authority, and explains how to convert your newfound visibility into sales (without coming across as too “salesy”).

Josh gets into the nitty gritty of how to quickly and easily create a press kit, how to build long-term relationships with journalists, and when appropriate, how to lean into polarizing viewpoints to create true fans. Whether you’re a business owner or a subject matter expert hoping to raise your profile, this episode is a perfect guide for how to “let the media do your selling for you!”

Tell us what you think of this episode in the comment section below, and don’t forget to subscribe to the BiggerPockets Business Podcast on your favorite smartphone app so you won’t miss the next episode.

In This Episode We Cover:

  • Failing with 6 businesses succeeding on the 7th
  • How to be in front of an audience
  • How to do market research
  • Focusing on your online authority
  • How to build your online presence
  • Converting your presence to business
  • Media for visibility vs. media for authority
  • Why he prefers providing big value and how it affects his business
  • And SO much more!

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Sep 24, 2019
21: Reframing the Rat Race: How to Use Your Day Job to Prepare for Entrepreneurship with James Anderson of Forged Axe Throwing

What went into building an (almost) seven-figure axe throwing business that earns hundreds of five-star reviews?

For James Anderson, it all started well before he left his 9 to 5. 

As a marketer and tour guide, he learned how to create buzz, split-test, design systems, and craft world-class experiences… skills James later put to use bootstrapping the Whistler, B.C.-based business he co-founded.

In this episode, you’ll learn why James believes market research is “the most important work that you never get paid for.” He gives us his tips for measuring the effectiveness of both online AND offline marketing campaigns, reveals his company’s current profit margins, and shares a hilarious story about an exhausting grand opening that forced him to temporarily shutter the business on its very first day.

You’ll also learn how James diversified his business by developing scorekeeping software, how he handles insurance, what lessons he learned from a previous Christmas light venture, and the BIG opportunity most entrepreneurs aren’t taking advantage of today.

James’ story is a real blueprint for how to transition from a traditional day job into entrepreneurship, so if you’re interested in doing the same, make sure you listen to this episode today.

If you get value from the show, please rate and review us on iTunes, and subscribe to the BiggerPockets Business Podcast so you won’t miss the next one.

In This Episode We Cover:

  • Using your 9 to 5 as an internship for entrepreneurship
  • How James started with planting trees for 10 cents
  • How he got the idea of Forged Axe Throwing
  • What “soft adventure” is
  • James and his partner's business plan
  • How they found venues for axe-throwing
  • Their marketing strategy centered around creating excitement
  • Why they had to close on their first actual day of business
  • How to automate customer service
  • Traditional marketing vs. online marketing
  • How to track offline marketing efficacy
  • Decreasing “friction” for customers
  • Why they didn’t franchise
  • Opportunities for buying businesses
  • And SO much more!

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Sep 17, 2019
20: The Questions You MUST Ask Every Potential Hire with David Greene

“Finding the right people.”

Ask any entrepreneur about their biggest challenge, and you’re likely to get some version of that answer.

So, when you’re building a team, how do you REALLY judge the character, motivation, and “fit” of a potential hire?

There’s a way. And on today’s episode of the BiggerPockets Business Podcast, David Greene reveals the EXACT questions he’s used to build out his team of real estate agents in the San Francisco Bay Area.

You might know David as the author of two books (Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat and Long-Distance Real Estate Investing) and as co-host of the BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast. But he also runs a thriving business buying and selling houses—and that’s the focus of today’s show.

You’ll learn how David learned to delegate tasks that drained his energy or didn’t fit his personality, how hiring his first assistant proved to be a HUGE turning point for his business, and the two things that set him apart from all the other agents out there.

Also, David shows us how “frame control” can allow you to help close more deals, how he looks for employees everywhere he goes (even towing garages), how he differentiates “checklist tasks” and “skill tasks,” and how to train for both. Plus, he touches on what toothpaste brands and Chick-fil-A can teach us about our own businesses.

If you ever feel overwhelmed by taking on another time commitment, listen for David’s tip about creating synergy between his various ventures and the secret to creating a lead “funnel.”

David’s story and work ethic are truly inspirational, and you’ll learn a TON from the way he uses systems and leverage to run his agent business like a well-oiled machine. 

Listen to this episode—count up the analogies—and subscribe to the BiggerPockets Business Podcast so you won’t miss the next one!

In This Episode We Cover:

  • Being first in mind to his target audience
  • His first employee
  • How to leverage every part of the business
  • Helping other agents become better
  • Having a productivity coach
  • How to transition from you doing everything to delegating to a team
  • Checklist work vs. skill tasks
  • How to acquire talent using a personality assessment
  • Letting people tell you their story
  • How to manage time
  • Finding people with high standards
  • And SO much more!

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Listen to the episode on BiggerPockets:

Sep 10, 2019
19: From “Naive” Newcomer to 8-Figure Revenue in 4 Years with Barnana Co-Founder Nik Ingersoll

Prepare yourself for an incredible tale of entrepreneurship. It features a hardscrabble upbringing, relentless optimism, negotiations with Amazonian tribesmen, and some bold guerrilla (“gorilla”?) marketing stunts.

Barnana has been making organic banana snacks since 2012. The founders call bananas “Mother Nature’s energy bar”—hence, the name.

When they started, they didn’t have much money of their own. So, they had to build a business that appealed to investors.

Today, co-founder Nik Ingersoll reveals exactly how they did that. You don’t get into 20,000 stores (including heavyweights like Whole Foods and Costco) without money. But as Nik explains, it doesn’t have to be YOUR money. In fact, one of the most valuable parts of this episode is Nik’s story of how he used “lean startup” principles to raise Barnana’s first round of funding.

Also, ever wondered how much it actually costs to make that healthy snack you’re munching on? Well, Nik breaks down Barnana’s supply chain and profit margins in detail—from working with distributors/middlemen, to using brokers to get Barnana’s products into stores, to getting certified as “organic.”

And he shares some great ways he’s generated free publicity over the years, including the launch of this farcical new product.

This is one of our best episodes yet. Tell us what you think, and subscribe to the show so you won’t miss an episode.

In This Episode We Cover:

  • Nik's background and how he has been hustling since he was a kid
  • Starting various businesses and founding Barnana
  • How he taught himself to code
  • Taking on a huge undertaking by starting a massive retail business
  • Barnana's crazy supply chain
  • Working with organic products
  • How he raised capital creatively
  • Figuring things out one part at a time
  • Channel strategy
  • Best advice for anyone who wants to get into the food retail business
  • And SO much more!

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Check the full show notes here:

Sep 03, 2019
18: How to “Have it All” by Living with INTENTION with Brandon Turner
Aug 27, 2019
17: Using Fear as Fuel with Alejandro Velez and Nikhil Arora, Co-Founders of Back to the Roots
Aug 20, 2019
16: Mastering Cash Flow and Finding Riches in “Headache” Jobs with 3Point Cleaning CEO Jesse McCue
Aug 13, 2019
15: How to Build a $100k/Month Real Estate Wholesaling Business with Max Maxwell
Aug 06, 2019
14: Entering a Crowded Service Market and Crushing the Competition with Nick Huber
Jul 30, 2019
13: 3 Rules for Crushing It in Business with ‘Shark Tank’ Star Barbara Corcoran
Jul 22, 2019
12: Step-by-Step Case Study: Manufacturing, Marketing and Selling a Physical Product with Cody Berman of Arsenal Discs

How do you go about creating a product line out of thin air?

In this episode, Cody Berman breaks down the process from start to finish -- and opens up about his exact costs and profit margins. 

Cody grew up playing this disc golf (think of it as “golf with frisbees”), and by the time he was 19 years old the game was growing FAST. He spotted a big opportunity in the equipment market… and decided to do something about it.

You’ll learn how Cody and his partner went about their market research (cost per unit, engineering, official regulations, margins, markup, MSRP), how they launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise seed money, and their process for calling 200 (!) prototyping and molding companies to get the best deal possible.

We also talk about the moments that almost made them quit -- from being told they would need $100,000 to start (they wouldn’t) to surviving a disastrous early production run that led to an all-nighter and a lot of wasted capital.

Cody also reveals how he markets Arsenal Discs in online groups, how he handles packaging and shipping, and his tips for entrepreneurs thinking about selling via Amazon. 

Don’t miss this action-packed episode, and subscribe so you won’t miss the next one!

In This Episode We Cover:

  • The story behind Arsenal Discs
  • How to start a business in college
  • Meeting his business partner in college
  • The story behind how they built the actual discs
  • How to get from a product idea to an actual product
  • The other hidden processes when starting a business
  • Handling obstacles and rejections
  • Doing whatever it takes to launch a product
  • And SO much more!

Links from the Show

Jul 16, 2019
11: How to Build a World-Class Craft Brewing Company with Dave Thibodeau

Ever dreamt about getting paid to sit back and drink delicious beer all day? Well, keep dreaming.

Yes, the beer industry is a lot of fun. But as you may have guessed, it’s hyper-competitive and demands a LOT of hard work!

In today’s episode, Dave Thibodeau traces Ska Brewing’s evolution from scrappy underdog to top-100 brewery, competing against international conglomerates (all while keeping its edgy sense of humor).

You’ll learn how Dave stumbled upon his passion in a book, how he and his partners bootstrapped the business by buying used equipment and sleeping in a Volkswagen bus, and how they marketed their brand’s “David vs. Goliath” attitude in a comic book.

You’ll also hear how Dave and his partners expanded internationally, built a distribution arm to help other brewers (“coopetition,” he calls it), eventually scaled to 70 employees, and embraced the pain of a bad hops contract by releasing a limited-run, very hoppy brew called Bad Hop Contract.

Don’t miss Dave’s advice for how to split up responsibilities among partners, and be sure to listen through to the end to hear him explain the big advantage smaller, more locally-minded businesses have when competing with international giants.

Dave is a laid-back guy, who has managed to build a massive business while still remaining true to himself—so check him out in this episode, and subscribe so you won’t miss the next one!

In This Episode We Cover:

  • Why Dave looks at other craft brewers as “coopetition”
  • How Ska Brewing expanded into overseas markets (They’re big in Sweden!)
  • How a real estate investment made the company a ton of money
  • What the “mom-and-pop” game is, and how to avoid it in your business
  • Why Dave tries to hire people smarter than him
  • Why he doesn’t blindly follow trends
  • Why doing business locally helps his profit margins
  • How diversifying into other products made his business stronger
  • Why it’s so vital to make each employee feel important
  • And SO much more!

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Jul 09, 2019
10: Building a 7-Figure Meat Snacks Company and Forming a Perfect Partnership with Peter Awad

How do you launch a profitable business without taking on a ton of employees or dealing with brick-and-mortar retailers? Peter Awad, co-founder of Mission Meats, breaks it all down in this episode.

You’ll love hearing about Peter’s upbringing in a family of first-generation immigrant entrepreneurs. He also discusses how he got his start hustling in the early days of e-commerce (remember Mail Boxes Etc.?).

You’ll also learn how Peter wound up miserable when he realized his job didn’t match his natural strengths and how interviewing other entrepreneurs shifted his perspective and inspired him to change careers.

Peter offers useful insight into what makes a great (and terrible) partnership, how he and his partner came up with the same company name and logo independently(!), how he overcame his inability to focus, and why the person is more important than the idea. He goes on to explain the concept of a “slow hustle”—and how it may just help you navigate the ups and downs of entrepreneurship.

Plus, Peter describes how Mission Meats is able to test products without a big upfront investment, how he gets instant customer feedback, why ego is the enemy of a profitable business, and how philanthropy motivates him to succeed. And be sure to listen until the end to hear a conversation about passing down business knowledge to the next generation.

Download this episode today, and subscribe so you won’t miss the next!

In This Episode We Cover:

  • How Mission Meats uses “lean startup” principles
  • How Peter overcame his “focus problem” by giving up on good ideas
  • Why he likes to ask, “OK, but why YOU?
  • The importance of partners checking their egos at the door
  • Why “slow hustle” sums up his approach to business
  • How starting a podcast affected his career choices
  • How to teach your kids about entrepreneurship
  • And SO much more!

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Jul 02, 2019
9: The Secret to Starting a Risk-Free, Debt-Free Business QUICKLY with Alan Donegan

You’ve got your idea, and you’re ready to take over the world. Now, where should you start?

Should you... write a detailed business plan? Buy the equipment? Take out a loan?

Wrong, wrong, and WRONG, according to our guest today.

Alan Donegan founded the PopUp Business School to teach a different approach—one that encourages entrepreneurs to measure feedback well before they go into debt or get themselves stuck in a rat race of their own making.

In this episode, Alan shows us how to experiment to see if customers will actually pay for your offering (“people will always be nice to you up until the point when you ask them to take money out of their pocket”) and how to organize a trial run to determine whether you even enjoy running the business.

You’ll love Alan’s advice to “fail fast and fail cheap,” and to create a “high-trust environment” so you can get paid up front. Plus, you’ll learn how some of the most valuable companies in the world got started using this lean model.

Alan shares his thoughts on exactly when to quit your 9 to 5 and go all-in on your business. He also reveals how to keep your energy up when burning the candle at both ends and why understanding the “trinity of management” is vital to the success of your enterprise.

This is one of our most actionable, knowledge-packed shows so far. Be sure to download it and subscribe to the BiggerPockets Business Podcast using your favorite app for more!

In This Episode We Cover:

  • What inspired Alan to start his training program
  • How to conduct real-world market research
  • How Amazon and Virgin used the method Alan teaches
  • How to do a “trial run” for your business idea
  • How to get others excited about your product
  • Why saving a portion of profits might someday save your business
  • And SO much more!

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Jun 25, 2019
8: How to Use Words That SELL With Copywriting Ace Christina Gillick

What if we told you that mastering this one skill could allow you to replace your W-2 income, boost sales immediately, AND help launch your own thriving online business? Christina Gillick used copywriting to do all three of those things!

In this episode, she shares her story and guides us through a crash course on persuasive writing. You’re going to love Christina’s tips for writing like you talk and using stories to grab your audience’s attention. And you’ll learn how to overcome objections without coming across as too salesy.

Also, you know that old infomercial trick, “But wait… there’s more!”? Well, it works. And from Christina, you’ll learn how to close deals by making irresistible offers and attractive money-back guarantees.

Worried you’re not a great writer? Listen for Christina’s advice on hiring a copywriter. Also, whether it’s a landing page, direct mail piece, or Facebook ad, Christina reveals how split-testing different versions will get you an optimal result. In fact, she used this strategy to drive sales in her own business,

Warning: this episode could change the way you think about marketing. Check it out, and subscribe to the show so you won’t miss an episode!

In This Episode We Cover:

  • What is copywriting?
  • How Christina got into it
  • The types of copywriter
  • Figuring out your target market
  • How to determine if content should be focused on facts or emotions
  • The So-What test?
  • Starting her own business
  • Where to find copywriters
  • How to become better at copywriting
  • The creative P.S.
  • Why you want to tell stories
  • And SO much more!

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Jun 18, 2019
7: Crafting a 5-Star Experience that Keeps Guests Coming Back with Surf Resort Owner Ru Hill

A data-driven approach. Cutting-edge technology. A rethinking of the traditional corporate reporting structure.

We’re willing to bet you wouldn’t associate these concepts with surfing. But Ru Hill is not an ordinary surfer. He’s a scientifically-minded entrepreneur who has used these ingredients to build an extraordinary business called Surf Simply in Nosara, Costa Rica.

In this episode, Ru reflects on why more than 30% of his guests are repeat visitors (that’s 10X the industry average!) and reveals how he’s been able to improve the customer experience by focusing less on the customer… and more on his 35 team members.

You’ll be blown away by Ru’s explanation of the Peter Principle and how he’s avoided this trap by doing away with a hierarchical reporting structure. He also explains why paying someone more doesn’t necessarily improve their performance. And listen up for the one thing entrepreneurs often get wrong about social media marketing.

So, with guests on a 12-month waiting list, Ru plans to massively scale—right? Listen all the way through to hear what he plans to do next. And subscribe so you won’t miss a show!

In This Episode We Cover:

  • How Ru got started on his business and story behind it
  • What A/B testing is and how it's helped him
  • What artists should do at a young age
  • Tips for finding the right employees
  • His secret to getting repeat customers
  • How to find the right coaches
  • Why he doesn't do performance-based pay
  • Whether you should scale a business or not
  • The factors that make a satisfying life
  • And SO much more!

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Jun 11, 2019
6: How to Manage Your Time Like a Millionaire With Jay Papasan

We all share the same 24 hours… so how do peak performers seem to squeeze in so much more?

Today, you’ll learn the tools author Jay Papasan uses to lead the publishing arm of Keller Williams Realty, all while growing a thriving family business (and raising two kids and a dog named Taco).

For Jay, it’s not just about saying yes or no to opportunities. It’s about setting up systems (a virtual FAQ has saved him countless hours) and putting conditions around his commitments (use the words, “Yes, IF…“).

Jay also goes in-depth on hiring and tells us why it’s a scary but worthwhile exercise to do the math on how much a single bad hire would cost a company.

Looking for that one person who will take your business to the next level? You’ll want to hear about the “missing persons report” Jay uses to stay on the lookout for his next team member and the counterintuitive question he asks himself before each and every hire he makes.

This episode is packed with proven wisdom from one of the sharpest business minds in the game. So make sure you listen through to the end, and subscribe so you won’t miss the next one!

In This Episode We Cover:

  • How to defend your time while still being generous
  • How to scale your influence by organizing events
  • How to set up regular “office hours” for networking
  • Why it takes 30 hours to delegate a 1-hour task
  • Goal-setting strategies for couples
  • The question he asks himself before hiring anyone
  • How to create a “missing persons report” to find new hires
  • And SO much more!

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Jun 04, 2019
5: Disrupting an Ancient Industry by Thinking Differently with Daniel Santana and Chris Bossio

Today’s guests are harnessing technology to change the face of a blue-collar, brick and mortar business that’s been around for 7,000+ years : barbering.

Daniel and Chris break down exactly how they opened their first barbershop in the Tampa Bay area, and how reinvesting the profits allowed them to open 6 more in a few short years. They explain why every entrepreneur should set aside some funds for “oopsies.” And they offer tips on projecting expenses, choosing a location, hiring a team, and conjuring up creative ways to get customers in the door -- guidance that applies to each and every business.

So, can a barbering business really scale?

Theirs does… because they launched a line of barbering products including razors, shears, air compressors, and wireless charging mats. So if you’ve ever considered direct-to-consumer sales, you’ll want to listen for their advice on doing business overseas (hint: hire a consultant!) and growing sales online.

Also, Chris reflects on building a massive Youtube following -- and how providing free education to his 250,000 subscribers helped build his company’s brand and attract high-caliber talent.

If you want to change your industry by taking a fresh approach, this episode will leave you inspired and ready to take action today. Download this one now, and subscribe so you won’t miss the next one!

In This Episode We Cover:

  • How providing free education can be bring a high ROI
  • How their product line began with mixing shave gel in their kitchen
  • What is a gig economy
  • Tips for traveling to China to meet manufacturers
  • How they negotiated a sweet leasing deal with their landlord
  • “Gatorade marketing” to local youth sports teams
  • Becoming the community hub
  • And SO much more!

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May 28, 2019
4: Building a 6-Figure Business Buying and Selling Items Online with Bill and Maida Webster

What does it take to jumpstart your own ecommerce operation right from your home?

That’s the topic of today’s show with Bill and Maida Webster, a “retired” Connecticut couple who launched second careers as eBay sellers in the early 2000s. They came to love the wheeling and dealing—and soon realized the earnings would allow them to avoid dipping into their retirement savings.

As Maida says, “eBay (literally) floats our boat!”

You’ll learn Bill and Maida’s tips for researching comparable sales online and hear how they routinely sell items for as much as 6x the purchase price. They reveal how they source their niche products locally, then market them internationally to create bidding wars (Chinese buyers bidding on a sunglasses case?!).

You won’t want to miss Bill and Maida’s story about how they helped an heir to a famous Hollywood couple by selling their belongings on consignment… OR their story about trying to figure out what to do with a U-Haul truck filled with antique dolls.

Bill and Maida also reflect on working together as a married couple, and how they divide up their responsibilities (and physical workspaces) to avoid driving each other crazy. J and Carol can relate!

This is an entertaining and insightful show that will inspire you to start looking around the house for items to sell. Whether it’s Amazon, Facebook, Craigslist, eBay, or another platform, if you’re looking to create a new income stream by buying and selling online, this episode is a perfect starting point. If you enjoy the episode, make sure you’re subscribed so you won’t miss an episode!

In This Episode We Cover:

  • How Bill and Maid were able to start an online business right after retirement
  • Making your "small business" a "real business"
  • Research and other skillsets that you need to start your eBay business
  • The story of their first customer and first products they sold
  • How the market dictates value
  • How they got to the point of having over 2,500 items in their store
  • How Bill was able to personally ship 23,000 items!
  • Using social media and other sites to increase the visibility of your store
  • Why they decided to do something great in their 60s
  • And SO much more!

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May 21, 2019
3: How to Attract Media Attention and Turn Publicity Into Profit with Brent Underwood

Do you want to know how to get your business noticed by reporters and generate positive press? Today’s guest has made a career out of doing just that. In this episode, he teaches you exactly how to make a splash through innovative (some would say crazy), outside-the-box techniques.

Brent Underwood is a creative marketer who’s done publicity for musical artists, best-selling authors, and his own projects—including a ghost town he bought and plans to turn into a high-end resort.

Today, Brent tells us how his career began with a cold email and how that led to him working with some of the most talented writers and marketers in the country.

Brent also reveals how he gets into the heads of reporters and editors—and how you can do the same. He explains what a “handle” is, and why you need one to get your message to spread.

And you won’t want to miss the most important lessons Brent learned after opening his own hostel in Austin, Texas, and how a goat helped boost business. This show is jam-packed with information that will help you generate buzz and get yourself in front of more clients and customers.

Download it today, and subscribe to the BiggerPockets Business Podcast so you won’t miss an episode!

In This Episode We Cover:

  • Marketing career and Tucker Max story
  • Sending a blind email
  • The type of marketing that his company uses
  • The power of creating an origin story
  • The story of having a goat in the hostel
  • Cost benefit marketing
  • The power of word of mouth
  • The story behind the 300-acre ghost town
  • His thoughts on paid marketing
  • And SO much more!

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May 14, 2019
2: Your Business Shouldn’t Make You Miserable. How to Ensure It Doesn’t with Trevor Mauch, Founder of

Think about your typical work day.

Which activities drain you? Which energize you? And which do you wish you were doing more of?

Asking these questions changed Trevor Mauch’s life for the better. In this episode, he guides us through an exercise that can help you do the same!

For Trevor, it all began after a scary wake-up call. It wasn’t that his software company wasn’t doing well. In fact, Carrot—which builds high-converting websites for real estate investors and agents—recently landed on Inc.’s list of fastest-growing companies. Trevor even had enough cash to buy the domain name for a jaw-dropping sum (you’ll learn just how much).

Instead, the wake-up call was a near-tragedy brought on by his hardcore “hustle and grind” mentality. At that moment, Trevor realized that working nights and weekends wasn’t sustainable. It also wasn’t helping the company, because that routine wasn’t allowing him to grow as a leader.

Today, Trevor reveals the system you can use to delegate tasks that drain your energy (even if you’re great at them!). He also drops some great tips for ranking higher in Google and how creating local “content with context” can help you beat out bigger, better-funded competitors. And he reflects on how building a strong, clearly-defined brand has helped attract some of his most valuable team members.

The result is an episode that’s part motivational speech, part marketing masterclass. So download, subscribe, and leave us a rating and review if you enjoy it!

In This Episode We Cover:

  • How Trevor started his journey to entrepreneurship
  • Building a valuable asset that matters
  • Predictable, consistent finances
  • Focus on unique abilities
  • Singular focus on the big thing
  • Why he thinks building a company around your passion is a path to potential failure
  • The Energy Audit
  • How to build a strong brand
  • Importance of having a great team
  • Practical tips for ranking on Google
  • The domain name story
  • And SO much more!

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May 07, 2019
1: How to Turn a Hobby Into a Booming Business (Then Get Your Life Back): The BiggerPockets Story with Joshua Dorkin

If you think you know Joshua Dorkin’s whole story... think again.

In this debut episode, the BiggerPockets founder reveals exactly how he bootstrapped a hobby site into the world’s biggest online community of real estate investors. How he worked 100-hour weeks in his basement (and boxers). And how somewhere along the way, it dawned on him that he’d built a “lifestyle business” that left him with no real life.

Joshua traces the business back to the days when Myspace was hot, and gives tips for building an online community that still resonate today. He describes a few moments when he almost quit ($15,000 for a website that didn’t work?!), and reflects on why he waited 8 years to make that game-changing first hire (Brandon!).

But for as many lives as BiggerPockets has touched, this episode is about something more profound than one company’s growth. You’ll learn what that is when Joshua reveals why he’s been out of the public eye lately, and the reason he stepped back from day-to-day operations just as BiggerPockets reaches new heights.

This show will give you a lot to think about -- whether you run your own business or you’re just thinking about taking that leap. It’s a perfect jumping-off point as we launch the BiggerPockets Business Podcast, and help one another make a real positive impact on the lives of our customers, our teams, and our families.

Listen now and make sure you’re subscribed so you don’t miss an episode. And follow BiggerPockets Business on Instagram @BiggerPocketsBusiness!

In This Episode We Cover:

  • Joshua’s eclectic career path before founding BiggerPockets
  • His first disastrous foray into long-distance real estate investing
  • The void he sought to fill when he launched BiggerPockets
  • How he attracted members to the site by providing value in other online communities
  • The moment he broke down and almost quit
  • How hiring a consultant led him to hire his first full-time employee, Brandon Turner
  • Why employee “fit” is more important than impressive credentials
  • Why sticking to his principles (no gurus, no upselling) was good for longterm business
  • Why he decided not to return to day-to-day operations after taking a leave of absence
  • How he negotiated a partial exit from the business by bringing on a private equity firm
  • And SO much more!

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May 02, 2019

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Apr 16, 2019