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By J Scott, Carol Scott, Bigger Pockets

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Okenna oparah
 May 13, 2019
always admired j. Scott's success and an early fan of his blog. looking forward to getting a front row seat to his business knowledge!

 May 10, 2019
interesting podcast with dynamic hosts, excited to see where it goes!


Welcome to a real-world MBA, where entrepreneurs guide you through what it really takes to start, scale, and sell your own business. Your hosts: J and Carol Scott, who left careers in corporate management to launch their own house-flipping business. Every Tuesday, you'll meet a new guest and learn actionable tips for hiring, firing, marketing, raising capital and more. So whether you're looking to boost profits or bring a new idea to life, you'll come away informed and inspired. Tune in, and learn how to treat your business like a business!

Episode Date
#04: Building a 6-Figure Business Buying and Selling Items Online with Bill and Maida Webster

What does it take to jumpstart your own ecommerce operation right from your home?

That’s the topic of today’s show with Bill and Maida Webster, a “retired” Connecticut couple who launched second careers as eBay sellers in the early 2000s. They came to love the wheeling and dealing—and soon realized the earnings would allow them to avoid dipping into their retirement savings.

As Maida says, “eBay (literally) floats our boat!”

You’ll learn Bill and Maida’s tips for researching comparable sales online and hear how they routinely sell items for as much as 6x the purchase price. They reveal how they source their niche products locally, then market them internationally to create bidding wars (Chinese buyers bidding on a sunglasses case?!).

You won’t want to miss Bill and Maida’s story about how they helped an heir to a famous Hollywood couple by selling their belongings on consignment… OR their story about trying to figure out what to do with a U-Haul truck filled with antique dolls.

Bill and Maida also reflect on working together as a married couple, and how they divide up their responsibilities (and physical workspaces) to avoid driving each other crazy. J and Carol can relate!

This is an entertaining and insightful show that will inspire you to start looking around the house for items to sell. Whether it’s Amazon, Facebook, Craigslist, eBay, or another platform, if you’re looking to create a new income stream by buying and selling online, this episode is a perfect starting point. If you enjoy the episode, make sure you’re subscribed so you won’t miss an episode!

In This Episode We Cover:

  • How Bill and Maid were able to start an online business right after retirement
  • Making your "small business" a "real business"
  • Research and other skillsets that you need to start your eBay business
  • The story of their first customer and first products they sold
  • How the market dictates value
  • How they got to the point of having over 2,500 items in their store
  • How Bill was able to personally ship 23,000 items!
  • Using social media and other sites to increase the visibility of your store
  • Why they decided to do something great in their 60s
  • And SO much more!

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May 21, 2019
#03: How to Attract Media Attention and Turn Publicity Into Profit with Brent Underwood

Do you want to know how to get your business noticed by reporters and generate positive press? Today’s guest has made a career out of doing just that. In this episode, he teaches you exactly how to make a splash through innovative (some would say crazy), outside-the-box techniques.

Brent Underwood is a creative marketer who’s done publicity for musical artists, best-selling authors, and his own projects—including a ghost town he bought and plans to turn into a high-end resort.

Today, Brent tells us how his career began with a cold email and how that led to him working with some of the most talented writers and marketers in the country.

Brent also reveals how he gets into the heads of reporters and editors—and how you can do the same. He explains what a “handle” is, and why you need one to get your message to spread.

And you won’t want to miss the most important lessons Brent learned after opening his own hostel in Austin, Texas, and how a goat helped boost business. This show is jam-packed with information that will help you generate buzz and get yourself in front of more clients and customers.

Download it today, and subscribe to the BiggerPockets Business Podcast so you won’t miss an episode!

In This Episode We Cover:

  • Marketing career and Tucker Max story
  • Sending a blind email
  • The type of marketing that his company uses
  • The power of creating an origin story
  • The story of having a goat in the hostel
  • Cost benefit marketing
  • The power of word of mouth
  • The story behind the 300-acre ghost town
  • His thoughts on paid marketing
  • And SO much more!

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May 14, 2019
#02: Your Business Shouldn’t Make You Miserable. How to Ensure It Doesn’t with Trevor Mauch, Founder of

Think about your typical work day.

Which activities drain you? Which energize you? And which do you wish you were doing more of?

Asking these questions changed Trevor Mauch’s life for the better. In this episode, he guides us through an exercise that can help you do the same!

For Trevor, it all began after a scary wake-up call. It wasn’t that his software company wasn’t doing well. In fact, Carrot—which builds high-converting websites for real estate investors and agents—recently landed on Inc.’s list of fastest-growing companies. Trevor even had enough cash to buy the domain name for a jaw-dropping sum (you’ll learn just how much).

Instead, the wake-up call was a near-tragedy brought on by his hardcore “hustle and grind” mentality. At that moment, Trevor realized that working nights and weekends wasn’t sustainable. It also wasn’t helping the company, because that routine wasn’t allowing him to grow as a leader.

Today, Trevor reveals the system you can use to delegate tasks that drain your energy (even if you’re great at them!). He also drops some great tips for ranking higher in Google and how creating local “content with context” can help you beat out bigger, better-funded competitors. And he reflects on how building a strong, clearly-defined brand has helped attract some of his most valuable team members.

The result is an episode that’s part motivational speech, part marketing masterclass. So download, subscribe, and leave us a rating and review if you enjoy it!

In This Episode We Cover:

  • How Trevor started his journey to entrepreneurship
  • Building a valuable asset that matters
  • Predictable, consistent finances
  • Focus on unique abilities
  • Singular focus on the big thing
  • Why he thinks building a company around your passion is a path to potential failure
  • The Energy Audit
  • How to build a strong brand
  • Importance of having a great team
  • Practical tips for ranking on Google
  • The domain name story
  • And SO much more!

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May 07, 2019
#01: How to Turn a Hobby Into a Booming Business (Then Get Your Life Back): The BiggerPockets Story with Joshua Dorkin

If you think you know Joshua Dorkin’s whole story... think again.

In this debut episode, the BiggerPockets founder reveals exactly how he bootstrapped a hobby site into the world’s biggest online community of real estate investors. How he worked 100-hour weeks in his basement (and boxers). And how somewhere along the way, it dawned on him that he’d built a “lifestyle business” that left him with no real life.

Joshua traces the business back to the days when Myspace was hot, and gives tips for building an online community that still resonate today. He describes a few moments when he almost quit ($15,000 for a website that didn’t work?!), and reflects on why he waited 8 years to make that game-changing first hire (Brandon!).

But for as many lives as BiggerPockets has touched, this episode is about something more profound than one company’s growth. You’ll learn what that is when Joshua reveals why he’s been out of the public eye lately, and the reason he stepped back from day-to-day operations just as BiggerPockets reaches new heights.

This show will give you a lot to think about -- whether you run your own business or you’re just thinking about taking that leap. It’s a perfect jumping-off point as we launch the BiggerPockets Business Podcast, and help one another make a real positive impact on the lives of our customers, our teams, and our families.

Listen now and make sure you’re subscribed so you don’t miss an episode. And follow BiggerPockets Business on Instagram @BiggerPocketsBusiness!

In This Episode We Cover:

  • Joshua’s eclectic career path before founding BiggerPockets
  • His first disastrous foray into long-distance real estate investing
  • The void he sought to fill when he launched BiggerPockets
  • How he attracted members to the site by providing value in other online communities
  • The moment he broke down and almost quit
  • How hiring a consultant led him to hire his first full-time employee, Brandon Turner
  • Why employee “fit” is more important than impressive credentials
  • Why sticking to his principles (no gurus, no upselling) was good for longterm business
  • Why he decided not to return to day-to-day operations after taking a leave of absence
  • How he negotiated a partial exit from the business by bringing on a private equity firm
  • And SO much more!

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May 02, 2019

Welcome to a real-world MBA for entrepreneurs. This show guides you through what it's really like to go into business for yourself.

Your hosts are J and Carol Scott, former corporate managers-turned-house flippers. Every Tuesday, you'll meet founders, marketers, and side hustlers and learn lessons from the trenches of entrepreneurship.

From the team that brought you the BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast and the BiggerPockets Money Podcast (65 million combined downloads)... This is BiggerPockets Business. 

Episode 1 drops May 2nd... subscribe and stay tuned!

Apr 16, 2019