Spousal Support

By Jaana & Paul Peltekian

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Category: Kids & Family

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Spousal Support is a new podcast+youtube show where we (Jaana & Paul) venture down endless rabbit holes of humorously honest discussions about our marriage, raising our amazing son with special needs and any and all things life. We hope you’ll join us on this journey as we are beyond excited to bring our story.

Episode Date
SSP Ep013 - "Mommy Summer Camp Woes" - Dealing with the 24-7 Mind-F That Is Summertime Parenting

In this episode we dive deep into the challenges of parenting during summer break. Once the summer schools and day camps have closed for the season, some of us (Jaana that is) still has a few weeks of mommy entertaining to do before school is back in session. How do we cope with our child's constant need to be entertained? We explore how we as parents of our generation have become so much more over-protective of our children than our parents were with us. How were our summers different as kids versus how we are now raising our own children. What has caused this major shift in parenting?  

Aug 22, 2019
SSP Ep012 - "Our Special Guest Is..."

In this episode we get to interview our very first and most special guest!

Jul 23, 2019
SSP Ep011 - "The One Where We Talk About Parenting" - How we've worked through different parenting styles and approaches

In this episode we discuss an age old issue in marriages and parenting; different parenting styles & approaches. What do we do when one parent disagrees or goes against the wishes of the other parent? How do we deal when one spouse takes a completely different disciplinary path or gives into a childs "wants" when the other spouse/parent has already laid down the law? We dive deep into all this and more in episode 11.

Jul 09, 2019
SSP Ep010 - "Listener Q&A" - You asked, we told!

On this episode we have answers to a wide range of listener questions from what our favorite dave matthews band song is to what we wish we knew about labor or caring for a newborn all the way to what syndrome Stevie has, Jaana's sewing and how we found Fergus.

Jul 02, 2019
SSP Ep009 - "Just the Tips!" - Marriage Survival Tips for Parents

In this episode we discuss several survival tips that have helped us keep a strong marriage and some personal sanity while raising our son with special needs. From monthly date nights to exploring personal hobbies.

Jun 25, 2019
SSP Ep008 - "Shit Happens, So Go On Vacation" - Vacations Make People Happy!

In this episode we dive into some of our latest travel adventures to Mexico, our future travel plans, traveling with kids, traveling sans kid, traveling alone sans spouse and so much more.

Jun 13, 2019
SSP Ep007 - "The Life Before" - How Becoming Parents Changed Us

In this episode we discuss our son's heart procedure and the outcome and future plans. We also take a superficial look into what life was like before having our son 8 years ago and then a deeper look at how he's changed us as humans for the better.

May 28, 2019
SSP Ep006 - "Minimalist to the Max" - Fast Fashion And The Great Clothing Purge

In this episode we jump head first into Jaana's 4 year transformation with leaving behind her addicition of fast fashion (Gap, Old Navy, Target, H&M etc) and how she adopted a new way of mindful shopping for clothes as investments. We also discuss the upcycling, thrifting and re-selling.

May 22, 2019
SSP Ep005 - "Expectation vs. Reality" - Coming to Terms with Raising a Child with Special Needs

On this episode, we discuss the challenges of raising a son with special needs and the emotional dilemma it can have on us as his parents. Our discussion dives deep into the daily struggle of where and how to place our expectations with the hard reality of his abilities both physically, mentally and emotionally. Are we setting our son up to fail by putting him in situations where we have an expectation of him to behave according to "social norms" when he may or may not have the emotional and behavioral ability to do so? Are we putting too much pressure on him and ourselves to be something that he is not and never will? 

May 13, 2019
SSP Ep004 - "What A Time To Be Alive" - Ask Your Partner Anything Day!

On today's episode we have a little embarassing fun where we get to ask each other any question we want from a list of "50 Conversation Starters For Couples." 

May 07, 2019
SSP Ep003 - "Low Energy Person" - Fitness After Forty 40


On this episode, we discuss all the highs and mostly lows of fitness after the age of forty (40). Paul talks about how he was the least athletic person growing up and after gaining over 50 lbs after high school and throughout his twenties, he began to adobt a healthier lifestyle and has actually enjoyed exercise since he started 5 years ago. Jaana, not so much. Jaana talks about the motivating factors of diet and exercise and how much it's been a challenge to continue to exercise 4 days a week when she's not seeing the big changes she hoped for.

Apr 17, 2019
SSP Ep002 - "The King & I" - Our Origin Story


On this episode, we discuss the early days of when we first started dating, and how our relationship has evolved over the years after getting marring and having a baby. We share some integral marriage advice for new parents, as well as, the joys of cursing in front of our kid and the future of having more kids or maybe just more pets!

Apr 17, 2019
SSP Ep001 - "Today's The Day" - The Ups And Downs Of Marriage & Parenting...


On this episode, we (Jaana & Paul ) embark on our first ever podcast show where we discuss life, marriage and parenting with a light-hearted and humorous look. Diving head first with a recap of the past week with our son's heart procedure and some backstory of his congenital heart defects and previous surgeries as a newborn. We discuss some of his special needs challenges, how we cope with those challenges as parents, the impending doom of turning 40, our upcoming trip to Mexico, the weird world of ASMR and making money on youtube and so much more!

Apr 17, 2019