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A midday nursing passion pick-me-up sharing tips/tricks, dissecting the realities behind the career and celebrating the unique world and lifestyle of nursing! Please be advised that all HIPAA laws are followed, and all opinions shared are not affiliated with any health system or corporation.

Episode Date
Welcome to the hospital! Can I take your order?!
The dream team is back from a much needed vacation to spill and whine about one of our favorite break-room topics: Patient Satisfaction Surveys! You all know them and love them in your own special way. Join us for some good ole nurse spit fire as we give you our personal experiences with this controversial feedback.
Sep 16, 2019
Rapid Bolus: Nurse Ivory’s Confessions
Time for a quick bit of transparency as we open up about some errors that became great learning lessons in your career!
Aug 16, 2019
Rapid Bolus: Nurse Ebony’s Confession
Time for a quick bit of transparency as we open up about some errors that became great learning lessons in your career!
Aug 14, 2019
[13] You Made That Up...
There are rules every hospital gives that need to be followed, and then there are the unspoken rules you learn along the way. Ebony & Ivory give you the their top three bylaws they’ve learned thru the years at the bedside (on the floor and the ER).
Aug 05, 2019
[12] A Race To Judgement
Oh, I gets pretty serious this episode. This week, Ebony and Ivory dive into a necessary conversation about racism inside the nursing field. This is a huge topic that can be discussed for multiple episodes, but take a listen as they do their best to give their perspective racial prejudice at the bedside.
Jul 29, 2019
[11] Selfish Series: Vacations
Back away from the nursing station, and book you some “me time”. This week Ebony and Ivory discuss ensuring you break away from nursing and making the best of your time off on vacation.
Jul 22, 2019
[10] The Balancing Act
Happy Monday and your favorite host are back with a full episode sponsored by @thenurseclub! This week Ebony & Ivory get candid with some helpful (and not so helpful at times) tips on how they manage to balance work and life outside the hospital. From gentrified leftovers and high class sleep rooms, tune in as they divulge their personal routines and more!!
Jul 15, 2019
Rapid Bolus: Nurse Ebony’s Most Memorable Patient
Disclaimer: this Bolus contains a descriptive story detailing sexual abuse, and can be triggering and harmful to some. Please listen at your own discretion as Ebony recalls one fateful night in the ER that has followed her thru her career journey. All HIPAA laws are adhered to, and all opinions shared do not reflect that of our employer.
Jul 10, 2019
Rapid Bolus: Nurse Ivory’s Most Memorable Patient
Introducing a new segment called: Rapid Bolus!!! This are mini podcast feature stories and personal memories from our career that we may not be able to cover on an episode of Refreshments and Narcotics!! All HIPAA laws are respected, and any opinions expressed do not reflect those of our employers.
Jul 08, 2019
[9]Im not a doctor, I just play one on TV...
June is over?! JULYIN 😂😂 This New episode is to help distract you from the new influx of doctors swarming your unit, and get a laugh on that much needed lunch break. We had the pleasure to sit with @jjohnson313 from @shoptalkpodcast along with @thebeigebishop from @partfavorspodcast as they flaunt their Made For TV medical degrees! Ebony and Ivory year how well medical shows have informed their viewers for a fun relaxing episode..
Jul 01, 2019
[8]Selfish Series: Entrepreneurship
It’s time to be selfish, and for this Selfish Series is we will explore entrepreneurship with a help of two growing experts. Joined by Carolyn (@rnonamission) , owner of RN on a Mission, LLC and Cat Golden (@nineliveshealth) of Nine Lives Health and Nurses Inspire Nurses, we explore how entrepreneurship is a form of self care, the peaks and pits of being your own boss, what is the first step to pursuing a passion beyond the bedside and more. Please be advised that all HIPAA laws are followed, and all opinions shared are not affiliated with any health system or corporation.
Jun 24, 2019
[7]OMG, I hate my job...
Let’s set aside all therapeutic communication, and get down to some naked truths. Ebony and Ivory pull back the iron curtain, and talk about some not so pleasant occurrences you new nurses may encounter as you get adjusted to Nurse life! From hazing, burnout, antisocial physicians and butt blood...they dish it all.
Jun 17, 2019
[6]Make those money moves: Life after graduation
You graduated?!?! Cool story, now what’s next. Ebony and Ivory let you in on some real life tips on how to conquer the fire breathing dragon NCLEX, becoming gainfully employed and knowing your worth 🤑🤑. We are joined by Tonya, creator, FNP and boss lady of The Nursing Goals Shop who was gracious enough to pop our interview cherry, and help guide our listeners down the right path.
Jun 10, 2019
[5]Hashtag Surviving Nursing School
It’s not Thursday but we are going to throw it back to the “gold old days” of written care plans, Nursing portfolios 💼 and “select all that applies” answers. Nurse Ebony and Ivory give out their seasoned pro tips to surviving the trenches and mountains of nursing school.
Jun 03, 2019
[4]Selfish Series: Therapy
At the end of each month, our selfish series will touch on the multifaceted topic of self care. Self care is a broad topic that ranges from spiritual, physical, mental and financial health. Though all of our experiences are different, we can benefit from courses of other. Join Nurse Ivory and Nurse Ebony as they get really personal about their journeys with mental health and therapy. We conclude Mental Health Awareness month with a raw conversation many can relate to when it comes to the balance of career and mental stability. If you’re having thoughts of harming yourself or anyone else please call 1-800-273-8255
May 27, 2019
[3]It’s Okay to Be Mean
Nurse Ivory takes you into a dark world of mastering how to be a professionally mean nurse while still receiving praise. We also tip our hat and shake our head at Grey’s Anatomy’s attempt at showcasing a “mean nurse” during P.C.A.
May 20, 2019
[2]Woosaah 😎....
We hope you all enjoyed your Nurse’s Week and the “gifts” that comes with it. Join in on the conversation as we talk about maintaining your compassion in the face of challenges and adversity. And if that’s not enough, P.C.A. takes the time to correct Guinness Book of Whatever for yet another nursing inaccuracies. Follow us on Instagram @randnpodcast and Facebook @ Refreshments and Narcotics Podcast
May 13, 2019
[1]Let’s Take 30...
Happy Nurse’s Week and welcome to our debut episode! Get to know your host and find out how we became nurse soulmates. We discuss the hot topic of Senator Walsh, and the importance of taking a REAL break. This weeks “Witness My Waste” comes from the popular Instagram @nurselifern. Follow us @randnpodcast and send us in your best stories to be read on an upcoming episode! 🎶 Skye Allen: Children of the Corn
May 06, 2019