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By Morningstar

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Expand your investing horizons and look to the long term. Join hosts Christine Benz and Jeff Ptak as they talk to influential leaders in investing, advice, and personal finance about a wide-range of topics, such as asset allocation and balancing risk and return.

Episode Date
Tim Buckley: There’s No One Even Close to Us
Our guest in this special bonus episode of The Long View podcast is Tim Buckley, chairman and CEO of the Vanguard Group, which manages over $5 trillion in assets globally. Tim took the helm at Vanguard in January 2018, succeeding his predecessor, Bill McNabb. Tim is a longtime Vanguard veteran, having joined the firm in 1991. Before assuming his current role, Tim served as Vanguard’s chief investment officer, head of its retail investor group, as well as its chief information officer. In this mini-episode, which was recorded live at the 31st annual Morningstar Investment Conference in Chicago, we discuss the significance of Vanguard’s recent Morningstar award for Investing Excellence, which the firm received for “exemplary stewardship”. We also addressed how Vanguard attempts to balance growth with delivering good outcomes to clients, its capital allocation philosophy and key initiatives, the future of advice, the trend toward “free” funds, as well as the firm’s recent forays into sustainable investing, among other topics.
May 24, 2019
Morgan Housel: No One Hires a Luck Manager
Our guest for this week’s installment of The Long View podcast is Morgan Housel. Morgan is a partner at the Collaborative Fund, a venture capital firm that makes investments in firms that in its words are “at the intersection of for-profit and for-good." A former columnist at the Motley Fool and the Wall Street Journal, Morgan has become one of the most prolific and insightful writers on the investment decision-making process, as evidenced by his impressive body of work on the Collaborative Fund website’s blog. Morgan joined us in this live recording of The Long View from the 31st annual Morningstar Investment Conference in Chicago. Our interview covered a lot of ground, from how Morgan found his way into the finance, to the role he plays at Collaborative Fund, to a host of other personal- and behavioral-finance topics that draw on his work.
May 22, 2019
Don Phillips: We’re All in the Behavior Modification Business
Our guest this week is Morningstar managing director Don Phillips. Don was Morningstar’s first mutual fund analyst and eventually became CEO of the firm; he established Morningstar’s independent voice and mentored scores of analysts. He also helped bring about a lot of the tools that investors today take for granted, such as the Morningstar style box and the Morningstar rating. Throughout his career Don has worked to enact positive change in the fund industry, speaking out on issues such as misleading advertising and high-fee funds as well as the need for better shareholder disclosures. In this broad-ranging interview, Don discusses his path from a paper boy investor in Templeton Growth Fund to a job analyzing mutual funds at Chicago startup Morningstar in the mid-1980s. He also opines on the industry’s evolution from the opaque, sales-driven culture that he encountered 30 years ago to its current emphasis on transparency and very low costs.
May 15, 2019
William Bernstein: If You've Won the Game, Stop Playing
Our guest this week is noted author and advisor, William Bernstein. Bill’s background and entree to finance is unique—a neurologist by training, Bill self-taught himself the principles of investing and asset allocation, eventually parlaying that knowledge into a successful financial advisory practice and a series of influential, critically acclaimed books such as "The Intelligent Asset Allocator." In this conversation, we explore Bill’s background and how it shaped his development and thinking as an investor and how he applies those lessons in working with clients who are trying to meet goals like a comfortable, secure retirement.
May 01, 2019