She Persisted: Your Teen Mental Health Resource

By Sadie Sutton

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Category: Mental Health

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She Persisted is THE teen mental health podcast—made for teens, by a teen. In each episode, Sadie brings you authentic, accessible, relatable conversations about every aspect of mental wellness. Expect evidence-based, teen-approved resources, coping skills (lots of DBT), insights, and education in each piece of content you consume. She Persisted offers you a safe space to feel validated and understood in your struggle while encouraging you to take ownership of your journey and build your life worth living. She Persisted host Sadie Sutton is a 19-year-old aspiring clinical psychologist at the University of Pennsylvania. At 14 Sadie underwent a year and a half of intensive treatment (3East McLean Hospital + a therapeutic boarding school) for severe depression and anxiety. Compelled to share her wisdom and tips from her journey, She Persisted was born. A firm believer that if we’re not progressing, we’re regressing, Sadie is always looking for ways to expand her mental health toolbox and broaden her perspective on the world—and of course, bringing you along for the journey. Instagram + TikTok: @shepersistedpodcast Email: Website: © 2020 She Persisted LLC. This podcast is copyrighted subject matter owned by She Persisted LLC.

Episode Date
161. A Parent’s Guide to Teen Mental Health feat. Ann Coleman
Sep 24, 2023
160. Gigi Robinson on Chronic Illness, Social Media Influencers, & Sharing Your Story
Sep 18, 2023
159. Back to School Advice, Creating School/Life Balance, & My Junior Year Goals - SOLO EP
Sep 10, 2023
158. Your TikTok Therapist on Gen Z Mental Health, Staying Optimistic, and Talking to Your Parents About Your Mental Health
Sep 03, 2023
157. Overcoming Loneliness & Isolation as a Teen feat. Dr. Caroline Fenkel
Aug 25, 2023
156. Tracking Your Mental Health: Diary Cards, Bullet Journaling, Apps, & More - SOLO EP
Aug 22, 2023
155. Are You a Perfectionist?: The 3 Types of Perfectionism & How You Can Achieve Your Goals WITHOUT It feat. Nicole Baker
Aug 13, 2023
154. Erin Treloar on Overcoming Anorexia, Silencing off the Eating Disorder "Voice," and Stepping into Self Love
Jul 22, 2023
153. EMOTIONAL VULNERABILITY: How Teenagers Can Understand & Regulate their Emotions!
Jul 01, 2023
152. Healing Your Relationship with Health: Diet Culture, Exercise, Eating Disorders, & More feat Abbie Stasior
Jun 26, 2023
151. YOUR COLLEGE APPLICATION GUIDE: How to Write Your Essays, Build Your Resume, & More! feat. Kate Stone
Jun 19, 2023
150. Mental Health in College Q+A: Burnout, Getting Rejected, Stress, & Self-Care
Jun 04, 2023
149. How to THRIVE as a College Student aka YOUR ULTIMATE COLLEGE TOOLKIT feat Dr. Olivo & Dr. Seidler
May 29, 2023
148. Should You Discuss Mental Health When Applying to College? feat. Emi Nietfeld
May 20, 2023
147. What Every College Student Should Know: Mental Health Do’s and Don’ts feat. The College Psychiatrist
May 13, 2023
146. How to Stop Rejecting Reality & Avoiding Improvement: Skills You NEED if You’re Struggling
May 05, 2023
145. 7 Steps for Getting Better Sleep feat. Nicole Shallow
Apr 29, 2023
144. Dr. Nicole LePera on Intergenerational Trauma, Anxiety, Ego States, & Advice for Teens
Apr 20, 2023
143. EXPOSURE THERAPY: Exactly How to Reduce Anxiety, OCD, & Avoidance
Apr 13, 2023
142. ADHD Explained: Advice for Teens & Adults with ADHD feat. Kristen Carder
Apr 06, 2023
141. Losing a Loved One to Suicide: What Alexandra Wyman Wants You to Know
Mar 30, 2023
140. Q+A: Trusting Yourself, Willfulness, Advocating for Your Needs, & Building Healthy Relationships
Mar 23, 2023
139. A Therapist's Guide to Why We Get Stuck & Ways to Move Forward feat. Britt Frank
Mar 16, 2023
138. How to Survive a Panic Attack - SOLO EP
Mar 09, 2023
137. The Hidden Dangers of Social Media Use: Mental Health Risks for Teens Online & How Parents Can Help feat. Dr. Lisa Strohman
Mar 02, 2023
136. TEEN TREATMENT PROGRAMS: Tips for Parents & Teens on Finding the Right Treatment Program ft. Dr. Justin Mohatt
Feb 23, 2023
135. Q+A: Self-Care, School Burnout, Social Media, Seeking Help, & More!
Feb 16, 2023
134. ELLIE ZEILER’s Advice for Teens: Mental Health, Relationships, Confidence, Social Media, & More!
Feb 09, 2023
133. EATING DISORDERS: Signs, Symptoms, Social Media, & Support Systems feat. Dr. Sam DeCaro
Feb 02, 2023
132. 10 Coping Skills You NEED to Know - DBT Education
Jan 26, 2023
131. Why We Struggle with Our Emotions & Ways to Build Emotional Intelligence feat. Jay Fields
Jan 19, 2023
130. Making Goals and Getting Motivated: Easy Ways to Increase Productivity & Achieve Your Ambitions feat. Kate Stone
Jan 12, 2023
129. New Years Resolutions For Your Mental Health: SMART Goals, My 2023 Intentions, + More
Jan 05, 2023
128. Ally Petitti on Anxiety, Health and Childhood Struggles, & Advice for Teens
Dec 27, 2022
127. Getting Through Grief: Tips for Processing Grief and Healing Your Heart feat. Sharon Brubaker
Dec 20, 2022
126. YOUR MENTAL HEALTH TOOLKIT for the Holiday Season (Navigating Finals Stress, Family Relationships, Seasonal Depression, + Body Image)
Dec 13, 2022
125. Tips for Teens: Relationships, College Apps, Finals Stress & More! feat. Talk With Zach
Dec 06, 2022
124. Generational Healing: Nancy Diaz on Identity Struggles & Trauma for Multicultural Women of Color
Nov 29, 2022
123. Q+A: Staying Healthy in College, Eating Habits, Starting Therapy, & More!
Nov 22, 2022
122. Ending Institutionalized Child Abuse feat. Breaking Code Silence - THE TROUBLED TEEN INDUSTRY
Nov 15, 2022
121. Mary's Cup of Tea on Healing Your Body Image through Journaling, Social Media, College, & More!
Nov 08, 2022
120. Mental Health Habits to Decrease Emotional Vulnerability & Sustain Recovery
Nov 05, 2022
119. A TEEN'S GUIDE TO THERAPY: Finding a Therapist, Avoiding Red Flags, Unique Challenges, and Breaking Up with your Therapist feat. Shani Tran
Oct 25, 2022
118. Dr. Sasha Heinz on Improving Your Life with Developmental + Positive Psychology Principles
Oct 20, 2022
117. How I Get the Most Out of Therapy + Feel Seen in Sessions - SOLO EP
Oct 17, 2022
116. Lindsey Simcik on Being Okay with Being Single, Using Discipline to Find Freedom, Thriving in the Chaos of College
Oct 06, 2022
115. SUICIDE PREVENTION: What to Expect When Calling 988 + Reasons to Have Hope feat. Adia Fadaei
Sep 25, 2022
114. SUICIDE PREVENTION: My Experience, Crisis Survival Skills, + Long-Term Recovery
Sep 18, 2022
113. How to Make New Friends, Overcome Loneliness, + Combat Social Anxiety with Friendship Expert Dr. Marisa Franco
Sep 08, 2022
112. Struggling with Depression as a Perfectionist: Dr. Margaret Rutherford on Perfectly Hidden Depression
Aug 31, 2022
111. What Does Therapy Mean to You? feat. Ashley Blaine Featherson-Jenkins
Aug 19, 2022
110. AMA: Habit Tracking, Mental Health Book Recommendations, + Treatment Storytimes - SOLO EP
Aug 12, 2022
109. Understanding Depression: Causes, Cognitions, Comorbidity, + Coping Featuring UPenn Professor Ayelet Ruscio PhD
Aug 05, 2022
108. Michael Slepian PhD on The Psychology of Secrets + How to Be More Vulnerable
Jul 28, 2022
107. Working Through Difficult Emotions and Suicidal Thoughts feat. Liz + Mollie
Jul 21, 2022
106. Dr. Judy Ho on Why We Self-Sabotage + How to Stop
Jul 10, 2022
105. Mental Health Advice for College Students: Tips to Master Your Routine, Relationships, Rest, Recreation, and Resources
Jun 30, 2022
104. Sleep Deprivation, Insomnia, + Night Routine Tips for Teens feat. Generation Sleepless Authors Heather Turgeon + Julie Wright
Jun 23, 2022
103. How to Optimize Your Therapy Sessions feat. ShrinkChick's Emmalee Bierly + Jennifer Chaiken
Jun 18, 2022
102. High School, College Apps, Dating, Podcast Growth, + More feat. The Girly Girl Podcast's Carmen Applegate
Jun 09, 2022
101. Auschwitz Survivor Dr. Edith Eger on Living in the Present, Uncertainty, Suppressed Emotions, and Inner Dialogues
Jun 02, 2022
100. My Top 10 Mental Health Tips from 100 Episodes + 4 Years of Depression Recovery
May 27, 2022
99. ACNE 101 feat. CLEARSTEM Founders Danielle Gronich + Kayleigh Christina
May 19, 2022
98. Whitney Goodman, LMFT on Toxic Positivity, Invalidation, + What Happens When We Suppress Emotions
May 04, 2022
97. truth x She Persisted: A Roundtable Discussion on Vaping, Teen Nicotine Use, and Quitting Substances as a Young Adult
Apr 26, 2022
96. Eileen Kelly on DBT at McLean, Her Treatment Takeaways, + the Day-to-Day of Living in a Mental Hosptial
Apr 22, 2022
95. 5 Skills to Regulate Your Emotions, Decrease Emotional Vulnerability, + Build Your Life Worth Living
Apr 14, 2022
94. Staying Healthy in College: Managing Sleep, Stress, Exercise, Nutrition, Substances, and More feat. Jill + Dave Henry
Apr 07, 2022
93. Manifesting Your Mental Health feat. Efia Sulter
Mar 31, 2022
92. Reclaiming Your Life and Identity After Trauma + PTSD feat. Michele Rosenthal
Mar 25, 2022
91. Why You're Experiencing Anxiety + A Therapist's Advice on How to Cope feat. Tara Bixby
Mar 16, 2022
90. Crisis Survival 101: Coping Skills, SUDs Scores, + My Recommendations
Mar 09, 2022
89. Bailey Stanworth on Social Media + Mental Health: Societal Influence, Creating Boundaries, + Virtual Vulnerability
Mar 02, 2022
88. The Neuroscience of PTSD, Traumatic Experiences, and Emotion Regulation feat. Madeline Bailey
Feb 22, 2022
87. Being the CEO of Your Life: Developing Leadership Skills, Taking Ownership, + Support Systems feat. Sarah Hernholm
Feb 15, 2022
86. The Teenage Girl's Guide to Increasing Confidence, Self-Esteem, and Self-Love feat. The Teen Life Coach, Sami Halvorsen
Feb 08, 2022
85. The Emotion Education you Should Have Gotten: Evolutionary Causes, Core Emotions, Primary vs. Secondary, and How to Cope
Feb 01, 2022
84. Andrea Arlington on Reparenting, Healing Generational Trauma, and Family Recovery
Jan 25, 2022
83. Freeing Yourself from Stress + Struggle by Understanding the Human Experience feat. Beth Segaloff
Jan 17, 2022
82. How to Let Go of Expectations + Improve Your Self-Talk feat. Paige Tonz
Jan 12, 2022
81. Dr. Aliza Pressman on Parenting Styles, Improving Parent-Child Relationships, and Navigating Conflict
Jan 05, 2022
80. Surviving Teenage Depression + Anxiety: FAQs, Intensive Treatment, DBT, Coping Skills, + More
Dec 27, 2021
79. Doug Bopst on Hitting Rock Bottom, Going From Felon to Fitness Coach, and Using Adversity to Your Advantage
Dec 06, 2021
78. Dr. Caroline Leaf on Neuroplasticity, the Brain vs. the Mind, and Cognitive Detoxing
Nov 23, 2021
77. Dr. Kojo Sarfo on ADHD in Women: Presentations, Diagnosis, and Treatment
Nov 08, 2021
76. Dr. Alexandra Solomon on Building Healthy Relationships as a Teen, Exploring Sexuality, Soulmates, and Sex Education
Oct 27, 2021
75. Amen Clinic's Dr. Jay Faber on Teenage Substance Use: Brain Impacts, Long-Term Effects, and Quitting Tips
Oct 19, 2021
74. Sophie Gray (Founder of DiveThru) on Diet Culture, Body Neutrality, Teenage Self-Harm, and Mental Health Education
Oct 09, 2021
73. Victoria Garrick on Student-Athlete Mental Health, Body Image, Intuitive Eating, Vulnerability, and College Lifestyle
Oct 01, 2021
72. Almost 30's Krista Williams on How Meditation Will Change Your Life, Body Acceptance, Experiencing Your Emotions, and Surviving Depression + Anxiety
Sep 25, 2021
71. 1st Month of College DEBRIEF: Tips for Move-In, Socializing, Productivity, Studying, and more!
Sep 19, 2021
69. Navigating Anxiety as a Teenager: Coping Skills, Listener Q+A, Personal Experiences, and More
Aug 13, 2021
68. How Our Mental + Physical Health Are Connected feat. Laura Martin
Jul 16, 2021
67. High School RECAP
Jul 02, 2021
66. Alexis Haines on Teenage Addiction, Childhood Trauma, and Taking Radical Accountability Over Your Healing
Jun 18, 2021
65. Lindsay Fleming LPC on Inpatient, Outpatient, Group, and Individual Therapy as a Teenager
May 21, 2021
64. Inside the Secret World of the Troubled Teen Industry #breakingcodesilence
May 09, 2021
63. Overcoming Stagefright, Finding Your Voice, and Networking 101 feat. Rae Fung
Apr 30, 2021
62. Evan Haines on The Evolution of the Treatment Industry, Navigating Adolescent Addiction, and the Compassionate Care Model
Apr 24, 2021
61. Bite Sized Mindfulness for Adolescents feat. Kira Willey
Apr 18, 2021
60. Zachery Dereniowski (aka MD Motivator) on Vulnerability, Relatability, and Empowerment
Apr 09, 2021
59. How to Discuss Your Mental Health in Your College Application According to a Former USC Admissions Counselor
Mar 26, 2021
58. Maintaining Your Mental Health Throughout The College Application Process (Navigating Rejection, Deferral, and Acceptance)
Mar 07, 2021
57. How I Got Into the University of Pennsylvania (My Test Scores, Personal Statement, Supplementals, Activities, Recommendation Advice, Etc)
Feb 27, 2021
56. OCD + Exposure Therapy
Feb 19, 2021
55. Mental Health Advice for High School Students
Feb 07, 2021
54. Kirstie Taylor on RELATIONSHIPS, Attachment Styles, How Childhood Traumas Impact Relationships, and Boundaries
Jan 23, 2021
53. How to Write Pitch Emails, Building Influencer Relationships, Using Social Media to Improve Body Confidence, + Podcast Tips feat. Camila Vola
Jan 16, 2021
52. Q+A: Why I started She Persisted, misconceptions about treatment, increasing productivity, podcast growth tips, + more!
Jan 08, 2021
51. Woomanhood + Wellness feat. Amanda DiMarco
Dec 18, 2020
50. Dr. Uma Naidoo on Nutritional Psychiatry: Using Nutrients to Improve Your Mental Health feat. Uma Naidoo MD
Dec 11, 2020
49. Authenticity + Storytelling with Sage Lally
Dec 04, 2020
48. How I recovered from teenage depression
Oct 23, 2020
47. DBT Education: TIPP, Crisis Survival Skills, + Riding the WAVE (Distress Tolerance)
Oct 16, 2020
46. Bootstrapping a Buisiness feat. Evonna Kuehner of ANOVÉ Beauty
Oct 09, 2020
45. Balancing Your Life feat. Abbie Stasior
Oct 02, 2020
44. Your Insecurity is Not Unique feat. Kelsey Jones
Sep 25, 2020
42. Q+A #2: Personal Growth, Applying to College, Radical Acceptance (DBT Education) and more!
Sep 11, 2020
41. The Traumatic Side of the Adolescent Treatment Industry feat. Daisye Byrd Graham
Sep 04, 2020
40. Living Past Crazy feat. J'Anmetra Waddell
Aug 28, 2020
39. Your Foolproof Guide to a Good Night's Sleep (+ 2 Guided Sleep Meditation Practices)
Aug 21, 2020
38. Before You Kill Yourself feat. Leo Flowers
Aug 14, 2020
37. Brush and Barley's Audrey Bailey on Jesus and Mental Health
Aug 07, 2020
36. Being Young AND the Best Version of Yourself feat. Sarah Humphrey
Jul 31, 2020
35. Clean Beauty, Mental Health During Quarantine, Giving Back, Diversity in the Beauty Industry, and Entrepreneurship feat. Cassandra McClure
Jul 24, 2020
34. The benefits of nature, adventure, and connection feat. Brittany Crane (founder of Get Out There Girl)
Jul 10, 2020
33. Q+A #1: podcasting, supporting a friend that's struggling with mental health, rebuilding relationships, and navigating change!
Jul 04, 2020
32. Scout Sobel on her experience with bipolar, Okay Sis, healthy relationships, navigating mental illness, and more!
Jun 26, 2020
31. Full eating disorder recovery, owning your recovery, and working on yourself before helping others feat. Alexis Smith
Jun 19, 2020
30. GRATITUDE feat. Jill Nowak (LICSW) from 3East, McLean Hospital
Jun 12, 2020
29. Validation and Empathy: How YOU can support the Black Lives Matter movement
Jun 05, 2020
28. Blaise Aguirre M.D. on Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, emotional experience, persistence, and taking ownership of your life!
May 22, 2020
27. The Benefits of Therapy, Medication Management and Stigma, and The COVID-19 Mental Health Crisis with Emily LeBaron
May 15, 2020
26. Gaining independence, taking control of your mental health, how to maintain your self-respect in your interactions, and the FAST skill (DBT Education)
May 09, 2020
25. Gaining Confidence, Navigating Social Media in a Healthy Way, Maintaining Productivity in Quarantine, and the Importance of Vulnerability! feat. the Leeza Rants Podcast
May 01, 2020
24. Teenage Break-Up Protocol: How to Figure Out if You Need to End a Relationships, the 8-Step Approach to Ending it, and Break-Up Horror Stories!
Apr 25, 2020
23. A Dad's Perspective: Preconceptions About Adolescent Mental Health, Parenting Tips, and Our Growth as a Family
Apr 11, 2020
22. How to maintain your mental health during coronavirus (COVID-19) and self-quarantine
Apr 03, 2020
21. DBT Education: GIVE + THINK skills aka how to improve your relationships... navigating parental conflicts, friendships, and arguments
Mar 21, 2020
20. DBT Education: DEARMAN skill (Describe, Express, Assert, Reinforce, be Mindful, Appear confident, Negotiate)... how to get what you want from other people in an effective manner
Mar 18, 2020
19. DBT Education: Interpersonal Effectiveness Overview... clarifying relational goals and disproving unhealthy beliefs ft. my younger sister
Mar 12, 2020
18. DBT Education: Mindfulness continued (the HOW skills: Nonjudgmentally+Effectively+One-Mindfully, Loving Kindness, and Being vs Doing Mind)... skills for combatting depression and anxiety
Mar 07, 2020
17. DBT Education: Intro to Mindfulness (the WHAT skills: Participate+Observe+Describe and States of Mind) with guided mindfulness practices!
Feb 29, 2020
16. DBT Education: Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (an overview)... changing problem behaviors, validating, key principles to use when combatting teenage depression and anxiety
Feb 21, 2020
15. How do you support a friend struggling with depression and anxiety while maintaining your own mental health?
Jan 24, 2020
14. The effect of depression and anxiety on a family… feat. my younger sister
Oct 25, 2019
11. Emily Thelen (MA+LCPC+CTRS) on adjusting to change, societal norms, therapeutic boarding school, wilderness, and recovering from depression and anxiety.
Oct 02, 2019
10. Jacob Sparks (LMFT) on therapeutic boarding schools, healthy relationships, coping skills, self love, and recovering from depression and anxiety.
Sep 23, 2019
8. A parent’s guide to adolescent treatment for depression and anxiety: family therapy, what it’s like sending your child away, and how it helped our family… feat. my Dad
Aug 21, 2019
6. Building and maintaining fulfilling, healthy, loving relationships with family members, friends, and peers
Aug 07, 2019
5. Teen anxiety: how to cope, using skills, and surviving school
Jul 31, 2019
3. A sister’s perspective: what do depression and anxiety look like? How do you support a sibling struggling? How did therapy help our family?
Jul 17, 2019
2. A Dad’s perspective on how to support a teen suffering from depression and anxiety
Jul 16, 2019
1. A teen’s perspective: depression and anxiety… my core beliefs, the decision I made to work on myself, and my journey through intensive mental health treatment
Jul 11, 2019