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Join Bre, aka The Self-Care Pusher from Southern California, as she shares life experiences, weighs in on current events, amps up her wellness/health habits and finds clean(ish) products to try all for the sake of taking her physical, spiritual and emotional well-being to the next level and (hopefully) inspiring other women of color to do so as well. It's time to become obsessed with our self-care!

Episode Date
Retired W/ Only $3k In The Bank So Became A Youtuber In Her 60's: Jerri Cherry's Journey
Jun 10, 2024
Success AND Self-Care: Dr. Traci Lynn's $100,000,000 Direct Sales Journey
Jun 03, 2024
Rewind: I Choose Peace Over "This"
May 27, 2024
5 Things To Consider If You Are Starting A Debt Free Journey in 2024
May 20, 2024
Singlehood, Not Settling And Buying "Everything Black" w/ Sociologist Dr. Kris Marsh
May 13, 2024
Real Talk Self-Care Check-In. How are YOU?
May 06, 2024
I Am Letting Go Of The "Noise" And Giving Myself Permission To Start Again w/ BGSC
Apr 29, 2024
Monique Smith, The Oldest Living "Jane Doe" On Breaking Cycles, Claiming Your Identity And Softness After Childhood Trauma
Apr 22, 2024
Are You Stealing From Your Future Self? Be Mindful Of These 6 $$/Mindset Struggle Points
Apr 15, 2024
Intermittent Fasting Is Healing My Body But There Is One Thing That I Kind Of Wasn't Expecting
Apr 08, 2024
A Reminder To Stay In Integrity With Yourself/Your Faith So That You Aren't Attaching Your Name To Opportunities That May Not Be For You.
Apr 01, 2024
Do You, BOO! Let's Gooo, It's Spring!
Mar 25, 2024
5 Different Types Of Depression + Myths About Black Women That We Must Resist
Mar 18, 2024
You Have Permission To Let People Struggle And Find Their Own Happiness
Mar 11, 2024
Is It Time To Pause The Podcast? Perhaps! Don't Be Afraid To REST/RESTORE Or Create White Space!
Mar 04, 2024
Do You Value Others More than You Value Yourself? Here Are 3 Things I Am Very Mindful Of Now.
Feb 26, 2024
I Did It Y'all! Finally Releasing YT Content!
Feb 19, 2024
You Aren't "Lazy," Sis So Stop Putting Yourself Down
Feb 12, 2024
Don't Let Fear Stop You From Taking A Risk Or Potentially Earning More $$
Feb 05, 2024
When You Finally Accept That The Relationship You Have With Your Parent Is What It Is, Your Life Changes
Jan 29, 2024
I Took A Staycation + Babystepping Your Way Out Of The Struggle Mode Mindset
Jan 22, 2024
Hating/Quitting Your Job In 2024. Listen To This Before You Do Anything.
Jan 15, 2024
Avoid The "New Year, New Me" Trap, Consider Doing 3 Things If You Want To Become Brand New.
Jan 08, 2024
Distractions Will Rob You Of Your Destiny In 2024
Jan 01, 2024
My Christmas Wish For Every Black Woman
Dec 25, 2023
Gentle Reminder: You Can't Control Everything
Dec 18, 2023
Live From A Place Of Healing And Joy In 2024 By Doing These 3 Things
Dec 11, 2023
Your Insecurities Can Wreck Your Bloom. Start addressing them today.
Dec 04, 2023
Advocating For Yourself (And Your Coins) In Corporate Spaces (9-5's) W/ Cherrise Wilks
Nov 27, 2023
*Must Listen* 5 Ways You Can Free Yourself And Buck Societal Expectations This Holiday Season
Nov 20, 2023
This Podcast Isn't For Everybody + One Topic You Likely Won't See Here
Nov 13, 2023
Align Yourself With The 2024 Your Future Self Deserves, Starting TODAY. What Are Your Pillars?
Nov 06, 2023
Black Woman, Don't You Dare Give Up!
Oct 30, 2023
3 Things To Take That Can Help Grow Your Nails, Get Glowing Skin, Feel More Calm And Maybe Even Look Younger.
Oct 23, 2023
Surviving An Aneurysm Plus Knowing That God Didn't Put Me Here To Be Mediocre With Robin Robinson (BGSC Community Member)
Oct 16, 2023
I Use This Simple Item Every Day To Help Me Bloom And Elevate!
Oct 09, 2023
My Recent Costco Trip Confirmed That I Still Feel Disregulated BUT I Also Can Ask For Help
Oct 02, 2023
Let's Talk About Elevating Our Morning Bathroom Routines
Sep 25, 2023
How Taking Care of Plants Helps Us Bloom And Thrive
Sep 18, 2023
You Have Not Because You Ask Not
Sep 11, 2023
8 Indicators That You Need To Be Still
Sep 04, 2023
A Small Peek Into My Personal Evolution (It's My Birthday, Too!)
Aug 28, 2023
Sisterhood Heals w/ Dr Joy of Therapy For Black Girls
Aug 21, 2023
6 Mindset Shifts I Had To Make About Money To Start Elevating (Part 2)
Aug 14, 2023
Let's Talk A Smidge About Money, Liberation And A Chaotic Mindset (Part 1)
Aug 07, 2023
Liberating Our Bodies w/ Dietician and Author Jessica Wilson
Jul 31, 2023
12 Ways That Black Women Healing From Childhood Trauma Can Show Up For Themselves
Jul 24, 2023
Do You Ask Yourself "Why" You Do Some Of The Things You Do?
Jul 17, 2023
Holding Boundaries When You Have Experienced Trauma Ain't Easy
Jul 10, 2023
Not Feeling This Holiday (4th of July)
Jul 03, 2023
Are You In a Relationship With A Narcissist? Are YOU a Narcissist? W/ Dr. Nic Hardy
Jun 26, 2023
Liberation + Mother Wounds *Trigger Warning*
Jun 19, 2023
My Self-Love Was At A Deficit, How About You?
Jun 12, 2023
Letting My Hair Down And Talking "All The Things" W/ The Beyonce of Yoga, Jessamyn Stanley!
Jun 05, 2023
I Self-Sabotaged Friendships With Black Women, Now I'm Healing And Learning About Intimacy In Friendships.
May 29, 2023
Breaking the Silence: Dr. Candice Hargons on Fibroids, Heavy Periods, Reclaiming Sexual Pleasure and How She Learned to Trust and Let Go
May 22, 2023
I Choose Peace Of Mind Over This
May 15, 2023
Centering Our Healing Includes Understanding "Black Fatigue" With Author Mary-Frances Winters
May 08, 2023
Adultification, How Medical Misinformation Is Harmful And The Appropriation Of Black Culture With Author Brianna Holt
May 01, 2023
Struggling To Identify Your Gifts? Here's A HUGE Reason Why.
Apr 24, 2023
Healing and Doing The Work: Key Steps For Black Women
Apr 17, 2023
You Don't Have To Be The Scared Little Girl Anymore
Apr 10, 2023
Crease the Damn Page, Sis!
Apr 03, 2023
After Grief, Whats Next? **Trigger Warning**
Mar 27, 2023
Black Women Must Always Keep Their Faces Fixed
Mar 20, 2023
Honoring our Humanity Through Self-Reflection
Mar 13, 2023
As You Assert Yourself And Set Boundaries, Don't Be Surprised To Have These Things Happen.
Mar 06, 2023
Your Body Is The Biggest Truth-teller
Feb 27, 2023
Living A Natural(ish) and Healthier Lifestyle Begins At Home. Here Are Some Things I Want You To Consider No Longer Buying Or Doing.
Feb 20, 2023
You don't have to take ownership for how others feel, what they believe or their lack of emotional maturity
Feb 13, 2023
3 Step Process To Try If You Tend To Get Caught Up In Your Own Negative Stories
Feb 06, 2023
Three Things To Watch Out for With Guru's and Influencers
Jan 30, 2023
Boundaries, A Book Rec and Allowing Yourself To Trust + Surrender
Jan 23, 2023
I Was Afraid I'd Let Black Women Down Last Year
Jan 16, 2023
Perfection Is In Opposition Of Our Liberation
Jan 09, 2023
7 Things I Wish For Black Women in 2023
Jan 02, 2023
5 Ways To Know You Are Healing PLUS An Affirmation For Black Women Who Are Healing
Dec 26, 2022
We Are Not Ok *Trigger Warning / Regarding Death*
Dec 19, 2022
Self-Soothing To Feel Safer In Your Body
Dec 12, 2022
5 Things I Am Letting Go Of In 2022. You With Me?
Dec 05, 2022
Shadow Work Talk + A Reminder That Our Time Here Is Not Endless So Prioritize Yourself NOW
Nov 28, 2022
I Came Out Of My Shell In A High...I Mean Big Way
Nov 21, 2022
Are You Creating Your Life w/ $5 Energy
Nov 14, 2022
Let's Talk About The Struggle You Might Be Facing Of Being Fearful Of Confronting Hard Stuff (Like Me!)
Nov 07, 2022
One Of My Anxiety "Bad" Habits Plus Let's Talk About Taking A Break From Social Media
Oct 31, 2022
What We NOT GON' Do Is Normalize Not Having Our Needs Met
Oct 24, 2022
For The Times That You Are Triggered
Oct 17, 2022
5 Ways Black Women Can Begin Leaning Towards "Unproductivity" In A System That Demands Labor
Oct 10, 2022
4 Things You Will Want To Consider As We Transition To Fall/Winter
Oct 03, 2022
De-Centering Whiteness is Self-Care for Black Women
Sep 26, 2022
Never Been Married. Over 40. Am I Lonely?
Sep 19, 2022
My Spiritual Road Trip + Why Past Pain Is No Longer My Main Identity
Sep 12, 2022
Reframing Ugly Things Said To You When You Were Younger
Sep 05, 2022
Pockets of Peace
Aug 29, 2022
Ways to start shifting your identity today!
Aug 22, 2022
Silence, Solitude, Surrender or Stillness. Which one do you need?
Aug 15, 2022
Shift Away From Legalism And Fill Your Life With The Grace Black Women Are Worthy Of
Aug 08, 2022
My current relationship with the "Y" word (Yoga) as a follower of Christ
Aug 01, 2022
Recovering Your Womanhood And Peace After Marriage, Babies and Careers With Brie Penermon of FitBeads
Jul 25, 2022
Sis, You Gotta Do This To Continue Healing
Jul 18, 2022
4 Surprising Ways You May Have Not Be A Safe Space For Black Women
Jul 11, 2022
You Aren't Superwoman And You Don't Have To Be: Community Care
Jul 04, 2022
Have You Ever Considered Burning Your Current Life Down To The Ground Then Completely Starting Over?
Jun 27, 2022
Daddy Wounds + 6 Things I've Had To Work Through To Become More Liberated
Jun 20, 2022
Bevy Smith On Being Authentic, Working Through Toxic Traits And Entering New Seasons After Being Broke But Blissful
Jun 13, 2022
1 Reason Your Self-Care Routine Might Not Feel Good Anymore
Jun 06, 2022
Returning To My Roots With Earthing and Growing Food
May 30, 2022
How To Free Yourself By Being Anti-Productive
May 23, 2022
For The Times You Want To Give Up In Your Business (ETC Friday)
May 20, 2022
Brittny Horne On Ignoring Red Flags In Your Career, Dealing With Microagression And Being Ok With Taking Risks
May 16, 2022
Self-Soothing To Be Less Anxious While Working In Corporate America
May 09, 2022
5 Things I Wish That I Knew While Battling Depression
May 02, 2022
Dr. Nic Hardy On Caregiver Stress, How Overcompensating Breaks Down Relationships and Why "We Need To Talk" Text Messages Aren't Self-Care
Apr 25, 2022
Story Time: I Tried Fixing Myself Because I Thought I Was Broken But Instead I Became Addicted To Self-Help
Apr 18, 2022
3 Ways To Start Taking Up Space Today
Apr 11, 2022
3 Things To Consider About Haters That Can Change Your Life
Apr 04, 2022
4 Things Black Women In Corporate America Should Hear
Mar 28, 2022
5 Words That No Longer Resonate With Me As A Black Woman Like They Use To
Mar 21, 2022
To Carry Less You've Got To Pack Light
Mar 14, 2022
Self-Care Isn't Always Sexy Like The Gram Says It Is
Mar 07, 2022
Walking Meditations ARE LIFE
Feb 28, 2022
4 Things Every Black Woman Should Hear No Matter Where They Are On Their Journey
Feb 21, 2022
3 Self-Love Tips Black Women Need For Valentines Day
Feb 14, 2022
For The Times The Mask Becomes Too Heavy (Trigger Warning: Suicide Discussion)
Feb 07, 2022
There is Power In "No Thank You"
Jan 31, 2022
Toxic Productivity and the 5x2 Challenge
Jan 24, 2022
Tips For Having A "High Energy" Morning
Jan 17, 2022
6 Ways To Preserve and Conserve Your Mental Health This Winter
Jan 10, 2022
You Don't Owe Anyone Your Essence 24/7/365
Jan 03, 2022
For Abundance To Thrive We Must Embrace Change
Dec 27, 2021
3 Things To Consider When Bouncing Back From Bad Decisions
Dec 20, 2021
Where You Are Rooted Changes EVERYTHING
Dec 13, 2021
For The Times That Monday's Suck
Dec 06, 2021
Are You Falling For These 6 Ridiculous Self-Care Traps?
Nov 29, 2021
The 1 Thing You Thought Was Too Different About You Can Be The Key To Everything
Nov 22, 2021
Do You Have An Emergency Self-Care Plan? 4 Tips To Help Create Yours This Week.
Nov 15, 2021
Take Action, Sis (Jesus Download Episode)
Nov 11, 2021
5 Ways To Invest In Yourself And Begin To Shift From "Grind" Mode
Nov 08, 2021
Creating A Life Of Freedom Plus Starting A Business You Have A Passion For With Aai'sha Shakir-Wright Of Sugar Shak Collection
Nov 05, 2021
When You Can Give But Struggle To Receive Consider These 4 Things
Nov 01, 2021
Things I wish I Knew Or Thought About While In My 20's and 30's
Oct 25, 2021
4 Powerful Questions To Ask Yourself When Feeling Overwhelmed With Worry
Oct 18, 2021
Delegating In Your Business When Just Starting Out w/ Shana Campbell of Launch Your Brilliance
Oct 15, 2021
One Man's Trash Is Another Man's Treasure. WHET?!?!
Oct 11, 2021
Is Negative Thinking Clouding Your Clarity?
Oct 04, 2021
Eff The Cubicle! Let's Goooo!
Oct 01, 2021
Chile, God Humbled Me In The Popeye's Drive Thru.
Sep 27, 2021
6 Tricks To Being More Consistent In Life
Sep 20, 2021
5 Things The Tension I Carried Around Told Me
Sep 13, 2021
Hiding Your Greatness Won't Always Be An Option. Then What?
Sep 06, 2021
The Other Side of "Pretty Privilege" With Vlogger Oh! Stephco
Aug 31, 2021
Today, We Rest!
Aug 30, 2021
Are You Stealing Your Own Peace?
Aug 23, 2021
Those Times I Preferred Surgery Instead Of Working
Aug 16, 2021
Girl, Stop Being Wishy Washy!
Aug 09, 2021
Black Women Are "Quitters"
Aug 02, 2021
If Sh*t Hits The Fan, Are You Ready w/ Pro Prepper Tifani Gilliam
Jul 26, 2021
What kind of rest are you in need of sis?
Jul 19, 2021
Unlearning Harmful Mother/Daughter Narratives with Debi and Alana of Nap Fam Pt 2
Jul 13, 2021
Unlearning Harmful Mother/Daughter Narratives with Debi and Alana of Nap Fam Pt 1
Jul 12, 2021
The 5-4-3-2-1 Grounding Exercise I Use During Panic Attacks
Jul 05, 2021
4 Truths from the Mary J Blige Doc I Need You To Hear
Jun 28, 2021
The Tea On Vanlife As A Single Black Woman W/ Nomad Crystal Vanner
Jun 21, 2021
Holding Space For Disbelief Kills Your Vision
Jun 14, 2021
Should Everyone Have Access To You? Embracing Who You Are As Well As Communicating Boundaries w/ Therapist Hazel Walker
Jun 07, 2021
Sometimes The Right Decisions Take Time To Work
May 31, 2021
Cash Is Not The Only Way We Can Be Wealthy
May 24, 2021
5 Ways To Honor Your Mental Health
May 17, 2021
Faith, Using Your Voice and "Think Weeks" with Dr. Omolara
May 10, 2021
2 Things I'm Doing To Get My Pre-Covid Body Back
May 03, 2021
Was the Derek Chauvin verdict really a victory?
Apr 26, 2021
Doing things for fun and joy instead vs "perfect" or monetized.
Apr 12, 2021
Self-Care Looks Like Saying "No" Without Guilt When Your Job Wants You To Travel Or Do After-Hours Events
Apr 05, 2021
Changing your mindset to encourage more awareness and abundance Pt 1
Mar 29, 2021
Identifying Trauma and How it Affects Our Relationships With Kobe Campbell
Mar 15, 2021
The ABC's of what I am through Christ
Mar 08, 2021
Village Vibe: I Got Used To Living With My Struggle
Mar 01, 2021
7 Ways That God Loves Us That We Can Use For Self-Care
Feb 22, 2021
Boundaries on the Job and Making Career Changes with Lawyer Toya Gavin
Feb 15, 2021
Grace For When You Are Doing Your Best
Feb 08, 2021
In 2021 we aren't undervaluing ourselves anymore
Feb 01, 2021
5 Things You Can Do TODAY To Boost Your Self-Care w/ Katara McCarty
Jan 25, 2021
When Black women have trouble receiving kindness
Jan 18, 2021
4 Areas I'm Leveling Up in 2021
Jan 11, 2021
4 Powerful Shifts To Help You Get More Out Of 2021
Jan 04, 2021
Let's Talk About Natural Hair!
Dec 28, 2020
Trust The Process (Even When You Almost Burn Down Your Kitchen Table)
Dec 21, 2020
Are you really ready for that big dream you've been asking for?
Dec 14, 2020
Uncovering Your Focus Word for 2021
Dec 07, 2020
Learning How to be More Resilient (pt 2)
Nov 30, 2020
Learning how to be more resilient: Pt 1 (Anger)
Nov 23, 2020
4 Tips For Getting Into Alignment With God's Vision For Your Life
Nov 16, 2020
What You Water, Grows.
Nov 09, 2020
Honor Your Greatness + 3 Journal Prompts
Nov 02, 2020
Leave Trash in the Trash!
Oct 26, 2020
Self-Care Looks Like Setting Boundaries With Our Kids
Oct 19, 2020
My Spirit Said "Let Down Your Guard"
Oct 12, 2020
Colon Cancer in the Black Community
Oct 05, 2020
What can you do if you aren't being valued?
Sep 28, 2020
Abundance isn't just about money
Sep 21, 2020
Ask yourself each morning - "What can I fail at today?"
Sep 14, 2020
Black girls cry
Sep 07, 2020
Monday Meditation - I am Healthy
Aug 31, 2020
The "4 rooms" and creating a vision for your life
Aug 24, 2020
Grind Culture + Black Women
Aug 17, 2020
You are NOT your mistakes!
Aug 10, 2020
Monday Meditation - I am Blooming
Aug 03, 2020
Life and Healing After Dating A Narcissist
Jul 27, 2020
When Distractions = I'm Not Good Enough
Jul 20, 2020
I'm A Christian (Follow up to Manifesting Episode)
Jul 14, 2020
Simple 3 Step Manifesting Process with Dani Faust
Jul 13, 2020
Monday Meditation - I AM VALUABLE
Jul 06, 2020
5 Best Ways To Begin Investing In Yourself
Jun 29, 2020
When Father's Day is Hard AF
Jun 22, 2020
White apologies, Buying Black and June Book Rec's
Jun 15, 2020
Using your authentic voice
Jun 08, 2020
When Brands Are Silent, We Stop Supporting.
Jun 01, 2020
1 Self-Love Exercise You Gotta Try This Week
May 25, 2020
Boost Your Self-Esteem with 8 "Becoming" Takeaways
May 18, 2020
6 Daily Self-Care Questions You Need
May 11, 2020
Create your own morning routine and keep your peace
May 04, 2020
The World Will Make Space For You
Apr 27, 2020
3 Limiting Words to Toss in 2020
Apr 20, 2020
2 Books You Need Neeooww
Apr 13, 2020
4 Lies affecting your mindset right now
Apr 06, 2020
6 Signs That Say The Relationship Ain't Working
Mar 30, 2020
From 52K in Debt to $130K Net Worth
Mar 23, 2020
9 Ways to "Win" During the Coronavirus Pandemic
Mar 14, 2020
5 Reasons Black Women Self-Sabotage
Mar 09, 2020
Story Time: My Teen Had The Flu + a Community Question
Mar 02, 2020
"She Did That" Documentary Recap
Feb 24, 2020
3 Signs You Are "Scurred" To BE GREAT!
Feb 19, 2020
From White Cult Marginalization to Black Girl Magic with Rebekah Ferguson
Feb 10, 2020
Community Question - What is grace?
Feb 03, 2020
6 Ways To Cope With Grief
Jan 27, 2020
No More "Manifesting" For Me
Jan 20, 2020
Falling In Love With Yourself After Facing Infidelity w/ Chalet Jean-Baptiste
Jan 13, 2020
Create Your Best Vision Board Yet
Jan 06, 2020
2020 Won't Be Ashy With These 6 Things
Dec 30, 2019
Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Wallets. It's Christmas Time.
Dec 23, 2019
Is Your Squad Holding You Back?
Dec 16, 2019
God, Grant Me the Audacity of a White Man in His Prime.
Dec 09, 2019
Ways Stress Shows Up In Your Life
Dec 02, 2019
1 Tip to Keep Manipulators, Drama Queens, Baby Daddy's and Gossips at Bay
Nov 25, 2019
5 Reasons Why Your Glow Up Is Parched
Nov 18, 2019
Nya Abernathy on Being a People Pleasing Perfectionist that is Scared to Make God Mad
Nov 11, 2019
Survival Mode and the Black Woman
Nov 04, 2019
Tiyanna Washington on Taking Back Your Life When Your Periods are Out of Control
Oct 28, 2019
Lyvonne Proverbs on "Surthriving" When the Monster in your House is your Father
Oct 21, 2019
Are You An Over-Apologizer? Girl, Stop it!
Oct 14, 2019
DeAnna Leach on Going From Bitter to Better After Divorcing a Cheating Partner
Oct 07, 2019
BONUS EPISODE: What Should You Do When Times Are Uncertain?
Oct 01, 2019
Candace Wilkins on How Anxiety and Trauma Can Cause You to Never Finish What You Start
Sep 30, 2019
Your Self-Care Bank Account is at -$4.38
Sep 23, 2019
KyAira Carter on Meeting Your Parents Where They Are and Releasing Unhealthy Beliefs
Sep 16, 2019
Zakiyyah Walker on Generational Trauma and Toxic Relationships
Sep 09, 2019
Where is your “spot?”
Sep 07, 2019
Sierra Brown on Surviving Sexual Trauma And Growing Up As One Of a Few Black Kids In Her Community
Sep 02, 2019
Adult gap years - Should you take one? Where should you start?
Aug 26, 2019
Check In With Yourself
May 13, 2019
Yonce and Tips for Less Stress at Work
Apr 29, 2019
Ugly Eyebrows, India Arie and Waistbeads
Apr 14, 2019
Hello? It's Me.
Mar 31, 2019