Mental Makeover

By Lauren Curtis

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Category: Self-Help

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The Mental Makeover podcast shares relatable, honest and actionable advice on all things happiness, body image, self-love, relationships, spirituality and reaching your goals. Hosted by Lauren Curtis, social media influencer with over 7 million followers across her platforms. For more, head to @lozcurtis on Instagram or search Lauren Curtis on YouTube!

Episode Date
Your expectations are destroying your happiness
How many times have you had an idea of how something would pan out, only to be left feeling disappointed and underwhelmed? You thought your boyfriend would be able to read your mind somehow and do all of the cute things you wanted him to, but when he didn't meet those expectations you became upset and an argument broke out. Perhaps you expected to be married with kids by now, and because you're not quite there, you feel like you've failed. Maybe you thought your business would be more successful by this stage, but because it's still taking a while to get off the ground, you feel unaccomplished and unfulfilled. More often that not, expectations lead to disappointment, so why do we keep doing it to ourselves? How do we stop it? Let's chat! (If you're enjoying the podcast please don't forget to subscribe, rate and review - THANK YOU!)
Sep 12, 2019
There's still time! When life feels like a race against the clock
This episode is all about staying in your lane and running your own race. Too often we focus our attention on what everyone around us is doing, and use those observations as markers for success in our own lives. Do we even truly want that for ourselves? Do we feel ready for that? Do we need that? I think it's important to remind ourselves every now and then that life isn't a journey that looks the same for everyone. Stop looking at who's behind, alongside or in front of you - it doesn't matter. Focus on living a life that feels authentic and joyful and fulfilling! I love you guys - thanks for tuning in again. If you enjoyed today's episode please don't forget to subscribe, rate and review! THANK YOU :)
Sep 02, 2019
The law of attraction for dummies
Perhaps you've heard about 'manifesting' or the 'law of attraction' and you're intrigued but not quite sure where to start. Perhaps you've had lots of experience with it and you just want to hear about someone else's experience. Or, perhaps you think it's some mumbo-jumbo hippie stuff and you're keen for a laugh. Regardless of what caused you to tune in, I'm here to share my 2 cents on what the law of attraction means to me and why I think it's so powerful. If you'd like a part two or have any specific questions you'd like me to answer about it all, send me a DM over on @mentalmakeoverpodcast or @lozcurtis :) Please don't forget to subscribe, rate and review if you enjoyed today's episode! Thanks guys x
Aug 26, 2019
Ask Lauren: plastic surgery regrets, cheating & finding motivation
Do I regret my plastic surgery? What advice would I give to a younger me? How would I overcome cheating? How do I stay motivated? How am I so happy all the time? These are just some of the questions I answered in today's Ask Lauren episode! If you enjoyed please don't forget to subscribe, rate and review - thank you so much! :) x
Aug 15, 2019
The pressure to have kids, get married and drink alcohol
How many times, as a woman, have you been asked when you are going to have kids? How many kids do you want? And if you don't want kids, why don't you want kids? Or when are you planning to get married? Do you want to get married? Why aren't you married? Or if you're in a social setting, why aren't you drinking? Why don't you drink? Oh come on, just have one! Ugh, it does my head in... but it's seriously worth talking about. Let me know your thoughts over at @lozcurtis and @mentalmakeoverpodcast! Don't forget to subscribe if you enjoyed today's episode and please leave a rating and review, I appreciate it so much! x
Aug 06, 2019
Stop comparing yourself on Instagram!
Do you think Instagram has had a positive or negative effect on your life? Our feeds are full of beautiful, successful, wealthy, happy people whose lives seem to be perfect. That's great for them, but what does it mean for the rest of us leading normal, boring lives in comparison? How can we stop getting sucked into the comparison game - and why are we even sucked in in the first place? Listen to find out :) If you're enjoying this podcast please don't forget to subscribe, rate and review! Thank you so much x
Jul 30, 2019
Life chats: why I become happier the older I get
In the last couple of years I've noticed that my attitude towards many different aspects of my life has completely changed. Things that used to absorb so much of my energy now don't seem to bother me at all, and everything seems so much simpler. It's almost is as my life has become more black and white, and it feels liberating! In today's episode I talk about many of the changes and what it's meant for all the different aspects of my life. Please don't forget to subscribe, rate and review if you enjoyed today's episode - thank you so much! :) xx
Jul 16, 2019
The TRUTH about diet culture + profitable insecurities
Diet culture is a vulture that preys on the insecure, the unconfident and the naive. According to Google, it "worships thinness and equates it to health and moral virtue", and "oppresses people who don’t match up with its supposed picture of 'health'". You might not know it yet, but your fears and insecurities are big business, and when money talks, do these companies you trust really have your best interests at heart?
If you enjoyed, please don't forget to subscribe, rate and review on iTunes! I appreciate it so much x
Jul 03, 2019
Ask Lauren: Toxic Friendships, Disloyal Friends + Finding New Friends
Do you have friends that never seem to be happy for you and your achievements? Do they talk behind your back and put no effort into the friendship? Do you wish you had friends but can't seem to meet new people or don't know how to? I asked my followers on Instagram (@lozcurtis) what they needed advice on and toxic friendships was the most common response. Tune in to listen to my take on personal questions asked by real people! For more, head to @lozcurtis, @mentalmakeoverpodcast or :)
Jun 27, 2019
Why happiness is a choice
Do you wish you were happier? Do you see other people living amazing, fulfilling lives and wonder what their secret is? Do you want that for yourself? In today's episode I explain why I firmly believe that happiness is a choice - one that needs to be chosen every. single. day. We all struggle, we all go through hardships and we've all faced difficulties in our lives. So what are the happy people doing differently? Tune in to find out :) If you enjoy the Mental Makeover podcast please don't forget to subscribe, rate and review! It helps me to spread positive messages to new listeners :) Lots of love to you all x
Jun 20, 2019
Should I leave my relationship?
How do I know if he's into me? Does he see a future with me? Why doesn't he text me back? How soon is too soon to expect exclusivity? Should I leave him? Does he like me? Do I deserve better? Why do I always date losers? Why am I always getting cheated on? If you've ever asked yourself one of these questions (or maybe even all of them), this episode is for you - and I'll give it to you straight! Please don't forget to subscribe, rate and review if you enjoyed today's episode! It means that others can find the podcast and hopefully gain some clarity on their own situation! Lots of love x
Jun 11, 2019
Break up with your breakup!
Breakups can be soul-destroying, and sometimes it feels like there's no light at the end of the tunnel. I'm here to remind you that the light is most certainly there and it's not as far away as you think! I share all of the gritty details about my own breakup experience, and talk you through the tools I used that helped me come out on top, stronger than ever. I hope you enjoy; please don't forget to subscribe, rate and review so that anyone else who might be struggling through a breakup can find this episode! I love you guys x
May 30, 2019
Facetune your fears
I have a love/hate relationship with Facetune. On one hand, I think it's largely responsible for so many people's body image issues, but on the other hand, I think it's a really handy tool to have. In today's episode, we dive deep into how people use it, why they use it, and what should be done about it going forward. Thanks for listening and please don't forget to subscribe, rate and review! x
May 26, 2019
It's time to fix your body image
I spent a large portion of my life picking my appearance apart. It never mattered how thin I was, how healthy I was or how many compliments I received from strangers on the internet, I couldn't be convinced that I was beautiful just the way I was. What I share in the first episode of the Mental Makeover podcast has been a long time coming, but I am so proud of how much progress I've made. I've truly transformed my body image and I want to help you do the same! If you enjoyed today's episode, please rate & leave a review so that this message can be spread wider. You can also follow me on Instagram at @lozcurtis, and YouTube at ♥
May 20, 2019