Simply, Practically Human with Mark LeBusque

By Mark LeBusque

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Why is it we Humans get romanced by complexity when the answers can be found at a SIMPLE and PRACTICAL level? The "Simply Practically Human" Podcast, The Human Manager Mark LeBusque features experts who have a track record in HUMANISING WORKPLACES using SIMPLICITY and PRACTICALITY as their GO TO approach. It's all about getting back to what it is to be Human and watch Workplaces thrive rather than just survive.

Episode Date
Tiff Cook - Abandonment Trauma and Other Human Stuff

Tiff Cook, the host of Roll With The Punches Poddy, and regular SPH guest and I talk about lifting the cognitive load and having the courage to shine a light on and name and deal with some personal trauma. We explore how an identical form of trauma plays out differently for us both, as well as some ways to challenge your paradigms and make hard changes. Oh, and we're both talking from a lived experience not an expert in the field angle.

Jun 05, 2023
Uncovering the Unwritten Rules

Ever been blindsided by the organisational 'unwritten rules'? Mark shares five common unwritten rules and some tips on how to be politically savvy and aware of them so you don't go from the 'penthouse to the shithouse' in one fell swoop. What are your organisations 'unwritten rules'? 

Jun 01, 2023
Craig Harper - Digging Deeper Into His Whiteboard Lessons

Fellow Opsimath (go google it) and bloody good human Craig Harper is back and he peels some layers off the 'Whiteboard Lessons' onion to unpack topics such as being the painter of your life canvas, embracing the certainty of uncertainty, showing the selfie of your mind and watching out for the quiet ones, not the chest beaters. Lots of gold here from one of the world's great thinkers about thinking. 

May 29, 2023
Convenient Lies or Inconvenient Truths?

Why have humans built an aptitude to tiptoe around some workplace truth? Survival and fitting in come to mind. In this episode, Mark shares a real example where he was given an inconvenient truth that helped him to see what he was starting to see. Three words that changed something for the better. He gives you 3-4 tips on what to watch out for and how to bring up inconvenient truths in a very human way.

May 25, 2023
Sophie Scott - Be The Architect of your Health

After two decades as an award-winning broadcaster, Sophie Scott is now helping humans to maximise their human potential. In this episode Sophie shares how perfectionism and people pleasing result in burnout, why practicing the 3C's is vital, and how our language holds us back from being the best human we can be.

Check out Sophie's socials:




May 22, 2023
Who Am I To Judge?

Mark explores why and how we humans make quick judgments and shares some recent examples of where he was judged as a bracelet-wearing, incense-burning hippie surfer dude who might also be pretty handy with a camera.  

May 18, 2023
Nigel Marsh - reshare - A Good Dose of Reality

Award-winning Author, Speaker, and Podcaster Nigel Marsh and I chatted way back in 2020 and his refreshing take on giving oneself a good dose of reality is well worth listening to. This is a story of how a very successful corporate high-flyer started to look at his reality and not like what he was seeing. His latest book 'Smart, Stupid and Sixty' is well worth a read and follows on from 'Fit, Fifty and Fired Up' and 'Fat, Forty, and Fired

May 15, 2023
Are You a Rescuer?

Mark explores why we tend to go into rescue mode for others, when it would be better to let them sit in their catastrophe and feel it. He shares some real examples and some tips to stop rescuing others so they can learn and grow.

May 11, 2023
Mark C. Crowley - Leading From The Heart (reshare)

Mark C. Crowleys powerful podcast with me three years ago is getting a re-run as I think now more than ever we need to embrace heart based leadership and Mark has both lived it and now teaches it to humans across the world. Listen how Mark took a traumatic life experience and used it to shape up the human he became when leading others. This is one inspiring story from a human being that knows heart based leadership is not all 'warm and fuzzy, kumbuyah stuff'. How are you approaching leadership? 

May 08, 2023
Stay In The Moment of Now

Distracted Much? With between 12,500-60,000 thoughts per day what chance do we humans have of being present with another human when it matters most? In this short episode, Mark shares five simple and practical tools and tips that will help you to stay in the moment, build trust and a deeper connection with another human, and make sure that this human feels important and not usurped by the 'shiny things' you are being distracted by such as technology, what's for dinner tonight or a need to be needed by your boss so you feel important. 

May 04, 2023
Is This It? With Wellness Coach & Therapist Loren Miller

Each month I catch up with my wellness coach, therapist, and holistic healer Loren Miller and I decided to hit record on the session and share it with you on the SPH Podcast. From a question I've been asking myself which is "Is this it?" came a deeper conversation about loneliness, how abandonment shows itself in many forms for me, and why I use sweet stuff to escape from more significant issues. Loren is an incredible human who has been helping me over the past 16 months do the 'work of Mark'.

May 01, 2023
Find Your Voice

Have you ever experienced a situation where you wanted to find your voice but something inside told you to 'stay quiet'? This week Mark shares some real examples of what happens when we choose to speak up or shut up and some simple and practical ideas that will give you the courage to find your voice and be helpful to you and others in the process.

Apr 27, 2023
Jeanette Laffan - Tales of a Courageous Career Transition

From Medical School Dropout, Successful Career Executive to an award-winning Principal and Licensed Real Estate Agent, Jeanette Laffan shares some amazing life lessons about the courage to shift careers. Being told that she was making a backward step going into a 'mum job' that involved going out to "get the milk" was the catalyst for Jeanette to build self-belief and get mentally on top of her game to achieve incredible self growth. This is well worth a listen for any human considering their next move.

Apr 24, 2023
Flip It And Be Human

I’m all about flipping stuff to bring more human into the workplace and share some ways to flip ‘doing and being’ and ‘enjoyment and achievement’ to create deeper connection and reduce harmful assumptions. Give it a go humans! 

Apr 20, 2023
Tiffanee Cook - The 3 T's of Change

Roll With The Punches' amazing host is back and we're talking about the seasons, her rediscovered natural talent for sketching, Easter egg consumption and most importantly the 3 T's of change. Transactional, transitional and transformational. They're all important and we challenge ourselves and you to dig a bit deeper into what drives each one. 

Apr 17, 2023
What Camping With Kids Taught Me

Mark was reflecting on an Easter camping trip from 8 years back where he learned some valuable lessons from the playfulness, sense of adventure, freedom, lack of judgment, and sense of fun that young kids have in them and why it helped him to not worry about whether he was 'good enough' playing the guitar in front of grown-up kids (adults). These lessons apply as much in the workplace as they do in life. 

Apr 13, 2023
Ask Mark Anything, featuring Alex Bakowski

Friend, occasional mentor and owner of Possibility Arena, Alex Bakowski, joins me on this poddy. Only, she didn't know she was on a podcast until after we'd started recording!

Apr 10, 2023
Tiff Cook - Watch Your Language

Roll With The Punches Poddy Host Tiff Cook and I are back chatting and I'm pushing her buttons again about all things human including why your choice of words can define you, how I'm seeing Tiff's evolution right before me and of course, I check in on her progress on outsourcing as part of her Immunity to Change challenge. 

Apr 06, 2023
Luke Iorio - On This Walk Called Life

Coach and Host of the 'On This Walk' Podcast Luke Iorio epitomizes a human that walks the talk. He shares how significant life experiences coupled with researching various cultural modalities have impacted his desire the redefine success, overcome the need to fit in, redefine what identity means, embrace vulnerability and simply walk with being in the moment of 'right now'. This is a deep dive into self, masculine vulnerability, and recognizing the importance of indigenous teachings that everything is life. 

Apr 03, 2023
Is Your Vulnerability Conditional or Convenient?

I sent out my fortnightly 'Mark's Musings' newsletter on the topic of vulnerability this week and it has had quite the response on how humans are starting to 'game' vulnerability. I share today why faking it, forcing it, measuring and comparing it are damaging the power of the 'V' word. Oh......and perhaps the most vulnerable thing we can do is often missed so I shine a light on it here. Are you a vulnerability faker and think you're getting away with it? Think again. 

Mar 30, 2023
Hortense le Gentil - From Hero to Human Leader

Executive Coach and Author of Aligned Hortense le Gentil joins me and we chat all things alignment, and why it is a critical leadership focus today. Hortense shares her own pathway to alignment and freedom and why courage is the leadership trait where all alignment begins. Her share on the relationship of power and force and the relative energy expended when you're aligned or misaligned is not to be missed. Check out Hortense's website and you can get a copy of 'Aligned' via Amazon. 

Mar 27, 2023
What Are You Hiding From?

Last weekend I attended an incredibly challenging self-development program and had some revelations about what I was hiding from. I share my insights and experience and how it has reduced my cognitive load by bringing the shame out into the light and not trying to hide it away. Oh and it was about substituting two words from "Am I really good enough?" to something else. We've all got to stop hiding.

Mar 23, 2023
Melissa Swift - Work Is Theatre

Author of "Work Here Now: Think Like a Human and Build a Powerhouse Workplace" Melissa Swift likens work to the theatre, shares why capitalism is ok when we take care of human beings, economics, and empathy can co-exist and opens up candidly about why the future of work bothers her. She introduces us to the work anxiety monster and shares brilliantly her thoughts on why we humans incorrectly associate complexity with intelligence. 

Mar 20, 2023
How's Perfectionism Going For You?

I muse about the desire to pursue perfectionism and the impacts it has on humans when they put pressure on themselves to be perfect or pressure on others to do the same. Oh and I share some real life stuff ups and how I've learned from them, and why perfectionism and procrastination go hand-in-hand.

Mar 16, 2023
Sharing Is Good For Business (and Humans)

Founder & CEO of The Skill XChange Eden Spencer is driven by a desire for business to create positive social impact and has used his life lessons to establish The Skill XChange to impact positively on humans in the construction industry. He shares why trust, communication, and creativity are keys to business success, his tools and tips are transferable to any industry, and how an abundance mindset is critical in a new world of work.

Mar 13, 2023
What's Golf Got To Do With Change?

Playing consistently well at golf takes time - just like getting change to stick also takes time. Why do we expect to hit booming drives on a change program without duffing a few shots? I share some thoughts.

Mar 09, 2023
Rebecca Houghton: Levelling Up The 'B' Suite

CEO of BOLD HR Rebecca Houghton is one of lifes real gems who truly understands the need to help level up the 'B' Suite humans in any organisation. In this episode she shares why it's critical that 'C' Suite and 'B' Suite are talking about trust, why letting go is a key and underdeveloped skill, that empowering people and 'giving power' are misunderstood and we should be thinking about organisations as free flowing roundabouts.

Mar 06, 2023
Freestyling Q&A with Mark

I took five questions without notice and shared my insights on things such as finding time for continuous learning, promoting someone into management when to do succession planning, leader or leadership, and the biggest career risk I ever took. You might agree, disagree or not care about what I have shared here and that's OK, I've got broad shoulders. A big thanks to Joanna, Jason, Clinton, Samantha, and Kelly for the excellent questions.

Mar 02, 2023
Craig Harper - Fear Is Not The Enemy

Harps is back and as usual it’s a non-scripted look at life by a couple of 55+ year old country lads. Fear, Motivation, Talent, Cheerleaders and Values all get dissected.

Feb 27, 2023
Purpose and Persistence

Mark has two real-life stories from the past fortnight that highlight the importance of truly stepping into a higher purpose and why persistence is required if you are truly going to disrupt the system. From a new client experience that aligned with a higher purpose and a belief in a life design disruption that had him persist for over 11 years on a concept he truly believes in, he shares some tips on how to hang in there when shit gets hard.

Feb 23, 2023
Dr. Kate Price - Culture Isn't A Separate Entity

Author of "Taming The Culture Tiger - The Art and Science of Transforming Organizations and Accelerating Innovation" Dr. Kate Price is back on the SPH Podcast talking about how her research and experiences have shaped the book. From fear stifling innovation, small things making significant impacts and the ripple effect a smile or a frown can have on culture, Kate generously shares her wisdom looking at culture through a very different lens.

Feb 20, 2023
To Celebrate Is Human

This week Mark celebrated 20,454 days on the planet (56 years) and was reflecting on why we humans find it a challenge to celebrate milestones in all parts of our lives. He shares some reasons why and gives his five go-to's that help him move from his bad news to good news filing cabinet. When did you last celebrate a milestone? 

Feb 16, 2023
Michelle K. Johnston Part 2: Perfection = Disconnection

Dr Michelle Johnston is back for another chat. We go deeper into the importance of connection, and how it’s changed and challenged humans to think and act differently over the past three years.

Feb 13, 2023
'Shiny Things' And Work Avoidance

Two worlds collided this past week and got me thinking about why humans are so caught up in the Shinyness of AI, Falling Off The Economic Cliff, Hybrid Work etc. etc. and I share my thoughts on the relationship between shiny stuff and humans as classic 'Avoidance' experts. There's a question at the end of the episode that all humans (this Podcaster included) need to answer in order to avoid avoidance and embrace courage over compliance and consensus.

Feb 09, 2023
Michelle K. Johnston Part 1: Perfection = Disconnection

Executive Coach and Author of 'The Seismic Shift in Leadership - How to Thrive in a New Era of Connection' Dr. Michelle K. Johnston uses her own lived experience coupled with her research to demonstrate why now more than ever the world of work is all about human connection. In the new world of human leadership, Michelle highlights why compassion is a key indicator of success and the pursuit of perfection builds a wall that disconnects humans. Check Michelle's book out here

Feb 06, 2023
How Full Is Your Cup?

In the first '4S' Podcast for 2023, Mark shares some of what's been happening over the break and some major lessons he's learned about why his cup isn't as full as he'd like it to be after a torrid end to 2022. Oh and he shares some thoughts about layoffs and examples of how to do them well and not so well!

Feb 02, 2023
Dr. Nicole Byers - Brains Are Amazing

Why do we procrastinate, doubt ourselves and people please and what's the brains' role in all of this? Dr. Nicole Byers shares a combination of theory and lived experience on what our brains are up to and how some simple and practical tools and tips can move us from a fixed to a growth mindset. My favorite was by creating a 'done' list and not just having a 'to do' list. Well with a listen if you're as amazed about the brain as what Nicole is.

Jan 30, 2023
Thank You Fellow Humans

Mark rounds out an amazing year of the Simply, Practically Human Podcast by reflecting on 2022 from a self, family, and work perspective, how he will chill out over the break, and shares a sneak peek at the exciting guests coming up in 2023. Oh.....and it wouldn't be Mark if he didn't seed a provocative question or two for you to contemplate over the coming weeks.

Dec 15, 2022
Alison Cameron - Leadership For The New Millenium

Alison Cameron is one of humanity's joys and a student of human consciousness. Incorrectly diagnosed and institutionalized at 14 with a mental illness that turned out to be a spiritual emergence, Alison has continued on challenging and questioning many of the archaic beliefs and behaviours around leadership and has identified humane and soulful leadership as a way for the new millennium. From being wary of organisational spaghetti to being clear on what you are willing to sacrifice, Alison shares all of her humanness in this real and raw episode.

Dec 12, 2022
Why Can't I Let Go?

Letting go and outsourcing is a self-improvement goal my guest on this co-share podcast Tiffanee Cook has been contemplating for some time with limited success. In this episode I use the Immunity to Change framework created by Lisa Lahey and Robert Kegan to help her to become aware of the hold her cognitive immune system has over her, and how to start overcoming this. Identity, agency, mattering, belonging, trust and a whole lot of other human needs pop up when least expected as Tiff is encouraged and provoked at times to dig deep into her fears about letting go

Dec 08, 2022
Maxime Fern and Michael Johnstone - Provocation as Leadership

Maxime and Michael believe that in order to create deep change you have to disturb people or at least risk doing so. Their journeys as family therapists to facilitators at Harvard Kennedy School and global experts working internationally in change have led them to recently publish their book 'Provocation as Leadership - A Roadmap for Adaptation and Change'. They share some of their experiences including why purposeful provocation requires heart, creating more crisis is one way to make deep adaptive change, there's a 'stuckiness' to this work that humans looking for more of the same don't like, be wary of the old system lurching in the shadows, and why it's critical to know the difference between positive and destructive provocation. The publisher Routledge is currently offering a 30% discount on the book:

Dec 05, 2022
Steven Reaper - When Values Are Misaligned Don't Hope It Will Change

Steven Reaper shares why he chose courage over getting stuck in his career, the importance of accepting others' truth even though it hurts, taking a mental refresh after leaving a job, and passing up on the next opportunity has made him a well-rounded human. Oh and it all started with him realising that a generationally passed down behaviour needed to go. This is real and raw and very much how I know Steven to be. If you're conflicted with your personal values and those of your current workplace this is worth a listen to find a way out. 

Nov 24, 2022
Loren Miller - Embrace The Alternatives

Holistic Counsellor, Wellness Coach (for Me) and Healer Loren Miller learned from a young age to find her own adventures and 'do different', growing up off the grid. Today she embraces that same mindset that 'doing different' by finding your adventure, embracing the alternatives, and continually adapting is the best way to deal with a constantly busy mind and changing world. If you're constantly at war with your mind, negative thoughts, and constant distraction, then perhaps it's time to embrace alternative therapies such as kinesiology, reiki, and hypnotherapy. Loren shares the benefits of doing so and why you shouldn't wait until you are desperate to do so.

Nov 21, 2022
How To Build Your Perspective Muscles

There are so many different gyms available, and Mark reckons its time to start up a franchise for a 'Perspective Gym', where humans can increase self-awareness, prevent injuries, increase self-worth, decrease disease (like 'know it all-ism') and fortify their bodies to build resilience and reduce the need to be right all the time. He shares three tips to start your own perspective gym and suggests that you 'don't skip perspective day' and only concentrate on 'ego day'. 

Nov 17, 2022
Kylie Tarleton and Daniel Jack - Living In Two Worlds/Not Aboriginal Enough

Part 2 with Proud Wiradjuri woman Kylie Tarleton and proud Gomeroi man Daniel Jack is full of education, and Mark becomes the interviewed as he shares a story of his past and is challenged by Kylie and Daniel to unpack his historical beliefs and behaviours towards Aboriginals.

From 'not being Aboriginal enough' to navigating life in two worlds, and experiencing the traumas associated with the naming of traditional lands after white settlers to the celebration of Invasion Day/Australia Day, this episode opens up and asks questions that should be part of what Kylie calls the '1000-hour conversation' to create real understanding, diversity and inclusion.

Nov 14, 2022
Gregor Allan - Bob Dylan, Education and Connection Rituals

My good mate of 45 years Gregor Allan joined me on a Friday to talk education, shaping young minds, change and how Bob Dylan keeps us connected. Oh and there's a musical performance in here as we pay homage to Dylan.

Nov 10, 2022
Jon Haines - What Is Character?

Author of Rock Solid Character and Churchill Fellowship Trust recipient Jon Haines has worked in elite sporting high-performance leadership roles for decades. Today he shares his knowledge about the relationship between character, leadership development, and creating a high-performance culture. We discuss the three elements of character (emotional, social, and performance) and John shares his passion for the importance of unpacking adolescent character and shaping the leaders of tomorrow.  

Connect with Jon via LinkedIn

Nov 07, 2022
Q&A - Ask Mark Anything

Mark loves it when he gets asked questions with little notice and in this episode, he does his best to answer questions relating to whole team burnout, how to re-invigorate the human focus, mind-numbing and robotic performance reviews, getting sold a lemon at a job interview and my boss is confusing being human with being weak. Have a listen and you might learn something.

Nov 03, 2022
Kylie Tarleton and Daniel Jack - 60,000 Years of Inclusiveness and Diversity

Kylie Tarleton is a proud Wiradjuri woman and Daniel Jack is a proud Gomeroi man who share their experiences of growing up Aboriginal and how this has shaped them to be the humans they are and the work they do today. They share the highs and lows from the strong connection to the land and cultural support of mob to choosing when and when not to wear their 'Aboriginal backpack' and being told they need to be 'more Aboriginal'. This is an episode full of education, awareness and why creating inclusion at times can result in exclusion. Both have identified roles at TAFE NSW and love to connect and share their stories and how to truly embrace the 60,000+ years of the Aboriginal way of embracing connection, culture, and inclusion through lateral leadership.

Kylie Tarleton:

Daniel Jack:

Oct 31, 2022
When The Teacher Becomes The Student

When the opportunity arises to go from teacher to student you might find your ego saying 'not on my watch'. In this weeks 4S edition Mark shares a powerful story from his week where he parked his ego and became the student and how it has made him better for the experience. When did you last park your ego and do the same? The opportunities are endless. 

Oct 27, 2022
Craig Harper - Reasons Are Just Excuses In A Pretty Dress

The no bullsh!t human Craig Harper joined me for a chat about when is the 'right time' to make a move (whatever that might be), his take on like-minded and like-spirited, how fear cripples us, and when he was schooled and understood that being told what you need to hear is where growth happens, and not a time to get angry and defensive.

Oct 24, 2022
Don't Sugarcoat The Message

Mark experienced a 'moment' while travelling last week that got him thinking about why we humans hold off on delivering what we consider bad news or try to sugarcoat a sh!t sandwich. He shares a few tips to prevent mistrust and disengagement by going early with whatever the news is.

Oct 20, 2022
Megumi Miki - Value Your Quieter Side

Award-winning author and founder of "Quietly Powerful", Megumi Miki, joined me and shared how as a child she used 'quiet' as a means to not be bullied or stand out, and now teaches humans the power of embracing their quietly powerful self.   

We explore the origins of loud leadership and why now more than ever the world needs a new approach. Appreciating yourself fully, reminding humans of the value of quiet, and showcasing quietly powerful leadership are Megumi's 'go-to' tips for humans and organisations bold enough to explore that new way.

Oct 17, 2022
Barb Otis - 101 Ways To Lose Great Employees (And How Not To)

Author and OD Practitioner Barb Otis has spent years capturing why great employees leave organisations (or their bosses) and has written an in-your-face hilarious (but true) account of what pisses employees off to the point of leaving. From the advice given by her grandmother at 6 years old, Barb has spent her life truly caring for people and helping managers learn to do the same or deal with the consequences. Check her book out at and start a conversation with your team or if you're courageous enough your manager.

Oct 10, 2022
Introducing The Human Manager Academy "It's For Humans"

As this episode drops, Mark is excited to be launching the Human Manager Academy Foundation Members register of interest. He shares what it is, who it's for, how it works, who has helped him get here, and why he has spent the last 16 months developing an online learning portal that will create an engaged community of like-spirited humans wanting to change the way work works for them and others. To register your interest go to:

Oct 06, 2022
Justine Figo - How To Reap The Benefits of a 360's Feedback Tools

HR Director, Coach and Author Justine Figo is changing the way humans view the 360 feedback process from an 'anus clenching' moment (Justine's words) to a real opportunity for personal growth and development by embracing vulnerability. She shares both the horror and success stories of 360's and some simple and practical tools and tips to stop making excuses and start embracing the gift of feedback.

Oct 03, 2022
Humans Don't Come With an Operating Manual

After hearing this quote from Dr. Gabor Matè on a podcast (The Joe Rogan Experience #1869), Mark shares his thoughts on how we've created a workplace operating manual for humans that are based upon technical and robotic processes that are fundamentally flawed, and why its time to add his suggested human elements into it.

Sep 29, 2022
Sarah Noll Wilson - Two Humans Having a Human Conversation

I was recently a guest on the brilliant Sarah Noll Wilson’s 'Conversations on Conversations' Podcast, where we explored what it means to bring humanity 'to leadership, and the power of understanding others. She has allowed me to co-share this on the SPH Podcast. 

Sep 26, 2022
It's Only A Game... or So Much More?

Mark chats about all things superstition, anxiety, holding your nerve, and why he couldn't watch the final quarter of his beloved Sydney Swans v Collingwood in last week's Preliminary Final. Instead, he retreated to his office and recorded a Podcast to avoid the heart rate spike and his inability to control the situation. It was the full range of emotions in not knowing what was happening and dreading the check in via Dr. Google. Can anyone relate?

Sep 22, 2022
Tracy Bartram - Laughter Is The Best Medicine

Comedian and Laughaholic Facilitator Tracy Bartram lays it all bare about how she has chosen laughter as one of her ways to deal with traumatic experiences and addictive behaviors during her life. She shares her decades of experience and passion for helping humans to laugh and live a full life because it's f**king shorter than we think. To find out more about Tracy's Laughaholics Experience go to

Sep 19, 2022
Abundance Over Scarcity

Mark explores the concept of abundant v scarcity mindsets - and in the spirit of abundance shares some recent podcasts he's listening to, books he's reading, apps he's finding useful, and shows he's watching that are challenging him to learn and grow. They just may do the same for you!

Sep 15, 2022
Maz Speaks - Get Interesting

Maz Speaks is one incredibly interesting human who teaches individuals and organisations how to be more interesting. She shares her incredibly diverse career journey with a simple message - 'be you' and drops some brilliant tools and tips on how to stand out and know that if you don't get interesting nobody will know who you are.

This is a must-listen episode if you want to learn from an incredibly energetic, bold and street-smart human whose career has been all about generating interest.

Sep 12, 2022
The Bullsh*ttery of Quiet Quitting

Come on humans, let's stop the bullsh_t game of coming up with a new shiny label to cover up the inconvenient truth. I share my thoughts on the absurdity of the newest shiny thing 'Quiet Quitting' and offer some suggestions to those who are hiding behind the latest moronic management term. Here's an idea - ask your people what they think, and perhaps stop saying we need to do more with less!!

Sep 08, 2022
Colin Beattie - Choose Your Own People Adventure

I'm joined by Founder & CEO of The People Spot Colin Beattie, who is on a mission to give every human a 'coach in their pocket' that will help normalise day-to-day people management issues. Colin shares his insights on why we favor avoidance over action when it comes to people issues, and how the pandemic got him thinking more about 'moments' than 'events'. This is two boys from the bush having an open and at times raw conversation about why emotions and dreaming big matter, and how better conversations and better connections lead to better business. 

Colin has also provided podcast listeners with a discount code for access to The People Spot App, which you can get at

Just enter the all-caps code BEHUMAN12 at checkout to get  12% off the order. Thanks Colin!

Sep 05, 2022
Life Is An Experiment

Are you open to experimenting? There are considerable benefits in doing so both personally and in business. Mark delves into the benefits of an experimental mindset, and why some humans do and do not embrace an experimental mindset. He also shares some of his current and future experiments and the data he has captured to date.

Sep 01, 2022
Ash Bennallack - Men, It's Time We Talked

It's Father's Day this coming Sunday 4th September in Australia and what a gift founder of Cyclewell Camps and men's Health and Wellbeing Coach Ash Bennallack gives us in this week's Podcast. From a competitive and 'successful' corporate twenty-something high flyer to bankruptcy and everything in between, Ash shares his own story of struggle and why it drove him to create Cyclewell Camps, and why men's health is now a cause that he lives for and not just works for. His simple and practical tips are a gift to you to share with the men in your life. To find out more about his upcoming events for Men, Women and Mixed Groups click here: what a great Father's Day present.

Aug 29, 2022
Surely We're Different?

Mark explores why it is that every week he's asked by his clients how they are different from other sectors, industries, professions, etc. His answer disappoints most times. He shares his thoughts on this and how it can his response can shift from being a disappointment to an opportunity for those who ask the question (spoiler alert - it's everybody).

Aug 25, 2022
Alex Bakowski - I Can Do More

Founder of Possibility Arena Alex Bakowski shares her story from high school dropout to now creating her values based leadership consultancy. Well worth a listen if you're considering moving from employee to business owner.

Aug 22, 2022
Ask Mark Anything

From - How do I let go?, What tool will help me to better understand group dynamics?, Why do I have to have all the answers as a manager?, dealing with generational issues and I'm frustrated by my relationship with management. This week's solo Podcast was a Q&A and I gave it my best shot. Have a listen and I am sure you will get something out of this for yourself and others. 

Aug 18, 2022
Carlii Lyon - Who Am I?

Personal branding coach Carlii Lyon opens up on her top tips to build your personal brand and shares some incredible stories on how she was drawn into being conditionally rather than unconditionally liked. A real, raw and revealing conversation.

Aug 15, 2022
A Week With Pharmacists

Last week I had the privilege of discussing human leadership and spending time with a unique group in an amazing part of Australia and learned that perceptions aren't real and that we should never underestimate the power of deep connection and a strong sense of belonging. I share both my reinforced and new learnings in this episode.

Aug 11, 2022
Craig Harper - Managing Me and Other Stuff

In what's best described as two blokes having a conversation, Craig Harper and I share some recent personal goings on as well as our insights and perspectives on self-management, overwhelm, uniqueness and acknowledging your part in the mess of life.

Aug 08, 2022
Todd Kashdan - Embrace The Dissent In You
Professor of Psychology and Author of "The Art of Insubordination - How To Dissent And Defy Effectively", Todd Kashdan unpacks why we need to embrace our virtuous rebel in order to bring more justice, creativity, and innovation into the world. He explains the benefits of selfishness, the importance of being curious, how embracing our dark side is useful, and why we need dissent to slow things down in a fast-paced world.
Aug 01, 2022
It's Not Weak To Speak
Sometimes things happen for a reason and Paddy Pimlett's post fight speech, a very vulnerable in-room Human Manager Experience, and the birthday of his late father Bob, has Mark reflecting on why it's not weak to speak and why we need to break the stigma attached to it (warning Mark talks about his personal experience with a family members suicide).
Jul 28, 2022
Tanya Heany Voogt - Fostering Mentally Healthy Workplaces
Author of Transforming Norm - Leading the Change to Mentally Healthy Workplaces', Tanya Heaney-Voogt shares her thoughts on why the fear-based management approach must end and be replaced with listening and addressing, learning before box-ticking and stemming the flow of overwhelm across all levels in an organisation. It is only then that humans will feel that they are indeed included and belong.
Jul 25, 2022
It All Starts With Self - Part 2
This week Mark continues with the reflective approach and poses some questions about changing beliefs and behaviors, accepting that words matter, playing a role as actors on the stage, and removing the mythical creatures of 'them' and 'they' in your life. He leaves you with more questions than answers as is the nature of the work of 'self'.
Jul 21, 2022
Kim Ades - What's Your Story?
President and Founder of Frame of Mind Coaching, and co-founder of The Journal That talks Back, Kim Ades joins me to explore how thoughts proceed all actions, why we must examine our own thinking and stop getting involved in the game of rightness. Kim shares some personal examples as well as her tools on how to both assign and assume positive intent. This is also worth a listen to understand how Kim combines strength and cheekiness to get her message across.
Jul 18, 2022
Leading Self Is Where It All Starts
In Part 1 of this Podcast on leading self, Mark shares some of his thoughts on why trusting you, requesting and accepting feedback, investing in you, and stepping into comfortably uncomfortable work are so incredibly important. Oh....and there's some questions he poses for you to reflect upon.
Jul 14, 2022
Reshare Episode: Thea O'Connor - Are You Body Intelligent?
Workplace Wellbeing Advisor and Founder of Nap Now Thea O'Connor is passionate about helping humans become body intelligent and practice Body Intelligence (BQ). In this reshared episode, Thea outlines why Body Intelligence (BQ) is so important in the fast-paced world we live in, and shares some simple and practical ways to embrace it and reduce the likelihood of burnout.
Jul 11, 2022
Tiffanee Cook - Cats, Comparison, Claustrophobia, and Curiosity
Tiff and Mark get together again and dive deep into some great topics using real-life experiences over the past 2-3 months, including a decision on a new pet, why we compare everything, meeting humans face to face for the first time, phobias and how to really disconnect in order to be in the moment.
Jul 04, 2022
My Lessons From The Northern Territory
Allison and I recently spent two weeks in the NT, and I share some lessons and learnings, both reinforced and new, about comfort and discomfort, culture, connections and conversations, being tech free, hiring great humans and the fragility of life on what was an incredibly unforgettable adventure.
Jun 30, 2022
Reshare Episode - Marty Linsky - Leadership Is Not About Titles
I'm resharing one of my favorite episodes where I chatted with Prof. Marty Linsky about all things leadership and why we must look at leadership as an activity not a title.
Jun 27, 2022
Tiff Cook - To Network Is Human
Mark and Tiff bust a few myths about what networking is and isn't about. Oh....and remembering that you're human is the key.
Jun 20, 2022
David Deane-Spread - Humans Are An Investment Not An Overhead
CEO Coach David Deane-Spread and I explore many elements of leadership in this week's podcast including what he learned about courage and vulnerability in the military, balancing transactional and transformational work, shiny object syndrome, situational and self awareness and why leadership is lonely, involves giving credit and taking blame.
Jun 14, 2022
Do You Get 'Work FOMO' When On Holiday?
Mark is off on two weeks holiday this week and reflects on why we seem to be so affected by the FOMO of work. He shares some real life examples of this, the pitfalls of 'Work FOMO' and why turning a mindset to 'Work JOMO' will be better for all the humans in your life.
Jun 09, 2022
David Deane-Spread - Humans Are An Investment Not An Overhead
CEO Coach David Deane-Spread and I explore many elements of leadership in this week's podcast including what he learned about courage and vulnerability in the military, balancing transactional and transformational work, shiny object syndrome, situational and self awareness and why leadership is lonely, involves giving credit and taking blame.
Jun 06, 2022
Karen Brown - Are Perceptions Really Reality?
Karen Brown knew at 14 that she wanted to be a pharmacist and now is at the forefront of challenging perceptions and the status quo of what it is to be a pharmacist. We talk about the importance of upbringing, community, leadership, belonging, fun, trust, and why pharmacists are more than a place for me to buy my bag of jellybeans. There are so many leadership and life lessons for everyone here in this conversation.
Jun 06, 2022
Feedback Is A Gift
Mark's Podcast editor Andy Maher gave him the gift of feedback last week and it forms the basis of this week's solo podcast on why feedback is a gift, and why you should both ask for and give feedback regularly. Mark shares his thoughts on building feedback fitness, using this in real-life situations (performance reviews anyone), and what to avoid when giving feedback. Oh, and he leaves you with a BIG question to answer.
Jun 02, 2022
Tessa West - Dealing With Jerks At Work
Author and Prof. of Psychology at NYU Tessa West has both practiced and witnessed 'jerkery' in the workplace and shares the 7 Types of Workplace Jerks, why jerks might not know they're being jerks (and how to help them see it) and how to see the signs that you may be practice a type of work 'jerkery'. You can take Tessa's quiz on either 'jerk or ally' or buy the book 'Jerks At Work' here
May 30, 2022
Soft Skills Are Hard As F#ck
Mark has a real issue with the term soft skills and after this episode and you will too. He suggests that the terms 'soft' and 'hard' are yesterday's descriptors, and shares some descriptions of both that will have you shaking your head. He concludes that there is power in creating new terms for these important skills and that there is much to be gained by combining them as a manager.
May 26, 2022
Nat Phillips-Mason: Changing The Story On Neurodiversity
Nat Phillips-Mason is a change practitioner who has a passion for using change methodology to make real progress on embracing neurodiversity at both work and in the world. She shares her thoughts on why humans with lived experience and not observed experience should drive the change program, why current language like 'normal', 'deficits', and 'fixing' is not useful, and how listening to understand will change the game on both the employee and customer values propositions.
May 23, 2022
The Mythical Creatures 'Them' and 'They'
Mark explores why it's 'we, us, and I' when things are going well and 'they and them' when they're going not so well. He ponders where these mythical workplace creatures 'them and they' come from, and why humans do this. Crystal balls, accepting one's part in the mess, and pity parties all get a mention in this episode, and some ways to combat taking the easy way out by absolving yourself of accountability.
May 19, 2022
Darius Boyd - It Takes Courage To Ask For Support
Darius Boyd shares his lived experience with mental health and why it is important to seek support instead of remaining silent. Darius shares his three practical tips on how to create space for a conversation.
May 16, 2022
There's Comfort In Discomfort
Mark shares some personal examples of what makes him 'comfortably comfortable', 'comfortably uncomfortable' and 'uncomfortably uncomfortable', and an approach he takes to challenge himself to find more time in the learning zone of 'comfortably uncomfortable' whilst still understanding the value of both chilling out and feeling distressed at times in order to make personal progress
May 12, 2022
Jeff Zulman - Never Turn Your Back On What You See
I met Jeff at a Wellness retreat and was so fascinated by the life lessons he shared that I wanted to bring his wisdom to the world. From the wise words his father shared with him 'don't ever lose your good name' to Jeff's mantras you're not measured by what you do but by how you bounce back, never give up as you're close to a breakthrough, and stay true to who you are. Jeff is a master storyteller and shares everything from his early corporate career at Goldman Sachs, how he's using his passion for cycling to raise money for a great cause, and why being objective about ourselves is critical in order to help others.
May 09, 2022
You Have A Choice
Mark regularly talks to humans who feel they have no choice as they contemplate their next career move. He shares his six ideas on taking back control of your choices and not jumping straight from the frying pan into the fire.
May 05, 2022
Ian Cartwright - To Sell Is Human
Author and Founder of Ian Cartwright Sales Coaching joins me and shares his decades of wisdom on why sales is so intrinsically tied to who we are as human beings. Problem-solving, listening, being yourself and even our survival instinct is all part of being human and selling. Check out Ian's book The 6 Fundamentals of Sales Know How
May 02, 2022
Eat Your Own Dog Food (co share with Tiffanee Cook)
Mark and Tiff start in a surprising way and it just gets crazier from there - using words to protect ourselves, being busy fools and delving into our bad news filing cabinets all get a run. Enjoy.
Apr 28, 2022
Dr. Yvonne Sum - What Is Intentional Living? Part 2
Dr. Yvonne Sum has a unique ability to provoke conversations about self because she is a master of doing the hard work of self. We cover mirror-neurons, and how slowly we humans have evolved. Oh....and what it means to live intentionally.
Apr 25, 2022
Don't Hide Your Emotions
Mark shares the emotional response he tried to hide during his favorite band Weddings, Parties Anything set at the Byron Bay Bluesfest, and how to allow permission for yourself and others to display emotion as you start coming back together in the world and the workplace.
Apr 21, 2022
Dr. Yvonne Sum - What Is Intentional Living? Part 1
Dr. Yvonne Sum has a unique ability to provoke conversations about self because she is a master of doing the hard work of self. We cover everything from playfulness, fear, connection, and what we yearn for. Oh....and what it means to live intentionally.
Apr 18, 2022
Start by Stopping and Reflecting
Mark shares his thoughts on why humans are more into a 'what's next' than a 'stop and reflect' mindset and the five questions he uses with himself and in his Human Manager Experience to encourage others to spend a little time each day stopping and reflecting.
Apr 14, 2022
Julie Tickle - The Accidental Executive
Julie Tickle is one of my favorite humans who continues to work by the mantra of 'Just Be You' as her career has taken her from teaching to the executive team at TAFE NSW over 22 years. From 'thinking in the shower', doing the washing up to having someone call her bullshit, Julie is a human who doesn't hide behind a title and speaks the same way, and refuses to be overwhelmed by anyone regardless of titles.
Apr 11, 2022
Human Being or Human Doing?
Mark talks about his concept of 'Humannovation' and shares some simple and practical tips on how to embrace 'being before doing' to create better outcomes at work and in the world.
Apr 07, 2022
Brian P. Moran and Michael M. Lennington - Uncommon Accountability
Best selling authors Brian P. Moran and Michael M. Lennington have uncovered the secret sauce to creating high-performing teams and organisations, and they call it Uncommon Accountability. They both share why "hold others capable" rather than "being held accountable" and moving away from the punishment mindset of accountability will unlock discretionary effort and build more purposeful relationships in business and life. Uncommon Accountability (WILEY, December 29, 2021) is available at your favorite bookstore of choice or check out
Apr 04, 2022
How Do We Build Deeper Human Connection?
Mark reflects on how deeper human connection occurs with some humans, teams etc. and not others. He shares his simple and practical tips for building and sustaining deep human connections.
Mar 31, 2022
Jodie Hoger: Tales of a Proudly Disabled Woman - Part 2
Jodie Hoger continues to share her inspirational story and why allyship is so important, why hearing someone say 'I'm not disabled enough' is so sad, and how embracing her three simple and practical tips and tools on inclusion can create a more human workplace and world.
Mar 28, 2022
Are you Predictably Predictable?
Mark explores how humans can use your predictability to get you exactly where they want you. He shares the three steps towards becoming a little less predictable and what secret phrase you will hear once you've broken out of being someone else's 'predictably predictable'.
Mar 24, 2022
Jodie Hoger: Tales of a Proudly Disabled Woman - Part 1
Jodie Hoger refers to herself as a 'proud disabled woman' and shares her inspirational story of championing the cause for creating career pathways for others classed as having a 'disability' after losing her sight at 16 years of age.
Mar 21, 2022
Have You Failed or Passed The COVID Trust Experiment?
Mark shares some of his recent experiences where 'everything old is new again' except as he says when it comes to some trusting humans to do good work when they can't be seen. He outlines the three trust killers and why it's time to move on from capability as the key reason to trust in the workplace (or from wherever one works these days).
Mar 17, 2022
Melissa Ingram - Wellness Is Not A Fad
I'm joined by Elysia Wellness Retreat Manager Melissa Ingram to talk some really simple and practical ways to boost your post-COVID wellness approach. These are great reminders and show that's small steps can achieve amazing results.
Mar 14, 2022
We're All A Work In Progress
Mark shares his lived experience of embracing and ignoring some profiling tools, of feeling scared but at the same time adopting a brave, bold and honest mindset to put on paper what he really wanted to be when he grew up. He outlines his POC Model that has helped him and many other humans do the hard work of self and ultimately pursue what really makes them get out of bed in the morning before the alarm clock goes off.
Mar 10, 2022
Craig Harper and Melissa Cameron
The You Project's Craig Harper and Melissa Cameron pop in to chat about the health benefits of things like laughter, music, connection, purpose, goals, animals, hugs and nature and the health risks of things like loneliness, isolation, retirement and the feeling (or reality) of not being needed, valued, wanted and/or loved.
Mar 07, 2022
I Have Difficulty with the Term 'Difficult Conversations'
From once facing an 18-month investigation on a bullying and harassment case, Mark shares his change of mindset from conflict and confrontation to a conversation, as well as a couple of ways to approach them with empathy and understanding.
Mar 03, 2022
Dr. Jen Frahm - Do You Feel The 'Stirring' of Change?
Author and co-founder of The Agile Change Institute Dr. Jen Frahm has been in the thick of change for decades, and is regarded as the change management 'Jiminy Cricket', often giving sage and unpopular but necessary advice. In this episode we explore the need for both 'fix it fast' transactional and 'sustain it' transformational change, why tempering change based on the overwhelm of the past two years is critical, and why humans find lots of places to hide in complexity. Jen is a no BS human who describes herself as the 'voice of the voiceless' in the change process.
Feb 28, 2022
Everything Old Is New Again
Mark was back in the room with humans this week and shares some lessons learned about tempering his ego, sharing his failures and challenging other humans to embrace the notion of 'not knowing' or being spoon-fed directions.
Feb 24, 2022
Mark LeBusque on Tiff Cook's 'Roll With The Punches' Podcast
Mark shares an episode of Tiffanee Cook's Roll With The Punches Podcast where the tables were turned and he was the guest. Why? Because he's human and hadn't recorded a new guest podcast of his own!! Enjoy some banter between two humans who tell it as they see it.
Feb 21, 2022
Mark's Birthday Reflections
Recorded on his 55th birthday, Mark shares what age means to him, what his family gave him as well as reflects on what 55-year-old Mark would tell 15, 25, 35 and 45 year old Mark.
Feb 17, 2022
Nick Hunter - Positive Change Through Creativity
Co-Founder, CEO, and ECD of Paper Moose Nick Hunter went from a beer pulling out of work actor to co-founding the full-service creative agency Paper Moose, and believes sparking positive change through creativity. Nick shares his simple tips on how to really build a business where humans are allowed to be human and doing good for the world can happen whilst still being commercially viable. He and the team at Paper Moose specializes in taking the incredibly complicated and through creativity making it beautifully simple. Something we could all learn from. He and his team are also known for a spoof ad they made for Gruen, which ended up going viral worldwide -
Feb 14, 2022
What's Really Important To You?
Mark's encounter with the tall trees of Tasmania got him thinking about his 'perspective line', and he shares his most, moderately, and least important things to him right now, as well as what he called his 'perspective killers'. Oh and click here to complete your own perspective line with this free tool
Feb 10, 2022
Cerys O'Connell - What Role Am I Playing Now?
Cerys O'Connell is a brilliant human who has skillfully combined her acting, writing and directing skills to assist leaders to embrace in the moment role awareness, improvisation and how the way we speak completely changes how we are perceived not only is presentations but in day to day life. Oh and Cerys' tried-and-true tip on how to deal with your nerves when on stage is absolutely not to be missed.
Feb 07, 2022
How Did I End Up Here?
Mark and Allison have met some incredible humans on their Tassie 'Life Design' adventure, and a question popped into their collective heads: How did they end up here? In this episode, Mark shares 5 tips and some personal examples and ideas to help you work towards answering that question or charting your own path.
Feb 03, 2022
Michelle Fotheringham - The Future of Work Is Already Here
CEO and Founder of Werkling Michelle Fotheringham believes we need to reframe the idea that the future of work is something in the distance - in fact, the future of work is already here. Those who are caught up in these COVID times as 'something to get through.....' are going to lose the war on talent both existing and new. Treating humans like grown-ups, trusting humans to do the work remotely, and transitioning to a different kind of work are starting points for business success. Michelle pulls no punches on the pitfalls of sticking your head in the sand at a time when organisations need to get creative.
Jan 31, 2022
What Comes First - Experienced or Experience?
Mark is out and about in Tassie and whilst hiking Lake St. Clair kept ruminating over the absurdity of how we use 'experience' and 'experienced' as a throwaway line in our lives. He shares his thoughts and some provocative questions in this solo episode.
Jan 27, 2022
Morag Barrett - Paying Attention to Me
Morag Barrett totally gets the human stuff and knows it's hard work. As a well-respected leadership expert, author, speaker and coach, Morag has helped thousands of human beings to understand their impact on others in a leadership capacity and shares some gold nuggets on how to cultivate better relationships with self and others. Trust, care, dependency and other human stuff is at the core of the work Morag has spent a lifetime designing and delivering with great success.
Jan 24, 2022
"One Day We Will......."
How many times have you said these words? Mark shares some brilliant lived experiences on what he calls 'Life Design' and the experimental adventure that he and Allison have been on by finishing the sentence back in late 2020 to read - "One Day We Will Base Ourselves In Tasmania for a Month". That time can be sooner than you think.
Jan 20, 2022
Tiffanee Cook - This Was Never The Plan
Tiffanee Cook the Host of the 'Roll With The Punches' Podcast joins me and gets real and raw about fear of success and failure, personal change, chasing bold things, her incredibly diverse career, and why self-awareness is the key to everything. Oh and we also manage to share our early fears about Podcasting.
Jan 17, 2022
Mark's Four R's - Reflect, Reset, Recharge and Reward
Over the break, Mark spent time on what he calls the Four R's at the Elysia Wellness Retreat, as well as doing some fishing, target shooting, driving long distance to his hometown in Mildura. He shares some very personal reflections and how practicing the Four R's helps him step into some uncomfortable conversations and realisations about things that he was avoiding.
Jan 13, 2022
Brenden Carter - Learning The Value of Values and Human Connection
Founder of the Learning Hook Brenden Carter shares how his diverse career pathway has exposed him to when workplace values are lived and when they are merely words on a wall. He shares the unique values of the company he founded and also some simple and practical tips on how to build authentic human2human connections, and make learning stick after the event.
Jan 10, 2022
Reflecting on 2021
Using the process of humannovation, Mark shares what he is thankful for, who and what has been helpful to him, why caring for self and from others is critical, and reminds himself and us of why it's so important to have fun by sharing his fun moments in 2021.
Dec 16, 2021
Co-Share Episode: Craig Harper and Tiffanee Cook
In this special co-share edition, we catch up again with host of The You Project podcast Craig Harper, and host of the Roll With The Punches podcast, Tiffanee Cook. We chat about festive season mindsets, memories, Harps gives us his take on tenacity and we all talk about approaching work-life balance in a different way.
Dec 13, 2021
The First 5 Questions - A Gift of Real Human Connection
In a time of giving gifts, Mark shares his gift that will help you to build deeper human2human connection and start 2022 in a very human way. A short sharp and very practical way to elevate your human leadership beyond what you ever imagined possible.
Dec 09, 2021
Simon Terry - Thoughts Aren't Leadership
Chairman of Change Agents Worldwide, Simon Terry joins me, and we go around the world on topics such as delivering sustainable change, why thought leadership and flavours of bubblegum have so much in common, playing it safe, working out loud and how to create high-powered teams.
Dec 06, 2021
Beware The Uninvited Guest
With 8 out of 10 of our thoughts being negative, we humans are trapped in self-doubt and continual cognitive catastrophes. Mark shares his personal struggles with self-doubt, self-loathing and how the uninvited guest continually shares stories with him from his 8 drawer 'bad news filing cabinet'. He also gives some advice on how to shut the door on the uninvited guest and start to fill up your 2 drawer 'good news filing cabinet'.
Dec 02, 2021
Stefan Bramble - Play Is Not The Opposite of Work
Director of Play and Connection for an International Tech Company, Stefan Bramble has magically combined his acting and teaching careers to now lead the way globally by incorporating play into work. He shares why being an idiot and fu#king up creates moments that can build deeper human connections and solve very challenging work problems.
Nov 29, 2021
Aren't We Human Enough Already?
Mark talks about why he keeps getting asked how can we be 'more human' in the workplace, why this is a nonsense statement and shares ten ways to embrace what it is to be truly human and see everyone thrive at work and in life.
Nov 25, 2021
Glenn Azar - Life Happens To People
Founder of the Building Better Humans Project Glenn Azar joined me to share some amazing lived experiences from his time serving his country, to walking the Kokoda Track 80 times and how his learnings about himself and other humans can benefit leaders looking to balance on the tightrope between comfort and discomfort.
Nov 22, 2021
Five Tell-Tale Signs of Toxic Workplaces
Toxic workplaces are full of 'look at me' managers, control freaks, and box-ticking inauthentic actors, and in this episode Mark shares his experience with toxic workplaces and some ideas on how to pick them if you're in the market and how to leave them if you're caught in one.
Nov 18, 2021
Bill Stierle - The Magic of Scary Honesty
Communications expert and high conflict mediator Bill Stierle and I were due to just chat and connect the first time but it turned into a podcast episode!! Bill shares his wisdom about scary honesty, telling bad news early and making it safe to do so, language strategies, first impressions, the neurons in different parts of the brain, and why ice cream is good or not so good depending upon the stories we tell ourselves.
Nov 15, 2021
The Artistry Of Reimagining Work
Mark shares some practical ways to combine traditional technical work and measures with the pandemic-driven focus on human work to create a masterpiece of both the 'being' (humannovation) and 'doing'(innovation).
Nov 11, 2021
Andrew Brown - How Do We Create Adaptive Cultures?
Through an existential crisis at 19, Andrew Brown the co-founder of Adaptive Cultures turned to his passion to liberate human potential and wisdom. He has been helping humans and organisations step into the challenging work of adaptation and shares some amazing personal observations and experiences on why some humans and organisations adapt and others don't.
Nov 08, 2021
Are You A Busy Fool?
Mark tells it as he sees it about being busy, busyness as a badge of honour, a suit of armour, and the origins of the 'Busy Fool Syndrome' and shares five ways to bust busyness, which is a choice you make every moment of the day.
Nov 04, 2021
I am Enough
The tables are turned in episode 100 and Mark moves from host to guest - and is asked some curious, confronting and non-scripted questions about his life, from a teenager through to current days, and why this work of 'human' means so much to him.
Nov 01, 2021
The Great Resignation - A Sweet Lie to Hide the Bitter Truth
Mark looks at the so-called 'Great Resignation' and Sweet Lies and Bitter Truths, Shiny Things, Consultants Creating Fear and Bearing Gifts, Catching Up and What To Do to create workplaces where humans are not looking to leave, but advocating to others on your behalf. It will give you more questions to ponder than solutions to overcome this current topic that is all-consuming and somewhat disturbing.
Oct 28, 2021
Neelam Harjani - How Much Energy Do You Bring To The World?
Neelam Harjani is a delight and an incredible human who as the founder of Inspire Yoga and Corporate Wellness Ambassador helps humans all around the globe to tap into their energy and live more grateful lives. Neelam uses her own lived experience of constant pain that she justified as part of being a success in the banking sector and subsequent discovery of yoga and other mindfulness practices to share some simple and practical tools and tips to achieve emotional sustenance. Oh....and there's an amazing practice contained in this Podcast that will help you to use your positive energy to take away some of what is making you feel pain and fatigue.
Oct 25, 2021
The 5 Management Misconceptions
In this short-sharp episode, Mark shares his thoughts on the mythical management misconceptions like don't get too close to your people, never show weakness or vulnerability, it's all about technical proficiency, there must be 'two you's and you can't measure the fluffy human stuff.
Oct 21, 2021
Dr. Richard Claydon - Teaching and Learning Leadership Is Hard Work
Dr. Richard Claydon has spent decades teaching and learning about leadership. In this episode, he shares his wisdom on why leaders are not born into leadership, how reading one book or undertaking one psychometric profile doesn't make you a certain type of leadership material, and how being an outsider at a young age has helped him to look at leadership in a myriad of ways.
Oct 18, 2021
The Do's and Dont's of Performance Reviews
"I can't wait for my performance review" said nobody ever!! In this bonus short and sharp episode Mark shares his own experiences with good and bad reviews, as well as his three (3) Manager, Do's and Dont's.
Oct 14, 2021
David Udy - Are Humans 'Resources'?
Executive &Team Coach and Change expert David Udy shares his wealth of knowledge and experience on the upsides and downsides of putting labels on a whole range of things from pens to humans, and why there is power in taking the approach of "I See You....."
Oct 11, 2021
Mark LeBusque - Disciples, Doubters and Detractors
Mark goes solo again and talks about why we all need a mix of disciples, doubters, and detractors in our lives, and gets personal about how his house catching fire taught him an important lesson on why focusing on the cosmetics and 'look at me' moments and not what can't be seen is a trap for all humans in the workplace.
Oct 07, 2021
Mark LeBusque - What If I Treated Them Like Human Beings?
In this episode Mark shares his guest spot on Kristen Harcourt's 'Inspirational Leadership Podcast', and shares his approach to Humanising workplaces.
Oct 04, 2021
Dylan Roos - Real Men Don't Cry (and other misconceptions about Masculinity)
Masculinity Coach and founder of the 'Prince to King' Mentor program Dylan Roos has used his own demons and diagnosis with depression and anxiety as well as his patterns of toxic male behaviours to become a respected coach working with young men. In this episode, Dylan shares his definition of masculinity and why it is important to embrace both backbone and heart, as well as shares his tips for parents to assist boys to grow into men who role model positive masculinity. The next intake of the Prince to King program is now taking mentees from 14-18 years of age
Sep 30, 2021
The Fatherhood Forfeit - From Bouncing and Barbells to Ballet and Braids
Author and Speaker Michael Ray entered fatherhood at 49 and it fundamentally changed his life. His willingness to be vulnerable and share lived experience about being teased for his tears at Charlie's ballet school, leaving work loudly and proudly, setting boundaries at work, and capturing the 'moments between moments' is inspirational and has lessons for all humans to learn from.
Sep 27, 2021
Craig Harper & Tiffanee Cook - More Human Stuff
I'm joined again for a short sharp chat with TYP's Craig Harper and Tiffanee Cook chatting about motivation and the fear of failure and success.
Sep 23, 2021
Derrick McManus - How's Your Human Durability?
Derrick McManus shares how he was able to face his life-threatening event by embracing the concept of human durability. After being shot 14 times in a high-risk operation, Derrick shares how taking responsibility, having open, honest, and confronting conversations before an event will enable you to face any challenge that comes your way, and that every human being can build human durability through following his simple approach to doing so.
Sep 20, 2021
Craig Harper & Tiffanee Cook - Human Stuff
In this episode, Mark is joined by TYP's Craig Harper and Tiffanee Cook, and they shoot the breeze on human stuff like authenticity, fear, communication, comparison and Socratic philosophy.
Sep 16, 2021
Mark LeBusque - I TOLD YOU SO
Mark LeBusque believes we are all our 'greatest experiment' and in this weeks SPH Podcast has experimented with being the host and the guest and shares his thoughts on the term 'I Told You So' and how it is used for both good and evil. Hiring Talented Arseholes, Using Weasel Words, Being Defined By Work, Politeness and Reimagining Work all get a run as possible "I Told You So' moments in your life.
Sep 13, 2021
Briony Croft - Own The Room
Professional Image and Style specialist Briony Croft joins me this week to share tools and tips on how to create presence and confer confidence using an inside out approach, and why it is more important than ever post-pandemic times for individuals and organisations to clearly communicate their dress standards and policies.
Sep 07, 2021
Peter Godfrey - The Questions That Never Go Away
Coach and Bloody Good Human Peter Godfrey is a deep thinker and lifelong learner who shares his experience of exploring the big questions in life and leadership that never go away, and why we don't think as much as we think we do.
Aug 30, 2021
Twain Liu - Never Let AI Make The Decisions
Heartist and Scientist Twain Liu joins me on this episode to delve into the pros and cons of AI, why we must start with a humans lens when using AI and why we should never let AI make the final decision. We'll also talk about eastern philosophy, dice, coins, probability, true and false (binary stuff), and how Twain as a 2-year-old almost gave her grandfather two heart attacks on one day.
Aug 23, 2021
John Broadbent - Is Work Your Identity?
Author of Man Unplugged - Exploring The Inner Man, John Broadbent is raw and real as he shares his experience of being trapped in his work identity until it was ripped away from him in the early 90's. John shares his hard learned lessons in life, why he stepped into the uncomfortable work from ego to soul, and how he now helps other men unplug and discover their inner man.
Aug 16, 2021
SPH Co-Share with TYP Craig Harper - There's No Magic Fkn Pill
Harps and I took some questions without notice from a few listeners who have been enjoying the co-share Podcast series. Losing Resilience, Planning Your Life, The Opposite of Imposter Syndrome and Why Life Is Hard for Some Humans is what we riffed to. Oh and we also chatted about no quick fixes, magic pills, silver bullets, infra-red saunas, things we've purchased that we never use, and breaking up after this episode for a while, seeing other podcasters but getting back together later in the year. Enjoy.
Aug 12, 2021
Geoff Marlow - Your Life Is A Training Course
Both Intelligently Gifted and Superbly Self Aware would be the best way to describe this weeks guest Geoff Marlow. Geoff shares how he combined his very early identified academic prowess with decades of lived experience to become a better human being. He now helps individuals and organisations to discover the power of combining booksmarts and streetsmarts to create future fit cultures.
Aug 09, 2021
Life Is Uncertainty & The Curse of Rightness
In this week's co-share Harps and I cover everything from my four dogs (who may or may not be heard in this episode), humans embracing life as a series of experiments, not knowing the answer, and the curse of rightness.
Aug 05, 2021
Marcus Crow - Change: Where Everything Old Is New Again
Will real change occur post-pandemic, or are we in for more of the same? In this episode co-Founder of 10,000 Hours Marcus Crow and I pontificate on why change may just be continuity with a new shade of lipstick, how using bold language makes change appealing, how we've continually underestimated the hold of the historical management system and does change have to be big to have a big impact?
Aug 02, 2021
Craig Harper - Speak Up When You're Not Feeling That Good
Harps and I chatting about human stuff this week digging deep into me sharing that I'm not feeling that good at the moment, stopping and reflecting as a powerful self-awareness tool and why we need to stop comparing and start learning from others. Oh and there's a need to 'do the work' in order to grow personally.
Jul 29, 2021
Brian Klindworth - Are Careers Relevant or Redundant?
Successful career coach Brian Klindworth shares his lived experience as someone who was 'successfully unfulfilled' to now being a sought-after career coach. In this episode he tackles the issue of inheriting our parents beliefs on what a career is, the downside of focusing on a score to determine your career and why we need to get playful and creative when determining our path through life. So many great tips in here for those looking to do the work of 'self.
Jul 26, 2021
Craig Harper - Self Awareness Is Not A Single Thing
In this episode, Craig and I explore, through both lived experience and academic research, the topic of self-awareness, and open some big doors on approval of self, how we experience self, the importance of working on self and why it takes you much energy to be liked by everyone.
Jul 22, 2021
Alex Barker - How To Be More Pirate
Alex Barker has learned to embrace the Pirate code and shares her thoughts on why we should all become 'More Pirate' in order to make real change in both the workplace and the world. Telling tall tales, taking small and bold actions and creating your own 'Pirate Code' are just some of the gems shared in this episode. It's time to hoist the 'jolly roger' and embrace the pirate way.
Jul 19, 2021
Craig Harper - How Do Others Experience You?
In this week's co-share with Craig Harper from The You Project, we wax lyrical on all types of human topics, focusing on social intelligence, situational awareness, self-awareness, busyness, feeling shit scared, and why do we wait for life-changing events to change.
Jul 15, 2021
Rae Bonney - Shining The Light On Men's Health
Men's Health Specialist Rae Bonney has impacted positively on the health of 1000's of men, and gets real and raw about how a traumatic upbringing and own mental health issues have impacted her life work to shine a light on Men's Mental Health. Here are some helpful resources to help you find out more: • Heads Up • Australian Men's Health Forum • Men's Health Awards 2021 • Disciples, Doubters and Detractors
Jul 12, 2021
Craig Harper - Connection is a Human Condition
In this Special 'Spin Off' series of SPH Podcasts, Creator of The You Project Podcast Craig Harper and Mark talk about all things connection, why we are hardwired for it, how helpfulness is helpful and who inspires them. Two humans just having a human conversation.
Jul 08, 2021
Gerard Penna - Embracing Xtraordinary Leadership
CEO, Founder, and Author of Xtraordinary Leaders Gerard Penna combines 50+ years of lived experience with research to uncover what makes Leadership Xtroadinary. He beautifully captures the 'Genius of And', why 'Strength and Warmth' must co-exist in Leadership, and how to embrace life as your 'Leadership Laboratory'.
Jul 05, 2021
Oscar Venhuis - What Do You Expect With Expectations?
Founder of EQ Lab Oscar Venhuis is a deep thinker about the positive and negative side of expectations. He explores what happens when we set expectations too high, why expectations are like exercise, and understanding the dangers of unspoken expectations on other human beings.
Jun 29, 2021
Craig Harper - Embrace Being Scared to Grow Personally
Podcaster, Author, Speaker, and No Bullshit Human Craig Harper shares his wisdom on a whole range of topics from looking into your mirror, stepping into fear, understanding your four personas, and being ok with not knowing the answer or being right. A must-listen episode for all humans looking to embrace personal growth.
Jun 16, 2021
Rae D'Umay - What If Everything Wasn't a Problem?
Master Facilitator and Founder of Rae of Hope, Rae D'Umay has been described as an 'organizational probiotic' and in this episode challenges the notion that everything is a problem needing to be solved. Rae's backstory gave me goosebumps and shows her power to look for opportunity rather than to frame everything as a problem.
Jun 09, 2021
Rose Kattackal - Don't Put Me In The Corner
After 36 years in the Canadian Public Service, Rose Kattackal reflects on the entire journey and in particular the final 12 months, and shares some personal experiences and tips for managers and those in transition on how to make it as humanly rewarding as possible. A must-listen for both those transitioning and managers who may be feeling a little awkward on how to navigate the process.
May 06, 2021
Holly Cardamone - Tell Your Story
Writer and Communications expert Holly Cardamone is on a mission to help humans to tell their story. From her formative days, Holly understood the impact of getting beneath the story is about the 'job I do' and now shares her own journey to help others to be their own cheerleaders. If you're reluctant to put yourself out there this is a must listen.
Apr 29, 2021
Tim Horan - Don't Dance Around Discomfort
In this episode, Tim Horan jumps on the rollercoaster and opens your mind up to the benefits of lone wolves, why playing nice isn't always nice and how we confuse collaboration with compliance. His three simple tips on stepping into discomfort are a must-listen for all humans.
Apr 21, 2021
Tanya Williams - Don't Make Assumptions About Childfree Employees
Bestselling Author of 'A Childfree Happily Ever After' Tanya Williams faced discrimination in the workplace by making a deliberate choice childfree. In this episode Tanya shares some useful tips for managers who are making assumptions that do not take into account the choices that their employees are making.
Apr 14, 2021
Colin Newlyn - Decrapifying Work
Work become cluttered with crap in the form of policies, bullshit jobs, outdated procedures, compliance based surveys etc. etc. This weeks guest Colin Newlyn is on a mission to decrapify work, and shares why we need to be like the Pirates of old to do so.
Mar 24, 2021
Diane Garza - Comparison Corrodes Confidence
Diane Garza aka the 'Confidence Catalyst' shares her own journey from her school days of supporting her fellow students to her future as an expert in reigniting confidence in other humans that become 'stuck'. Start with yourself, building a network and small steps are the secret sauce to creating a confident you. Oh and stop comparing yourself to others.
Mar 10, 2021
Dr. Kate Price - Understanding Psychological Safety
Dr. Kate Price is a clinical psychologist and culture expert who understands the importance of creating a psychologically safe organisation. In this episode, Kate shares her three simple and practical tips for managers that help to improve their understanding of the power of creating psychological safety in their teams.
Mar 01, 2021
Jase Stewart - Motivation Breeds Motivation
Jase Stewart is the master of motivating humans and shares his simple and practical tips on how to motivate self and others in business and life in both times of challenge and times of success. His 20+ years as a PT and Gym Owner and competing CrossFit athlete has taught him how to tap into your own motivation and be motivated by others to drive amazing outcomes.
Feb 17, 2021
Roslina Chai - Confronting Painful Possibilities
Entrepreneur and Non-Violent Communications Mediator Roslina Chai believes humans should focus less on doing more good and more on doing less bad to each other. In this episode, Roslina shares why it is critical for Managers to confront the painful possibilities relating to change rather than second-guessing human feelings and turning it into a show and sugar coating it with flowery language. She believes we must be open to understanding the uniqueness of the suffering and make time for humans to process this.
Feb 03, 2021
Amanda Green - Go First, Be Brave and Trust Your Gut
Amanda Green is an incredible human who shares her learnings from her non-linear career path from the corporate world, to playing a major part in the success story of current AFL Premiers Richmond, and now working with global movement Movember. Amanda offers some amazing tips on why trusting your gut, blazing the trail and how deep listening to understand have all impacted on her career and personal success.
Nov 24, 2020
Arunanjali Maria - One Size Doesn't Fit All
Co Founder and Director of TSol Arunanjali Maria is energetic about many things in life (cricket being one of them) and bringing out the best in the uniqueness of humans sits at the top of her list. Arunanjali shares her 4D's model that can be applied by managers looking to really move away from a 'one size fits all', to a more connected approach to developing cognitive diversity in workplaces.
Nov 18, 2020
Eric Lynn - Is Employee Engagement Disengaging Humans?
Author and Facilitator Eric Lynn shares his experiences with how employee engagement measures/surveys are turning humans into machines and meaningful work into 'measurementitis'. In this episode, he describes engagement as a feeling, not a measure and challenges humans to embrace three simple words that create an environment where humans can thrive, not just survive.
Nov 12, 2020
Audrey McGibbon - There's No Shortcut to Wellbeing
Psychologist, Researcher and Wellbeing Expert Audrey McGibbon has combined her profession with her passion to shine a light on the importance of wellbeing. Audrey explains why it takes time, resources and accountability to nail a successful wellbeing strategy to help humans feel a 'nett positive' in the workplace.
Oct 20, 2020
Alexis Niki - Are You Narratively Intelligent?
I'm joined by Narrative Leadership Coach and Story Consultant Alexis Niki who shares her expertise about how 'story shields', hopes and fears, listening to your own story, and 'should be & want to be' are all interwoven into your narrative intelligence. Alex shares her simple and practical ways to manage your narrative intelligence and share your unique story.
Oct 13, 2020
Karen Green - Busting The Myth of Collaboration
Workplace Disruptor and Teaming Specialist Karen Green busts the Myth of what is/isn't collaboration and explain why multiple people creating average product or making 'B' Grade decisions is a race to the bottom. Karen shares the 3 C's of Cooperation, Coordination and Collaboration and explains why you need to understand each of them in order to succeed in business.
Oct 05, 2020
Jane Marshall - Why Burnout Was My Gift
Founder of Into the Forest Jane Marshall speaks openly about why burnout was her gift to a more fulfilling life. Jane shares her darkest moments during burnout, her recent experience with breast cancer in COVID lockdown, and how she was able to use these as a way to uncover her inside stories and stop fighting reality.
Sep 28, 2020
Andrew O'Keeffe - Do Humans Really Resist Change?
Author and Director of Hardwired Humans Andrew O'Keeffe challenges the conventional thinking that humans resist change and shares his practical tools and tips on how understanding human hardwiring is the secret to creating successful change in organisations.
Sep 21, 2020
Tracy Shand - What's Your One Thing?
Author and Founder of Tracy Shand shares her secrets on how to focus on one thing and bring out what is unique about you. Over many years of working in boarding houses around the world, Tracy has some incredible tools and tips about how to build the individual to be part of a community. These lessons are valuable for all humans.
Aug 31, 2020
Thea O'Connor - Are You Body Intelligent?
Workplace Wellbeing Advisor and Founder of Nap Now Thea O'Connor is passionate about helping humans become body intelligent and practice Body Intelligence (BQ). In this episode, Thea outlines why Body Intelligence (BQ) is so important in the fast-paced world we live in, and shares some simple and practical ways to embrace it and reduce the likelihood of burnout.
Aug 25, 2020
Martha Underwood - Don't Be An Impostor
Successful Tech Executive and Founder of ExecutivEstrogen Martha Underwood is passionate about helping women claim their excellence and exploring their uniqueness. In this episode Martha highlights why embracing your value, believing in your plan and fighting perfectionism are ways to building a successful career and a fulfilling life.
Aug 18, 2020
Erika Jacobi - Who Are You?
Dr. Erika Jacobi is a world expert in change and understanding the critical role identity agility plays in a crisis. Erika poses some simple questions such as 'Who are you?' and shares her research and some concrete examples of how to create your own identity agility in order to thrive in times of crisis.
Aug 10, 2020
Graeme Cowan - Self Care Isn't Selfish
Graeme Cowan is and author of the 'Back from the Brink' series of books and a global expert in developing resilience solutions and eliminating burnout. He uses his own experiences and lessons from living with depression to help others to embrace simple and practical ways to embrace self-care and build resilience into their lives.
Aug 03, 2020
Louise Howard - Are You Walking Your Management Walk?
One of the AFR BOSS Young Executive Recipients for 2020 and Head of Health and Safety at Sydney Metro, Louise Howard joined me to share how she transitioned from talking the talk to walking the walk when it came to people management. These simple and practical tips are essential for anyone who is setting off the BS detectors in their teams.
Jul 21, 2020
Deborah A. Coviello - Think Differently
After a successful corporate career Deborah A. Coviello has created a unique leadership consultancy business helping humans to think differently. In this episode, Deb shares some lifelong lessons and tips on how thinking differently and taking a human approach will transform individuals, teams and organisations.
Jul 14, 2020
Julian Mather - To Unlearn Embrace The Beginner in You
Julian Mather is one unique human being on a quest to demonstrate the power of unlearning and re-invention and it all starts with you. As his greatest experiment, Julian has been everything from an Army Sniper, Magician and now a Smartphone Video Evangelist. His simple and practical tips to changing self start with owning up, wising up and stepping up and letting go of the toxicity of comparison to others and living an identity that no longer aligns with your passion.
Jul 07, 2020
Shelley Paxton - The Successful Secrets of living a Soulbbatical
Author of Soulbbatical - A Corporate Rebels Guide to Finding Your Best Life, Shelley Paxton shares her amazing journey as a successful marketer and advertiser and how she rebelled to discover a better way of being. This is a no BS account of her life and struggles with impostor syndrome, saying yes and how rebelling for and not against set her up for a new and successful career as a coach and "soul fueller" for others.
Jun 30, 2020
Jay Stone - Can We Manage Micromanagement?
Founder of Stone Changes Jay Stone shares how her early years of life got her fascinated about change and our human hardwiring for survival, and how this hardwiring can lead us into the trap of micromanagement. Jay shares some simple tips on how to manage the urge to micromanage and how this will build a deeper connection and belonging with both self and team.
Jun 22, 2020
Zac DeSilva - Business Planning in Crisis and Recovery
Zac DeSilva, the Founder of Business Changing, Nurture Group and the #1 Business Coach in Australia/NZ, joined me to share his simple and practical tips to plan for both crisis and recovery. He shares how his purpose of helping others be successful shaped the work he does in helping clients of all business sizes to keep an eye on the now of crisis and the future in recovery. These lessons are also relevant to individuals.
Jun 17, 2020
Ray McLean - What Are Your Qualifiers For High Performance?
Ray McLean is the co-founder of Leading Teams and author of several best selling books about how to build and sustain high performance in teams. His work particularly across elite sport and now corporates is well documented and stemmed from challenging himself to find time to reflect and study the qualifiers for high performance. Ray's willingness to share his knowledge and "give back" stems from his backstory in growing up in rural Victoria where he learned some valuable lessons about the importance of community.
Jun 09, 2020
Zarife Hardy - First Impressions Really Count
In this episode, I'm joined by the Director of the Australian School of Etiquette, Zarife Hardy who delves into why etiquette is not so "yesterday" and how smiling, making eye contact and being "posture aware" will help you to build trust with other humans and be successful in your personal and business life.
Jun 03, 2020
Sel Watts - There's No "Plan B"
New York City based Aussie Entrepreneur Sel Watts gets real and raw as she shares her experience of the last 9 weeks of running multiple businesses and homeschooling her 3 boys in NYC, how this can be a time to shine and why it's important right now to create a list for your self of what really matters.
May 27, 2020
Nigel Marsh - Stop Pretending Start Reflecting
Best Selling Author, International Speaker and Host of the Five of My Life Podcast Nigel Marsh went from being corporately "upended" at 40 to then slide into a life of less pretending and more reflecting. In this episode, Nigel shares the importance of finding time for self-reflection, talking honestly, flicking off the "bullshit switch" and the reality that being honest and authentic doesn't always lead to a successful life in the corporate world.
May 20, 2020
Gary Martin - What's Working with Working From Home?
CEO Of the AIM WA and Workplace Expert Gary Martin is an expert in understanding Workplaces and has seen a lot of what's working and not working with Working from Home (WFH) during the Pandemic. He shares his thoughts on why experimentation is vital in these times, why we shouldn't compare COVID WFH with historical WFH, and some simple and practical tips for Managers in getting the best out of the experiment.
May 13, 2020
Gabrielle Dolan - Get Real when Storytelling
Bestselling Author, Founder of Jargon Free Fridays and Global Expert on Real Communication Gabrielle Dolan shares her simple and practical tips on why getting real when communicating and sharing stories are so important to help humans to connect with your message. Gabrielle knew the power of storytelling before it became "sexy" and has used lessons learned from her parents to demonstrate the power of stories no matter how big or small.
May 11, 2020
Abbie Kadom - Can We Be Happy and Positive in a Crisis?
In this episode Abbie Kadom shares some life-changing personal stories that sent her on a pathway to discover the secret to being happy and positive even in the face of tragedy and crisis. Abbie now practices these learning in the workplace and shares her simple and practical tools and tips for others to step into. Abbie walks her walk and shares how it is the little things that make a big difference to happiness and positivity.
May 04, 2020
Jennie Wetzler - I've Got Cancer - Now What Happens at Work?
Jennie Wetzler has battled aggressive breast cancer twice over 20 years and learned many things about herself and others as she returned to work. In this episode, Jen shares her passion for her new business called Cancer and The Workplace, and some incredibly simple and practical tips to help organisations and managers to step into the awkwardness of not knowing what to say and do when another human returns to work and is fighting a potential life threatening illness.
Apr 29, 2020
Cy Wakeman - Your Ego Is Not Your Amigo
Bestselling author, international speaker and drama researcher Cy Wakeman is an incredible human being who has mastered the art of "ditching the drama" and teaching humans why Ego can be such a limiter to personal and business success. In this episode Cy shares her simple and practical tips on taking out judgment, editing your story and creating microboundaries so that you aren't recruited into someone else's drama show.
Apr 27, 2020
Paul Roos - Simple Is Easy To Follow
Paul Roos has had a 35-year career in leadership development and elite sports, and is best known for coaching the AFL Sydney Swans to its 72-year drought-breaking premiership in 2005. In this episode Paul shares his thoughts on why it's important to turn values into agreed behaviours, see the world through the eyes of those you lead, avoid making snap "in the heat of the battle" decisions and focus on only what you can control.
Apr 22, 2020
Margie Warrell - Facing Your Fears In A Crisis
Bestselling Author Margie Warrell had had her fair share of fears surface when her husband Andrew was diagnosed recently with COVID-19. As an expert in helping others face their fears, Margie shares how she has become both the teacher and the learner in recent times. Margie tells it as she sees it and her generosity of spirit shines through in this episode.
Apr 17, 2020
Sam LeBusque - How Gaming Got Me Ready for COVID-19
In this episode I'm joined by my 26 year old son Sam, who from the age of 5 has pursued his passion as a gamer from initially on console to now online. Accustomed to working and playing in social isolation, Sam says he has been training for this very moment for 20 years and shares 3 really simple and practical tips for those humans who are struggling to cope with the WFH world we are living in right now. Oh.....he also went pretty easy on me as his dad and shares some tips for parents that may be struggling with their kids who have a passion for gaming.
Apr 15, 2020
Carolyn Swora - Unpack Your Own S**t
A chance meeting with Author, Podcaster and Culture Expert Carolyn Swora in Nashville Tennessee last year led to a dinner and an interesting conversation where I challenged Carolyn that she was "good enough". In the past year Carolyn has done some amazing work on herself and shares her simple and practical tips to play a bigger game, forget about perfection and that simple is hard to do so we chase ease of complexity.
Apr 09, 2020
Alana Bennett - Know Who You Are, Not What You Do
In this episode, I'm joined by an expert in building deep human connection - Alana Bennett. It all started for Alana as an identical twin who learned at a genetic level the power of deep connection. Alana takes these learnings into the workplace and shares her simple and practical ways to stay connected in times where remote connecting is the "new way". The passion and enthusiasm Alana has for this topic is evident in the way she generously shares her tools and tips to make the world a better-connected place.
Apr 06, 2020
Alain Hunkins - Kindling the Fire of Leadership
Author of Cracking the Leadership Code - 3 Secrets to Building Strong Leaders, Alain Hunkins has been captivated by human behaviour from a very early age and In this podcast shares his knowledge on how to build strong leadership in organizations. His three simple and practical tips revolve around the three (3) C's - Connection, Communication and Collaboration. He also shares his insights into why humans are chasing complexity as a way of impressing their "elders" in the workplace.
Apr 01, 2020
Jeb Hurley - How to Connect Remote Teams and Be Extraordinary
Jeb Hurley, author and the CEO and co-Founder of Xmetryx shares his go-to tools and tips for creating extraordinary remote teams. This is a must-listen episode for the times we find ourselves in with COVID-19 forcing we humans into a new way of working. Learn from Jeb how values, purpose, inspiration, motivation and coaching team relationships will help you thrive in these challenging times.
Mar 25, 2020
Mark C. Crowley - It's Smart to Lead from the Heart
Mark C. Crowley is a human who has talked the talk and walked the walked when it comes to truly Human Leadership. In this episode, Mark shares his backstory and how it helped him to make an unconscious pivot into leading from the Heart over a 20 year period. The real and raw stories he shares, combined with some science and research into why humans "fire" from the heart first and that it's not some weird voodoo stuff make this episode so compelling a listen. Mark's simple and practical tools and tips given are a must-listen for all humans who have the privilege to manage other humans.
Feb 28, 2020
Siobhan McHale - Culture Is Not A Nice to Have
Siobhan McHale has walked the walk and talked the talked of culture and is the architect of many incredible business turnarounds based upon cultural change. In this episode, Siobhan shares some incredible examples of cultural change and her simple and practical tips to make it sustainable. These include diagnosing the patterns, seeing the dance and not just the dancers, reframing roles and including all levels in the change in order to get organisational wide buy-in. This is a must-listen for anyone who is struggling to get cut through on organisational culture change.
Feb 18, 2020
Claire McCarthy - How Can I Help Someone Who Is Grieving At Work?
Claire McCarthy is an expert in helping managers and organisations step into the challenging task of providing support for employees who are facing into personal grief in a very human way. In this episode, Claire shares her own very raw and real story of grief (the loss of her 6-week old daughter) and how that has inspired her to do work that we humans tend to step away from. Her three simple and practical tools and tips to step into the conversations as a manager (or just as a human being) focus on acknowledgment, giving space and not going with a "one size fits all" approach. It's as raw and real as it gets.
Feb 11, 2020
Lauren Oliver - Building A Connected Community - Why Loneliness Sucks
When she moved to a new area, ex Lawyer Lauren Oliver had the courage to reach out via social media to connect with young mums in her new area. This defining moment has created an international movement called Mums Who Wine, and as its founder, Lauren has witnessed first hand how reaching out can move humans from lonely to deeply connected. Lauren shares her experiences with loneliness and her simple and practical tools and tips to build a deeper human connection.
Jan 19, 2020
Kimberly Davis - Being A Brave Human Being
Author of BRAVE LEADERSHIP Kimberly Davis joins me to share her passion for Bravery and why alternate focus, having a super-objective, getting real, transparent and vulnerable are the keys to stepping into your bravery. From a young age, Kimberly practiced bravery and then misplaced it for some time and explores why this happens from a biological and anthropological basis in workplaces and our wider world today.
Jan 05, 2020
Robynn Stirrett - Companies are Connected Communities
In this episode, I am delighted to be joined by Robynn Stirrett who shares her insights into how to build companies so they are more like communities and less like transactional factories. Checking your intention, putting relationships before the task and connecting with self first are some of the great shares from this episode. Robynn also shares her thoughts on why breaking habits are so hard and why our habit of going to complexity first is holding us back from building companies as communities.
Dec 11, 2019
Matt Roberts - Be Honest, Make Choices and Stop Trying to Do It All
Matt Roberts has been in the fitness industry for decades and is running his own PT Studio working with all types of humans from CEO's to semi-professional athletes. In this episode Matt shares his simple and practical tips on how to approach creating a healthier lifestyle and why managing a PT Studio is no different to managing a large corporation as they're both full of humans.
Dec 03, 2019
Vibeke Vad Baunsgaard - Business is Human not Theory or Models
Vibeke Vad Baunsgaard is an amazing human being who has worked out that academia is holding on for dear life to keep the old ways of leadership theory and models relevant. Having been a successful researcher and academic she now challenges the old system and longs for a world where living your values, displaying courage and reserving judgment will drive successful human and business outcomes. Vibeke shares her knowledge and passion for helping other humans be the very best versions of themselves they can be.
Nov 25, 2019
Joannie Lemay - Healthy and Happy Humans make Business Thrive
Joannie Lemay is an expert in wellness and teaches CEO's how to connect with themselves and self-regulate through using meditation and mindfulness techniques. In this episode, Joannie shares her secrets on how to allow yourself to be seen through connecting with you, and why her 3 C's have helped humans become better versions of themselves across every aspect of their lives.
Nov 17, 2019
Ian Burgwin - Complexity is a Way of Avoiding Hard Work
In this episode I'm joined by Ian Burgwin who has spent many years managing staff in highly technical fields. Ian talks about why we use complexity as a way to avoid the human work and boost our egos, as well as his simple and practical tips on how to step into the simple stuff in order to deeply connect within and across teams.
Oct 07, 2019
Dan Bennett - Stop Creating Labels, Start Sharing Story
Daniel Bennett truly believes that creativity is in all of us and through story, we can unlock our creative being. In this episode Dan provides some simple and practical tips for unlocking your story (and the story in others), embracing the notion of "expecting the unexpected" and how to build credibility through sharing the story.
Sep 22, 2019
Marty Linksy - Leadership Is Independent of Position
Why is it that we conflate leadership with titles or positions in an organisation? In this episode I'm delighted to be joined by one of the founders of Adaptive Leadership, Marty Linsky, who shares his thoughts on how managers, organisations, and communities can step into leadership with a different mindset in order to help change the world. He explains the difference between authority and leadership, and why leadership and the distribution of loss are so closely aligned.
Sep 16, 2019
Therese Lardner - What Behaviours are You Rewarding?
In this Episode, I'm joined by Psychologist and Leadership Coach Therese Lardner who shares her very personal journey to burnout and 3 simple and practical tips on how Managers and Organisations can create Happier, Healthier and more Productive Workplaces by changing the behaviours they reward and the stories they tell about work being hard, a sacrifice and there's a price that needs to be paid.
Sep 04, 2019
Raf Baron - Feedback Is Not A Dirty Word
In this Episode Feedback expert Raf Baron, known as the "F" Word Coach, shares his simple and practical tips on how to approach feedback conversations with positivity, and why it's important to flip being detailed negative and vaguely positive in feedback conversations.
Aug 29, 2019
Viv Dale - A Managers Job Is The People
Viv Dale has worked in the Public Service and has a reputation as an amazingly gifted coach who has helped many humans discover their superpower. In this episode, Viv shares her tips including getting the coaching fit right, building trust and how to unlock hidden talents in simple and practical ways.
Aug 22, 2019
Sarah Noll-Wilson - Get Curious With Yourself
In this episode, Chief Edge Officer Sarah Noll-Wilson gets really personal about why she has embraced curiosity to overcome some personal challenges, and why being bold, asking "why not?" and embracing not knowing the answer are all required more than ever in the workplace.
Jul 31, 2019
Anna Leibel - Decide How You Show Up
In this episode, Anna Leibel shares her amazing journey from writing her first code at 8 years of age right through to encouraging young females to step into the technology space today. Anna shares her incredible journey in tech, and her simple and practical tips on how she has been able to manage in a traditional technical space in a very human way with amazing results.
Jul 18, 2019
Grant Beggs - Humans Aren't Resources
In this episode, Owner of Prestige Staffing Grant Beggs shares his experiences on how to encourage employees and employers to remove guilt around having a life that incorporates work, holidays, family and self-time. Being flexible, giving permission and understanding humans as humans are the simple and practical ways to allow humans to thrive.
Jul 09, 2019
Millennials and the Future of Work with Crystal Kadakia
In this episode, thought leader and expert on Millennials and the Future of Work Crystal Kadakia shares her very forthright thoughts on why everything starts with Self Awareness and not when you were born into this world. Managing your Energy, Stopping the Blame Game and Understanding Your Triggers are not exclusive to an age demographic. They are critical factors in building more Human Workplaces as we move out of the Industrial and into the Digital Age.
Jul 02, 2019
Simple is Hard to Do.......
These 5 words from my guest Employee Benefits Consultant with a Passion for People Jessica DuBois really got me thinking in a different way about why humans shy away from the simple and practical things and move towards the complexity. In this episode, Jessica shares what drives her to positively disrupt an industry that has been compliance based, and how building community, recognising employee impact and being transparent are the simple and practical ways to humanise work.
Jun 24, 2019
Working To Three Simple Rules: Enjoyment, Recognition and Fun
President of Turner Mining Group, Keaton Turner is a human being who believes that life is short and we need to cherish every moment we have on this earth. This includes our time at work. Learn about how Keaton creates and instills the concepts enjoyment, recognition and fun as drivers of truly human workplaces.
Jun 19, 2019
Starting a Global Movement to Put Humans First
Mike Vacanti is the Founder of the Humans First Club and is passionate about using his learnings in the Corporate World to help put Humans First in the minds of the Managers who have the pressures of spreadsheets, KPI's, profits and Shareholder value always front of mind. Learn about how Mike took an idea and has created a Global Movement that is truly simple and practical in it's mission to put Humans First.
Jun 04, 2019
Practical and Simple Ways to Embrace Diversity in the Workplace
Lauren Jauncey shares her backstory on why she is a Diversity Champion and How being Kind to Yourself, Your Colleagues and the World makes for more Diverse Workplaces.
May 23, 2019