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Snapback Sports is one of the most highly engaged Snapchat feeds covering sports. It was started by Jack Settleman, who will be joined by his buddy Abe Granoff for the Real_Sports Podcast. The two will cover the latest stories in the NBA, NFL, Premier League. You can expect guests, predictions, mailbags and a witty conversation.

Episode Date
NFL Week 3 Hot Debates

On episode 29, Abe and Jack get INTO it over Ravens-Chiefs. Is Aaron Rodgers declining? Which 0-2 team can make a playoff run? Is Eli Manning a HOFer? Where will Jalen Ramsey end up? Much more as we head into NFL Week 3. For more pods, check out!

Sep 19, 2019
NFL Week 2 Recap & Las Vegas ACES WIN!!

Abe and Jack recap NFL Week 2. Up & Down segment featuring Mark Andrews & Cam Newton. Legit or Cutie featuring all the 2-0 teams. Monday Mailbag-Will Pats go undefeated, why does Jack hate the Seahawks. The Las Vegas Aces hit a half court shot while the boys are recording and it's pandemonium. A poorly timed Bears hot take, and Abe reminds us all about them Eagles... sigh.. for more podcasts, check out!

Sep 16, 2019
NFL Week 2 Preview, Hot Takes Galore!

The SnapBack sports pod is back to discuss a multitude of things across the NFL previewing Week 2 matchups, who they're parlaying this week with MyBookie and Jack has a hot take on the Cleveland Browns. For more podcasts check out!

Sep 12, 2019
Baby Goat Goes Crazy, Full NFL Week 1 Recap

Episode 26 is Jack's favorite podcast ever. Lamar, Baby Goat, Jackson plays a perfect game against the Dolphins. Abe and Jack recap the entire amazing NFL Week 1 and also Jack's fun trip to Austin for LSU vs. Texas. For more podcasts, check out

Sep 09, 2019
Live Fantasy Draft!

Abe and Jack live draft their fantasy teams against the Real_Sports fam. Happy Labor Day! For more pods, check out!

Sep 02, 2019
Fantasy Football Preview!

 On episode 24, Abe and Jack talk fantasy sleepers, busts, draft strategy, fan questions and a special announcement about a RS fantasy league. For more pods, check out

Aug 29, 2019
Andrew Luck Retires, Lakers sign Dwight, DBook Crying in Pickup & World Series Predictions

On episode 23, Abe and Jack discuss the wtf news of the day decade? It wasn't a dream, Andrew Luck really retired. How will Dwight fit in with the Lakers and why is Devin Booker crying during pickup basketball. Abe and Jack also make their World Series Predictions! For more podcasts, check out!

Aug 26, 2019
2019 College Football Preview!

In Episode 22, Abe and Jack give their full CFB preview including Playoff/National Champion picks, Heisman candidates and a breakdown by conference. For more podcasts, check out!

Aug 22, 2019
We Are the Champions! + Special Guest from the Baltimore Ravens

Abe and Jack won their charity basketball tournament! They raised over $6500+ and the tournament raised almost 150k for cancer research. A quick recap of the fun. Also, chatting on the Monday Mailbag talks about the best duos in sports states/cities, first year QBs and the return of CFB. Finally, they welcome Social Media Director from the Baltimore Ravens, Garrett Downing onto the show. The 3 discuss Eagles/Ravens preseason, Lamar Jackson and much more! For more podcasts, check out

Aug 19, 2019
2K Decade Teams, Dak/Andrew Luck, AB & Team USA Troubles

On episode 20, Abe and Jack discuss the All-NBA Decades team and pick their favorites. Dak requested $40M while Andrew Luck is dealing with injury issues. AB's feet was featured on Hard Knocks while his helmet was not. Finally, team USA got smoked in a scrimmage so Abe and Jack discuss whether or not we should be concerned. For more podcasts, check out

Aug 15, 2019
Antonio Brown WTF, Best NBA 5 Ever, Kyrie Giveaway and Monday Mailbag

Antonio Brown doesn't want to wear a helmet...Could any NBA franchise take down the Lakers' greats of LeBron, Kobe, Shaq, Magic and Kareem? Why does the NL still have pitchers hitting? Monday Mailbag includes: Kyler Murray, Dame talk and Mets playoff hopes. Details to enter the Kyrie x Spongebob Giveaway. For more podcasts, check out

Aug 12, 2019
J. Gruden + KD Reports + Ezekiel Elliot

On Episode 18, Hard Knocks star Jawn Gruden joins the program. A discussion on who the best athlete 28 Years Old or Younger is (Trout, Donald, Giannis, Kawhi). Who would be worse? Steph without shooting or Russ without athleticism. Should the Cowboys pay Zeke or make Dak/Amari their priority? For more podcasts, check out

Aug 08, 2019
$50 Million to not watch sports, NBA Christmas, and the Monday Mailbag

On Episode 17, Abe and Jack discuss if they wouldn't watch sports for $50 Million Dollars. NBA Christmas schedule is out + should Melo be on a team? Which NBA star will be booed in their return to their former team. A guest appearance from Casey Settleman to discuss the Premier League and the Monday Mailbag including the GOAT in each sport and Melvin Gordon's 2019 outlook. For more podcasts like that, check out

Aug 05, 2019
Start Bench Cut + MLB Trade Deadline

Abe and Jack debate Start/Bench/Cut for Dame/Kyrie/Russ - Brady/Rodgers/Brees - Michael Thomas/Davante Adams/Tyreek Hill + a special edition of the MLB trade deadline. Plus a special treat for the listeners from Charlie... For more pods, checkout!

Aug 01, 2019
NFL/NBA What Ifs & Monday Mailbag

Abe and Jack play a new game called what ifs about the greatest moments in NBA and NFL history. How would leagues change and players legacies as well. Monday mailbag includes Marcus Stroman trade, NFL QB predictions and more! Fore more podcasts, check out

Jul 29, 2019
NFL 2019-2020 Season Preview!

 Abe and Jack break down the full NFL season including Super Bowl Picks, MVP, Rookie of the Year, Sleepers AND more! For more podcasts, check out

Jul 25, 2019
Madden 20 & 2K20 Ratings Reviews, Heisman talk, and Monday Mailbag

Abe and Jack break down team and QB/RB/WR ratings from the recently released numbers including the Dallas Cowboys as the 2nd highest team. Then they move on to the star players of the NBA and what they received. Jack and Abe think the Heisman is coming from the Big 12 but from which team? Monday Mailbag includes questions about Julius Randle, Giannis and his brothers, and more. For more podcasts, check out

Jul 22, 2019
Who and What is Real_Sports?

On this special edition episode, Jack talks about how and why Real_Sports was made, what type of money he makes, giveaways, his full time job and wayyyy more. For more pods, check out

Jul 18, 2019
Tyler Skaggs, Westbrook Trade, and Football in the Monday Mailbag

Jack and Abe do a full episode of the Monday Mailbag answering the Real_Sports fam's questions! Tyler Skaggs emotional moment, Russ/CP3 Trade, Other Big NBA Moves, PSU-Texas CFB talk, NFL Sleepers and MVP and Wimbledon's instant classic. For more pods check out

Jul 15, 2019
Real_Sports Awards and Special Guest Interview with Joe Schwartz

Jack and Abe go through their own form of the ESPYs. Categories include: Athlete you want to play video game with, best team of 2019, best rivalry in sports, best retired athlete and best game of the year. Also, special guest, Joe Schwartz joins the show and talks UT Hoops, Mo Bamba/Myles Turner and his favorite walk-on stories. For more podcasts, check out

Jul 11, 2019
Kawhi +PG13, Russ Westbrook and MLB Home Run Derby

On Episode 9, Jack and Abe talk about the parity in the NBA after the Kawhi move to LA. Who's the best team in LA? Where would Russ fit best? MLB home run derby was wild and so will the 2nd half of the year. Monday's Mailbag included questions about favorite players, Super Bowl predictions and the NFL's top WR. For more podcasts, check out

Jul 09, 2019
Kevin Durant TO THE NETS??? NBA Free Agency Rapid Reactions

Jack and Abe go over the first 6 hours of Free Agency including Duran't decision to go to the Nets, DLO traded to the Warriors, Sixers moves and more! For more podcasts, check out

Jul 01, 2019
NBA Free Agency Predictions!

Jack and Abe make all their free agency predictions ahead of Sunday, June 30th at 6pm when it all begins. From Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonard and Kyrie Irving, to Kemba Walker, Klay Thompson and Khris Middleton plus more! It's the "Summer of K's." For more podcasts, check out

Jun 27, 2019
NBA Draft Recap, Worst Pro Sports City? Cleveland Browns Talk and more!

On Episode 6, Abe and Jack go through their draft grades including who got the steals of the first round. Did Bol Bol and Tacko Fall…too far? They also answer a few questions from the Monday Mailbag including how the Browns are looking in 2019 and which big city has the worst pro sports teams. For more podcasts like this, check out

Jun 24, 2019
NBA Draft Preview, Kyrie Irving Breaking News and the Mike Conley Trade

On Episode 5, Jack and Abe go through the NBA draft and make their predictions for ROTY, Sleepers and Busts. They cover the breaking Kyrie Irving news that the Nets may not pursue him in Free Agency and discuss how the Jazz line up after the Mike Conley trade. For more podcasts like this, check out

Jun 20, 2019
Anthony Davis Trade, Monday Mailbag and Giveaway Winners

Jack and Abe return for Episode 4, where they talk Anthony Davis, LeBron's skills as a defender, answer your mailbag questions and give away some headphones & Raptors championship gear.

Jun 17, 2019
NBA Finals Recap, KD/Kawhi/AD/Kyrie Free Agency

The Toronto Raptors are NBA Champions! Abe and Jack discuss how it happened and how it will turn the NBA on its' head. Kawhi staying in Toronto? Kevin Durant to the Knicks? Lakers championship bound? A discussion for the ages and a heated bet in Episode 3 of the Real_Sports Podcast. For more podcasts, check out

Jun 14, 2019
Carson Wentz Extension, Game 5 and a Mailbag

Today on the Real_Sports Podcast, Jack and Abe discuss if the Warriors can come back from a 3-1 deficit, and share their thoughts on the Carson Wentz extension, and compare him to other NFC East quarterbacks. They also answer some mailbag questions. For more podcasts, check out

Jun 10, 2019
NBA Finals and Next Season Guarantees

Abe and Jack debut their podcast by breaking down Game 3 as the Raptors take a 2-1 lead over the Warriors. They also discuss what they expect to happen, and what they guarantee to happen during the off-season. For more podcasts like this, check out

Jun 06, 2019
Blue Wire Intro

Jack introduces what the Real_Sports podcast will be all about.

May 28, 2019