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The meaning of life, the art of everything and sometimes hings about crisps. A mixture of interviews, rants and skits squished together with music. From the deep talk to the daft chat featuring artists and personalities from Glasgow and beyond.

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'We Could Be Better Than This' w/ John Higgs (KLF/ William Blake/ The Beatles)

John Higgs is a writer who specialises in finding previously unsuspected narratives, hidden in obscure corners of our history and culture, which can change the way we see the world. His work has been described as “Absolutely wonderful” by Terry Gilliam and “breathtakingly lucid” by Alan Moore. According to The Times, “Higgs’s prose has a diamond-hard quality. He knows how to make us relate.” His books include The KLF, Stranger Than We Can Imagine, Watling Street and William Blake Vs The World. His next book, Love And Let Die: Bond, the Beatles and the British Psyche, will be published in September 2022. Support this show by becoming a patreon at or donating at 

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Sep 23, 2022
'The Inner Rebellion' with 'The Mad Chef' Danny McLaren

Since Christmas time can be a tough time at the best of times , I thought I would share a positive and uplifting conversation I had earlier this year with Danny 'The Mad Chef' McLaren where we discuss the great outdoors, meditation, breathing, psychedelics and much, much more. Danny runs a project called 'The Inner Rebellion' which does various things like meditation at sunrise in pollok park , weekends away to Arran and online get-togethers. Danny became famous as the mad chef in Bloc where has Buckfast ice cream became a viral sensation as part of a Vice documentary. He is also a content creator, producer, DJ, chef, and most recently started a BBC pilot show called 'The Scran Van' . He is someone who has completely turned his life around and now by sharing his wisdom is now helping others. I hope this chat can give you a sprinkle of good vibes this Christmas especially all the patreons who have supported us in 2021 at

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Dec 21, 2021
'The Corner of Most States' w/ Daniel Wylie (Cosmic Rough Riders'

Having been a fan since I saw him promote his 'Enjoy the Melodic Sunshine' album at T in the Park in another lieftime it was a pleasure to finally meet up in real life and get a chat about his career in the Cosmic Rough Riders and as an esteemed and well respected solo artist. Some excellent chat about the writing process, why he doesn't gig anymore and a few jaw dropping namedrops for good measure. Thanks to Ashtronomik and Praize for letting us record in the studio, Morhamish for mastering the audio and Jon the Hat for filming for the interview which should appear on our youtube channel one day soon over at . That is also the place to go for much more content than our podcast platforms as we are about to celebrate 350 live streams since lcokdown began in march 2020. 

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Dec 03, 2021
'Spare Ribs' w/ Jason Williamson (Sleaford Mods)

To celebrate the Spare Ribs UK tour that is taking place this week , we thought we would premiere an interview with Sleaford Mods frontman Jason Williamson. It took place earlier this year and was initially streamed live on the You Call That Radio youtube channel at . 

Shout outs to Morphamish for mixing and mastering the audio, Martin Windebank for the artwork and Jennifer McGinlay for helping set up this conversation. 

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Intro song was 'On It Again' by Jackal Trades & Morphamish 

Song at the end 'Planet Fort Knox' by Girobabies 

Nov 17, 2021
'Housing the Spirit' w/ Nick Reynolds (Alabama 3)

On the week that Alabama 3's stunning new album 'Step 13' is released we thought we would treat you to a chat we had with A3 legend Harpo Strangelove aka Nick Reynolds earlier this year. He talks about his new film 'Rolling Stone: Life and Death of Brian Jones' , his father Bruce (The Great Train Robbery) , His art that includes death mask sculptures, The Sopranos soundtrack and the time Reverend D Wayne Love bammed up Chopper. We also have a secret bonus surprise at the very end for any Alabama 3 fans out there as Jackal Trades & Jo D'arc take inspiration from one of A3's biggest hits. This show was mixed and mastered by Morphamish of Sound Sound.

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Sep 30, 2021
'A Natural Soul' w/ Rowetta (Happy Mondays)

It is an honour to welcome one of the most important vocalists of all time onto You Call That Radio . Rowetta of Happy Mondays fame discusses her career , her various projects, gives advice for up and coming singers and how her and Bez got chucked off Bargain Hunt for cheating. A true pleasure to speak with her and make sure you add Rowetta on all social media platforms to stay up to date with the brilliant projects and upcoming gigs she has in the pipeline. Thank you to Morphamish of Sound Sound for mixing and mastering the interview and big ups to all the patreons at who make this show possible. You are appreciated. For more podcasts, live streams and blogs please check out our website at and our youtube channel at 

Aug 24, 2021
'Every Moment is a WOW Moment' w/ Gail Porter

Ahead of her Fringe by the Sea show we welcome national treasure Gail Porter onto the YCTR audio podcast. She recently won a BAFTA for her incredible 'Being Gail Porter' documentary and I have been a massive fan of hers since the 90's. She has so many stories to share from Top of the Pops to mental health and it was lovely to get the craic with her. Tv Presenter, personality, model and all round sound lass who does endless and inspiring work for charities. This was recorded earlier in the year so some chat might be a little bit out of date but it is a must listen and one of my favourite conversations I have had since the podcast began.

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Aug 05, 2021
'Sexist Festivals, Lockdown Art and Why Boris is a C***' w/ Gail Something- Else

Was amazing to welcome Gail onto the show to chat about her projects including Muddy Summers & The Dirty Field Whores to running Something-Else events and doing a fanzine , making art and taking photos plus we discuss her viral sucess of 'Cameron/ Boris, I Would Call You a C***', the irony of being called sexist for doing an all female festival and loads of other stuff including photography, art, narcissists, conspiracies, songwriting in lockdown and video editing. This show was recorded late June 2021 and was recently mastered and mixed by Morphamish at Sound Sound for your audio podcast ears. 

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Aug 02, 2021
'Chewin the Fat' w/ Karen Dunbar

From Chewin the Fat to The Karen Dunbar show, it is an honour to welcome a true national treasure onto the show. We chatted about her career from Bonkers karaoke to theatre to her recent move into the world of Hip Hop workshops over lockdown and how much she is looking forward to playing a live DJ set once this pandemic blows over. This show was mastered and edited by Morphamish at Sound Sound. You Call That Radio has no adverts, no funding and no sponsors. We are powered purely by our patreons over at 

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Jul 19, 2021
'The Otherwise' w/ Graham Duff

Delighted to welcome Writer/ Actor/ DJ/ Record label boss Graham Duff onto the You Call That Radio audio podcast as he launches a new book he co-wrote with Mark E Smith of The Fall that we all hope will become a film one day called 'The Otherwise' . It was great craic discussing the history, extensive back catalogue and infamous anecdotes of The Fall alongside his other projects such as working on the Alexei Sayle podcast and starting a new record label called Heaven's Lathe. We also discussed Graham's weekly radio show 'Mixtape' which airs on Totally Radio and previous projects including Foreground Music, Ideal, Alan Partridge, Nebulous & much, much more. This show originally aired live in June 2021 on You Call That Radio's youtube channel at  where the majority of my focus has been the last year so worth subscribing over there for more regular conversations but we are picking the best chats to appear on this audio podcast plus exclusive new content coming very soon. This chat has been edited and mastered by Morphamish and powered by our patreons at . If you enjoy any of these shows then please remember to subscibe and consider paying the price of a pint or a coffee to support the thing we are building and also recieve bonus content, discounts and prizes. More info about the platform at our website 

Jul 06, 2021
'What A Nonsense Money Is' w/ Gavin Mitchell aka Boaby the Barman (Still Game)
An absolute honour to share this conversation with Gavin Mitchell, who many know will know as Boaby the Barman from Still Game, but that is a very small part of his incredible journey. From a rough working class upbringing he got into acting and comedy and it was an absolute honour as he joined me on an early incarnation of You Call That Radio TV in the early days of lockdown. There was a few technical issues early on in the live show, that Gavin used as platform for a political and educational rant about what was really going on in the world.  This has been the most requested interview to be repurposed for the podcast and despite the time that has passed , Gavin hits the nail on the head multiple times and considering the confusion of the time, it shows how truly on the ball he was , and still is because most of us are still in lockdown , and despite the fact most of us can get a haircut and a freezing outdoor pint, people still vote tory. Enjoy his view on the shambles that was 2020 and hear about what inspired him to become one of Scotland's greatest actors. Support You Call That Radio at or check out our fancy new website at http://YouCallThat.Com . I first seen him on the comedy sketch show Velvet Soup, He also was an important part of Monarch of the Glen and  and has appeared in sitcoms Empty, Happy Hollidays and You Instead.On stage, Mitchell has played the male lead in Casablanca: The Gin Joint Cut, a spoof of the Humphrey Bogart film Casablanca, which has appeared at the Edinburgh Fringe. And toured Britain, Paris and Barbados. And the record breaking run of 51 shows of ‘Still Game’ live at the Glasgow Hydro, to some 510,000 people.A true legend who is also an integral part of the music scene where he inducted David Bowie into the Barrowland Hall of Fame on a memorable night that my band The Girobbaies were luckily to be involved with. He also recently expertly hosted Colonel Mustard & The Dijon 5's new album album launch for 'The Difficult Number 2' .  He also played a recurring character in crime drama The Field of Blood. He appeared in two episodes of series 7 of the children's adventure series M.I. High, in which he also voiced The Mastermind, taking over from Brian Cox. He can currently be seen playing Grand Duke Sergei in Netflix's ‘The Last Czars’. The Jackal Trades album that was mentioned drops on June 1st 2021 and can be pre-ordered at Original picture by Martin Windebank Photography Mastered, edited and Produced by Morphamish
May 10, 2021
'Love the Life you Live' w/ Martin 'Youth' Glover
We use the word 'Legend' too much but in this case there is no more apt word. Bassist of Killing Joke, Founder of The Orb, In a band with Paul McCartney. Produced an incredible discography that includes some of my favourite all time records such as 'Urban Hymns' by The Verve, 'The Endless River' by Pink Floyd and 'HMS Fable' by Shack to name just a few. He has also worked with The Charlatans, Dido, Crowded House, Embrace, The Cult, U2, Shed Seven, Erasure and Bananarama plus many more. It was an honour to chat with Martin 'Youth' Glover about his incredible career and his current projects which includes his art, writing, collaborations and the brilliant trance music he makes from his 'Space Montain' studio in Spain which also hosts an annual , interactive festival. I was delitghted to find a witty, humble and artistic man who gave loads of great advice and positive vibes. This show was previously only available on Youtube but I know many of you audio podcast listeners prefer this format so while I work on some new Jackal Trades/ Girobabies music we are going to cherry-pick some of the greatest chats over the last few months that we did live on youtube and the main man Morphamish has given the audio some TLC to make it brighter in the mix and mastering. The video of this episode is still avauilable to watch here too if you prefer: The live streams are still going strong over at The video streams, podcasts, events, blogs and the http://YouCallThat.Com website is only possible because of the generosity of our patreons. If you think our content is worth the price of a pint of beer or a cup of coffee then please sign up over at . You will also recieve bonus content and giveaways as a thank you.
Apr 21, 2021
'One Year of This Pish' w/ Neil 'The Wee Man' Bratchpiece
I have been neglecting this audio podcast as You Call That Radio turned it`s attention to 270 live streams since lockdown began. We are sorry for slacking. We are back and promise to stay back in the audio world of podcasts regularly. I have a vault of amazing interviews but this has been top of my list for a while. I believe it was early March 2020, Nobody was sure if covid was even gonna be that big of a deal. I spoke to Neil 'The Wee Man' Bratchpiece about our concerns or , lack of, plus we had a great chat about his career as youtube viral sensation , his stand up comedy, his writing career, acting, battle rap plus his career in Insane Championship Wrestling to mention just a few topics. Please ignore all mention of gigs we were promoting as the pnaet is still cancelled as far as I am aware. Including me if some of my chat is taken the wrong way in this episode. As well as Neil, today we also have a special Midnight Inventions pitch with Winter Water CEO John McCrory plus I share with you a song that myself and Jo D'arc made about what the last year has meant to us. This show is mastered by Morphamish and Powered by our Patreons at . More info on all our podcasts, video streams , events and blogs over at our website
Apr 07, 2021
You Call That Audio : New Year, New Season (Ask Me Anything )
The audio podcast had to take a back seat in order to focus on You Call That Radio TV which managed around 200 shows as a live internet TV show. I know many of our patreons were missing the audio podcast, and I was too, so will be doing my best to keep the audio shows regular in 2021 alongside the visual stuff which you can find at . I thought we should start Season 2 the same way we started Season 1 with an Ask Me Anything and a couple of surprises thrown in for good measure. As always this show would not be possible without the technical expertise of Morphamish and the generousity of our patreons at . You can also donate at if you want to help us build this hing.
Jan 18, 2021
You Covid Radio (Part 2): Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories w/ Dougie (Mickey 9s)
In a follow up from Part 1, YCTR got a call from Dougie Smith who is an author and singer with Glasgow legends Mickey 9s. He was supposed to give us 10 minutes of chat for Part 1 but his chat was so good we gave him a full show to himself. We discuss conspiracy theories namely coronavirus conspiracy theories and other conspiracy theories and other stuff and things and that. This show is mastered by Morphamish and powered by our patreons over at If you enjoy the show then please consider signing up to our patreon or making a one off donation over at: All our supporters will be given bonus stuff and entered into regular raffles. If you would like to suggest theories or give your opinion then please contact us on or
Mar 19, 2020
You Covid Radio : Coronavirus and Conspiracy Theories #coronaspiracies
We are self-isolating and broadcasting from a secret bunker in parts unknown, Scotland as we investigate various theories surrounding the origins and spread of COVID- 19. We try to make sense of one of the craziest breaking stories of the century and figure out where we go from here. Mastered by Morphamish and Powered by our Patreons support the show at If you would like to suggest theories or appear in part 2 then please email get us on facebook, twitter or email
Mar 17, 2020
'The Buckfast Incident' w/ Grieves (Rhymesayers) and Too Many T's (London)....
Why are we all stupidly patrotic about a suspicious liquid , created by a rival country? and is it cultural appropiation for the middle classes to sip it openly? This is YCTR! THIS IS THE BUCKFAST INCIDENT! Remember to subscribe and you can support the show over at
Mar 07, 2020
'We've Got Imagination' w/ Beerjacket
For the main event we have an extended interview with one of Scotland's most respected singer/ songwriters , and authors, Beerjacket. We also have an exclusive scoop and bonus interview with the Dundee rapper who made headlines this week by saying that Eminem may have stole his ideas. MAY being the word that most journalists left out. Find out what Zee is making of all the online drama. Before that though we have some craic about Rabbie Burns as I started recording this on Burns Night. So that section naturally features contributions from Victoria McNulty and Cat Hepburn. As always YCTR is mastered by Morphamish and powered by the Patreons over at I would also like to thank Ashtronomik for recording the Beerjacket interview in his cracking studio. The Beerjacket gig we talked about ended up selling out and going very well so you can't go to that as it noew exists n the past as a memory but you can and should check out his CD/ Book project over here:
Feb 10, 2020
'The Good Stuff' w/ Darren Connell [ Scot Squad ]
2020 officially begins right here with a conversation with Scot Squad actor, writer and comedian Darren Connell. We chat about his trip to Peru to try the Ayahuasca plant, mental health and stand up comedy plus much, much more. YCTR is powered by our patreons and mastered by Morphamish. Support the show and win things by going here: or if you think this show is worth a one-off coffee then go here: Darren is playing his new show 'Chuckletown' over Two nights at The Stand as part of the Glasgow Comedy Festival. Tickets here: The show mentioned at the start is a tribute night for Laigo which takes place at The Ice Box on Feb 1st. Optional donation on the door for Chris' House Party. More info here: Remember to rate, subscribe or tell a friend about us if you enjoyed the show. There is also another 17 shows to check out in our back catalogue, why not give them a spin?
Jan 25, 2020
'The Awards Ceremony ' (Bonus Episode)
YCTR returns with a bonus episode looking back on 2019 and ahead to 2020. I ended up having a wee awards ceremony to myself. Support the show over at Powered by the Patreons and Mastered by Morphamish. Tracklist 1. Mark.All.Trades and Laigo - 'The Real Black Friday' 2. Girobabies - 'Idiots Run Amok' 3. Mickey 9s - 'Rang Wi Me' 4. Jet$am- 'After the Fire' 5. Grace Clones- 'Hey Ho'
Jan 14, 2020
'Multi-Dimensional Manner' w/ Shogun
Caught up with rap sensation Shogun who went viral at the age of 17 with his youtube freestyle 'Vulcan' that has been seen by millions across the globe. He also talks about the time he got jailed when supporting Nas, His platinum selling record with a Eurovision pop star and his new EP with Dizzee Rascal. You Call That Radio is mastered by Morphamish and powered by the patreons over at Please sign up and we will sort you out with bonus content, mad raffles and free stuff. Thanks to Ashtronomik for letting us use his studio to record this one and for giving us an exclusive peak on the show with his forthcoming song. The first track was 'Fetching Pitchfork' by The Girobabies who play Ivory Blacks on Friday alongside The Twistettes and MOG's new band THe Ducks . Tickets: Aftterparty is at Audio until 4am featuring Morphamish, Grace Clones, Jo D`arc, thewisegoldfish and the Jackal Trades Allstars. If you enjoyed this show then you should check out Episode 5 with Loki and Episode 13 w/ Gasp & Phsyiks. Please subscribe, rate and share and help us spread the good word of YCTR
Dec 18, 2019
The Reverend D Wayne Love Episode [Alabama 3]
This episode features a conversation with the legendary Jake Black of Alabama 3 who most of you will know as The Reverend D Wayne Love. It was recorded much earlier in the year and was meant to be the first episode to launch the YCTR podcast but sadly Jake passed away in the week it was due to be released so it was shelved until the time was right. Today I feel the time is right as this week Alabama 3 will play a sold out Barrowland Ballroom as tribute to Jake and their will also be an afterpaty in his memory at Ivory Blacks to raise funds for MOJO We also spoke to Cathy Molloy of MOJO who was a very close friend of Jakes plus we have contributions from Joe Bone, Riley James, Kev White and Tom Watt before we get into the interview. Thanks to The Ice Box for having us. This episode, as always, was mastered by Morphamish and powered by our patreons over at Special thanks to Goldie for helping with the audio issues for Cathy's interview and to Daryl Donald for letting me use some of his sick jazzy hip hop beats throughout the show as I`m sure Jake would have enjoyed thm too. YCTR is hosting a big night on mad friday when Girobabies play Ivory Blacks ourselves on 20th December alongside The Twistettes and MOG then we wil be having a a decade dance with the best music from all of the decades at Audio until 4am . Tickets over this way Finally just like to give a massive thank you to everyone who has supported the show this year especially the patreons. It really would not be possible without all your help. The intro was a sneaky peak of a forthcoming berief chat I had with Chali 2na of Jurassic 5 which should feature in Episode 16 alongside Shogun. Support our patreon by going to to be entered into our mad raffles and recieve bonus content such as the brand new Girobabies single before anyone else.
Dec 10, 2019
'The Afterparty Manifesto' w/ Dougie (Mickey 9s)
Powered by Patreons and Mastered by Morphamish. This week we welcome author/ singer/ songwriter Dougie Smith who is best known as the masked frontman of Mickey 9s. Today we unmask him as an author of books, teacher of students and creator of 'Kiler Whale'. This week we also delve a little into some party manifesto politics since the general election has been called so we called on people to call you call that radio with their unfiltered calls. We also meet a door to door canvasser, Big Mac McGuru helps you save time and limber up with some more midnight inventions and Frank Foodie phones Old El Paso. To support this show, recieve bonus content and win free stuff then go to Remember to subscribe/ rate/ review or tell a friend about us. If you would like to commision me to write you or a loved one a poem then go to and we will make a personalised, bespoke belter and deliver it framed and looking like an ideal Christmas gift. If you are an artist who would like to release CDs then go to : and we will do YCTR listeners a mates rates deal. Just say where you ehard about it,.. FACT CHECK: The country I couldn't remember about during the drug policy chat while talking to Dougie was Switzerland. They were very strict but have made massive strides since relaxing their laws. They treat it as a public health issue and not a crime and have had incredible results that you should look into if interested.
Nov 19, 2019
'Interview with the Vampire' w/ Gasp & Physiks
The main event is an extended interview with Hip Hop legends Gasp & Physiks while on the road between Stirling and Glasgow, before and after a gig at the Tolbooth. Also featuring cameo appearances from producer Toni Smoke and the Strange Behaviours gaffer, Kenny Bates. Also In this show , Frank Foodie phones Rice Krispies and the search for Edward Snowden reaches Joe Rogan plus 'The Cineworld Diaries' are unleashed for the first time after being uncovered by Greta and Fatboy Slim and we have a phone-in from angry customers who qued for a Watt Brothers sale that never happened. 'You Call That Radio?' is mastered by Morphamish and powered by our patreons over at please support the show if you can and you will be included in bonus hings such as mad raffles and that. You can also help support the show by subscribing, leaving a review or sharing the link on your social media. Check out the music of Gasp over at and Physiks over at :
Nov 12, 2019
'Adapt or Die' w/ Steve Mason
I grew up with Steve Mason's music from The Beta Band to Black Affair to King Biscuit Time and his numerous solo albums. His brand new EP is OUT NOW , hot off the heels from `About the Light' which is on course for 'Best Album of 2019' it is a pleasure to chat with one of my all time heroes. Shout outs to Morphamish for mastering the audio and as always, this show would not be possible without the support of our patreons. Thank you guys. You can support the show by going to Tickets for The Girobabies 10th Anniversary shows 26/10 Manchester 20/12 Glasgow Also The brand new Steve Mason album is out now over at: Thank you for tuning in please remember to subscribe/ follow and any ratings/ reviews/ shares are all greatly appreciated and help us reach a new audience
Oct 19, 2019
'On Yer Ones (Part One)' w/ Gordy (Bonus Episode)
On Yer Ones was a new concept I invented wherby I do a show on my own every Ten Episodes where I answer some questions from the listeners and introduce you to new music from some of my favourite acts. However , I came up with this concept because my special guest co-host Gordy Duncan JR didn't show up for a couple of days in a row and then as if by magic he appeared 10 minutes in. So this is still going to be called 'On Yer Ones' (Part 1) because my heart was already set on it and if we do it again on Epsidoe 21 then it will still , sort of make sense. We are in a band together called The Girobabies that are celebrating 10 years together (Ignore the gig we talk about as we have been too busy to upload it in time our big 10th anniversary will be at Ivory Blacks on December 20th) We begin the show with a look at the horrors of Giant Rice Krispies and shouting out a legend in the scene, Beat-maker/ Prodcuer Laigo who recently passed away. We also have a cameo from Kyle Falconer from The View , some skits and some live performances from Gordy and Girobabies acoustic plus music and anecdotes from 10 years of Girobabies live shows featuring tracks from: 00:39.36 Sicknote - 'Righteous' 00:52:30 Clinker- 'Let's Go Out and Get Fucked' 01:02.00 Thee Rag n Bone Man - 'Rabbie Burns Stole My Driving License' 01:06.30 True Gents - 'Seasick' 01:14.30 Jackal Trades - 'Bill Hicks Fan' 01:23.05 The Twistettes - 'Weird Me' 01:26:30 Gordy Duncan JR - Live and Acoustic 01:29.00 Loki x Laigo - 'The Fuck It Button' 01:33:50 Mark & Gordy - 'I Want Answers' (Acoustic) Mastered by Morphamish Powered by all our loyal Patreons over at
Sep 26, 2019
'We Are All Here' w/ Hannah Currie & Tim Currie
Today, we are looking at the mental health epedemic currently affecting Glasgow and beyond by having an extended interview with film-makers Hannah Currie and Tim Currie plus we have contributions from Darren loki McGarvey and Cathy McCormack. Audio mastered by Morphamish. Hannah and Tim recently released a film called 'Too Young to Die' on BBC which was an adaption of an earlier film called 'We Are All Here' which tells the story of Lumo, a young Scottish rapper and poet who sadly took his own life. Trigger warning for suicide and mental health issues content but there is a lot of positive and funny chat too to be heard also. We also feature a powerful and poignant piece from orwell prize winning Darren Loki McGarvey called 'Dont Jump' plus we share with you some audio from a short film called 'War Without Bullets' by activist Cathy McCormack which I think ties a lot of the subject matter together. You can support the show by going to:
Aug 28, 2019
'Be Careful or You Will End Up in My Novel' w/ Lucy Tertia George
Today, we speak to a talking rabbit at Edinburgh Fringe and discuss how Facebook adverts somehow manage to get inside your head. Also, Frank Foodie phones Cadburys and Golden Wonder AND We find out the benefits of Digital Art for Artists by Becci Wallace. However, The main event is all about our extended interview with the fabulous London author Lucy Tertia George who has recently released a novel called 'Three Women' which is available here: She also performs as a singer/ songwriter called Lucy Lyrical and this was in actual fact recorded during my first ever day of interviews for YCTR at The Ice Box earlier in the year. Was a pleasure to have her on the show. Go buy her book. This show was mastered by the legend that is Morphamish. Please remember to subscribe to YCT Radio and rate/ review us if you can. Please tell one friend about us or Share it to your social medias. All that stuff really helps us get new listeners. But the best way to support what we are doing is by going to and paying a couple of quid per month to the cause so I can justify spending more time on making it the best show I know it can be. Any suggestions or questions can be Emailed to: Twitter: @youcallthatrad1 Facebook:
Aug 15, 2019
'This Was Supposed to Be Fun' w/ Sage Francis & B Dolan aka Epic Beard Men
The main event is a chat with U.S Hip Hop legends Sage Francis and B Dolan aka Epic Beard Men who are touring the UK this month to promote their new album 'This Was Supposed to Be Fun'. We also speak to some 'revellers' live from Doune the Rabbit Hole festival and hear our listeners feedback on what they make of the new prime minister in a 'Bad Excuses from Mad Politicians' special which means I have to tick the 'explicit language' box plus other news and stuff and things and that. Audio Mastered by Morphamish Music included is: 'Charlie Brooker Sketch' by Jackal Trades (Morphamish Remix) 'It's All Gone to Fuck' by Stanley Odd
Jul 30, 2019
'Circumvent a Circus Tent' w/ Darren Loki McGarvey
Recorded live from Kelburn Garden Party featuring an extended interview with Orwell Prize winninng author/ Hip Hop legend/ Social commentator Darren Loki McGarvey. But before all of that we intoduce you to 'Midnight Inventions' with Big Mac McGuru and We speak to The Hoojamamas and Kami Mink Rap next to the Pyramid Stage. We also get a live snippet of Jo D'arc and Becci Wallace before Jo is TRNSPRTED to the VIP area of TRNSMT. AND There is an exclusive live recording of The Giromaybes doing an acoustic version of a Girobabies song plus a wee snippet from Captain Hotknives. We also deal with some listeners questions and much, much more. Audio Mastered by Morphamish at Sound Sound Barrasfest tickets on sale over here: Support the podcast over at: Join the YCT radio conversation over at and Tickets for Loki's Edinburgh Fringe show 'Scotland Today' out now over here: Get 15% off any CBD products by going to and typing in this code at the checkout : YCT15 Get YCT Mates rates on CD duplication, replication and mastering services by going to :
Jul 18, 2019
'Groove Mechanics and Late Night Revelling' w/ Colonel John McMustard
We unmask the villainous Colonel John McMustard of Colonel Mustard and the Dijon Five fame with an extended interview. Plus Finnieston Exposed returns to shed light on a new craze called 'late night parties' and Frank Foodie phones Corn Flakes. We also premier ‘The Megabus with Lauren Hill’ and finish with a new song from The Twistettes Get your edfringe tickets for Colonel Mustard & Friends over here: Tickets for Colonel Mustard & The Big Bad Wolf here: Thanks to Morphamish for mastering the audio
Jul 09, 2019
'Cat Flap to Freedom' w/ Gordy Duncan JR
Our special guest is the multi-instrumental and mega talented Gordy Duncan JR who did an interview as he drove me back from a recording studio in Perth. Gordy is a singer/ songwriter with an outrageous back catalogue and also a mainstay drummer of The Girobabies, founding member of True Gents among many other projects. Check his stuff on *The show begins with a shout out from legendary poet John Cooper Clarke who you can see live at Doune the Rabbit Hole Festival (August 18th-20th) * Frank Foodie investigates a sachet scandal that has engulfed Pot Noodle by calling tehir customer care line * * BIG DAFT QUESTION MARK responds to your questions and if you would like to ask anything at all for a future show then: -email us at - leave a voicemail at 07340 508 500 - Facebook us at - tweet us at #youcallthatradio or @youcallthatrad1 We would also like to hear your definition on what selling out is. This show is dedicated to all our Patreons. If you would like to support the show for a couple of quid a month then go to where we will sort you out with bonus material, discounts and guestlists plus a big , mad monthly raffle. Thank you to MORPHAMISH for mastering the audio as always. Shout outs to for making our logo. Check out High Street Cafe in Glasgow for good grub. And for a YCT listener deal on CDs/ mastering then go to:
Jun 21, 2019
'Doing Things Differently' w/ Leyla Josephine
Leyla Josephine is an award winning poet that has enjoyed a well deserved meteoric rise to the top of the UK spoken word scene yet her new Fringe show `Daddy Drag` is something completely different. More details and Tickets available here: You Call That Radio is sponsered by the listener, go to for more info. If you would like to save money on CD production/ design/ distribution then go to: This show was mastered by Morphamish
Jun 14, 2019
'Synchronicity' W/ Brother Ali
It is an honour to welcome our first ever special guest Brother Ali onto the show. We also introduce the first edition of 'Bad Excuses from Mad Politicians' which features the Tory leadership contest in full swing. But first, we begin by chatting about the recent controversey in Scotland's Hip Hop scene where accusations of homophobia were directed at a certain artist. If you would like to add your views or ask us a quesiton then hit us up at or leave a voice mail on 07340 508 500. You can support the show and unlock bonus feaures by going to:
Jun 12, 2019
1: Suppose You Got to Start Somewhere
Here it is. You Call That Radio? is live. I thought about thousands of different ways to start this whole project but in the end just went with a one-take , unscripted interview with myself where we (Me and me) answered some questions people left online tp giove you a background of who mark.all.trades is. If you would like to ask a quesiton for a future show thenb email or leave a voicemail on 07340 508 000. Episode 2 will feature segments, sits, music and an exclusive interview with U.S Hip Hop legend Brother Ali. Thanks to Morphamish for mastering and Maco for answering my podcast questions.
Jun 12, 2019
You Call That Radio? Episode Zero Trailer
A taster of things to come featuring chat from Gordy Duncan JR (Musician/ producer) Hannah Currie (Film Director/ Club Promoter) and Leyla Josephine (Poet/Actor/ Writer) For more info go to: Twitter: Facebook:
Jun 04, 2019