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SEAM Presents: Anything But Fashion. Hear your favorite fashion industry insiders pull back the curtain on the stuff they love outside the world of clothing.

Episode Date
Actor Adam Pally Talks New NBC Show "Indebted," Kanye West, and Style

Adam Pally is an actor who you may know from his leading role on ABC's short-lived but much-loved sitcom "Happy Endings," as well as his recurring role on "The Mindy Project,"  and several other shows and films over the last decade. (He was even in Iron Man 3!) On this Anything But Fashion, Adam Pally and SEAM's Jake Woolf talk about his early days in comedy (including the time he auditioned for SNL—and why it didn't work out), his thoughts on pop culture lightning rods like Dave Chappelle and Kanye West, and why he's decided to dress it up in, let's say, interesting ways on all of his Conan O'Brien appearances over the years. Adam and Jake also talk about his new NBC show, "Indebted," which airs in early 2020, and many more topics including a CNN documentary that discusses how Harvard used to have a policy vetting applicants based on how jewish they seemed. 

Nov 07, 2019
Man Vs. Jawnz With Adam Richman

Jake sits down with TV personality Adam Richman, who you may know from his time hosting Travel Channel’s insanely popular series Man Vs. Food. No, Adam is not in the fashion industry—but his passion for clothing and insight into the entertainment business make for an incredibly entertaining, epically long podcast. In this episode, Adam Richman dives into his pre Man Vs. Food struggles, how the show came about, his biggest purchase to date on clothing, what it’s like shopping as a big dude, and opens up about dealing with online trolls.

Oct 31, 2019
Madhappy's Josh Sitt On How to Secure the (LVMH) Bag

Madhappy is an LA-based label founded by Josh Sitt, Noah Raf, Peiman Raf, and Mason Spector—four dudes with no experience in the fashion world, but who struck a cord in culture by appealing to a new generation of tastes. Specifically, Madhappy doesn't play in the traditional sandbox of the fashion or streetwear space. They are not exclusive, but inclusive, and approach collections with a sense of positivity that rarely finds its way into the cynical world of apparel. Not only have customers taken notice, but the fashion system that Madhappy was built outside of has too—earlier this month, the brand announced that it had raised a $1.8 million dollar seed round, with LVMH as part of the raise. 

Joshua Sitt is a 23-year-old who grew up in New York City and knows all-too-well the rough edges NYC can give a person. For that reason, he explains on the podcast why he moved to LA, and despite what you might think, doesn't miss home at all. We also spoke to Josh about Madhappy's mental health initiatives and how the deal with LVMH went down. 

Oct 24, 2019
Dennis Todisco Talks #OutfitGrid and Popping the Question

Dennis Todisco is the founder of #OutfitGrid, a wildly popular Instagram page boasting close to 800,000 followers and which changed the whole way people share their fits online. He was born and raised outside of Boston, and previously worked for Twitter before deciding to do O.G. full time in New York City. We talked about growing up as the oldest of four, running your own business, the best restaurants in NYC, and how he's going to pop the question to his girlfriend. Jake also tests out two new segments, "Hate to See It / Love to See It" and "100 Grand Fantasy." 

Also, NEW SOLO SEGMENTS at the beginning of the episode. Listen to our new recurring segments that'll kick of each new ep, including "Luxury Jock of the Week," "WTF Fashion Moment of the Week," and "Must Cop of the Week." 

Oct 17, 2019
Real Indiana Jones Hours With Rowing Blazers’ Doctor Jack Carlson

This week, Jake sits down with Jack Carlson, founder and designer of Rowing Blazers to discuss his crew background, being an entrepreneur, and his big Oxford brains. (His thesis was in archeology, which for the record, he crushed.) Carlson’s label, which launched in 2017, has become known quickly for re-invigorating the prep scene in fashion, making covetable pieces like rugby shirts and critter pants seem cool again.

Oct 10, 2019
Saintwoods On How to Party and Get Paid

Saintwoods is a duo made up of Zach Macklovitch and Nate Woods, entrepreneurs, restauranteurs, and partyterus. On this episode,  the two discuss their early days promoting parties in college up in Montreal, their thriving restaurant Apt.200, their new vodka brand, and of course their popular streetwear label Saint Woods. If you’re someone who’s into clothes and night life, these are two guys who set the bar for how to do it the right way.

Oct 03, 2019
Baby’s First Podcast With Reese Cooper

This week, Reese Cooper discusses his expat childhood in London, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, and how to make it look like you’re rich while on a budget.

Reese Cooper is a 21-year-old LA-based designer, whose youthful take on school uniforms and workwear have made him a rising star in the fashion industry. His designs have been worn by the likes of Kid Cudi, and his namesake label is carried in retailers like Barneys. 

Sep 26, 2019
The Comedy Store and Clothing Stores With Brandon Wardell

This week, Jake talks with the first ever non-fashion guest of ABF, comedian Brandon Wardell. The guys talk about what it takes to make it in the Comedy Scene™, the influence of Chapo Traphouse, Opening Ceremony’s off-kilter LA outpost, and more.

Sep 19, 2019
AND1 Mixtape Memories With Bristol Studio’s Luke Tadashi

On the season 1 finale, Jake sits down with Bristol Studio’s founder Luke Tadashi to talk about hoops dreams. This includes Luke’s time playing basketball in college, where he goes to play today, and the two’s memories of growing up in the golden age of Allen Iverson.

Sep 10, 2019
Support Your Homies With Designer Samuel Krost

This week, Jake sits down with Krost founder Samuel Krost to discuss his beach boy upbringing, the importance of gun reform in America, and how his label is built on being a positive force for change in an often frivolous industry like fashion.

Sep 05, 2019
Emily Oberg Talks Health, Wellness, Judaism, and Big Glyphosate™

This week, Jake sits down with Sporty & Rich designer and former Complex video host Emily Oberg to discuss her mega healthy lifestyle, traveling between LA and Paris on the regular, converting to Judaism, and how to get by as a highly influential Instagram presence without losing your mind.

Aug 28, 2019
Galaxy Brain Podding With James Harris & Lawrence Schlossman, the Maniacs Behind Failing Upwards

Episode 07 is unlike any before it (or likely after). Jake sits down with his fellow jawnz enthusiasts Lawrence Schlossman and James Harris to discuss the inter-workings of their popular podcast, Failing Upwards. While the conversation is light on direction and attention spans, it’s heavy on entertainment. Enjoy.

Aug 22, 2019
David Hauser, Real Life Iron Man and GM of The Arrivals

On episode 06, Jake sits down with David Hauser, the business brains behind rapidly-growing DTC outerwear label The Arrivals. In addition to being a 25-year-old investment wizard (the company he helps run, Brainchild, also invests in Warby Parker, Allbirds, Harry’s, Outdoor Voices and more), Hauser also is a real life Iron Man—meaning, in 2018 he completed the Kona Iron Man in Hawaii. The two also discuss at length how to train for this mega athletic feat.

*CORRECTION*: In the intro of this episode, David Hauser is incorrectly referred to as the co-founder of Brainchild. He is the General Manager and Director of Finance & Operations.

Aug 15, 2019
Meet Chris Black, International Man of Takes

On episode 05, Jake sits down with brand consultant Chris Black, who, when he isn’t getting shredded at Barry’s Bootcamp, is one of culture’s harshest critics. Here, the two talk about Chris’s fitness routine, Sienna Miller, his love of Oasis, and more.

Aug 05, 2019
Meet Errolson Hugh, Founder of Acronym and the #BottleCapChallenge

On this episode, Jake calls up Errolson Hugh, founder of tech fashion label Acronym. They discuss Hugh’s longtime love of martial arts, the time he kicked a dude’s ass in a Berlin bar, and how Hugh—believe it or not—started the viral sensation that is the #BottleCapChallenge. 

Jul 12, 2019
Get to Know Chicago’s Own Master of Minimalism, Benjamin Edgar

On this episode, Jake talks with the Boxed Water founder and co-founder of The Brilliance about his entrepreneurial background, how he met Virgil Abloh, and his new art exhibition.

Jun 26, 2019
Shinny, Dogs, and Fly Fishing With Adsum’s Pete Macnee

Episode 02: On this episode of Anything But Fashion, Jake chats with Adsum designer and founder Pete Macnee about growing up in Canada, hockey, dogs, and fly fishin’.

Jun 11, 2019
A Call About Golf With Garrett Leight

Episode 01: On the inaugural episode of Anything But Fashion, SEAM editorial director Jake Woolf phones eyewear designer Garrett Leight to discuss their mutual passion: golf.

Jun 05, 2019