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 Dec 14, 2019
best show ever. 100% authentic personalities. the show the continues even after its done. most interactive show on the planet.

 Nov 7, 2019
100% my good man!

 Oct 5, 2019
love this crazy crew just listen and enjoy hope you dont take life too serious...

 Sep 18, 2019
the best in the business

 Aug 15, 2019


The Kirk Minihane Show is a daily podcast from America's most talented on-air personality, featuring Minihane's raw, uncensored commentary on sports, politics, culture, and things that matter. There is no show like this show.

Episode Date
Kirk Minihane is a wanted man. At least, that's according to the BOLO notice that was sent to us by an anonymous whistleblower. An attempt to check in on Blind Mike do not go well. The show makes a major announcement about a certain thrice-delayed live show (0:21:00). Kirk recaps the greatest hits from former Vice President Joe Biden's CNN drive-in town hall (0:30:00). Kirk and Steve get into the nature of the friendships between the members of the show (0:43:00). Showtime has released the trailer for their new political drama all about President Trump and former FBI Director James Comey (0:47:00). Callers ignite discussions on Larry Nassar, the "herd mentality" of Minifans, and -- of course -- wiping technique.
Sep 18, 2020
The Rocket
Jared "The Rocket" Carrabis joins the Kirk Minihane Show in studio to talk about how shitty the Red Sox are this year, his move back to Boston, his COVID-19 Era love life, the sweet city of Saugus, and more. Kirk covers the fallout from his move to the dark side (a.k.a. The Mincels) and names his new Mount Rushmore. CNBC's Jim Cramer apologizes for his "Crazy Nancy" remark. USA Today columnist Christine Brennan says the Big Ten's decision to reinstate football is its "darkest day," which will come as a relief to Larry Nassar and Jerry Sandusky.
Sep 17, 2020
The Dark Side
Disloyalty from the OG Minifans has Kirk Minihane in a mood and now he finds himself tempted by the dark side: Mincels. Sen. Kamala Harris and her running mate former Vice President Joe Biden made headlines, or at least Twitter headlines, with a string of viral gaffes (0:23:00). An Entercom radio host is looking for a new job after commenting on the wardrobe of a female sports anchor (0:26:30). Two Houston radio hosts have an great on-air meltdown they'll never talk about again (0:36:40). Dan "Big Cat" Katz joins the show to talk about the latest Barstool Sports news, Blind Mike's situation, and whether Steve should off himself (0:47:00).
Sep 16, 2020
Stinky Rental
Kirk Minihane was in a car accident and the worst part of it didn't happen until he got his rental car. A local news report from Utah at an anti-mask demonstration has us wondering if we've been fooled by a comedy troupe (0:35:00). More and more news outlets are beginning to report on "Marty Mile" -- the area near Mass Ave and Melnea Cass Blvd where there's a city-sanctioned open air drug market (0:40:00). Kirk is hunting for the next city to host a KMS live show and things are not looking good for the Quaker State (0:58:30). The sheriff of L.A. County has asked LeBron James to double the reward for information leading to the capture of a suspected cop shooter (1:04:00). The Attorney General of South Dakota hit a deer that wasn't really a deer (1:09:30). Following the discussion of Netflix's "Cuties," a disturbing picture has emerged of one of the Minihane brothers (1:34:00).
Sep 15, 2020
You're Calling a Hospital Room
Harry Minihane was confirmed into the Catholic Church over the weekend, one intriguing mystery and one fashion controversy. Random number dialing returns with a result that could only happen on the Kirk Minihane Show (0:28:00). The NFL is back, Bill Belichick won yesterday, Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski lost (0:42:00). Netflix draws criticism from all corners for "Cuties," a controversial French movie featuring young girls performing sexually provocative dance routines (0:46:00). Tom Brady does Dax Shepard's podcast, Skip Bayless doubles down on his Dak Prescott critique, and a Barstool employee gets sent home over an airport beer.
Sep 14, 2020
Breaking Amish
On the anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, the National Football League is back on the field and rife with virtue signaling, leading to the predictable phony outrage and praise from all corners of sports media. Entercom is engaged in yet another round of restructuring; you hate to see it... Sports columnist Skip Bayless says Cowboys QB Dak Prescott should quit being a pussy and stop talking publicly about his mental health. Kirk has a few thoughts about Skip (0:10:00). Boston Globe columnist Shirley Leung levels accusations of sexism against Boston Mayor Marty Walsh and Steve makes a surprise endorsement in the Boston mayoral race (0:28:00). Comedy Central's Trevor Noah has an amazing take on gender reveal parties (0:39:35). An astronauts off-color joke prompts a discussion about which member of the Kirk Minihane Show is best suited for life in space (0:43:15). A caller invites the KMS to Amish country for the next live show.
Sep 11, 2020
Dead Man Walkin'
Kirk Minihane has been betrayed by a once-great Minifan and the punishment shall be severe. The Steve's A Liar guy bids Blind Mike farewell as only he can (0:27:20). Dale Arnold's only customers on Cameo are Minifans (0:35:00). A writer for the San Francisco Chronicle is concerned that the language historically used to describe the flavors and aromas of wines is racist and misogynistic (0:44:00). Bob Woodward, the journalist who helped Mark Felt bring down President Richard Nixon, is out with a new book that President Trump cooperated with for some reason (0:57:00). Steve performs an abortion.
Sep 10, 2020
Blind Mike's long journey to a better self begins today, as Kirk handles the show without his vision impaired sidekick. The Academy has issued new criteria for motion pictures to be eligible for the Oscars. The new rules are supposed to encourage "inclusion," but Kirk can think of a few problems with a "woke" film industry (0:06:30). Kirk responds to Brandon Walker and Big Cat's Sirius XM segment with Trysta Krick regarding her column on Steve Nash's hiring (0:22:40). The staff of the Boston Globe are demanding justice from billionaire John Henry and his wife Linda because they need to pay off student loans (0:31:50). Ellie Schnitt, Kirk's once-adopted now-estranged daughter, has left Barstool Sports (0:57:40). A new documentary takes a look at Marty Walsh's Boston (1:35:00).
Sep 09, 2020
Bye Mike
After an emotional weekend, Blind Mike shares with Kirk and Steve that he's taking a leave of absence from the Kirk Minihane Show to seek treatment for physical and mental health issues stemming from his worsening vision impairment. Some callers are more supportive than others, but we have one thing to say to Mike: Good luck, take care, hope all is well.
Sep 08, 2020
Sellers Rising
The campaign between Blind Mike and Ted Sellers has grown vicious in a hurry, with salacious allegations, shifting alliances, and a struggle for power unlike anything in the history of American democracy. New England's favorite comedian weighs in on the news that Cam Newton will be the starting quarterback for the New England Patriots (0:45:00). Former Vice President Joe Biden electrified a crowd in Kenosha (1:02:30). Twin scandals roil academia, but one professor is probably more likely to be permanently out of a job than the other (1:16:00). Kirk responds like to a searing hot take from his colleague Trysta Krick and Steve defends himself from sordid accusations.
Sep 04, 2020
The Pablo Picasso of Pooping
Blind Mike's candidacy for the United States Senate is off to a rocky start, as plucky underdog challenger has quickly rolled onto the scene. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, following the revelation that she's been hypocritically ignoring the very Covid-19 regulations she expects Californians to live under, is now claiming that the salon owner set her up, a.k.a. the Marion Barry Defense (0:28:00). A caller levels serious allegations of impropriety against Intern Justin (1:16:00. Kirk once again is forced to defend his controversial theory and practice of defecation.
Sep 03, 2020
Geary For Senate
The political primaries are over here in Massachusetts and now our own B. Michael Geary is throwing his hat in the ring. Should he emerge from a special Minifan Runoff Election, he will have the full backing of the Minifans for his write-in campaign for U.S. Senate. Joe Rogan's podcast has migrated to Spotify as part of his $100 million payday, but some episodes are missing and they share a common theme (0:52:00). Tucker Carlson has released much-teased secretly recorded audio of CNN host Chris Cuomo (1:03:00). A guest from earlier in the week has returned to allege that Kirk's son is racist (1:19:00).
Sep 02, 2020
The most acerbic sports personality in America refuses to back down in the face of withering criticism following his disclosure yesterday that he's a front wiper. President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden compete to produce the most nonsensical sound bytes (0:16:30). The presumptive (maybe?) starting quarterback for the New England Patriots provided a thrilling interview to Kirk's old morning radio show (0:48:00). Kirk's old partner on that old morning show has finally broken into TV (0:54:30).
Sep 01, 2020
Library Poops
Josh from Barstool Sports' social media department joins the show following a weekend spent on Twitter calling Kirk, Mike, and Steve garbage racists (0:26:00). A caller elicits from Kirk a lengthy digression about all things defecation (1:12:30). Farmer Sheldon has almost convinced Kirk to take the next KMS live show to North Dakota. Blind Mike has settled into his new apartment, but now his in-laws are visiting altogether too frequently and prattling on in Albanian while he sits there staring at his presumptive father-in-law's tiny feet (1:42:20).
Aug 31, 2020
Talib Walker
When Kirk asked Brandon Walker whether his performance on Wednesday was the extent of his talent, few could have foreseen his devastating retort via penis-themed photoshop. Walker brings more of his classic wit to the show today as Kirk fields calls on a special Friday mailbag edition of the show. Big Cat suggests we need to reverse engineer a "W" for Walker so he can get back to focusing on college football and gambling. Steve "Captain Nonsense" Robinson makes the case for his top three favorite movies and decides he wouldn't mind going to jail for a few years.
Aug 28, 2020
Nobody's Watching Me
NBA athletes across the country have decided to stop playing this year as a protest against human and civil rights abuses, but only in the United States. Kirk responds to the breaking news from last evening and wonders whether this will snowball into other professional sports. Yet again another stranger wanders into the middle of our very secure recording studio and Captain Nonsense dusts off his foreign language capabilities (0:32:30). New York Times Magazine is out with an odd defense of men who get caught in Chris Hansen style sting operations (0:48:30). A New Yorker book reviewer pens a fabrication that would make Kevin Cullen blush (1:23:00).
Aug 27, 2020
Captain Nonsense
Boston Magazine has a ridiculous interview with crooked Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone (who is still trying to sue Kirk over a prank phone call made more than a year ago). Kirk seeks to bring some closure to the spat with Brandon Walker (0:14:30). Night 2 of the RNC has former Clinton operatives raising serious questions about improper uses of the White House (0:28:30). An NBA podcaster from The Ringer has a hilarious take on the 76ers that somehow involves the food in Boston tasting like racism (0:48:00). Mike's biological father is a little upset with his son's YouTube shows (1:52:00).
Aug 26, 2020
Caucasian Hill
Walk the Line host Brandon Walker accuses Kirk Minihane of misusing his immense talent on today's show following a social media brouhaha last evening. Jerry Falwell, Jr. has resigned as head of Liberty University following a Reuters story in which a young pool boy said he had sex with Mrs. Falwell while Mr. Falwell looked on (0:42:00). Jerry Seinfeld takes to the opinion pages of the New York Times to defend NYC against allegations that it is dying (0:45:00). Stuttering John is suing Sirius XM for playing audio of the Stuttering John character (1:10:00). Violence continues to erupt in cities across America, and Kirk says it can only bolster President Trump's re-election odds (2:07:30).
Aug 25, 2020
Welcome Back
Kirk Minihane returns from medical leave to address his absence and the myriad controversies that erupted while he was away. Minihane explains the situation with his former friend Gerry Callahan and Callahan's producer Dave Cullinane. Rich Kelleher reappears on the show and turtles faster than Turtleboy did on Mike and the Minifans Saturday night. Jemele Hill says America and Nazi Germany are pretty much the same (0:27:30). Radio broadcasters across the country are dropping like flies with hot mic moments and inopportune remarks (0:37:30). The Steve's A Liar Guy welcomes the show back in his usual way (1:19:00). The guys weigh in on the tearful Senate race unfolding in Massachusetts (1:23:13) before fielding some phone calls from some of the greats.
Aug 24, 2020
From the Road
A message from Kirk Minihane.
Aug 20, 2020
Steve and Mike hop in studio to provide an update on the Kirk Minihane Show and react to a few things that have happened in the past week, including Vice President Joe Biden announcing Sen. Kamala Harris will be his running mate and Section 10's Steve Perrault wanting to have Alex Verdugo's babies. The boys return later in the day for part two after Dave Portnoy reveals that the man formerly known as B-Walk was the source of complaints about the Minifans last month (0:25:30).
Aug 12, 2020
Pardon My Cake
The Big Cat and Blind Mike experience you've always wanted.
Aug 06, 2020
The Mike and Steve Show
Kirk is taking some time away from the podcast. Steve and Mike give everyone an update with the situation with KMS.
Aug 03, 2020
Kirk Conquers Saco, Part 2
Kirk Minihane plants another victorious flag in the dusty ground of the Saco Drive-In Theater. Will Blind Mike redeem himself with some standup comedy? How was Aquaboggin? Any fatalities from the night before? Find out now!
Jul 28, 2020
Kirk Conquers Saco, Part 1
The Kirk Minihane Show takes over the Saco drive-in theater for an epic night of podcasting, debauchery, and mayhem. (Part 1)
Jul 27, 2020
Dealin' Wit Up Theya
By the time you listen to this, Kirk Minihane will be Saco-bound, getting ready for the next chapter in the magnificent saga that is the Kirk Minihane Show. For two glorious nights, Podcast Jesus and his band of merry misfits will grace the big screen at the Saco Drive-in Theater. On today's episode, Kirk, Steve, and Mike field calls and make predictions for the weekend. For those who won't be in Saco: An audio version of the Saco shows will be published on this RSS feed; a video version of the Saco shows will be made available to those who have subscribed to the KMS mailing list at For those attending the Saco shows: Minifans are invited to a special broadcast of Mike and the Minifans at Four Dragonfly Dr. in Scarborough, courtesy of TJ Hubbard & Co. (Look for the gigantic penis...) The drive-in theater gates open Saturday and Sunday at 3:30pm and KMS goes live at 8:30pm. A few food trucks will be onsite and the theater concessions will be open in the evening, but you're encouraged to tailgate. Large vehicles will be parked in the rear, smaller vehicles near the front, so there's no advantage in showing up early. Please don't cause traffic problems. Also, don't come if you have the Wuhan Bat Plague. Please follow all State of Maine CDC guidelines. Be responsible; be Minifans.
Jul 24, 2020
Kirk Makes An Offer You Can't Refuse
The Kirk Minihane Show is headed to Saco, ME this weekend to perform back-to-back live shows for a packed parking lot of Minifans. All COVID-19 compliant, of course. But no one is prepared for the experience without listening to native Mainer TJ Hubbard and Chamber of Commerce Press Secretary Steve from Providence explain what to do in dealing with up there (0:15:30). Blind Mike is still recovering from the hate crime committed against him outside of the WEEI studios (0:45:20). Joe Biden details the interesting medical care he once received at Walter Reed (0:52:00). Kirk Minihane makes an offer to every radio executive in New England: His services are available for a two-week period -- for free -- do help your fall ratings book. (Serious inquiries only)
Jul 23, 2020
Radio drama in Boston: 98.5 The Sports Hubs' morning host is off-air following his on-air admission that he's going through a divorce; and WEEI is embroiled in a behind-the-scenes over Greg Hill's unwillingness to quarantine after an alleged exposure to COVID-19 (0:04:00). MA Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley wants to cancel mortgages, rent and debt; Kirk wants to know how that would work (0:17:30). A controversial Boston activist comes out against interracial relations (1:02:00). ESPN's Sage Steele says she was excluded from an ESPN production because colleagues said she wasn't "black enough."
Jul 22, 2020
Old Man Kirk
Boston's public radio station WGBH has some questions to answer after the Kirk Minihane Show uncovers documents showing that they're not as diverse as they'd like other companies to be. The Sports Hub's Fred Toucher had a rough morning. Kirk talked privately with Barstool Kate yesterday and she addressed the conflict on her Sirius XM Radio show (0:16:00). Barstool's Robbie Fox joins the show to defend his friends in the NYC office (0:34:40). Tucker Carlson has accused the New York Times of putting his family in jeopardy at the same time a former Fox News contributor is leveling accusations against three Fox personalities (1:21:20). President Trump, KB, Gary Callahan and more join by phone. (1:38:30).
Jul 21, 2020
Road Kill
An old enemy has returned to impose his petty political agenda on Barstool Sports. The Minifans investigation into #PissGate comes up dry (0:30:00). Matt Fuller speaks (0:42:30)! Kirk was traumatized over the weekend in a road kill incident (0:54:00). Kirk responds to Barstool Kate's tweets early this morning suggesting she's the victim of weeks-long Minifan trolling across multiple social media platforms (1:06:00). Steve admits that he's been keeping a diary for the last 12 years.
Jul 20, 2020
Lap Dog
Fresh off the debut of his hit new Youtube show about a 40-year-old sitcom, Blind Mike has the state police called on him for a second time this week. Intern Justin comes up big with some behind the scenes footage. Dave Portnoy told his employees to quit if they think he's racist and now Trill Withers, cohost of the Mickstape podcast, has quit (0:30:00). Kirk responds to his old sidekick Gerry Callahan's harsh words about the Minifans (0:43:00). Boston Globe columnist Shirley Leung says the most important qualification for judge appointments is skin color (1:13:00). Steve is concerned about ANTIFA terrorist attacks in Saco.
Jul 17, 2020
Bottled Up
Kevin F. Clancy remains obsessed with Kirk Minihane and this obsession once again bleeds over into a taping of Barstool Sports rundown. Clancy attempts to understand Minihane's arguments over cancel culture and free speech but comes up hilariously short. The OG Minifans take us behind the scenes of their failed attempt to spy on Blind Mike's first meeting with his girlfriend's parents (0:46:00). The a new war between Minifans is getting nastier than ever. Mike's Cheers podcast is set to debut tonight. Kirk makes a stunning discover about a secret his producer has been keeping for months.
Jul 16, 2020
Yesterday's excellent parody song prompts Kirk to ask: What other great songs could Steve be holding back? Kirk provides a little lesson in how not to do morning radio with help from his friends at that radio station in Boston that's not the Sports Hub and that is owned by Entercom (0:15:00). Bari Weiss, the former opinion editor at the New York Times, resigned yesterday with an accusation that the NYT is rife with close-minded anti-Semites (0:43:40). Barstool Sports' Ellie Schnitt has weighed in on Dave Portnoy's situation and cancel culture at large, and the conversation is intellectually stimulating (1:06:00). Schnitt's grasp of cancel culture, however, proves superior to Kevin Clancy's (1:35:00).
Jul 15, 2020
Jon & Mike's Big Adventure
Blind Mike and Top Minifan Jon Fetherston got the cops called on them this morning as they staked out the Entercom headquarters of WEEI. Dale Arnold's legendary ghost hunting is immortalized in song with a hit new parody song (0:45:00). Jemele Hill shares a wild take on her own "Hitler moment" and DeSean Jackson's (0:56:00). Red Sox Ambassador David Ortiz has joined the who's who of celebrities on Cameo, where birthday wishes from Big Papi can be purchased for just $750 (1:09:30). President Donald J. Trump hops of the phone line to offer his review of Mike's upcoming YouTube show about Cheers (1:28:30).
Jul 14, 2020
Communist China Runs Concentration Camps, But #FreeWoj
Blind Mike survived the first dinner with his soon-to-be Albanian in-laws, but Kirk's not happy with how he's treating his lady. Kate, one of our colleagues at Barstool Sports, on Friday published one the most inane commentaries on the fight between U.S. Sen. Josh Hawley and NBA Commissioner Adam Silver (0:46:30). Kirk reacts in real time as his former producer from the WEEI/Entercom days talks up a raft of shit (1:37:20).
Jul 13, 2020
Dale Arnold: Ghost Hunter
The drama at Barstool Sports continues. Kirk reacts to an episode of Mickstape featuring KFC and Big Cat. Greg Hill spikes the football over his supposed ratings win with the AARP crowd, but what about the 18-35 demo? An Entercom producer weighs in. Dale Arnold explains his very real experiences with ghosts, spectres, demons, and all things paranormal (0:51:00).
Jul 10, 2020
Kirk Minihane eulogizes the once-glorious Boston sports radio station, WEEI. Cause of death? Pussy cancer. MSNBC has given Joy Ann Reid her own nighttime show despite her history of writing homophobic screeds -- and lying about having written them (0:59:00). Shannon Sharpe picks an odd hill to die on with his moving defense of not just DeSean Jackson, but Minister Farrakhan (01:09:20). Blind Mike is planning a hit new program for the Kirk Minihane Network.
Jul 09, 2020
Dave Portnoy Is Not Racist
Blind Mike interviewed a social media guy at Barstool who has been critical of Dave Portnoy, Kirk Minihane, and Barstool Sports -- and Kirk is infuriated with the results. The guys break down Portnoy's segment yesterday on Barstool Radio with the Chicago crew (0:21:00). The AP story about racism and sexual abuse in the Red Sox clubhouse got about as much publicity as you would expect (0:46:30). The campaign against Facebook has yet to damage the company's stock price (0:48:14). Alleged sex criminal and Jeff Epstein pal Ghislaine Maxwell is in federal custody and on every suicide watch list imaginable, but will she make it to trial? We have our doubts. (1:08:33). Kirk address Wilbur show disquiet amongst the Minifans (2:14:30).
Jul 08, 2020
Clam Spittin
Kirk starts the show with a searing migraine, which might help explain why he heaps praise on one Mr. John Feitelberg. Tom Brady secured loans for his snake-oil company under the federal coronavirus relief program (0:19:00). The Associated Press has resurfaced allegations of racism and sexual misconduct at John Henry's Boston Red Sox (0:33:33). The Eagles' DeSean Jackson proves yet again that #KirkWasRight: Every three-four months some public figure says something stupid about Hitler (0:45:25). Steve from Providence reveals the childhood trauma that shaped him into the man he is today (1:08:00). Old audio of Kirk surfaces revealing just how problematic his speech impediment has been over the years (1:35:48).
Jul 07, 2020
Minihane Returns From Vacation
The Kirk Minihane Show is back, ready and rested, after a two week vacation that packed a months worth of news cycles. Kirk takes on the cancel culture controversy embroiling Barstool Sports, Dave Portnoy's reaction, Willie Colon's treatment on the 2Biggs podcast, and more. Kirk is irritated he had to side with Jared Carrabis in a debate over fat-shaming (1:04:00). Ghislaine Maxwell's arrest in New Hampshire has more than a few powerful people nervous, including a former guest on Kirk's old podcast (1:16:50). Boston radio hosts take heat over their reaction to Cam Newton signing with the New England Patriots. (1:31:55). Kirk and Steve debate the right to be forgotten.
Jul 06, 2020
Kirk Minihane is on a cancellation spree and everything must go until we're in a world with shitty, mundane entertainment. Kirk addresses the attacks on Barstool Sports and Barstool's response. Coronavirus is starting to return with a vengeance and no one wants to talk about those huge protests a few weeks ago. Things aren't looking good for President Trump's re-election effort. Steve went to Maine and makes the case for the best sandwich shop in the state. Kirk memorializes the late Carl Reiner. The Kirk Minihane Show returns to our Watertown studios in less than one week.
Jul 01, 2020
An Update From Kirk Minihane
After a wild Friday, and with his future at Barstool Sports in doubt, Kirk Minihane takes a break from his vacation to explain to the Minifans what's happening.
Jun 22, 2020
(This is version of the June 19, 2020 Kirk Minihane Show edited per request of Barstool Sports. For an explanation, please listen to the June 22, 2020 episode or visit The Washington Post published an insane story about a woman who attended a Halloween party two years ago in blackface; all involved in the story are awful human beings (0:27:00). Social media has been inundated with viral videos that have people outraged, but no one knows what's true (0:54:20). Mike and Steve struggle but ultimately succeed in finding Kirk a mystery guest (1:15:30).
Jun 19, 2020
The treachery of Kmarko has metastasized into a new lunatic's campaign to destroy and undermine the Kirk Minihane Show. Kirk's seen this movie before, and he's not about to let it happen again. It's time for Barstool Sports to pick a side.
Jun 18, 2020
On the one year anniversary of his start at Barstool Sports, one thing is clear: Kirk was right. He was right about Mayor Joe Curtatone, he was right about Benjamin Allbright, he was right about the Wilbur Theater, he was right about Entercom, he was right about Madawaska, he was right about Kmarko, he was right about... well, everything. The crew reflects on one wacky year in show business, dissects an awful segment of monologue radio on WEEI, and prepares for yet another controversial segment on Sirius XM - Power 85. Go to for more information. #EdgyKevin
Jun 17, 2020
The Skepticism Brigade
As more information comes to light about the various organizations the famous people have been asking us to donate to, it's looking more and more like Kirk was right to ask questions about his Barstool colleagues who joined in on the thoughtless virtue signaling. Blind Mike has discovered the idea of a plainclothes cop (0:13:30). Howard Stern responded to widespread criticism of his old show bits, but in a very bizarre way (0:31:30). KFC is once again having mental breakdowns live on the radio thanks to the Minifans (1:12:00). ESPN's Elle Duncan finds a safe little landing spot on WEEI's worst show.
Jun 16, 2020
Howard Stern Lies
Kirk Minihane answers the demands of the Minifans by adding another Saco show to his summer drive-in theater tour. Details at Howard Stern said on The View that he's never used the n-word on the radio; we found dozens and dozens of examples of him using the n-word on radio (0:14:00). A pair of Barstool wannabes tried to make their big break into podcasting by analyzing the Minihane-Kmarko fight and somehow managed to get every single detail wrong (1:03:00). A former NESN sports broadcaster says she fled Boston because of the racism, but she used to say it was all part of her rise to ESPN (1:32:20).
Jun 15, 2020
I Don't See It: The Blind Mike Story
Major Show Announcement: Steve Robinson has, for the very first time, been commissioned to write a book. His topic? The Life and Legacy of B. Michael Geary, available everywhere books are sold by Christmas. Barstool CEO Erika Nardini publicly addressed the war between Kirk Minihane and Kmarko on her podcast, Token CEO, bringing a little closure to the fiery dispute between the blog editor and one of Barstool Stool's biggest podcasters (0:58:03). Barstool Nate, a good friend of Simple Keith, joins the show to defend his friend immediately after getting dressed down on Twitter by Dave Portnoy (0:17:30). It's safe to say, Kirk is a goose... Meantime, a major show announcement is expected next week, and if you want to be the first to find out, sign up for the KMS Mailing list: KIRKMINIHANESHOW.COM.
Jun 12, 2020
Simple Keith
After learning some interesting things about Kmarko, Kirk Minihane now feels a little remorseful and has decided to help the big guy out. Kirk responds to Dave Portnoy, KFC, and Big Cat, who took to The Rundown last night to talk shit and flaunt their own ignorance of cancel culture (0:19:00). Following Torii Hunter's allegations that multiple children have called him racial slurs at Fenway, the Red Sox are in full pander mode -- and this includes the radio propaganda arm of the organization, WEEI. Kirk reacts to the Red Sox's statement from last night and Hunter's interview on WEEI from earlier in the week (0:31:38). Then, Red Sox President Sam Kennedy actually answers a call from the show and agrees to an on the record interview, in which he states that the Red Sox have not been able to find any records supporting Hunter's claim about the incident with the children (1:04:30).
Jun 11, 2020
Kirk Minihane has done what no political leader or Hollywood celebrity has accomplished in the last three decades. A tense, weary, polarized, fractured and disillusioned nation has been united like never before around a singular noble cause: #FireKmarko. Let it echo from sea to shining sea, from New York to L.A., from Madawaska to Panora -- #FireKmarko. In today's show, Kirk elaborates on the treachery of Kmarko's decision to collaborate with a known enemy of Barstool to hurt a Barstool brand. Kmarko's acts of infamy dominate The Rundown, providing Dave Portnoy, KFC, and Big Cat an opportunity to embarrass themselves by proving they have no idea what cancel culture is. Friend of Kmarko Ellie Schnitt says Kirk is "on the wrong side of history" and levels baseless charges of racism against him (0:29:39). Portnoy joins the show (0:40:14). Big Cat joins the show (0:50:34). KFC joins the show (0:56:30). #FireKmarko #FireKmarko #FireKmarko #FireKmarko You can donate to the #FireKmarko fund here:
Jun 10, 2020
Kmarko Delenda Est
After a poorly written smear piece on Kirk Minihane appears on the Barstool Sports blog, Kirk questions how it happened and why. All answers lead to Barstool Editor-in-Chief Keith Markovich, a.k.a. Kmarko, who for some inexplicable reason hates the Kirk Minihane Show and wants to cause us harm. Kirk goes through the sophomoric attempt to produce a coherent argument on today's show and talks about his subsequent phone calls with Kmarko and Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy. The entire show is crystallized by the Steve's A Liar guy's beautiful song writing.
Jun 09, 2020
Blind Mike went to a birthday party on Saturday and Kirk is disgusted. The country continues to convulse following the killing of George Floyd and widespread civil unrest. MA Gov. Charlie Baker has allowed us to enter "Phase 2" of his idiotic re-opening scheme. Newspaper editors are dropping like flies as left-wing agitators revolt against diversity of thought in the op-ed pages. Kirk tells two fantastic stories -- one from his childhood and one as an adult -- that show what a pain in the ass he was as a kid. God bless Patricia Minihane... (1:05:00). Kirk responds to Torii Hunter's claim that Boston children have called him racial slurs (2:00:00). J.K. Rowling dives headlong into the culture wars.
Jun 08, 2020
Bye Bye Law & Order
As the country continues to grapple with issues of race, privilege, policing, justice, and inequality, new voices are emerging with various solutions -- some more helpful than others. In the Washington Post, a columnist proposes that we eliminate all movies and TV shows featuring cops, while others urge the defunding of police departments. Meanwhile, controversy at the New York Times over an oped from Sen. Tom Cotton and calls for censorship. Robert Littal, the founder and editor of Black Sports Online, joins the show again to talk about Drew Brees and his comments regarding the America flag as well as the police killing of George Floyd (1:00:40). President Trump says some insane shit at a jobs press conference, so Kirk brings in notable right-wing apologist S.E Robinson to explain it away (1:32:40).
Jun 05, 2020
The Gina Show
The Kirk Minihane Show announces a new live show coming on July 25 in Saco, ME. Visit for more information and to purchase tickets. Minihane responds to the media panic over New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees saying he doesn't like it when the American flag is disrespected (0:13:40). Ellie Schnitt, the host of Barstool's podcast Schnitt Talk, fought back against Minihane's criticism of her comments on recent protests, rioting, and looting (0:24:10). Happily, the affray introduces us to Gina -- the protest tutor you will come to love.
Jun 04, 2020
against the wind; against the wall; against the sky
Outside agitators have conspired to ruin Blind Mike's trip to Florida with Latino Kirk and Intern Will, and Kirk ain't happy about it. Social media has descended into a chaotic mess of fake news, virtue signaling, and tribalism following the killing of George Floyd and massive civil unrest (0:47:40). The new Deadspin takes an idiotic swipe at Tiger Woods (0:59:20). Widespread pleas to donate to various organizations raise questions about where the money is going and why (1:13:10). A snarky tweet from AOC triggers Kirk (1:18:32).
Jun 03, 2020
Mike's Vacation
Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy joins the show to express his dismay with Kirk Minihane over yesterday's episode. The crew reacts to the peaceful-protest-turned-riot last night in Boston and elsewhere across the country (0:33:40). MA Gov. Charlie Baker and Boston Mayor Marty Walsh are, as always, uninspiring. Kirk learns that Intern Will and Latino Kirk are planning another big adventure; so begins another exciting chapter in the life of Blind Mike.
Jun 02, 2020
Maineward Bound
Kirk Minihane goes live from the studio to download on the George Floyd killing, the peaceful protests, the violent riots, and the corrupt media and politicians. Barstool personalities invite us to help looters pay bail and share antiracist reading lists. Mike Francesa thinks he's finally sniffed out a prank caller. The new Jeffrey Epstein documentary on Netflix is a great watch, but there's a few glaring omissions (0:49:24). The protests come to Boston as the boys are taping (1:07:00). Kirk and Steve decide they're moving the show to Maine, but will Mike come along for the ride?
Jun 01, 2020
The GearHeads Go to War
Shocking footage of a so-called "comfort zone" in downtown Boston (brought to you exclusively by the Kirk Minihane Show) reveals the sordid conditions that political leaders in Massachusetts have created for the most vulnerable members of society. Will any one ask Gov. Charlie Baker and Mayor Marty Walsh how this fits with their coronavirus strategies? Blind Mike has led the Gearheads to war against radio host Thom Hartmann, an old rival of S.E. Robinson (0:29:00). A new shake up in the wacky world of Boston radio doesn't inspire (0:59:00). Saturday night is trivia night and Minihane will be pitted against a Minifan who kind of looks like Matt Damon from Team America.
May 29, 2020
Mike's Denial
A comedian Blind Mike interviewed dumped all over him on another show, but Mike is in denial. Former Vice President Joe Biden sharted during a news interview -- the evidence is incontrovertible (0:20:00). The Jeffrey Katzenberg / Meg Whitman content project -- Quibi -- is a billion dollar experiment in offering shitty content (0:39:30). MA Gov. Charlie Baker is squirming as more questions are asked about his failures to protect veterans in care facilities susceptible to coronavirus (1:01:00). Exclusive Minifan footage from a so-called "Comfort Center" in downtown Boston shows vividly that Boston Mayor Marty Walsh's anti-pandemic policies are failing those experiencing homelessness. Minihane addresses last night's Minifan drama.
May 28, 2020
Sans Internet
On the final show before debuting on the Barstool Radio SiriusXM network, the men find themselves without Internet but with plenty to talk about. Mass. Lt. Gov. Karyn Polito embarrasses herself with a lie-strewn explanation of the Memorial Weekend party she attended over the weekend; meantime Gov. Charlie Baker has his hands full with a major coronavirus scandal (0:17:21). President Trump's tweets about MSNBC host Joe Scarborough have led to pleas for Twitter to ban the Commander in Chief from the social media platform (0:33:42). Activist Shaun King's latest media foray hasn't turned out well. Jimmy Fallon apologizes for performing in black face for SNL many years ago. Mike Francesa's wildly unsuccessful online only show is no more (0:45:45). Kirk addresses the latest viral controversy from New York, a.k.a. KarenGate.
May 27, 2020
Minihane to SiriusXM
The Kirk Minihane Show is coming to Barstool Sports' Sirius XM channel one day per week starting Wednesday at 11am EST. The First Annual Dave Portnoy Memorial 5k was a thrilling success with zero fatalities and huge sport from Erika Nardini, Big Cat, and even Tucker Carlson. Kirk actually enjoyed 'Champions for Charity', the golf event featuring Tiger Woods, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, and Phil Mickelson (0:28:30). Larry King inked a $5 million podcasting deal, but we don't buy it. Kirk reacts to Call Her Daddy host Alexandra Cooper telling her side of the story. Joe Biden says black people who don't vote for him aren't actually black. MA Lt. Gov. Karyn Polito reportedly had a Memorial Day weekend party despite being a member of the Lock It Down gang. New evidence has emerged in SnapperGate (0:48:38).
May 26, 2020
The final show before the Dave Portnoy Memorial 5k on Saturday, May 23. (If you're not running, you can watch the broadcast live on the Kirk Minihane Show Youtube channel and the KMS Twitter feed.) In a loose Thursday night show, the crew talks pizza and Ben Volin's shitty attempt at journalism. Blind Mike bombs an interview with a comedian who totally wasn't big-timing him -- a contribution to the show only outdone by a strange 40-second audio clip submitted by DEC. Callers inform, annoy, and amuse.
May 22, 2020
Donald Trump, Jr., Barstool Big Cat, and Mike Francesa
Sirius host Howard Stern has declared war on President Trump and his supporters, including his son Donald Trump, Jr. Don joins the show to talk about Stern, former Vice President Joe Biden, and Dave Portnoy's investment in Chinese companies (0:57:00). "Mike Francesa" calls in to preview the New York Giants upcoming schedule, but oddly never mentions the radio host's dismissal of sexual assault allegations made by two NFL players (1:45:40). Big Cat drops by for some reading recommendations and a little Peter Nelson talk (2:04:10).
May 21, 2020
Amber Alert
The Call Her Daddy situation has escalated with a co-host posting a bizarre Instagram video. Peter Nelson's douchiness soars to yet greater heights. Matt Lauer has emerged from hiding to pile on Ronan Farrow after New York Times columnist Ben Smith started asking questions about his journalism. New England's favorite stand up comedian has done it again (0:43:55). Tom Brady is hocking "immunity" supplements, but he's totally not taking advantage of the pandemic to make a buck for Alex Guerrero. Speaking of which: The Kirk Minihane Show is excited to announce our new line of products that will cure coronavirus and bestow immortality (0:58:12). Kevin Cullen's "hair cut" column in the Boston Globe now carries an editor's note, but not the one it deserves (1:13:00). A young caller has escaped from DEC basement.
May 20, 2020
Peter Nelson Is a Douche
Erika Nardini and Dave Portnoy both dropped podcasts sharing their side of the Call Her Daddy dispute and one thing is clear: Peter Nelson is a gigantic douche -- the douchiest douche to ever douche. Kirk had a phone call with Boston Globe managing director Linda Pizzuti about the latest suspect Kevin Cullen column (0:26:00). The much-ballyhooed final episodes of The Last Dance did not live up to the hype (0:48:28). Ben Smith's New York Times column questioning the work of #MeToo journalist Ronan Farrow was unsatisfying, but still raised serious questions about Farrow's sloppiness (1:06:48). Kenny Bania really wants you to follow him on Twitter.
May 19, 2020
Blind Mike's 5k test-run with Brittle Bones Ted raises questions about his weight. Kirk is ready to put some of the Youtube shows on the chopping block. The Call Her Daddy girls are feuding, according to the NY Post. MA Gov. Charlie Baker is set to make an announcement today about the future of business in the Commonwealth. New England's least funny stand-up comedian takes on quarantine life (0:42:00). The callers join in the Mike fat-shaming -- some better than others. (You've still got time to sign up for the Dave Portnoy Memorial 5k on Saturday:
May 18, 2020
Where Are The Pols' Paycuts?
As the country struggles on through coronavirus and economic depression, Kirk asks whether MA Gov. Charlie Baker and Boston Mayor Marty Walsh have taken pay cuts? Have any government employees seen reduced salaries or furloughs while the rest of America suffers? Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy is the tribune of the working people, but Minifans will always remember that Kirk was predicting his political career well before Elon Musk. Joe Buck backtracks his comments about how the NFL will handle the coming season, Joe Biden senility is on display again, and Kirk responds to negativity from Minifans.
May 15, 2020
For Haters Only
Kirk Minihane addresses those who hate the show, who complain all day on social media, and who question even acts of charity.
May 14, 2020
Billionaires' Paws Are Out
The billionaires and multimillionaires who collectively own the Red Sox minor league baseball team have applied for and received bailout money from the federal government, a.k.a. the taxpayers. Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy joins the show to talk about his stock market prowess, Blind Mike's predicament, Call Her Daddy, coronavirus, and the Dave Portnoy Memorial 5k (0:30:50). NBC's Chuck Todd offered up an apology for playing misleading footage during Meet the Press (1:02:00). The phone lines light up with D-List celebrity after D-List celebrity.
May 13, 2020
Mindependence Day
It's Mindependence Day -- the anniversary of the beginning of the journey that led Kirk Minihane from his own personal hell at Entercom to Barstool Sports. The Minifan fundraising effort for the Manock family is well underway and now Kirk is joining Cameo. Massachusetts is poised to enter Phase One of the return to normalcy -- whatever the fuck that means (0:37:50). President Trump is under fire once again for clashing with reporters during his daily coronavirus briefing (0:46:00). The Texas salon owner who became a conservative hero after reopening in the face of government restrictions answered some tough questions on The View (1:02:38).
May 12, 2020
Sleepy Eyes
The Minifans are rallying to help a Minifan in need. For more information on how you can help, follow @kirkminshow on Twitter. Today, Kirk reacts to deceptively edited video of Attorney General William Barr shown on Chuck Todd's NBC show (0:18:40). The crew sorts through the latest Minifan drama, including a bloody three-on-one assault from Friday night (0:32:10). Tara Reade's interview with Megyn Kelly didn't cause the splash some had hoped for; WGBH's Greater Boston show typifies the reaction from the mainstream press (0:57:50). Jerry Stiller has passed away following unconfirmed reports that he was seen dining this weekend at Mamma Mia's (1:14:15).
May 11, 2020
Victory Over Mariah Day
The Internet, clearly and unambiguously, has declared Kirk Minihane more popular and talented than Mariah Carey; he was won a striking victory in the Lambily-Minifan War of 2020. Kirk reacts to Megyn Kelly's new interview with Tara Reade, the woman who has accused former Vice President Joe Biden of sexually assaulting her in 1993 (0:24:24). Claims of censorship roil the Kirk Minihane Show Youtube as we debate whether any of the shows should be placed on the chopping block (0:36:00). Nathan, a member of Mariah's Lambily, joins the show to defend her honor (0:54:00). Big Cat, following his help in the war, joins the show to talk about football and conspiracy theories (1:06:44).
May 08, 2020
The Lambily Goes to War
The Minifans are locked in a heated and vitriolic war with the Lambily. What is the Lambily? Why are we at war? Those questions will likely haunt Matt Carano until he has dinner at Mamma Mia's. Disgraced actor Kevin Spacey is likening his plight to that of the tens of millions of low-income workers who are now jobless and desperate across the planet thanks to the coronavirus pandemic (0:34:00). Kirk reacts to the some KMS Youtube shit-stirrers -- the good, the bad, and the ugly (0:42:00). A shooting in Georgia raises questions about race and justice in America (1:24:30). A stellar day on the phone lines featuring crying Blind Mike, Blind Mike's MeeMaw, the owner of Mama Geary's Fuck Shack, and Blind Mike's Dad.
May 07, 2020
Mama Mia!
Kirk is officially done with the coronavirus lockdown. He gives the American people an A- for the effort, but it's time to reopen restaurants, movie theaters, and golf courses. Kirk reacts to his forthcoming appearance on the KMS Youtube page with DJK and the rising star's new feud with Latino Kirk (0:18:10). Ruth Bader Ginsburg has, sadly, been hospitalized (0:40:30). The KMS crew stumbles onto a bizarre and troubling pattern of death and misery associated from a local pizza chain.
May 06, 2020
Release the Murder Hornets
Kirk is sick and fucking tired of The Last Dance, the ESPN "documentary" about Michael Jordan... produced by Michael Jordan. The crew reacts to Barstool Sports EIC Kmarko's clash with the Barstool Chicago office yesterday on Sirius Radio (0:19:00). A Boston Globe columnist wishes violence upon peaceful protesters at the State House in Boston yesterday (0:24:59). A Boston Magazine reporter got tricked into printing some fake news by a dastardly Minifan (0:39:00). Kirk establishes the Mount Rushmore of Minifans (1:15:00). Star-studded day on the phone lines.
May 05, 2020
Kirk Minihane Is Going to War With Apple
The coronavirus plague lingers on, but the lockdown has now ended for all intents and purposes, as people across the country have slipped outside to enjoy the warm weather. Kirk isn't pleased with the public health efforts of Gov. Charlie Baker and Boston Mayor Marty Walsh. The Dave Portnoy Memorial 5k is only days away, and Steve is lining up an all-star team for the broadcast (0:26:00). After a dirtbag activist targets Minihane's family, he's decided to make war against Apple. (0:36:15) Sign up now for the 5k at
May 04, 2020
Funky Cold Medina
Kirk basks in the glory of having birthed the greatest podcast episode in the history of man. Will movie theaters as we know them survive the coronavirus epidemic? (0:24:40) The parody song writing is picking back up (0:56:40). A WEEI host melts down during a sponsored IG post thanks to the Minifans (1:08:41). Presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden finally speaks publicly about the sexual assault allegations leveled against him by Tara Reade, a former staffer. John Dennis makes his first appearance on the show. (You can follow him on Twitter @DinoDennis6)
May 01, 2020
Season 4, Episode 18: IRA sniper Connie McGinty has been released from prison and he's got murder on his mind. Cullen's back home in western Massachusetts to honor retiring columnist Irving Thomaston when he learns something about his old mentor that changes everything he thought he knew about the newspaper business. Meantime, he and his assistant Eddie are about to blow the lid off the biggest political scandal Boston's ever seen.
Apr 30, 2020
It's happened again: The Minifans have become complacent. But Podcast Jesus always holds out the potential for human redemption. Steve didn't fire intern Nick, and Kirk suspects it has something to do with his boyish good looks (0:33:30). Kirk's old radio network is growing more desperate than ever in the sportless coronavirus era. Exhibit A is yesterday's "mystery guest" on OMF (0:53:00). President Trump, NYC Mayor DeBlasio, and Moss Dudley all join the show by phone (1:32:25).
Apr 29, 2020
The Fuzz
Two police officers paid Kirk Minihane a visit at his home yesterday, and he blames an intern. The fallout over Pats kicker Justin Rohrwasser's tattoo continues (0:22:57). Chad Finn of the Boston Globe smears Barstool Sports and refuses to come on the show (0:40:12). ESPN's Sarah Spain famously complained about some nasty tweets she received, but she's decidedly less concerned with Dennis Rodman's treatment of women (0:57:00). New witnesses have come forward to corroborate the allegations of sexual assault leveled against presidential candidate Joe Biden by Tara Reade. An all-star day from the callers, featuring Greg and Pamela Smart, Kim Jong Un, and several members of the KMS crew's families.
Apr 28, 2020
The New England Patriots drafted kicker Justin Rohrwasser -- an otherwise inconsequential event until the Boston media discovered the Marshall University graduate has a tattoo associated with the Three Percenters. Black Sports Online Editor-in-Chief Robert Littal joins the show to defend the media reaction to Rohrwasser's ink and his apparent sympathies with right-wing causes (0:30:50). President Trump is growing restless in the White house during the coronavirus lockdown, as evidenced by a series of Sunday night tweets about the Noble Prize (0:52:55). Kirk's tour of the Youtube channel is complete, and he's got some reflections. But the one inescapable conclusion we've reached is that KMS Youtube phenom Aleister Black needs to be an intern. We open the phone lines on a Sunday evening.
Apr 27, 2020
Minifans (TM)
A bad day for Entercom and Mike Francesa as they are brought to their knees by an anonymous Twitter account after trying to play hardball (0:10:37). President Trump is taking heat for brainstorming out loud about the anti-viral properties of Lysol injections. Deadspin writer DeArbea Walker joins the show to talk about what would have happened if a black man, and not just Tom Brady, had stumbled into the wrong house in Florida (0:53:20). Blind Mike cracks an epic Home Alone joke only to be outdone by a caller's wisecrack about mass murder. (Don't forget to sign up for the Dave Portnoy Memorial 5k at
Apr 24, 2020
Kirk Needs an Alibi
Kirk was assaulted on his morning run. That's his story and he's sticking to it... The Warden of the North has found new audio from S.E. Robinson's old battles with Thom Hartmann (0:31:40). The MLB investigation into the Red Sox cheating scandal has, predictably, thrown some unknown underling under the bus, while exonerating Alex Cora and the front office. There are plenty of questions worth asking, but you won't get that from the Boston media. (0:45:10). NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Boston Mayor Marty Walsh both find ways to sound like buffoons in the middle of the coronavirus crisis. Erika K. Nardini joins the show for a heated fight with Kirk.
Apr 23, 2020
The Private Line
Boston sports media are upset that Rob Gronkowski, a guy who was never going to play another down of football for the New England Patriots, is now headed to Tampa Bay to play with Tom Brady. A new Youtube show is ruffling some feathers in the Minifan community. ESPN's Mina Kimes and Katie Nolan area struggling to work from home (0:38:10). Boston Mayor Marty Walsh proves he can read (0:43:40). The Predator Poachers catch another deviant (0:59:00). We analyze another excellent column from the Boston Globe's Shirley Leung and Steve's private call-in line for the OG Minifans is exposed.
Apr 22, 2020
Going Backwards
The May 4th deadline to reopen schools in Massachusetts is looking less and less plausible as Kirk comes to grips with a quarantined life that may linger on into the fall. We open the phone lines to start the show before digging into the headlines: CNN's Chris Cuomo has emerged from his basement in a staged coronavirus recovery video, but did he even have the virus?; North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is reportedly ill, but that might be fake news; President Trump has halted all immigration in to the U.S., but is it too late? (1:05:05) A Boston Public Radio segment on poetry spawns a brawl between Kirk, who condemns all poetry, and Steve, who defends poetry without being able to cite any poetry he actually likes (1:39:49). The Massachusetts Predatory Poachers have ensnared some high profile citizens of the Commonwealth, but Blind Mike isn't sure he likes their tactics (02:08:36).
Apr 21, 2020
The Four Twenty Show
ESPN's "The Last Dance" - a documentary about the Bulls and Michael Jordan, has everyone on the Internet raving, but Kirk's not overly impressed (0:11:40). NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio is turning New York City into a city of snitches (0:23:50). Blind Mike finally scored his interview with Shane Gillis. A superfan lost his mind on Friday (0:49:40). The coronavirus quarantine is wearing us all down, but how long cant the shutdown last? Joe Rogan angers the whole internet by bragging about having taken several coronavirus tests. Kirk's tour of the KMS Youtube channel continues. Don't forget to sign up for the Dave Portnoy Memorial 5k on May 23:
Apr 20, 2020
Bye Bye Blind Mike
Kirk Minihane is enraged to discover that someone in his operation posted a promotion for an Entercom show on KMS social media property. We investigate who in the KMS world is playing digital footsies with mortal enemies. Speaking of Entercom, the vaunted Digital Sports Network has become yet another casualty of the coronavirus economy. Did the Boston Globe's Shirley Leung use the newspaper she works for as a tool in her NIMBY fight? (0:42:30) We open to the phone lines to talk with Shirley the Magnificent and Ted, the gentleman whom Mike will be pushing around for the Dave Portnoy Memorial 5k (Sign up here: Fireworks near the end of the show as Blind Mike walks out, leaving Steve and Kirk to pick up the pieces.
Apr 17, 2020
Kevin Cullen Day
Today marks the anniversary of Kevin Cullen's downfall. Kirk Minihane revisits the time he exposed the Boston Globe columnist as a serial plagiarist who, on multiple occasions, led his readers and viewers to believe that he was present at the Boston Marathon bombing carried out by the Tsarnaev Brothers (0:34:00). Dan from Brooklyn joins the show to tell us how he's holding up during the quarantine. He agrees that he will participate in the Dave Portnoy Memorial 5k, which you can sign up for at (1:49:00). Matt from Providence exposes Steve's hatred for Canada geese, the callers wonder why Kirk takes it easy on Blind Mike, and Michael Buble is under fire.
Apr 16, 2020
Backwards Hat Day
The Dave Portnoy Memorial 5k is open! Go to right now to sign up and get your t-shirt. The more Minifans who sign up, the better the prizes get. Kirk's favorite Canadian music podcaster is ready to join the world (0:43:30). Turns out two of Kirk's enemies have something else in common, which leads us to the location of a potential live show (0:48:30). We remember the Boston Marathon Bombing as Kirk prepares to revisit his campaign to expose the shameful lies of Boston Globe columnist Kevin Cullen. The movies of Denzel Washington plus phone calls from Steve and Kirk's doggos.
Apr 15, 2020
Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love
Kirk Minihane is pissed about the tribal warfare taking place in the Miniverse and he's here to lay down the law. The Boston Globe followed up on its horrendous Pats mask story during MA Gov. Charlie Baker's coronavirus press conference (0:37:26). Also in the Globe: Joan Vennochi has an amazing column defending former Vice President Joe Biden against the accusation that he sexually assaulted a young staffer in 1993 (0:57:20). And continuing on that theme: The former Obama staffers who host Crooked Media's Pod Save America give Tara Reade's story their own unique treatment (1:11:40). Barstool Sports has put out the call for unique talents and Kirk is answering with Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.
Apr 14, 2020
A Lesson in Modern American Journalism
New England Patriots owner Bob Kraft generously lent his private aircraft to help deliver 1 million masks from China to Boston, and John Henry just couldn't handle the good PR. Enter Dugan Arnett with his front page story in today's Boston Globe (0:11:00). Also in terrible journalism: The New York Times finally got around to reviewing Tara Reade's accusations of sexual assault against former Vice President and current Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden (0:46:43). A staple of bad radio on the Kirk Minihane Show is moving on to the next stage of his career amidst controversy. Kane, host of The Kane Show, has exited his syndicated show, and his former colleagues are saying all kinds of wild things about NDAs.
Apr 13, 2020
Kirk looks to settle some family business between the warring clans of the Minifan World (0:10:00). A local radio station still hasn't figured out how to adjust canned radio bits to the coronavirus era (0:22:00). Saturday Night Live is coming out with a remotely produced episode tomorrow night (0:39:00). Kirk recaps his successful debut with the Lights, Camera, Pod crew at Barstool Sports. A star is born on the phone lines as Justin, whose girl friend is supposedly a porn star, befuddles and amuses (1:26:20). Suddenly, out of nowhere, one of the wildest arguments in the history of the Kirk Minihane Show carries us into Easter Weekend.
Apr 10, 2020
The Blessing of the Balls
Kirk's not exactly pleased with a certainly height-challenged Minifan who hosts a show on the Youtube channel, but that doesn't mean he's going to censor is crappy show. After listening to Howard Stern's full interview with Tom Brady, Kirk revises his initial review (0:27:00). Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has dropped out of the presidential race (but not before letting all his Wisconsin voters catch coronavirus while voting), meaning Joe Biden is the presumptive Democratic nominee (0:37:40). Steve offers a rare movie recommendation and this one might not be awful (0:51:40). Linda Tripp has passed away, Bill O'Reilly is still getting booked on radio shows, and Kirk blesses a young child's testicles. Plus: Some Wilbur show news.
Apr 09, 2020
The First Annual Kirk Minihane Dave Portnoy Memorial 5k
A new tradition is born! Kirk Minihane today announces the First Annual Kirk Minihane Dave Portnoy Memorial 5k, scheduled for May 23. All Minifans are invited to partake in a celebration of the life of El Pres. Former New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady joins former entertainer Howard Stern on Sirius XM for a thrilling interview about Derek Jeter, sports psychology and more (0:32:00). Kirk clears up some confusion regarding the Alyssa Milano talk from yesterday, and we take a listen to Milano's new podcast, Sorry Not Sorry (0:43:32). Comedian Tracy Morgan caught NBC's Today Show off guard with an interview yesterday morning (1:15:30). The canned radio bits have finally caught up to the coronavirus era (1:20:21).
Apr 08, 2020
Alyssa Milano is a Hypocrite; KFC is a Francesa Stan
Alyssa Milano, the de facto leader of the #MeToo Twitter brigade, has discovered due process now that her longtime friend Joe Biden has been credibly accused by Tara Reade of sexual assault. The actress went on Andy Cohen's Sirius XM show to defend her #MeToo inconsistencies. Kevin. F. Clancy joins the show to defend Mike Francesa in his battle against Fun House, the anonymous Twitter account that used to post videos of Mike farting and ripping President Trump (0:37:41). Speaking of the Commander-in-Chief, he was the first person to call into the show this morning (1:28:35).
Apr 07, 2020
Billionaire John Henry Tells U.K. Taxpayers to Pick Up Tab for Furloughed Workers
Kirk Minihane is officially done with coronavirus, quarantines and social distancing. Billionaire John Henry, owner of both the Red Sox and the Boston Globe, has laid off British employees for his soccer team, which means U.K. taxpayers will now be picking up the tab. What a guy. (0:28:40) Boston Mayor Marty Walsh defends his decision to impose a curfew on Boston residents in a very tough interview with WEEI's Greg Hill. (0:57:30). The callers weigh in on Soprano's, whether Blind Mike is good on the show, and The Hammer (1:18:29). Plus: Will sunning your asshole help prevent coronavirus?
Apr 06, 2020
You Hate to See It
Some of Kirk Minihane's long-standing enemies have fallen victim to the sour economy and are now jobless. But surely Kirk is too magnanimous of a man to take joy in the suffering of others? Mike Francesca is going to war with the parody Twitter account that has kept him relevant. (0:15:00). Jemele Hill is down on Robert Kraft for single-handedly delivering 1 million masks to healthcare workers in Massachusetts (0:37:00). A Globe columnist wants to shutdown the liquor stores (0:58:00). The callers weigh in on The Sopranos, Mike's performance on the show, and Steve's character. Plus, bloopers.
Apr 03, 2020
The Hammer
Kirk Minihane, Mikey B, & Simply Steve are taking you through the morning with the billboard's hottest hits. On today's show, Joseph and Elizabeth sort things out on an all new Time's Up, Mikey B. gets your gears turned with a hot chocolate controversy, and a brand new Bro Brain Buster. And of course, it's Thursday, so the boys do a little Shammer or Hammer before things get really lit with the Pizza Topping Draft.
Apr 02, 2020
Controversy has erupted on the Kirk Minihane Show Youtube channel. Steve Robinson made the unilateral decision to censor a conspiracy theory show, and Kirk ain't happy. Menners, the shortest and second most likable Minifan in Australia, engages in some censorship of his own when callers suggest he's not taking good care of his employees. Mike Francesa continues to make waves in the broader media, now with his comments about President Trump's response to coronavirus (0:49:00). The ghost of Ronald Reagan joins the show (1:11:28).
Apr 01, 2020
Minifans Conquer Coronavirus
Take that, Coronavirus! The Minifans have come together to produce a stirring rendition of We Are the World. Pandemic averted. A keyboard cowboy who was critical of Robbie Fox's Dane White interview blows us off. Dave Portnoy, KFC, and Big Cat cover Blind Mike's prank call on The Rundown (0:29:00). Former Vice President Joe Biden is the newest competitor in the podcasting space (0:37:40). Kirk opens up the phone lines and a few familiar names from NYC call into the show (1:24:20). The infamous Zonker breaks his silence on the Mincel Intel and Fitzy has another instant classic comedy sketch.
Mar 31, 2020
Blind Mike's Gag Order
Blind Mike's prank call to Mike Francesa's radio program backfires big time, bringing Dave Portnoy within inches of firing him; Kirk Minihane performs heroically and honorably throughout. Elsewhere in the sports radio world, other prank phone calls do not almost lead to someone getting fired amid a global pandemic (0:57:40). The callers weigh in on Mike's situation, Van Halen, Animal House and more. Joe Biden is starting a podcast, but has yet to respond to credible accusations of sexual assault leveled against him by a former employee.
Mar 30, 2020
Blue Balls
Kirk Minihane recaps an epic movie night with the Minifans, but not everyone has positive reviews of Bicentennial Man. Steve is sorry. Kirk provides an update on the status of the Wilbur Theater show (0:30:23). Ryan Minihane joins the show to talk about his brief hiphop phase (0:41:46). WGBH's Jim Braude reaches out to Steve in the middle of the show (0:56:26) and two old friends of the show get together for some radio magic. Kirk finishes off the weekend, almost, with phone calls from Minifans across the country. Plus: A special Coronavirus Era version of War of Roses.
Mar 27, 2020
Movie Night
Today's the big day: All the Minifans are coming together tonight at 8pm EST to watch Robin Williams in "Bicentennial Man". (Check out the KMS Youtube page if you're interested in following along.) As we hear story after story of generosity in the Coronavirus Era, Harvard College and Boston Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs have decided to layoff some employees (0:31:40). The mysterious character Zonker, who owns and has refused to sell it to Dave Portnoy, has struck up a curious new relationship with the Mincels (0:55:09). Callers from Florida to North Dakota weigh in on movies, music, and whether Kirk would have made a good Jeopardy contestant.
Mar 26, 2020
Breaking the Law
The coronavirus era lingers on and we're at the point where famous people are starting to contract it and die. The crew is all healthy -- so far. The Bicentennial Man watch party is tomorrow night at 8pm, and Kirk can barely contain his excitement (0:20:31). Sadly, attempts to reach director Chris Columbus have so far proved unsuccessful. Kirk doesn't feel too bad about never having seen one of Brandi Love's classic political movies (0:34:10). A Madawaska veteran somehow gets through on the phone lines for some frank conversation about coronavirus and autism (1:03:20). A few prank calls, including a special guest from WGBH (1:21:12).
Mar 25, 2020
We Are The World
Woody Allen has finally, after great controversy, found a publisher for his memoir, and the details are salacious. Former New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is pushing his TB12 products as immune system boosters during the coronavirus pandemic (0:18:13). Brandi Love joins the program to talk about how the porn industry is doing and even takes a few calls (0:53:31). Sports radio giant Mike Francesa is having some technical difficulties, but his analysis of the pandemic crisis is spot on (1:57:25). The crew lays down some tracks for a special KMS rendition of "We Are the World" -- a project that is sure to stop the virus in its tracks.
Mar 24, 2020
Essential Personnel
The final report on Viewgate is in and Kirk doesn't give a shit. Steve failed to get a dog this weekend, but that didn't stop the talented singer-sing writers in the audience from capturing the occasion in music (0:46:40). Rob Gronkowski made his WWE debut on Friday night and Kirk was not impressed. Kirk opens up the phone lines to the Minifans and is joined by none other than Jared Carrabis and Kevin F. Clancy (1:20:40). Near the end of the show, the crew learns that Mass. Gov. Charlie Baker has just announced a stay-at-home order, but it's not really a stay-at-home order, just a confusing new policy. Regardless, Kirk has decided that the podcast is an essential business.
Mar 23, 2020
Week one of the coronavirus pandemic is over, and the Kirk Minihane Show is still going strong. Sadly, Blind Mike's foray into the stock market hasn't been as profitable as the investments made by certain elected officials, leading Mike to wonder why insider trading is even illegal. Hmm (0:13:37). Kirk and Steve continue to disagree over the severity of the virus (0:22:57). The prank calls continue to pour in as more and more Minifans spread good, accurate information about surviving the plague. We open up the phone lines and get a surprise call from NYC (1:39:21).
Mar 20, 2020
Silent Orgasm
Theories abound as to how the Mincel Intel boys gathered so many Youtube views from foreign sources, but who's telling the truth? A 5'3" Australian guy has some suggestions... A WEEI producer is now contributing sad sack columns about Tom Brady to the Boston Globe (0:42:41). The coronavirus prank phone calls have really started rolling in (0:58:50). The open phone lines go a little bit better today, but the Minifans still haven't figured out how to call into a podcast taping (1:18:27). Gal Gadot and a cavalcade of stars are here to save us from the pandemic (1:35:02). Kirk thinks Steve is blowing this whole coronavirus thing way out of proportion (2:06:30).
Mar 19, 2020
Russian Collusion
The investigation has begun into who in the Minifan world conspired with foreign entities to fraudulently boost the Youtube views for Mincel Intel. Everyone is a suspect. Kirk has decided to appoint a special investigator (0:41:00). The Corona Era prank calling has begun, but so far Mike and Steve are carrying all the weight (0:55:38). The phone lines open yet again for listener calls and Men at Ten (1:30:50). Kevin F. Clancy and several other Mincels join the program to talk about scandal, intrigue, and living in a historic pandemic.
Mar 18, 2020
You're Live to Tape
Kirk as finally accepted the reality that his producer is a coronavirus prophet. So what happens next? Kirk and Steve fight over President Trump's performance during the pandemic and the role of the media (0:15:00). Bad radio makes an impressive comeback with a Cupcake Call and a War of Roses that will have you questioning everything you thought you knew (0:37:00). For the first time in the show's history, Kirk opens the phone lines to your calls (1:23:30). Also, Tom Brady says he'll be throwing a football somewhere else next year if coronavirus doesn't cancel the NFL.
Mar 17, 2020
Men At 10
Kirk Minihane is back for a full week of the Kirk Minihane Show as the world gets used to the new reality of social distancing, self-quarantines, and national emergencies. Dale Bear is unfortunately the first member of the KMS to contract the virus (0:39:45). Kirk reacts to several Minifan fights, feuds, and blowouts (1:02:49). The boys react to some hilarious sound from the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts (1:32:24). Men At 10 is born (1:53:12).
Mar 16, 2020
Flu Flu Flu
The Kirk Minihane Show is back together and ready to tackle some hot topics Minihane missed during his mental health leave. Most importantly, why did the Mincels screw up the bracket rankings? The sports media are very concerned that coronavirus will prevent them from accessing locker rooms (0:15:00). A highly rated staple of Boston sports radio walks out on his own show after a heated debate about coronavirus (0:24:20). USA Today is running a "best podcast" bracket of their own, and Barstool somehow is absent from the list (1:03:25). Barstool CEO Erika Nardini shares high praise for Minihane -- and an alarming fact about an old enemy (1:26:32). Steve's a Liar guy returns to celebrate Blind Mike's social awkwardness in song (1:50:13).
Mar 11, 2020
Minihane Returns
After taking a break from the show to battle severe depression, Kirk Minihane returns to update the Minifans on his mental health and the fate of the show going forward. Kirk answers all the questions that the Minifans have been asking and responds to Chicago radio host's inane response to his mental health leave.
Mar 09, 2020
An Update From Steve & Mike
The Kirk Minihane Show is going on hiatus as Minihane focuses on his mental health. Steve Robinson and Mike Geary hop behind the mics to provide a brief update on the situation for the Minifans.
Mar 05, 2020
Robinson Returns
Kirk Minihane's producer is back from his three-day suspension and peace time has returned -- for now. Minihane offers his definitive ranking of all three KMS interns (0:12:30). The crew has some questions about a super star athlete's upcoming yard sale (0:24:03). Boston Globe columnist Shirley Leung is now on Team Bloomberg, leading to some astounding rationalizations for his (alleged) past treatment of women (0:46:20). Hillary Clinton is starting her own podcast (1:01:20). Plus kidnapping billionaires, GOOP, and Joe Biden's gaffes.
Feb 28, 2020
Matt Wants Steve’s Job
Kirk Minihane responds to Matt’s convoluted pitch to be a permanent member of the show. Minifans beg to be on air, and then don’t answer their phones. The Extra Sauce podcast hits an all time low in production quality and content (0:25:00). Kirk reminisces about the malls of his youth (0:47:30). Then a caller wonders how to deposit and withdraw his parody account (0:50:20).
Feb 27, 2020
Minifan On Minifan Crime
The protests over Steve’s suspension have started, as one angry fan confronts Mike outside the studio. Kirk Minihane speaks to a long time listener who is threatening to give up his Wilbur tickets (0:29:00), and then addresses yesterday’s doxxing (0:40:00). The Mincel Show debuted on YouTube last night (0:48:30). Old audio surfaces of Kirk lining up phantom callers on WEEI (0:58:00), which devolves into modern sports talk radio at its best (1:06:00).
Feb 26, 2020
Life Without Steve
Loyal Minifans close ranks around Big Steve, but the show must go on, and Kirk begins today discussing the aftermath of yesterday’s suspension. As is tradition, Steve’s actions inspire parody (0:58:00). Jim Florentine calls into 98.5 to talk about Tom Brady (0:40:40). Kirk responds to Kevin Cullen’s latest column in the Globe (01:02:00). Kanorado remains on all our minds (01:26:00).
Feb 25, 2020
Five Minutes of Missing Audio
After Minifans raise questions about missing audio from the first ever episode of the Kirk Minihane Show, Minihane wonders how he should deal with a producer who deleted audio without telling him.
Feb 24, 2020
Kirk Minihane doesn't share his producer's concern that the rapidly spreading coronavirus might put a damper on the Wilbur Theater show. A new parody writer puts a musical touch on Kirk's threat to dox a minor (0:32:37). The crew gets into the presidential race and President Trump's running commentary at a rally last night (1:00:00). But the main attraction today is the fabled city of Kanorado, the new entry into the 46 State Challenge. Controversy erupts during one of the most heated episodes of the Kirk Minihane Show after Kirk and Steve disagree over the viability of a live show in this mysterious community.
Feb 21, 2020
Rod's Thrifty Mart
A young Minifan errs and we're all a little embarrassed. The Democratic debate last night in Nevada was a free-for-all with one clear winner and one clear loser, and they're both from NYC (0:39:40). We enjoy the best 80 seconds of radio WEEI will ever have thanks to Tim in Canton (1:01:58). Kirk's old partner thinks Steve is a piece of shit (1:21:23). Steve tries his best to sell Kirk on Michael Buble (1:28:24). The 46 State Challenge is young, but there's already a clear favorite -- and a rising star.
Feb 20, 2020
Get Ready For 46 Minute Shows
Kirk Minihane is not the only talent in Boston whose live show tickets are selling like hotcakes. Another radio station in Boston has died (0:45:50). Speaking of poorly managed radio companies, Kirk got a look at Mike Francesa's streaming ratings (0:52:00). The Madawaska trip went well, but Kirk's got some gripes he wants addressed for next year (1:04:30). Wendy Williams bombs (1:50:30). If Kirk doesn't see some progress on the 46 state challenge, he's vowing to deliver 46 minute shows for who knows how long.
Feb 19, 2020
Cosby Money
The Red Sox ownership group had yet another disastrous press conference yesterday with yet more prevarications over Alex Verdugo and due diligence. A Minifan tells us about his nearly violent confrontation with a WEEI personality this weekend at a charity event (0:44:00). Red Sox Chairman - and former Executive Producer of The Cosby Show - Tom Werner joins the show for a brief but electric interview (1:19:40). The first ever B. Michael Geary Life Loser challenge has begun (1:31:00).
Feb 18, 2020
Quantum Sauce
Kirk Minihane is done with his old co-worker Gerry Callahan after his accusations of disloyalty. Dave Cullinane, who was suppose to produce today's show, got drunk on Periscope (0:19:10). Blind Mike pulled off Mike and the Minifans without getting himself deeper into trouble (0:28:00). Alex Verdugo, the newest Red Sox player, held a disastrous press conference regarding his role in the alleged assault of a 17-year-old girl. The Boston Globe coverage was utterly predictable (0:46:50). The newest foodie radio show in town lit the airwaves on fire with tough questions about sauce (1:42:00).
Feb 17, 2020
Good Week
An excellent week for Kirk Minihane and his legion of Minifans. Kirk reviews a Thursday evening packed full of KMS content, which included the debut of the Lady Minifans, a live concert on YouTube, and, unfortunately, the Intern Show. Kirk's old pals at WEEI are happy that he sold out two Wilbur shows -- and perhaps a little envious (0:22:30). Blind Mike takes it to the bank (0:49:10). We have a winner in the Smith's Country Cheese Wilbur Show drawing (0:59:00). Kirk reacts to one of the lesser known shows in the Minifan world (1:29:50). South Park comes under scrutiny for its role in coarsening our public conversations (1:59:24). Mike takes a little trip to the Winchester Public Library to meet an old enemy.
Feb 14, 2020
Dale Bear Is a Star
Kirk Minihane did it again: Sold out yet another packed show at Boston's Wilbur Theater. Is a third show in the offing? At the same time Minihane is drowning in success, his old station is begging psychics to tell them whether Tom Brady is going to be in New England next year (0:27:34). Intern Will gets revenge on Blind Mike through music (1:05:25). NHL Commentator Jeremy Roenick will not return to NBC (1:29:00). Dale Bear, the new viral sensation taking over the internet, makes his debut on the Kirk Minihane Show (1:38:05). Harry Minihane and Steve Robinson aren't huge fans of the Chasing Cosby podcast (2:04:00).
Feb 13, 2020
Sold Out
Everything's coming up Kirk Minihane. Yesterday, in less than 5 minutes, Kirk S. Minihane sold over 1,100 tickets to his June 20 live show at the Wilbur Theater in Boston. So of course we've added a second show. Tickets go on sale today at noon. After a well deserved victory lap, Minihane revisits the Red Sox's most recent trade (0:53:00). The parody song writers come out in force to rub Mike Geary's nose in his mistakes (1:19:00). Minihane gets a taste of a happening new foodie podcast, which of course leads to Tube Galore (1:33:24).
Feb 12, 2020
Blind Mike's Reckoning
The First Annual Kirk Minihane Ice Fishing Expedition to Madawaska was an enormous success by any measure -- with one exception. Blind Mike disobeyed a direct order from Kirk not to consume too much alcohol before the show, and the result was what we all heard yesterday. On today's show, Kirk wrestles with how to handle Mike now and going forward. Plus: Two MAJOR announcements about the future of KMS live shows. (Wilbur tickets are on sale now:
Feb 11, 2020
Live From Madawaska, Maine
The Kirk Minihane Show is live from Madawaska, Maine following our harrowing journey into the great white north. After adventuring through a perilous blizzard and conquering Long Lake during a deep freeze, we performed heroically at Lakeview Restaurant. Kirk got the key to the town of Madawaska, we had a live marriage proposal, and there was even a little bit of Springsteen in the house.
Feb 10, 2020
Madawaska Ho!
It’s all about Madawaska as Steve and Mike have already left the cozy confines of the Watertown studio for parts north. That leaves Kirk stranded with Matt and DEC, putting his talent to the test. But if anyone can make these two lightweights sound good, Kirk can. Madawaska Stacey celebrates her new found fame (0:35:09). Snoop Dogg threatens Gayle King with violence for daring to ask benign questions about Kobe’s legacy (0:55:38). Kirk gets a live travel update from weary traveler, Blind Mike (01:39:08). Daddy DEC, the song and the person are together at last (2:04:11).
Feb 07, 2020
Francona's Revenge
While Steve is Madawaska bound, Kirk and Mike welcome Matt into the studio to produce the show. Needless to say, Kirk is not amused. Once again Boston media disappoints, and this time it's OMF underplaying the severity of newly acquired Red Sox outfielder Alex Verdugo’s actions regarding an assault (0:25:42). New Minifan and Madawaska resident, Stacey, checks in about the big event this weekend (0:49:47). The Ringer continues to victim-blame (1:26:09). Nick Francona joins Kirk to slam Gabe Kapler and MLB over how they handled the Verdugo situation (1:58:36).
Feb 06, 2020
More Sox Scandal
President Donald Trump delivered his State of the Union address last night, so Kirk turns it over to S.E. Robinson for some political analysis. The weather reports from northern Maine are looking increasingly grim (0:42:20). As the Red Sox media wail and moan over the trade of Mookie Betts, Minihane points up the troubling history of a newly acquired player (0:58:42). Media mogul Dick Chandler continues to play hardball (2:31:40). A veteran pilot makes Michael Geary an offer Kirk can't refuse (2:33:00).
Feb 05, 2020
Meet Me in the County
Michael Geary, the terror of Dave Portnoy's nightmares, descended upon the illustrious Red Sox event known as "truck day" to sow panic and discord. Sadly, the truck successfully departed Boston carrying 10 million sticks of bubble gum and a few Stephen Murphy defenders. Kirk has a request for the Minifans who are coming to Madawaska this weekend (0:31:22). The Iowa Caucus turned into a complete clusterfuck last night (0:37:48). Radio titan Rush Limbaugh announced he has advanced stage lung cancer yesterday (0:51:05). The Wilbur Show is coming into focus (1:19:34).
Feb 04, 2020
The Madawaska Week Begins
Kirk Minihane didn't watch the Super Bowl, so if you're looking for a half time show breakdown, you'll need to find another show. Fresh off his play-nice tour of Miami, Minihane is now at odds with the National Labor Relations Board over obviously sarcastic comments he made about unions (0:22:49). Barstool's Liz Gonzales had a hot take on the Good Morning America interview Aaron Hernandez's fiance did (0:36:13). The Ringer employees who do the Press Box podcast react to the news that Barstool Sports is now worth $450,000,000. The first annual Kirk Minihane ice fishing expedition is 5 days away.
Feb 03, 2020
Everyone At Barstool Loves Kirk
The man some have called too dangerous for Barstool Sports is now a beloved figure following his whirlwind tour of Miami, crescendoing with a late-night reconciling with Willie Colon. Minihane's investigation into a Boston Globe article has led him to purchase the author's book, and it looks like we have a Cullenesque figure on our hands (0:37:28). Big Cat and Kayce Smith join the show (0:57:22). Kayce brought some great Gary Tanguay stories; Big Cat brought the coronavirus.
Jan 31, 2020
Elias and the Wilderness of Mirrors
Everything about this Miami trip changed last night during a simple show dinner while Intern Justin was listing his top five celebs. Kirk Minihane has discovered another tall tale from his new favorite Boston Globe author (0:38:22). Complications have arisen with the show's plans to set the Guinness World Record for longest podcast ever (1:12:54). Brandon Walker joins the show to talk about sports, his weird collections, and 1980s nostalgia; Kirk has a new best friend (1:29:17).
Jan 30, 2020
We Found The Craziest Story The Boston Globe Has Ever Published
Kirk Minihane reacts to Dave Portnoy's major announcement this morning: Barstool Sports has sold a minority stake of the company to Penn National. The crew reacts to one of the nuttiest stories ever published in the Boston Globe -- and perhaps any newspaper ever (0:35:40). Section 10 host Jared Carrabis joins the show to talk about Portnoy's announcement, the MGM situation, and Adolf Hitler's missteps (1:04:14). Minihane is all in on setting the world record for the longest podcast episode.
Jan 29, 2020
Dave Portnoy Hates Blind Mike
Roger Goodell is out, Blind Mike is in. Kirk Minihane's portly sidekick is now Dave Portnoy's enemy #1 (0:14:25). Big Cat barges into the studio to tell the KMS crew everything they are doing wrong (0:40:10). A triggered Kevin Francis Clancy wanders in to sort out his beef with Kirk his stuttering, rambling Shane Gillis interview (1:41:40). Minihane has decided his new goal in life is to set the Guinness World Record for the longest podcast ever.
Jan 28, 2020
Remembering Kobe
How should we remember NBA superstar Kobe Bryant following his sudden death yesterday in a helicopter crash? Kirk Minihane reacts to the news, the hysteria from the sports media, and the strange code of silence that's being applied to Bryant's alleged sexual assault in 2003. An embarrassing verbal flub has one MSNBC anchor vowing that she's not actually a racist (1:03:12). Blind Mike didn't realize just how drunk he was during the final minutes of Mike and the Minifans (1:23:39). Plus, a major announcement: KMS plays Wilbur Theater on June 20th.
Jan 27, 2020
Harry Minihane's Royal Rumble Spectacular
The DC Sleuth is on the trail of racial and gender inequality at one of New England's largest public media outlets. Comedian Shane Gillis blows of the KMS to join a tongue-tied KFC on KFC Radio. Joe Rogan and Bill Maher side with Blind Mike in the debate over Louis C.K. Mike invites his intern to a company dinner in Miami, whereupon we discover that Mike plans to share a hotel room -- and a bed -- with his intern next week (0:49:25). The great Harry Minihane makes his debut on the Kirk Minihane Show to break down the presidential election, women's athletics, and the upcoming Royal Rumble (1:10:30). Minihane revisits his criticism of an all-too-convenient Greg Bedard column about Aaron Hernandez pissing on a taxi. The Ringer's Bill Simmons has some very odd thoughts about the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. (2:06:45).
Jan 24, 2020
The Kevin Cullen Show
The Barstool Sports all-hands Super Bowl meeting brings some unexpected bad news for Blind Mike. A former writer for Jimmy Kimmel Live wrote a hit-piece on SNL head writer Michael Che, and the guys are divided on whose side to take (0:25:30). Long shot presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard has filed a defamation suit against Hillary Clinton (0:32:00). Following yesterday's episode, Kirk had an intense phone call with Gerry Callahan. The crew reacts to that call and Callahan's podcast with a Boston Globe columnist (0:36:24). Kevin from Bristol drops an epic parody song and the guys rank the greatest of all time (1:00:20). The simmering feud with Winchester High School gets a little more fuel thanks to a board meeting and Kevin Cullen (1:36:00).
Jan 23, 2020
The Barstool Union, Margery Eagan's Time Zones, and Greg Bedard's Tall Tale
Barstool Sports has settled its case with the National Labor Relations Board stemming from complaints about Dave Portnoy's anti-union (alleged) tweets. Now we have to hang a sign in the studio for 60 days letting Blind Mike know he has the right to organize. Kirk Minihane learns of a troubling update with his studio accommodations down in Miami next week (00:12:26). Some guy in California has a hilarious vanity license plate (00:25:45). Curt Schilling narrowly misses the Hall of Fame thanks to idiot baseball writers and their hurt feelings (00:59:45). The show is genuinely concerned over the mental state Boston Public Radio host Margery Eagan displayed on yesterday's broadcast (1:03:25). Minihane addresses an ethical matter after yesterday's decision to remove a few lines of a parody song from the podcast (1:30:21). An old story from Greg A. Bedard raises some Cullenesque questions (1:44:32).
Jan 22, 2020
Dick Chandler Plays Hardball
Kirk Minihane welcomes Barstool Sports' latest podcaster to the company. Kevin Cullen drops an outrageous lie into the middle of an otherwise benign column (00:25:13). The producer of Pardon My Take took a shot at Kirk Minihane on Twitter over Barstool's reluctance to write about the Joe Curtatone lawsuit. Minihane doesn't take it well (00:42:00). Minihane and Steve Robinson reveal what happened on an important conference call with Barstool CEO Erika Nardini. TL;DR Everything's coming up Minihane (00:52:55). Aroostook County Radio Tycoon Richard Chandler throws Minihane the curveball of a lifetime, and now the entire Madawaska trip is in doubt (1:20:37). Bill Simmons reportedly wants $200 million to sell The Ringer (1:35:10). Blind Mike shares a troubling piece of news about Minihane's former cohost -- and former friend (2:33:40). Much, much more.
Jan 21, 2020
The Red Sox Hate the Blind
Kirk Minihane tells a story for the Mincels about the origins of his blood feud with the Boston Red Sox, John Henry, and Sam Kennedy. The crew gets a taste of Barstool's newest podcast hire (0:20:45). Blind Mike and Intern Will decided to take the fight to the enemy this weekend, attending the Red Sox Winter Weekend event with the goal of causing chaos and bringing accountability. Instead, disaster. Mike and Will are both banned for life from every MGM property in the country. Yes, that includes Vegas. Mike tells the entire hilarious saga today (00:34:33). Is Intern Will's conduct this weekend a fireable offense? (1:22:05) A semi-anonymous Barstool account is dumping on Barstool Breakfast, and we're on the case (1:43:18). Kirk and Steve prepare for a big meeting with the Barstool CEO (1:58:55). Plus: Will the Minifans get KMS tattoos?
Jan 20, 2020
Minihane's Producer Considers Quitting
After yesterday's bludgeoning, Steve Robinson admits that he's considered quitting the show. Is Minihane in the market for a new producer? The ghost of Ronald Reagan chimes in to let Robinson know he's a pussy who sucks at his job (0:45:00). The Call Her Daddy girls are in a war with the New York Post over an old photoshoot (1:10:00). Minihane and Barstool Sports have won a decisive legal victory of Mayor Joe Curtatone and the City of Somerville (1:20:00). For some reason Gerry Callahan's producer Dave Cullinane is hosting Minihane fan shows on YouTube with his children (1:34:00). As behind-the-scenes business comes to a head with Barstool Sports, Minihane contemplates huge changes to the podcast.
Jan 17, 2020
The Death of Steve Robinson

Yesterday was a triumphant day for Kirk Minihane. He stormed Fenway attempting to gain access to the Red Sox press conference and ask questions about cheating, cover-ups, and sex offenders in the clubhouse. His enemies were on the ropes. All of this he captured on an epic Periscope video which he was hoping to react to on today's show. There's just one problem. Steve Robinson, in some inexplicable and indescribable act of stupidity, did not cut up any of the sound from the Periscope videos. Today's show is Kirk's reaction to learning this. 

Jan 16, 2020
Alex Cora, Bad Day

Blind Mike puts in another all-star performance at a business lunch, while Steve Robinson is sorely disappointed, yet again, with a restaurant meal. The dream team of Jim Braude, Margerie Eagan, and Trenni Kusnierek reunited on WGBH for an orgasmic lovefest over Boston Globe columnist Dan Shaughnessy and Red Sox owner John Henry (00:24:32). Last week, Kirk Minihane questioned the reporting of Greg Bedard over a thinly sourced claim about Bill Belichick. Bedard's reaction to a 98.5 caller who called him out does not inspire much confidence (00:49:30). Minihane begins to wonder when all the outraged sports fans will start to wonder who is paying to advertise with the ethically challenged Red Sox? Section 10 host Jared Carrabis to talk about his Sox reporting philosophy, his relationship with Alex Cora, and how he's coping with the myriad scandals (01:34:20). An instant classic parody song today -- much to the chagrin of the Sox clubhouse. 

Jan 15, 2020
The Great Gerwig Conspiracy of West Virginia

Kirk Minihane is delighting in the cheating scandal surrounding Alex Cora and the Boston Red Sox. The story has everything: media corruption, watching an old enemy flail, and frauds embarrassing themselves. April Reign, the creator of the #OscarSoWhite movement, joins the show to talk about the lack of racial and gender diversity among the Oscar nominees (00:54:30). Boston Mayor Marty Walsh did an interview yesterday on WBUR, but his safe space was interrupted by a couple of prank callers (01:16:26). No fanboys are more inconsolable over the Red Sox news than Jared Carrabis' crew on the Section 10 podcast. Near the end of the show, Kirk stumbles onto perhaps the greatest conspiracy in American history, and subsequently learns that Blind Mike doesn't know how geography and time zones work (01:50:00). 

Jan 14, 2020
We Taped a Podcast in a Stranger's House

The Kirk Minihane Show travelled to Centerville, Mass., to record a podcast in the home of a complete stranger who was the highest bidder in last year's charity auction. Apart from Minihane's obvious revulsion at having to sit on a couch next to Steve Robinson, it was business as usual. Several whistleblowers at Winchester High School have stepped forward to share alarming details of Boston Globe columnist Shirley Leung's assembly (00:05:35). If Shirley's blathering speech to these high school kids is a sign of what's going on in the public school system, then Harry Minihane may end up in private school after all. Minihane realizes he's burned just about every professional bridge he's ever crossed (00:16:30). Barstool Breakfast talked about the kerfuffle between fitness instructor Jillian Michaels and singer Lizzo, but Willie Colon wanted to take the most sensitive parts of that debate off-air (00:31:30). Minihane erupts over Blind Mike's plans to bring his own personal assistant down to Miami on the Minifans' dime (00:39:20). The King of KMS Parody Songs returns with two hits for the special living room show (00:59:00). The Madawaska area is on edge after discovering an alleged cult leader is recruiting followers to the region (01:09:45). Our generous host takes over the show (01:49:00). 

Jan 13, 2020
It Never Ends

Professional healthy person Jillian Michaels had the audacity to say being overweight is unhealthy -- even if you can sing really good -- and the social media rage mob is angry online. Whoopi Goldberg wants you to know she is celebrating every ounce of Lizzo, but Michaels isn't backing down (00:05:00). An inexplicable dip into the second episode of the Mintern Show prompts a discussion about Tom Cruise, Top Gun, and movies that will have Steve Robinson's critics scrambling all weekend (00:24:00). Gerry Callahan drops a surprise Friday episode with former Red Sox great Curt Schilling, and Minihane has the highlights (00:47:30). Minihane revisits regressive comments made by The Ringer's Amanda Dobbins following Megyn Kelly's release of a short video featuring three other women who were victims of sexual harassment and sexual assault at Fox News (01:09:20). Jared Carrabis and the Section 10 crew comes for Minihane -- but praises Blind Mike (01:51:50). 

Jan 10, 2020
The Catholic Church, British Monarchy, WEEI, and Winchester High School

What do the Catholic Church, the British monarch, WEEI and Winchester High School all have in common? They're all the subject of Kirk Minihane's ire on today's episode of the show. Minihane reacts to yesterday's breaking news that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are eschewing royal life in favor of a more common existence in Canada (0:15:00). Winchester High School is officially dead to Minihane after they invited Boston Globe hack Shirley Leung to talk with students about journalism (0:28:25). Mike Francesa has drifted off into the ether where he now does a 90-minute show with few callers and virtually no listeners; Minihane tunes in for some thrilling Wichita State basketball talk (0:45:25). Blind Mike comes prepared for a heated discussion about the Babson College adjunct professor who said Iran should release a list of American cultural sites it intends to bomb (1:11:12). Minihane delves into the Catholic Church thanks to a problematic column for the Boston Globe's Kevin Cullen (1:35:29). The radio show that replaced K&C on WEEI spikes the football over Boston Mayor Marty Walsh (2:01:22). 

Jan 09, 2020
Scandal Surrounds the Boston Red Sox

The Boston Red Sox are mired in controversy and two major New England media outlets are MIA, owing in large part to serious conflicts of interest (00:14:30). Minihane does some housekeeping in the Minifan world (00:40:20). A covert operation by B. Michael Geary and his crack film crew doesn't go as planned (00:58:40). Gerry Callahan joins the show (01:01:35). Minihane dips his toe into the other Boston sports talk radio station and discovers that Steve Robinson is either deaf or a complete idiot (01:16:15). Rage tweets by Julie DiCaro prompt a philosophical discussion on the show (01:36:25). Bad radio returns with a cupcake call. Blind Mike breaks some major personal news (02:05:22).

Jan 08, 2020
Tucker Carlson Joins the Show

From Ricky Gervais' much-ballyhooed opening monologue to Joaquin Phoenix's awkward post-show press conference and Michelle Williams' ridiculous abortion speech, Kirk Minihane reacts to the Golden Globes (0:11:30). Fox News' Tucker Carlson joins the podcast to talk about corporate censorship, free speech, Barstool Sports, and the devolution of modern political debates. Howard Stern is back from vacation and ready to weigh in on the death of Don Imus (1:24:30). Minihane's former radio partner Gerry Callahan has finally launched his podcast; Minihane could barely get through the introduction (1:42:00). Minihane is nearing completion of his novel. 

Jan 07, 2020
Late Night with Kirk Minihane

Kirk Minihane hops into the studio for a late night taping. Because it's the Kirk Minihane Show, we're recording while not one but two churches in our building have loud charismatic worship sessions. Minihane and Blind Mike react to Friday's raucous episode of Barstool Radio where Mike's job was on the line. Fortunately, Mike agreed to kiss Portnoy's feet in NYC, so we're all still Barstool employees. The fallout from Trenni Kusnierek smearing West Point cadets continues, even as the Boston media complex ignores it (0:51:00). Matt from Providence forces the issue onto WGBH, and Jim Braude ain't happy. Ricky Gervais does his best anti-PC routine at the Golden Globes, but is anyone watching? (1:18:00). A film critic for the Hollywood Reporter has identified insidious racism in... Toy Story 4 (1:26:00). WBZ's Jon Keller tells us what he's looking for in a big time newspaper columnist (1:59:00). 

Jan 06, 2020
Kirk Minihane Goes to War. Again.

The mysterious sounds of early morning worship coming from our studio neighbors has not lessened Kirk Minihane's desire for war. His new target: The Maine Red Claws. The affiliate of the Boston Celtics has been playing coy on social media and entertaining the possibility of honoring him at half time of a basketball game. But once Minihane learns that the Celtics will have veto power over the ceremony, things go down hill. Minihane explains the origins of his blood feud with the Celtics (0:19:00). The KMS interns responded to yesterday's demand that they do their own YouTube show; the results were spectacular (0:36:30). Steve Robinson did a deep dive into the seemingly inexplicable hatred Dave Portnoy has for Blind Mike and discovered, perhaps, an media moment that might explain everything (1:18:20). Barstool's Chief had a run in with a "free lance writer" at a pot dispensary who later refused to come on the show and blocked everyone (1:37:30). The crew makes their predictions for how the Patriots fare this weekend (1:45:00). Robinson provides an update on planning for the Kirk Minihane Show Ice Fishing Expedition. 

Jan 03, 2020
Blind Mike Dares Portnoy to Fire Him

The Kirk Minihane Show is back from the holiday break and the first order of business is to address the terrible best of Steve Robinson put together and, on a similar note, DEC's excellent year in review program. The New Year is young, but already trouble is brewing between the Team Minihane and Team Portnoy, starting with Portnoy and Kmarko letting us know that Blind Mike will not be writing for the Barstool blog (0:31:00). The episode culminates in Mike instructing the Barstool founder to "grow a set of balls and fire me." (0:53:40) An old friend of the show spent the holiday break digging up old tweets from WEEI's Greg Hill (1:07:00). One of the great parody song singer-songwriters starts 2020 with a bang (1:30:35). A hockey reporter gets himself suspended after comments on Barstool's Spittin Chiclets podcast, and Minihane thinks Portnoy might have the right take on NBC's reaction (2:07:31). Romance is in the air between Minihane and the Red Claws (02:55:40). 

Jan 02, 2020
The Kirk Minihane Show - Best of 2019

This compendium of KMS 2019 has everything you need to get your Kirk fix during the holiday break.

Dec 23, 2019
Kirk Minihane Christmas Spectacular, ft. Brandi Love

Kirk Minihane has told his children they will no longer be attending Hogwarts now that Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling has revealed herself to be a crude bigot. The KMS crew reacts to last nights boring Democratic Party debate (17:20). Minihane's old partner dropped another episode in the "slow rollout" of his podcast, and this time he decided to take a few shots at KMS; Kirk ain't happy (25:00). Adult film star and MILF extraordinaire Brandi Love joins the show to respond to conservative anti-porn blogger Matt Walsh and spread a little Christmas cheer (53:00). Kirk, Mike, and Steve play sound from the past year, make predictions for the coming year, and reflect on the magical journey they've shared together. 

Dec 20, 2019
Good Day

President Donald Trump becomes the 3rd president to get impeached and who really gives a fuck? Kirk Minihane reacts to last night's ridiculous political theater. A Washington Post reporter deletes a tweet after letting her mask slip a little bit (21:00). Minihane's attorney in Madawaska is now handling his WCXX negotiations, as well as other potential real estate investments (48:00). A Colorado radio host is fired after he said on air that he'd like a "nice school shooting" to take impeachment out of the news (56:00). Intrigue in the Minihane presidential election where Steve Robinson has been accused of foreign meddling and collusion (1:11:00). Blind Mike's sports betting pick of the week is the Buffalo Bills OVER the New England Patriots. And he thinks they'll cover the spread, too (1:30:00). Mike brags about getting 1,000 retweets on a political hot take, but Kirk's not a fan (2:06:00) 

Dec 19, 2019
The Kirk Minihane Radio Network on WCXX

Kirk Minihane is all in on the Kirk Minihane Radio Network -- the hottest media outlet in all of the St. John River Valley. The crew recaps yesterday's segment on Amanda Dobbins, The Ringer features editor who engaged in victim blaming during her review of the Fox News movie, Bombshell (11:00). Predictably, no one cared about the story because the transgression was carried out by a liberal and Minihane was the one screaming about it. Bill Simmons could not be reached for comment... New sound of Steve Robinson from a former career has hypnotized Minihane (21:00). Adam Driver walks out on NPR's Terry Gross because he has a phobia of hearing his own voice or something. Jim Braude, Margery Eagan, and Trenni Kusnierek team up for one of the most idiotic segments in the history of Boston Public Radio (42:50). A new scandal has erupted in the race to see who will become the next President of the Minifans (1:13:00). Bad radio and bad podcasts return (1:30:00). 

Dec 18, 2019
Kirk Minihane is Getting Back Into Radio

Kirk Minihane is not going to New York City for the Barstool Sports company party. Josh Gordon has been suspended indefinitely from the NFL -- again. Minihane discovers truly outrageous audio of good little liberals slut-shaming a famous television celebrity because she happens to have worked for a conservative company (25:40). The KMS crew checks in with the competition at Minihane's old company (1:11:00). At 1:25:00, Minihane has a vision of the future -- a future in which he is one of the most powerful sports media moguls of the entire Northeast. 

Dec 17, 2019
Everything I Don't Like is Racist and Sexist: The Talib Kweli Twitter Fight

Talib Kweli is well into hour 50 of his anti-Kirk Minihane tweet storm, which began after we asked him to come on the podcast, but the rapper still refuses to come on for an interview. As the Minifan v. Kweli feud simmered all weekend, most of Barstool Sports remained oddly quiet (20:00). Minihane saw the Richard Jewell movie yesterday and, suffice it to say, not his favorite Clint Eastwood flick (41:35). Minifan President DEC tweeted out promotion for a Minihane Arch Enemy, so we can call him former Minifan President -- Minihane has a new nominee (49:40). Minihane evaluates Blind Mike's performance in the Saturday's Mike and the Minifans (54:50). Jay Leno is the latest target of online outrage groups due to some hack jokes he told about eating dogs, but Eddie Murphy is poised to host Saturday Night Live without any PC outcry (1:10:20). The Boston Globe refuses to run advertising from a group opposed to the impeachment of President Trump (1:26:53). The Hallmark Channel pulls an advertisement featuring a same-sex couple kissing -- and then puts it back up (1:33:00). The Army-Navy game this weekend erupted in controversy after a few cadets made the "OK" hand gesture on camera (1:50:00). Plus, Minihane weighs in on the Fore Play podcasts fight with old guard golf reporters.

Dec 16, 2019
Dirty Mike & Doggie Style

Someone with a thirst for revenge has released embarrassing material on Blind Mike. Or as he was known during his college radio days, Dirty Mike. Kirk Minihane listens to old tape of his sidekick's glorious reign as host of Dirty Mike and The Boys (7:40). Minihane is less than impressed with the rollout of his friend Gerry Callahan's podcast, so he ruins the big Callahan Podcast tease and reads the alleged Tom Brady letter on his own show (16:28). The KMS crew gets to the bottom of a Sportshub mystery thanks to a very kind producer (36:30). A few new parody songs (46:00). The winner of the KMS auction lets us know we'll be doing a show in his living room over a nice winter weekend on the Cape. The crew is headed to NYC next week for the Barstool Sports companywide meeting and Christmas Party (56:30). We condemn the revenge porn attack on Barstool founder Dave Portnoy (1:09:32). 

Dec 13, 2019
Kirk is Going to Super Bowl LIV

Kirk Minihane recognizes a new low in his own sanity as he spent the early morning hours arguing with @GerryCallacanned in the Minifan Discord thread. Blind Mike is upset with Intern Justin and we're not sure how to handle it. Minihane and Steve Robinson sent Barstool CEO Erika Nardini some cheese to thank her for being awesome, and Mike's a little upset he wasn't included even though he wasn't a part of it. CAIR Director of Government Affairs Robert McCaw joins the program to explain why Amazon and other large retailers should stop selling certain inflammatory books (1:10). Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy joins the show to tell Minihane that he's headed to Miami to spend a week co-hosting Barstool Radio for Super Bowl LIV (1:47:00). Pardon My Take host Dan "Big Cat" Katz does the Mount Rushmore of famous blind people with the crew and explains the importance of putting timestamps in the description of podcasts (2:32:00). Minihane hears his new favorite parody song of all time (3:13:00). The boys talk about whether they should experiment with time-stamping the podcast considering the host of one of the most-listened podcasts in the history of podcasts says you should time-stamp podcasts (3:19:00). 

Dec 12, 2019
Don't Fire Fitzy and Don't Ban Porn

Day 1 of the podcast rollout for Kirk Minihane's old partner did not go swimmingly, and Gerry Callahan is none too pleased with Dave Cullinane. Yet Minihane remains, as ever, Gerry's benevolent teacher and mentor, ready to help if asked. Steve Robinson's reaction to an old Don Imus bit provokes a fight over censorship and whether Minihane should go on shows hosted by the likes of David Duke or Alex Jones. The crew reacts to Barstool Sports CEO Erika Nardini's exclusive interview with the Minifan Show. A WEEI morning show host has survived the reemergence of questionable old standup material, but brand new audio raises hard questions for Entercom and the Boston Globe, two well known paragons of virtue and consistency. Troubling video of an old trip on the Starship Enterprise surfaces. Plus, conservative firebrand and Daily Wire writer Matt Walsh joins the program to make the case that the federal government should ban all online pornography.

Dec 11, 2019
Gerry Callahan's Big Announcement

Former Minifan MHB joins the show to explain why he's not a total pussy for crying about the headline of yesterday's podcast. His arguments are not convincing. Clint Eastwood's new movie about Richard Jewell is facing a second round of criticism for implying that a reporter might have slept with law enforcement officers in order to get scoops. Old audio of a Boston radio host's questionable comedy routine has surfaced and, as much as it kills Minihane to do it, he has to play it. Gerry Callahan and Dave Cullinane join the Kirk Minihane Show in studio to break major news about Callahan's forthcoming project: The Gerry Callahan Podcast. 

Dec 10, 2019
Tom Brady Blows, MHB is a Wuss, and Kirk Minihane is a Thief

The only thing that sucked worse than Tom Brady and the Patriots last night was the New England sports media. Kirk Minihane says the Pats are done for, but Blind Mike is still holding out hope for one more Super Bowl. Clint Eastwood's new movie about Olympics security guard Richard Jewell, a man who was railroaded by the media and the FBI, is being criticized its alleged pro-Trump slant. MHB took to the hit YouTube show Mike & The Minifans over the weekend to offload some criticisms of the Kirk Minihane Show, but he struck a different tone in private messages to Kirk. Minihane regales us with stories from his prep school years. Spoiler Alert: Minihane was the shittiest roommate imaginable. The crew dives in to the simmering debate over calls for the federal government to ban porn. Gerry Callahan joins the show tomorrow. 

Dec 09, 2019
Game, Set, & Match

Kirk Minihane emerged victorious from the first ever Kirk Minihane Show Tennis Championship, and it wasn't even close. Kirk and the fellas recap the absolutely demoralizing defeat of Steve Robinson. Plus, a little bad play-by-play thanks to the meth addict Dave Cullinane found to call the match. Midshow activity on the KMS twitter account provokes suspicions of professional sandwich eater and one-time Minifan MHB. Has he gone over to the dark side? The KMS auction to benefit the Baldera family went live last night, and Minihane has a sneaking suspicion that the show is headed to Colorado. Several big announcements in today's show, including and announcement about an announcement that will be announced next week. 

Dec 06, 2019
Game Day: Minihane v. Robinson

It's Game Day. The most important tennis match in the history of organized athletic competition happens today, in Sudbury, MA, at 1:30pm. The stakes are clear. If Robinson loses, he sits for a lie detector test. If Minihane loses, he must go ice fishing in Madawaska. Looming over the entire affair the the question of whether anyone will ever see the match thanks to the prowess of audio visual whiz Dave Cullinane. It's no coincidence, by the way, that on the eve of such an important match, Blind Mike has decided to drop his journalistic investigation into Red Robingate. What is Robinson hiding, and why? Also today: NESN After Hours keeps getting worse, a 49ers radio guy is suspended for an interesting observation, Howard Stern slobbers all over Hillary Clinton, and Minihane checks in with Tubegalore. 

Dec 05, 2019
The Minifans Suck on the Ice

Barstool Sports CEO Erika Nardini is thrilled with Kirk Minihane. So thrilled, in fact, that she's asked him to attend the 2020 Barstool Pond Hockey tournament in February. No surprise considering Minihane has shown his keen interest in winter sports activities like ice fishing. Speaking of which: The Kirk Minihane Ice Fishing Expedition has been indefinitely postponed because Minihane is not happy with the fat and happy Minifans. On today's show, Minihane dissects some terrible TV from NESN and ESPN. Plus, a The Big Picture, a movie podcast, stirs a compelling cinematic debate on the show over some famous gangster movies. Red Robingate questions are still swirling after a whistleblower joins the show

Dec 04, 2019
The Red Robin Conspiracy Grows Deeper As Minihane Battles New (Potentially Imaginary) Foes

The Red Robin conspiracy theory involving Steve Robinson, an uncertain number of french fries, and a terrible hair cut, has deepened today as a whistle-blower steps forward with shocking information. A former guest of the show has threatened Kirk Minihane with veiled references to Bob Murchison, and Minihane is none to please with her -- or her imaginary alter-ego. The Boston Globe has published a new story about the Boston Bomber and they choose none other than Kevin Cullen to write it. Minihane revisits the investigative journalism that exposed Cullen has a fabulist and began his long simmering feud with Shirley Leung. Blind Mike pans Kmarko's new labor of love -- The Barstool Book of Drinks. New evidence has come out about Prince Andrew's relationship with his accuser and Jeff Epstein. Meanwhile, Minihane is still not certain whether this entire world is all in his insane imagination. 

Dec 03, 2019
Kirk Minihane Attempts to Settle the Family Business

Kirk Minihane gives The Irishman a B- while the Mr. Rogers movie gets an A+. The crew talks about what they liked and what they hated from the much-anticipated Scorcese flick. Minihane plays mediator between Blind Mike and Steve Robinson following last Wednesday's pre-Thanksgiving clash and Mike's Friday night therapy session with the Minifans. Mama Geary makes an appearance vis-a-vis a post-family dinner interview live streamed to Periscope. A little politics talk after Joe Biden tells a bunch of kids about the hair on his legs. In the final hour, some real talk: God, Heaven, Hell -- the fundamental questions of human existence. And Steve's hemorrhoid. 

Dec 02, 2019
Kirk Minihane's Not Ready to Replace Blind Mike. Yet.

The Blind Mike and The Minifans crossover event with Dave Cullinane's Great Thinkers bombed last night in Woburn. Steve Robinson got a shitty over-priced haircut and now expecting to lose his tennis match against Kirk Minihane. Robert Redford and Robert DeNiro want you to know the hate Donald Trump. The Boston Globe put out a list of podcasts to enjoy this Thanksgiving, and surprise: The Kirk Minihane Show didn't make the list, but a bunch of shitty shows no one listens to did. Hunter Biden is suspected to have smoked crack in the VIP room of a strip club in DC. Minihane has a new live show idea to raise money for a charitable cause. Robinson's lunch yesterday with Minihane and his brother Adam prompts a tense and emotional discussion of Blind Mike's future. 

Nov 27, 2019
MHB Retires

MHB has abruptly resigned and we're left questioning what the future holds for one of our generation's great poets. Steve Robinson is feeling a little more confident after his tennis lesson yesterday with his German tennis instructor Timo. Now it's Kirk Minihane's turn on the court. Dave Cullinane has a choice to make following Kirk's nasty phone call with Gerry Callahan. But first: Great Thinkers is live tonight from some golf place in Woburn. The greatest movies of the decade lists are coming out, and Kirk's got some disagreements with the "critics." Papa John and Bill Cosby both give awkward interviews as part of their comeback strategies. A journalist is suspended from Twitter for a tweet about transgender crime statistics. 

Nov 26, 2019
We're All Very Outraged

The theme for today's show: idiots are mad on the internet. Some Politico reporter is mad that Donald Trump Jr. gets to go on podcasts. Harvard and Yale students are mad that endowment fund managers invest in energy companies. Virtual signaling "influencers" are pissed off that some guy Twitter doesn't like Indian food. Feminist media critic Anita Sarkeesian is angry that we invited her on the show to talk about how she's angry about Disney's The Mandalorian. The New York Times is upset with Saturday Night Live's portrayal of the androgynous character "Pat". Also in the angry column: Blind Mike, following the failure of the KMS interns to live up to his standards. 

Nov 25, 2019
Mike & The Minifans Arrives

On the eve of the debut of Mike & The Minifans, Kirk Minihane gets an exclusive preview of the all star line up Blind Mike is bringing to YouTube on Saturday evening. The primetime smash-hit-in-the-making will include the likes of DEC, RA Minihane, DJB, Steve from Providence, and more. The crew also gets into Hunter Biden's lovechild, the JFK assassination, the travails of the Encore casino, and the case of the Utah woman who's in trouble for showing off her boobs to her 13-year-old stepson.  

Nov 22, 2019
Rough & Rowdy with Kirk Minihane

Kirk Minihane gets the Rough & Rowdy treatment with Big Fricka and Gun Show. Tomorrow evening Big Frick will be fighting for the honor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, while Gun Show will be fighting on behalf of Rhode Island and the previously incarcerated. We're also joined by Krissy, a Rough N' Rowdy ring girl who will be wearing a special Kirk Minihane outfit. An Orthodox Jew joins the show to explain why he won't be able to attend the live show in Madawaska. Minihane books his own hotel room during the show and decides he's not a big fan of French Canadian customer service. (You can watch Rough N' Rowdy by getting Barstool Gold at

Nov 21, 2019
Under the Bright Lights of Studio Minihane

Kirk Minihane has always enjoyed the spotlight, but not in the literal sense. Tickets are nearly sold out for the Kirk Minihane Ice Fishing Expedition to Madawaska, ME, but not everyone in the Barstool world is happy with how this is playing out. Minihane is not looking forward to having the Rough N' Rowdy fighters in studio tomorrow, but hey: he's a team player. Blind Mike doubles down on his defense of Louis C.K. following a hit piece in the L.A. Times. Minihane and Robinson spar over the fundamental question of cinema: Is Nick Cage the greatest living actor of all time? A new hit parody song leads Minihane to question his reality. 

Nov 20, 2019
Kirk Grants an Interview

Steve Robinson has booked two Rough N' Rowdy fighters for Thursday show and Kirk Minihane is not happy about it. Chick-Fil-A has finally cowered to the online rage mob, but what good will it do anyone? The crew provides updates on the ice fishing expedition, a few more parody songs roll in, and Robinson hates meatball subs. A young aspiring sports journalists joins us in studio for a surprise on air interview of Podcast Jesus. 

Nov 19, 2019
"Woke" Culture is Destroying Movies and Comedy

Whether it's the small comedy club in Massachusetts that got shutdown this weekend because the club owner didn't like mean jokes or an entire film industry that can only seem to produce crappy remakes of Ocean's 11 and Ghostbusters,"woke" culture is ruining our entertainment. Minihane previews his forthcoming film-centric podcast with a look at some real Hollywood flops. A radio show host in Colorado claims he was kicked off the air for being critical of President Trump, but we're not sure his story lines up. Minihane picks a date for his tennis match with his producer. Robinson provides updates on planning for the First Annual Kirk Minihane Ice Fishing Expedition. A new parody song offers a scary glimpse of what the ice fishing trip may become. 

Nov 18, 2019
The Kirk Minihane Ice Fishing Expedition Begins

The Kirk Minihane Show today announces the First Annual Kirk Minihane Ice Fishing Expedition. That's right, we're going to Madawaska, Maine, and all the Minifans and Mincels are invited. Now that Minihane wants to do a show about movies, we sample some of the other movie podcasts so he can get a sense of the competition. The parody songwriters were inspired by tales of Steve Robinson animal murdering exploits. Minihane shakes out some beef with Blind Mike. Violence at the Browns game and cheating with the Astros. WEEI puts out a video that none of us can explain. Plus, Minihane's interview with Adrienne, the mother of a trans child. 

Nov 15, 2019
Kirk Minihane's Planning a Stay at Big Steve's Bed and Breakfast

Blind Mike tells Kirk Minihane about the trauma he suffered on his ride home from the studio. Comedy Central's South Park confronts the issue of transgender athletes. The crew reacts to the beginning of the impeachment hearings revolving around President Donald Trump and Vice President Joe Biden's son, Hunter Biden. Ben Shapiro is coming to Boston University and the Boston Globe is alarmed. The media got a scalp with Don Cherry, but a left-wing TV host has made outrageous comments of her own and the reaction is somewhat more subdued. The KMS cabinet elections are over, so we talk with the newly elected Secretary of Commerce Dave Cullinane. Steve Robinson explains how to properly dress a deer. A new hit parody song has arrived. 

Nov 14, 2019
Mama Geary Touches Kirk Minihane

Kirk Minihane got his point across. Today, we recap all the content the Minifans are generating and put a few controversies to rest. The crew talks about the ever growing list things that public figures can't say or they will be run out of town, exhibit A being Don Cherry. Blind Mike has always wanted to run a bar, Minihane has always dreamed of owning a cinema, but Steve Robinson dreams of owning a bed and breakfast. A top-five parody song, Mama Geary's Touch, inspires us all. Steve introduces some classic Maine "humor" to the show. 

Nov 13, 2019
The Mincels Are Questioning Kirk Minihane's Integrity

Kirk Minihane is annoyed. First, he-who-must-not-be-named refuses to stop pretending like he's part of the show and continues to crack suicide jokes to sell stickers. Kirk has asked him to stop, but he won't. Yesterday we drew a line in the sand. Then the Minifans began to question Kirk's treatment of the adultery scandal at WEEI involving his former producer Chris Curtis. After doing the only show in America that even talked about Entercom's mishandling the situation, Kirk's frustrated with the criticism. Worst of all, his producer was ambushed last night on the Discord by a small cohort of Mincels alleging that the prayer vigil was a corrupt enterprise. 

Nov 12, 2019
No Dating Subordinates on Kirk Minihane's Watch

Kirk Minihane addresses the controversy surrounding his old producer's love life and the utterly predictable mishandling of the situation by Entercom and WEEI. You won't get the details on this one from Beat the Press or the Boston Globe. Blind Mike made it into to work despite the evisceration he suffered Friday at the hands of Dave Portnoy. The crew reacts to Mike's performance and tries to get to the bottom of Portnoy's anger. Minihane shares a phone call he had with Kmarko, the Barstool Sport's editor whose whining started the whole affray. The parody songs continue to roll in, but not all parody songs are equal. Minifan President DEC is the first to get us into the holiday spirit. Speaking of DEC, this is Election Week and we will have the full results of the cabinet elections soon. Steve Robinson continues to be bizarre. 

Nov 11, 2019
LGBTQ Advocate A.J. Nichols Schools Kirk Minihane

LGBTQ Advocate A.J. Nichols joins the show in studio for an unfiltered discussion about what it's like to be trans in America. No question was off-limits and Blind Mike lost an arm wrestling match. Kirk Minihane grades Mike's performance last night at the WEEI roundtable. Kmarko declined to come on the show today, but Tommy Smokes did not. Mike lost another fight. The parody songs are coming in faster than we can handle and not all of them are Grammy nominees. 

Nov 08, 2019
Donald Trump, Jr. Triggers KMarko

Donald J. Trump, Jr., the son of the current U.S. President, joins the Kirk Minihane Show to talk about cancel culture, political correctness, AOC, and whether that dude from Deadspin is Dave Portnoy's butler yet. The crew addresses the mini-controversy at Barstool NYC that having Trump on the show created. Music's in the air as the talented Minifans perform parody songs about Blind Mike crying and S.E.'s sex life. Shirley Leung wants men to be less confident because feminism or something. KFC failed to praise Minihane properly yesterday so we call him up and bug him. Dave Cullinane is the host of a new Minifan show on Instagram. A new figure has entered the Minifan world, but we're not certain whether she's friend or foe. 

Nov 07, 2019
Kirk Minihane's in the Mood for Music

Blind Mike has finally harpooned his white whale - Mike Francesa - and on an important day for the legendary broadcaster. Kirk Minihane makes a bold statement about who Entercom should choose to replace Francesa when he retires to anonymity on the app. Project Veritas releases damning video of host Amy Robach explaining how she had the Jeffery Epstein story nailed three years ago but it was spiked by corporate. Obviously, little Alex Jones has some theories. The Boston Globe's Renee Graham wrote a column that caught Minihane's eye. And neither Shirley Leung nor Bob Murchison have responded to our peaceful overtures. A parody song threatens to begin a new era of the Kirk Minihane Show.

Nov 06, 2019
Kirk Minihane and the FCC

On today's show, the crew explains their falling out with a certain musical artist and her relationship with the show going forward. Kurt Suzuki is now banished from polite society because he wore a hat. We read every FCC complaint about Minihane's old show on WEEI. The dickhead Des Moines Register reporter who tried to ruin Carson King's life is on his comeback tour and the blue-checkmarks are loving it. Martin Scorsese is defending his criticism of Marvel movies. Robinson, who famously ruined MHB by uncovering his old poetry, turns out to himself be a poet. 

Nov 05, 2019
Kirk Minihane's Already Thinking About the Next Live Event

Kirk Minihane is triumphant following his wildly successful prayer vigil in Sherborn, MA, but he's not resting on his laurels. Minihane's got another live event and Bob Murchison is invited to attend. Some might say he'd be the star. In today's show, the crew recaps the weekend, you hear the special 1-hour show recorded at Jack's Abbey after the vigil, Steve Robinson isn't too hot on Linda Marks, and John Feitelberg joins for an epic fight about cancel culture with our own Blind Mike. 

Nov 04, 2019
Kirk Minihane Has Left The Building

Kirk Minihane does something on the show he's never done before. Steve shares more clips of S.E. from the Russian TV archive. Blind Mike thanks the community for reaching out following yesterday's tearjerker. A new sycophant has reached out to Kirk in a scary way and we're uncomfortable. Cynthia Dill has Jim Braude on her bizarre podcast and then calls into the show. Rich Kelleher and Kirk's Painter join us in studio to make the case that Kelleher should be allowed to attend the prayer vigil. By the way, see you in Sherborn, MA at 12:00pm tomorrow. Park at the Town Hall. 

Nov 01, 2019
Kirk Minihane Makes Blind Mike Cry and Discovers S.E. Robinson

Kirk Minihane's birthday was a special one. He got is birthday wish: Minifan prank calls to all 50 states. He got to hear some bad radio. He got to take some revenge on his enemies. And he also made his sidekick Blind Mike cry over a loved one's cancer diagnosis and discovered the pen name Steve Robinson used for hits on Russian TV. Minihane also got a birthday tribute song from Linda Marks and a special birthday shout out from Brandi Love. What more can a fella ask for? 

Oct 31, 2019
Kirk Minihane's Birthday Is Tomorrow

Kirk Minihane's birthday is tomorrow and we have one state left in the 50 State Challenge. Barstool Nate pulls a dirtbag move against Blind Mike and Minihane erupts at... Chaps. Minihane reacts to the hilarious collapse of Deadspin and Dave Portnoy saying the Activists name on Barstool Sports Radio. Shagmag founder Julia Rose,  better known as the 25-year-old who showed off her boobs at the World Series game the other night, joins the show to talk about her stunt and her fundraising for cancer awareness. Blind Mike nails North Dakota good and hard, but South Dakota remains elusive. Rich Kelleher's continued descent into madness threatens to pull us all down with him. Dave Cullinane checks in for an update on the Gerry Callahan Show. The prayer vigil is still on... for now. 

Oct 30, 2019
Kirk Minihane Is Being Followed

Kirk Minihane has a lot of followers, but not all of them are supportive of this Minifan Prayer Vigil on Saturday. Rich Kelleher is protesting his status as designated survivor and has requested a military tribunal, a request Minihane has graciously granted. Some anonymous donor gave Gordon College $75.5 million and the Boston Globe is furious. We discover that Ronan Farrow voiced his own audiobook and for some reason decided to do impersonations. Film critic Danielle Solzman joins the show to make her case for why Michael Che should be kicked off Saturday Night Live over a Caitlyn Jenner joke, why New York City should levy fines against people for misgendering, and why comedians who tell offensive jokes about minorities may need to be sent to rehab clinics. Two states remain. 

Oct 29, 2019
Kirk Minihane Names the Designated Survivor for Saturday

After careful consideration, Kirk Minihane has named the designated survivor for Saturday's prayer vigil, the noble individual who will not attend so as to preserve the Minifan legacy should ISIS strike. Blind Mike gets back in the prank call game with a hit on Big Cat's Chicago nemeses. The crew decides to take West Virginia off the board themselves. The Washington Post offers a hagiography for a dead terrorist. President Trump is booed at the World Series. Kanye West is a big Chick-fil-a fan. Steve Robinson might be able to dunk but he's probably still a Russian agent. 

Oct 28, 2019
Kirk Minihane Gets Curtatone Dirt From Ex-Somerville Cop

Ex-Somerville cop Joe McCain joins the show to talk about Somerville Mayor Joe Curtatone's sordid schemes and dirty dealings. Is Crooked Curtatone the dirtiest mayor in America? Friend of the show Jon Fetherston as successfully acquired the permits for a Minifan prayer rally to be held on Nov. 2 in Sherborn (Peace Abby). The Boston Globe's Shirley Leung bloviates on Boston Public Radio about her latest harebrained conspiracy theory. Potential double-agent Cynthia Dill has finally weighed in on Murchison v. Minihane with some surprisingly incendiary takes. Steve Robinson pranks Delaware talker Duke Brock. Linda Marks is out with a new hit single. 

Oct 25, 2019
Kirk Minihane Hits a New Personal Low

Kirk Minihane emerged from his court hearing yesterday a free man, but his fate is in the hands of a Massachusetts judge. Minihane offers his play-by-play of the court proceedings and thanks the Minifans for showing up for a #FreeKirk rally. A new educational initiative at a school in his town has enraged Minihane. The Minifans tick off a few more states on the march to 50. Blind Mike and Minihane team up to take down Kansas live during the show. Kathy Griffin is still butt hurt that people don't want to book her. The MLB is investigating an umpire for tweeting positively about President Trump. Minihane admits he reached a new personal low point last night. 

Oct 24, 2019
Kirk Minihane Searches for Justice

Kirk Minihane heads to his first hearing in his historic legal fight with Somerville Mayor Joe Curtatone. Will Minihane get justice or will the crooked pol prevail? The crew talks with area activist Takiyah White, the woman who is pushing for a bill to make it a crime to call someone a bitch. The interview takes an unexpected turn. Steve Robinson debuts in the prank call game and a few more states earn their checkmarks. The tide is turning in Minihane's fight to be free of his arch nemesis. Now, we're off to Middlesex Superior Court - 2pm. 

Oct 23, 2019
Kirk Minihane Defends the Right to Be Naked at Home

Kirk Minihane welcomes Blind Mike back into the studio to cover the media uproar over Tom Brady's cameo in Paul Rudd's Netflix show, an interesting look at Howard Stern's past commentary on LGBTQ issues following his appearance on Ellen Degeneres' show, and new "outrage" over Halloween costumes. Commonwealth School headmaster Bill Wharton, a close friend of Bob Murchison, refuses to come on the show because he's worried that Minihane will take him out of context... Shirley Leung also declines an interview but only because reception is so bad on the T. The crew discovers a new radio bit --Cupcake Talk -- and checks a few states off of Minihane's birthday request list. Plus, Matt Fuller might come on the show. Maybe. 

Oct 22, 2019
Kirk Minihane Confronts His Stalker

Kirk Minihane's cyber stalker Bob Murchison is escalating his tactics. In this one-hour monologue style episode, Minihane lays out the history of Murchison's obsession, what he's doing now, and how the Minifans will respond. Also, we found Fuller. 

Oct 21, 2019
Kirk Minihane Learns About Robinson's Rules

Kirk Minihane explores the fucked up mind of his producer Steve Robinson. The Minifans check off several states on their mission to prank call radio stations from coast to coast. Blind Mike utterly fails at interviewing an author and potential show guest in Minihane's place. The fight against the No Fun Police continues. 

Oct 18, 2019
KFC Wants to Move to Kirk Minihane's Boston Studio

Marathon 4 hour show today. Kirk Minihane responds to Bob Murchison's latest pathetic attempt to ruin his life. Minihane checks in with his friends at Surf & Turf. Minihane, Blind Mike and Steve Robinson explains their problems with each other as well as when they lost their virginity. Turn out, some high schools are more sexualized than others and Blind Mike was too embarrassed to buy a condom and probably has a kid. MHB calls in to defend his honor against accusations that Rich Kelleher is now the more valuable Minifan. KFC calls in to talk about potentially relocating to Boston as part of a mass exodus of Barstool employees to HQ 2. Humor with Ronald Reagan. 

Oct 17, 2019
Kirk Minihane Won't Stay in His Lane

Kirk Minihane has changed his mind about the NBA. He's now a big fan, especially of the Maine Red Claws. Getro Man responds to yesterday's Cynthia Dill interview. Minihane reacts to Barstool CEO Erika Nardini's tweet storm yesterday about the podcasting industry and, more importantly, the Minifans. Philadelphia Magazine writer Ernest Owens joins the show to talk about Dave Chappelle and the boundaries we should set for comedy. Rich Kelleher's prank calls place him ahead of MHB in the Minifan rankings. Bad radio from all over the United States. 

Oct 16, 2019
Kirk Minihane Travels Through Time

Kirk Minihane enters the Twilight Zone. What began as confusion over the status of an old foe's Twitter account transformed into a timeless bit about an old partner's current travails. As Minihane explains at the beginning of today's show, this is an unusual episode. Minihane addresses his old hero Howard Stern's depressing performance on the Ellen Degeneres Show, #SlobGate, the most recent Minifan Show, Shirley Leung's recent column, and the China scandal roiling the NBA. Do-do-do-do-do...

Oct 15, 2019
Kirk Minihane Celebrates Indigenous Peoples Day

Kirk Minihane offers his reviews of El Camino, the Breaking Bad movie, and Joker. Spoiler alert: Neither lived up to the hype. Section 10 producer Steven Perrault joins the show to admit that he was wrong to talk shit about Minihane behind his back. Ring, kissed. We can all move on. An insane liberal tries to get a man kicked off an airplane for wearing an "offensive" t-shirt. The Minifans make slight progress on Minihane's birthday prank calls. Minihane prepares to see his childhood hero Howard Stern debase himself with Ellen Degeneres. 

Oct 14, 2019
Kirk Minihane is Ready for War with Section 10 and Jared Carrabis

This isn't a war Kirk Minihane sought out, but it's one he will fight -- and win. On today's show, Kirk Minihane discovers that one of Jared Carrabis' minions on the Section 10 podcast -- which Minihane graciously did while he was in New York -- went behind Minihane's back to shit all over him on some podcast. Carrabis' water boy Steve Perrault is about to discover that Minihane has eyes and ears everywhere. Earlier on the podcast, Minihane takes a trip into his producers' early careers: Steve Robinson as a stand up comedian and Blind Mike as the operator of a legendary Twitter account and sometimes podcast guest. Minihane reacts to CNN's LGBTQ town hall. The crew tallies how many states have been prank called by the Minifans. Plus: Rich Kelleher scores a victory and some very bad news for Dave Cullinane. 

Oct 11, 2019
Kirk Minihane Will Be Banned In China

Kirk Minihane is back in Boston. After debriefing the trip to Barstool HQ in New York City, the boys decide they don't need to go back anytime soon. Ronan Farrow's new book publicizes never-before reported rape allegations against Matt Lauer -- and Lauer's response is stunning. Bill Simmons talks about the NBA, Hong Kong, Chinese censorship, Steve Kerr, and Gregg Popovich. Spoiler alert: Simmons is afraid to talk about China's mass violations of human rights. Minihane questions Blind Mike's loyalty over a comedy show. Dave Cullinane shows up at the end. Plus: Bad radio.

Oct 10, 2019
Kirk Minihane with Big Cat & KFC (Part II)

The conversation with Big Cat continues where it left off: With Kirk Minihane screaming at Steve Robinson to play bad radio -- much to Big Cat's delight. Big Cat tries his hardest to move from "work friends" to "friends" with Minihane, but he leaves the studio pining for a real text message rather than a DM. KFC joins the studio for a while and Minihane does not like getting tag teamed by two Barstool elders. Kevin Clancy ponders his future at Barstool and gets some negotiating advice from Minihane. Clancy declares himself the king of the Mincels. 

Oct 09, 2019
Kirk Minihane with Big Cat

Big Cat joins the Kirk Minihane Show in an attempt to heal the multiple divides between Kirk Minihane and the Barstool world. Steven Cheah, Chaps, Kmarko -- Big Cat insists they're all great guys, Minifans in the making. But no one thinks the Willie Colon relationship will ever mend. Minihane probes Big Cat on his podcasting success, how many downloads Pardon My Take gets, and how much money he makes. The two also talk fatherhood, death, fame and fortune. 

Oct 08, 2019
Kirk Minihane Is Back at Barstool HQ

Kirk Minihane is back in New York City, but he's not sure why. The boys break down their wonderful experience getting to NYC and the next few days at Barstool HQ. Plus, debriefing the Gerry Callahan episode, more prank calls, and more academic hysteria over The Joker. Jared Carrabis hops on at the end. 

Oct 07, 2019
Gerry Callahan Finally Apologizes to Kirk Minihane

Blind Mike's predecessor Gerry Callahan returns to Kirk Minihane's side for a brawling, contentious, and uproarious guest appearance on the Kirk Minihane Show. Callahan, who was unceremoniously defenestrated at WEEI after 25 years as a staple of Boston morning radio, dishes on his exit from Entercom, his former colleagues, and his plans for the future. The EBT card in his wallet hasn't changed Callahan a bit. The two former titans of New England sports radio discuss John "Dino" Dennis, the news media, politics, Trump, movies, who should apologize to whom, Rich Kelleher, whose parents' deaths were more tragic, and more. This episode is worth skipping your yoga class. 

Oct 04, 2019
Kirk Minihane's New Studio Is Hot and Sweaty

Kirk Minihane has moved into his new studio, just like his producer promised. Steve Robinson meets the downstairs neighbor. A guest doesn't pan out as planned. The boys play some prank calls and discover that the WEEI morning show got hoaxed hard by "Mo Chanel." The media is salivating over the prospect of violence at screenings of The Joker. Blind Mike stalks his white whale... Francesa. Mike's lock of the week is the Eagles. Dave Cullinane is mad at Minihane and no one knows why. 

Oct 03, 2019
Kirk Minihane Laughs in the Face of a Dave Cullinane Guy

Just over a year ago a crazed activist hell bent on destroying Kirk Minihane nearly drove him to the brink of insanity. Now, Minihane is laughing in his face. In today's episode, Minihane responds to millionaire left-wing radical Bob Murchison's latest pathetic attempt to give his life meaning by tormenting the people with whom he disagrees. The new tactic is to send supporters of the Kirk Minihane Show a collection of greatest hits from this very podcast. The KMS boys can't decide whether Bob is auditioning for an internship with Minihane or trying ruin more lives. One thing is clear though: Bob is a Minifan. (Also, he might be a Dave Cullinane guy...)

Oct 02, 2019
Kirk Minihane Does Not Heart Bob Hearts Abishola

Kirk Minihane has abandoned Bob Hearts Abishola. The once-promising CBS sitcom has lost its charm after only one week. As such, Minifans are released from their sworn obligation to watch the show loyally. Minihane spends the morning jiggling church doors. WEEI, the Entercom station that once employed our own Podcast Jesus, is consumed with paranoia, infighting and conspiracy theories thanks to Blind Mike and the Minifans. Hillary Clinton tells us to leave Joe Biden alone. Shane Gillis might come on the show? Someone in Vietnam is trying to sell bootleg Minifan t-shirts. Minihane gets a lesson in gender theory from his new favorite podcast, Gender Reveal. 

Oct 01, 2019
Kirk Minihane Wants to Talk to His Enemies

The Minifans have responded to Kirk Minihane's call to action and the result is dozens of confused sports talk radio hosts across the country. "What are you doing?" is the new social, political, and philosophical sensation sweeping the nation. The Boston Globe goes to war against jeans, meat, and Netflix. As Minihane and Blind Mike predicted, the SJWs have come for Eddie Murphy. Did his early apology give him cover? Or will his SNL invite eventually get pulled? Bob Hearts Abishola, the beloved CBS sitcom, is facing charges of racism. Plus: A media blogger says if you go watch The Joker you're only encouraging domestic terrorism. 

Sep 30, 2019
Kirk Minihane with Artie Lange

Kirk Minihane talks to a two-million-dollar man. That's how much money Artie Lange was able to keep after a roller-coaster career, multiple brushes with law enforcement, and battles with heroin, meth, and cocaine addictions. Lange talks about his encounters with Andrew Dice Clay, Lorne Michaels, Norm Macdonald, and more. Blind Mike gets to the bottom of Lange's nose: Did he really snort glass? The crew also learns that Lange's relationship with Howard Stern is good (right now) and prostitutes are surprisingly accurate with hypodermic syringes. Find more info about Artie's tour here:

Sep 27, 2019
Kirk Minihane Wants to Know What You Are Doing

After spending four hours on hold and prank calling every radio show in New England, Blind Mike is triumphant. But not for long. Kirk Minihane recaps Mike's performance yesterday while his white whale -- Mike Francesa -- roams free. The crew reacts to Feitelberg's take on the Des Moines Register trying to ruin some normal guy's life. KFC and Carrabis say Minihane is the grandfather of Barstool Sports. Plus, Kirk Minihane wants to know what you're doing. Literally. We called everyone. 

Sep 26, 2019
Kirk Minihane Is Glad He Didn't Have Twitter at 16

A reporter for the Des Moines Register dug up some old tweets from a man who is raising millions of dollars for a children's charity, and we all agree that's a dirtbag move. But what if a Minifan did the same thing to one of Minihane's enemies? That's the conundrum facing the Kirk Minihane Show today. Cousin Mike joins the show to talk about... Tony Kornheiser, whether Minihane can keep his cool during the Trial of the Century, and his often contentious relationship with his son, Dave Portnoy. Minihane's old casting couch pal Trenni Kusnierek shares some Antonio Brown hot takes on WBUR. Former Minifan President MHB drops in to tell hilarious jokes, slander Steve Robinson, and defend his honor. The Minifans respond to Minihane's call to action. 

Sep 25, 2019
Kirk Minihane Declares War on The Minifans

Kirk Minihane has had it with the Minifans. In the middle of his Culture War, when they're supposed to be prank calling other radio shows, generating content, and embarrassing his enemies, they are instead obsessing like nerdy high school kids over Blind Mike's fake groupie. Enough. Also on today's show: Fox News apologizes after The Daily Wire's Michael Knowles calls Swedish environmentalist Greta Thunberg a "mentally ill six-teen-year-old," the boys re-cap the premier of Bob Hearts Abishola, and The Emmys fall to the lowest rating ever recorded. 

Sep 24, 2019
Kirk Minihane on NBC and the Persistence of Traditional Masculinity in News Media (Also Gerry Callahan Calls In)

NBC News was triggered by a few comments on a Barstool Sports story about Antonio Brown. In response to that hit piece, Kirk Minihane would like to remind you that NBC is the former home of Bill Cosby, Matt Lauer, Mark Halperin, and other well-known feminist heroes. He'd also like to remind you that NBC News President Noah Oppenheim spiked Ronan Farrow's story about Harvey Weinstein because he wanted to sell a screenplay. So who has the toxic office culture? Also on today's show: Gerry Callahan makes his first appearance, Blind Mike has a groupie, and Bob Hearts Abishola. 

Sep 23, 2019
Kirk Minihane Hosts the First Annual Steve Robinson Red Hot Dog Eating Contest

The day we've all been waiting for: The long promised hot dog eating contest. Will Steve Robinson prove himself or will the house of lies he's built come crashing down? But first: Minihane's old sports radio competitors stepped up to question a Boston Globe columnist about his paper's flagrant hypocrisy on the Antonio Brown story and KFC proves he's truly fallen down the Minifan rabbit hole. 

Sep 20, 2019
Kirk Minihane Adopts Ellie Schnitt

Kirk Minihane has another daughter today after podcast titan Ellie Schnitt, host of Schnitt Talk, accepted his offer of adoption. The pair are now united and allied against their mutual enemies at Barstool Sports. Boston Globe columnist Shirley Leung is back with an outrageous public radio interview where she achieves previously unknown levels of hypocrisy while talking about Antonio Brown and Jeff Epstein. WBUR's Jim Braude makes a surprise guest appearance. Tomorrow is the  First Annual Steve Robinson Hot Dog Eating Contest and Robinson isn't nearly excited enough. 

Sep 19, 2019
Kirk Minihane Talks to Former Dog Owner Dave Portnoy

Kirk Minihane has had a tumultuous couple of months at Barstool Sports, but things might be moving toward peace time. That's the key takeaway from Minihane's morning chat with Barstool founder and former dog owner Dave Portnoy. Although Portnoy admits that Team Minihane has been right about every single disagreement and conflict they've had with management since June, he refused to apologize, probably because he's still dealing with the grief of his dog dying -- grief that has been exacerbated by devious Minifans. Also on today's show: Minihane tries to process a vicious and unprovoked attack from podcast titan Ellie Schnitt, Steve Robinson forces some Ben Shapiro on Minihane, and the trial of the century -- Mayor Curtatone v. Minihane -- looms large. 

Sep 18, 2019
Kirk Minihane: Feitelberg Is Wrong About the PC Culture War, I'm Starting to Hate Him

Kirk Minihane reacts to Saturday Night Live's decision to fire comedian Shane Gillis over incendiary jokes he told on a podcast. Has PC Culture claimed another victim or did SNL do the right thing? Regardless, one thing is clear: Feitelberg doesn't care. According to his commentary in today's KFC Radio, the whole PC mob and cancel culture are vastly overrated and comedians like Dave Chappelle are just hung up on it. Minihane disagrees. Plus, Sports Illustrated published an overblown story about Antonion Brown. Here's the lede: Brown's an asshole. 

Sep 17, 2019
Kirk Minihane Loathes the Boston Globe

Kirk Minihane loathes the Boston Globe and all of their dishonest, unethical, and shoddy writers. From Red Sox-worshipping profiles to inane Antonio Brown hot takes, the Globies are really outdoing themselves lately. The John Henry sports media conglomerate continues chugging along and most everyone looks the other way. Blind Mike defends the latest addition to Saturday Night Live. Joe Biden spins another yarn about his arch nemesis Corn Pop. The New York Times reignites a vicious smear campaign against Justice Brett Kavanaugh -- followed by an embarrassing correction. The wheels are in motion for the First Annual Steve Robinson Hot Dog Eating Contest, but Robinson isn't very confident. By the way, Kirk Minihane is a great father. 

Sep 16, 2019
Kirk Minihane, ft. KFC

Barstool Sports' KFC joins the Kirk Minihane Show to talk about sports talk radio, Dave Portnoy, the corporate transformation of Barstool, his parking ticket problem, his feud with Minifan Show host MHB, and more. In the end, there can be no doubting KFC is a thoroughbred Minifan. 

Sep 13, 2019
Kirk Minihane Investigates #Snappergate

Kirk Minihane doesn't care about Caroline Calloway -- or Instagram, for that matter. He's far more interested in new developments in the budding bromance between Rich Kelleher and MHB and the simmering feud between MHB and his alleged doxxer KFC. It's all Minifan madness. Plus: More Antonio Brown fall out, Blind Mike talks shit about a disabled man, Minihane schedules a hot dot eating contest to see what Robinson is made of, and a Weymouth superintendent goes to war against school spirit. 

Sep 12, 2019
Kirk Minihane on Antonio Brown

Kirk Minihane addresses the rape accusation leveled against controversial New England Patriots wide receiver Antonio Brown by his former trainer. Minihane predicts Brown will never play as a Patriot. Minihane gets a refresher course on the top Barstool Sports podcasts, Schnitt Talk and Call Her Daddy, and responds to Dave Portnoy's comments on Barstool Radio yesterday regarding the Kmarko flap. A new bad radio personality enters the world and a Blind Mike character is born. Minihane teases a big show announcement. 

Sep 11, 2019
Kirk Minihane Is Two-Faced and Steve Robinson is a Dick: Barstool Sports Editor-in-Chief

Barstool Sports Editor-in-Chief Kmarko calls Kirk Minihane "two-faced" and Steve Robinson "a dick" during an on-air exchange about a censored blog post. While Kmarko stopped shortly of offering up a richly deserved apology, he did at least admit he was wrong and that he treated Robinson like a dick. Also on today's show: Robinson gets pranked hook-line-and-sinker by DEC posing as Drunk John Dennis, Kelleher v. Cullinane fall out, and the Boston Globe continues to run cover for the baseball arm of the John Henry Conglomerate.

Sep 10, 2019
Kirk Minihane Gets the Rich Kelleher Experience

Kirk Minihane is chaffing at the editorial oversight of Barstool Sports, but that's barely even a blip in today's episode of the Kirk Minihane Show. The real headline? Rich Kelleher is fucking crazy. Two heavyweights of the Minifan Universe, Dave Cullinane and Kelleher, squared off today live and in person. Were we worried that one of them brought a gun? Yes. Are we still worried? Yes. Is Blind Mike dead somewhere right now. Chances are good. But the King of the Crazies wouldn't have it any other way. 

Sep 09, 2019
Kirk Minihane with Andrew Dice Clay

Kirk Minihane talks to Andrew Dice Clay about his career, modern comedy, PC culture, Muhammad Ali, Rodney Dangerfield, Dave Chappelle, Michael Jackson, Bill Cosby, Jerry Seinfeld, Howard Stern, banana juice, fatherhood, and life. Also, Blind Mike is there. 

Sep 06, 2019
Kirk Minihane Doesn't Give a Fuck About Climate Change

CNN's climate change town hall last night was a spectacle in pandering bullshit. From Joe Biden's bloody eyeball and Kamala Harris wanting to ban plastic straws to Mayor Pete's invocation of WWII, all Kirk Minihane saw was a cast of raving buffoons. He was much more interested in Steve Robinson's history of competitive hotdog eating and a new fan podcast all about him -- and a little bit about Blind Mike. William Bendetson joins for some insights into death and football. The Boston Globe published a new story claiming that subtle post-#MeToo discrimination against women in the workplace is now more "insidious" than the good ole days of Harvey Weinstein, Charlie Rose and Matt Lauer (all future guests on The Blind Mike show, by the way). 

Sep 05, 2019
Kirk Minihane Hearts Chick-fil-a

Professors at the University of Kansas are trying to run Chick-fil-a off campus in the name of inclusivity, but Kirk Minihane just wants some waffle fries with a side of good Christ-like politeness. The humorless "journalist" class collects another scalp over a three-year-old Facebook joke. Blind Mike's mom is fair game again now that he's got a lucrative contract from Barstool Sports. Minihane is starting to think Steve Robinson is a psychopath. The boys have decided on a new network television show to watch together. Plus, Blind Mike's got a new podcast idea. 

Sep 04, 2019
Kirk Minihane Ponders Blind Mike's Fate

Kirk Minihane had a rough Labor Day weekend. While most Americans were drinking beer and playing corn hole, Minihane was dealing with one crazy after another in this bizarre cult he's running. Former interim producer turned freelance sales specialist Dave Cullinane went off the deep end and threatened to quit running Minihane's Instagram for free. MHB had his livelihood threatened by some insane internet troll. Blind Mike's negotiations with Barstool Sports are not going well and Minihane's not happy to be in the middle of it. Also today: More fall out from Dave Chappelle's Netflix comedy special, racism at Starbucks, and the boys search for a new network television show they can watch together. 

Sep 03, 2019
Kirk Minihane is Worried, Aunts & Aunts, and Blind Mike's New Character

Kirk Minihane is getting worried about his former/interim producer turned junior assistant sales associate. Is it time to have him back in for an on-air intervention? Minihane fights Steve Robinson over religion and winds up discovering the hidden realm of inter-faith comedy. Do you have aunts or aunts? Another American governor wore blackface, so what now? A terrible new podcast becomes a blessing in disguise as Blind Mike's latest character is born. 

Aug 30, 2019
Kirk Minihane Was Born to Dance

We've got photographic evidence of Kirk Minihane's childhood dancing. Barstool's college football guy joins the show to defend his pals. The Minifan Show dominates Barstool Radio as MHB, a.k.a. Fat Jon, is doxxed. Bad prank phone calls. Plus, you won't believe the wacky deal one Boston area food joint is touting. 

Aug 29, 2019
Kirk Minihane is a Bed Bug

Kirk Minihane has plenty of experience with spineless whiney journalists who run around ruining the lives of those who dare question them. So when New York Times columnist Bret Stephens stomped on a professor for comparing him to bed bugs, Kirk paid special attention. On this epic episode of the Kirk Minihane Show, Minihane takes on the privileged elite in the media, his frenemies at Barstool, his former interim producer, and a few people who just looked at him funny. 

Aug 28, 2019
Kirk Minihane Battles Blind Mike Over Dave Chappelle, Louis C.K. and #MeToo

Dave Chappelle's new Netflix special is facing criticism from all corners, which means Blind Mike is asking the important question: Why is Louis C.K. getting such a bum rap? On today's episode, Kirk Minihane discovers Steve Robinson's tattoo, we learn something life-changing about Minihane, and the boys find a new cheesy radio segment. Plus reaction to the John McAfee interview, President Trump's new primary challenger, and an important update on Blind Mike's career. 

Aug 27, 2019
Kirk Minihane Talks Sex, Love, and Justice with Presidential Candidate John McAfee

Whale fucking. Shit play. Murder. Just a few of the topics that came up in Kirk Minihane's wild conversation with entrepreneur and political prisoner John McAfee.

Aug 26, 2019
Kirk Minihane Is the King of the Crazy People

Golf champion Kirk Minihane has cured prostate cancer, but he's trying to stay humble. On today's podcast, the boys reflect on a wild week filled with tragedy and ultimately triumph. Benjamin Allbright, the man who almost got Dave Portnoy to fire Steve Robinson and Kirk Minihane, has apologized. Kind of. MHB's mind unravels before our very ears. 

Aug 23, 2019
Kirk Minihane and the Curious Case of Benjamin Allbright

A wild week for the Kirk Minihane Show became curiouser and curiouser last evening as the boys dined and gambled at Foxwoods. Minihane provides the latest on what should be the final resolution to the Benjamin Allbright saga. Blind Mike and Steve Robinson tore it up last night with some Minifans. Mike tells a story about Mama Geary that doesn't do as he planned and walks us through is riveting phone call with Dave Portnoy. 

Aug 22, 2019
Kirk Minihane: Real American Hero

Kirk Minihane is a real American hero. Just ask the Minifans who have been sliding into Uncle Chaps' DMs. On today's episode, Minihane relishes in providing Barstool Radio with yet another day of wall-to-wall controversy and content. We revisit Dave Portnoy's assessment of the "Minihane Situation" and Chaps is a changed man after a few calls from the Minifans. Blind Mike is again on the ropes, some might say destitute. So now he's whoring himself out on Cameo like he's no better than Brian Scalabrine. At the end of the day, Minihane knows who are is friends and who are his enemies. 

Aug 21, 2019
Kirk Minihane's Achievements Are Unquestionable

You will learn a lot you didn't know about Kirk Minihane on today's episode. From outer space to presidential assassinations, he's seen it all -- and don't you dare fucking question him. Minihane reacts to Zero Blog Thirty's defense of a Colorado radio host. A whale of a Pittsburgh radio host picks a new fight with Blind Mike. Minihane finds a new show that he actually likes. We find out that Minihane has been spending his spare time working on a novel, but he won't tell us his pen name. The Minifans' madness reaches a boiling point. 

Aug 20, 2019
Kirk Minihane Still Has a Job (We Think)

Kirk Minihane and his team caused some trouble over the weekend by investigating a story and asking questions. On today's show, Minihane reacts to the fallout on social media and at Barstool Sports, and ponders his future. Minihane and Blind Mike discover new bad radio to love -- or hate. Still no baby Cullinane, but he's ready to step up when Steve Robinson gets fired. 

Aug 19, 2019
Kirk Minihane Thinks Dave Portnoy Will Be President of the United States

Kirk Minihane is back from his semi-vacation in Maine to address a busy week in the Barstool world. First, Minihane is anti-union and it has nothing to do with his fat contract and swollen bank account. This is about principle. The fracas between the Union Buster formerly known as Davey Mouse and AOC has Minihane making a bold prediction: Dave Portnoy will one day be the Commander-in-Chief. Minihane makes two big show announcements, Blind Mike inches closer to a contract, and a sports radio host from Colorado decides to go to war with the Minifans. 

Aug 16, 2019
Kirk Minihane Grows the Team

Former/interim producer and salesman extraordinaire Dave Cullinane returns with one last pitch to join the Kirk Minihane Show. Minihane does his best to instigate civil war amongst his minions.

Aug 15, 2019
Kirk Minihane Empties the Mailbag

Kirk Minihane is a man of the people. So every once in a while he likes to answer all the listeners' questions. On today's mailbag edition of the show, Minihane talks about his financial relationship with Barstool Sports, fields complaints from Blind Mike and Steve Robinson, and previews future developments in the Kirk Minihane World. Plus we learn about that time Mike masturbated in a public restroom. 

Aug 14, 2019
Kirk Minihane Takes on Esquire's "15 Best Sports Podcasts of 2019"

Esquire magazine is apparently still a thing. We only know this because the editors put out a list of "The 15 Best Sports Podcasts of 2019" and completely ignored every Barstool Sports podcast. On today's episode, Kirk Minihane listens to the shows Esquire thinks are "the best" and Blind Mike breaks out his NPR voice. 

Aug 13, 2019
Kirk Minihane Takes the Boys to Miltons

Kirk Minihane was delighted to take Blind Mike and Steve Robinson to Miltons at Chestnut Hill for a little clothes shopping and shop talk. There's nothing he enjoys more than spending time outside of the studio with his dedicated team of professionals. Well, he might enjoy breaking down Willie Colon's appearance on Good Morning America more. 

Aug 09, 2019
Kirk Minihane Searches for the Worst Radio in America

Kirk Minihane is a fiend for bad radio. He loves it more than Blind Mike loves getting one-on-one time with his dad. Today we scour the world of shitty morning radio shows for Minihane to critique. From hilarious prank phone calls to interviews with psychics, Minihane offers his candid assessment of some of the best morning radio in major markets. On a related note, Minihane reacts to the MAJOR news from his old employer, Entercom (no, not the missed revenue target and the collapsing share price): The newly announced release at some unnamed point in the future of 65-hours a week of high-quality sports content! We're all thinking it: Minihane really regrets coming to Barstool...

Aug 08, 2019
Kirk Minihane Declares Victory Over Dave Portnoy

Kirk Minihane has won the battle, but will Dave Portnoy join him in the war? Minihane talk dominated two hours of Barstool Radio yesterday after he told some hard truths on The Kirk Minihane Show. Today, Minihane recaps his contentious fight with Portnoy, declares victory, and gives his fans insight into what comes next. Also, Blind Mike is getting paid and Greg Hill is still on the air. 

Aug 07, 2019
Kirk Minihane Blasts Dave Portnoy

The activist who successfully cowed Kirk Minihane's old employer into ruining the top-rated morning drive program in New England has followed him to Barstool. Following a tense interview Monday on Barstool Radio about the activist, Minihane isn't pleased with Dave Portnoy. 

Aug 06, 2019
Kirk Minihane Isn't Afraid of Bob Murchison

Some people delight in causing misery for others. Bob Murchison is one of those people. For nearly three years, Bob has stalked Kirk Minihane and tried to ruin his life. On today's show, Minihane talks about the one year anniversary of his institutionalization, his struggle against lunatic activists, and the "state of the union" now that he's at Barstool Sports. 

Aug 05, 2019
Kirk Minihane is Fighting Dark Forces

War has broken out in the Kirk Minihane World. Minifan Show Host MHB, following his poetic decapitation at the hands of Minihane's producer, is rattled but bent on revenge. The first week of The Greg Hill Show on WEEI has been a wild success -- for Minihane. Arch nemesis Shirley Leung, an activist who works for the Boston Globe, has returned with her second "This is Racist" column of the week. Now, the Boston Herald is in her crosshairs over a punny front-page splash. War of Roses returns. Minihane's ominous ending note will linger over the weekend. 

Aug 02, 2019
Kirk Minihane Loves Poetry

Kirk Minihane sets out to explore new feuds in the Minifan World and ends up discovering his love of poetry. The guy from Saved by The Bell is apologizing for expressing his opinion on a hot button issue. Blind Mike is ratcheting up his efforts to get paid, but Minihane's not ready to fork over his own credit card. The worst morning radio show in history sinks further with the worst interview of the most boring person in Boston. Maybe someone could chronicle the fall of WEEI in some form of literature? 

Aug 01, 2019
Kirk Minihane Gives Mercy to Blind Mike

Kirk Minihane is a benevolent man. He displayed it today with his motherly gentleness towards Blind Mike after yesterday's outbreak of fake news. We learn how fond Minihane is of dead air... when he hears it on his old station. Kirk enjoys some Big Time Baseball. Blind Mike impresses us all with his super human grasp of American history. A still unshaven Steve Robinson sneaks in a honeymoon story. Now, more than ever, the crew needs sensitivity training. 

Jul 31, 2019
Kirk Minihane is Obsessed

Kirk Minihane is obsessed and he's done pretending. Is it healthier for him to move on from the WEEI debacle? Would it be better for his new Barstool Show? Would it help is old friends? Yeah, maybe. But he doesn't care. He's enjoying the talentless misery his enemies are choking on right now. Plus, Joe Rogan is in hot water (maybe?) over his opinions on gender issues. Steve Robinson refuses to shave until Blind Mike gets paid. Kirk explores Mike's mommy issues. 

Jul 30, 2019
An Addendum to the July 30, 2019 Episode of the Kirk Minihane Show

This is an addendum to the July 30, 2019 episode of The Kirk Minihane Show submitted with apology to Cris Cyborg. The offer to let her punch Blind Mike for charity stands. 

Jul 30, 2019
Kirk Minihane Roasts His Old Station's New Show

WEEI has added a new chapter to their remarkable story of self-destruction, and Kirk Minihane is enjoying it like a true professional. Minihane and Blind Mike pan the debut of The Greg Hill Show and explore the new developments in liberal activists' war on entertaining radio. A nemesis from the Boston Globe has returned with a pathetic -- and entirely predictable -- take on craft beer. Minihane reviews the new Tarantino flick. Minihane's long-forgotten producer (no, the other one) returns to America. 

Jul 29, 2019
Kirk Minihane Says His Goodbye's To His Interim Producer As Only He Can

Kirk Minihane has had to battle through three weeks with an interim producer while his actual producer has been out on a delayed honeymoon. As only Kirk can, he says his goodbye's by doing an impression of his interim producer talking to his real producer in varying different accents. You'll either love it or hate it but Kirk doesn't care anyway.

Jul 26, 2019
Kirk Minihane Is Not Happy with Blind Mike; Linda Marks Catalog; A Real Estate Genius Emerges
Kirk Minihane came in Thursday in a mood and in true Kirk fashion, as soon as he finished his first Roman read (thank you Roman! Go to, he unleashed on Blind Mike for authorizing t-shirt designs without his approval. The guys also dive deep into the Linda Marks catalog and Interim Producer Dave is forced to relive a pitch he made to Kirk before the Barstool experience launched.
Jul 25, 2019
Kirk Minihane Facilitates An On-Air Interview Between The People's CEO Erika Nardini & Blind Mike
After months of badgering, Kirk Minihane caves to Blind Mike and gets him a job interview on the show directly with CEO Erika Nardini. Mike pitches himself like only he can. The guys also talk about Linda Marks beautifully moving tribute song to David Ortiz.
Jul 24, 2019
Kirk Minihane Finally Talks To His Dream Guest: Brandi Love

Ratings. Wealth. Taking down phony journalists. They all used to mean something to Kirk Minihane but not today. Today, Kirk gets to live out a dream. A dream that almost happened some time ago but wasn't meant to be. That dream was talking to in his words, "the greatest actress who ever lived." That can only be one person. The lovely Brandi Love.

Jul 23, 2019
Kirk Minihane Has A New Enemy But Loves Her Radio Bits

Kirk Minihane has done a lot of things on the radio but scripted radio bits isn't one of them. Today, Kirk examines the ultimatum for Blind Mike and speculates on whether a certain radio talent within the Entercom walls is responsible for it. Kirk and Mike proceed to analyze a wacky radio bit and showcase their ability to do it themselves. They also discuss the unnecessary backlash towards Sean Spicer at the PawSox game, Eddie Murphy's possible $70 million Netflix deal & much more.

Jul 22, 2019
Kirk Minihane Challenges OJ Simpson's Attorney on His Aggressive Response to Kim Goldman

Kirk Minihane interviews Malcolm LaVergne, attorney for OJ Simpson. LaVergne has been outspoken on his criticism of Kim Goldman, host of the Confronting OJ Simpson Podcast. Kirk challenges LaVergne on his response to Goldman given all that she and her family have gone through. Kirk also discusses Jared Carrabis doubling down on his statement that he introduced Kirk to podcasting and the guys share breaking news about Blind Mike's employment situation.

Jul 19, 2019
Kirk Minihane Has Jared Carrabis To Thank For His Career; Recaps the Willie Colon Spat And Responds To Shirley Leung's Embarrassing Interview

Kirk Minihane, a man who has been at the top of the radio mountain, apparently has one person to thank for that success... Jared Carrabis. Kirk responds to the fallout from his fight with Willie Colon and goes through embarrassing audio of a Shirley Leung yesterday where she tries to argue ratings were the reason for the removal of Gerry Callahan.

Jul 18, 2019
Kirk Minihane Played Nice at HQ But Willie Colon Wasn't Having It

Kirk Minihane kept his head down and did what was asked of him. Known for being a team player, Minihane made numerous appearances across Barstool Radio yesterday, highlighted by CCK, where Willie Colon made the uncomfortable decision to try to intimidate Minhane but failed miserably. Today, Minihane and Blind Mike discuss the trip to New York and have it out with Willie in a simulcast of The Kirk Minihane Show and (soon to be Kirk's next show) Barstool Breakfast.

Jul 17, 2019
Kirk Minihane is Better Than 60 Percent of Barstool, Recorded at Barstool HQ with KFC

Kirk Minihane took a train to New York City to finally get a competent co-host, and is joined by KFC to talk about Merloni, Francesa, Erika's email to the entire company, Call Her Daddy, Mikey's cousin, Dave's vacation, heroine on 7th avenue, and all the other related Barstool gossip. Kirk has a very busy day ahead of him with the Barstool Gold AMA that he is very much looking forward to. Sorry to Kirk's producers. 

Jul 16, 2019
Kirk Minihane Reacts To His Friend Gerry Callahan's Departure from WEEI

Kirk Minihane spent years helping set the dialogue for the city with Gerry Callahan. Today, Kirk reacts to Fridays news that he predicted, that Entercom & WEEI are parting ways with Gerry. Kirk goes deep on where he places blame for the crumbling of WEEI, raging against Entercom management, the activist Bob Murchison, the Boston Globe and the Red Sox.

Jul 15, 2019
Kirk Minihane Details His Old Employers Ratings Trouble, Blind Mike Is A Marketing Genius And The Minifan World Was Hacked

Kirk Minihane felt compelled to address the dramatic ratings drop of his old employer. He turned over the marketing keys to Blind Mike for the his upcoming Barstool Gold AMA, Mike revisits Hour 2 of the Michelle Carter Documentary, Angry Bagel Guy Has More Videos Out There And A Minifan Crosses a Line.

Jul 12, 2019
Kirk Minihane Thinks Michelle Carter is A Vomit, Loves The One Man Thrillride And Is Really Looking Forward To His New York Trip Next Week

Kirk Minihane demanded that his sidekick Blind Mike and interim producer Dave Cullinane watch the HBO documentary 'I Love You, Now Die.' He discusses his hatred of Michelle Carter while balancing Mike's defense of her. He also discusses recent turmoil with Barstool over promotion and the guest booking process, two things that truly can only help the show. He wraps up by getting such a bad pitch by his irrelevant interim producer to include the One Man Thrillride in the show, that he now loves the One Man Thrillride.

Jul 11, 2019
Kirk Minihane Has Had It With A Former Interim Producer, Howard Stern and Guest Booking Protocol

Kirk Minihane struggles as he battles through listening to former interim producer on 'The Minifan Show.' He also dives deeper into Howard Stern's GTD Lecture and plays back Howard's recent rant on Wendy Williams. A little tension forms with Kirk tells his current interim producer to disregard Barstool's Guest Booking Protocol. Oh and Blind Mike likes bad movie talk, if you give a shit about that sort of thing.

Jul 10, 2019
Kirk Minihane on an Old Producers Strange Voicemail & Howard Stern's Leaked 2013 Powerpoint Lecture

Kirk Minihane details a strange voicemail he received from his old interim producer Mark Moroso on July 4th evening. He also discusses the leaked Howard Stern 59-minute video on YouTube with Blind Mike taking aim at the changes The King of All Media has made throughout the years.

Jul 09, 2019
Kirk Minihane Explores Mental Health with Tommy Dreamer

Kirk Minihane's had his own battles with mental health. In today's episode of the Kirk Minihane Show, Minihane talks with legendary pro wrestler Tommy Dreamer. Dreamer takes us inside the strange world of professional wrestling and talks about the time he contemplated taking a gun to WrestleMania for a murder-suicide. 

Jul 08, 2019
Kirk Minihane Gets the Inside Story From Francis Ellis

Kirk Minihane talks to former Barstool Sports employee Francis Ellis about his recent job loss and the blog that set it in motion. (Interview starts at 38:25.) Blind Mike defends himself after a mild attack from the Minifans. Steve Robinson bids the show adieu as he heads to Europe for his honeymoon. Minihane continues to marvel at the universe of madness collecting around him. 

Jul 02, 2019
Kirk Minihane on Francis Ellis, London Baseball, and WEEI Censorship

Kirk Minihane admits he got a little angry last week and went too far in attacking... Gerry Callahan. Minihane accepts the apology of his producer after last week's throw down. Did El Pres make the right call in firing former Barstool Sports writer Francis Ellis? Minihane and Blind Mike disagree. Minihane also disagrees with the decision of his former employer to spike a column critical of Julian Edelman's new documentary. A New York Times story about gender reveal parties pisses Minihane off almost as much as the media orgy over a bunch of millionaires playing baseball in a different country. 

Jul 01, 2019
Kirk Minihane's Producer Will Probably Quit After This

Kirk Minihane's producer tries to put family talk off-limits and Minihane is not pleased. Kingpin Pete returns for more jail talk. What's it like getting arrested with $20k in cash and drugs? What should you smuggle up your ass to get the best value? Which prison work details are the best? What the fuck is mufungo cake? Blind Mike's stand-up routine does not disappoint. Plus Sue O'Connell joins the show for the second time this week, but this time she's facing the imminent cancellation of her own NECN program.

Jun 28, 2019
Kirk Minihane Hates Hypocrites and Panderers

Kirk Minihane is not ready to let the HBO hit piece on Barstool Sports go. He returns for day two with extensive research on Bryant Gumbel's reported history of sexually harassing female co-workers -- and even dangling dead mice in their faces. Minihane sympathizes with Portnoy's disappointment in the NYC crew's attire at the Barstool Awards. After the hilarious stand-up comedy performance Blind Mike delivered on Wednesday, Minihane forces him to prepare his own original routine for tomorrow. Hilarity will ensue. Maybe. Minihane reacts to the first Democratic presidential debate. He was not impressed -- but then again, he can't remember the last time he was. Minihane talks about Bob Kraft's alleged handy plus new faux outrage in Boston media. 

Jun 27, 2019
Kirk Minihane Finds An Enemy in HBO

Kirk Minihane didn't love the pathetic hatchet job Bryant Gumbel and Soledad O'Brien produced last night for HBO on his new employer. Blind Mike joins to break down this sad excuse for journalism. Minihane searches in vane for idiots to defend HBO and explains why he spiked an interview with conservative firebrand Candace Owens after she backed down from a controversial take on flag burning. Fresh off the lucrative sale of his most recent work of art, Blind Mike reveals that he has not met his girlfriend's parents after seven months of dating. Minihane pans his producer's decision to take a 3-week honeymoon in Europe. 

Jun 26, 2019
Kirk Minihane Is Done Playing Nice

Kirk Minihane tried to play nice with his former colleagues, but an unprovoked attack on The Kirk Minihane Show sets him off. Blind Mike joins as Minihane downloads on his old station and its staff. A Minihane lackey scores an interview with Somerville Mayor Joe Curtatone and Minihane grades Minifan Show host MHB's performance last week. Host of NECN's The Take Sue O'Connell explains Gay Reparations to the crew. 

Jun 25, 2019
Kirk Minihane Offers William Bendetson Redemption

New England Patriots beat reporter William Bendetson joins Kirk Minihane in studio for a life changing moment. Bendetson tells his story -- from lost love to college sex, from his biggest Pats scoops to his career as an ambulance-chasing attorney. Minihane reveals that he is now committed to finding Bendetson the woman he will one day marry. Conservative writer Carmine Sabia joins Minihane to defend his claim that President Donald Trump couldn't have possible raped E. Jean Carroll in the mid-1990s because Carroll is ugly and Trump bangs supermodels. Minihane updates us on the contest for his attention playing out among his former producers. One of them ate dog food. The wet kind. 

Jun 24, 2019
Kirk Minihane is a Magnet for Insane People

Week one is in the bag, but Minihane is wondering: Why do crazy people gravitate to him? Minihane talks about some of the things he hates - photographs, traveling, and other people. MHB brings the almost-spiked audio an Ellie Schnitt interview plus newly unearthed audio of Minihane's sports talk days. The battle to shank Minihane's producer and steal his job continues. The crew reflects on the most successful first week in the history of podcasting. 

Jun 21, 2019
Kirk Minihane Survives An Assassination Attempt

A failed assassination attempt, Blind Mike babysits, and a near brush with contagious gingivitis. After Minihane's wildly successful press conference in Somerville yesterday, the crew breaks down what went wrong. Will Minihane's lunatic stalker ruin every public appearance? Is it time to get a restraining order? Minihane is introduced to the brave new world of Barstool Sports' most popular sex-obsessed podcasts. 

Jun 20, 2019
Kirk Minihane is Ready to Go to Jail

Prison butt sex... will Kirk enjoy it? How do chicks squirt? Should Kirk join a prison gang? These are just some of the questions explored on the third episode of the world-famous Kirk Minihane Show. Plus, Getro Man makes his first appearance. 

Jun 19, 2019
Kirk Minihane is the Most Persecuted Journalist in America

Step aside Julian Assange. Go fuck yourself Jim Acosta. Who gives a shit about the Pentagon Papers. The most persecuted journalist in America is Kirk Minihane, host of Barstool Sports' The Kirk Minihane Show.

Following the extraordinarily successful launch of his new show, which immediately ranked #1 in the Sports and Recreation category, Kirk Minihane was the subject of a terrifying campaign of intimidation and anti-First Amendment pigheadedness led by a powerful government official, the mayor of some city in Massachusetts.

In today's show, Minihane reacts to the news that Somerville Mayor Joe Curtatone is suing him and Barstool Sports over his hilarious prank call. From his discovery of the lawsuit to his compelling conversations with his new bosses, Minihane offers the minute-by-minute break down of the most harrowing day of his journalistic career. Will he end up in court? Will he go to jail? Who will his prison boyfriend be?

To answer these questions, Minihane assembles his crack legal team, including Pats beat writer Dave Brown and the inimitable William Bendetson. Blind Mike joins Minihane in-studio to audition as the most important member of the legal team, courtroom sketch artist. 

Jun 18, 2019
Kirk Minihane Has Arrived at Barstool Sports

America's most compelling on-air personality is back. In his debut at Barstool Sports, Kirk Minihane settles some scores with old enemies, telling the truth about his battles with politically correct social justice warriors, the Boston Red Sox and the Boston Globe. Minihane's enemies may have successfully deplatformed him from dying terrestrial radio, but he will have the last laugh. Speaking of laughs... How is Minihane adjusting to his new life as a nomadic podcaster? What kind of porn is he into these days? How long will his new producer endure the abuse? All this and more as Kirk Minihane begins the new saga in his quest to confront everything and captivate everyone. 

Jun 17, 2019
Welcome to The Kirk Minihane Show

The Kirk Minihane Show is a daily podcast from America's most talented on-air personality, featuring Minihane's raw, uncensored commentary on sports, politics, culture, and things that matter. A former prisoner of corporate America, Minihane has been unleashed on an unsuspecting world. No one is safe. The PC culture has silenced many, but Minihane is ready to fight back. There is no other show like this one.

Jun 07, 2019
The Minifans Suck on Ice

Barstool Sports CEO Erika Nardini is thrilled with Kirk Minihane. So thrilled, in fact, that she's asked him to attend the 2020 Barstool Pond Hockey tournament in February. No surprise considering Minihane has shown his keen interest in winter sports activities like ice fishing. Speaking of which: The Kirk Minihane Ice Fishing Expedition has been indefinitely postponed because Minihane is not happy with the fat and happy Minifans. On today's show, Minihane dissects some terrible TV from NESN and ESPN. Plus, a The Big Picture, a movie podcast, stirs a compelling cinematic debate on the show over some famous gangster movies. Red Robingate questions are still swirling after a whistleblower joins the show. 

Dec 04, 2018
Kirk Minihane Names the Designated Survivor for Saturday

After careful consideration, Kirk Minihane has named the designated survivor for Saturday's prayer vigil, the noble individual who will not attend so as to preserve the Minifan legacy should ISIS strike. Blind Mike gets back in the prank call game with a hit on Big Cat's Chicago nemeses. The crew decides to take West Virginia off the board themselves. The Washington Post offers a hagiography for a dead terrorist. President Trump is booed at the World Series. Kanye West is a big Chick-fil-a fan. Steve Robinson might be able to dunk but he's probably still a Russian agent. 

Dec 31, 1899