A Little Forward

By Freeform

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Category: Society & Culture

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Freeform’s A Little Forward is a weekly podcast that kicks down the walls of conformity and spreads truth faster than your late night group text. Hosts Jenny Yang and April Quioh bring their bold perspectives to topics ranging from dating to human rights, including exclusive interviews from the cast of Freeform’s biggest shows. So join them, and our resident “life coach” Matt Bellassai, as they try to tackle life’s messiest problems and move the conversation…a little forward.

Episode Date
1.10: A Little...Dream (w/ Emily Tosta + Niko Guardado)
WE’RE BACK! In this BONUS episode, April + Jenny sit down with the stars of Freeform’s upcoming “Party of 5” series, Emily Tosta + Niko Guardado, to talk all about this fresh take on the classic family drama, how their IRL experiences shaped their characters, and what the American dream looks like today. Plus, everyone’s favorite “life coach” Matt Bellassai is back, and he has some strong thoughts on your friends’ trash opinions.
Sep 16, 2019
1.09: A Little...Seen (w/ Stephen Conrad Moore)
Grab your tissues. It’s our SEASON FINALE and the tears are flowing! This episode, April + Jenny are talking all about the struggles of being seen when you’re The Only One. Then, Jenny sits down with “The Bold Type’s” Stephen Conrad Moore to talk about his love of Bea Arthur, his experience navigating Hollywood as an out, Black actor and how his role on “The Bold Type” helped him become the TV representation he never had. Plus, Matt Bellassai is here to gather your problematic co-workers.
Aug 19, 2019
1.08: A Little...Family (w/ D'Lo)
This week, Jenny + April are getting real about families, babies, and reproductive health with folks whose voices are not typically centered in these conversations.  We sit down with actor and comedian D’Lo to talk about period parties, the importance of chosen family and navigating family planning as a trans, Tamil-Sri Lankan man. Plus, “life coach” Matt Bellassai returns with some sage words for all the men out there.
Aug 12, 2019
1.07: A Little...Self-care (w/ Tracy Clayton)
This week, April + Jenny are checking their emotional bags and getting real about mental health. We sit down with “Another Round” co-host and podcast ICON Tracy Clayton to talk all about how to find (and break-up with) a therapist, developing a healthy relationship with yourself, and the benefits of being bad at arts & crafts. Tears will be shed…specifically Jenny’s. Plus, Matt Bellassai returns to encourage us all to check on our people.
Aug 05, 2019
1.06: A Little...Woke (w/ Zuri Adele)
This week, Jenny + April are tackling all the -isms! We sit down with “Good Trouble” actress and activist Zuri Adele to discuss what it’s like to be born woke, how curiosity helped her find her voice, and get her tips for balancing activism with living your best life. We’re breaking down the walls of what it means to be an activist in 2019 (and probably 2020 tbh)! Plus Matt Bellassai gathers our entire lives to help us avoid getting cancelled.
Jul 29, 2019
1.05: A Little...Social (w/ Ira Madison III)
Put on your scuba gear, kids! This week, April + Jenny are going deep on all things social media. We sit down with “Keep It” podcast host Ira Madison III to reminisce about simpler social times (RIP #pizza), to discuss the art of the thirst trap, and Ira reveals the secret to keeping internet trolls at bay. Plus Matt Bellassai reminds us all to unplug and live our lives IRL every now and then.
Jul 22, 2019
1.04: A Little...Ship (w/ Ashly Perez)
Dating is hard, y’all! This episode, Jenny + April are taking a break from their mothers’ marriage expectations to confront the realities of dating culture. We sit down with YouTuber Ashly Perez to get schooled on relationship learning curves, planning high-concept first dates and the perfect playlist for social stalking your high-school crush. Plus, Matt Bellassai encourages the single among us to find joy in our #SingleStruggle…even if all our friends are out here boo’d up.
Jul 15, 2019
1.03: A Little...Money (w/ Ashley C. Ford)
Money matters and we’re getting real about the bills, money struggles and maintaining your self-respect while you’re on your grind. Jenny and April sit down with writer and educator, Ashley C. Ford for a mind-blowing re-education around money, dignity and knowing your personal value. We’re getting honest, and a little bit emotional tbh, about the joy – and the pain of making money moves. Plus, Matt Bellassai breaks down how to keep things fair and equal when your and your friends’ bank accounts…are way off.
Jul 08, 2019
1.02: A Little...Bold (w/ Hannah Giorgis)
April + Jenny work through their imposter syndrome. Atlantic writer and fellow “The Bold Type” stan Hannah Giorgis stops by to help us shatter all the ceilings. Plus Matt Bellassai shares his love of bathrooms while channeling his inner-Mufasa.
Jul 01, 2019
1.01: A Little...Pride (w/ Sherry Cola)
April + Jenny kick off their inaugural episode with a little pride!  Comedian and “Good Trouble” actress Sherry Cola talks coming out on TV and IRL. Plus “life coach” Matt Bellassai breaks down LGBTQIA labels while refusing to be put in a box.
Jun 24, 2019
minisode 01: A Little…Trouble (w/ Maia Mitchell)
In this exclusive minisode, April stans all things “Good Trouble” with series star Maia Mitchell. Plus April & Jenny give you a little taste of what’s to come this season on “A Little Forward.”
Jun 21, 2019
Coming Soon: A Little Forward
Freeform's "A Little Forward" is a weekly podcast that kicks down the walls of conformity. Hosts Jenny Yang and April Quioh confab about everything from dating to human rights, including exclusive interviews from the stars of Freeform's biggest shows. So join them, and wannabe life coach Matt Bellassai, as they try to tackle life's messiest problems and move society's convo...a little forward.
Jun 18, 2019