By Jonathan Oakes

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Fourplay, presented by Trivial Warfare, is a game show testing your ability to make a connection. Contestants are given four different sets of four words in 2 minute intervals and are challenged to find the connections between the words in each set and then the connection between the sets themselves. Think you have what it takes to be a four time champion? There's only one way to find out. Welcome to FourPlay

Episode Date
Greg Johnson Game 1

We are joined this week by Greg Johnson who is taking on another one of Gary's diabolical puzzles. We have a lot of fun together! Do you think he can solve the connection? 

Here are the clues:

Set 1 - Gate, Tower, Meter, Pollution

Set 2- Angel, Crystal Bernard, Dove, Paul McCartney

Set 3 - Ranger, Third Caray, Mr. Potts, Chocolate

Set 4 - Illinois, Missouri, Massachusetts, Isotopes

Oct 18, 2019
Remy Zane Game 1

We're joined by new contestant Remy Zemy! This is a fun one!

Here are this week's sets of clues.

Group 1 - Wayne Gretzky, Friday, Beale Street Blue Boy, 10 Time Wimbledon Singles Champ

Group 2 - Routing, Judd Hirsch, Prime Example, Dance Song

Group 3 - Elton John, Lynchburg Distiller, Best Actor Oscar Leader, Tiger

Group 4 - Ted Knight, Ruthless People, William Howard Taft, Recent Home Run Derby Winner


Oct 11, 2019
Cheyenne Fletcher Game 4

Cheyenne has made it all the way to his final game. The max number of wins allowed on FourPlay is four, so win or lose this is his Swan Song. Cheyenne has been a fabulous champion and we hope you've enjoyed his episodes as much as we have. 

Here are this week's clues

Steal, Polly, Pretenders, Pokemon

Suit, Scale Extreme, Fields, Sean Connery

Sink, Soup, Clinton Manhattan, Nightmares

Flintsones, Grey, Clean, Shingle

Oct 04, 2019
Cheyenne Fletcher Game 3

We are rejoined by our two time champion Cheyenne Fletcher. He tries to make it three in a row on this set of clues.

Sherlock Holmes, Aardvark, Dorothy Zbornak, Dudley Moore

Escape, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, Causeway, Andrew Dice Clay

The Rock, Orange Roofed Restaurants, Big Train, Henry III, in a way

Ennis, of two sports, Rag Doll, Madea, Bonnie


Good Luck!

Sep 28, 2019
FP14 - Cheyenne Fletcher Game 2

Cheyenne Fletcher returns this week after a great win in his first game. We're going to see if he has what it takes to become a our second ever multi-week champion.

Here are the clues for this week's show!

1. Pitcher, Hatchet, Shannon, Ecstasy

2. Winnie the Pooh, Eyes, Caterpillar, Man

3. Gun, Fat, Monkey, Travolta

4. Skyline, Dog, Pepper, TLC

Good Luck!

Sep 20, 2019
FP13 - Cheyenne Fletcher Game 1

We are joined by a new contestant this week. His name is Cheyenne Fletcher and he's one half of the dynamic duo that runs Questionable Company out of Tulsa Oklahoma. 

Cheyenne's partner Tim has already been on the show and didn't solve his first puzzle. That means Cheyenne only needs one win to establish permanent bragging rights. Listen and find out if he can do it.

This week's Clues are:

Service, Beach Boys, Staff, Aide

Wishes, Milestone, Car, Suit

Tanner, Buffy, Selina Kyle, First Lady

Hilary Duff, the past, Born, Carpenters

Sep 13, 2019
FP12 - Marcus Plaisance Game 2

We are joined once again by our returning champion Marcus Plaisance who is going to see if he can make it two in a row.

Here is today's 4x4:

Chronicle, Hardcore, World, Credit

Mail, Cigarette, Fifth, Napier's Constant

Befuddle, Rommel, Marty, Duchovny

Book, Stake, Groucho, Parlay

Sep 06, 2019
FP11: Marcus Plaisance Game 1

We're joined this week by our latest contestant Marcus Plaisance. Marcus comes to us from Louisiana and is ready to put his brain to the test. Enjoy

This week's clues:

Deprive, Search, Mining, Las Vegas

Coat, Airdock, Wallpaper, Wire

Evade, Short, Hoop, Edge of Town

Berry, Hurl, Taylor, Levi


Aug 30, 2019
FP10 - Tim Edwards Game 1

This week on FourPlay we're joined by Jeopardy contestant Tim Edwards. Tim is a trivia owner and host in Tulsa Oklahoma and today we get to learn how good he is at FourPlay.

Here are the clues from today's game if you want to try it yourself before listening:

Group 1

David Bowie, Kurt Russell, Red, Ceramic


Group 2

Term, Moon, Liquid, Toilet


Group 3

Jennifer Grey, Love, Glen Davis, Sweetheart


Group 4

Maple Leaf, Tabloid, Diss, Dish

Aug 23, 2019
FP9 - Jeremy Cahnmann Game 1

I'm joined this week on FourPlay by trivia guru Jeremy Cahnmann. You can play the same game he did and then listen to the episode to see how it went. Here are the clues.

Release, Johnny Cash, Truck, Shoot

Ignore, Mononoke, Myrtle, Johnny Blaze

Frost, Window, Over, Demi

Soldiers, Smurfette, Pidgeon, Henry

If you want to be a contestant on Fourplay you can sign up at


Aug 16, 2019
FP8 - Nick Groves Game 1

We're joined for by Nick Groves for his first appearance on Fourplay.

You can play along before listening to the show by giving yourself 2 minutes to solve each set of clues below. Good Luck!

Brothers, Steven, Play, Wain

About, Table, Another, Number

Venus, Treat, Tennessee, Ted

Guest, Cross, Wren, Saint.

Aug 09, 2019
FP7 - Katie Short

We're joined today by Katie Short for her first game of FourPlay!

If you want to play along at home before listening you can give yourselves 2 minutes with each set of the clues below:

Jelly, Wine, Crazy, Blossom

Christmas, Lie, Walter, House

Bay, Day, Arrow, Mile

Yellow, Brown, Greens, Gas

Aug 02, 2019
FP6 - Joe Magee Game 1

We're joined this week by new contestant Joe Magee. Let's see if Joe can make the right connections and start our second winning streak!

Jul 26, 2019
FP5 - Paul McLaughlin Game 4

Paul McLaughlin is our first official competitor and he's made it all the way to the 4th game. See if he has what it takes to finish his run on FourPlay without ever taking a loss!

Jul 19, 2019
FP4 - Paul Mclaughlin Game 3

Paul is back take on another 4-pack of clues and see if he has what it takes to be our first ever 3-day champion. Enjoy!

Jul 12, 2019
FP3 - Paul Mclaughlin Game 2

Paul is back with us for his second game. Will he make all of then necessary connections to solve the final puzzle in order to return next week? There's only one way to find out. Enjoy the show!

Jul 05, 2019
FP2 - Paul Mclaughlin

Welcome to FourPlay presented by Trivial Warfare! We had great feedback on the pilot episode and we're looking forward to hitting our stride with weekly shows starting with this week's contestant Paul Mclaughlin. Enjoy!

Jun 28, 2019
FP1 - Gary Middleton

Welcome to FourPlay! This is a pilot episode of a new game that we have in production here at the Trivial Warfare studios. It's a game of connections where one thing always leads to another. Players will be given four sets of four words two minutes apart and will have 10 total minutes to spot the connections in each set and in between the correct answers of each set.

We're joined by Gary Middleton for the pilot episode. Gary will be writing many of our future FourPlay games so I'm very happy to give him a chance to sit in the hot seat first.


Jun 09, 2019