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Mining Poldark is your behind-the-scenes pass to all five seasons of the beloved MASTERPIECE / BBC drama, Poldark. From Captain Ross Poldark’s first smoldering appearance on the Cornish cliffs, all the way to the upcoming fifth season of the series, hosts Barrett Brountas and Robin Ellis — who played the original Ross Poldark in the 1970s adaptation of Winston Graham’s novels — unpack all the adventure and fearless exploits, episode by episode.

Episode Date
Season Five, Episode Eight: The End

And after all of that, we're finally here: the end. Five seasons of copper, chaos and romantic mishaps comes to a touching close on the Cornish shores, and so, too does this podcast. Co-hosts Robin Ellis and Barrett Brountas bid Ross and company farewell one final time.

Nov 18, 2019
Season Five, Episode Seven: Our Penultimate Poldark

Could we really be here? Is there really only one episode of Poldark remaining? We'll ignore the pending goodbye by focusing on Ross, who seems to be continuing his ongoing trend of making questionable choices in the coastal caves. Is he a spy? A traitor? Did we miss something? The verdict is still out.

Nov 11, 2019
Season Five, Episode Six: No Good Ned Goes Unpunished

The British justice system works its harsh way through Col. Ned Despard’s imagined case of treason, ending in a gruesome public hanging. But it’s not all bad news for our heroes this episode. And in a special treat for dedicated Mining Poldark listeners, Andrew Graham — son of Poldark novelist Winston Graham — joins co-host Barrett Brountas in a frank conversation about Cornwall, Ross and real British history.

Nov 04, 2019
Season Five, Episode Five: Drake Makes More Mistakes

Drake has made his fair share of mistakes during his years in and around Cornwall's Sawle village. Several of said mistakes have lead to his near death, multiple times. But never fear, dear viewers and listeners! He's got more mistakes up his blacksmith’s sleeve. 

Oct 28, 2019
Season Five, Episode Four: A Raid On Trenwith

Colonel Ned Despard hasn't been long for Cornwall when he gets it in his head to stage a raid on the great house of Trenwith. It might seem like a good idea, sure — but knowing criminal justice around here, we can't see this working out in his favor. 

Oct 21, 2019
Season Five, Episode Three: George Breaks Free

As Sir George tumbles further down his troubled mental path, his Uncle Cary taps a local doctor with less than healthy healing methods. Thank goodness Dr. Dwight is around to save the day...but who will rescue young Valentine?

Oct 14, 2019
Season Five, Episode Two: Conspiracies Abound

Colonel Ned Despard is a free man again, but vile below-ground conspiracies suggest he won't stay that way for long. Dr. Dwight makes no new friends by defending the rights of a criminally insane, would-be royal assassin, while Sir George Warleggan furthers his descent into grief-stricken madness. Our new Cornish century continues to surprise.

Oct 07, 2019
Season Five, Episode One: Ross Save The King

In this debut episode of the fifth and final season of our series, we meet a slew of new characters, including Ross Poldark, Assassination-Avoider. We’re confused about the series of events that led our rebellious young hero to a life of noble order-keeping, just as we’re also concerned about the arrival on the scene of Colonel Ned Despard, a fellow lusty-warrior type from Ross and Dwight’s time at war.

Sep 30, 2019
Season Four, Episode Eight: Exit, Pursued By A She-Bear

It's a dramatic wrap of a rather heady fourth season of Poldark, with new Warleggans, old flames and fresh tragedy afoot. Elizabeth may not be the most popular of characters, but you can't say she doesn't make up her mind when she needs to. 

Sep 28, 2019
Season Four, Episode Seven: A Foggy Day In London Town

Our heros make way for the British capital, and everyone has a rather jolly good time for a short while. But political intrigue and personal vendettas catch up with Ross and Demelza, and a slimy fellow MP leads to familiar familial tensions between our romantic leads. Horace plays a key role in a lovely moment, though, which helps resolve some of the sore feelings.

Sep 28, 2019
Season Four, Episode Six: A Cornish Homecoming Once More

There's no place like home, and for our Cornish brethren, there's no place like Cornwall. We see Ross, Geoffrey Charles and even Caroline back in Cornwall for a change. (George is back, too, if you care.) It's a rare happy episode, and we're happy to see it during this gloomy season. It will last, surely? Surely?

Sep 28, 2019
Season Four, Episode Five: Ossie, Ossie, Oxen Free

The least-holy of Cornish ministers, the Reverend Ossie Whitworth, is served his just desserts courtesy the cuckolded husband of his sister-in-law mistress. Ross Poldark, MP, gets an invite to meet the Prime Minister, and we wait and watch for what comes next. 

Sep 28, 2019
Season Four, Episode Four: No More Tiny Coffins

Dr. Dwight is correct, as usual, and his tragic diagnosis of baby Sarah comes ominously true. George, too, succeeds in proving everyone wrong, as he buys his way back into Parliament several times over. Might we have a cheerful episode, for a change?

Sep 23, 2019
Season Four, Episode Three: More Verity, If You Please

Remember cousin Verity? She's back in town, and every bit the peacemaker between the rival sides of the Poldark-Warleggan feud. If only she had arrived in Cornwall with a pile of cash — there's trouble at Pascoe's bank, and George is on the hunt.

Sep 23, 2019
Season Four, Episode Two: A Love So Sweet, A Love So Dead

We mourn for Demelza's loss of her poet love, Hugh Armitage, even as we cheer the slow resolution of our favorite Cornish couple. But resolution must come quick — we've got Ross Poldark, MP in store and the halls of Westminster on the horizon!

Sep 23, 2019
Season Four, Episode One: Justice! Reprieve! Cornwall!

Another new season of Poldark means another new series of crises. This time around, we've got hunger, riots and wrongful death sentences. Thankfully, our reluctant hero steps up for a change. Will his noble deeds continue?

Sep 23, 2019
Season Three, Episode Nine: Elizabeth And Ross Step Up

Ross and Elizabeth may be a couple who never can really be, but both step up, separately in a big way. Elizabeth lays it all out for George, who finally puts his (correct) suspicions about baby Valentine away, and Ross accepts his community's call to action for future political obligations. Another season done and dusted — surely no more troubles will befall our heroes next time around?

Sep 16, 2019
Season Three, Episode Eight: George Warleggan, MP?

George Warleggan is elected the Member of Parliament for Truro and Ross Poldark is elected as our least favorite grump who refuses to act. And it's not just in politics where Ross should make moves — his marriage to Demelza is under increasing pressure from the poetic Hugh Armitage, who doesn't seem to have any qualms about stepping in on true love.

Sep 16, 2019
Season Three, Episode Seven: A Long Expected Party

It's party season in Cornwall, as Dr. Dwight and Caroline finally tie the (official) knot and Aunt Agatha Poldark prepares for her 100th birthday. But George Warleggan isn't such a fan of the aged auntie, which leads to the showdown of the century.

Sep 16, 2019
Season Three, Episode Six: Pity Morwenna

As we've all learned in these many seasons of Poldark, whatever romantic couplings seem most correct are often the ones that we, the viewers, cannot ever have. So we're sad to see the young Morwenna Chynoweth and Drake Carne be torn apart by — who else — George Warleggan.

Sep 16, 2019
Season Three, Episode Five: Ross Poldark, Action Hero

Cue the action music — Ross Poldark, reluctant hero, is riding into action in France. He's successful, bringing home Dr. Dwight and the dashing Lieutenant Hugh Armitage, but what ongoing consequences will his recklessness bring?

Sep 16, 2019
Season Three, Episode Four: Bad Times Come To Cornwall

Bad harvests, poor judgements and evil vicars — this is the world that newborn Clowance Poldark has entered in to. Meanwhile, in France, Dr. Dwight does his best to treat his fellow prisoners, leaving us all to wonder when the good times will return to Cornwall.

Sep 16, 2019
Season Three, Episode Three: Spring Break At Trenwith

It's a veritable spring break at Trenwith, as George and Elizabeth and baby Valentine ship off to Truro, leaving Aunt Agatha, Geoffrey Charles and Morwenna home alone. It's a joy, but Ross's French reconnaissance mission is just the opposite.

Sep 16, 2019
Season Three, Episode Two: Ross Can't Quite Say Yes

Generations of Poldarks have been local magistrates, Ross is told — but that line of local service ends with the man from Nampara. Plus, young love is blooming at Trenwith, but prospects look less than rosy.

Sep 16, 2019
Season Three, Episode One: Baby Valentine Comes Early

On this first episode of the third season of Poldark, there's a lot of new blood in Cornwall. Baby Valentine Warleggan arrives, 'early,' and so do two of Demelza's dashing brothers and a kind young Chynoweth cousin. With all the new, Mining Poldark listeners should never fear — Robin Ellis and Barrett Brountas are still here to give the full picture, all season long.

Sep 16, 2019
Season Two, Episode Ten: Unfriendly Village People

An angry mob sets upon Trenwith (and it's not just Ross Poldark). As our second season draws to a close, George and Elizabeth finally wed, Dr. Dwight and Caroline fall back in love and the Cornish villagers ask for justice. Yet another batch of problems seems set to spring up in Cornwall. Come along and unpack with us.

Sep 09, 2019
Season Two, Episode Nine: Many Mornings After

Demelza steps out for a change, and we can't say we blame her — but could anybody blame Elizabeth for waiting for Ross to come back to Trenwith? Everybody waits for Ross, including our co-hosts.

Sep 09, 2019
Season Two, Episode Eight: That One Night

It's perhaps the most controversial episode of the entire five season run of Poldark, and rather than spoil the plot points, we'd say it's important to take a listen as our co-hosts let the episode fully breathe.

Sep 09, 2019
Season Two, Episode Seven: Smuggling Season

Ross goes smuggling, and mostly fails on all fronts — as does Dr. Dwight in his pursuit of Caroline. We learn about the dangers of trusting village strangers, and smuggling remains a bad idea for everybody.

Sep 09, 2019
Season Two, Episode Six: Enter George, Stage Left

If there's a grieving widow, there's a desperate suitor there to claim a prize. George Warleggan swoops in to Trenwith, offering Elizabeth a shoulder to cry on. We'll cry, too, in our latest discussion.

Sep 09, 2019
Season Two, Episode Five: Francis! Francis! Francis!

At the very moment when cousin Francis finally reentered everyone's good graces, he leaves this world behind, drowning in a disastrous mine accident. Elizabeth suggests she still might care for Ross, and our hearts stay broken forever.

Sep 09, 2019
Season Two, Episode Four: New Baby, Old Mines

The old Poldark mine, Wheal Grace, opens its doors yet again, and the Poldark family expands with the addition of wee baby Jeremy. Francis continues to reform, finally accepting Verity's marriage to Captain Blamey. Can the reform streak continue? We'll consider the options.

Sep 09, 2019
Season Two, Episode Three: Poldark Family Reunion

Francis pulls together and hosts a lively harvest celebration, reuniting both sides of the Poldark clan in opposition to the hated Warleggans. Ross, meanwhile, ignores the glad tidings and makes his true feelings known. What is he thinking? We try and sort out the Poldarks in all their confusing complexities, together.

Sep 09, 2019
Season Two, Episode Two: The Trial Of The Century

He's innocent! He's innocent! (Which we all already knew of course, but it's nice to see the 18th Century Cornish justice system agreeing with the facts for a change). But the trial itself is worth a closer look — and our co-hosts do just that.

Sep 09, 2019
Season Two, Episode One: Prison Row Ross

Ross refuses all aid and awaits his judicial fate — and our podcast co-host, Robin Ellis, aka the Reverend Dr. Halse, offers little help. Francis takes his woe into his own hands, and Dr. Dwight meets a bright young thing new to Cornwall. We're back in action, and everything is happening all at once. Welcome to season two!

Sep 09, 2019
Season One, Episode Eight: Beach Bonfires For All
Aug 26, 2019
Season One, Episode Seven: Verity, Verity, Verity
Aug 26, 2019
Season One, Episode Six: Bye Bye, Jim
Aug 26, 2019
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Aug 26, 2019
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Aug 26, 2019
Season One, Episode Three: An Unexpected Proposal
Aug 26, 2019
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Aug 26, 2019
Season One, Episode One: Welcome To Cornwall!
Aug 21, 2019
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Jun 12, 2019