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Category: Religion & Spirituality

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This is the official, authoritative, inspired podcast of the Babylon Bee. Join editor-in-chief Kyle Mann and writer/creative director Ethan Nicolle for a look at weekly highlights, discussing the spiciest topics of the times, the stories behind the stories, and a behind-the-scenes look at the inner workings of America's most trusted source for Christian news satire.

Episode Date
Episode 5: Youth Group

Join editor-in-chief Kyle Mann and creative director Ethan Nicolle for the fifth-ever Babylon Bee podcast. This week's main topic is youth groups.

(3:38) Trump Enraged As Immigrant Child Asks Him For More Gruel

(11:29) Story 2 Joe Biden Promises His Followers Eternal Life

(16:40) Churchgoer Takes A Knee In Protest As Newfangled Chorus Added To Classic Hymn

(24:46) Topic of the Week: Youth Group

(44:12) Hate Mail - With dramatic reading by Dave DeAndrea!


(49:12) Subscriber Exclusive Segment

(52:08)  'Why Doesn't Our Church Have More Programs?' Asks Family That Never Volunteers For Anything

(55:32) Crunched For Time, Pastor Pads Out Sermon With Random G.K. Chesterton Quotes

(1:02:15) Questions this week:

  • How do you deal with the issue that some people will think your stories are real?
  • Why so many bass player jokes?
  • Do you do satire of other religions?
  • Who are the most easily offended in your experience? Conservatives? Progressives? Reformed folks? Prosperity?


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Jul 15, 2019
Episode 4: Submission Hold

Join editor-in-chief Kyle Mann, creative director Ethan Nicolle, and special guest host Frank Fleming for the fourth ever Babylon Bee podcast. And yes, it's that Frank.

Get Frank Fleming's Book, Heckbender (warning, H-E-double hockey sticks is in the actual title). Also, Sidequest is amazing.

(5:26) Trump Enters Konami Code, Gains Infinite Terms

(10:21) Kool-Aid Man Protests Wall

(13:12) Modern-Day Good Samaritan Tweets About Republicans

(20:03) Main topic: Behind the Babylon Bee headline submission process

(42:49) Hate Mail

Bonus Content (Paid Subscribers Only)

(48:14) Punching Grammar Nazis

(56:45) AOC On The Price Is Right


(1:03:02) Q&A

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Jul 08, 2019
Episode 3: Allie Beth Stuckey
  • Join editor-in-chief Kyle Mann and creative director Ethan Nicolle for the third ever Babylon Bee podcast. Besides it being the historical number three episode, this is also the first ever interview, featuring conservative millennial Allie Beth Stuckey.

Here are the week's news stories with timestamp:

(7:06) Ocasio-Cortez Gets Head Stuck In Bucket

(14:00) Liberals Confused By New Medical Procedure

(22:48) Mother Seeks Emergency Surgery To Remove VBS Songs

(30:10) Interview w/ Allie Beth Stuckey

(55:53) Hate mail

(1:03:53) Bonus! (Subscribers Only)

(1:04:43) Church Employs Homeless Musician Thinking He Was New Youth Pastor

(1:12:00) Man Dies Of Old Age In Church Parking Lot

(1:16:26) Q&A 

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Jul 01, 2019
Episode 2: Good Good Fathers

Join editor-in-chief Kyle Mann and creative director Ethan Nicolle for the second ever Babylon Bee podcast. 

NOTE: The day after this episode was recorded, Ethan's book Bears Want To Kill You was put back up on Amazon without explanation. He has no idea why they put it back up, or took it down in the first place, or if it will stay up. 

Here are the week's discussed news stories with timestamp:

Story 1 (5:10) -  Essential Oils For Men Now Available

Story 2 (11:40) - Elizabeth Warren Promises to Cure Smallpox

Story 3 (15:55) - Study: Hate Clicks Are A Major Source Of Web Traffic And Also 'The Princess Bride' Is A Trash Movie That Only Stupid People Like

Topic of the Week (24:10) - Fathers  

Bonus Content (paid subscribers only)

Bonus Story 1 (49:53) - New School Program Raises Awareness Of Things Kids Didn't Know They Were Supposed To Be Offended About

Bonus Story 2 (56:25) - Rookie Mistake: Sound Guy Accidentally Unmutes Background Worship Singers

-Subscriber Q&A (1:02:28)

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Jun 24, 2019
Episode 1: The Bee Origin Story

Join editor-in-chief Kyle Mann and creative director Ethan Nicolle for the first ever Babylon Bee podcast. 

This week's new stories with links:

Sports Illustrated Burkini (5:29):

That Crazy Copeland (12:11)

Trump's Lands Free Chips and Salsa Deal (17:30):

Main Topic: the Bee Origin Story (24:05)

Hate Mail Of The Week: (44:37)

Bonus Content (paid subscribers only)

-Gay Pride Week

-YouTube Radicalizing Left And Right To Have Actual Conversations

-Subscriber Q&A

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Jun 15, 2019