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Scott Needham is the CEO of BuyBoxer, which has the largest catalog of Amazon Prime products in the United States. Over the years, as he has led the technological advancement of Amazon-selling at his company, Scott has accumulated a deep knowledge about selling product online, and now he wants to share his knowledge with you to help you become a better Amazon seller.

Episode Date
Episode 102: To Rebate or not to Rebate
Whether or not to give rebates is a heavy debate in the community. I bring in the founder of rebaid and discuss whether it's a viable strategy today. Interview with Brendon Fields of
May 11, 2021
Episode 101: Traffic you own with Andrew Juarez
The best way to build your sales off of Amazon is to start building lists. This becomes traffic you own and I talk with Drew Juarez who's done this many times. I've seen him work his magic in person and I'm a big fan of what he does and what he has to share.

Get your lists built at
May 04, 2021
Episode 100: Built to Sell with Ben Leonard
Ben built an Amazon business which became one of Thrasio's first acquisitions in the EU marketplaces. We talk about what it means to remove yourself from a business and start with selling in mind. This is in jumping hoops on Amazon and protecting your brands with IP.
Apr 27, 2021
Episode 99: What to do if you're starting on Amazon with nothing at all with @reezyresells
Mike Reezy, AKA @reezyresells has been a longtime Amazon book seller and has grown several businesses including a media business inside his Amazon story. His story definitely will resonate with those in the early stages of starting their Amazon career. He knows retail arbitrage better than most.
Apr 20, 2021
Episode 98: Creating ads that help your customers find their own way to convert with Gabriel goldenberg
Here's the link to the case study. It's quite well documented and you will see that a very natural approach to making sponsored brands a more compelling advertisement.
Apr 13, 2021
Episode 97: The low hanging fruit of Amazon to Shopify followed by a challenge
Jason Miles has been on Shopify for quite some time and has been able to share that success with many others. He also is sharing a challenge for those looking to get started in a profitable and growing Amazon business. Check it out at
Apr 06, 2021
Episode 96: What Did Amazon Do Last Week? With an Amazon journalist Paul Armstrong
Talking with Journalist Paul Armstrong on what it is like to cover the most ambitious company of our generation. Every week Paul gives interesting information regarding the company and helps us have the best of the best. Check it out.
Mar 30, 2021
Episode 95: A $500 million business built in BuyBoxer's backyard with Dan Meszaros
We bring in the GM of BuyBoxer Services to talk about brand building and what you should consider if you're building a brand or you're building many brands. Dan has been instrumental in many successful ecommerce businesses and so we're thrilled to have him lead our services team. to learn more!
Mar 23, 2021
Episode 94: Scaling Retail Arbitrage into Scaling Private Label with James Stein
James Stein of Elevate Brands has the rags to riches story. From starting a retail arbitrage business and scaling that to heights I haven't heard of into buying other private label businesses. This is one of the most natural conversation podcast episodes. We have similarities but a lot of motivational points that left me very entertained and simply just having fun.
Mar 16, 2021
Episode 93: This announcement expires at the end of march! Hurry, a special offer from Amazon
Amazon VAT services are offering something quite unique. Free VAT taxes for a year. Hurry, offer expires at the end of march!!!

Then I'm launching my course. My best ideas organized in one place! Check it out for the early bird pricing!
Mar 11, 2021
Episode 92: What you can do with your second image on Amazon with Ian Bower
Everyone talks about optimizing the primary image, well here's a strategy for focusing on the second image on a product page. These are the best chances to engage with your customer and share your brand.
Mar 09, 2021
Episode 91: Why Amazon SEO is not set it and forget it with Steven Pope of MyAmazonGuy
Excellent episode where we dive in with Amazon SEO Expert Steven Pope on how to get products better attention and love from the Amazon algorithms. Getting products indexed is more important than ever and can help catapult your products to new heights!
Mar 02, 2021
Episode 90: Why Bundles are good for shoppers and sellers. How an Amazon business used this to achieve an 8 figure exit.
I take an deep dive on an electronics seller and how they leveraged existing brands to create better products for shoppers. Wholesaling can act a lot like private label if you have the right creativity.

Check out the Amazon Seller Map here:
Feb 23, 2021
Episode 89: What Happens When Your Product Is Featured On The Frequently Bought Together Page
Today I talk about the Frequently bought together widget on Amazon product pages. The reason we're covering it, is because SmartScout has brought a new tool to the market that uses this to create a unique discovery tool. The traffic graph is very useful for advertisers, product research and competitor research. You find complementary products.

To learn how to redirect Amazon Traffic:

SMARTPODCAST20 for 20% off!
Feb 16, 2021
Episode 88: The Wholesale Formula is here to stay with Dan Meaders
I talk with a long time wholesale expert Dan Meaders who has been a pioneer in teaching other people about the wholesale model of selling on Amazon. His story is uniquely inspiring and I try and figure out what more we can learn.

Dan and his business partner Dylan are actually hosting a Free, Live Workshop event coming up this month where they'll be teaching the reverse sourcing wholesale method they use and much more. Their workshop will be February 17-19. You can register for the the digital live workshop for FREE by clicking the link in the show notes or by going to
Feb 09, 2021
Episode 87: Hello Europe with HelloTax and guest Nick Penev
We are looking to get our business VAT compliant and so I talk with hellotax that specializes in this service for european Amazon sellers. Czech it out!
Feb 02, 2021
Episode 86: Amazon will shut down $50m accounts. Here's how to stay on top with Chris Mccabe
Chris Mccabe is a former Amazonian on one of the if not the premiere expert on Amazon compliance. When my team is looking for expert advice, we turn to see what Chris has to say. To learn more about how to keep our account up, check out
Jan 26, 2021
Episode 85: Game Theory Repricing and how to best win the Buy Box
Today I talk with seller snap, a premiere repricer and talk about the ideas that go into making sure that repricing is in the best spot possible for your products.
Jan 19, 2021
Episode 84: How the little guys beat the big guys on Amazon with Destaney Wishon
I have personally learned some awesome ideas of advertising on Amazon from Destaney Wishon. That's why I'm pleased to bring her onto the show and figure out how to grow and scale advertising. Her stories about how small brands really take it to the limit against larger brands is inspiring on its own.
Jan 12, 2021
Episode 83: Build an Amazon Empire, then flip it! with Greg Elfrink of Empireflippers
Greg Elfrink with the empire flippers team has seen some unexpected growth in 2020. With Covid and the new money that is entering the space it was a delight to hear about the interesting ways that they've seen growth. I personally really enjoyed using empire flippers and learned as much on the show. Enjoy!
Jan 05, 2021
Episode 82: Two heads are better than one. How I run BuyBoxer with a little Help
I was recently asked all the jobs that I've outsourced. This episode I explain away all the things that I do to grow and The key is I don't do it myself but figure out ways to delegate tasks to others that are more skilled or have more time!
Dec 29, 2020
Episode 81: Work smarter, not harder for success on Amazon. How I'm pushing through the busiest month of the year.
Here we are in December and I have several big things that I'm pushing through that can help you learn about scaling your Amazon business.
Dec 22, 2020
Episode 80: Becoming a prophet of profits with connectbook
Nachmann combines Amazon book keeping with software to create connectbooks. Check out this episode and your way of getting a 60 day trial on this.
Dec 17, 2020
Episode 79: Turning Millions of Tiktok Views to Thousands of Amazon sales with Rachel Meaders
What do 15 million TikTok views do for your Amazon product? Well tune in with someone that accomplished this with BuyBoxer's top product from Bondic. A single video turned our product from rank 1500 to rank 100 and put our team to work throughout the holiday season. We talk about perspectives on what can lead to a successful video strategy and how to work with influencers.
Dec 15, 2020
Episode 78: When the Price is Right
A lot goes in to making sure that you're priced just right. You don't want to give up margin, but you also don't want to give up sales. Over the years there's many things I've learned to ensure we have full margin here.
Dec 08, 2020
Episode 77: If you can't build it, buy it. Buying a business with Premara group
Josh and Colin of Premara group talk with me about the details of purchasing Upstreet brands. This is a private label focused group of products with big upside for the future. I talk about the rationale of why we did it, and what working with a broker can do to help bring in sales.
Dec 01, 2020
Episode 76: Chat your way to the top of Amazon rankings with Paul Harvey
Paul Harvey with I have yet to truly unwind the power of using a chatbot for connecting with potential shoppers for our Amazon products. Paul has some expertise here and shows the difference between seller chatbot and manychat.

Check out their website at
Nov 24, 2020
Episode 75: Creating Scroll Stopping Amazon Videos with Jon Reyes
I meet with Jon Reyes of I love Sponsored Brands Videos and so I decided to bring a professional on to talk about how they can create unique branding opportunities and really make a product pop. Jon has made thousands of videos and knows how to make a good video better.

Check out his instagram @ecomvids
Nov 17, 2020
Episode 74: Knowing right product with Trevin Peterson
I have the popular youtuber and Amazon Seller Trevin Peterson with me on the show and we talk about how to select great products on Amazon and how to know if you've got the one.
Nov 12, 2020
Episode 73: Smart Scout | Find the Best Brands
I recently launched some new software and want to share it with all of you. This is what we use to find new brands and is exactly what many Amazon sellers are looking for. How can you be sure that you have found the best? With this tool, you don’t have to fly to trade shows or worry about leaf sourcing to figure out what brands are the best for your category. You get straight to the source and drill down to the best of the best. This tool will help you find the top brands and may even direct you to my own business, Buyboxer, but it won’t be biased because it’s going to help you find what you need.

What this is 2:02
How this is going to help you 4:35
Discount 9:37

“Going head to head against Amazon means lower margins, and this will help you look the other direction. That alone would save you and your sourcing hours at a time.” 3:38

Coupon code: smartpodcast


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Oct 20, 2020
Episode 72: The Difference between a good product and a great product | Mac Schlesinger
I have with me today Mac Schlesinger, CEO and Founder of Best Seller Listers Inc, whose mission is to empower Amazon sellers with the right services, tools, partnerships, and insights for greater success. He gives us some insight into what an A level business would look like, such as needing to be able to get back to the customer with an actual person rather than a bot. Mac suggests laying out the words on your graphic overlays differently than how you do it in your other listings. Customers don’t want to read a page of words and this is why it’s important to focus on EBC, or to make your page look nice and portray your content in a clear and simple way. He tells about using giveaways to boost your brand awareness and get the word out about your products/business.

The difference between B level and A level content 2:09
Graphic overlays 12:03
EBC, Enhanced Brand Content 15:26

“Every writer that I hire, every graphic designer that I hire, I usually go through 10 to 15, sometimes more, until I find the right one because it really has to match my style. When I deliver a listing, it has to be unique.” 28:25

Follow his whatsapp at: 845-288-1740


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Oct 13, 2020
Episode 71: Mo Money Mo Problems | How to Get on the Right Side of a Business Transaction with Chris Shipferling
Today I talk with Chris Shipferling, from Global Wired Advisors, a leading Digital Investment Bank focused on optimizing the business sale process. Years ago, selling an Amazon business was a far cry and wasn’t so easy for people to do, but now it’s much more common and Chris’s company makes the whole process a lot smoother. He recommends getting yourself a good bookkeeper and keeping track of your spending, as well as your tax returns in order to raise the value of your business. After financial organization, you need to ask yourself, what is the goal of your company? We discuss the importance of establishing your brand and having your goals set, so that your product doesn’t look like something you just pulled out 20 minutes before launch. We learn some new terms such as average order value, lifetime value, and consumer acquisition cost. Chris tells us it’s better to spend more on a higher quality firm because it can be the difference of millions of dollars in an acquisition.

Global Wired Advisors’ focus 2:25
What should people do now to increase the value of their Amazon business? 11:47
AOV, LTV, and CAC 21:19
Agregator 30:40

“Who you choose as your intermediary to take you to market, the firm that you choose to represent you in your transaction and your sale, it matters a lot, so don’t take that lightly. And don’t do it on a bargain basis. Don’t say ‘Well this guy is cheaper than the other guy.’ You’re talking about the difference of millions of dollars at stake. I think I want to put it in the hands of somebody who actually has the acumen, has the experience, and knows what they’re talking about.” 28:43

Get a valuation at


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Oct 06, 2020
Episode 70: Sponsored Brands Video | Boost Your Success
In this episode I talk briefly about sponsored brands video, also called video and search, which requires brand registry to obtain, but really allows you to grow your brand. This is a video that will automatically play on the side of your customer’s screen on their phone in order to capture their attention. It has helped my business immensely and I recommend you learn more about it, and then use it for your own business.

Sponsored brands video 1:25
Placement 2:47
Why it’s important to use 5:34
How to make these videos 6:41
Scaling this feature 8:50

“I’ve covered Perpetua quite a bit on video and I really enjoy using the software, but its sponsored brands video was actually a value that I didn’t really use until about month three or four. And now that I run it, I’m telling my team we need to be running this all over the place. This is very effective. It really makes our brands look strong 8:19

Send Scott an Email:
Sep 30, 2020
Episode 69: Robert Wright | Protecting Your Business in a Modern Warzone
Today I speak with Robert Wright, a private label protection lawyer who has helped hundreds of clients across the globe protect their intellectual property on Amazon, Shopify, and other e-commerce platforms. We discuss how the business of Amazon is a warzone and you need to protect your assets, doing what’s necessary to limit your liability. We talk about bulletproofing your brand, which means choosing a trademark that functions as a trademark and that’s available. We mention domains and that you should see if your name is available as a domain, and then Google your brand name to see if anything pops up there. Copywriting is another important step of protecting your business necessary to keep you from future trouble. I tell a story about when I got sued and ended up just reaching a settlement with the plaintiff because of how much goes into a lawsuit, making that the better option.

Robert’s blueprint to help sellers 1:21
First and second steps of the blueprint 7:55
Where to check if a trademark is available 10:40
Third step 11:58
My story of being sued 22:23

“So many people when they launch a business, an Amazon business in particular, they think it’s just a set it and forget it sort of thing. ‘OK, I got the account, I got the trademark. Now I’m just adding products and I don’t need to do anything else.’ Nothing could be farther from the truth. If you’re not always kinda managing and tending your business, making sure that the rights you’ve secured aren’t being infringed upon, aren’t being stepped on by other people, what are you doing? Business is war and it’s death by a thousand razors out there.” 21:40

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Sep 22, 2020
Episode 68: Stef Van Boekel | Operating in Europe
In this episode I talk to the founder of, a European company that helps brands reach their potential without investing in infrastructure, Stef Van Boekel. He works in the European market in countries such as the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, and soon they will be in Sweden and Poland. We discuss the advantages of working in the European market place and what Stef does to focus on his market in these various countries. We talk about what this market needs and the different issues that rise up, such as the language barrier between countries and how to tackle that. You also have to have people that understand the different cultures so you can work together more fluidly.

The importance of customer experience 7:15
Active buyers in the market 9:52
Some real opportunities for listeners 15:30

“Amazon or Marketplace are not a side project. They require different skill sets. So don’t try to find a European manager or marketplace manager because they won’t be able to understand everything. Next to that you have the translation side of things, etcetera. So my advice is to work with a local experience partner that has already everything for infrastructure and is focused on building brands on marketplaces. Then you are ten steps ahead. Your investments are much more at the end. The chances of succeeding are also higher.” 12:33

Send Scott an Email:
Sep 15, 2020
Episode 67: John Ghiorso | Tips from the CEO of Orca Pacific
Today I talk to John Ghiorso, host of the podcast called E-Commerce Deep Dive and founder and CEO of Orca Pacific. John started his agency in 2008 and has been able to see a lot of changes and see the whole business evolve over time and therefore has a lot of experience with Amazon. We talk a bit about rules that Amazon sets and that ultimately they make the calls, so we have to abide by their rules or deal with suspensions. John explains the differences between larger brands and smaller brands and how some brands can be undervalued, which is where he can come in to help the company grow to the value at which they ought to be. We talk about advertising and what videos should show, avoiding long dialogues that don’t get to the point. We also discuss product placement and the things you have to do in order to get your product ranked at the top of the competition.

How John has felt with all the recent Amazon success 1:24
How he helps different sized clients 7:53
Two big issues that John sees with brands 11:37
His favorite advertising placements 14:33

“There’s no hack where you can spend this much and automatically get the first spot. You have to do everything else right, or as well as the competition. So you’re right, you need to have the same engagement rate, conversion rate, add to cart rate, amount of reviews. Amazon still factors all of that into the relevancy ranking, but then if you’re able to sufficiently bump up glance views via paid, assuming everything else is equal and all of the sudden you have more glance views than a competitor, that should put you above them.” 19:59

Send Scott an Email:
Sep 08, 2020
Episode 66: Matt Wiklund from Ad Advance | Promote Your Own Brand With Your Own Brand
In this episode we talk to Matt Wiklund, co-founder and COO of Ad Advance. We talk about how Ad Advance combats other companies coming in on your product page and leaching potential customers from your products by showing and only promoting the same brands for a specific product in order to increase their own sales. We discuss separating your different ad campaigns to test different strategies and see what works best. We talk about substitute products versus complement products, where substitutes are products that can replace the products people are searching for, and complements being products that can go with the product for which customers are looking. Matt tells about the strategy to show lower priced products first, and then to show similar/related products of a slightly higher price and quality to upsell customers.

Listing Defense Strategy 2:38
Segmentation 6:10
Example 11:10
Ads vs targets 15:28
Get a hold of Matt or his team 24:24

“We have ads, and then we have targets. Our goal is to have ads for our products, or our other products, which show up on their product detail pages. Choosing which ads are going to be displayed on which product detail pages is an important part of this process. So there’s product grouping. That would be choosing products with similar attributes like the substitute model that I spoke about. And then the targets under a substitute model would be equivalent to your ads essentially. So you got 20 pairs of black sunglasses and you target your 20 pairs of black sunglasses. And they’re very similar, so you tend to see a really high conversion with that approach.” 15:32


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Sep 01, 2020
Episode 65: Working Smarter | Three Things to Scale Your Business
Today I talk about some of the ideas that can really get the creative juices flowing and about some of the things that I’m implementing and never thought I would have done. There are certain times in business when we say “Wow, I should have been doing this a long time ago.” That’s something you want to be saying often. In past episodes, I go over many things that will help you in your business and one of the words I use is scale, which is something you should be focusing on often. I discuss the three categories for working smarter in your business. 1) Education 2) Technology 3) Delegation. Don’t stop learning and the fact that you’re taking the time to listen to this podcast is a step in that direction, but don’t stop there. Research, google things, watch Youtube, reach out and get connected by networking with people that are educated already in this space. I talk about the different technologies I use to help my business such as Perpetua. Getting the right technology and tools to market and run your business isn’t any less important than education because it can really make things run smoothly and help your business grow. I use a tool called Loom that helps me record and upload trainings for my employees, and I never have to give this training ever again because the recording will always be there. The bigger your company, the more your time is worth, making delegation crucial for the growth and scale of your company. Consider paying other people to do what they do best in order to make your company smarter, so that you can focus on the bigger tasks and portions of your business.

3 categories for working smarter 6:21
Technology 10:15
Delegating 12:01

“I don’t think anyone can argue that this isn’t a form of working smarter, which is doing these three things. Educating yourself, implementing technology, and then delegating. You’ll be able to avoid what I felt in 2014. A fatigue, a lack of focus, because at that time I wasn’t creating value.” 17:36

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Aug 26, 2020
Episode 64: Perpetua | Optimizing Your Ad Campaigns with Joseph La Selva
Today I interview Joseph La Selva from Perpetua, an optimization and enablement tool for Amazon advertising. Perpetua tries to combine the power of human intelligence and always-on optimization to drive the best performance in advertisement campaigns. Joseph tells us a bit about how it works, starting with a goals based software, which first will identify some strategic parameters, outline a few constraints, and then allowing the ad engine of the software you’re using to work toward maximizing your sales within the parameters within which you have set. We talk about Perpetua figuring out how to ramp down on your ad campaign spend within the first 48 hours of creating new campaigns. It takes a lot of the pressure and stress off of you because you don’t have to worry about your ad campaign. We discuss bid adjustments and what Perpetua does to adapt and how it optimizes toward your customer base. This system is really algorithmic focused rather than formulaic, which reduces your bid price over time. We talk about keyword boosts allowing you to identify the keywords that are most strategic to you so that you can pluck them out of that broad 30% A-cost bubble and allows you to apply placement multipliers for those specific keywords that you’ve added to the keyword boost.

Guest intro 1:06
Perpetua uses a goal oriented approach 3:43
Bid adjustments 11:12
One of the strongest features of Perpetua 16:19
Key word boosts 21:10
Coupon code for 50% off your first two months 24:49

“For the first time I get to stop worrying about the weeds of managing advertising. The idea of creating a new set of campaigns feels enjoyable, whereas with other tools it feels like work. It feels like something I have to check in on, or that when I do I see things that I have left.” 19:19

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Aug 18, 2020
Episode 63: News On Amazon | The Explosive Growth Of This Year
Today I start off by discussing how important it is to educate yourself and that the purpose of this podcast is to help you learn and be prepared for your own business. I discuss what’s going on right now in our economy. Amazon fulfillment centers are overflowing and products are getting restrictions on what we can send in to Amazon. I talk about how much the centers have grown this year versus how much they have grown in the past. I talk over what you should be doing right now to react to this explosion of growth. I give advice on some things you should be doing, such as checking on your inventory frequently so that you don’t forget what you have and miss opportunities to sell. I discuss the pandemic and that it isn’t going to go away soon, but we at least have a few more months, meaning Amazon likely will continue to grow and E-commerce will continue to do really well. I talk about the buy box and how things have been changing in favor of larger companies. I bring up the issue of how much power Amazon has gained and equality in the marketplace.

Recap of how we got where we are with restrictions 2:12
What you should be doing to react to the explosive growth of Amazon 5:12
Larger sellers with larger feedback scores get more of the buy box 10:15
Equal marketplace and the congressional hearing 12:10

“Understand that Amazon this last year has opened up 50% more fulfillment center space in just a year, and it’s already filled it up. I don’t know if that rings a bell to you, because it should. We’re talking about the best logistics network in the world grew by 50% percent in a single year.” 3:58


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Aug 11, 2020
Episode 62: Improving Your Amazon Seller Business | Eric and Sebastian of Amazonlit
Sometimes requesting for a refund can get you a lot of money. This is one of the things Scott has learned as he has been an Amazon seller. Amazonlit made their first million in 2015, which was all retail arbitrage. Trademark infringement has become a bigger issue over time. Now they pay more attention to this problem and they have drastically reduced those claims. 9 times out of 10, people you talk to over the phone will not be a jerk. If a certain brand complains, you can get them on the phone and sell the products back to them or work out a deal. Having a little bit of personality doesn’t hurt when trying to sell. Never take a no as a hard no. Brands can turn into your suppliers years down the road after having said no to you. Their sales have gone up as their inventory has increased. As companies have been growing online, they need more sellers, so keeping a positive communication with them has caused them to reach out down the line. Erik and Sebastian have created a mastermind group for Amazon sellers to provide the knowledge they need to become successful. Amazon is large enough that everyone can get a piece of the pie. Their mastermind group covers everything an Amazon seller will need to make their business as efficient and lucrative as possible.

Their first million 2:53
Pivoting - the word of 2020 16:44
Sharing secrets doesn’t negatively impact your business 20:56

“We use keepa and we look at that third chart, the offer listings. And when we see that there’s a dramatic decrease that happens and the sales rank hasn’t decreased as well at the same time… if the sales ranks stays the same, or goes up and the offers slide down drastically, then that tells us an IP was filed at that time.

Follow Eric Castellanos and Sebastian Quik:
Instagram: @Amazon_lit

Send Scott an Email:
Aug 04, 2020
Episode 61: Building Relationships With Suppliers | Scott’s Tips
You make money on the buying side. Scott has been profitable from the start. From day one, they have been making purchases that are more valuable on the streets than from where they bought it. Scott went to China and spent a lot of time with a Chinese supplier. This built a strong relationship and made them eager to do business with one another. Don’t give people an out, or an opportunity to say no by posing the wrong questions. Think about what they care about. If you can solve your suppliers’ problems, then there’s no reason they will say no. Invest in relationships with your suppliers if you want the best results. People like to think they’re unique, so let them prove it to you. Ask yourself how you’re adding value to their brand. Write yourself a script to help you hit your best points and help them talk about themselves. Get talking a lot on social media. People are often willing to share their suppliers. Go back and listen to previous episodes. They have proven very useful and lucrative for Scott’s listeners.

Trip to China 2:38
Don’t make this mistake 6:35
How to get the best prices 8:08
Something to help improve your calls 14:51
Using Instagram to get suppliers’ names 16:36

“You should not forget this. If you are hungry for someone’s products and their business, you can prove to them that you will make their product pages better. You’ll invest in their brand, you’ll create bundles, and kits, and variations. And all of that to increase the exposure. The likelihood of shoppers purchasing that brand.” 11:31

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Jul 28, 2020
Episode 60: Scott Topic | Exciting Announcements and Tools to Help Scale Your Amazon Business!
In today’s episode, we hype up our upcoming episodes and invite the listeners to stay tuned. We talk about how scaling and growing your business is made easier on Amazon. We talk about how we’ve scaled our own business. Scott announces a tour of BuyBoxer’s warehouses, facilities, and distributions teams in Logan, Utah and Indianapolis at the end of August (reach out to Scott at, or find him on instagram). We’ll explain ways we cut our shipping costs, as well as explain our software and ordering systems. We then discuss scaling your business with Amazon FBA within 4 categories: sourcing, inventory management and ordering, Amazon marketing, and distribution. We explain how we have built custom software to scale our business from $2 million in sales to $60 million. We announce that we are going to start licensing that software out. We compare our software to the Bloomberg Terminal, and explain how useful it can be to anyone trying to scale within Amazon FBA. It works well for larger teams trying to save on time. We finish by sharing the features of the software, announcing that if you mention this podcast, you’ll receive 10% off the beta suite.

Exciting Things To Come On This Podcast! 0:27
Scaling Your Business; Come Tour Our Warehouses! 1:31
Amazon FBA Announcement: We’re Licensing Our Software Suite!! 7:07

“Once you start to use it and see it in action, you will start to see these efficiencies, and how you can manage dozens, hundreds of skews across different suppliers and really see what’s going on. You can find out what’s your worst performing inventory and how you can improve it. How do you do reorders on a timely basis, and get inventory just in time?” 11:51“


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Jul 21, 2020
Episode 59: Scott To Be REAL | An Honest Talk About This Podcast and Wholesale vs. Private Label
Today, Scott breaks the fourth wall and is completely transparent as he talks about his podcast. He tells us his reasons for starting the podcast, which includes greater visibility for his company and its investments. He shares how he realized its potential as a valuable marketing tool after he saw the attention he got from a Reddit post he made. He explains the value and insights he tries to share, and what his strategy is with his show, trying to cover topics and disclose secrets that will be impossible to ignore for any seller trying to get ahead with their business. Scott then answers the question, ‘Wholesale or Private Label?’ He explains the advantages, advanced strategies, and challenges involved in both. He shares how if you’re able to distill what happens on Amazon into the discoverability of a product, the click-through of a product, and your ability to convert them, then you will be prepared to dissect any tool out there, and it will change how you organize your business. He explains the value of coupons in increasing your click-through rate. He shares the news that NARF (Amazon’s North American Remote Fulfilment Program) is live and operating again. He finishes the episode by announcing that he is beefing up his Youtube content, and promises that the best is yet to come in valuable content designed to help increase your profits.

Why This Podcast? 0:36
The Value We Offer With This Podcast 5:31
Wholesale or Private Label? 7:31
Breaking News: NARF is Live Again 14:28

“My company has gone in a lot of different directions -- I have a lot of insights. We have wholesale business. We have private label. We’re actually in the process of launching a new brand (I was looking at logos this morning). We have an agency with a marketing team and an account management team, we have a dev team, and now, we are pushing out content.” 4:15


Send Scott an Email:
Jul 14, 2020
Episode 58: How To Maximize Your Market Multiples When Selling Your Business | Go to Thrasio
In today’s episode, we talk with Ken Kubec from Thrasio (, a fast-growing acquirer of Amazon FBA businesses. He explains the growth and development of Thrasio, as well as its structure and operation. We talk about the advantages of acquiring businesses as opposed to starting them. We discuss the red flags when doing due diligence with suppliers. We explain how Thrasio will turn away brands employing black hat tactics such as review manipulation. We talk about hero skews as an ideal quality for businesses that Thrasio acquires, as well as acquiring brands working with brokers. We break down market multiples and earn-outs for the listeners, explaining how you can maximize these when you sell your business. We clarify that Thrasio works exclusively with private label products. Ken shares the strengths and expertise of his company’s team, and how that gives them confidence to be bold and decisive with growing businesses and dealing with risk.

Origin and Future of Thrasio; How Thrasio Operates 1:47
Due Diligence With Suppliers; Which Brands Does Thrasio Look For? 5:57
Maximizing Your Market Multiples; Sellers, Post-acquisition 16:51
Dealing With Risk; Growing Businesses 22:13

“So that’s a normal market multiple, depending on your size, growth trajectory, recent trends, etc.” 17:52

Email Ken:


Send Scott an Email:
Jul 07, 2020
Episode 57: Scott’s Thoughts | How To Increase the Value of Your Business Through Intellectual Property
Today, we discuss Intellectual Property in the context of increasing the value of your Amazon business . We talk about copyright protection, design patents, and utility patents, clarifying that while copyright technically exists immediately after creation, it is worth the effort to officially attach intellectual property to your products to make them defendable. We talk about how this applies to the increase of sales in puzzles we’ve seen since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. We also discuss how to create successful content referencing million dollar industries without infringing on copyright.

Protect and Benefit From Your Design, Creation or Product 0:46
The Example of Our Puzzles 7:21
Riding The Wave of Million Dollar Industries 11:41

“I really like the idea -- we are launching some of our own products -- to always attach and add some intellectual property that makes it defendable, because we’ll be able to remove counterfeit or inauthentic products much easier.” 6:58


Send Scott an Email:
Jun 30, 2020
Episode 56: How To Attract New Customers and Increase Sales | Amazon DSP with George Meressa
Today’s episode covers all things Amazon DSP (demand-side platform) with George Meressa from Clear Ads, an AdWords agency that helps businesses attract new customers and increase sales. We discuss what Amazon DSP is, how it is different from Sponsored Products, and the advantageous data and re-marketing features it provides for creating custom audiences. We talk about how you can start using Amazon DSP through 3rd party agencies like Clear Ads. We speak about some of the bugs that Amazon is working on with DSP (such as attribution issues), and invite you to find out more about advertising by going to

What is Amazon DSP? 2:55
How Can I Start Using Amazon DSP? 12:39
Data, Metrics, and Advantages of Amazon DSP 15:50
Get Inside Info at 20:39

“It allows you to capture every other ASIN that sells similar items to you and allows you to re-engage with that audience.” 6:45

Jun 23, 2020
Episode 55: What Is the Onsite Associates Program? | How To Increase Sales and Search Volume
In today’s episode, we talk with Benjamin Faw, co-founder of BestReviews, a very successful product review company. We talk about how review sites work and the process of getting into Amazon’s Onsite Associates program to bring outside editorial into an Amazon search result. We discuss how this program can increase search volume and sales on a successful product, as well as help take the value of your brand to the next level. We give pointers on how to place your product on a review site, as well as how to determine which site will be most advantageous to you.

Growth of Review Sites; Onsite Associates Program 3:01
How Onsite Associates Can Multiply Your Search Volume and Sales 14:15
Getting Your Product on a Review Site 18:02

“Amazon wants people to search for products within their search engine. They don’t want people leaving and going to Google to look at review sites and generating traffic outside of Amazon, when they can capture most of that inside Amazon.” 7:18

Jun 16, 2020
Episode 54: Online Merchants Guild | What You Can Do To Support Small Businesses with Paul Rafelson
Today, we talk with Paul Rafelson, founder of the Online Merchants Guild, a trade association that gives online merchants a voice. We talk about the achievements of this group, including their instrumental role in the launching of the AB-147 bill and fighting for marketplace facilitator’s laws in 39 states. We talk about Amazon’s “scapegoat” approach to price gouging enforcement. We talk about OMG’s unique and valuable services to the seller community, as well as the affordable and important resources offered at We discuss the need for giving small businesses and sellers a voice in legislation, and share how you can join OMG’s cause.

What is the Online Merchants Guild? 1:27
Extraterritoriality in Price Gouging Enforcement 10:32
What The OMG Can Do For You 20:52
Importance of Giving Sellers a Voice 27:17

“It’s a huge benefit for me, as a seller. If I were to, say, start another business, I don’t have to figure out the sales tax issue again, and register in other states. I really did worry -- we’ve done a few million dollars in sales in Pennsylvania over the years -- that they would try to collect on that retroactively.” 7:09

Reach Out To OMG:
Email Paul:

Jun 09, 2020
Episode 53: Secrets Spilled! | How To Price Products and Build Business Relationships, With Larry Lubarsky
In today’s episode, we talk with Larry Lubarsky, AKA “Watch Me Amazon,” who has launched the influential Wholesale Academy program. We start by discussing how the coronavirus has affected Amazon sellers. We talk about best practices with pricing and how to work with account health reps to prevent suspension. We talk about best tactics with negotiating discounts with vendors. We then discuss the benefits and opportunities overseas with Amazon in Europe, as well as the best way to start selling in foreign marketplaces. We wrap up by talking about Wholesale Academy and why Larry considers it to be one of his proudest achievements.

What A Time To Be A Seller! Effects of COVID-19 On Amazon 1:13
Repricing; Negotiating Discounts With Vendors 6:30
Success In The FBA Model Overseas; When To Hire a Pro 27:22
About Wholesale Academy 43:59

“Every time we set a maximum price on a skew, we actually go on the listing, we look at the Keepa chart, we look at the product’s history, and...we look back at the last year and set a maximum price that’s realistic for that particular product.” 8:35

Jun 02, 2020
Episode 52: You’ve Got A Friend In Helium 10 | Tools To Increase Amazon Sales With Bradley Sutton
Today we talk with Bradley Sun From Helium 10, a software provider, about launching products on Amazon. We discuss how the Coronavirus has affected launching products, pointing out that to launch a product, you need to be looking at historical data of its past performance. We talk about Helium 10’s Project X on Youtube, as well as how Helium 10 is supporting categories whose sales are significantly down due to the effects of the pandemic. We talk about the unique tools of Helium 10 in helping you market on Amazon, such as keyword tracking and the reverse ASIN tool, among many others. We finish by discussing the Freedom Ticket program for new sellers and how Helium 10 covers the cost for that program as part of its package. We finish by offering the listeners of this podcast one of 2 coupon codes: Use BUYBOXER 50 for 50% of the first month, and BUYBOXER 10 for 10% off the first year subscription.

How Has COVID-19 Affected Launching Products? 1:06
Helium 10 Has The Tools To Help You Nail Your Marketing 10:58
How Helium 10 Helps New Sellers Get Their Start 23:546
Special Offer For Smartest Seller Listeners 26:33

“If I’m going to put some capital and some risk into something, I’ve gotta look at its evergreen status. Was this a good product pre-coronavirus? Is this a good product throughout the year, or is it seasonal? And without that historical data, you will get stuck.” 3:11

Reach Out To Bradley:

May 26, 2020
Episode 51: How To Save Money For Your Business With Veriship | Shipping Is Part of Your Brand
In today’s episode, we talk with Jeremy and Andy from Veriship, a UPS and FedEx audit company that bought Scott’s company, Valence. We discuss how the coronavirus pandemic has affected shipping. We explain what kinds of audits Veriship performs and why their services are of value for your Amazon business. We discuss the One Rate Program and Seller-Fulfilled Prime. We end with a discussion about how shipping is a major part of your company’s brand, and offer the listeners to this podcast a special rate with Veriship at this link:

How COVID 19 Has Affected Veriship and Shipping 2:20
What Veriship Can Do For Your Business 5:53
Breaking Down Carrier Pricing Agreements; FedEx One Rate 11:26
Shippers Represent Your Brand -- Hold Them Accountable 20:41

“In the world that we live in nowadays -- even before the coronavirus pandemic started to break out -- controlling your cost is the number 1 key. The cost of shipping has the tendency to go up, year over year -- the carriers are raising their rates. And E-commerce shippers are popping up. It’s never been easier to start an online company than it is right now.” 9:35

May 19, 2020
Episode 50: What To Do When Suspended On Amazon | Riverbend Can Be Your Hail Mary
Today, we talk all things seller performance with Lesley Hensell, co-founder and co-owner of Riverbend Consulting ( We discuss account suspensions and how to react if this happens to you. We give insights into some of Amazon’s procedures and processes with price gouging and suspensions. We talk about the many measures Riverbend takes to help sellers in a variety of situations. We discuss suspensions of single ASIN’s, and also give important advice for writing appeals. We invite you to learn more about Riverbend’s services.

"Go here to contact Riverbend now"

How Amazon Works With Suspensions 1:52
How Riverbend Helps You Deal With Account Suspensions 9:56
ASIN Suspensions; Admit When You’re Wrong 20:29
Learn More About RIverbend Consulting 30:04

“We’ve talked to them about changing the way that they do their pricing structure, because some do everything based on a percentage above cost of goods sold, and that’s how they decide what their price point is.” 14:23

Talk With A Consultant! 877-289-1017

May 12, 2020
Episode 49: Scott in The Time of Corona | Adjusting Your Business During The COVID-19 Pandemic
Today Scott talks about what he’s doing with his business to take advantage of and reduce the risk surrounding the changes that have taken place in Amazon due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We talk about the categories that are doing well right now, such as crafts, puzzles, musical instruments, and home gym products. We also discuss how Amazon and BuyBoxer are adapting to the pandemic, and talk about small business loans such as the disaster grant and disaster relief loan, as well as the Payroll Protection Plan. We finish by discussing what you should be thinking about for the future as an Amazon seller, and wish you and your business the best.

Price Gouging vs. Repricing 1:00
Transitioning Our Categories: What’s Stocking Out 4:26
How Amazon and BuyBoxer Are Adjusting to Change 6:50
Predictions and What You Should Be Thinking About 11:34

“So I hope you are starting to strategize how you’re going to come out of it. Businesses are going to be hurt, and, I’d hate to point it out, there’s going to be opportunity. And I do think that some of the biggest opportunity is in E-commerce. And so, in 6 months it’s a better time to launch a product than last year -- I think there’s going to be a major shake-up.” 11:08

May 05, 2020
Episode 48: How to Build Trust in Your Business | Client Service Strategies With Michelle Kartchner
Today we interview one of our most tenured employees at Buyboxer, Michelle Kartchner, Director of Client Services. She works with suppliers and distributors, and explains the ins and outs of that process. We discuss the importance of building trust with shipping companies on Amazon. We talk about what makes a brand successful on Amazon, including channel control, investing in advertising, and having winning skews. We emphasize the importance of getting first reviews right, careful pricing, and a thorough understanding of Amazon to ensure the success of brands. We also talk about how consistency is one of the most important keys to build trust with brands. We discuss other important services such as cleaning up product pages and advertising. We finish by inviting you to find out more about Buyboxer’s approach to Amazon Compliance at

Building Relationships of Trust In Amazon Shipment 1:03
What Makes Brands Successful; What Makes Brands Fail 7:17
The Importance of Consistency 15:00
Cleaning Up Product Pages and Advertising Make You Valuable 20:39

“We pride ourselves on being the Amazon experts. That’s why we get hired, and why brands bring us on to help them out. And when they don’t hand over that trust to us to actually do the work we were hired to do, it really inhibits what we can get done.” 14:41

Apr 21, 2020
Episode 47: New Opportunities In Wholesale | How to Maximize Profit With Todd Snively and Chris Keef
Today we interview Todd Snively and Chris Keef, two Amazon Wholesale professionals. We discuss how the current global pandemic has affected E-commerce on Amazon, and warn against trying to capitalize on products that are currently under the microscope. We share that FBM is now a wide-open opportunity, and advise that sellers look out for products that are further down on the bestseller rank but are rising in demand. We discuss how the wholesale model can involve much less risk than private label. We give advice for those who struggle with sourcing, and point out that data is the key to finding the most profitable products. We discuss how Amazon giving scrutiny is a good sign that they can adapt and implement policy quickly during uncertain times. We invite you to reach out to to see how they can help you.

-Covid-19’s Impacts on E-commerce 1:15
-How Amazon is Moving Forward; The “Unsexy” Approach; Reducing Risk 8:31
-Advice For Those Struggling With Sourcing; Amazon’s Efforts to Build Trust 18:24
-How Can Help You 30:05

“The inventory turns that we can get at any given time with private label, it was 3, 4, maybe? We’re gonna take that investment and maybe get 3 to 4 times on it. In the wholesale model you should get 12, 14, 15? I mean, you can turn that same investment so many times because they are U.S. based suppliers. You’re only holding inventory on hand 2 and a half weeks, 3 weeks? You don’t have to float an entire container load’s worth of stuff for your inventory. So, I made that switch for those reasons among others, and it’s certainly paid off handsomely.” 16:56

Apr 14, 2020
Episode 46: Scott’s Rave Review | How to Scale Your Business Using
Today’s episode is about a tool that can be a game changer for wholesalers and resellers. We interview Tom Myers from the Wholesale Inspector, an online tool which helps the seller find the best opportunities from among hundreds of UPC’s. We talk about the features and data points of and how they were developed, as well as new features that are about to debut. We also give pro tips on how to use Wholesale Inspector, including double checking the numbers of bundle packs. We invite the listener to get their FIRST MONTH FREE at Wholesale Inspector by following this link:

-The Features of 4:14
-First Announcement of Brand New Feature; Bundle Packs 10:12
-Offer For Listeners of This Podcast; Benefits of W.I.’s Unmatched Speed 16:43

“Say your supplier calls up 8 o’clock in the morning saying, ‘Hey, Scott, we’ve got this super good deal list going on right now! Limited stock, though, so first come, first serve.’ And you’re like, ‘Oh, great, I’m gonna go run this!’ And you go to your competitor’s tool and you upload it, and you wait 10 hours to get your results. By the time you put your PO. in, those things have sold out already. But with Wholesale Inspector where it’s nice and fast, you can run the list, get the results back in a couple minutes, and have your PO out within half an hour, and be the first to jump on some of those nice deals.” 17:40

Apr 07, 2020
Episode 45: Insights From An Amazon Grocery Expert | Effects of COVID-19 on Amazon
Today we talk with Jed Rawson, a grocery expert on Amazon. We talk about the changes that have happened in Amazon since the COVID-19 pandemic. We talk about Amazon Lending withholding money, the spike in demand for food items, and repeat purchase rate and organic review rate as essential analysis numbers for grocery businesses on Amazon. We also talk about CPC in online grocery, and the important, trending terms in the marketplace such as keto and gluten-free. We talk about changes in CPC, data analysis, budgeting, and inventory due to the pandemic. We talk about the advantages of staying 100% on the white-hat side of Amazon selling, even during times like these. We discuss triage as an essential business tactic right now, and give our predictions about the course and potential aftermath of the pandemic.

-Effect of Coronavirus on Amazon 1:39
-Differences From Other Amazon Businesses 7:52
-Unprecedented Changes in CPC, Budgets, Inventory; Price Gouging 14:37
Keeping Up With Demand; Triage; What to Expect 24:43

“Cost-per-clicks for some categories are crashing. And even if it’s a hard good -- like a pet bed -- crashing, and getting a lot cheaper. But the cost-per-click for hand sanitizer, for toilet paper, for like staple goods, is through the roof. And so we’ve had to change our approach and be careful targeting very common, very competitive terms.” 15:12

Mar 31, 2020
Episode 44: 8 Figure Strategy | Launching Private Label Products on Amazon with Derek James
In today’s episode, we interview Derek James, an 8 figure private label seller on Amazon and Amazon coach who has made $200 million with all new ASIN’s. We begin by discussing launch strategies for private label products and brand licensing, including the importance of budgeting and category research. We talk about getting returns on your investments both at Derek’s scale and smaller scales. We also talk strategy for lighting deals and other deals. We then talk about removing stress from managing an Amazon business using virtual assistants. We then segue the conversation into Derek’s program for training VA’s. We finish by discussing the importance of quality education from trusted sources to help build your business on Amazon. To get in touch with Derek or to learn more from him, go to

-Launch Strategy for New Products; Returns on Investment 2:45
-Deal Strategies 14:52
-Removing the Stress From Managing an Amazon Business: VA’s 24:16
-Where to Go For Advice For Your Amazon Business 30:03

“You have to be clear, in your vision, about what is it going to take, monetarily, to maybe enter this category. What’s my cost of goods? What’s my landing cost? Have I built an ad campaign cost? What’s my creative cost? Am I shooting video? Do I have my trademark already done so I can do enhanced brand content -- EBC, A+ content, all these things. Those are all things that in the beginning we would look at.” 4:19

Mar 24, 2020
Episode 43: Automate, Eliminate, or Delegate? | Using Data Automation for Maximum Efficiency with Will Christensen
Today we talk with Will Christensen, Co-Founder of DataAutomation. He explains Zapier, an iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) that automates repetitive tasks without coding or relying on developers to build the integration. We talk about the unique services that DataAutomation provides using Zapier, including helping you understand how to use the platform to push ahead as well as building applications on Zapier. We make the special offer to listeners that if they email Will at and mention this podcast episode, they can get a free 15-30 min call with DataAutomation to get pro tips on automation and which software piece is best for them. We talk about the advantages of the sessions report and custom fields using Will’s Chrome Extension, Taskrunner, on Seller Central. We discuss examples of other ways to implement this technology for greater efficiency.

-Scale With Automation Using Zapier 1:14
-Advantages of Using Taskrunner; Examples of Creating Efficiency in Your Business 10:04
-Important Principles for Automation 29:25

“If you’re considering automation, the first place to start is to ask yourself, ‘Is it time to automate, eliminate, or delegate?’ 29:25

Mar 17, 2020
Episode 42: Smart International Shipping | How Freight Forwarders Can Provide Peace of Mind
Today we interview John Eagan, and Rose Del Rio from Flat World Global Solutions. We talk about the effects of the coronavirus on shipping freight internationally. We talk about the current status of freight and shipping, as well as how it’s affecting the market. We then give valuable expert advice for international shipping, covering topics such as customs and duties. One of these tips is to never let manufacturers take control of the shipment, and we explain the reasons why. We break down terms such as DDP and EIN numbers. We discuss the value of freight forwarding services, including the security, peace of mind, and trust they can provide. We talk about the service that Flat World Global Solutions provides in estimating the cost of tariffs in your final shipment cost. We then talk about what you can do to learn more about moving your freight. We emphasize the importance of calling and reaching out to ask your questions and make sure you have your shipping needs covered.

-Status of Freight Ships, Air Cargo, Truck Drivers, and Manufacturers 1:25
-How Freight Forwarding Typically Works -- Expert Advice 6:19
-Importance of Establishing Trust When Shipping 23:05
-What You Can Do To Learn More 32:15

“Make sure that when you find somebody to work with that you are settled -- that you are okay. Because in the life of your shipment that’s at least what? A month? Of traveling if you’re going by sea. You want to make sure that you can sleep at night knowing that your shipment is moving and that somebody is looking out for you.” 25:10
Mar 10, 2020
Episode 41: How to Grow Your Business | Scott’s Secrets of Scaling
In today’s episode, we invite the listener to dive into Scott’s new content on compliance, found on The topic of this episode is scaling your business for efficiency to get more value for the time you put into it. We talk about how to best spend your time when scaling your business, including continuously educating your employees and improving technology. We read a review from someone who took simple yet effective techniques from our podcast and applied them to get ahead with their business.

-Intro: Find Out More About Compliance; Find Nuggets From Past Episodes 0:46
-Where to Spend Your Time When Growing Your Business 6:14
-Listen to Past Episodes for More Tips On Using Time More Effectively 17:11

“We’re telling things about Amazon that no one else knows. I got a masters degree in computer engineering, and I’ve poured through all the data points I can find to figure out how to be a better E-commerce professional. And I am trying to turn you guys into that. It takes a lot of different disciplines to be good at this, from marketing, accounting, to logistics. You’re the business owners, those that are listening to this podcast, and you do need a little bit of knowledge on a lot of it. So, I know what it takes to scale, and everything that I’ve told you guys, I stand behind it as things that will only help you get an edge, and to help you scale your business.” 3:10

Mar 05, 2020
Episode 40: Pro Tips from a Champion Seller | Chase Leavitt
Today, we talk with Chase Leavitt, CEO of Upstreet Brands, and cousin of Scott Needham. We discuss the roles and benefits of sourcing agents, who help you negotiate with suppliers and factories. These benefits include simplifying correspondence between you and your supplier, building stronger business relationships, and finding you the right new manufacturers based on your needs. They also help you hold your suppliers accountable for the quality of the product, which is critical for its successful performance on Amazon. We explain how sourcing agents are paid for their work. We talk about how you can find a souring agent that is good for you. We then discuss strategies for staying afloat in competitive markets. We talk about one of these strategies, bundling/variation, in greater detail. We converse about how to prepare your Amazon business for sale, and what to look for when buying an Amazon business. We finish by discussing the benefits of building a business on Amazon.

-Sourcing Agents: Roles and Benefits 2:54
-Cost of Sourcing Agents; Inventory Inspection; Quality Business Relationships 9:14
-Finding a Sourcing Agent; Strategies for Staying Competitive 14:40
-Selling Your Amazon Business; What to Look for When Buying; Building Your Business 22:07

“If you’re at the very beginning of a business, and you want to make sure that you can include a trademark or some design patent in there, that would probably mean you need to prove its success for a little bit, and then you’re going to file it. And so, it’s kind of a longer game, but you have to have that endurance in this business. You don’t get rich quick, period.” 25:19

Mar 03, 2020
Episode 39: Seller Fulfilled Prime and FBA Onsite
Today’s episode is focused on Seller Fulfilled Prime and the Prime that you can do out of your own warehouse. We explain the Seller Fulfilled Prime program, including their trial period, as well as their higher requirements. We explain why we built an FBM (Fulfilled by Merchant) into our warehouse to increase revenue, and why other businesses would be wise to do the same. We also emphasize the value of a new program called Seller Fulfilled Prime Regional. We talk about the higher requirements to be on SFP, and how they push you to be more efficient. We then discuss a very similar program called FBA Onsite, where Amazon installs their warehouse management system into your warehouse, and the pros and cons associated with it. We recommend FBA onsite for oversize and seasonal products.

-Diving Into Seller Fulfilled Prime 1:52
-Seller Fulfilled Prime Regional 7:00
-FBA Onsite 10:58

“And according to their site, we achieved 54% of the population by using UPS ground 2 day shipping. And what’s great about that is it costs us exactly the same amount of money to ship. So we were shipping these products in ground already. But turning on a Prime badge didn’t cost us anything, because, by using this service, Amazon has already determined that they know that the product will get to them in two days.” 8:21

Feb 25, 2020
Episode 38: Questions To Ask Your Amazon Agency
Today’s topic is Amazon agencies, which is any person or entity that handles other people’s Amazon business or their problems. We discuss which brands we normally see use the agency. We give examples of businesses that have benefited from using an agency. We talk about questions you should ask an Amazon agency, including pricing, comprehensive/selective management, and services. We go more in depth about payment, talking about the pros and cons of both commission based and flat fees. We talk about factors to consider when determining length of contract. We also emphasize the importance of determining if agencies are stable and realistic, or if they overpromise. We talk about the challenges and risks of becoming an agency for other companies or brands. We talk about other factors to consider when considering third party help.

-Amazon Agencies: What to Expect From Using/Joining 1:01
-Questions to Ask an Agency 10:03
-Challenges in this Model; Other Questions 17:39

“What is the price? What do you charge? Are you offering or seeking comprehensive or a selective service? Comprehensive being full account management; everything from inventory, product pages, to marketing. You know, marketing can be the marketing on the page or the PPC.” 10:22

Feb 18, 2020
Episode 37: FBA Fees Are Crazy!
Today, we begin the episode by telling you what we want to offer you with this podcast. We point out that instead of telling you things you could easily look up and find out online, we want this podcast to be more in depth and help make real E-commerce professionals out of our listeners. Our topic for today is Amazon’s FBA fees, including what they are, how they move, and how they affect us. We talk about the efficiency of Amazon’s FBA program and operation, including their positioning and funding of fulfillment centers. We share important changes in FBA fees and how much businesses have benefitted from those. We also share which fees have hurt our business, and how Amazon’s taking away some of these fees has saved us a lot of money. We discuss how these fees are designed to motivate efficient practices of inventory. We talk about the Inventory Performance Index and Q4 Storage fees have helped move the FBA program forward, and helps us to keep our focus on providing quality products through our service.

What This Podcast is All About 0:10
Amazon’s FBA Program and Fees 3:02
Important Changes in FBA Fees 7:17
FBA Fees Promote Better Business Practices 14:01

“I’ve taken a different approach to these fees: It’s that these fees, they actually are designed to motivate good behavior by sellers. What is good behavior? That’s where you’re not stocked too deep or too light. They want you to be mindful of sending in just what you’re going to need for the next 1 to 2 months of sales.” 14:01

Feb 11, 2020
Episode 36: Brand Registry | Ryan Morgan
In today’s episode, we talk with one of our BuyBoxer marketing team members, Ryan Morgan. We discuss the Brand Registry Program; what it is, how to get into it, and why it’s helpful. We talk about some of the features of the program, including using it to report violations and infringement of trademarks, patents, and copyright. We also discuss how the brand registry can help you more quickly and effectively update your product pages. We cover some of the other benefits of using the program, including opening up sponsored brands for your business, giving you access to enhanced content features, allowing you to upload and manage videos, use of storefront pages, and giving you access to the Vine Program (an early review program). As we conclude, we invite you to go to and use the coupon code, SMART if you want to participate in one of our meetups.

-How to Get Into brand registry -- Timeline and Cost 2:18
-Using brand registry to Manage Unauthorized Activity and Report Violations 7:29
-Updating Product Pages With brand registry 10:41
-Additional Benefits 12:20

“If you have one product, you can go fight all day to get the content you want onto your product page. But when we’re dealing with a few hundred products and lots of changes made across many of them, brand registry simplifies that process for us a lot.” 12:00

Feb 04, 2020
Episode 35: Keeping your Amazon Account Healthy with Megan Swanton
In today’s episode, we talk about compliance with Amazon policies to keep your account in good health with Megan Swanton, BuyBoxer’s compliance manager. As a disclaimer, we remind you that we are not legal professionals and that you shouldn’t take anything said on this episode as legal advice. We talk about contacting rights owners as soon as possible when dealing with intellectual property complaints and complaints about selling below minimum advertised price. We discuss what to do in case rights owners don’t respond, including the importance of invoices, as well as what info to include and how to format. We also talk about how best to respond to patent and copyright complaints, as well as dealing with complaints about products you have never sold. We recommend some online groups that talk about compliance issues. Follow this link for a free document that speaks to all the issues discussed here and more:

-Compliance: Possibly the Most Valuable Topic We’ve Covered So Far 1:44
-Legal Issues You Will Encounter and How To Take Action 5:12
-More About Copyright Complaints; Complaints About Products Never Sold 19:23
-Keeping You Account Health Page Up to Date; File Management 29:12

“So people are out there taking it seriously, and the best thing you can do is learn the skills to get on top of it, because that’s how I sleep better now. You know, there were some times where I thought we could get shut down at any moment, and that has kind of shrunk a little bit over time as we have gotten better at this and actually just have put a lot more resources into it, Megan being that primary resource.” 34:11

Jan 28, 2020
Episode 34: Profiles of Other Sellers
In today’s episode, we talk about what we have learned from other large Amazon sellers. We speak briefly about the process of selling our business, Valence Services, our Amazon reimbursement/auditing service. We discuss the advantages of using such services, as well as the advantages and details of selling a business. We then talk about the strengths and differences of sellers such as Pharmapacks; AnkerDirect; Asurion, LLC; and Zappos. We then talk about large Amazon book sellers and what we can uniquely learn from them. We talk about the ups and downs of other companies and what we can learn from them.

-Selling Valence Services 2:06
-Profiles of Large Amazon Sellers: Pharmapacks, AnkerDirect; Asurion, LLC; Zappos 7:11
-What’s Unique about Amazon Book Sellers 15:56
-Other Seller Profiles: Juvo+; etailz, Utopia Deals -- What We Can Learn 19:02

“I think the fundamentals on Amazon is just being profitable, all things included -- all fees and all employees included -- and knowing your profit margins, and making sure you’re focusing on your highest ROI activities.” 24:59

Jan 21, 2020
Episode 33: Special Announcement!
This is an invitation for our loyal listeners to set up an Amazon Seller meetup with Scott! Included below is the link to set up your meetup, as well as a coupon code to get a 50% discount off the cost!

Coupon Code: SMART
Jan 20, 2020
Episode 32: Working With Amazon Lending
In today’s episode, we talk about the Amazon lending program. We discuss the different parameters that determine the customized offers they make to each seller. We explain how the program works and highlight why we, at BuyBoxer, chose Amazon Lending above other services. We also explain the particulars of why we now want to switch to another service. We talk about their policies and how they are strictly enforced, as well as some of the pros and cons of using their program. We explain our experience in trying to knock out our Amazon Lending with a lower interest rate and a slower paydown, which is beneficial for both sides. This is through a company called Fundwise, with whom we’ve set up an affiliate link for listeners of this podcast, the link for which is included below.

-What is Amazon Lending? 2:13
-Amazon Lending’s Enforcement of Policies 6:11
-Replacing Amazon Lending With Fundwise 12:12

“The first thing I’ll ever suggest is that you know what you’re going to be using that money with, and that you have a very well thought out plan: you know your profit-margins, you know the interest you’re going to be paying on it for the term of that loan, and that the ROI that you’re going to be getting, because of that loan, is higher than that.” 11:12

Jan 14, 2020
Episode 31: Getting Ahead With Jungle Scout | Greg Mercer
In today’s episode, we talk with the founder of, Greg Mercer. Jungle Scout is the #1 Amazon product finder and research tool. Greg gives us his perspective about the challenges of starting a SAS business and he talks about how he planned and built the particular facets of his product. We also discuss the various features of Jungle Scout within the context of Amazon's inner mechanics; such as keyword optimization, promotions/launching, rank tracking, alerts, and inventory management. Today, we also go into Jungle Scout and Buyboxer’s efforts to help educate and enable E-Commerce professionals. Finally, a SPECIAL DEAL FOR LISTENERS OF THIS PODCAST is offered, just follow the link

-Greg’s Advice for Getting Your SAS Business Going 2:16
-Mechanics of Jungle Scout’s Features: Keywords, Promotions/Launching, Rank Tracker, Alerts, and -Inventory Managers 8:23
-How Jungle Scout approaches Inventory Management 23:38
-Jungle Scout’s Academy 28:50
-Jungle Scout and Amazon in 2020 35:01

Greg on Jungle Scout’s Inventory Management Feature: “What I’m really excited about with it is our data science team has built some really, really accurate seasonality algorithms that are going to be incorporated in the tool, so it’s seasonality with forecasting.” 24:47

Jan 07, 2020
Episode 30: Saving Money With Ping Pong Payments | Yohan Wong
In today’s episode, we do an interview with Yohan Wong, Merchant Service Sales Manager at Ping Pong Payments, a foreign-exchange virtual bank account. We talk about what Ping Pong Payments does and what the advantages are of using their service over their competitors. These advantages include greater profits from better exchange rates and a 1% instead of 1.5% foreign exchange fee (EXCLUSIVE FOR LISTENERS OF THIS PODCAST). We also discuss the benefits of the Supplier Payment Product of Ping Pong Payments, as well as HOW TO CLAIM YOUR FREE YEAR OF SUPPLIER PAYMENTS (another exclusive offer to listeners of this podcast).

-What Does Ping Pong Payments Do? 1:36
-Saving Money with Ping Pong’s Competitive Rates 4:46
-Where Ping Pong is Growing and Other Services 10:32
-How To Claim The Smartest Seller Listener’s Exclusive Rate 14:02
-How To Reach Out to Yohann/Claim Your Free Year of Supplier Payments 16:02

“You know, maybe one transaction, the foreign exchange fee doesn’t feel that big, but over the course of a year, it will add up to some serious numbers, and getting the rate better from Ping Pong Payments for us represents about 4 to 5000 dollars in a year.” Scott, 6:11

Dec 31, 2019
Episode 29: What You Can Gain From the Prosper Conference | James Thomson
In today’s episode, we speak with James Thomson from Prosper, an Amazon-specific conference. He was Amazon’s first FBA account manager and then ran Amazon Services, the group that is responsible for recruiting almost all 3rd party sellers to the platform. We discuss how Prosper is different from other conferences in that its main focus is education and providing networking opportunities without bias. While some conferences may try to promote certain methods, Prosper aims to help sellers get a better perspective on Amazon's current circumstances.

What Sets Prosper Apart From Other Conferences? 2:14
Keeping Ahead of the Curve With Content 11:35
How Prosper Has Developed 14:11
The Show Is Only As Good As the Attendees 19:45
Choosing Speakers and Topics 23:16

“Prosper’s meant to be that place where you go and say, ‘Listen, not only are we going to learn from lots of different folks who are living in this space every single day, but we’re going to get different perspectives, and we’re going to try to strip away as much of the bias as possible.’” 7:31

Dec 24, 2019
Episode 28: The Magic of Product Page Optimization | Danny Carlson
In today’s episode, we do a phone interview with Danny Carlson, E-Commerce professional and founder of the Amazon FBA Agency, Kenji ROI. Danny also hosts the podcasts, Actualize Freedom Podcast and The Danny Carlson Podcast. In this interview, we get into the details of product page optimization and discuss the best approaches to structuring product descriptions. We also talk to Danny about indexing, getting Amazon’s search algorithm to work for you, and the best ways to incentivize customers to leave reviews.

What is “Lamplighting?” 2:55
Prioritizing The Different Aspects of Product Description 6:15
Indexing -- Prioritizing Fields 16:30
Getting Reviews -- What’s Allowed and What’s Not 20:28
How Danny Learned About Product Page Optimization 26:20

“I think copywriting is one of the most important skills that a small business owner should learn, because it’s going to increase the effectiveness of all of your emails, all of your Facebook ads, all of your Amazon listings -- just anywhere that there’s written copy, if you can make that more effective, it’s going to make pretty much everything you do more effective.” 4:05

Dec 17, 2019
Episode 28: Amazon PPC | From Fundamentals to Advanced
In today’s episode, we discuss advertising on Amazon through pay-per-click. We explain the basics of PPC, discuss what’s unique to Amazon’s approach to PPC, and talk about many different strategies to optimize your advertising strategy, including choosing and managing campaigns and determining the best average cost of sale.

Introducing Topic 0:33
Why Do PPC? 3:03
What’s Unique About Amazon PPC? 5:13
Choosing and Managing Campaigns 8:43
What’s the Right “A Cost”? 10:29
What Does BuyBoxer Do for Its Advertising? 14:57
Launching Products With PPC Alone 18:54
“Fly-wheel Approach to E-Commerce Lifestyle” 19:43
Drawbacks to PPC 20:34
Learning the Fundamentals To Optimize Your Own Advertising Strategy 22:30

“If everyone is spending money on advertising, then it kind of hits all of our gross margins. You know, you kind of want to get into a space where you just don’t have to spend as much. So that’s why I say its goal is to get to organic spend, so you can actually make more money on Amazon with a reasonable margin and a modest advertising budget.” 21:10
Dec 10, 2019
Episode 27: Diversifying Your Amazon Business | Thinking Ahead
In this episode, we share our perspective on the importance of thinking ahead by diversifying your business on Amazon. We cover the advantages of the Seller Central Program vs. the Vendor Central Program, as well as what agencies are and how we can use them to our advantage. We also discuss the current state of brands and wholesale on Amazon, as well as where they could be going and how diversification can prepare us for the future.

-Intro: Where is Amazon Going? 0:20
-Negotiation in the Vendor Central Program 1:53
-Seeing Amazon’s Profitability Strategies as an Opportunity 3:46
-What is an Amazon Agency? 4:21
-How Agencies Are Helping Seller Central 5:10
-Going From Vendor to Seller 6:19
-Brands vs. Wholesale Now 7:30
-The Benefits of Diversifying 10:07
-Treat Every Day Like Day One 13:09
-Amazon is Always Changing--Think Ahead 14:47

“If I was talking to my best friend in the world who had a brand, I would tell him, ‘Sell directly yourself on Amazon.” 6:08

Dec 03, 2019
Episode 26: Expand your Business | Warehouses
In this episode of The Best Amazon Seller, we talk about when to get your own warehouse, what this might require, and what type of warehouse you would best benefit from.

- Meet-Ups 1:03
- When Should you get Your own Warehouse 7:25
- What Warehouses Allow you to do 13:05
- Black stocking 16:53
- Payability
Nov 26, 2019
Episode 25: Networking for Sellers | Meet-Ups
In this episode of The Best Amazon Seller, we dive a little deeper into what a mini-conference (meet up) of mine looks like and why they are so helpful. I will be starting to visit cities around America and hosting these mini-conferences for sellers so if you are interested in attending one please DM me on my social media platforms.

- Introduction 1:17
- My Goals for Meet-Ups 6:59
- How I will keep it Exciting 9:38
- What you get out of the Meetup 13:57

“I think only 5% of sellers attend conferences. That’s because you have to fly, you have to take days off, and pay money. So what I want to do is take the best of a conference as close to you as I can and not even like charge you money. “ 7:44
Nov 19, 2019
Episode 24: Find your Niche | Amazon Categories
In this episode of the Best Amazon Seller we talk about the different categories to sell on Amazon. There are a wide variety of categories to choose from and each one has its value. I will highlight just a few, talk about the up sides and downsides of each, and share a little on the categories Buyboxer focuses on.

- Sports 2:32
- Home and Kitchen 6:46
- Toys 7:48
- Grocery 9:43
- Arts and Crafts 12:01
- Electronics 12:48
- Health 14:27
- Beauty Baby and Pets 15:03

“I’m growing more stubborn about what sells a product and I think it comes down to three things: I think it’s the reviews, the price, and the images. If you can nail all three of those, people that land on your product are going to convert.” 1:31
Nov 12, 2019
Episode 23: Getting to Your Customer | Shipping Methods
In this episode of the Best Amazon Seller, we talk about how to improve your shipping process. Some of the topics we cover are figuring out how software can help increase productivity in your business and when it’s needed. We also give examples from my business and give an overview of what we use in our shipping process, things we avoid and products we lean toward.

- Introduction 0:15
- Designing your own software 5:53
- Using Amazon’s API 7:05
- Our Shipping Process 8:35

“There’s one type of inventory that we just really steer clear of, and that’s seasonal oversize.”
Nov 05, 2019
Episode 22: Show Don't Tell | Albert Polanco
In this episode of the Best Amazon Seller, we interview Albert Polanco, a founding member of Zon Product Photography. He gives us a wealth of knowledge not only on product pictures for Amazon but also on the subject of general marketing tips.

- How did you start? 1:20
- The Primary Image 5:37
- Show Don’t Tell 11:55
- Good and Bad Lifestyle Photos 15:01
- Text and Badges 20:01
- Mistakes of Past 30:09

“If your product is stronger than the competition, don’t say that. Show your product doing something stronger than the competition. Demonstrate it.” 13:52

Link for 7 step framework.  
Promo Code: BuyBoxer5  
Contest for product photography.
Oct 29, 2019
Episode 21: Catch Your Customer's Eye | The Power of Photography
On this episode of the Best Amazon Seller we talk about the power of having good photography. With many people using the mobile app for amazon, people are looking for quick quality pictures that tell the story well. People often would prefer looking at a picture rather than looking at the bullet points to find information. We talk about different routes including hiring or doing it yourself.

- How photography affects your business 1:21
- Few things to consider 3:56
- Rewards on Amazon 11:35
- Graphic Design 12:37
- Case Study 14:05

“Not only does a good picture increase the likelihood of selling but if you tell the story really well through some pictures, you probably reduce your return rate cause you’re showing how it’s used.”
Oct 22, 2019
Episode 20: Knowing Your Customer | The Power of Habit
On this episode of The Best Amazon Seller we talk about The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg and how we can relate this to an e-commerce business. The book delves deeply into how our habits can rule our lives for the good or the bad. These habits influence practically all of our choices and understanding this can help our efforts in our online sales.

- New Things within Buyboxer
- The Power of Habit 2:50
- 3 Take Aways from Book 4:05
- Applying the Book to E-Commerce 9:35

“We are e-commerce professionals and have to understand shoppers behavior and tendency. In other words…tendencies is another word for habits.”
Oct 15, 2019
Episode 19: How Much Does Your Refund Percentage Affect Your Business? | Knowing Your Reports
Refunding can depend a lot on your inventory. Depending on your inventory, this can vary a lot, but you really need to know your reports to even know if you are getting your product back. Figuring this out can impact your business, so listen in to this episode to learn more about refund percentages and how to optimize your business.
Oct 08, 2019
Episode 18: Stuff I Wish I Knew | Lessons That You Can Apply Today
In this episode, Scott talks about the things he wishes he knew when he started out in Amazon FBA. No matter how large their business is, even the massive FBA businesses have issues selling on the Amazon marketplace. Amazon isn't a place where you can just set something up, leave it alone, and expect it to sell while you coast. Listen in and learn about some tricks and tips that you can start applying today.
Oct 01, 2019
Episode 17: Financial Products with Alex Sklar from Payability
In this episode of the Smartest Amazon Seller, Scott interviews Alex representing Payability. They talk about when it is appropriate to take out a loan or an advance, how to work in the ecommerce world with advertising, and financial products for ecommerce based companies. They also discuss the difference between a loan and an advance. Alex

- When is it worth the risk of taking an advance or loan? 4:28
- financial products for ecommerce based companies. 9:20
- differences between a loan and an advance 16:43
- Payability’s work 23:17
- Coupon with Payability 32:37

“The shorter that you can create that time of when you made a sale to when you have money in your pocket, the smoothing you can kind of do over the rest of your expenses in your cash flow.”
Sep 24, 2019
Episode 16: Attending Conferences | A $5000 Conversation
This episode dives into the benefits of attending conferences and how this can help you sell on Amazon. Meeting and interfacing with other sellers can lead huge growth and connections. The episode also dives into the various conferences that Scott has attended including Amazon hosted conferences. Conferences there lead Scott to insights that give sellers an upper hand.

Learning From Others 1:37
Meeting New Sellers 2:37
IRCE 6:12
Amazon Hosted Conferences 8:57
Sep 17, 2019
Episode 15: Why You May Want to Use an Account Manager | Strategic Account Services / Marketplace Growth Program
Today's subject is the Marketplace Growth Program / Strategic Account Services. One of the most useful things you can do to with Strategic Account Services is getting into an account that can benefit you and getting introduced to a particular team, which can be done by talking to an account manager. If you haven't heard of or used this before, this can be an amazing way to work with Amazon in very specialized ways. Account managers have a lot of experience and can maneuver through a lot of the issues that can occur when dealing with Amazon. This can even act as an insurance or a buffer for suspensions and other issues as well.
Sep 10, 2019
Episode 14: Developers | Insights on Software and Automation
Scott's full-time job is developing automation for his company's seller account, so this week he is sharing his insights about this kind of software development. The majority of the ordering processes, profitability analysis, and advertising automation is done by unique software that they have developed. What you want to consider when you hire someone to develop software or start to do it yourself is the API, or the connection point between you and Amazon. This is where you get reports, submit feeds, see your own data, and create FBA shipments. Really understanding the specifics of what is going on will inform a lot of your decisions in the long run. Listen in to this episode to get more information on the tech side of Amazon FBA.
Sep 03, 2019
Episode 13: KEEPA and the History of Amazon Marketplace | Tools for FBA
What is KEEPA and why would you want to use it? Scott discusses the importance of KEEPA, the database that contains the history of products on the Amazon Marketplace. Using this tool, you can see the story of products, its prices, what happens during certain seasons, and much more.

1:23 What is KEEPA
5:30 History of reviews and analyzing competitors
8:49 Sourcing leads
Aug 27, 2019
Episode 12: Interview with Michael Erickson Facchin | Expert in Amazon Advertising
Today's episode features an interview with Michael Erickson Facchin, an expert in advertising, host of the PPC Den Podcast, and the founder of Ad Badger. He has spent years optimizing Google Ads for 10 years and Amazon Ads for 7 years. In this episode, Scott and Michael discuss digital marketing, confirmation-bias in ads, twin-engine strategy, click-through rates, keyword rankings, and much more. Listen in to get advice on how to optimize your products.

Scott's info:

Michael's info:
Aug 20, 2019
Episode 11: Liquidating Inventory | Fulfillment by Amazon
Today's subject is liquidating inventory. When making a decision on what to do with products on Amazon if they aren't selling, no matter what you do, action is better than non-action. You really need to answer one question, and that is 'why is this product not selling'? There are 3 reasons for this - discoverability, click-through, and conversion. If people aren't buying, it really comes down to these issues most of the time. Listen in and learn about add ons, coupons, and other methods of liquidation.

6:50 Three reasons why something isn't selling
9:30 Add ons for investigating the product
15:25 Other methods for liquidating
Aug 13, 2019
Episode 10: Unfair Advantages and Q4 | Dealing with the Amazon Marketplace
Is Amazon a fair marketplace? What should you think about as you enter into Q4? In this episode, Scott addresses these two questions. When dealing with Amazon, even hard work and intelligence don't make it a fair marketplace, and sometimes you just need to take advantage of the opportunities you may have and others may not while on the Amazon marketplace.
Aug 06, 2019
Episode 9: The North America Remote Fulfillment Program | What You Need to Know
What is NARF? Probably the worst acronym ever. However, the North American Remote Fulfillment Program could make a huge difference in your foreign sales. In this episode, Scott gives his opinion and analysis about what this could mean for your business. The reason this program is so great is because Amazon takes control of a lot of the hassle that is usually involved in foreign marketplaces. It gives added benefits of having the prime badge, only costing an average of $3.50 for all of the foreign shipping and handling, and has already been shown to have product sales growth in Canada. Scott has experienced a shift in his international sales perspective from this program alone.

1:00 Instant additional sales
5:06 NARF availability
11:12 Some restrictions with the program
Jul 30, 2019
Episode 8: The Importance of Conversion | Amazon Prime Day and Conversion
In this episode, Scott discusses Amazon Prime Day and Conversion. Amazon uses Prime Day to get as many people as possible onto the subscription. However, while Prime Day is important, conversion is one of the most important things to focus on to become a top seller. The feedback loop in Amazon's algorithm has a focus on conversion and this can have a positive or negative impact on the product being sold. Scott covers ways to measure conversion and tools that can help you increase the conversion rates.

2:50 Scott's secret to Prime Day.
5:35 Conversion
10:21 Tools to measure conversion
14:00 Product image
18:27 The last few things to focus on to increase conversion
Jul 23, 2019
Episode 7: Reimbursements | How to utilize the reimbursement system
If you aren't already, you need to be using a system to be claiming all of the reimbursements that you're owed. Scott has spent hundreds and hundreds of hours researching and developing software to maximize reimbursements for his business. Listen to this episode to get more information about reimbursements on Amazon.
Jul 16, 2019
Episode 6: Two Myths about Amazon Fulfillment
In this episode, Scott discusses a few of the myths surrounding Fulfillment by Amazon along with the goals he has for the podcast in general. He also talks about the excitement that is growing in the space and the developments being made by companies and individuals focusing on FBA.

Jul 09, 2019
Episode 5: How to Use Coupons Effectively on Amazon
In this episode, Scott explains how coupons work as a marketing tool and how they affect purchasing behaviors. How can you make sales from “dead” products? What are some of the mechanics you should take advantage of?

01:57 Coupons as a marketing tool
08:55 Funny mechanics about coupons
Jul 06, 2019
Episode 4: Repricing
Repricing is a big topic, and there are many things that can go into it. Enjoy Scott geek out about repricing principles, algorithms, and statistics. Low prices don’t mean more sales. Learn how to raise prices and make more money.

1:06 Repricing strategies
10:39 How to find the best price for the product
Jul 01, 2019
Episode 3: Is it Worth the Risk?
Many Amazon sellers feel like they are controlled by Amazon because of their rules and possible suspension. Things you have been building can be turned into ash overnight, and that is a real risk. Scott talks about the time when he thought it was the end of his business and what he learned from that experience.

01:27 How Amazon controls sellers/ What sellers fear the most
15:04 What to do when you feel like your Amazon business is going to crash

Sponsor link:
Jun 24, 2019
Episode 2: The Success and Failures of Selling on Amazon
Everyone loves getting deals, and if you learn how to use deals as a seller, you will love it even more. What are discoverability, click-through, and conversion? How is your business doing in these areas and how can they be improved?

00:50 Utilizing coupons on Amazon
11:24 How it’s applicable to everything
Jun 17, 2019
Episode 1: How Scott Became the Smartest Amazon Seller
Embark on the journey to be a successful Amazon seller with Scott, the Greatest Amazon Seller in the Room! Scott is the co-founder of BuyBoxer, one of the most successful Amazon sellers today. Learn the lesser-known secrets about Amazon and how you can be a great seller.

00:58 Scott’s experience with Amazon
11:31 What this show is about/ Scott’s Background
16:11 Why you should listen to this podcast
Jun 17, 2019
Listen in as Scott introduces The Smartest Amazon Seller podcast. He provides a brief overview of his years of experience in the field and explains why YOU need to listen to this podcast.
Jun 17, 2019