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The Focusrite Pro Podcast brings you insights into the cutting edge technology behind current audio trends. Focusrite Pro meets the demands of recording, post-production, live sound and broadcast professionals. It consists of RedNet, a fully modular audio-over-IP solution, and the Red range, Focusrite's flagship multi-format interfaces, along with the heritage ISA range of microphone preamplifiers and analogue signal processors. The solutions have been developed to meet the needs of the most demanding applications through a relentless focus on ease of use, quality and reliability.

Episode Date
The Future of AES with Executive Director Colleen Harper

On this episode, which was recorded live from the AES show in New York, Ted and I are joined by Colleen Harper, Executive Director of AES. We’ll discuss this year’s AES show, the changes that have been made in the last year, what the future of AES looks like, and a whole lot more.


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Nov 28, 2019
The Future of ADAM Audio as Part of The Focusrite Group

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Henszey Sound's New Dolby Atmos Room

Specifying Audio-over-IP in the Modern Studio

Who is Focusrite Pro? (with Tim Carroll)

Nov 14, 2019
Specifying Audio-over-IP in the Modern Studio
On this episode, Dan Hughley and Ted White are joined by Bruce Somers, owner of Undercurrent Studios and SIR Inc., a managed service provider. We'll discuss analog vs. digital, being both an IT and audio professional, we'll use fax machines as a metaphor for technology, and a whole lot more.
Oct 31, 2019
Ron Romano of Belmont University, Live from Mix Sound for Film & TV
On this special bonus episode of the show we’re recording live from Sony Pictures during the Mix Sound for Film and TV event. On the show today, Ted White and Rich Nevens talk to Ron Romano, Technology Specialist at Belmont University in Nashville. They’ll discuss bridging the gap between networking and pro audio, switching your studio between 5.1 and stereo between sessions, the new virtual patch bay and a whole lot more.
Oct 24, 2019
Henszey Sound's New Dolby Atmos Room
On the show today Dan Hughley is joined by Dave Rieley, national sales manager for Focusrite Pro, and David Henszey, owner of Henszey sound. They'll discuss Getting certified for Dolby Atmos, Mixing EDM, Jazz and Feature films in Atmos, analog vs. digital and a whole lot more.
Oct 17, 2019
Technology chosen for G-Technology’s new space with Michael Gitig
On this episode, Ted White and Dan Hughley of Focusrite Pro are joined by Michael Gitig of G-Technology. They discuss the lifespan of hard drives, storage solutions for all types of creatives including photography, post production, game & motion graphics, and a whole lot more.
Oct 03, 2019
Going Back to Podcasting Basics with Chris Curran
On this episode, Dan Hughley is joined by Chris Curran of the Podcast Engineering School and Show as well as Fractal Recording. They discuss getting started with your podcast, mic choice & technique, the challenge of working with remote clients, and a whole lot more.
Sep 19, 2019
Dolby Atmos and Audio-over-IP with David Gould
On this episode, Rich Nevens and Will Hoult of Focusrite Pro are joined by David Gould of Dolby. They'll be discussing Atmos, mixing and monitoring in 5.1.2, speakers, sound bars, and a whole lot more.
Sep 05, 2019
Recording Remote Interviews with High Quality Audio
On this bonus episode of The Focusrite Pro Podcast Dan Hughley is joined by Rock Felder and Zach Moreno of Squadcast at the 2019 NAB show in Las Vegas. They discuss recording high resolution podcast interviews with the company that Zach and Rock started, Squadcast, and a whole lot more. For more information, visit
Aug 21, 2019
On tour with American Mobile
Dave Rieley and Will Hoult of the Focusrite Pro team are joined by Chris Sheppard and Steve Weeder of American Mobile. Chis and Steve are on their way to set up for Coachella and Stage Coach immediately following the recording of this episode, which was recorded from the NAB show in Las Vegas.
Aug 15, 2019
Planning Your Podcast with The Podcast Planner, Addy Saucedo
On this episode of the podcast, Dan Hughley is joined by The Podcast Planner herself, Addy Saucedo. They discuss content creators in general along with information about podcasting, the false information you find online about podcasting, a special promo code for Simplecast, and a whole lot more. For more information please visit
Aug 07, 2019
Focusrite Pro at the Aspen Music Festival
On this episode, Kurt Howell is joined by Scott Wynne of the Aspen Music Festival and Appalachian State University. They discuss the logistics of holding a music festival with only interns as staff, changing from an orchestra to a rock band in 11 minutes thanks to the presets of RedNet, Appalachian State University, and a whole lot more.
Jul 25, 2019
Focusrite Pro and Audio over IP
On this episode of the Focusrite Pro Podcast Dan Hughley, Ted White, Matt Pliskin, and Kurt Howell sit down at the 2019 NAB Show in Las Vegas to discuss Focusrite Pro, Audio over IP, the future of professional audio and a whole lot more.
Jun 17, 2019
Who is Focusrite Pro?
On this episode of the podcast, Dan Hughley is joined by Tim Carroll, CEO of Focusrite PLC, and Rich Nevens, Vice President of Focusrite Pro. They discuss what differentiates Focusrite Pro from the rest of the Focusrite portfolio, the future of Audio over IP, and a whole lot more.
Jun 17, 2019
Welcome to The Focusrite Pro Podcast - Season 1 Trailer
Welcome to the Focusrite Pro Podcast! This trailer is an introduction to the show and the brand. Check out future episodes for more information from audio industry professionals.
Jun 13, 2019