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 Oct 12, 2021
Just started listening to a new episode but stopped once I heard the ad for Exxon. We need to get off fossil fuels, and the industry has spent decades lobbying to keep information from the public. I'm unsubscribing.

 Feb 9, 2021
Not being a fan of "How to..." books i was initially sceptical about this show. But really it is very good. I love that it in involves talking with regular people about their problem and then having a clear speaking expert in to "work the problem". Very positive.

 Feb 2, 2021
I often find myself really thinking through the thoughtful advice this podcast covers - even if it isn't an issue or skill I want to have!


You’ve got questions. Together, we get answers. We all need advice, but sometimes it’s hard to know where to turn. Each week, Courtney Martin and Carvell Wallace bring a listener on to the show to solve their toughest problems with the help of world-class experts. It’s free therapy, and you’re invited.

Episode Date
How To Be a Mindful Grandparent
Jul 16, 2024
How To Take a Sabbatical
Jul 09, 2024
How To Survive a Shark Attack (Encore)
Jul 02, 2024
How To Make Bank at a Yard Sale
Jun 25, 2024
How To Start Strength Training
Jun 18, 2024
How To Move Past Your Toxic Ex
Jun 11, 2024
How To Be Lonely
Jun 04, 2024
How To Take a Gap Year
May 28, 2024
How To Confront a Vindictive Neighbor with Tig Notaro (Encore)
May 21, 2024
How To Handle Feedback at Work
May 14, 2024
How To Flirt With Confidence
May 07, 2024
Carvell Wallace on Another Word for Love
Apr 30, 2024
How To Find Your People After a Mental Health Diagnosis
Apr 23, 2024
How To ‘Do the Work’ of Racial Justice
Apr 16, 2024
How To Bring a Big Idea to Life
Apr 09, 2024
How To Crack Up Your Coworkers (Encore)
Apr 02, 2024
How To Make Humor Your Superpower (Encore)
Mar 26, 2024
How To Help a Loved One With Dementia
Mar 19, 2024
How To Say What You’re Thinking
Mar 12, 2024
How To Rethink Retirement
Mar 05, 2024
How To Let Go of a Friendship
Feb 27, 2024
How To Evolve a Friendship
Feb 20, 2024
How To Find Friends in Unexpected Places
Feb 13, 2024
How To Be a Mindful Drinker
Feb 06, 2024
How To Plan Your Next Adventure
Feb 03, 2024
How To Be Free Of Body Shame
Jan 30, 2024
How To Stop Snoring and Breathe Easier (Encore)
Jan 23, 2024
How To Make Small Talk Feel Big
Jan 16, 2024
How To Keep Caring Amid Endless Crises
Jan 09, 2024
How To Age Like an Elite Athlete
Jan 02, 2024
How To Cook One Perfect Meal (Encore)
Dec 26, 2023
Our Favorite Advice of 2023
Dec 19, 2023
How To Transition From Soldier to Civilian
Dec 12, 2023
How To Face the A.I. Revolution (Encore)
Dec 09, 2023
How To Carve Out Creative Time
Dec 05, 2023
How To Grieve an Estranged Parent
Nov 28, 2023
How To Talk Politics Without Wrecking Relationships (Encore)
Nov 21, 2023
How To Get Through Menopause
Nov 14, 2023
How To Build a Marriage That Lasts
Nov 07, 2023
How To Hit “Reset” on Your Career
Oct 31, 2023
How To Let Go of Kid Clutter
Oct 24, 2023
How To Build Trust With Co-Workers
Oct 17, 2023
How To Find Love Where You Least Expect It
Oct 10, 2023
How To Get Out of Debt Faster Than You Think (Encore)
Oct 03, 2023
How To Say Goodbye to Your Pet
Sep 26, 2023
How To Follow Your Small Business Dream
Sep 19, 2023
How To Learn Any Language Fast
Sep 12, 2023
How To Find Your People
Sep 05, 2023
How To Navigate Adult Autism
Aug 29, 2023
How To Fill an Empty Nest (Encore)
Aug 22, 2023
How To Live Anywhere in the World
Aug 15, 2023
How To Cope With Climate Anxiety
Aug 08, 2023
How To Show Up For a Friend With Cancer
Aug 01, 2023
How To Deal With a Difficult Parent
Jul 25, 2023
How To Make Aging Easier for Everyone
Jul 18, 2023
How To Hack Any Bureaucracy
Jul 11, 2023
How To Stop Finding Your Self-worth Through Your Job (w/ Gloria Chan Packer)
Jul 04, 2023
How To Find Genuine Happiness
Jun 27, 2023
How To Find the Gems in All Your Junk
Jun 20, 2023
How To Quit Your Calling
Jun 13, 2023
How To Help Teachers Thrive
Jun 06, 2023
How To Sleep Apart to Save Your Relationship
May 30, 2023
How To Sleep Like a Champ
May 23, 2023
How To Deliver Bad News Better
May 16, 2023
Sponsored Content: Secret Sauce for Business Owners
May 12, 2023
Dear Prudie: My Husband Wants Our 9-Year-Old Son to Play Tackle Football. Help!
May 09, 2023
How To Raise Kids in a Nation Full of Guns
May 02, 2023
How To Face the A.I. Revolution
Apr 25, 2023
How To Start Reading Books Again
Apr 18, 2023
How To Breathe Like a Navy SEAL
Apr 11, 2023
How To Succeed at Social Media
Apr 04, 2023
How To Bounce Back From a Layoff
Mar 28, 2023
The Upside of Stress: A Slight Change of Plans with Dr. Maya Shankar
Mar 21, 2023
How To Make Imposter Syndrome Your Superpower
Mar 14, 2023
How To ‘Chaos Cook’ With Samin Nosrat
Mar 07, 2023
How To Style Your Home Like a Pro
Feb 28, 2023
How To Manage Your Precious Time
Feb 21, 2023
Encore: How To Find Your First Kiss at 38
Feb 14, 2023
How To Face Your Kid’s Future
Feb 07, 2023
How To Command a Room
Jan 31, 2023
How To Love Your Face
Jan 24, 2023
How To Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions
Jan 17, 2023
How To End Political Violence (From an Ex-Gang Leader)
Jan 10, 2023
How To Prevent Another Jan. 6
Jan 03, 2023
Our Favorite Advice of 2022
Dec 27, 2022
How To Forgive Someone Who Isn't Sorry
Dec 20, 2022
How To House Everyone in Your City
Dec 13, 2022
How To Throw a Party They’ll Remember
Dec 06, 2022
How To Know When to Quit Your Job
Nov 29, 2022
Atlas Obscura: Louie Mattar’s Fabulous Car
Nov 25, 2022
Encore: How To Write a Bestseller
Nov 22, 2022
How To Make a Huge Decision In 60 Minutes... Or Less
Nov 15, 2022
Sponsored: How Can We Use Our Success to Empower Our Communities?
Nov 11, 2022
How To Parent Your Depressed Teen
Nov 08, 2022
How To Talk Politics With Your Dad (Without Yelling) Pt 2
Nov 01, 2022
How To Talk Politics With Your Dad (Without Yelling) Pt 1
Oct 25, 2022
Encore: How To Not Be Scared
Oct 18, 2022
How To Put Your Town on the Map
Oct 11, 2022
How To Do Divorce Right
Oct 04, 2022
How To Be Yourself in an Interracial Relationship
Sep 27, 2022
How To Pick a College (And Actually Afford It)
Sep 20, 2022
How To Make the Leap to Your Dream Job
Sep 13, 2022
How To Have a Healthier News Diet
Sep 06, 2022
How To Unbreak the News
Aug 30, 2022
How To Survive a Silent Retreat
Aug 23, 2022
How To Restore Nature in the Heart of a City
Aug 16, 2022
How To Save the Planet, Starting With Your Yard
Aug 09, 2022
How To Be an Artist and Not Starve
Aug 02, 2022
How To Stop Being an Emotional ATM
Jul 26, 2022
How To Parent Less
Jul 19, 2022
How To Become a Parent Overnight
Jul 12, 2022
How To Orgasm
Jul 05, 2022
Encore: How To Get Your Dog to Stop Eating Your Daughters’ Underwear With Jenny Slate
Jun 28, 2022
How To Dress with Confidence
Jun 21, 2022
How To Run for Office Without Being an A**hole
Jun 14, 2022
Encore: How To Stand Up for Your Kid When Society Won’t
Jun 07, 2022
How To Raise a Future College Athlete
May 31, 2022
How To Ditch the Apps & Actually Find a Date
May 24, 2022
How To Make Sexual Consent Sexy
May 17, 2022
How To Be a Lazy Genius
May 10, 2022
How To Bounce Back From Burnout
May 03, 2022
How To (Really) Help Refugees
Apr 26, 2022
How To Change a Mascot Without Tearing Apart Your School
Apr 19, 2022
How To Solve Your Own Medical Mystery
Apr 12, 2022
How To Start Writing (w/ Anna Quindlen & John Dickerson)
Apr 05, 2022
How To Speak Up So Others Listen
Mar 29, 2022
How To Stand Up To a Workplace Bully
Mar 22, 2022
How To Make Friends... Like a Man
Mar 15, 2022
How To Have Happy Regrets
Mar 08, 2022
How To Stop ‘Having It All’ (Before You End Up With Nothing)
Mar 01, 2022
Encore: How To Win Gold Without Losing Yourself
Feb 22, 2022
How To Fight With Your Parents
Feb 15, 2022
How To Beat Hackers at Their Own Game
Feb 08, 2022
How To Crack Up Your Coworkers (Without Being Offensive)
Feb 01, 2022
Encore: How To Succeed When Everyone's Mad at You
Jan 18, 2022
How To Squash Your Fear of Bugs (and Other Phobias)
Jan 11, 2022
How To Eat Whatever You Want
Jan 04, 2022
How To Break the Spell of Social Media
Dec 28, 2021
How To Save a Friend from a Bad Relationship
Dec 21, 2021
Our Favorite Advice of 2021
Dec 14, 2021
When To Say Goodbye to a Difficult Dog
Dec 07, 2021
How To Get Your Dog to Stop Barking (Without Barking Back)
Nov 30, 2021
How To Embrace Your Anti-Vax Family This Holiday Season
Nov 23, 2021
How To Advance Your Career by Quitting Your Job
Nov 16, 2021
How To Get Your Book Published
Nov 09, 2021
What To Do When Your Husband Becomes Your Boss
Nov 02, 2021
How To Beat the Dreaded Midday Slump
Oct 26, 2021
How To Make Friends as an Adult
Oct 19, 2021
How To Keep Cool in a Crisis
Oct 12, 2021
How To Stop a Fight Before It Starts
Oct 05, 2021
How To Coach Squirrelly Kids (and Screaming Parents)
Sep 28, 2021
How To Fill an Empty Nest
Sep 21, 2021
How To Crack Your Kid Like a CIA Operative
Sep 14, 2021
How To Live With a Dirty Family Secret
Sep 07, 2021
How To Succeed When Everyone's Mad at You
Aug 31, 2021
How To Beat Your Hidden Biases
Aug 24, 2021
How To Repair a Broken Relationship Before It's Too Late
Aug 17, 2021
How To Reconnect with Your Kid After a Nasty Divorce
Aug 10, 2021
How To Never Miss a Deadline
Aug 03, 2021
How To Ditch Your Distractions Once and For All
Jul 27, 2021
Congrats, You Won the Olympics. Now What?
Jul 20, 2021
How To Make a Big Purchase Without Panicking
Jul 13, 2021
How To Fight Outrageous Medical Bills
Jul 06, 2021
How To Trick Your Brain Into Running Longer
Jun 29, 2021
I'm a Recovering Alcoholic. I'm Afraid My Kids Will End Up Like Me.
Jun 22, 2021
After a Year of Survival, How to Start Living Again
Jun 15, 2021
How To Have the Best Sex of Your Life
Jun 08, 2021
How to Turn Grit Into a Lifelong Habit | Angela Duckworth | The TED Interview
Jun 05, 2021
My Kid's Anxiety Is Giving ME Anxiety! How Do I Fix This?
Jun 01, 2021
The Single Most Important Thing to Know Before Becoming a Single Parent
May 25, 2021
How to Stand Up to Your Terrible Manager—Without Getting Fired
May 18, 2021
How To Have a Fight That Actually Helps Your Relationship
May 11, 2021
Now Is the Time To Escape Your Bad Relationship. Here’s How.
May 04, 2021
I’m Great at My Job. So Why Do I Feel Like a Fraud?
Apr 27, 2021
How To Give a Killer Speech
Apr 20, 2021
I Was Lost at Sea for 438 Days. Here's How I Survived.
Apr 13, 2021
How To Fight Rattlesnakes and Polar Bears
Apr 06, 2021
How To Write the Perfect Obituary
Mar 30, 2021
How To Make an Exit Like Mary Poppins
Mar 23, 2021
How To Stop Snoring (And Breathe Easier)
Mar 16, 2021
How To Quiet the Chatter in Your Head
Mar 09, 2021
How To Survive a Doomsday Cult
Mar 02, 2021
How To Fall Out of Love
Feb 23, 2021
How To Start Over at 60
Feb 16, 2021
How To Leave the Church When Your Dad’s the Pastor
Feb 09, 2021
How To Steal Back Your Identity
Feb 02, 2021
How To Be a Badass On and Off the Court
Jan 26, 2021
How To Get Things Done in a Divided Nation with Samantha Power
Jan 19, 2021
Our Favorite Advice of 2020
Dec 29, 2020
How To Stress-Bake with Claire Saffitz
Dec 22, 2020
How To Get Your Dog to Stop Eating Your Daughters’ Underwear With Jenny Slate
Dec 15, 2020
How To Get Out of Debt Faster Than You Think
Dec 11, 2020
How To Face Your Fear of Dying
Dec 08, 2020
How To Save Your Marriage
Dec 01, 2020
How To Rescue Someone From a Conspiracy Theory
Nov 24, 2020
How To Have an Open Relationship
Nov 17, 2020
How To Be the Next Erin Brockovich
Nov 10, 2020
How To End a Sibling Rivalry With Kate & Oliver Hudson
Nov 03, 2020
How To Avoid Becoming Your Mother
Oct 27, 2020
How To Get People to Vote
Oct 23, 2020
How To Survive a Public Shaming With Katie Hill
Oct 20, 2020
How To Talk Politics Without Wrecking Relationships
Oct 13, 2020
How To Lose Weight and Keep It Off
Oct 06, 2020
How To Get Away With Murder
Sep 29, 2020
How To Win Arguments Like a Hostage Negotiator
Sep 22, 2020
Cheat Sheet: How To Survive High School & Whatever Comes Next
Sep 15, 2020
Cheat Sheet: How To Talk to Your Son About Sex
Sep 08, 2020
Cheat Sheet: How To Ace Zoom School
Sep 01, 2020
How To Become Your Own Boss with Guy Raz
Aug 25, 2020
How To! Presents: "Cheat Sheet"
Aug 21, 2020
How To Confront a Crazy Neighbor with Tig Notaro
Aug 11, 2020
How To Get That Promotion You Deserve
Jul 28, 2020
How To Survive a Shark Attack
Jul 14, 2020
Bonus Episode - 'Hello Monday' with Jessi Hempel
Jul 07, 2020
How To Write a Bestseller
Jun 30, 2020
How To Fight Racism in Your Town
Jun 23, 2020
How To Stand Up for Your Kid When Society Won’t
Jun 16, 2020
How To Walk Away from an Impossible Parent
Jun 09, 2020
How To Find a New Career Before it's Too Late
Jun 02, 2020
How To Get a Stubborn Parent to Listen
May 26, 2020
How To Say the Right Thing at the Worst Time
May 19, 2020
How To Lose 155 Pounds Happily
May 12, 2020
How To Talk to Strangers
May 05, 2020
How To Actually Enjoy Working from Home
Apr 28, 2020
How To Save the Planet (And Still Use a Plastic Straw)
Apr 21, 2020
How To Stop Procrastinating
Apr 14, 2020
Quarantine Q&A: Masks
Apr 07, 2020
How To Tame a Chaotic Household
Mar 31, 2020
How To Not Go Crazy Under Quarantine
Mar 24, 2020
How To Forgive the Unforgivable
Mar 17, 2020
How To Find Your First Kiss at 38
Mar 10, 2020
How To Get Your Mom to Accept You
Mar 03, 2020
How To Vote for the Next President
Feb 25, 2020
How To Write the Perfect Breakup Song with Ben Folds
Feb 18, 2020
How To Convince People to Give You Money
Feb 11, 2020
How To Protect Yourself Against the Coronavirus
Feb 04, 2020
How To Put Your Wife's Career First
Jan 28, 2020
How To Kick a Meth Habit
Jan 21, 2020
How To Rob a Bank
Jan 14, 2020
How To Propose (to a Man)
Jan 07, 2020
How To Make Your New Year's Resolutions Stick
Dec 31, 2019
How To Give a REALLY Big Gift
Dec 24, 2019
How To Remember Everything
Dec 17, 2019
How To Sleep
Dec 10, 2019
How To Get Your Kid To Finally Grow Up
Dec 03, 2019
How To Cook One Perfect Meal
Nov 26, 2019
How To Win At Online Dating
Nov 19, 2019
How To Perform Under Pressure
Nov 12, 2019
How To Withstand Pain
Nov 05, 2019
How To Not Be Scared
Oct 29, 2019
How To Fire Your Daughter
Oct 22, 2019
How To Put Down Your Phone
Oct 15, 2019
How To Be Funny
Oct 08, 2019
How To Decide Whether To Have a Baby
Oct 01, 2019
How To Go On a Family Adventure
Sep 24, 2019
How To Look Like a Superhero
Sep 17, 2019
How To Stress Your Kid the Right Way
Sep 10, 2019
How To Survive a Pandemic
Sep 03, 2019
How To Stop Being Anxious
Aug 27, 2019
How To Uproot Your Life
Aug 20, 2019
How To Cook One Perfect Meal
Aug 13, 2019
How To Fire a Bad Employee
Aug 06, 2019
How To Give Your Mom a Kidney
Jul 30, 2019
How To Withstand Pain
Jul 30, 2019
How To Rob a Bank
Jul 30, 2019
How To Be Funny
Jul 30, 2019
Introducing How To!
Jun 21, 2019