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What’s the secret to the world’s glowiest skin? Why use clean, nontoxic personal-care products? (And what’s the easiest way to make the shift?) Can lasers and injectables really make a person look better? What skin-care tips and hair ideas are worthwhile? What does it mean to look and feel pretty or sexy or even beautiful? And can we—should we—try to sustain that as we get older? When it comes to beauty, there are 70 billion questions. On The Beauty Closet, the newest podcast from goop, editors Jean Godfrey-June and Megan O’Neill are going to answer as many of them as they can. They’ll have help fr​om top makeup artists, dermatologists, cleanbeauty founders, researchers, plastic surgeons, hairstylists, and of course their boss, Gwyneth Paltrow.

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The Power of the Mirror Moment
The few minutes every morning you take to smooth on skin care and consider yourself and the day ahead are far more significant than they seem, says Francesco Clark, the founder of Clark’s Botanicals, a national ambassador for the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation, and the author of Walking Papers: The Accident That Changed My Life, and the Business That Got Me Back on My Feet. “It’s about bringing forth and strengthening your inner hero,” says Clark. “And that spine-tingling sensation of walking down the street and feeling so in tune with yourself that a stranger smiles at you.”  (For more, see The Beauty Closet hub.) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 09, 2021
Why Serums (and Crystal Therapy Mats) Are Seriously Funny
The easy assumption about POOG, the hilarious, wellness-obsessed podcast by comedians and longtime friends Kate Berlant and Jacqueline Novak, is that it’s a parody or critique of goop. “We’re true believers,” says Berlant. “People—fools—were like, ‘Oh, are you making fun of goop, making fun of wellness?’ And we’re like, ‘No, sweetie.’ And just so everyone is clear, skin care is also wellness. We love it all.” So along with cracking up uncontrollably, goop beauty editors Jean Godfrey-June and Megan O’Neill get to talk about spa treatments, clean beauty, and homemade crystal-healing mats with the women of POOG, the podcast The New Yorker called “a laugh from inside the house that the wellness industry built” on this week’s episode of The Beauty Closet. (For more, see The Beauty Closet hub.) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 02, 2021
How the Ultimate Networker Gets Her Glowing Skin
If you’ve ever been to a WIE Suite event—they’re part TED Talk, part really fun party, with a stealth career-development aspect—you’ve felt you were part of a very smart, very chic, very powerful sisterhood. Weaving effortlessly through the famous fashion designers, female founders, and CEOs, Dee Poku is the stylish queen bee of it all, introducing, connecting, and celebrating. On The Beauty Closet this week, Poku talks with Jean Godfrey-June and Megan O’Neill about connection, power, and confidence, along with the secrets to her glowy skin and signature bangs. As a young girl in Ghana, Poku knew the world was hers. “I grew up in an environment where everyone looked like me—where everyone was Black and people in positions of power looked like me,” she says. “It grounded me with the sense that I could be all I wanted to be.” After years in the entertainment industry, Poku founded the WIE Suite—a business community centered around sisterhood and empowerment. “It’s space where women who’ve achieved success can be in the same room with women earlier on in their journey,” says Poku. “It’s a collective support system.” (For more, see The Beauty Closet hub.) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 26, 2021
The Empress of (Irresistible) Clean Makeup
On red carpets and photo shoots, makeup artist Gucci Westman’s thing—what she’s famous for—is glowy, natural-looking skin and a can’t-put-your-finger-on-it air of glamour. She delivers the same look with her runaway-bestselling makeup line, which raised the bar on both luxury and cool in the clean beauty space. The story of how she got there starts with a big break at Vogue, then runway shows for major fashion houses, like Oscar de la Renta and Diane von Furstenberg, as well as movies, like Being John Malkovich and French Exit. After waking up to clean beauty and the fact that clean makeup lacked both chicness and efficacy, she created Westman Atelier. On this week’s episode of The Beauty Closet, Westman gives Jean and Megan some incredible makeup tips, along with unforgettable stories about growing up with hippie parents and landing smack-dab in the middle of the fashion world. (For more, see The Beauty Closet hub.) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 19, 2021
How a Tough, Gorgeous Former Race Car Driver Slows Down
As the most successful woman in the history of American open-wheel car racing, Danica Patrick never felt she needed to soft-pedal her gender or minimize her considerable physical appeal to make other people more comfortable. “It's that saying: The way that you treat me says nothing about me and everything about you,” she says. Patrick’s wisdom on this topic is deep and absolutely inspiring, as was our entire interview with her. A seasoned podcast host herself (her podcast, Pretty Intense, has featured guests including Kimberly Snyder, Wim Hof, and Neil deGrasse Tyson), she’s full of funny stories—she had twenty minutes to prepare for interviewing Tyson, for instance—and great, grounded advice on how to stay motivated, beautiful, and true to yourself.  (For more, see The Beauty Closet hub.) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 12, 2021
The BFFs Who Created a Business around Beautiful Food
They founded Sakara Life—the plant-based food delivery program that changed the way we eat—on $700 they raised by throwing a dinner party for friends. Ten years, several babies, and a whole lot of material and spiritual success later, best friends and co-CEOs Danielle Duboise and Whitney Tingle are as open and curious as ever, which helped make this episode one of our all-time favorites (it also helps, of course, that the two are seasoned podcast hosts). We got their take on everything—the difference between a cleanse and a diet, how to break away from conventional solutions to problems like acne, growing a business from practically nothing, why breastfeeding during meetings can change the world, and why it’s more important to focus on what you are eating rather than what you aren’t—and it’s just magical. (For more, see The Beauty Closet hub.) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 05, 2021
Expert on (Beauty) Expert with Monica Padman
We are full-on Armchairies here at goop, so the chance to interview Monica Padman, half of the Armchair Expert brain trust (GP interviewed the other half, Dax Shepard, here—do not miss it), had us pinching ourselves. Whether Padman, cocreator and cohost with Shepard of the smash-hit podcast (she’s also editor, producer, and erstwhile fact-checker), was interviewing Yuval Harari, Glennon Doyle, Ibram X. Kendi, or perhaps Bill Gates when we heard her mention an enthusiasm for beauty, we no longer remember. All we know is we pounced and somehow convinced her to come on our podcast—and it was amazing. Whether she’s talking about growing up Indian American in Georgia or how she holds own with her brilliant guests, Padman is smart, full of insights, and always hilarious. (For more, see The Beauty Closet hub.) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 28, 2021
The Moment I Learned to (Really) Love My Hair
Actress, author, entrepreneur, single mom, and mental health advocate Taraji P. Henson credits much of her enormous success (she was nominated for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, won a Golden Globe for Empire and a SAG award for Hidden Figures, sang vocals for the Oscar-winning theme song ofHustle & Flow, and wrote a bestselling and wildly inspiring memoir, Around the Way Girl) to embracing her differences. For her, that’s meant being herself in auditions (as opposed to playing to stereotypes), standing up to teachers as she was raising her son, and one day on a magazine shoot, learning to love her natural hair texture. That experience eventually led to TPH by Taraji, an absolutely incredible line of hair care that’s now sold across the country at Target. Henson has lived more life in her fifty years than most people do in a hundred; her story is fascinating and inspiring (and we got her to tell us the secret behind her skin, which is the glowiest, softest, healthiest-looking we’ve ever seen). (For more, see The Beauty Closet hub.) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 21, 2021
A Style Guru’s New Obsession: Fantastic Lashes
She changed how we dressed and put J.Crew on the map, and now Jenna Lyons has come out with chic, next-level false eyelashes that flatter any face. (Truly, whether you’ve never tried lashes before or you’re a pro, there is nothing like a pair of her LoveSeen lashes.)  The style icon’s newest chapter—after a career highlighted by running J.Crew (and Madewell, and J.Crew Factory, all at the same time) and starring as herself on Girls—involves the title role on Stylish with Jenna Lyons on HBO, hotel design, and so much more under her Lyons L.A.D. umbrella (she named her new company Lyons Life After Death) that it’s hard to keep up. Her story—growing up with a genetic disorder that left her without eyelashes, among other issues—is surprising, not to mention as inspiring as it gets. We knew she loved fashion, but as we discover on The Beauty Closet, she’s a full-on beauty maven, with a specialty in exfoliation.(For more, see The Beauty Closet hub.) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 14, 2021
A Dermatologist and Skin Cancer Surgeon on What Lasers Can Do and Why Race Plays into Her Work
What are the best techniques for smoothing crow’s-feet? Is the phrase “Black don’t crack” true? What really can be done with lasers? How do you freshen someone up without making them look “done”? What does it mean to specialize in skin of color? NYC-based Michelle Henry, MD, a Mount Sinai– and Harvard-trained dermatologist and skin cancer surgeon, has brilliant, super useful answers to questions on everything from how to feel and look our best as we age to whether there’s an “ideal” facial structure—and it’s all on the latest episode of The Beauty Closet. Henry has the kind of reassuring humor you’d expect from a lifelong girlfriend and a perspective on what it means to feel beautiful and confident in a wider sense—beyond in-office treatments and supercreams, race, age, and even her own aesthetic techniques. It’s just an incredible episode. (For more, see The Beauty Closet hub.) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 23, 2020
The Brow Whisperer
You can shape gorgeous, natural-looking, defined brows at home, and on this week’s episode of The Beauty Closet, the legendary Jimena—pronounced he-méh-nah—Garcia tells us how. Garcia, who’s Chanel’s first-ever brow artist, is about not just creating naturally defined, face-sculpting arches but also how to see the beauty in your own face and develop your own sense of beauty and style. She gives Jean Godfrey-June and Megan O’Neill easy-to-follow tips on how to shape and maintain flattering brows at home, no matter how haywire, bushy, or sparse your canvas. (During the pandemic she’s been holding digital brow workshops and master classes, so she’s great at DIY brow advice.) She answers all our questions, from how to make brow plucking hurt less to the easiest way to create an arch. (For more, see The Beauty Closet hub.) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 16, 2020
Love Your Body, Eat for Glow, and an Easy Way to Make Your World More Inclusive
Listen to Koya Webb and you walk away with a revived confidence in yourself, your body, your love life, and even your ability to kill it at work. On the latest episode of The Beauty Closet, the life coach, motivational speaker, and yogi talks about how not to freeze when someone says something insulting or offensive (the freeze—we know it well), the best foods for glowing skin, the difference between healthy weight loss and disordered eating, and navigating the overwhelmingly White wellness space as a person of color. Webb’s evolution from top athlete to model to wellness guru involved personal struggles with depression and body image, and she uses that perspective in her work with clients to powerful effect. She’s one of the most inspiring, genuinely enlightening people we know, and this conversation is as joyful and actionable as it gets. (For more, see The Beauty Closet hub.) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 09, 2020
Easy Ayurvedic Tips for Your Skin, Hair, and Life
From the skin-replenishing magic of her beautiful organic oils to easy ways to shift your energy with food or movement, UMA founder Shrankhla Holecek manages to make practices based in Ayurveda—the ancient Indian system of plant-based medicine—both simple and approachable. Her offhanded mix of glamour and down-to-earth-iness couldn’t be more charming, even when she’s giving us tips on how to use navel oil (!) on the latest episode of the Beauty Closet podcast. “Simply put, Ayurveda is guidance on how best to live your life,” says Holecek. “It’s taking care of your body, mental well-being, and relationships; it’s making sure to release emotions from your body so that they don’t build up as toxicity; and [it’s] eating seasonally to best serve your body.” Holecek’s advice for boosting radiance, soothing breakouts, balancing mood, and giving hair more shine is incredible, and we also love her point that wrinkles aren’t necessarily something to be erased. (For more, see The Beauty Closet hub.) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 02, 2020
The Clean Dentist Who’s Making Us Rethink Everything about Our Teeth
There’s a reason most conventional toothpastes say, “Do not swallow,” says top Beverly Hills dentist Kourosh Maddahi, DDS, who blows beauty editors Jean Godfrey-June and Megan O’Neill’s minds this week on The Beauty Closet with some startling realities and expert tips for keeping your teeth healthy (and white). The mouth’s microbiome, he says, is our first line of defense, yet most mouthwashes and toothpastes are designed to kill all bacteria. Maddahi is the creator of Lumineaux—the first clean oral-care line (including the best whitening strips we’ve ever tried)—and he gives us the facts about what really makes teeth look older, how to fight bad breath (hint: not with mint), and a must-know trick for anyone who loves lemon water in the morning. There’s more: how common prescription meds can decimate the bacteria in our mouths, thus causing cavities, and why root canals can do a number on our health—all of it amazing and instantly habit-changing. (For more, see The Beauty Closet hub.) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 18, 2020
Her Face Oil Is Epic; So Is Her Skin. We Had to Know More
Nyakio Grieco has hands down the glowiest skin we’ve ever seen, and on this week’s episode of the Beauty Closet podcast, the nyakio Beauty founder and CEO tells Jean Godfrey-June and Megan O’Neill about the clean ingredients from Africa that make all the difference. From the beauty secrets she got from her grandmother, a farmer in Kenya, to her experiences as one of the most successful Black clean beauty founders in the business, Grieco’s perspective is unique: This summer’s uprising over racial injustice had her reflecting on her early struggles to find funding and a foothold with retailers. “It’s a beautiful thing that so many people are finally seeing people who deserve to have been seen for far too long,” she says. Listen to hear how she’s helping change the narrative for fellow Black founders, her prescription for great skin, how YouTube tutorials can help you raise your kids, and why she feels the most beautiful in her forties. (For more, see The Beauty Closet hub.) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 11, 2020
Stop Waiting for Your Perfect Weight
“The size 2 women are just as obsessed as the size 22 women,” says Instagram star, style blogger, and female beauty founder Katie Sturino. “It’s in our culture everywhere that women are just not the right size—no matter what size we are.” In this week’s episode of The Beauty Closet, Sturino talks about how we can go about rejecting that narrative and what can open up in its place. How own journey—from high-end fashion executive to powerful style influencer (the day she wore a G. Label sweaterdress was a big one here at goop) at and founder and CEO of Megababe, one of our all-time favorite clean beauty companies (hello, Thigh Rescue and Bust Dust!)—is both thrilling and inspiring, and she’s also one of the funniest people you’ll ever meet. But it’s her super smart observations about women and weight that will keep you listening to the very end—when she turns the tables on Jean and Megan and asks them all her beauty questions! (For more, see The Beauty Closet hub.) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 02, 2020
Quit Your Job, Invent an Amazing Natural Deodorant, and Sell It All for Millions
Before she changed the world and sold her natural deodorant company for millions of dollars, Jaime Schmidt was a mom mixing batches of essential oils and botanicals in her kitchen, making the rounds at farmer’s markets in Portland, OR, and trying to create something of a unicorn: Natural deodorant that really works. How she cracked the code—and turned her business into a powerful brand—is the fascinating story we explore on the newest episode of The Beauty Closet podcast. (For more, see The Beauty Closet hub.) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 28, 2020
No-Makeup Makeup, Ultranatural-Looking Skin, and More from the Queen of French-Girl Beauty
If you love a glowy, fresh, French-girl look, Sylvie Chantecaille is your guru, and on this week’s episode of The Beauty Closet podcast, we get all the details from the glamorous, hilarious, inspiring OG female founder. We talk to the seventy-five-year-old CEO and president of Chantecaille Beauty about how she pretty much invented the idea of amplifying glow in skin, why she’s known as the “foundation whisperer,” striking a harmonious work-family balance, and how she’s personally (and professionally) working to save the planet.  (For more, see The Beauty Closet hub.) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 21, 2020
Does the Beauty Industry Exist to Make Us Insecure?
Influential editor, podcast host, and writer Phillip Picardi started out as a beauty editor, and this conversation is a fascinating look at many of the questions he raises around beauty. He challenges us to think about things like the difference between harping on insecurity for profit and trying to solve legitimate beauty problems and to consider how our perceptions of beauty might be intertwined with racism. At the same time, he gives us all steps to take to help make the world a better place—listen in for a thought-provoking, action-inspiring conversation that ranges from career and beauty tips to religion, queer and trans rights, race, and more. (For more, see The Beauty Closet hub.) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 14, 2020
Blowouts, Box Braids, and More from One of the World’s Most Inventive Hairstylists
Lacy Redway is the woman behind some of the most famously gorgeous hair on the planet (Tessa Thompson, Anne Hathaway, and Zazie Beetz, to name a few). Redway’s skill sets her apart, but the fact that she focuses her incredible imagination on all hair textures—from kinky and coarse to straight and fine—is what makes her one of the most sought-after talents in high-fashion hair. Listening to Redway’s electric wisdom on everything from hair to institutional racism and sexism had us on the edge of our seats. We talked about how the ability to read the room is a key to success, how being an immigrant can shape you in positive ways, and why veering off the expected path can boost your confidence and help you blossom professionally. She’s also got brilliant hair tips: how to get shiny, healthy hair at home; the best way to blow-dry (and why you should never do it in the bathroom); and so much more. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 07, 2020
Talking to Your Hair, Black Girl Magic, and Why Beauty Is Charged
Julee Wilson is the beauty director at Cosmpolitan magazine—and an expert on everything from glowy skin and self-tanner to box braids and defining curls so they look as killer as her own signature halo. As our first guest on the third season of The Beauty Closet, Wilson shares life and career advice—somehow dispensed with equal parts soul, conviction, and humor—that’s as mesmerizing as her (amazing) skin and hair tips. We talk about how the Black Lives Matter movement is changing the beauty industry; why being an expert means understanding all skin and hair types; how to fight imposter syndrome by, as Wilson puts it, “leaning into our dopeness”; and why love is the antidote to racism, in and outside of the beauty world. (For more, see The Beauty Closet hub.) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 30, 2020
Girlfriend to Girlfriend: The Woman Behind the Cult of Vintner’s Daughter
The biggest cult in beauty is, without a doubt, a little brown bottle full of 100 percent clean botanical extracts and oils from Vintner’s Daughter. We first heard about it from a makeup artist who couldn’t believe what it was doing to her clients’ skin, and on this week’s episode of goop’s Beauty Closet podcast, we hear from founder April Gargiulo. A hilarious, gorgeous, Northern Californian mother of two, she didn’t set out to create a worldwide obsession, but she does do things very, very differently...something we (and GP) appreciate every time we pat it on. (For more, see The Beauty Closet hub.) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 05, 2020
Love How You Look, No Matter Who You Are: A Beauty Entrepreneur and LGBTQAI Activist on Identity
Life is always changing, points out activist, author, founder, and mom Jodie Patterson—so you have to adapt. After multiple careers (in fashion, beauty, retail, and...the circus) five children (one of them transgender), a TED talk, and two books (The Bold World and Born Ready: A Boy Named Penelope), the incredibly stylish cochair of the Human Rights Campaign Foundation is happy to share how she does it on the newest episode of the Beauty Closet podcast. How to make yourself and your kids feel beautiful is one of her amazing, totally doable tips; how to see hair as love is another. And of course, we had to know how she gets her glowy skin (believe it or not, she’s fifty). (For more, see The Beauty Closet hub.) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 29, 2020
A Top Dermatologist and Psychiatrist on Aging Skin, Breakouts—and the Most Natural Look
No matter what your age, skin type, or skin problem, you’re going to want New York dermatologist and psychiatrist Amy Wechsler’s advice. Famous for her light touch—clients walk out of her office looking brighter, smoother, and refreshed but never “done”—soothing bedside manner, and truly life-changing results, Wechsler talks about how to get (and maintain) your best skin ever. From fat-freezing tech, the latest acne treatments, and skin-tightening lasers to something called Instagram face and how feminism fits into any discussion of aging and aesthetics, Wechsler’s smart, empathetic take on it all is about as fascinating as it gets. (And after we had one look at her and heard that she has a college-age daughter, believe us, we were listening!) (For more, see The Beauty Closet hub.) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 22, 2020
How to Be A (Very) Hot 74
World-famous fashion designer Norma Kamali is glowy, brilliant, sexy, life-loving, and more successful than ever. She talks to us about her new clean beauty line (the self-tanner is out of this world); the magic of acupuncture facials; her no-fail secret for great sex, incredible skin, shiny hair, and digestion (hint: you can ingest it); and why aging isn’t a bad thing—at all. (For more, see The Beauty Closet hub.) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 15, 2020
Effortless French-Girl Hair at Home (Our Source Is a World-Famous French Hairstylist)
If you want to know how to get your most flattering haircut, the best at-home fix for frizz, the right way to condition (yes, there’s an easy trick that changes everything), and French hair secret that works for every hair type, legendary hairstylist Frédéric Fekkai has incredible tips. He talks about his epic career (he started as an assistant in a Paris salon and became a world-famous hairstylist with salons buzzing with supermodel and celebrity clients), his superpower for bringing out what’s beautiful in every person, why he’s gone clean with his brilliant new hair-care line (it sold out in a day on goop), how diet affects hair (he’s vegan), and how anyone’s hair can look better without much effort. He’s charming and brilliant, lives a clean lifestyle, and is the expert on healthy, shiny, effortless-looking hair. (For more, see The Beauty Closet hub.) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 08, 2020
Skin Whisperer Dr. Barbara Sturm Talks Glow, Breakouts, and Blood Cream
World-famous for her skin treatments at her clinic in Düsseldorf and her new Manhattan spa, Dr. Barbara Sturm’s glowy-dewy skin is a walking billboard for her bestselling clinical skin-care line. No matter what your skin type, you’re going to want to hear her tips in this episode: She’s all about supporting skin rather than attacking it, and it’s an approach that works for glow, wrinkles, breakouts, sensitive skin, and more. We learn about blood cream, the superherb she believes works best for skin, and some shocking truths about dry cleaning, computer screens, and (gulp) cell phones. (For more, see The Beauty Closet hub.) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 30, 2019
Research Is the Way Forward: Why Breast Cancer Mortality Is Down 40Percent—and How We Can Minimize Our Risk
Kinga Lampert, cochair of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF is the largest private funder of breast cancer research in the world) and a survivor herself, has some pretty incredible—and deeply encouraging—statistics about the progress that’s been made in the fight against breast cancer. She’s also got research-backed strategies for minimizing your risk, no matter what your age or breast cancer status. If you or anyone close to you has ever been touched by breast cancer, listen to feel not simply informed but also inspired by the way research has changed what it means to have breast cancer today and what the future could hold. There’s a lot here—facts, emotions, opinions—and Lampert explains what every woman needs to know and illuminates the powerful work BCRF is doing to change our relationship with cancer. (For more, see The Beauty Closet hub.) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 23, 2019
An Anthropologist Talks Beauty, Sex, Orgasms, and Why We Shouldn’t Live in Sweatpants
Do women tend to have more orgasms with men who are better-looking (i.e.,symmetrical)? Are people who date on the Internet more likely to be looking for commitment? Is the waist-hip ratio still a factor? The relationships between beauty, sex, and love are more than fascinating when you’re talking about them with anthropologist and author Helen Fisher, who’s also the scientific advisor to She tells us some pretty wild things about attraction, dating, physical appearance, keeping the spark going in long-term relationships (sweatpants: not ideal), and the ways in which many of our urges are driven by biology. At the end of the day, it turns out beauty’s all about love. (For more, see The Beauty Closet hub.) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 18, 2019
A Skin-Whispering Acupuncturist on Changing Your Life, Your Skin, and Your Approach to Stress
What would you do if you were given six months to live? Annee de Mamiel chose not to accept that sentence and, instead, fashioned a new and extraordinary life as an acupuncturist, herbalist, world-famous facialist, and Chinese-medicine specialist. Once an Australian triathlete, then a finance exec, she found her true calling as a skin guru (the waiting list for her facials is years long). Her glow-boosting creams, serums, and potions are made on an organic farm in England, they’re chanted to, meditated over, charged with crystals, and bathed in music; the difference they make in skin is unbelievable. Come for her incredibly inspiring story (and super calming energy);stay for tons of incredible skin tips. (For more, see The Beauty Closet hub.) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 11, 2019
A World-Famous Hairstylist on How to Get Your Shiniest, Healthiest Look—No Matter What Your Hair Type
Before Harry Josh was one of the most famous hair gurus in the world (he’s the man behind Gisele’s iconic beach waves, not to mention many GP red-carpet looks), he was the son of Indian immigrants in Canada dreaming some big dreams. His path took him from sweeping the floors at a Vancouver salon to multiple rejections in Miami to sleeping on his friends’ sofas in New York, before (finally) working hard enough to get his big break. His story is hilarious and inspiring—and if you want to know the secret to shiny, healthy hair; perfect color;effortless texture; how to really end frizz; the best move for volume; or the trick to giving yourself a killer blowout (step one: Use the amazing mint-green blow-dryer Josh makes), this episode has all the tips you need. (For more, see The Beauty Closet hub.) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 04, 2019
Bobbi Brown: Embrace Your Dark Circles, Amp Up Your Energy, and Rule the World
Legendary makeup artist Bobbi Brown is as famous for transforming clients like Michelle Obama into miraculously glowier versions of themselves as she is for pioneering a refreshingly natural, no-makeup makeup aesthetic long before it became fashionable. She gives us brilliant tips for looking and feeling instantly more energized (her two-tone blush trick is life-changing), how to look and feel as vibrant as she does at sixty-two, and why she looks in the mirror rarely, sprinkles salt in her drinking water, and eschews foundation. (We also hear about building a billion-dollar brand, authoring eight books, raising happy kids, and maintaining a happy marriage—the woman is more than miraculous.) We found ourselves scrambling to take notes, and you will, too. (For more, see The Beauty Closet hub.) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 25, 2019
The Skin-Care Guru Who Started—and Stayed—on the Farm
Skin-care guru, CEO, Vermont farmer, single mom, Latina, clean crusader…it’s hard to put Tata Harper in a box.  Famous for her gorgeous, fast-acting, high-tech serums, oils, masks, and essences—and for creating all-natural luxury skin care before anyone else had mastered melding the two—Harper knows her stuff about skin and about clean beauty. She’s also one of the most glamorous people we know. She talked to us about her path from girl growing up in Colombia to self-possessed founder of an enormously successful company. Her strategies—for keeping your skin in beautiful shape no matter what your age, for scheduling asa powerful form of self-care (the woman never procrastinates, believe it or not), and for balancing work and life so they always make you happy—are life-changing. You’ll also find out what goes into a superserum that costs $450, why Harper believes all-natural is the way to go, and why (if you needed more reasons) you should make the shift to clean beauty.  (For more, see The Beauty Closet hub.) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 18, 2019
Sex, Lies, and Something Called Flower Porn
As perfumer Douglas Little creates sexy, moody, wildly original, stunningly gorgeous scents, he’s changing the toxic fragrance industry. In this episode, he talks about the sexiness inherent in natural materials, what it’s like to make perfume with GP for goop, why his line of perfumes is called Heretic, why the link between sexuality and scent is so powerful, the therapeutic and spiritual benefits of using botanicals instead of synthetic chemicals, and what Flower Porn is all about. From his childhood fascination with the dirt and (sometimes poisonous) plants in the garden and his career in the wild world of luxury perfumes to some shocking things about fragrance—like why it’s one of the most toxic categories in the entire beauty industry and what it is about conventional scents that gives people headaches—Little’s story is absolutely fascinating. He’s so smart and has such a beautiful imagination—who knew that clean perfume could be as sexy and cool as he’s managed to make it? (For more, see The Beauty Closet hub.) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 11, 2019
Diary of a Lipstick Fiend
Even if you’d never wear bright-red lipstick, bestselling author Rachel Felder’s take on it is brilliant, funny, original, and wildly entertaining. She shares a ton of incredible tips and answers questions we didn’t know we even had: What to do about lipstick when a hookup gets super-steamy? What’s the perfect shade for your skin? What’s the psychology involved in wearing—or even just seeing—red lipstick? Matte or glossy? Do people respond differently to women wearing lipstick? What’s the ultimate way to apply it? Felder is charming, a master storyteller, and full of quirky personal anecdotes that will stick with you long after you’re done listening to our conversation. (For more, see The Beauty Closet hub.) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 04, 2019
Dr. Anolik: Is Dermatology the Key to Aging Gracefully?
What’s the difference between Botox and fillers? Can cutting out dairy actually help with acne? Which lasers work best for darker skin types? Is there a fix for dark circles? When you just want to look a little fresher, less broken-out, a little less tired, but above all, like yourself, you go to top NYC dermatologist Robert Anolik. He makes you look better, not done. We could have asked Dr. Anolik questions all day—and he could’ve kept answering them, as he seems to know everything on earth about skin. There are so many ways to treat both the face and the body now, and he takes us through which treatments and procedures really work, how to look your best as you age, strategies to cope with acne, and what can be done for everything from undereye bags or a pooch-y stomach to sun damage and wrinkles. He’s smart, he’s funny, and this episode will arm you with precisely what you need to know before you step into the dermatologist’s office (and help you figure out whether you should go in the first place). (For more, see The Beauty Closet hub.) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 28, 2019
How to Make A Stripper Look Subtle
Before Rosemarie Swift was a famous makeup artist for supermodels like Gisele, and before she founded one of the most successful and luxurious clean beauty brands ever, RMS Beauty, she got terribly sick. Her body, overloaded with heavy metals from the conventional makeup she worked with every day, was in serious trouble. Uncovering why and how the toxins in beauty products were affecting her health changed her whole life—diet, lifestyle, and eventually, her career. Swift translated rage into action, creating one the most beautiful natural makeup lines on the planet. Her story is inspiring for sure, but also , shocking, and funny: Swift tells it like it is, no matter what she’s talking about, whether it’s getting her start in a Vancouver strip club, or how she thinks the coconut-oil industry is like the cocaine industry (every one of her gorgeous products is made with the purest coconut oil). The bonus: Her easy but brilliant makeup tips. You’ll learn everything about how to do the prettiest, most natural-looking no-makeup makeup for glowy, healthy-looking skin. (For more, see The Beauty Closet hub.) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 21, 2019
Dr. Few: A Plastic Surgeon on Going Little (Not Big)
Can a thread lift really replace a face-lift? Are there little tweaks that can refresh your appearance without looking overdone? How and why do different skin tones age differently? What is it we’re registering when someone looks “off”—and what has that come to signify in our culture? We had endless questions for world-famous plastic surgeon Julius Few, and he blew us away with his knowledge, candor, and truly surprising ideas and techniques. In this episode, he talks about the fourth dimension (in terms of beauty), how he stacks less-invasive treatments in place of full-on surgery, and why too much filler can actually make someone look older—plus, he gives incredible tips on how to keep your face and body looking their best long-term. No matter how you feel about plastic surgery, this is a wildly fascinating conversation.(For more, see The Beauty Closet hub.) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 14, 2019
Miranda Kerr: CEO, Victoria’s Secret Vet, and Clean Beauty Pioneer
From her first job as an assistant at a hair salon in Australia to her current role as CEO of KORA Organics (a goop favorite), female founder and former supermodel Miranda Kerr talks about all that her amazing career has taught her. Her path to founding one of the most successful skin-care companies in the clean beauty space involved a lot of surprises. After burning out as a world-famous Victoria’s Secret Angel, she woke up to the facts about the toxic ingredients in conventional beauty products—and went to work on the problem as an entrepreneur. And her roles as wife, mother, and daughter bring up issues we can all relate to and, we found, get super inspired by. We love her brilliant ideas on work-life balance, why she prioritizes date nights with her husband, and her (really good) makeup and skin tips that she’s learned on shoots all over the world. (For more, see The Beauty Closet hub.)hub.) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 07, 2019
Why Are There Still Toxic Ingredients in Beauty Products?
Nneka Leiba, the vice president of healthy living science at the Environmental Working Group (EWG), talks about clean, nontoxic beauty and the shocking truth behind the largely unregulated beauty and personal-care industry. Leiba and her team assess the health effects of chemical exposure from day-to-day products—and what she tells us is both grim and galvanizing. A few of the topics we go into: why black girls go through puberty much earlier than girls of other races, the most important beauty product to go clean with, why spray sunscreen is a real problem, and much more. If you’ve ever remotely considered going clean with your beauty routine, if you’ve ever wondered why companies would use known toxic ingredients in their products, or if you just want to understand the facts around this issue, this episode is really going to make you think. (For more, see The Beauty Closet hub.) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 31, 2019
Gwyneth Paltrow: No Makeup, Lots of Skin Care, Tricks to Beat Frizz, and...F*ckability
In the premiere episode of goop’s new podcast, The Beauty Closet, hosts Jean Godfrey-June and Megan O’Neill sit down with their boss, goop founder and CEO Gwyneth Paltrow, and really talk. In between discussions about being, in GP’s words, “f*ckable,” nontoxic beauty, the role diversity plays at goop HQ, crow’s-feet, the weird workings of fame on the sense of self, and the upgrade we all get around age forty, GP gives up her best skin, hair, and makeup tips, including what she did to get her wedding-day glow. (French fries and whisky played a role, as did some beautiful no-makeup makeup.) The no-holds-barred conversation is as fun, serious, and hilarious as GP herself. (For more, see The Beauty Closet hub.) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 24, 2019
Coming soon: The Beauty Closet
The newest podcast series from goop is here to answer all your beauty questions—starting July 24. Our hosts are goop editors Jean Godfrey-June and Megan O’Neill, coworkers and good friends who love a great tip almost as much as they love clean, nontoxic beauty and chatting with the world’s top beauty experts.​ Subscribe now! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 09, 2019