Can I Ask You a Question?

By Adam Kruger

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Category: Society & Culture

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This is a podcast where anyone can join me to discuss a topic we're both interested in. I’d love it if you’d join me for an episode! It’s not a debate, and you don’t have to be an expert on the topic; just pick a topic from the list below that you’re most interested in. As a thank you, I’ll also be donating $20 to a charity of your choice

Episode Date
#67 - Natasha Kelbas: Veganism, Local Government, and the Russian invasion of Ukraine
May 14, 2023
Should we have data concerns when using Chinese tech products like TikTok? - Sherman Tylawsky
Jun 13, 2021
How can I get better at networking? - Ted Zhao
Mar 05, 2021
What might the future of Give (and philanthropy more broadly) look like? - Jeff Shin
Feb 05, 2021
Can hypnosis be used as a form of mental health therapy? - Doug Sands
Feb 05, 2021
Was it right to ban Trump from social media? - Ryan McDonald
Jan 13, 2021
Is it easier to change our expectations or reality? - Kaytie Ohashi
Dec 31, 2020
Sports & technology with Jesse & Matt
Oct 19, 2020
If you could only listen to either Podcasts or audiobooks, which would you choose & why? - Sam Brake Guia
Sep 27, 2020
How can we ensure CRISPR & other gene editing tech produce good outcomes? - Abdullah Iqbal
Sep 21, 2020
Are people more or less likely to use things (ex. gym memberships) when they get it for free? - Abhishek Lahoti
Sep 14, 2020
What decisions will future computers make for us? - Santiago Ramones
Aug 30, 2020
When should I quit my podcast? - Jesse Uretsky
Aug 25, 2020
What are your thoughts on the show Upload & the concept of a virtual afterlife? - George Vogman
Aug 17, 2020
Should Twitter, Facebook, & Instagram have dislike buttons like YouTube? - Jesse Uretsky
Aug 10, 2020
How easy should it be to buy a gun? - Aidan Little
Aug 02, 2020
Should we welcome brain-machine interface technologies like Neuralink? - Yuli Jadov
Jul 27, 2020
Would we lose our sense of purpose in a future without the need for work? - Neil Thakore
Jul 19, 2020
Should I start a for-profit or non-profit? - Naryan Wong
Jul 12, 2020
How should I approach goal setting? - Eddie Garfin
Jul 06, 2020
Should we have a rating system for people, like we do for movies & restaurants? - Jesse & Josh
Jun 28, 2020
Is 'cancel culture' a problem? - Daniel Karten
Jun 21, 2020
Why did I start my podcast? - Jesse & Josh ask me
Jun 15, 2020
What can I do to help end racism? - Ryan McDonald
Jun 07, 2020
How should I decide if remote work is right for me? - Shayne Gelbard
May 31, 2020
How should we balance false positives & negatives in the justice system? - Aidan Little
May 24, 2020
How often should I upgrade my laptop? - Natty Maor
May 17, 2020
Is it worthwhile to hire a career coach? - Daniel Holley
May 11, 2020
What will the future of Misü (and mental health tech more broadly) look like? - Dan Seider
May 03, 2020
Should I reframe my podcast questions from 3rd to 1st person?
Apr 26, 2020
Which conversations are better kept private vs. made public? - Jesse Uretsky
Apr 19, 2020
Should we donate anonymously or with our names attached? - Rebecca Kruger
Apr 12, 2020
Should we try to colonize Mars?
Apr 05, 2020
How can we limit the impact COVID-19 (and future viruses) have on society? - Daniel Karten
Mar 29, 2020
What is the right level of income inequality? - Anton Pytlovanyy
Mar 22, 2020
How can we balance being satisfied with what we have and wanting more? - Jesse Uretsky
Mar 15, 2020
Who is the best Democratic candidate? - Aakash Shah
Mar 08, 2020
How can we reduce the political divide and bring people together? - Neil Thakore
Mar 01, 2020
What is the right amount of open-mindedness? - Ryan McDonald
Feb 23, 2020
Should we ban cigarettes? - Eddie Tsao
Feb 17, 2020
How can we ensure that global surveillance programs like the one Snowden exposed are good for society? - Michael Vogman
Feb 12, 2020
Plant-based vs. clean meat: which is more likely to take off? - Daniel Karten
Jan 30, 2020
What laws or regulations should be introduced, changed, or removed in order to make the world better? - Charlotte Davie
Jan 23, 2020
Causing vs. allowing harm - how are they the same, how are they different? - Daniel Maman
Jan 20, 2020
What should be considered 'crossing the line' in comedy? - David Heller
Jan 09, 2020
Why do we have less close friends today than in the past? - Catherine Tu
Dec 13, 2019
Has technology made our relationships with others better or worse? - Likky Lavji
Nov 28, 2019
Which inventions have had a net negative impact on the world? - Daniel Gordon
Nov 27, 2019
What life lesson took you a while to learn? - Buster Benson
Nov 19, 2019
If someone owns my data, do they own a part of me? - Konrad Szpirak
Nov 17, 2019
Should we try to find meaning in life? - Naryan Wong
Nov 11, 2019
What are your thoughts on meditation? - Andrew Feinstein
Nov 08, 2019
Why do so many people seem to dislike their job? - Kyle Grappone
Oct 26, 2019
Is multitasking effective? - Mark Struczewski
Oct 25, 2019
How can we become better communicators in order to build stronger relationships with others? - John Klymshyn
Oct 24, 2019
What are the keys to building a successful startup? - Jawwad Siddiqui
Oct 04, 2019
Has there always been fake news throughout history? - Kevin MacGillivray
Sep 23, 2019
Are we better off believing in free will, even if we don't actually have it? - Daniel Maman
Sep 21, 2019
What things should we consider "basic necessities" in today's world? - Konrad Szpirak
Sep 19, 2019
Do you think the attitude of "one person's actions doesn't make a difference" is dangerous? - Colin Bested
Sep 15, 2019
Will our lives be significantly altered by virtual & augmented reality? - George Vogman
Aug 24, 2019
What drives behaviour change? - Aidan Little
Aug 17, 2019
Is telling the truth always better than lying? - Daniel Karten
Aug 13, 2019
Should there be limitations on free speech?
Aug 12, 2019
Who’s the better team - the Lakers or the Clippers? - Michael Vogman
Aug 08, 2019
Is there free will? If not, are we better off without it? - Neil Thakore
Jul 25, 2019
Should all forms of advertising be illegal? - Ryan McDonald
Jul 09, 2019