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 Jun 11, 2020
Great podcast.

Dani H
 Apr 15, 2020

 Sep 13, 2019
Great podcast! Common sense and lots of laughs.


The Chicks On The Right are laying down a lot of common sense, no bull sense. Mock and Daisy's UNIQUE take on the world, from the dinner table to the swamp. Each day the Chicks give you the "Daily Dish" and then a weekly deeper dive into an issue that's got them extra worked up. Always fun, always right!?

Episode Date
SWING STATE SWEEP? Inside Trump's Powerful Plan To Win Congress & The White House
Jul 12, 2024
Daily Dish: Joe Survived The Big Boy Presser, The View Is MAD At George Clooney, & Kamala Is "Unburdened" AGAIN
Jul 12, 2024
Daily Dish: George Clooney Turns His Back On Biden, Ben Shapiro HUMILIATES Eric Swalwell, & Pelosi Gets SNIPPY
Jul 11, 2024
Daily Dish: Stephanopoulos admits the obvious, Dems remain divided, and Project 2025 hullabaloo
Jul 10, 2024
Daily Dish: KJP's Worst Presser Ever, Dementia Joe Calls Morning Joe, & The GOP Has A New Platform For 2024
Jul 09, 2024
Biden's TERRIBLE Campaign Appearances, Democrat Breakdowns, & What Fauci Is Saying Now
Jul 08, 2024
Daily Dish: Biden’s New Excuse, Why Kamala Is The New Favorite, & The Return Of Hawk Tuah Girl
Jul 03, 2024
Daily Dish: SCOTUS Ruling Upsets Lefties, Jill Biden On Vogue Again, & Kamala's CRINGIEST Video Ever
Jul 02, 2024
Daily Dish: Dems Are In A Complete Panic About Dementia Joe Biden And IT SHOWS
Jul 01, 2024
Sage Steele Spills on Handling Mistakes, Making a Home, & Telling the Difference Between Joe Rogan and Dana White | 228
Jun 29, 2024
Jun 28, 2024
Daily Dish: HI FROM INDY! Surprising SCOTUS Ruling, A Tucker Carlson Smackdown, & A Preview Of Tonight’s Debate
Jun 27, 2024
Daily Dish: Jamaal Bowman LOST, Biden WH Lies About Groceries, & Andrew Tate Starts A Fight With Taylor Swift
Jun 26, 2024
Daily Dish: Assange Is Free, Tantrums at CNN, Biden's Debate Prep, & Why Facebook Is CENSORING US!
Jun 25, 2024
Daily Dish: Jamaal Bowman Goes WILD, Trump's Rally Looks LIT, & Everything You Need To Know About Hawk Tuah Girl
Jun 24, 2024
Is The Texas Stock Exchange A Response To The Trump Trials? | Ft Bulwark
Jun 23, 2024
Glenn Beck’s Guide To Surviving Dark Days | 227
Jun 22, 2024
Daily Dish: Debate Prep In FULL SWING, Professors Swarm UF, LA Homeless High-Rise, & STOP USING FILLER ALREADY
Jun 21, 2024
Daily Dish: Mainstream Media OBSESSION With "Cheap Fakes," Biden's 7 Day Debate Prep, & Climate Change HYSTERIA
Jun 20, 2024
Daily Dish: Justin Timberlake Arrested, Kamala's Queer Eye Embarrassment, & How Democrats Win With Illegals
Jun 19, 2024
Daily Dish: White House Is GASLIGHTING, KJP is BIG MAD, & Trump Gains With Black Voters Again
Jun 18, 2024
Daily Dish: Trump's Words Twisted, Hillary's Big Announcement, Kate Middleton's Return, & U-turns Are Homophobic
Jun 17, 2024
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Jun 14, 2024
Daily Dish: Hillary Clinton Makes Jamaal Sad, Biden Gets Lost, Piers & Candace Fight, & It's Trump's Birthday!
Jun 14, 2024
Daily Dish: Nathan Wade's CRINGE Interview, Biden's Border Crisis, & Why Coach Mazzulla Is A National Treasure
Jun 13, 2024
Daily Dish: Hunter Biden Is GUILTY, Joe Biden Is Mumbling Again, & Diversity Is Kind Of A Big Problem
Jun 12, 2024
Daily Dish: Hunter Verdict Coming, Joe Biden Rambles More, & Trump Has An Amazing New Ad
Jun 11, 2024
The Truth About The People Who Run EVERYTHING | Ft Bulwark
Jun 09, 2024
Daily Dish: Hunter's Laptop Lies On Display, Trump Narrows VP Shortlist, & What Dr. Birx Is Saying About Cows
Jun 06, 2024
Daily Dish: Biden's Big Border FAIL, Merrick Garland Is In Trouble, & Senator Kennedy Goes Viral Again
Jun 05, 2024
Daily Dish: Congress GRILLS Fauci, MTG Goes Viral Again, & Kamala Has A New Ad You'll Want To See
Jun 04, 2024
Daily Dish: Biden Responds To Trump Conviction, Alex Jones Melts Down, & Dave Smith DESTROYS Cuomo
Jun 03, 2024
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May 31, 2024
Daily Dish: The Response To President Trump's Guilty Verdict & What To Expect With Pride Month
May 31, 2024
Daily Dish: Megyn Kelly SCHOOLS A Lawyer, Trump Trial Gets Even More Corrupt, And Jill Biden Goes On The View
May 30, 2024
Daily Dish: Robert De Niro Loves Biden, Trump Trial Almost Over, & Chris Hemsworth Sounds Like Harrison Butker
May 29, 2024
The Truth About The Trump Trial W/ Mike Davis | 226
May 29, 2024
Daily Dish: Democrats Weird About Memorial Day, Nikki's Voting Trump, & Biden's Border Crisis Is A DISASTER
May 28, 2024
Check Out The Todd Herman Show!!
May 24, 2024
Why Are We Still Paying Taxes?! | Ft Bulwark
May 24, 2024
Daily Dish: Bill Maher WRECKS Sunny Hostin, Megyn Kelly Crushes Him, & Biden's Dumb Plan For Gas Prices
May 22, 2024
Daily Dish: Bill Maher Has TDS On Gutfeld, Biden Thinks He Was VP During COVID, & A CNN Interview Goes WAY Wrong
May 21, 2024
Daily Dish: The Iranian President Died, Jasmine Crockett Shouts About Racism, & Elise Stefanik Gets Sassy
May 20, 2024
Daily Dish: Dramatic CAT FIGHT In The House, Trump Trial Continues, & Biden Fumbles
May 17, 2024
Daily Dish: BIG DEBATE UPDATE, The Woke Police After Harrison Butker, And A FIRECRACKER Ad From Valentina Gomez
May 16, 2024
Daily Dish: Stormy Daniels' Husband SPEAKS, Harvard Cowards Cave, & KJP Accidentally Tells The Truth
May 15, 2024
Daily Dish: Michael Cohen Testifies, Hamas Lies About Casualties, & Kamala Drops The Big F-Bomb
May 14, 2024
Daily Dish: Trump's Big New Jersey Victory, Jerry Seinfeld Speaks At Duke, And Dems Freak Out About RFK Jr
May 13, 2024
The Inheritance Dilemma: Here’s What You Should Do | Ft Bulwark
May 12, 2024
Check Out Sara Carter!!
May 10, 2024
Daily Dish: Biden Flip Flops On Israel, Hillary Clinton Blabs About Election Integrity, & More Daily Wire Drama
May 10, 2024
Daily Dish: Congress Goes After NPR, RFK's Brain Worm, & Kamala's Obsession With Lady Parts
May 09, 2024
Daily Dish: Stormy's Testimony Is LIT, Boy Scouts Is DONE, And Kristi Noem Gets Snippy
May 08, 2024
Daily Dish: Biden Brags About Raising Taxes, Noem Tries To Win Us Back, And Trump Might Go To Jail?
May 07, 2024
Daily Dish: Protesters Cause Graduation Drama, Hope Hicks Cries At Trump Trial, The Tom Brady Roast, & Noem Lies
May 06, 2024
UH OH! Are We Bailing Out Banks Again??? | ft Birch Gold
May 05, 2024
Dennis Prager Tells Us Why Conservatives Have To Save America | 225
May 04, 2024
Daily Dish: Student Protest Update, Biden’s Crime Rate Lies, And Trump’s BEAUTIFUL Post
May 03, 2024
Daily Dish: Frat Boys Save America Flag, Noem's Comeback Attempt, & SHOCKING Truth Of Biden's Border Invasion
May 02, 2024
Daily Dish: NYPD Storms Columbia, Trump Held In Contempt, & What Michael Cohen Is Doing Now
May 01, 2024
WAKE UP CALL: Why You Can't Afford to Ignore The Israel-Hamas Crisis W/ Eitan Chitayat | 224
May 01, 2024
Daily Dish: Campus Protests Update, Christie's WILD Proclamation, & Kamala Is The Most Cringeworthy Person EVER
Apr 30, 2024
Daily Dish: DC Nerd Prom Highlights, Biden Chats With Howard Stern, & The White House Is Paying OnlyFans Stars??
Apr 29, 2024
Shocking Truth: How Foreign Influence Controls American Universities! | Ft Bulwark
Apr 28, 2024
Daily Dish: USC Betrays Students, Columbia Has Lots Its Mind, And The Must See TRUTH From Trump
Apr 26, 2024
Daily Dish: Hamas Supports Campus Protesters, Biden Flubs, AI Zuckerberg Looks Great, & UT Austin Cracks Down
Apr 25, 2024
Daily Dish: Trump Trial Gets SPICY, Tucker Carlson Goes Rogue on Rogan, & Kanye West Might Do Porn???
Apr 24, 2024
Daily Dish: Campus Protests Are A HUGE Problem, Trump Trial Updates, & WHY is Biden Holding Hands With AOC?
Apr 23, 2024
Daily Dish: Speaker Johnson Betrays Base, Columbia Students Go Wild, & Jake Tapper's HEARTLESS Post
Apr 22, 2024
Daily Dish: Trump Jury Selected, Israel Strikes Back, & Biden's Campaign Ramblings Get EVEN WORSE
Apr 19, 2024
Daily Dish: Speaker Johnson Under Fire, Pelosi Pushes Trump Conspiracy, & Biden's Uncle Was Eaten By Cannibals??
Apr 18, 2024
Daily Dish: Mellencamp's Breakdown, The Pro-Hamas Protesters Who Just Won't Stop, & Biden's Weird Catch Phrase
Apr 17, 2024
Daily Dish: Kelce's Like Sparks Frenzy W/ Swifties, Protesters Paralyze Traffic, & Inside Scoop On Trump's Jury
Apr 16, 2024
Daily Dish: Iran Attacked Israel, Liberals Are ALL OVER THE PLACE, And Trump Might Testify in NYC
Apr 15, 2024
Are Immigrants Stealing American Jobs? | Ft Bulwark
Apr 14, 2024
Daily Dish: Biden/Trump Debate Drama, Rashida's Anti-American Streak Shows, O.J. Dies, & KJP Struggles AGAIN
Apr 12, 2024
Daily Dish: Trump's Iconic Trip To Chick-Fil-A, Biden's Bad Notes, & Democrats Lies On Inflation
Apr 11, 2024
Daily Dish: Arizona's HUGE Abortion Ruling, Avenetti Returns, & Sheila Jackson Lee Proves She's A Complete Idiot
Apr 10, 2024
Daily Dish: Trump Triggers EVERYONE With Abortion Announcement, Gas Prices SURGE, & We All Survived The Eclipse
Apr 09, 2024
Daily Dish: Big ECLIPSE News, Trump’s Fundraising Victory & The Ben Shapiro and Candace Owens Showdown Continues
Apr 08, 2024
Kardashian Kulture Is Rotting Our Youth (REPLAY) | 193
Apr 05, 2024
Dating After A Whole A$$ Marriage Is Difficult (REPLAY) | 201
Apr 04, 2024
The Chicks Most Disappointing, Surprising, & Favorite Encounters Over The Years! (REPLAY) | 204
Apr 03, 2024
Daisy Reveals Her Family Dysfunction (REPLAY) | 200
Apr 02, 2024
These WOKE TikToks Prove We Live In A Dystopian Nightmare (REPLAY) | 191
Apr 01, 2024
Are Your Investments Safe In Times Of Crisis? | ft Birch Gold
Mar 31, 2024
Daily Dish: Trump VS Biden Fundraising Concerns, Sam Bankman-Fried Sentenced, & What Bobulinksi's Lawyer Sent Us
Mar 29, 2024
Daily Dish: Trump & Biden In NYC, Sec'y Yellen Is WORTHLESS, & Conservatives Are Fighting Each Other Again
Mar 28, 2024
Daily Dish: Trump Is Selling Bibles, RFK Jr Picks His Veep, And Ronna Gets Dropped By NBC
Mar 27, 2024
Daily Dish: Baltimore Bridge Horror, Trump's EPIC Bond Bombshell, & The Sean Combs Raid
Mar 26, 2024
Daily Dish: Princess Kate's Cancer, Trump's Big Bill, The Dramatic Exit from Candace, & Ronna's New Job
Mar 25, 2024
Explaining Jerome Powell's Interest Rate Rollercoaster | Bulwark Capital
Mar 24, 2024
Daily Dish: Invasion In El Paso, Candace Owens Leaving The Daily Wire, & Chris Christie Wants To Run 3rd Party?
Mar 22, 2024
Daily Dish: Bobulinski Reveals Biden Family Crime, Barron Trump Turns 18, & Joe's LOSING BIG With Hispanics
Mar 21, 2024
Daily Dish: Big SCOTUS WIN For TX, The Trump Legal Drama Driving The Media WILD, & Christine Blasey Ford WHO?
Mar 20, 2024
Daily Dish: RFK's Big Pick REVEALED, How The Media Is Lying About Trump, And Why KBJ Hates The First Amendment
Mar 19, 2024
Meet The Guy Who Is SAVING Troubled Youth | 223
Mar 16, 2024
Daily Dish: Fani Willis Is The Luckiest Woman Ever, Aaron Rodgers Might Be VP & What The HECK Going On In Haiti?
Mar 15, 2024
Daily Dish: Trump's Good News, Kamala Visits An Abortion Clinic, Congress Moves To Ban TikTok, & Lemon's Upset
Mar 14, 2024
Daily Dish: Trump's Nomination Is OFFICIAL, RFK Running Mate Chatter, & Everything You Need To Know About HUR
Mar 13, 2024
Daily Dish: Suspicious Death At Boeing, Tucker Interviews Cuomo, & Biden Proves He's Unfit AGAIN!
Mar 12, 2024
Daily Dish: Trump Goes After Republicans, Kamala Gets Heckled, And Biden Backtracks On "Illegal"
Mar 11, 2024
Texas Panhandle Wildfires: Conspiracies, Updates, & Long Term Effects | Bulwark Capital
Mar 10, 2024
Mock & Daisy React To Themselves From The Past 15 Years | 222
Mar 09, 2024
Daily Dish: Biden Shook A Rake At America, Katie Britt's Rebuttal Backlash, Tucker's Response, & Stormy's Doc
Mar 08, 2024
Daily Dish: SOTU Tonight, House Passes Insane Spending Bill, Nikki's Campaign Ends, & Will Biden Debate?
Mar 07, 2024
Daily Dish: Biden Loses A Primary, Nikki Drops Out, Joy Reid Loses It, & Michelle Obama Makes Big Announcement
Mar 06, 2024
Daily Dish: Fallout From SCOTUS Ruling, Olbermann's Eyes Urinate, Megyn Kelly Goes OFF, & It's Super Tuesday!
Mar 05, 2024
Daily Dish: Blaze Studios Visit, SCOTUS Has A Huge Decision To Make, Haley Wins DC, & CA Pays Illegal Migrants
Mar 04, 2024
Chicks Guide To Surviving Biden’s Dangerous America | 221
Mar 01, 2024
Daily Dish: Tucker RIPS George W. Bush, Trump's Epic New Ad, & RFK Jr Might Seriously Impact The Election
Feb 28, 2024
Daily Dish: Trump And Biden Head To The Border, Lewinsky Is Modeling, & Dr. Phil Unleashes On 'The View'
Feb 27, 2024
Daily Dish: Haley Loses SC Primary, Illegal Murders UGA Student, & Was It Typical Trumpiness or Trope?
Feb 26, 2024
Zach Talks Mock Off A Ledge About The Grid | Ft. Bulwark Capital
Feb 25, 2024
Attacks On Birth Control Have Gotten Ridiculous | 220
Feb 24, 2024
Daily Dish: Google Gemini Is A Complete Fail, DeSantis Rules Out Being VP, & Biden Wears 'Safety Sneakers'
Feb 23, 2024
Daily Dish: Letitia James Puts On An ACT, Secret Service Outs Biden's Dog, & US Cellular Has Nationwide Outages
Feb 22, 2024
Daily Dish: Trump's Townhall, Tucker Tells On Boris, The View Hags Talk Debates, & A Gross New TV Show
Feb 21, 2024
Daily Dish: Nikki Teases Announcement, Jon Stewart Goes OFF On Tucker, & 9k Sneaker Man Sets Records Straight
Feb 20, 2024
Daily Dish: Trump Attends Sneaker Con, Rachel Levine Thinks Weather Is Mean To 'POC', & Rashida Undermines Biden
Feb 19, 2024
Are We Turning Into Venezuela?! | Ft. Bulwark Capital
Feb 18, 2024
The Military’s Woke Agenda Is Terrifying (ft. Matt Lohmeier) | 219
Feb 17, 2024
Daily Dish: Fani Willis' INSANE Testimony, Trump Trial Date Set, Dems Do Predictable PR, & Beyoncé Does Country
Feb 16, 2024
Daily Dish: Mayhem At Kansas City Chiefs Parade, Confusion About New Security Threat, & A Gross New Coupling
Feb 15, 2024
Daily Dish: GOP Loses Another Seat, Mayorkas Half-Way Impeached, & Senate Passes Foreign Aid Bill
Feb 14, 2024
Daily Dish: Biden Campaigns On TIKTOK, Dems Run Cover For Him, KJP Flounders, & TX Megachurch Shooter ID'd
Feb 13, 2024
Daily Dish: Super Bowl News, Special Counsel Fallout, Kamala Mocked, & Trump Gets Heat For Dig At Nikki's Hubby
Feb 12, 2024
Gen Z Slang For Dummies | 218
Feb 10, 2024
Daily Dish: SCOTUS Surprises Us, Tucker's Interview Takes Interesting Turns, & Biden's Dementia Is BAD
Feb 09, 2024
Daily Dish: Main Stream Media RAGES Over Tucker, Taylor Swift's Safety Questioned, & SCOTUS Hears Trump's Case
Feb 08, 2024
Daily Dish: Tucker Explains Putin Interview, Border Bill BORKED, RNC Makes Big Changes, & Dems Gaslight America
Feb 07, 2024
Daily Dish: Tucker Goes To Russia, Border Bill Battles Continue, Bill Maher Meets His Match, & RIP Toby Keith
Feb 06, 2024
Daily Dish: US Strikes Iran's Proxies, Trump Makes Big Claims In Maria Interview, & Grammy Nonsense
Feb 05, 2024
Megyn Kelly: Matt Walsh's Attack On Working Moms, T Swift Conspiracy Theories, & Election Insight |217
Feb 03, 2024
Daily Dish: Illegals Mock America, Gay Relations Greenlit In Capitol, MTG Moves To Censure Omar, & Woke TikToks
Feb 02, 2024
Daily Dish: UN Watch Testimony Is LIT, Zuckerberg Gets HUMILIATED, & Biden's FINALLY Going To E. Palestine
Feb 01, 2024
Daily Dish: Mayorkas Impeachment, Taylor Swift Under GOP's Skin, Cori Bush Rants, & O'Keefe's Alarming Tweet
Jan 31, 2024
Daily Dish: Will Biden Lead Us To War With Iran? Plus Joy Reid's F-Bomb, Elon's Neurolink, & E. Jean Gets Weird
Jan 30, 2024
Daily Dish: US Troops Killed In Jordan, Trump Gets HUGE Defamation Bill, Shapiro Raps, & Super Bowl Excitement
Jan 29, 2024
Investing For Beginners - Understanding GDP & Inflation | ft. Bulwark Capital
Jan 28, 2024
Monica Crowley: The Corruption In Politics | 216
Jan 27, 2024
Daily Dish: Tucker Breaks Down The Border Crisis, The RNC Goes WILD, & Are We Headed Toward A Civil War?!??
Jan 26, 2024
Daily Dish: AZ GOP Chair Resigns Over Kari Lake Scandal, Trump Rips The Wrong Side, & BORDER MAYHEM In Texas
Jan 25, 2024
Daily Dish: Trump Wins New Hampshire GOP Primary, Kari Lake Bribe Caught On Tape, & Barbie Oscar Hullabaloo
Jan 24, 2024
Daily Dish: SCOTUS Rules Against TX Razor Wire, Trump's Bloody Hand Conspiracy, & Nikki Haley Wins NH Town
Jan 23, 2024
Daily Dish: DeSantis Drops Out, Tim Scott Gets Rowdy, Biden's A Laughingstock, & Is RFK Jr. A Serious Threat?
Jan 22, 2024
Trump Makes A Big Claim About The Stock Market... Is He Right? (ft. Bulwark Capital)
Jan 21, 2024
Mock SPILLS THE TEA On Her Ex & Her Son's Disability | 215
Jan 20, 2024
Daily Dish: Moms GO OFF On Mayorkas, Don Jr. Drops Hints On Trump's VP Pick, And Ted Cruz Misses Obama
Jan 19, 2024
Daily Dish: Dirt From Davos Elite, Speaker Johnson Gets Heat From MAGA, & Kamala Does The View
Jan 18, 2024
Daily Dish: Vivek Joins Trump On Stage, Tucker RIPS Nikki, China Is At It Again, & Harvard's Getting Sued
Jan 17, 2024
Daily Dish: Iowa Caucus Analysis, MSNBC Openly Hides News, Vivek Suspends, & Kamala Reminds Us Why She's UNFIT
Jan 16, 2024
Daily Dish: Trump & Vivek Break Up, Biden's Senile, Trump Rally Highlights, & Iowa Caucus Updates!
Jan 15, 2024
Lululemon Founder Triggers The Inclusion Police | 214
Jan 13, 2024
Daily Dish: Biden Absent In Midst Of Global CHAOS, IA Primary Faces A Freeze, & Rand Paul Debuts NeverNikki Site
Jan 12, 2024
Daily Dish: Hunter's PR Stunt, Christie's Hot Mic, Nikki vs Ron, & Trump's Townhall
Jan 11, 2024
Daily Dish: Trump's Trials, Lloyd Austin Lies, SHAMELESS Fat Con & Don Lemon Is Back... Sorta
Jan 10, 2024
Daily Dish: Lloyd Austin's Disappearing Act, Michelle Obama Looms, Biden Heckled, & AOC's Lack Of Awareness
Jan 09, 2024
Daily Dish: Border Crisis Is Deteriorating, Election Updates, Costa Rica Recap, & Hunter's Making A DOCUMENTARY
Jan 08, 2024
Obesity Shouldn't Get You A Free Seat (REPLAY) | 184
Jan 04, 2024
Gen X Is The 2nd Greatest Generation (REPLAY) | 189
Jan 03, 2024
Candace Owens Botox Tweet Sets Off Women (REPLAY) | 170
Jan 02, 2024
Chicks Iconic Throwbacks
Dec 29, 2023
Sex Robots - Coming To A Mall Near You? (REPLAY) | 9
Dec 28, 2023
Don't Label Me: Transgender Conservatives (REPLAY ft. Blaire White) | 3
Dec 27, 2023
Kardashian Kulture Is Rotting Our Youth (REPLAY) | 193
Dec 26, 2023
Hollywood Is Waking Up To The Red Pill (ft. Stephen Hilton) | 213
Dec 23, 2023
Daily Dish: New Trump Tape Sends Media Into FRENZY, Biden Admin Dodges Border Questions, & Merry Christmas!
Dec 22, 2023
Daily Dish: CO Supreme Court Decision Fallout, TX Is AT CAPACITY, & Babylon Bee Gloriously Mocks Greta
Dec 21, 2023
Daily Dish: Colorado BLOCKS Trump From Ballot, The Border Crisis Is Killing States, & Epstein's List Unsealed?!?
Dec 20, 2023
Daily Dish: Illegals Get PREMIUM Seating On Delta, Japan Buys U.S. Steel, & Tucker Puts Candidates On Blast
Dec 19, 2023
Daily Dish: Biden's Motorcade HIT, Vivek SLAMS Van Jones, & What's Up With Trump's Lawyer, Alina Habba?
Dec 18, 2023
The Risks Of Holding Cash | Ft. Bulwark Capital
Dec 17, 2023
Ep. 212 The Battle For Freedom Of Expression & Religion (ft. Coach Kennedy)
Dec 16, 2023
Daily Dish: Oct. 7th Video Stuns Chris Cuomo, Jill Biden's Christmas Video Is CRINGE, & Sen. Kennedy's Hilarious
Dec 15, 2023
Daily Dish: Hunter's ARROGANT Presser, Drew Barrymore Gets Handsy With Oprah, & Trump Family On Nikki As VP
Dec 14, 2023
Daily Dish: Zelensky Presses DC For MORE Aid, Trump Releases New Trading Cards, & Sununu Endorses Nikki Haley
Dec 13, 2023
Daily Dish: SCOTUS To Hear Trump's Immunity Case, Harvard Pres. Accused Of Plagiarism, & Would Tucker Be VP?
Dec 12, 2023
Daily Dish: 'Leave the World Behind' Flops On Netflix, Alex Jones Is Back On X, & Vivek's Hot Mic Moment
Dec 11, 2023
Ep. 211 The Traditional Wife Fantasy Trending On TikTok
Dec 09, 2023
Daily Dish: Hunter Biden Faces 2nd Indictment, Congress Censors Bowman, & New Border Footage Is TERRIFYING
Dec 08, 2023
Daily Dish: GLOVES CAME OFF In GOP Debate, McCarthy Is Out, & Portnoy Humbles Anti-Semitic Ivy Leaguers
Dec 07, 2023
Daily Dish: College Presidents SCHOOLED On Capital Hill, 3rd GOP Debate Is Here, & Fetterman Trolls Menendez
Dec 06, 2023
What Is 'Doom Spending' & How To Avoid It (ft. Bulwark Capital)
Dec 03, 2023
Ep. 210 Mouth Taping, Holding Yourself Accountable, & Genitalia Sunning (ft. Kaylor Betts)
Dec 02, 2023
Daily Dish: The DeSantis & Newsom Debate Was LIT! Plus Chris Cuomo Doesn't Know What Words Mean
Dec 01, 2023
Daily Dish: Elon Musk RANTS, Trump Delighted With BLM Endorsement, & A LadyBallers Update
Nov 30, 2023
Daily Dish: The Border Is Costing Us BILLIONS, Forbes Cover Is Ridiculous, & Santos Is Stubborn
Nov 29, 2023
Daily Dish: Elon Visits Israel, KJP Fumbles For Words, Schools Run Wild, & Whoopi Excuses Violence Against Women
Nov 28, 2023
Daily Dish: Israeli Hostages Freed, Thanksgiving News, Dolly's Halftime Drama, & Europe's Media Is AWFUL
Nov 27, 2023
Daily Dish: Sleep Is Racist, Trump's Rally Was Hilarious, & Thanksgiving Is Being Attacked
Nov 20, 2023
Ep. 209 A First-Hand Account Of The Tragedy In Israel & Jewish Hate (ft. Chanale Fellig-Harrel)
Nov 19, 2023
Daily Dish: Gen Z Loves Bin Laden On TikTok, Biden Makes His Own Team Cringe, & Morning Joe Steps In It
Nov 17, 2023
Daily Dish: Shapiro/Candace Fight Escalates, Manchin Spews 3rd Party Nonsense, & Nikki's In Damage Control Mode
Nov 16, 2023
Daily Dish: We're Governed By ABSOLUTE TODDLERS, Daily Wire DRAMA, & Megyn Kelly's General Debate Prediction
Nov 15, 2023
Daily Dish: Newsom Justifies Cleaning Up San Fran For Xi, Vivek And Cuomo GO AT IT, & Crime In DC Runs Wild
Nov 14, 2023
Daily Dish: Tim Scott Leaves Host SPEECHLESS, Migrants Mad In NYC, The Election Is LIT, & A Gov. Shutdown Looms
Nov 13, 2023
Experts Promise Lower Interest Rates Soon! But Here’s The Catch (ft. Bulwark Capital)
Nov 12, 2023
Ep. 208 A Disarmed Population Is What They Want (ft. Dinesh D'Souza)
Nov 11, 2023
Daily Dish: Manchin's BIG NEWS, Politicians Clash Over Israel-Hamas War, & Roseanne Barr Gets SCREAMY For Trump
Nov 10, 2023
Daily Dish: Nikki And Vivek GO AT IT, Mayorkas Sounds Like An Idiot At Border Hearing, & Protesters Are RIDIC
Nov 09, 2023
Daily Dish: Election Night Recap, Rashida's Squad Is MAD She Got Censured, & Ben Shapiro BLASTS Woke Viewer
Nov 08, 2023
Daily Dish: Graphic Writings LEAKED From TN Killer, Trump Clashes With Judge, & Daily Wire Dominates The Media
Nov 07, 2023
Daily Dish: We Got HACKED On Friday, Rashida's BIG MAD At Biden, & Disgusting Displays Of Jewish Hate Continue
Nov 06, 2023
Ep. 207 Religion vs Science: Life After Death & Weird Near Death Experiences (ft. Dr. Sabom)
Nov 04, 2023
Daily Dish: Bidenomics Is Awful, Updates On Israel, & Gretchen Carlson's Insufferable Smugness
Nov 02, 2023
Daily Dish: Vivek's On The Struggle Bus, ANOTHER Caravan Is On The Way, & Today's Pick For Dumbest In Congress
Nov 01, 2023
Daily Dish: DeSantis Defends His Footwear, 'The View' Thinks Biden Is The GOAT, & KJP Thinks She Is SO CLEAR
Oct 31, 2023
Daily Dish: Matthew Perry Passes Away, Pro-Palestinian Crowds Storm Cities, & Newsom Knocks Over Chinese Kids
Oct 30, 2023
Don't Believe All Reports On The Economy, Believe YOUR Wallet (ft. Bulwark Capital)
Oct 29, 2023
Ep. 206 You Don't Have To Sacrifice To Buy American (ft. Patriot Mobile)
Oct 28, 2023
Daily Dish: Manhunt For Maine Shooter Still On, Insanity On Campuses Gets Worse, & New Video EXPOSES Rep. Bowman
Oct 27, 2023
Daily Dish: Maine Faces A Horrific Massacre, Mike Johnson Wins House Speaker, & We Have GOP Debate Updates!
Oct 26, 2023
Daily Dish: Speaker Race Has Gone FULL CRAY, KJP Backtracks, & Jenna Ellis Cries Over GA Election Case
Oct 25, 2023
Daily Dish: Israel-Gaza Updates, Liberals Actually Speak Some Truth, & NYT Gives Pitiful "Apology"
Oct 24, 2023
Daily Dish: EVERYONE'S Running For Speaker, Congresswoman Curses Out Staffer, & Trump's Latest Ad Stirs Debate
Oct 23, 2023
Ep. 205 Ami Kozak Gets REAL: Comedy, TikTok, & The Distorted Morality Of The Israeli Conflict
Oct 21, 2023
Daily Dish: Biden's Weak Address To The Nation, The Speaker Race Is BORKED, & The Best Shapiro Clip Of ALL TIME
Oct 20, 2023
Daily Dish: Biden Butchers Reporters Questions, Jordan Loses 2nd Speaker Vote, & Rashida Tlaib Is A MONSTER
Oct 19, 2023
Daily Dish: Gaza Hospital Attacked, Biden Touches Down In Israel, & Trudeau's Opponent OWNS An Interview
Oct 18, 2023
Daily Dish: Biden's Visiting Israel, House Speaker Vote Is At Noon, & Trump's New Gag Order Is SO Unjust
Oct 17, 2023
Daily Dish: Israel Support Comes From SURPRISING Places, Megyn Kelly's On Fire, & Biden's Falling Again
Oct 16, 2023
World War 3 Isn’t The Biggest Risk To Our Market - Here’s What Is (ft. Bulwark Capital)
Oct 15, 2023
Daily Dish: College Campuses Are Poison, Speaker Race Is Still In Shambles, & Mulvaney Wins Women Of The Year
Oct 13, 2023
Daily Dish: Scalise Works For Speaker Votes, CEOs Blacklist Harvard Students, & The Brutalities Of War Continue
Oct 12, 2023
Daily Dish: Biden's Addressing The Nation Today, Israel Needs Our Prayers, & Another Biden Is Into Naked Selfies
Oct 10, 2023
Daily Dish: Israel Is Under Attack, Biden's Admin Doesn't Understand Fungibility, & Trump Loves Hannibal Lecter
Oct 09, 2023
Daily Dish: Donald Trump And The Speaker's Race, Biden's Border Blunders, & WH Puppy Gets The Boot
Oct 06, 2023
Daily Dish: The Race For Speaker Is On, The RNC Is HORRIFIC, & Leftist FINALLY Recognize The Border Crisis
Oct 05, 2023
Daily Dish: Kevin McCarthy Is OUT, The GOP Is In SHAMBLES, & Hunter Biden Pleads Not Guilty
Oct 04, 2023
Daily Dish: Trump Civil Trial Highlights, Gaetz Files Motion To Oust McCarthy, & KJP Flounders To Defend Biden
Oct 03, 2023
Daily Dish: Rep. Bowman's Excuse For Pulling Fire Alarm Is APPALLING & Trump's Nickname For Haley Starts DRAMA
Oct 02, 2023
We're All Paying A BIG Price For What's Happening In The Economy (ft. Bulwark Capital)
Oct 01, 2023
Ep. 204 The Chicks Most Disappointing, Surprising, & Favorite Encounters Over The Years!
Sep 30, 2023
Daily Dish: New York Is Trying To DESTROY Trump, Congress Is Fighting About Hunter, & RIP Diane Feinstein
Sep 29, 2023
Daily Dish: Last Night's GOP Debate Was A CRAP SHOW, Newsom Made His TV Rounds, & We Got BLOCKED
Sep 28, 2023
Daily Dish: Biden Can't Handle A SHORT Staircase, His Dog Won't Stop Biting People, & Looters Set Philly On Fire
Sep 27, 2023
Daily Dish: Trudeau's Big Blunder And The DeSantis-Newsom Debate That Has Everyone Talking
Sep 26, 2023
Daily Dish: Kamala Gets ANOTHER Czar Crown, Menendez Sells Out The US, & The Next Lockdowns Are Coming
Sep 25, 2023
Ep. 203 This Is The Only Way To Survive Biden’s Nightmare Economy (ft. Birch Gold)
Sep 23, 2023
Daily Dish: KJP Battles Over Immigration, Rand Paul RIPS Ukrainian Demands & An Abortion Book For Toddlers??
Sep 22, 2023
Daily Dish: Garland Gloriously Grilled, The Illegal Invasion Gets WORSE, & Trump Goes After Megyn Kelly
Sep 21, 2023
Daily Dish: Conspiracy Theorist Question Fetterman, Zelenskyy Lectures Us On Climate Change, & NYC Is Crumbling
Sep 20, 2023
Daily Dish: Hunter SUES The IRS, Fetterman Reacts To New Dress Code, & Trump's NBC Interview Is Still On Blast
Sep 19, 2023
Daily Dish: Trump Fumbles On Abortion, Aaron Rodgers Vaccine Drama, & Libs Want To Cancel Russel Brand
Sep 18, 2023
It's SO Important To Understand The Seasons Of Investing (ft. Bulwark Capital)
Sep 17, 2023
Ep. 202 It's Vital To Bring Patriotism Back To America (ft. Hung Cao)
Sep 16, 2023
Daily Dish: Biden Gaffes Galore, Hunter's Gun Charges, & The Republican Unity Problem
Sep 15, 2023
Daily Dish: Mitt Romney Retires, Gaetz & McCarthy's Catfight, & Megyn Kelly’s Bombshell Interview With Trump
Sep 14, 2023
Daily Dish: Joe Biden’s Impeachment, Andrew Yang Makes Big ‘No Labels’ Move & John Kennedy Reads Us Spicy Books
Sep 13, 2023
Daily Dish: Biden Blunders, Parental Rights Win In VA, & Trump/RFK Jr For An Anti-Establishment Ticket?
Sep 12, 2023
Daily Dish: Remembering 9/11, Biden Humiliating G20 Experience, & Kamala’s CRINGEY Dance
Sep 11, 2023
Daily Dish: Vivek BRAWLS With MSNBC Host, Tucker's Biography Is Out, & DeSantis SNAPS At Absurd Accusation
Sep 08, 2023
Daily Dish: Masks Are Returning, Kamala Wants To Be President, & Obama Might Be Gay???
Sep 07, 2023
Daily Dish: Fauci Gets Cornered On Masks, 2024 Election Is Borked, & Oprah's Getting Clobbered
Sep 05, 2023
This Is Why Warren Buffett Is Waiting To Buy (ft. Bulwark Capital)
Sep 03, 2023
Ep. 201 Dating After A Whole A$$ Marriage Is Difficult
Sep 02, 2023
Daily Dish: Portnoy's Pizza Review Takes A BAD Turn, Oliver Anthony Kills Rogan Ep, & Fed Employees Got A Raise!
Sep 01, 2023
Daily Dish: Mitch McConnell Freezes AGAIN, Vivek Sets Andrea Mitchell Straight, & Tucker's Terrible Lighting
Aug 31, 2023
Daily Dish: Old Video Of Pete & Vivek Surfaces, KJP Flails Over Women's Sports Debate, & Climate Activist Suck
Aug 30, 2023
Daily Dish: Trump's DC Trial Date Set, Jacksonville Councilwoman Shows Up DeSantis, & Chicago mayor Is A MORON
Aug 29, 2023
Daily Dish: Trump's Mugshot Is Still Getting Tons Of Attention, Oliver Anthony Update, & Biden Is Savagely BOOED
Aug 28, 2023
Ep. 200 Daisy Reveals Her Family Dysfunction
Aug 26, 2023
Daily Dish: Trump is BACK On Twitter, The Most Famous Mug Shot Of All Time Is Public, & The DOJ's Suing SpaceX
Aug 25, 2023
Daily Dish: Fox News Is Ridiculous, Debate Winners And Losers, & WE ARE HOT GARBAGE TIRED
Aug 24, 2023
Daily Dish: It's Debate Night!! Plus, Biden Continues To Be A Craptacular President
Aug 23, 2023
Daily Dish: COME ALL YE LISTLESS VESSELS! It's Time For A Debate Preview!
Aug 21, 2023
Ep. 199 A Man's Guide To Menopause
Aug 19, 2023
Daily Dish: Hurricane Hillary To Hit Hollywood, Biden's Sketch Pseudonym, & The ABSOLUTE STATE Of Media Is BAD
Aug 18, 2023
Daily Dish: Biden's Lies, GA Clerk Fesses Up To "Accidental" Post Of Trump Charges, & The Brit Split
Aug 17, 2023
Daily Dish: Will Trump's Big Presser Monday Land Him In More Trouble & Can Biden Pronounce ANY WORDS Correctly?!
Aug 16, 2023
Daily Dish: Trump's Indicted AGAIN, Hillary's Happy, Hawaii Needs Help, & Would Vivek Pardon Hunter Or Not?
Aug 15, 2023
Daily Dish: Vivek Raps At Iowa State Fair, Crazy Plane Lady Speaks Out, & The Hunter Special Counsel Is A SHAM
Aug 14, 2023
Ep. 198 There's A Lot Of Road To Go In The GOP Race (ft. The Ruthless Podcast)
Aug 12, 2023
Daily Dish: Fmr. Capitol Police Chief Tells All To Tucker & We're Being Gaslit ALL OVER THE PLACE
Aug 11, 2023
Daily Dish: Dems In NY Are BIG MAD About Migrants, Lil Tay Has Died At 14, & DeSantis Axes Another State Atty.
Aug 10, 2023
Daily Dish: Doocy Is BACK, The Border Is Borked, & Pence's New Ad Is CRINGE AF
Aug 09, 2023
Daily Dish: Gold Star Families SLAM Biden, Mitch's Speech Flops HARD, & Ne-Yo Reverses Publicist's Woke Apology
Aug 08, 2023
Daily Dish: Trump's "Truth" - Was It A Threat? LET'S DISCUSS.
Aug 07, 2023
Stocks Have Been An ANOMALY This Year (ft. Bulwark Capital)
Aug 06, 2023
Ep. 197 Is Barbie Offensive?
Aug 05, 2023
Daily Dish: Trump Arraigned, Biden Released Cringe Ad, & The ABSOLUTE STATE Of Journalism Is Scary
Aug 04, 2023
Daily Dish: Pence Digs Into Trump's Indictment, Mayor Adams Begs For Resources, & Lizzo Is Going Down
Aug 03, 2023
Daily Dish: Another Day, ANOTHER Trump Indictment. Plus Lizzo's LOST IT & Ashley Biden Wants Her Diary Back
Aug 02, 2023
Daily Dish: Democrats GASLIGHT Americans On Devon Archer Testimony & 'DeSanctimonius' Responds To Nickname
Aug 01, 2023
Daily Dish: DOJ Intimidation Backfires, Biden Acknowledges 7th Grandchild, & Kamala's Idiocy Is On Full Display
Jul 31, 2023
Ep. 196 It's Time To Give Back To Our Veterans (ft. VBC Giving Foundation)
Jul 29, 2023
Daily Dish: More Inane Charges For Trump & Nancy Mace Jokes About The Hibbity Jibbity At A PRAYER BREAKFAST
Jul 28, 2023
Daily Dish: Hunter's Plea Deal Explodes, McConnell Freezes Mid-Sentence, & UFOs!! SO MUCH NEWS SO BUCKLE UP!
Jul 27, 2023
Daily Dish: Biden's Dog KEEPS Biting People, LeBron's Son Suffers Cardiac Arrest, & HOLY CRAP BURGUM IS IN
Jul 26, 2023
Daily Dish: Carlee Russell FAKED Her Abduction, AOC's Hogging The SAG Spotlight, & COVID Is Making A Comeback
Jul 25, 2023
Daily Dish: Aldean Doubles Down On Cancelled Song & Biden's Coming After Your Water Heater Next!
Jul 24, 2023
Is The Next Great Depression Coming? (ft. Bulwark Capital)
Jul 23, 2023
Ep. 195 There's A Big Fat Strike Ruining Hollywood
Jul 22, 2023
Daily Dish: Democrats FAILED At Censoring A Censorship Hearing & It Was AMAZING
Jul 21, 2023
Daily Dish: Whistleblower Hearing Is LIT, Carlee Russell Punked Us, & Shannon Watts Cops To Canceling Aldean
Jul 20, 2023
Daily Dish: Miranda Lambert's DRAMA Is Viral, TikToks NPC Trend Is WHACK, & Trump's Making His Rounds On TV
Jul 19, 2023
Daily Dish: Will A 3rd Party Candidate Tip The Election? Plus The NEA Is Unhinged & Fauci's STILL Getting Paid
Jul 18, 2023
Daily Dish: Tucker Asked BURNING Questions & Killed 2 Presidential Campaigns At GOP Forum Event
Jul 17, 2023
Ep. 194 Why Is Hollywood Trying To Suppress The 'Sound of Freedom'?!?? (ft. Christian Toto)
Jul 15, 2023
Daily Dish: John Kerry Gets TORCHED Over Climate Spending & Will There Be A Trump/RFK JR Ticket?!??
Jul 14, 2023
Daily Dish: FBI Director Wray Gets WRECKED On The Hill & Kamala Hilariously Tries To Explain AI
Jul 13, 2023
Daily Dish: NATO Rejects Ukraine (For Now) & Tucker Interviews Andrew Tate
Jul 12, 2023
Daily Dish: Biden's 7th Grandkid Gets LOTS Of Press & Kamala Is Unburdened AGAIN
Jul 11, 2023
Daily Dish: Biden Caught Being The Beach Bunny, Tucker Talks Jan. 6th, & Dana White SHUTS DOWN Stupid Question
Jul 10, 2023
In Bidenomics We (Don't) Trust (ft. Bulwark Capital)
Jul 09, 2023
Daily Dish: DeSantis Defends Weird Ad, Casey SLAYS In A New One, & Kamala Tosses ANOTHER Giant Word Salad
Jul 07, 2023
Daily Dish: WH Coke Mystery RAGES On, Threads Threatens Twitter, & de Blasio Is Lookin' For A New Love, Baby
Jul 06, 2023
Daily Dish: Coke Found At The WH, DeSantis' New Ad Is A Total Head Scratcher, & A SCOTUS Recap!
Jul 05, 2023
Ep. 193 Kardashian Kulture Is Rotting Our Youth
Jul 01, 2023
Daily Dish: SCOTUS Axes Affirmative Action - Reaction Is WILD & DYLAN MULVANEY Throws Bud Light Under The Bus
Jun 30, 2023
Daily Dish: Biden Was A GAFFE MACHINE Yesterday & Material Girl Got Bacterial Scare
Jun 29, 2023
Daily Dish: Bidenomics Promotion Continues To Be Hilarious & Juarez Just TANKED His Campaign
Jun 28, 2023
Daily Dish: Trump Audio LEAKED About Secret Docs & Leftist Are Coming For Your Pizza Now
Jun 27, 2023
Daily Dish: Pride parades are full-on naked now, Congressional catfight still hissing, and RFK JR is JACKED
Jun 26, 2023
Countries Ditching The U.S. Dollar Is NOTHING To Panic About (ft. Bulwark Capital)
Jun 25, 2023
Ep. 192 Why Do Teachers Keep Trying To Bring Activism Into The Classroom?
Jun 24, 2023
Daily Dish: More Whistleblower Facts Exposed, Crenshaw Is MAD At Leadership Failure, & WHY Is Will Hurd running?
Jun 23, 2023
Daily Dish: Adam Schiff censured, Durham grilled, and Riley Gaines is a rockstar
Jun 22, 2023
Daily Dish: Justice Is 'Swerved' For Hunter Biden & Trump Dances Around Primary Debate Question
Jun 21, 2023
Daily Dish: Trump Gets A Gag Order, But Not Before Spilling ALL THE GOODS To Bret Baier!
Jun 20, 2023
Daily Dish: Fetterman Is Clearly UNFIT, Biden Is A Groper, & KJP Thinks WAY Too Much Of Herself
Jun 19, 2023
Ep. 191 These WOKE Tik Toks Prove We Live In A Dystopian Nightmare
Jun 17, 2023
Daily Dish: DeSantis CHIRPS BACK At Newsom, Homeless People Are Feeling Spoiled, & PRIDE Includes PONY PLAY
Jun 16, 2023
Daily Dish: Hillary Casually Compares Her Case To Trump's & Democrats PROVE They'll Mismanage Another Pandemic
Jun 15, 2023
Daily Dish: Topless Pride Video On WH Lawn Causes MAYHEM & Trump Pleads Not Guilty At Arraignment
Jun 14, 2023
Daily Dish: Daniel Penny Speaks Out, Newsom's Priming A Run, & Johns Hopkins Is Erasing Women
Jun 13, 2023
Daily Dish: Trump's Indictment - Totally Damning Or Just Another Witch Hunt?
Jun 12, 2023
Ep. 190 Pride Month Needs A Reality Check
Jun 10, 2023
Daily Dish: Trump Unfairly INDICTED AGAIN, Trans Athletes Get Pushback, & RFK Jr. Scares Dems
Jun 09, 2023
Daily Dish: Candidate Circus, Canadian Fires, CNN Drama, Catfights On 'The View' - TODAY IS INSANE
Jun 08, 2023
Daily Dish: Chris Christie Makes '24 Run Official, TUCKER IS BACK, & NYC Unveils Crack Pipe Vending Machines
Jun 07, 2023
Daily Dish: Biden Has New Competition, Kids Are Being Hypersexualized In School, & Tarlov Is A BRAT Over RFK Jr.
Jun 06, 2023
Daily Dish: The GOP Bench SHOWED OUT In Iowa, The New CDC Director Is RIDICULOUS, & Pride Month Gets Extreme
Jun 05, 2023
This Is Why Liquidity Is SO Important To Your Finances (ft. Bulwark Capital)
Jun 04, 2023
Ep. 189 Gen X Is The 2nd Greatest Generation
Jun 03, 2023
Daily Dish: Biden Has Another EPIC Fall, Trump Addresses BIG Issues On Town Hall, & DeSantis Snaps At A Reporter
Jun 02, 2023
Daily Dish: House PASSES Debt Bill, Chick-fil-A's DEI Has People MAD, & MORE PEOPLE Keep Trying To Be President
Jun 01, 2023
Daily Dish: James Comey Excuses FBI, Congress Is STILL Fighting Over The Debt, & Kamala's Word Salad Is Back
May 31, 2023
Daily Dish: Will The Debt Deal Pass? Plus Trump NEEDS To Get On A Debate Stage & Tesla Has Freaky New Robots
May 30, 2023
Ep. 188 The Border Crisis Is Creating Modern Day Slaves (ft. Sara Carter)
May 27, 2023
Daily Dish: The Primary War Has Begun & It's Getting UGLY. Plus, Jerry Nadler Caught Sleeping In Congress!
May 26, 2023
Daily Dish: DeSantis' Twitter Announcement Gets Vast REACTIONS & The BEST Vid On Victim Culture Is Here
May 25, 2023
Daily Dish: DeSantis Plans To Make Bid OFFICIAL With Elon Tonight, Lizzo Talks Politics & Target Faces A Boycott
May 24, 2023
Daily Dish: Tim Scott's IN The GOP Race, RFK Jr Explains His Voice Issue, & Newt Reassures Us On The Debt Limit
May 23, 2023
Daily Dish: Will Biden Pull 14th Amendment Card On The Debt Ceiling?! Plus, Mayor Adams CLOWNED For Complaining
May 22, 2023
In 11 Days The U.S. Will Default On It's Debt, It's Time To PREPARE (ft. Bulwark Capital)
May 21, 2023
Ep. 187 Plastic Surgery Is Ruining The Beauty Of Aging
May 20, 2023
Daily Dish: FBI Whistleblower Hearing Was LIT, Ford's VERY GAY RAPTOR Is Out, & Big Names To Join 2024 GOP Race
May 19, 2023
Daily Dish: Harry & Meghan Caught Lying, A Sorority FIGHTS BACK Against Trans Nonsense, & The Debt Ceiling Looms
May 18, 2023
Daily Dish: Feinstein Has LOST IT, Boebert Files For Divorce, & Elon DGAF What Anyone Thinks In A CNBC Interview
May 17, 2023
Daily DIsh: Durham Report Stirs DRAMA, Giuliani Sued MILLIONS For Being A Perv, & The US Defaults In 16 Days
May 16, 2023
Daily Dish: Biden's Admin Keeps Lying About The Border, Cruz Goes OFF, & Judy Blume Has Been RUINED
May 15, 2023
Ep. 186 Gender Reveals Are Obnoxiously Dumb
May 13, 2023
Daily Dish: Anderson Cooper's Arrogance Shows, CHAOS LOOMS As Title 42 Ends, & The Debt Limit Fight Amplifies
May 12, 2023
Daily Dish: Trump's CNN Town Hall Was INSANE, People Are Riled Up Over It, & GEORGE SANTOS Charged With 13 CRIMES
May 11, 2023
Daily Dish: Trump Liable For Sexual Abuse, Biden Gets Chippy On The Debt Ceiling, & TUCKER IS BACK!
May 10, 2023
Daily Dish: KJP Lectures US On Paying Bills, NY Is Overflowing With Protests, & Childism Is A Thing Now?!?!!
May 09, 2023
Daily Dish: Murders in TX, Chaos at the border, and Biden's RIDICULOUS response to question about Hunter
May 08, 2023
There's Only 2 Ways To Get Rid Of Debt (ft. Bulwark Capital)
May 07, 2023
Ep. 185 Riley Gaines is Fighting For Our Daughters
May 06, 2023
Daily Dish: Sen. Hagerty EXPOSES Leftist Hypocrisy & Sen. Kennedy Humiliates Deputy Energy Sec'y
May 05, 2023
Daily Dish: Is Jordan Neely the next George Floyd? Plus Migrants FLOOD El Paso & Hunter's Case Heats Up
May 04, 2023
Daily Dish: KJP Gets Hostile With Doocy, Tucker's Getting HUGE Offers, & AOC Has Teamed Up With Matt Gaetz?!!
May 03, 2023
Daily Dish: TUCKER BTS Video Leaked, The WHCD Was a HOT MESS, & Mayorkas Secure Border Definition Is WEAK
May 02, 2023
Daily Dish: Tucker update, Crowder's alleged abuse, and it's hot as ballz here in AZ
Apr 28, 2023
Daily Dish: Crowder/Candace DRAMA Resurfaces, Biden Is Officially IN, & A Former Fox Producer Is After Tucker
Apr 26, 2023
Daily Dish: TUCKER OUSTED AT FOX, Don Lemon FIRED BY CNN, & Susan Rice Is DUNZO!?!!
Apr 25, 2023
Daily Dish: Ray Epps Defensive on 60 Minutes, Kari Lake Confronts 'Morning Joe' Hosts, & Hunter Wins Worst Dad
Apr 24, 2023
Biden's New Mortgage Rule Makes Good Credit A Penalty (ft. Bulwark Capital)
Apr 23, 2023
Ep. 184 Obesity Shouldn't Get You A Free Seat
Apr 22, 2023
Daily Dish: IRS Whistleblower Could WRECK The Biden's, Larry E. Enters GOP Race, & There's A Blue Check Frenzy
Apr 21, 2023
Daily Dish: Biden FAILS To Spell, Matt Walsh Gets Hacked, & Fetterman's Senate Return Is Humiliating
Apr 20, 2023
Daily Dish: Elon Shatters Alien Rumors & The Dominion/Fox Lawsuit Ends In GINORMOUS Settlement
Apr 19, 2023
Daily Dish: Elon Musk DUNKS on CBC & The RETURN OF FETTERMAN Is Here
Apr 18, 2023
Daily Dish: ELECTION IS GETTING LIT - Pompeo is OUT, Pence gets Booed, and Tiger King is a Democrat now
Apr 17, 2023
More Banks Will FAIL, Protect your Money NOW! (ft. Bulwark Capital)
Apr 16, 2023
Ep. 183 We're Rewarding Kids For All The WRONG Reasons
Apr 15, 2023
Daily Dish: 21 Pentagon leaker arrested - Jack the Dripper of Thug Shaker Central
Apr 14, 2023
Daily Dish: EPIC ELON, Biden's jumping obsession, and are we witnessing a leftist conversion??
Apr 13, 2023
Daily Dish: Tucker Interviews Trump & The Left Is filled With Chameleons
Apr 12, 2023
Daily Dish: Defense Dept. ROASTED For Failing 5th Audit & Biden Finally Ends COVID Emergency
Apr 11, 2023
Daily Dish: Biden's Afghanistan Report Is A COMPLETE JOKE & Bud Light's VP Doubles Down On Trans Endorsement
Apr 10, 2023
Daily Dish: RFK Jr Running Against Biden, Dylan Lands MORE Deals, & Classified Docs Were Found... Where?!
Apr 06, 2023
Daily Dish: Trump Arraigned, Pundits React, & EVERYTHING Is Stupid
Apr 05, 2023
Daily Dish: TRUMP ARRAIGNMENT DAY!! Plus Trans Is The New Black & Fetterman Talks Depression
Apr 04, 2023
Chicks Cha-Ching: How To Grow Your Wealth (ft. Bulwark Capital)
Apr 02, 2023
Ep. 182 What Happened To Baby Making?!
Mar 31, 2023
Daily Dish: WH Not Ruling Out Gun Confiscation & Cabinet Members Show Off MORE Stupidity
Mar 30, 2023
Daily Dish: Biden's Cabinet Is WORSE Than Expected, Katie Hobbs' Press Secy. Is Vile, & Kamala Is Useless
Mar 29, 2023
Daily Dish: Tragedy Strikes Nashville, Trump Returns To Fox On Hannity, & Chris Christie Talks Tough
Mar 28, 2023
Daily Dish: TikTok Debate Rages On, Trump Rallies in Waco, & Jon Stewart Explains Who Runs DC
Mar 27, 2023
Ep. 181 Standing Up for America: An Exclusive Interview with Nikki Haley
Mar 25, 2023
Daily Dish: TikTok's On Trial, Kamala Is Unburdened Again, & Alvin Bragg's Trump Case Is In SHAMBLES
Mar 24, 2023
Daily Dish: Fauci Cries, Kennedy Obliterates Credibility of Judicial Nominee, & Will Trump Be Indicted?!
Mar 23, 2023
Daily Dish: Piers Teases LIT DeSantis Interview, Buster Murdaugh's About To Get Busted, & WTF KAMALA
Mar 22, 2023
Daily Dish: Trump vs DeSantis Fight Heats Up & Fauci Gets PUT IN HIS PLACE
Mar 21, 2023
Daily Dish: Trump Announces His POSSIBLE ARREST & Calls For Protest?!
Mar 20, 2023
Daily Dish: Banking Is Borked, CCP Paid The Biden Fam, & Megyn Kelly Goes OFF On Drew Barrymore
Mar 17, 2023
Bonus Interview: The Power Of Precious Metals (ft. Birch Gold's Phillip Patrick)
Mar 14, 2023
Mar 12, 2023
Daily Dish: The Twitter Hearing Was OFF THE RAILS, Kaepernick Is Whining Again, & Trump's New Book Looks JUICY
Mar 10, 2023
Daily Dish: Tucker Defends Jan. 6th Coverage, Biden RIPPED TO SHREDS Over Afghanistan, & COVID Hearing Is LIT
Mar 09, 2023
Daily Dish: We REACT To Tucker's Reaction Of Himself, Fauci's Shadiness Is Exposed AGAIN, & DeSantis Is Thriving
Mar 08, 2023
Daily Dish: Tucker's SUPER JUICY J6 Coverage, Biden's Brain Is Shot, & Kamala's Word Salad Embarrasses America
Mar 07, 2023
Daily Dish: DeSantis Wows CA Crowd & We DISH On CPAC!
Mar 06, 2023
Ep. 179: Triggering People & Being A Thriving Comedian (ft. Chrissie Mayr)
Mar 04, 2023
Daily Dish: MURDAUGH GUILTY, Tom Homan says ALL THE THINGS, and CPAC is in full swing
Mar 03, 2023
Daily Dish: Cruz Goes OFF On The AG, Trust In The Medical Field Is Lost, & A Podcast Debuts Dumbest Girls EVER
Mar 02, 2023
Daily Dish: Beetlejuice Is DONE, Biden Goes Full Creep w/ Nurse Story, & School Union Boss Loses It At SCOTUS
Mar 01, 2023
Daily Dish: Biden Mocks His Own Whiteness, Yellen Promises $10 BILLION More For Ukraine, & We're Headed To CPAC
Feb 28, 2023
Daily Dish: Woke Police Cancel 'Dilbert', Woody Harrelson STUNS SNL Audience, & Behar Attacks East Palestine
Feb 27, 2023
Ep. 178: Kanye, Kari Lake, & Eliza Bleu Drama (ft. Shane Cashman)
Feb 25, 2023
Daily Dish: Mayor Pete's East Palestine Visit Flops & Kamala Giggles About Venn Diagrams AGAIN
Feb 24, 2023
Daily Dish: Trump Grand Jury Foreperson Is A Witch, Biden Trips AGAIN, & Medicine Is Being Dumbed Down
Feb 23, 2023
Daily Dish: Ramaswamy's 2024 Presidential Bid Is Official & Mayor Pete's Incompetence Tour Is A Joke
Feb 22, 2023
Daily Dish: Biden's Ukraine Visit Gets MAJOR Mixed Reactions & O'Keefe Has Dramatic Exit From Project Veritas
Feb 21, 2023
Daily Dish: The Amazing Asbury Revival Story, Tiger Woods Needs a Tampon, & Biden's Physical Results Are WHACK
Feb 20, 2023
Ep. 177: Wokeism, Sports, Politics, & Pop Culture (ft. Chad Benson)
Feb 18, 2023
Daily Dish: Don Lemon Gives WEAK Apology, Fetterman Hospitalized Again, & Soros' Prediction Has People Freaking
Feb 17, 2023
Daily Dish: Chris Cuomo's Fighting With Us, Nikki Haley's Off To A ROUGH Start, & Jim Jordan Blasts Big Tech
Feb 16, 2023
Daily Dish: New Possible Pandemic Sounds Terrifying, Presidential Race Is Heating Up, & KJP Remains An Idiot
Feb 15, 2023
Daily Dish: HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! Mayor Pete Is Useless Ignoring Ohio Disaster & Candace Nukes Rihanna Haters
Feb 14, 2023
Daily Dish: Super Bowl Highlights & Are Aliens Behind The Unidentified Objects Being Shot Down?!??!
Feb 13, 2023
Ep. 176: Jennifer Sey - Leaving Levi's To Find Freedom
Feb 11, 2023
Daily Dish: Queer Woman Married To Transman Is Whistleblower Hero & Politicians Spoil Themselves With Our Money
Feb 10, 2023
Daily Dish: Congressional Twitter Hearing Got HEATED & DeSantis' Response To Trump Attacks Is Perfection
Feb 09, 2023
Daily Dish: SOTU WAS LIT & We've Got A TON To Say About It
Feb 08, 2023
Daily Dish: Biden Has A LOT To Address At The SOTU & Kamala Continues To Be High Priestess Of Word Salad
Feb 07, 2023
Daily Dish: Biden Criticized Over Balloon Fail, A SOTU Preview, & Madonna Resembles Alien With New Face
Feb 06, 2023
Ep. 175: All The Best Women These Days Are Men
Feb 04, 2023
Daily Dish: The Squad MELTS DOWN Over Committee Removals & Ron Klain Can't Stop Crying
Feb 03, 2023
Daily Dish: Hunter FINALLY Admits To Laptop And Lawyers Up, Tom Brady Is Dunzo (Again), & BEWARE OF EYEDROPS
Feb 02, 2023
Daily Dish: Biden Gets His CREEP On With The Press & DeSantis Responds to Trump Attacks
Feb 01, 2023
Daily Dish: Bill Gates is SUPER CAGEY About Epstein Dinners & Steph Curry is The NIMBY Poster Boy
Jan 31, 2023
Daily Dish: Memphis Mayhem Amid Police Crime, Pelosi Attacker Makes CREEPY Call, & Mulvaney's "Face Reveal"
Jan 30, 2023
Ep. 174: Sydney Watson's Hot Takes On Woke Culture
Jan 28, 2023
Daily Dish: The BIG Story the Mainstream Media is COMPLETELY Ignoring & More Crying From Adam Schiff
Jan 27, 2023
Daily Dish: Trump's Meta Accounts Restored & Dems Kicked From Committees Go On Whining Spree
Jan 26, 2023
Daily Dish: Kevin McCarthy Shows His BALLZ & DeSantis' Course Block Has People Freaking
Jan 25, 2023
Daily Dish: The Plight of The TransCandy & Australia's MYSTERIOUS Rise in Heart Issues Is Concerning
Jan 24, 2023
Daily Dish: Diamond's Funeral Goes OFF THE RAILS & FB Censors a Private DM In REAL TIME
Jan 23, 2023
Ep. 173: Michele Tafoya - From The NFL Sideline To The Political Arena
Jan 21, 2023
Daily Dish: Will Nikki Haley be the 1st Woman President? Also, Al Gore is a lunatic.
Jan 20, 2023
Daily Dish: Jacinda Ardern RESIGNS, Naomi Judd's family drama, Trump to return to Twitter?
Jan 19, 2023
Daily Dish: WH Presser Is A CLOWNSHOW, Elites In Davos Are Making BIG Plans, & Steven Crowder Lashes Out
Jan 18, 2023
Daily Dish: Biden Continues His Streak of Public Stupidity & An ER Trip Shows Our BORKED Healthcare System
Jan 17, 2023
Daily Dish: New MLK Sculpture In Boston Has EVERYONE Talking & More Unravels In Biden's Classified Doc Scandal
Jan 16, 2023
Daily Dish: It's GOING DOWN - The Public Questions Biden After MORE Docs Found & A Special Counsel Is Appointed
Jan 13, 2023
Daily Dish: MORE Classified Docs Biden Took Are Found & Doocy Goes HARD On KJP During WH Press Briefing
Jan 12, 2023
Daily Dish: Biden's Classified Docs Case Compared To Trump's & Congressman Donalds THROWS DOWN With Joy Reid
Jan 11, 2023
Daily Dish: Biden Kept Classified Docs, New Twitter Files Expose More Censorship, & MGT And DRE Are In A Fight
Jan 10, 2023
Daily Dish: We Finally Have A Speaker After 15 ROUNDS Of Voting! Plus Abbott Gives Biden A Sternly Worded Letter
Jan 09, 2023
Daily Dish: We Still Don't Have A Speaker & All Of A Sudden Biden Cares About The Border!
Jan 06, 2023
Daily Dish: Hannity & Boebert Throw Down, And Southwest Grovels After Holiday Fiasco
Jan 05, 2023
Daily Dish: Chaos In The House Continues & Some White Chick Just Out-Dolezal'd Rachel Dolezal
Jan 04, 2023
Daily Dish: The GOP Is BORKING The House Speaker Vote & Buttigieg Fails At Handling The Southwest Catastrophe
Jan 03, 2023
Daily Dish: Fan Favorites Of 2022
Dec 30, 2022
Daily Dish REPLAY: Ep. 2 Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches are Racist
Dec 29, 2022
Daily Dish REPLAY: Ep. 108 A Viewer's Email and A Conservative Pep Talk
Dec 28, 2022
Daily Dish REPLAY: Ep. 39 Karma is Real, The Story Behind "Whore Shorts"
Dec 27, 2022
Daily Dish REPLAY: Brandon Straka's Story Will Leave You Speechless
Dec 26, 2022
Ep. 172: Our Higher Education System Is Borked
Dec 24, 2022
Daily Dish: SBF's RECORD BOND is a total sham, and Trudeau bans...WHAT GUN?!??
Dec 23, 2022
Daily Dish: Prepare For An Artic Blast, It's BOMB CYCLONE TIME & We're Giving BILLIONS More To Ukraine
Dec 22, 2022
Daily Dish: The Border Is FULLY Borked & Kyrsten Sinema Is Selling Used Bras On FB Marketplace
Dec 21, 2022
Daily Dish: AOC And Her Manlet React To World Cup Final & The Jan. 6th Committee Tries To Be A Big Deal
Dec 20, 2022
Daily Dish: Elon's Twitter Policy Changes Cause Mass Meltdowns & Taylor Lorenz Petty Response Backfires
Dec 19, 2022
Ep. 171: The Evolution Of Celebrity Culture Is CRAZY
Dec 17, 2022
Daily Dish: Trump's 'MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT' is a MAJOR BUST & Title 42 Will Be Wiped Out Later Next Week
Dec 16, 2022
Daily Dish: Leftist Recognize The Borders Borked (FINALLY) & Trump's Superhero Vid Teases YUGE Announcement
Dec 15, 2022
Daily Dish: Biden Hosts Drag Queens While The Border Is Invaded & Twitter Dissolved Its Trust and Safety Council
Dec 14, 2022
Daily Dish: Bankman-Fried’s Arrest Is FINALLY Happening & Brinton Is FINISHED At The Energy Dept.
Dec 13, 2022
Daily Dish: 'Liberal Sherpa' Charged With Exploiting Her OWN MOM & New Twitter Files Expose Corrupt Politics
Dec 12, 2022
Daily Dish: Twitter Files Pt.2 Uncovers MORE Secrets & Biden Makes A BAD Deal With Russia
Dec 09, 2022
Daily Dish: Walker Tragically Lost GA & Elon Teases The Release Of More Twitter Files
Dec 08, 2022
Ep. 170: Candace Owens Botox Tweet Sets Off Women
Dec 07, 2022
Daily Dish: GA Runoff Steals America's Attention, Avenatti FINALLY Gets A Sentence, & RIP To An 80'S Icon
Dec 06, 2022
Daily Dish: Trump Loyalists Scramble To Defend His Tweet & The GOP Keeps Screwing Itself
Dec 05, 2022
Ep. 169: Chanale Fellig-Harrel On Candace, Kanye, & Anti-Semitism
Dec 03, 2022
Daily Dish: Kanye loses it and Elon reacts, and everyone at Fox goes radio silent
Dec 02, 2022
Daily Dish: SBF Grilled On FTX, Ana Navarro Is A Bitter Hag, & AOC's Fiancé Is A Soyboy
Dec 01, 2022
Daily Dish: Railworkers are BIG MAD at Union Guy Biden, and Don Lemon says CNN has never been liberal. LOL
Nov 30, 2022
Daily Dish: Ye storms off Timcast, and one of Biden's deviant appointees arrested for stealing women's clothes
Nov 29, 2022
Daily Dish: Trump steps on his own dong again and Fauci is back to ruin your holidays
Nov 28, 2022
Ep. 168: Gen Z Secretly Impacted The Midterms
Nov 23, 2022
Daily Dish: CBS's BIG FAT EARTH-SHATTERING NEWS About Hunter Biden's Laptop Is SO Outdated
Nov 22, 2022
Daily Dish: Biden is 80, Trump's allowed back on Twitter, & the CO Springs perpetrator was known to authorities
Nov 21, 2022
Daily Dish: Nancy leaves but also stays, new Trump trouble, and San Fran insanity
Nov 18, 2022
Daily Dish: GOP takes House, McConnell re-elected leader, and FTX hullabaloo
Nov 17, 2022
Ep. 167: DAS Could Save Your Life With This Fentanyl Information
Nov 16, 2022
Daily Dish: The Trump announcement hullabaloo, and the twisty turn story of the missile hitting Poland
Nov 16, 2022
Daily Dish: Kari Lake loses to Hobbs, and Gavin Newsom's wife talks fishdongs
Nov 15, 2022
Daily Dish: GOP loses Senate, Lake is slipping in AZ, and Ivanka crops out Kimberly
Nov 14, 2022
Daily Dish: Will the GOP even take the HOUSE? Plus, the fight to end all fights
Nov 11, 2022
Daily Dish: Biden's presser is WACK, and MSNBC already floating Fetterman for PRESIDENT
Nov 10, 2022
Nov 08, 2022
Ep. 166: Sara Carter Exposes The Heart Wrenching Truth Of Our Border Crisis
Nov 07, 2022
Daily Dish: DeSanctimonious!! Plus, CAMPTONO OUT WEST details!
Nov 07, 2022
Daily Dish: Dishing on Twitter turmoil, Trump's tease, and AOC's arrogance
Nov 04, 2022
Daily Dish: We gotta talk about Biden's ridiculous speech!
Nov 03, 2022
Ep. 165: This Kit Will Make You Prepared For The Unthinkable
Nov 02, 2022
Daily Dish: Biden flakes again, DeSantis new ad, and the Gervais Corden hullabaloo
Nov 02, 2022
Daily Dish: Shredding Dem talking points on Pelosi incident and Disinformation
Nov 01, 2022
Daily Dish: Happy Halloween! The Paul Pelosi is weird AF, and so are holier-than-thou folks on our FB page!
Oct 31, 2022
Daily Dish: The Bird Is Freeeeed! Also Biden's lies are getting more and more ridiculous
Oct 28, 2022
Daily Dish: Kamala GLEES OUT over school buses, and Biden thinks airlines' business class is racist
Oct 27, 2022
Ep. 164: Brian Kilmeade - The Hidden History That Explains Our Divide
Oct 26, 2022
Daily Dish: Fetterman was a DISASTER at debate, plus other state debate highlights you GOTTA see
Oct 26, 2022
DarkWars Trailer: The Border (Premieres 10/25)
Oct 25, 2022
Daily Dish: DeSantis ROASTS Crist, MSNBC panel moderator has INSTANT regret
Oct 25, 2022
Daily Dish: Biden humiliates America, and Jan 6 committee needs $
Oct 24, 2022
Daily Dish: Biden gets lost AGAIN, DeSantis is a badass, and illegals have a fab time in NYC
Oct 21, 2022
Ep. 163: Thirst Traps, Plastic Surgery, & Teachers
Oct 21, 2022
Daily Dish: Biden snips at Doocy and Kamala gushes over buses
Oct 20, 2022
Daily Dish: Biden goes full CREEP mode, and Swalwell's ad is the dumbest thing ever
Oct 19, 2022
Daily Dish: Ye goes on Cuomo and things get cray, JD Vance blasts Tim Ryan
Oct 18, 2022
Daily Dish: Kari Lake's offer to Katie, Trouble Acosta is in, more Kanye
Oct 17, 2022
Daily Dish: WH scrambles to twist high inflation narrative, and Candace Owens' BLM doc is out
Oct 14, 2022
Daily Dish: Biden lies about son's death and Katie Hobbs hides in a bathroom
Oct 13, 2022
Ep. 162: 'Tripadvisor For Exes'
Oct 12, 2022
Daily Dish: Jake Tapper Puts ZERO pressure on Biden, Univ of MN goes full woke
Oct 12, 2022
Daily Dish: Kanye chaos, Casey's amazing ad, and Kamala does late night
Oct 11, 2022
Daily Dish: THREE WORDS: Joe Biden Has Dementia. Also, Katie Hobbs Is Not Smart.
Oct 10, 2022
Daily Dish: Tucker and Ye, Biden's creepy backwards walk, and the latest on Hunter
Oct 07, 2022
Daily Dish: DeSantis and Biden meet, Tucker talks Nordstream, and Kamala still loves Venn diagrams
Oct 06, 2022
Ep. 161: We Shouldn't Be Conditioned To Censorship
Oct 05, 2022
Daily Dish: Elon Musk is once again asking to buy Twitter, and EPIC KJP nonsense
Oct 05, 2022
Daily Dish: Christian Walker turns on Herschel, and Pelosi's confident about the election
Oct 04, 2022
Daily Dish: Kamala gets giddy over Venn diagrams, and Pelosi lets her racism flag fly high
Oct 03, 2022
Daily Dish: The Seahags of the View Defend Biden’s Gaffe, And Virgin Atlantic Airlines Is The Queerest…
Sep 30, 2022
Daily Dish: Just when you think Biden's gaffes can't get worse, they do. And KJP's excuse is RIDICULOUS.
Sep 29, 2022
Ep. 160: The Chicks Are Really Glad Ainsley Earhardt Was Born
Sep 28, 2022
Daily Dish: Hurricane Ian, our YouTube ban, and the meanest voicemail EVER!
Sep 28, 2022
Daily Dish: Biden has no idea what inflation is, KJP has no idea what words mean, and Sinema dated WHO?!?!?!
Sep 27, 2022
Daily Dish: Liz Cheney refuses to disappear, and Biden says whaaa?
Sep 26, 2022
Daily Dish: Stacey Abrams is a science denier, & Whoopi drools over KJP
Sep 23, 2022
Daily Dish: Letitia James out for blood, Trump responds, Biden remains confused
Sep 22, 2022
Ep. 159: The Next Generation of The Right is Ready For Change
Sep 21, 2022
Daily Dish: Sunny Hostin's racism on full display, and DeSantis is in full beast mode
Sep 21, 2022
Daily Dish: DeSantis is NOT backing down, & Tucker talks trans teacher w/ giant bazongas
Sep 20, 2022
Daily Dish: Biden answers question about Hunter, and the most CRINGE campaign ad EVER
Sep 19, 2022
Daily Dish: DeSantis sends illegals to Martha's Vineyard, Lake Triggers Tarlov, & I'm lonely today!
Sep 15, 2022
Ep. 158: The Chicks’ Meet and Greet RECAP
Sep 14, 2022
Daily Dish: Inflation up again and Biden takes....a VICTORY LAP?!?!? WTH.
Sep 14, 2022
Daily Dish: Kamala says the border is secure, Hillary says Pelosi is the gutsiest, and we are BACK FROM CAMPTONO
Sep 13, 2022
Daily Dish: The death of QEII, New polling data about MAGA, and CAMPTONO PREVIEW
Sep 09, 2022
Here's What the GOP Must Do First If It Wins the Midterms
Sep 09, 2022
Ep. 157: Generational Differences In The Workplace: How Bad Is It?
Sep 07, 2022
Daily Dish: Biden's New Name For Republicans He Hates, Kari Lake's Bada$$ery, and Megan Markle's Self-Importance
Sep 06, 2022
Daily Dish: Biden's horrifying speech and Karine Jean Pierre's unbelievable gaslighting
Sep 02, 2022
Daily Dish: Biden's BIG SPEECH preview and Peter Doocy in BEAST MODE
Sep 01, 2022
Ep. 156: How Did So Many Men End Up Lonely and Single???
Aug 31, 2022
Daily Dish: DATE FOR NEXT MEET AND GREET! Plus, Biden Files For Re-Election, And Fetterman's Incompetence
Aug 31, 2022
Daily Dish: Doocy goes after KJP HARD, Ben Shapiro is terrifying, and more
Aug 30, 2022
Daily Dish: KJP got SNIPPY with Don Lemon! Plus, Moderna sues Pfizer - EEK!
Aug 26, 2022
Daily Dish: The Student Loan nonsense, KJP's return, and 'GUTSY WOMEN'
Aug 26, 2022
Ep. 155: The Border Is A HOT Mess
Aug 24, 2022
Daily Dish: BIDEN KNEW ABOUT THE RAID, Paul Pelosi video, and Meghan Markle is insufferable
Aug 24, 2022
Daily Dish: Fauci finally leaving, UCLA's standards are horrible, and DeSantis' new ad is AMAZEBALLS
Aug 23, 2022
Daily Dish: Cracking up at Stelter's sign-off, and what Michael Cohen says about Trump running
Aug 22, 2022
Daily Dish: Happy See-Ya-Stelter Day! Plus raid affidavit, and more!
Aug 19, 2022
Daily Dish: Liz phone call hullabaloo, Jones' surprise endorsement, and more
Aug 18, 2022
Ep. 154: Hollywood Conspiracy Theories, Celebrity Breakups, and More (ft. Christian Toto)
Aug 17, 2022
Daily Dish: Liz loses YUGE, Period Dignity Officers, and more
Aug 17, 2022
Daily Dish: Raid update, Tucker is back, and more
Aug 16, 2022
Daily Dish: KJP on ABC, Granholm live, and more
Aug 15, 2022
Daily Dish: Garland's nothingness, KJP on Colbert, and more
Aug 12, 2022
Daily Dish: Biden touts ZERO INFLATION and then takes off for Kiawah, Nancy gets defensive, and more
Aug 11, 2022
Ep. 153: Dr. Shawn Rowland On Why You Need To Have Emergency Antibiotics On Hand
Aug 10, 2022
Daily Dish: KJP gets grilled on raid, Trump's new ad, and more
Aug 10, 2022
Daily Dish: Mar-a-lago Raid, Olivia Newton John, and more
Aug 09, 2022
Daily Dish: Inflation 'Reduction' Act passed, Bill Maher on fatness, KJP, and more
Aug 08, 2022
Daily Dish: Dick Cheney's ad, two judgments, DeSantis vs Warren, and more
Aug 05, 2022
Daily Dish: Kari Lake, Alex Jones, KJP, and more!
Aug 04, 2022
Ep. 152: Moms 4 Liberty - Astroturf Or the Chicks' New BFFs?
Aug 03, 2022
Daily Dish: Pelosi does the thing, DeSantis WRECKS The View, Demi's wack, Judd wack and more
Aug 03, 2022
Daily Dish: Pelosi's trip, Beyoncé's lyrics, and more!
Aug 02, 2022
Daily Dish: KJP Extravaganzathon, Biden's rebound, and so much more
Aug 01, 2022
Ep. 151: The Weird World of Teenage Dating
Jul 27, 2022
Daily Dish: Trump under investigation again, Biden's got the crazy eyes, and more
Jul 27, 2022
Daily Dish: Definition of Recession has changed everyone! Also, latest news on diseases and more!
Jul 26, 2022
Daily Dish: Bret Baier vs Fauci, Jan 6 update, and DeSantis Extravaganzathon
Jul 25, 2022
Daily Dish: Biden's covid, Jan 6 drama, and more
Jul 22, 2022
Daily Dish: Biden may or may not have cancer, AOC's excuse for the drama, and more
Jul 21, 2022
Ep. 150: Kari Lake - Who's The Real Maverick?
Jul 20, 2022
Daily Dish: AOC's new performance, Pete says quiet part out loud, and more
Jul 20, 2022
Daily Dish: Fauci to 'retire,' Elon to countersue, crime out of control and more
Jul 19, 2022
Daily Dish: Greenwood Park Mall, Lia nomination, Bennifer wedding, and more
Jul 18, 2022
Daily Dish: AOC needs attention, Ivana death, Elon's dad, and more
Jul 15, 2022
Daily Dish: The 10 year old abortion story update, GREAT news about Camptono, and more!
Jul 14, 2022
Ep. 149: Abercrombie and Fitch - The Chicks' White Hot Take
Jul 13, 2022
Daily Dish: Amazing Hawley Exchange, Bradley and Huma, and more
Jul 13, 2022
Daily Dish: Michael Moore CORRECTION, worst parenting EVER, and more
Jul 12, 2022
Daily Dish: Hunter's pants, Elon's trolling, and so much more
Jul 11, 2022
Daily Dish: James Caan, More primetime hearings, Japan PM, and more
Jul 11, 2022
Bonus Interview: Kevin Kosar & The Presidential Election Project
Jul 07, 2022
Daily Dish: Another Comms Person leaves WH, KJP $$, Jones' pick for prez, and more
Jul 07, 2022
Ep. 148: This Twitter Account Is Our Spirit Animal
Jul 06, 2022
Daily Dish: We’re “Devolving” (In All The Best Ways), O’Reilly Loses It, And KJP Has No Freaking Clue What She’s Doing
Jul 06, 2022
Daily Dish: Highland Park, Macy Gray, Bette, and more
Jul 05, 2022
Daily Dish: Biden's 'excellent health', tanking poll numbers, and Liz's waffling
Jul 01, 2022
Bonus Interview: Rob Collins Gets Us Hip To Coign
Jun 30, 2022
Daily Dish: Conservatives jump sharks too, ticketmates, and more
Jun 30, 2022
Ep. 147: Ana Navarro's New Low - The Chicks Talk SCOTUS
Jun 29, 2022
Daily Dish: Jan 6 Hearing gets even crazier, Ghislaine gets 20 years, and more
Jun 29, 2022
Daily Dish: Kamala's latest interview, SE Cupp predicts end of GOP, and more
Jun 28, 2022
Daily Dish: SCOTUS decision rage, the lies being told to scare women, and more
Jun 27, 2022
Daily Dish: SCOTUS ruling and reaction, KJP idiocy, and more
Jun 24, 2022
Daily Dish: Gas Tax shenanigans, super expensive divorce, and more
Jun 23, 2022
Daily Dish: New WH talking point distributed, military further weakened by wokeness, and more
Jun 22, 2022
Daily Dish: The fall heard 'round the world, FINA has ballz, and more
Jun 20, 2022
Daily Dish: Kamala assigned to lead new task force, Mayra Flores reacts, and more
Jun 17, 2022
Daily Dish: Fauci has the Rona, CNN changes, and DeSantis awesome
Jun 16, 2022
Ep. 146: How The Chicks Got Their Groove Back
Jun 15, 2022
Daily Dish: Tucker's epic snark, Biden's whisper-scream, and more
Jun 15, 2022
Daily Dish: Bill Maher all over the place, AOC can't commit, more on the 1/6 hearings
Jun 13, 2022
Daily Dish: 1/6 Hullabaloo, Pelosi wack, and more
Jun 10, 2022
Daily Dish: Biden on Kimmel, Leftist lunatic goes after Kavanaugh, and more
Jun 09, 2022
Ep. 145: Nick Freitas - Saying What We All Need To Hear
Jun 08, 2022
Daily Dish: The Matthew McConaughey Hullabaloo, Kennedy awesomeness, and more
Jun 08, 2022
Daily Dish: KJP Tries to defend Biden's Solar Panels, Thursday's movie night, and more
Jun 07, 2022
Daily Dish: Indpls Children's Museum's Juneteenth menu, Drag show for kids, and more
Jun 06, 2022
Daily Dish: Biden's appeal to DO SOMETHING, CPL update, and more
Jun 03, 2022
Daily Dish: KJP Is A Disaster, Hunter's a FREAK, USMC Goes Soft, and more
Jun 02, 2022
Ep. 144: The Chicks Quirks: REVEALED
Jun 01, 2022
Daily Dish: Blaxit, BTS and more
Jun 01, 2022
Daily Dish: Pelosi's husband, Joe's stutter, and more
May 31, 2022
Daily Dish: Mock is bionic, TX Police timeline is sketch AF, and much more
May 27, 2022
Ep. 143: Jack Carr - Life As An Author and Former Navy SEAL
May 25, 2022
Daily Dish: Uvalde, our broken culture, and more
May 25, 2022
Daily Dish: Kamala does it again, Nancy's communion, and more
May 24, 2022
Daily Dish: Maher does it again, Biden's message for Kim Jong Un, and more
May 23, 2022
Texas Border Rancher: Many People Crossing Are Not Workers, They're Criminals
May 20, 2022
Daily Dish: Elon fight back against new claims, Pelosi praises prez, and more
May 20, 2022
Daily Dish: Nina, the Minister of Truth, is out of a job! Plus, KJP suckage and more!
May 19, 2022
Ep. 142: The Democrats' Predictable Blame Game
May 18, 2022
Daily Dish: Election results, Tucker defends himself, and more
May 18, 2022
Daily Dish: Karine's first day is a disaster, Clarence Thomas is BASED, and more
May 17, 2022
Daily Dish: Kamala's new word salad, Tucker is blamed for NY, and more
May 16, 2022
Daily Dish: Joe Rogan's description of Trudeau, border nonsense, and more
May 13, 2022
Daily Dish: Joe Biden loses his temper on stage, and introducing the daily SACK OF WACK
May 12, 2022
Ep. 141: Shannon Bream on SCOTUS, Her Newest Book, and the Fox Family
May 11, 2022
Daily Dish: Biden's disastrous speech, Elon Twitter update, and more
May 11, 2022
Daily Dish: DO NOT look at your retirement accounts, Psaki's still jabbering, and more
May 10, 2022
Daily Dish: Protesters are wack, Minister of Truth is delusional, and more
May 09, 2022
Daily Dish: FINALLY - an end date to the Psaki nightmare, Trevor Noah defends Cawthorn, and more
May 06, 2022
Daily Dish: Psaki grilled on the SCOTUS leak, WHCD was superspreader, and more
May 05, 2022
Ep. 140: Are We Allowed to Say Suicide Anymore Or...
May 04, 2022
Daily Dish: The freakout continues, Chappelle gets attacked, and more
May 04, 2022
Daily Dish: SCOTUS LEAK, reaction, and so much more
May 03, 2022
Daily Dish: WHCD, Naomi Judd, and more
May 02, 2022
Daily Dish: Gov Rrrrrrrooooonnn DeSantis, Biden's broken brain, and more
Apr 29, 2022
Daily Dish: Micro-reparations are a thing, student loan debt, and more
Apr 28, 2022
Ep. 139: How Many Times Can The World Be Ending?!??
Apr 27, 2022
Daily Dish: Kamala's got the 'rona, Dorsey supports Musk, and more
Apr 27, 2022
Daily Dish: Reaction to Elon Musk owning Twitter and more
Apr 26, 2022
Daily Dish: Elon ranks supreme as King of Trolls, Macron re-elected, and more
Apr 25, 2022
Daily Dish: CNN+ is dunzo, Kamala gets giddy about space, and more
Apr 22, 2022
Daily Dish: VIDEO OF THE CRYING, Trump vs Piers, and more
Apr 21, 2022
Ep. 138: Coked Out Quailwhores
Apr 20, 2022
Daily Dish: Psaki cries, Biden talks about being poor, and more
Apr 20, 2022
Daily Dish: Visiting Angels, Mask mandates, and another Doocy vs Psaki fight
Apr 19, 2022
Daily Dish: Mika says quiet part out loud, Abbott planning a WH run, and more
Apr 18, 2022
Daily Dish: Elon vs Twitter update, Feinstein rumors, and more
Apr 15, 2022
Daily Dish: ELON! Cullors is triggered, Biden's sister is JUST LIKE HIM, and more
Apr 14, 2022
Daily Dish: This bird is ALL of us, Person of Interest identified, and more
Apr 13, 2022
Ep. 137: Dave Rubin - Becoming a Parent, Woke Disney, and His New Book
Apr 12, 2022
Daily Dish: Saudi Arabia mocks Biden and Kamala, BLM apologizes, and more
Apr 12, 2022
Daily Dish: Trump and Oz, Jussie's got a song, and more
Apr 11, 2022
Rep. Biggs: Democrats 'Don't Care About the Border Crisis, They Want This'
Apr 08, 2022
Daily Dish: Pelosi's got the rona, Stelter confronted, and more
Apr 08, 2022
Hunter's escapades, Abbott's approach, and FREAKING FAUCI
Apr 07, 2022
Daily Dish: Biden gets ignored, Psaki's endless resignation, and more!
Apr 06, 2022
Daily Dish: Rogan slams NYT, Caitlyn Jenner hired by Fox, and more!
Apr 01, 2022
Daily Dish: Biden rolled up his sleeve all by himself! Plus, update on CNN+ and more
Mar 31, 2022
Ep. 136: The Oscars Hullabaloo
Mar 30, 2022
Daily Dish: Gov Rrrroooonnnn DeSantis is fired up and it's GLORIOUS. Plus, the chocodick email!
Mar 30, 2022
Daily Dish: Creepy Whisper Biden is back, Trump drops f-bomb, and more
Mar 29, 2022
Daily Dish: Will Smith punches Chris Rock, Celebs botox their feet, and more
Mar 28, 2022
Jackson Won't Define 'Woman', Inflation Here to Stay, Putin Official Bolts
Mar 25, 2022
Daily Dish: Biden forgets his admin policy, Trump sues everybody, and more
Mar 25, 2022
Daily Dish: Chocodicks, KBJ, Dems want more stimulus, and more
Mar 24, 2022
Ep. 135: Influence, Power, Privilege
Mar 23, 2022
Daily Dish: Scammer warning, Psaki's got the rona, and more
Mar 23, 2022
Daily Dish: TICKETS ON SALE TODAY! Plus, Kamala embarrasses herself (and the country) again.
Mar 22, 2022
Daily Dish: THE BIG REVEAL, campaign fighting, and more
Mar 21, 2022
Daily Dish: Pelosi waxes poetic, Psaki denies science, and more
Mar 18, 2022
Daily Dish: The elder abuse continues, Smollett is free, and more
Mar 17, 2022
Ep. 134: A Dating Contract
Mar 16, 2022
Daily Dish: Woman of the year, DST, and more
Mar 16, 2022
Daily Dish: But what's to become of the Russian INFLUENCERS? And more!
Mar 15, 2022
Daily Dish: MAKE UP YOUR MIND Tom Brady, Obama announcement, and more
Mar 14, 2022
Daily Dish: The Veep embarrasses the US, Press Sec continues to lie, and more
Mar 11, 2022
Daily Dish: Pelosi gushes, new gas price spin from the WH, and more
Mar 10, 2022
Daily Dish: WHAT DID BIDEN JUST SAY? Plus, Rrrrrrrrronnn DeSantis
Mar 09, 2022
Daily Dish: Gas prices, Nikki Haley schools Chuck Todd, and more
Mar 07, 2022
Daily Dish: DeSantis on his 'bullying' incident, Kamala's next journey and more
Mar 04, 2022
Daily Dish: SOTU reaction by the MSM, DeSantis awesome, and more
Mar 03, 2022
Daily Dish: SOTU recap with the CHICKS!
Mar 03, 2022
Ep. 133: Everyone Is Wussified
Mar 02, 2022
Daily Dish: Kamala off script, Biden losing it, and abolishing whiteness
Mar 01, 2022
Daily Dish: Biden's failures, Harry and Meghan, and so much more
Feb 28, 2022
'We Were the Black Swan Event': Sara Explains How She and John Solomon Exposed the Russia Hoax
Feb 25, 2022
Daily Dish: Russia invades, a new buzzword from the WH emerges, and more
Feb 24, 2022
Ep. 132: An Interview Mash-Up
Feb 23, 2022
Daily Dish: Biden's 2.22-2-22-22 speech, Psaki is ridic, and Cardi B weighs in
Feb 23, 2022
Daily Dish: CDC withholds data, Brit's tell-all, and more
Feb 22, 2022
Daily Dish: Ottawa police tyrant, Truckers head to DC, and Gleeborg's sister's video
Feb 21, 2022
Daily Dish: Hillary reminds us why we all dislike her so much, BLM update, and more
Feb 18, 2022
Daily Dish: Canada insanity, Psak-attacks, and pink pants
Feb 17, 2022
Ep. 131: Celebrity Gossip - We're Saying All The Things
Feb 16, 2022
Daily Dish: AOC says dumb stuff again, Eric Adams pulls the race card, and more
Feb 16, 2022
Daily Dish: Whoopi's back, Trudeau is getting more tyranty, and more!
Feb 15, 2022
Daily Dish: Biden gets grilled, Rogan pushes back, and Adele is called a TERF
Feb 11, 2022
Exclusive: Brandon Straka's Story Will Leave You Speechless
Feb 10, 2022
Daily Dish: DeSantis, Camerota, and andon-Bray aka-Stray
Feb 10, 2022
Ep. 130: Free Social Media
Feb 09, 2022
Daily Dish: Stacey Abrams apologizes, Psaki lies, and DeSantis keeps being awesome
Feb 09, 2022
Daily Dish: When you've lost Joy Behar and Sunny Hostin....yikes
Feb 08, 2022
Daily Dish: Gleeborg 9 Jailtime, Convoy update, Rogan and Spotify hullabaloo continues
Feb 07, 2022
Daily Dish: Pelosi warns athletes to keep quiet, Ned Price gets GRILLED, and more
Feb 04, 2022
Daily Dish: The Zucker fallout continues, Psaki says Joe is fiscally responsible, and more
Feb 03, 2022
Ep. 129: Rockin' in the Not-So-Free World
Feb 02, 2022
Daily Dish: Whoopi suspended, AOC's temporary twitter hiatus, and more
Feb 02, 2022
Daily Dish: The Whoopi whoopla, Gavin strikes again, and a Psak-attack
Feb 01, 2022
Daily Dish: Freedom Convoy, Wall of Shame cray, and Whisper Joe is back!
Jan 31, 2022
Daily Dish: BLM supporters? You got played.
Jan 28, 2022
Daily Dish: SCOTUS hullabaloo, Biden's brain broke again, Trump tease, and more
Jan 27, 2022
Daily Dish: Biden cuts off treatment for you, and then gets ice cream, and more
Jan 26, 2022
Ep. 128: News To The Max ft. Grant Stinchfield
Jan 26, 2022
Daily Dish: Doocy gets called an SOB by the prez, Whoopi loses it, and more!
Jan 25, 2022
Daily Dish: Bari Weiss is all of us, Walensky wants you 'Up to Date', and more!
Jan 24, 2022
How Did The Texas Synagogue Terrorist Slip Through the Cracks of the FBI?
Jan 21, 2022
Daily Dish: Meatloaf dead at 74, Adele cancels, Kamala is horrendous, and more
Jan 21, 2022
Daily Dish: People who watched the entire presser deserve a reward
Jan 20, 2022
Ep. 127: Disobedient Brats On A National Stage
Jan 19, 2022
Daily Dish: You get a test! And you get a test! Biden's presser today, Psaki's Pso Psnippy, and more!
Jan 19, 2022
Daily Dish: Biden Admin depressing AF about MLK JR Day, and more
Jan 18, 2022
Daily Dish: AOC is recovered and unfortunately talking, Gillibrand hypocrisy and more
Jan 17, 2022
Daily Dish: Biden has had a very bad not good horrible terrible week
Jan 14, 2022
Daily Dish: Hillary? OMG PLEASE NO.
Jan 13, 2022
Ep. 126: Let's Talk Hollywood (ft. Christian Toto)
Jan 12, 2022
Daily Dish: Fauci vs Paul, Biden yells and lies, Cruz slams podium, and more
Jan 12, 2022
Daily Dish: CHICKS NEWS, Go Dawgs, Walensky, and more
Jan 11, 2022
Daily Dish: RIP Bob Saget, Covid wants to date AOC, and more
Jan 10, 2022
Daily Dish: Angry Biden talks throats and daggers, Ted Vs Tucker, and more
Jan 07, 2022
Daily Dish: Swalwell's FL maskless vacay, Psak-attacks, and more
Jan 06, 2022
Ep. 125: Headlines You NEED To Hear
Jan 05, 2022
Daily Dish: Chicago peeps - GET OUT OF CHICAGO, Psak-attack, and more
Jan 05, 2022
Daily Dish: Biden's meat crusade, Jayapal wants to silence people, and DESANTIS
Jan 04, 2022
Daily Dish: Stop wanting to date AOC ya creepy weirdos!
Jan 03, 2022
Daily Dish: Ghislaine and what happens from here, plus the virus overlords make an admission
Dec 30, 2021
Ep. 124: Could You Pass This Gen Z Lingo Quiz?
Dec 30, 2021
Daily Dish: CDC accidentally makes a booboo, Factcheckers are terrible at their jobs, and more
Dec 29, 2021
Daily Dish: CDC is soooo science-y, the View hosts are freaking, and more
Dec 28, 2021
Daily Dish: Elf canceled, Love Actually canceled, and Biden agrees he should GFH
Dec 27, 2021
Daily Dish: Psaki brags about saving Christmas, Biden's interview, and more
Dec 23, 2021
Ep. 123: Brian Kilmeade on his book, THOSE Jan. 6th texts, and MORE!
Dec 22, 2021
Daily Dish: Biden brings back the whisperscreams, Fauci wants Jesse fired, and more
Dec 22, 2021
Daily Dish: Biden's speech today, Omicron, Bette Midler insults entire state, and more
Dec 21, 2021
Daily Dish: Manchin saves America, Kamala and Charlemagne, and more
Dec 20, 2021
Daily Dish: Karine, Noth, and the WINTER OF DEATH
Dec 17, 2021
Daily Dish: COLLINS CRINGE, Your best bal laughs at reporter, and more
Dec 16, 2021
Ep. 122: Seth Dillon - Feeding People REAL Comedy
Dec 15, 2021
Daily Dish: Dem delusion, Psak attacks and more
Dec 15, 2021
Daily Dish: The Texts, Rrrrrrooonnn DeSantis, and more
Dec 14, 2021
Daily Dish: Hillary's alternate reality, Chris Wallace, Jill Biden, and more
Dec 13, 2021
Daily Dish: GUILTY, Lemon's reaction, Prez chooses Fallon, and more
Dec 10, 2021
Daily Dish: Hillary cries, Camels disqualified due to botox, and more
Dec 09, 2021
Ep. 121: Dave Rubin - What People Don't Really know
Dec 08, 2021
Daily Dish: Beetlejuice at it again, Gyno apologizes for saying the w-word, and more
Dec 08, 2021
Daily Dish: Psak attack, NYC mayor's power trip, & more
Dec 07, 2021
Daily Dish: Cuomo drama escalates, Kamala's mean, and more
Dec 06, 2021
Daily Dish: The Interview, Whoopi's freakout, Weird Cat Feeding, and more
Dec 03, 2021
Daily Dish: Alec Baldwin, Rrrrrooonnnn DeSantis, Fauci, and more
Dec 02, 2021
Ep. 120: The Scariant
Dec 01, 2021
Daily Dish: Catfight! Cuomo update, Twitter listening spaces, and more
Dec 01, 2021
Daily Dish: Biden and Fauci can't say it, Demi Lovato wants to sleep with aliens and more
Nov 30, 2021
Daily Dish: THE CHICKS ARE BACK. At least 10 pounds heavier, but back
Nov 29, 2021
Daily Dish: Lets Reminisce & Catch Up Pt. 3
Nov 26, 2021
Daily Dish: Lets Reminisce and Catch up Pt. 2
Nov 25, 2021
Ep. 119: The Verdict That Disrupted The World
Nov 24, 2021
Daily Dish: Lets Reminisce & Catch Up Pt. 1
Nov 24, 2021
Daily Dish: Kyle on Tucker, Biden delusion, Rashida's idiocy and more
Nov 23, 2021
Daily Dish: Reaction to verdict, Fox resignations, WI tragedy and more
Nov 22, 2021
Daily Dish: BBB vote today, Psak-attacks, DeSantis and more
Nov 19, 2021
Daily Dish: AOC's Oscarworthy performance, Boebert rebuttal, and more
Nov 18, 2021
Ep. 118: Dave Portnoy Is Bringing Back The Alpha Male
Nov 17, 2021
Daily Dish: Awkward bridge walk, Mayorkas grilled, and more
Nov 17, 2021
Daily Dish: Kamalawkward, another Psakattack, and more
Nov 16, 2021
Daily Dish: The VP's book report, Psak-attacks are back, and more
Nov 16, 2021
Daily Dish: Happy Friday! Is this divorce-worthy?
Nov 13, 2021
Sara Carter Speaks With Tunnel To Towers Chairman Frank Siller
Nov 12, 2021
Daily Dish: The Kenosha prosecutor is a cartoon character, and more
Nov 11, 2021
Daily Dish: Karine sounds like a moron again, Schiff gets blasted, and the sexiest man alive
Nov 10, 2021
Ep. 117: Christina Pushaw - "When You Fight, You Win"
Nov 10, 2021
Daily Dish: Pete addresses racist roads, Karine is ridic, and more
Nov 09, 2021
Daily Dish: Biden does the screamy yell again, Granholm laughs, and more
Nov 08, 2021
Daily Dish: Pelosi, Karine, Osha, Portnoy, Pratt, Walensky - FULL MENU TODAY
Nov 06, 2021
Daily Dish: DeSantis trolls, Youngkin trolls, Winsome wins, and more
Nov 05, 2021
Daily Dish: OH WHAT A NIGHT!
Nov 03, 2021
Ep. 116: An Unexpected Friend
Nov 03, 2021
Daily Dish: Sleepy Joe's naptime, Manchin vs Bush and more
Nov 02, 2021
Daily Dish: Psaki's got the vid, a peek into the Baldwin relationship, and more
Nov 01, 2021
Daily Dish: 450k for invading the US? What a deal!
Oct 30, 2021
Daily Dish: Garland grilling, Update on Huma, and more
Oct 28, 2021
Daily Dish: Huma gossip, Manson tats, and more
Oct 28, 2021
Ep. 115: Nudity and Mental Health Have Become The Backbone of Social Media
Oct 27, 2021
Oct 26, 2021
Daily Dish: Another word being redefined, song banned, and more
Oct 26, 2021
Daily Dish: Biden townhall, Alec Baldwin shoots cinematographer, and more
Oct 23, 2021
Daily Dish: Joe keeps lying, Kennedy is hilarious, Condi rips the View, and more
Oct 22, 2021
Daily Dish: Meghan McCain tell-all, Joe's upcoming townhall and more
Oct 21, 2021
Ep. 114: Pushing Agendas Is Now More Important Than Getting Rape Victims Justice
Oct 20, 2021
Daily Dish: Secret gov flights, Mayor Pete doc, and more
Oct 20, 2021
Daily Dish: Does Delta really deserve praise? Also, Kravis is engaged
Oct 18, 2021
Daily Dish: Clinton sepsis, Pete's paternity leave, and more
Oct 15, 2021
Daily Dish: Joe Rogan absolutely wrecks Sanjay Gupta, another Psak-attack, and more
Oct 14, 2021
Ep. 113: Celebrities Are So Self-Important
Oct 14, 2021
Daily Dish: Sorry in advance for the Psak-attack
Oct 13, 2021
Daily Dish: More Kamala Kringe
Oct 12, 2021
Daily Dish: Psak-attack!
Oct 11, 2021
Daily Dish: Biden creepy whisper returns, OH is flu-less, and more
Oct 08, 2021
Sara Carter Is Joined By Sen. Rand Paul To Talk Government Spending, Retaining Civil Liberties & More
Oct 08, 2021
Daily Dish: Psucki lies, Rashida admits what we all knew and more
Oct 07, 2021
Ep. 112: These Women Can't Seem To Stay Out of the Spotlight
Oct 07, 2021
Daily Dish: Whistleblowers, watchlists, and more
Oct 06, 2021
Daily Dish: Leftist activists are psycho, and more
Oct 05, 2021
Daily Dish: Dr Bringdown already trying to ruin Christmas
Oct 04, 2021
Daily Dish: NO DEAL. Bad Skin Care Politicians and more!
Oct 01, 2021
Daily Dish: BRITNEY FREE, a new favorite Senator, and more
Oct 01, 2021
Ep. 111: When Did "Ethical Non-Monogamy" Become Normal?!??!
Sep 29, 2021
Daily Dish: WH lies, Kamala's new PR disaster, and more
Sep 29, 2021
Daily Dose: New border talking point and more
Sep 27, 2021
Daily Dose: AOC is crying again, Psaki bans horses, and more nonsense
Sep 24, 2021
Daily Dish: Psaki blames Boris, Fauci doc, and more
Sep 23, 2021
Daily Dish: Kamala appears, Biden at the UN, and more
Sep 22, 2021
Ep. 110: Our Borders Are A Hot Mess
Sep 22, 2021
Daily Dish: Back to reality!
Sep 21, 2021
Daily Dish: Madonkadonk, gymnast hearing, and more
Sep 17, 2021
Ep. 109: Fauci's Cult
Sep 15, 2021
Daily Dish: Newsom wins, RIP Norm, Fauci is the sexiest, and more
Sep 15, 2021
Daily Dish: AOC at the Met Gala, Coughee McGee stumps for Gavin and more
Sep 14, 2021
Daily Dish: So much gossipy gossip and newsy news!
Sep 13, 2021
Daily Dish: Hi, We're in China now.
Sep 11, 2021
Daily Dish: Who's in charge? Plus, caving to unions, and the new 6 point plan
Sep 09, 2021
Ep. 108: A Viewer's Email and A Conservative Pep Talk
Sep 08, 2021
Daily Dish: Biden and tornadoes, Biden and time, and more
Sep 08, 2021
Daily Dish: Fentanyl Parties, Chicks Gets Censored by Big Tech, Again and more
Sep 07, 2021
Daily Dish: Psaki assumes gender, Biden lies again, and more
Sep 03, 2021
Sara Carter Shares Two Stories of Americans Desperately Trying To Leave Afghanistan
Sep 03, 2021
Daily Dish: Psaki bristles, McCain has regrets, and more
Sep 03, 2021
Daily Dish: Screams and whispers, lies, and other stuff
Sep 01, 2021
Ep. 107: Celebrities Love To Be Hypocrites
Sep 01, 2021
Daily Dish: Abandoned Americans, the spin, and more
Aug 31, 2021
Daily Dish: Biden's disrespect, Psaki's hilarious answer, and more
Aug 30, 2021
Daily Dish: It's Daisy's 50th! Plus, the latest news on all the things
Aug 27, 2021
Daily Dish: Operation Abandon Americans, Leprechauns, and more
Aug 26, 2021
Daily Dish: DNC's mindblowing statement, Nirvana baby, and more
Aug 25, 2021
Ep. 106: Afghanistan Latest - The Taliban is Rising, China is Laughing, and Biden Seems Clueless
Aug 25, 2021
Daily Dish: Psaki gets snippy, Jill Biden wants apology, and more
Aug 24, 2021
Daily Dish: Kamala is still laughing inappropriately, Cuomo's last day, and more
Aug 23, 2021
Daily Dish: When you think it can't get worse, it does.
Aug 20, 2021
Daily Dish: This country is led by morons and we're basically doomed but also tater tots.
Aug 19, 2021
Daily Dish: Carrie Underwood canceling, FB gets called out, and more
Aug 18, 2021
Ep. 105: The New American Dream
Aug 18, 2021
Daily Dish: Joe says the buck stops with him but forgets what that means
Aug 17, 2021
Daily Dish: If you thought it couldn't get worse, you were wrong
Aug 16, 2021
Daily Dish: Hunter skeezes it up again and the MSM is silent
Aug 12, 2021
Ep. 104: Which Generation Is The Best?
Aug 12, 2021
Daily Dish: Cuomo dunzo, Ross and Rachel, and more
Aug 11, 2021
Daily Dish: Obama superspreader - SO SOPHISTICATED
Aug 09, 2021
Daily Dish: DeSantis is a BEAST, and Cuomo still hasn't resigned
Aug 05, 2021
Ep. 103: The Uncomfortable Truth with Christian Watson
Aug 04, 2021
Daily Dish: Cuomo 'does it with everyone', Tamyra warms our hearts, and more
Aug 04, 2021
Daily Dish: Matt Damon grovels, McCarthy hullabaloo, and Billie Eilish drama
Aug 03, 2021
Daily Dish: Biden's chin mishap, mixed messaging, and more
Aug 02, 2021
Daily Dish: Everything is borked. Oh, and fonts are racist now.
Jul 30, 2021
Daily Dish: Prepare for your mandatory meds, peasants!
Jul 29, 2021
Ep. 102: All Things Biden, Joe Biden.
Jul 28, 2021
Daily Dish: Cryfest in DC, Chasten and Pete are poor, and more
Jul 28, 2021
Daily Dish: Boxer attack, Matt Gaetz drama, and more
Jul 27, 2021
Daily Dish: Hunter's art, Sunny wants ID, and more
Jul 26, 2021
Daily Dish: Tucker in MT, unacceptable ice cream and more
Jul 26, 2021
Daily Dish: Biden's townhall, masks and more
Jul 22, 2021
Daily Dish: The Rand beatdown, J&J update, and more
Jul 21, 2021
Ep. 101: It Should Terrify People Where Our Country Is Heading
Jul 21, 2021
Daily Dish: Covid crazy, Prince Harry's book, DeSantis on the border and more
Jul 20, 2021
Daily Dish: TX Dems' 'sacrifice', Britney is mad, and Brandi Love kicked out of TPUSA
Jul 20, 2021
Daily Dish: Jen finally says the C-word, and rebranding shark attacks
Jul 19, 2021
Daily Dish: Nikki brings the heat, Britney update, and more
Jul 15, 2021
Ep. 100: Grab your tissues, everyone is crying
Jul 14, 2021
Daily Dish: Victoria Secret meltdown, Covid texts, and more
Jul 14, 2021
Daily Dish: Moths being renamed, ex-royals awarded things, and more
Jul 13, 2021
Daily Dish: Cuba wants freedom, Swalwell goes shirtless in Qatar, and more
Jul 12, 2021
Daily Dish: ScarJo says women in Hollywood not paid enough, Rand goes for masks, and more
Jul 09, 2021
Daily Dish: Tucker tale gets wilder, Frye Festival update, and more
Jul 08, 2021
Ep. 99: Revisiting Our Favorite Moments From The Chick's This Summer
Jul 08, 2021
Daily Dish: UNC dodges bullet, Black Tiktokkers strike and more
Jul 06, 2021
Jul 06, 2021
Daily Dish: Beetlejuice, cicadas, and more
Jul 02, 2021
Daily Dish: Britney and Bill, Trump at the border, and more
Jul 01, 2021
Ep. 98: Rewriting History To Protect Peoples Feelings Is Just Dumb
Jul 01, 2021
Daily Dish: Jill's Vogue spread, Herschel running, and more
Jun 30, 2021
Daily Dish: Tapper's ratings, Transkorean, and more
Jun 29, 2021
Daily Dish: Dems blame GOP for....defunding police?!?!?
Jun 28, 2021
Daily Dish: It's Mock's Birthday and Creepy Joe is Whispering To Her!
Jun 25, 2021
Daily Dish: Britney speaks, it's Border time, and more
Jun 24, 2021
Ep. 97: A Deep Dive Into The Truth with Rand and Kelley Paul
Jun 24, 2021
Daily Dish: Transpanties, Joy Behar's in trouble, and more
Jun 23, 2021
Daily Dish: Private club hullabaloo, Stelter wrecked by callers, and more
Jun 22, 2021
Daily Dish: Latest poll, weird Father's Day message, and more
Jun 21, 2021
Daily Dish: Juneteenth, Portland, and more
Jun 18, 2021
Daily Dish: Hunter does it again, and a free pass for hackery
Jun 17, 2021
Ep. 96: The Teigenator
Jun 16, 2021
Daily Dish: Potato ratings, Ex Pres visiting TX, Jon Stewart and more
Jun 16, 2021
Daily Dish: You guys, the president's brain seems kinda broken
Jun 15, 2021
Daily Dish: Bread masks, holiday names, and more
Jun 14, 2021
Daily Dish: Jill is prepping for her big show, Omar hates the country, and more
Jun 10, 2021
Ep. 95: Would You Eat "The Big Gay" Salad?
Jun 09, 2021
Daily Dish: Karening intensifies, Alyssa Milano running, and more
Jun 09, 2021
Daily Dish: Stop Telling Us What To Do
Jun 08, 2021
Daily Dish: Babies, Trump's pants, and more
Jun 07, 2021
Daily Dish: Unbelievable letter, Psaki glam, Teen Vogue idiocy, and more
Jun 04, 2021
Daily Dish: Emails, potato ratings, Amazen
Jun 03, 2021
Ep. 94: A Pop Culture Mash-up
Jun 03, 2021
Daily Dish: Fauci book, and Biden steps in it again
Jun 02, 2021
Daily Dish: Daisy's a Texan, Creepsters gonna creep, and MEAT.
Jun 01, 2021
Daily Dish: Fight with Joy Reid, mention from Shannon Bream, and Daisy's off to TX!
May 28, 2021
Daily Dish: Chicago Racist Mayor, Don't California My Texas, Best Critical Race Theory Response and more
May 27, 2021
Ep. 93: Liberals Flip Flop on Another Big Issue
May 26, 2021
Daily Dish: That Wuss John Cena Sucking Up to China, MR T. is a Chicks Podcast fan!
May 26, 2021
Daily Dish: Rand Paul vs Richard Marx, and more TX wildness
May 25, 2021
Daily Dish: AOC in therapy, Whitmer apologizes, and more
May 24, 2021
Daily Dish: Mock thought Daisy was dead, Prince Harry handed his manparts in and more!
May 21, 2021
Daily Dish: AMA announcement, and more
May 21, 2021
Ep. 92: Stop Trying to Make Kids Woke, Let Them Be Kids!
May 20, 2021
Daily Dish: The newest in non binary, TX toughness and more
May 19, 2021
Daily Dish: IDAHOBIT Day, Don Lemon's lameness, and Cori's Covid Cure
May 18, 2021
Daily Dish: Gov. McConaughey, Hogg, Ball-less Harry, SNL and more
May 17, 2021
Daily Dish: New mask guidelines, Update on Chrissy "The Bully" Teigen and more ...
May 14, 2021
Daily Dish: Mock's Desantis Crush Continues, Ellen is DUNZO, Trump talks about Tootsie Pops
May 13, 2021
Ep. 91: Hollywood Is Cancelling Itself
May 13, 2021
Daily Dish: Gayle King asks Stacey Abrams about dating and Twitter explodes
May 12, 2021
Daily Dish:"Bennifer" is back, Biden Clueless On Jobs and More!
May 11, 2021
Daily Dish: Elon Musk on SNL, Can you say this word in Church and what kind of dog would Mock
May 10, 2021
Daily Dish: Psaki giving notice, black dude lets Alyssa Milano have it, and more
May 07, 2021
Daily Dish: DeSantis is the best troll, "nontuplets", and more
May 06, 2021
Ep. 90: Celebrities and Stupidity
May 06, 2021
Daily Dish: 45's New Site, Abrams' grift, and more
May 05, 2021
Daily Dish: The Gates pull a Bezos.
May 04, 2021
Daily Dish: The BEST Smackdown of White Guilt EVER! Prince Harry still has no b@!!z and more !
May 03, 2021
Daily Dish: Biden Picked a Weed and The Media LOST IT.
Apr 30, 2021
Daily Dish: The Speech ....
Apr 30, 2021
Ep. 89: The Glitz is Gone
Apr 29, 2021
Daily Dish: It's speech night! Plus, new mask rules!
Apr 28, 2021
Daily Dish: Kim Dumps Kanye for Van? Newsome is Done (almost) and more!
Apr 27, 2021
Daily Dish: Woke Oscars, Kamala kids' book, and more
Apr 26, 2021
Daily Dish: FRIYAY - Dems' power grab, NBC, and more
Apr 24, 2021
Daily Dish: LeBron drama, Beetlejuice's ridiculous idea, and more
Apr 22, 2021
Ep. 88: Celebrity Privilege
Apr 21, 2021
Daily Dish: After the verdict, the Nuge has Covid, and more
Apr 21, 2021
Daily Dish: Maxine gets scolded, Canada gets evil, and more
Apr 20, 2021
Daily Dish: Maxine Waters Calls for Violence, Chloe K get's called out and more
Apr 19, 2021
Dailiy Dish: Supreme Court, Fox fight, Mistresses, and more
Apr 15, 2021
Ep. 87: Is This Considered Catfishing?
Apr 14, 2021
Daily Dish: CNN Exposed! Anti Vax'ers are "Flat Earthers" according to these Rock Legends
Apr 14, 2021
Daily Dish: Mock Is In a News Funk.
Apr 13, 2021
Daily Dish: Tik Toks, The Border, and We're Back From Vacay!
Apr 13, 2021
Ep. 86: Let's Slow down, Relax, and Look Back At 2021 So Far
Apr 08, 2021
Daily Dish: Kamala is a trainwreck, Which famous prisoner doesn't flush?
Apr 08, 2021
Daily Dish: The New California Gov, You Getting The Shot? and more ...
Apr 07, 2021
Daily Dish: Jill Biden is dressing like Madonna, Hunter spills all the beans, Mock can't help herself and more!
Apr 06, 2021
Daily Dish: Mayor Pete stages an eco-friendly bike ride, Cher thinks she's a savior, and more
Apr 05, 2021
Daily Dish: A Recap From The Very Beginning
Apr 03, 2021
Daily Dish: Gaetzgate, DeSantis awesomeness, and more
Apr 02, 2021
Daily Dish: Nike sues, 9th Cuomo victim speaks, and more
Apr 02, 2021
Ep. 85: The New Dream Job
Mar 31, 2021
Daily Dish: Fauci Takes Credit for Vaccine, Devil Shoes, and More
Mar 29, 2021
Daily Dish: Presser Disaster and Leftist Delusion
Mar 26, 2021
Daily Dish: Presser Night Is Upon Us!
Mar 25, 2021
Ep. 84: Let's Talk About The Border
Mar 25, 2021
Daily DIsh: Deja vu on guns, Candace O twitter spat, Meghan McCain gets woke
Mar 24, 2021
Daily Dish: Gretchen's Fauci pillow, Harry's wokeness, and more
Mar 23, 2021
Daily Dish: Border insanity, Claudia Conway, and more
Mar 22, 2021
Daily Dish: Rand Paul and Fauci going at it, China, and the border surge
Mar 19, 2021
Daily Dish: John Kerry maskless, and a Daisy hair update
Mar 18, 2021
Ep. 83: Meghan Markle and The Royals
Mar 17, 2021
Daily Dish: Cuomo hands, WaPo retraction and more
Mar 16, 2021
Daily Dish: Fauci fails again, Digital Blackface, and more!
Mar 15, 2021
Daily Dish: Biden's primetime address, the Michelle Obama is "retiring".
Mar 12, 2021
Daily Dish: DST, Biden's on primetime, and more
Mar 11, 2021
Ep. 82: Let's Talk About Bridesmaids
Mar 10, 2021
Daily Dish: Woke supremacy, Piers freakout and more
Mar 10, 2021
Daily Dish: CDC guidelines, Stelter's skivvies, and more
Mar 09, 2021
Daily Dish: Meghan's tears, more trouble for Cuomo
Mar 08, 2021
Daily Dish: More trouble for Cuomo, Whitmer bristles, and Joy Reid is horrible
Mar 05, 2021
Daily Dish: Cuomo cries, and Meghan talks "The Firm"
Mar 04, 2021
Daily Dish: TS, MS, and sister hairwashing
Mar 03, 2021