Nevertheless She Existed

By Caveat

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Category: History

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This is the radical feminist history party you've been waiting for. Recorded at Caveat in NYC, each episode of Nevertheless She Existed brings the story of an erased woman from history from our LES speakeasy right to your earbuds. You'll hear tales of gay nuns burned as witches, queens of NYC thieves, mothers, warriors, and poets. The fabulous, funny, and fierce comedians Molly Gaebe and Kylie Holloway serve as our hosts and voices as we travel down the rabbit hole of women's history. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll definitely say "f*ck yeah" because Nevertheless, She Existed.

Episode Date
Willie Hobbs Moore with Moiya McTier
Jul 02, 2020
Mary Ellen Pleasant with Junior Mintt
Jun 27, 2020
Audre Lorde with Catherine Clune-Taylor
Jun 18, 2020
Marsha P. Johnson with Solange Azor
Jun 16, 2020
BONUS EPISODE: We're Doing A Live Stream!
May 10, 2020
Boss of Her Body: Joycelyn Elders
Mar 31, 2020
Boss of Her Body: Flo Kennedy
Mar 24, 2020
Boss of Her Body: Susan Wicklund with Lizz Winstead
Mar 17, 2020
Boss of Her Body: Clelia Duel Mosher
Mar 10, 2020
Boss of Her Body: Brigid of Kildare
Mar 03, 2020
Whores, Sluts, and She-Devils: Margo St. James
Feb 25, 2020
Whores, Sluts, and She-Devils: Josephine Baker
Feb 18, 2020
Whores, Sluts, and She-Devils: Empress Theodora
Feb 11, 2020
Whores, Sluts, and She-Devils: Phryne
Feb 04, 2020
Taking Up Space: Nathalie Cabrol
Jan 28, 2020
Taking Up Space: Jerrie Cobb
Jan 21, 2020
Taking Up Space: Hisako Koyama
Jan 14, 2020
Taking Up Space: Caroline Hershel
Jan 07, 2020
Women in Horror: Blaxpoitation with Miss Junior Mint
Dec 24, 2019
Women in Horror: Millicent Patrick
Dec 17, 2019
Women in Horror: Alice Guy-Blache
Dec 10, 2019
Women in Horror: Mary Shelley
Dec 03, 2019
Wild West: Angela Jimenez
Nov 26, 2019
Wild West: Shaaw Tlaa
Nov 21, 2019
Wild West: Changunak Antisarlook Andrewuk
Nov 12, 2019
Wild West: Charley Parkhurst
Nov 05, 2019
Deep in Delaware: A Molly Gaebe Travelogue
Oct 23, 2019
Explorers: Valentia Tereshkova
Oct 15, 2019
Explorers: Mary Kingsley
Oct 08, 2019
Explorers: Ynes Mexia
Oct 01, 2019
Bonus Episode: Molly Goes Undercover
Sep 26, 2019
Feminist Ripple Effect: Na Hye-Sok with Alex Laughlin
Sep 18, 2019
Ladies On The Trail: Tabitha Moffat Brown
Sep 17, 2019
Get this Bitch a Byline: Gerda Taro with Phoebe Leila Barghouty
Sep 10, 2019
Butch Queen of Hollywood - Dorothy Arzner with Cloe Shasha
Sep 04, 2019
Bonus Episode - Ishtar
Aug 07, 2019
Modern Witch: Mary Steichen Calderon with Natalia Petrzela
Jul 31, 2019
Are Black Women Magic? Marie Laveau with Keisha Zollar
Jul 31, 2019
Big Gay Portal to Hell: Benedetta Carlini with Catherine Clune Taylor
Jul 31, 2019
Original Witch: Matteuccia de Francesco with Anna Cain Bianco
Jul 31, 2019
What is Nevertheless She Existed??
Jul 28, 2019