Mamas in Training: Preparing for Pregnancy & Motherhood

By Jessica Lorion

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Category: Parenting

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Giving aspiring first time moms guidance & community from moms who’ve been there. Hosted by Jessica Lorion, a Mama in Training herself. Whether you’re an aspiring mom or a pregnant, expecting woman, we are here to learn right along with you, all about motherhood. We‘re in this together!

Episode Date
A Final Message to You! Thank you! Love, Jess
Mar 13, 2023
EP143- What Your Doctor Isn’t Telling You About Fertility with Monica Cox
Mar 10, 2023
EP142- What REALLY Happens Down There Postpartum with Sara Reardon
Mar 10, 2023
EP141- How to Financially Prepare for Motherhood with Jen Narciso
Mar 10, 2023
EP140- What Story are You Telling Yourself with Amelia Kriss
Mar 10, 2023
EP139- How to Survive a Tough Season
Oct 28, 2022
EP138- How Your Voice & Music Impacts Your Baby in the Womb and Beyond
Oct 19, 2022
EP137- How to Create a Legacy as a Single Mom
Oct 12, 2022
EP136- How to Plan for the Five Essential Changes Postpartum
Oct 05, 2022
EP135- Glucose Testing, Gestational Diabetes & Blood Sugar, OH MY! with Katie Dewhurst
Sep 28, 2022
EP134- How to Prevent Our Newborns from Falling During Skin to Skin with Founders Hayley & Sarah, in collaboration with Joovy
Sep 21, 2022
EP133- How to Navigate Grief & Loss During a Pregnancy or Birth with Jessica Patoka
Sep 14, 2022
EP132- How to Design Your LABOR DAY
Sep 05, 2022
EP131- How to Build Your Mom Squad for Postpartum
Aug 31, 2022
EP130- Do I Need a Postpartum Doula? with Valerie Trumbower
Aug 24, 2022
EP129- How to Not Lose Your Mind When Trying to Conceive
Aug 17, 2022
EP128- When Your Postpartum Reality Isn’t What You Dreamt it Would Be with Elizabeth Presta
Aug 10, 2022
EP127- WHY Do You Want to Be a Mother?
Aug 03, 2022
EP126- How to Find Body Balance when Pregnant & Prepare for Birth with Deb Flashenberg
Jul 27, 2022
Why Should I ”Drink From the Fire Hose” as a First Time Pregnant Mom
Jul 20, 2022
EP124- How Can Acupuncture Support Fertility & Pregnancy with Michelle Oravtiz
Jul 13, 2022
How to Feel Empowered as a Mama in Training
Jul 06, 2022
EP122- How to Adopt with PRIDE with Zack & Matt
Jun 29, 2022
[2021] What You Need to Know About Your Pelvic Floor with Kim Vopni & Kate Roddy
Jun 22, 2022
EP120- Should I Get a Doula? with Heidi Snyderburn of Birth Story Media
Jun 15, 2022
EP119- What to Do When You Feel Like You’re Losing Control with Josephine Atluri
Jun 08, 2022
EP118- You’re Pregnant! Now What?! with Kallista Andersen
Jun 01, 2022
EP117- Is this Normal? The Isolation of Postpartum Depression with Sasha Nicole
May 25, 2022
EP116- What is Preeclampsia & How You Could Be at Risk with Dr. Nicole Rankins
May 18, 2022
EP115- Your Babies’ Skin: How to Heal Eczema & Cradle Cap with Shubhangini Prakash
May 11, 2022
EP114- How to Find Fitness in Pregnancy & Postpartum with Kendra Fitzgerald & Nicole Coons
May 04, 2022
EP113- What to Know about C-sections & the Gentle C-section with Dr. George Mussalli
Apr 27, 2022
EP112- How to Manage Your Time in Each of the 5 Trimesters with Anna Dearmon Kornick
Apr 20, 2022
[2019] How to Manage the Pain of Labor with Hypnobabies, CEO Kerry Tuschhoff
Apr 13, 2022
EP110- How to Heal Perinatal Anxiety Through the Body Chakras with Chiara Townley
Apr 06, 2022
EP109- What is Mastitis and How to Heal with Dr. Katie & Dr. Elise from Your Two Jugs
Mar 30, 2022
EP108- What is Minimally Invasive Care in a Hospital? with Dr. Jaqueline Worth, MD
Mar 23, 2022
EP107- How to Handle the Unknowns of a Birth Defect in Pregnancy with Caity Robertson
Mar 16, 2022
EP106- What about the Dads? How your Partner could be Silently Suffering with Eli Weinstein
Mar 09, 2022
EP105- The Impact of Hormones and Gut Health in Pregnancy & Postpartum with Lahana Vigliano
Mar 02, 2022
EP104- How to Create a Postpartum Plan with Jessica D’Argenio Waller
Feb 23, 2022
EP103- Sex Postpartum: Painful Sex is Not Normal! with Cindy Scharkey
Feb 16, 2022
EP102- How to Navigate Sex During Pregnancy with Cindy Scharkey
Feb 09, 2022
EP101- Finding the Right Provider and Advocating for Yourself with Stephanie King
Feb 02, 2022
EP100- The Top 3 Things to Know as a Mama in Training with Jessica Lorion
Dec 16, 2021
EP99- Is Home Birth Right for Me? with Sarah & Matthew Bivens
Dec 08, 2021
EP98- Relationships and Involving Your Partner from the Beginning with Dr. Morgan Cutlip
Dec 02, 2021
EP97- How to Find Success in Breast/Bodyfeeding with Jada Shapiro
Nov 24, 2021
[BONUS EPISODE] The Baby Show Expo LIVE: Parenting, Lactation, Organic Clothing and Deals
Nov 22, 2021
EP96- How to Prevent Picky Eating with Jenny Friedman
Nov 17, 2021
EP95- Preconception: What to Expect with Bestselling Author, Heidi Murkoff
Nov 10, 2021
EP94- Why I‘m NOT a Mom, with a Mom Podcast with Your Host Jessica Lorion
Nov 03, 2021
EP93- How to Not Lose Yourself and Your Dreams in Motherhood with Ina Coveney
Oct 27, 2021
EP92- What if You Don’t Fall in Love with Your Baby & Negative/Intrusive Thoughts with Dr. Alice Pickering
Oct 20, 2021
EP91- Chapters and Phases of Motherhood from a Seasoned Mama with Ilana Levine
Oct 13, 2021
EP90- What the First Two Weeks with a Newborn Look Like with Sharon Mazel
Oct 06, 2021
EP89- How the Nustle Supports Your Breastfeeding Journey with Founder Teran Martin
Sep 29, 2021
[2020] Kids Eat in Color with Jennifer Anderson
Sep 22, 2021
[2020] How to Feel Empowered in Your Body During Birth & Beyond with Nikki Bergen
Sep 15, 2021
[2019] Happy Days, Rested Nights with Samantha Day
Sep 08, 2021
EP85- How to Plan for a Twin Pregnancy with Kelly Morris Rowan
Sep 01, 2021
EP84- How to Stay Strong When Facing Infertility and Secondary Infertility with Erin Bulcao
Aug 25, 2021
EP83- Simplifying Feeding with Café Baby and Jeannie Marrugo
Aug 18, 2021
EP82- How to Help Your Choking Child with CPR Safety Lady, Gail Gould
Aug 11, 2021
EP81- The Mindset Shift of Fitness in Pregnancy & Postpartum with Nicole Scheitlin
Aug 04, 2021
EP80- Medical and Natural Inductions with Labor Nurse Hanna Murray
Jul 28, 2021
EP79- Surviving the Storm: Miscarriage with Tara Snyder
Jul 21, 2021
EP78- How to Transition to Solids For Babies with Taylor Arnold
Jul 14, 2021
EP77- How Influencers Impact Our View of Motherhood with Jo Piazza
Jul 07, 2021
EP76- How to Find Insurance Coverage for Pregnancy with Dr. Noor Ali
Jun 30, 2021
EP75- Finding the Sunshine in Stillbirth with Liz Lehmann
Jun 23, 2021
EP74- How to Find Confidence in Formula and Baby-feeding with Erin Moore
Jun 16, 2021
EP73- Finding Fertility Support from Someone Who‘s Been There with Elizabeth King
Jun 09, 2021
EP72- Managing Your Expectations Physically & Mentally for Postpartum with Brenna Ruiz
Jun 02, 2021
EP71- Ladies, Let‘s Learn About Your Pelvic Floor & Pregnancy with Kate Roddy and Kim Vopni
May 26, 2021
EP70- The REALity of Motherhood and Finding the Joy with Vanessa Rempel, Raj Grewal & Sandra Zichermann
May 19, 2021
EP69- Loving Yourself and Your Body Postpartum with Catie McHardy
May 12, 2021
EP68- How Your Voice and Music Impacts Your Baby in the Womb and Beyond
May 05, 2021
EP67- How to Thrive as a Single Mom with Neferteri Plessy
Apr 28, 2021
EP66- COVID-19 Vaccine for Pregnancy and Families with Kelly Fradin, MD
Apr 21, 2021
EP65- How to Plan For the Five Essential Changes in Postpartum
Apr 14, 2021
EP64- The Podcast is getting a facelift...
Jan 27, 2021
EP63- The fourth trimester and food for you...
Jan 13, 2021
EP62- I came, I saw, I CONQUERED...
Jan 06, 2021
EP61- ☕️ COFFEE CHAT w/your Host…
Dec 16, 2020
EP60- I’m a mess, you’re a mess, let’s be a mess together...
Dec 09, 2020
EP59- Reach Out and find your community...
Dec 02, 2020
EP58- ☕️ COFFEE CHAT w/your Host…
Nov 18, 2020
EP57- Speak up and empower…
Nov 11, 2020
EP56- Let’s talk boys...
Nov 04, 2020
EP55- ☕️ COFFEE CHAT w/your Host…
Oct 28, 2020
EP54- Vulnerability in motherhood…
Oct 21, 2020
EP53- Birth in a pandemic…
Oct 14, 2020
EP52- A WERKing Mama…
Oct 07, 2020
EP51- Mama, Laura Michelle Kelly...
Sep 30, 2020
EP50- ☕️ COFFEE CHAT w/your Host...
Sep 23, 2020
EP49- 4F’s Given with Adriana…
Sep 16, 2020
EP48- The Boobie Cheerleader...
Sep 10, 2020
EP47- Breastfeeding, it’s between you and your baby...
Sep 02, 2020
EP46- Happy Birthday Pumping Podcast: Follow Up…
Aug 05, 2020
EP45- Functional fertility, the root cause…
Jul 29, 2020
EP44- I love you, but that was traumatic...
Jul 22, 2020
EP43- Lactation: healthy mamas, healthy babies...
Jul 15, 2020
EP42- Becoming...finding YOU in motherhood…
Jul 08, 2020
EP41- A military mom...
Jul 01, 2020
EP40- C-section, the unwritten birth plan...
Jun 17, 2020
EP39- Stop raising kids, start raising adults...
Jun 10, 2020
EP38- You have superhero skills...
May 27, 2020
EP37- Kids eat in color with Jennifer...
May 20, 2020
EP36- Tiny home living with 4...
May 13, 2020
EP35- Postpartum banned from the Oscars...
May 06, 2020
EP34- The Dad Experience, a joint episode...
Apr 29, 2020
EP33- If prayer is talking to God, meditation is listening...
Apr 22, 2020
EP32- Faith, spirituality & grace at a time we need it most...
Apr 15, 2020
EP31- No shame mommies, you‘re doing enough...
Apr 08, 2020
EP30- A moment of stillness, a meditation for you…
Apr 01, 2020
EP29- Let‘s chat money, mamas...
Mar 25, 2020
EP28- From premie to prolapse, a not so fairytale motherhood...
Mar 18, 2020
EP27- Two Mama Drama...
Mar 04, 2020
EP26- Nap-trapped mama, by choice...
Feb 19, 2020
EP25- An extra chromosome of joy & a family of 7…
Feb 05, 2020
EP24- Corporate by day, Mama always...
Jan 22, 2020
EP23- Illustrating Mom Life with Grace…
Jan 15, 2020
EP22- 2020 Your Best Self...
Jan 08, 2020
EP21- Lactation, Fed is Best…
Dec 18, 2019
EP20- Your Host, a Mama in Training...
Dec 11, 2019
EP19- Infertility; You are not alone…
Dec 04, 2019
EP18- The VBAC Link- ”My mind and body are strong”...
Nov 20, 2019
EP17- You are your own POWER...
Nov 13, 2019
EP16- Laurel Pearl...
Nov 06, 2019
EP15- FOSTERING a life of love…
Oct 30, 2019
EP14- Mamas in Academia…
Oct 23, 2019
EP13- PART 1: Finding the beauty in the chaos…
Oct 16, 2019
EP13- PART 2: Finding the beauty in the chaos…
Oct 16, 2019
EP12- Becoming a mama before Broadway…
Oct 09, 2019
EP11- Being a motherless mother…
Oct 02, 2019
EP10- Loss and overcoming birth complications...
Sep 25, 2019
EP9- Happy Days, Rested Nights...
Sep 18, 2019
EP8- Life is messy, but that‘s what makes it beautiful...
Sep 11, 2019
EP7- BONUS EPISODE! Hypnobabies with Kerry Tuschhoff
Sep 07, 2019
EP6- Actor mama on the road…
Sep 04, 2019
EP5- HELLP-less...
Aug 29, 2019
EP4- A couple of DADS...
Aug 22, 2019
EP3- The sh** that nobody tells you...
Aug 15, 2019
EP2- When everything seems to fail, but becoming a mama is a necessity…
Aug 08, 2019
EP1- What they don‘t tell you about breastfeeding...
Aug 02, 2019
Introducing: ”Mamas in Training”
Jul 25, 2019