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Category: True Crime

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Jeff West
 Sep 18, 2019
Riveting story set in a small town in Kentucky where multiple unexplained and unsolved murders and disappearances have occurred.


Bardstown is coming. Episode one launches August 28.

Episode Date
Urge to Kill Trailer: A New Podcast from VAULT Studios

From KGW8 in Portland, Oregon and the studio that brought you Bardstown, a new podcast that delves into the story of a young woman who disappeared in the middle of a July night in 2016. The horrific details of her brutal rape and eventual death shook the residents of a quiet town in the Pacific Northwest. Her killer would go on to terrorize several other families in a multi-state crime spree, simply because he said the had the "urge to kill."

Nov 06, 2019
Listener feedback and questions with Shay McAlister and Jessica Noll

This week we answer some of your burning questions about the cases in Bardstown!

Oct 23, 2019

In the final chapter of our story, we ask the same question that Bardstown residents have been asking for years: Are these cases connected? 

Oct 16, 2019
Hunting the Houcks

The podcast team sets out to find the Houck family and get their side of the story. We knock on doors, including the family farm, the grandmother’s home and Brook Houck’s home that he shares with his girlfriend. 

Oct 09, 2019
The Hunter

On a crisp Fall day in November 2016, Tommy Ballard set out to go to deer hunting with his 10-year old grandson. What happened that morning is still a mystery and another tragic chapter in Bardstown's history.

Oct 02, 2019
Prime Suspect

Weeks and then months go by, but still no sign of missing mother Crystal Rogers. It's the fourth tragedy to strike Bardstown in recent years. But then, for the first time, investigators give family and friends hope that there's been a break in one of the cases. 

Sep 25, 2019
Bonus Episode: Live Update From the Kentucky Bourbon Festival

It's Bardstown's annual party with thousands of people flocking into town, and we wanted to be there.  But not just for the festival. There's some recent news in Bardstown that isn't sitting well with a lot of people. Jessica Noll goes back to Bardstown to give us an update.  

Sep 23, 2019
The Brothers

With no leads and no sign of missing mother Crystal Rogers, detectives question her boyfriend Brooks Houck.  But when his interview is cut short by a phone call, a new line of investigation begins and a Bardstown police officer is in the hot seat.

Sep 18, 2019
Missing Mothers

It's been two years since Officer Jason Ellis was killed in a deadly ambush and fifteen months since Kathy and Samantha Netherland were found murdered in their home.  And another tragedy is about to hit Bardstown.  

Sep 11, 2019
The Netherlands

Less than a year after the murder of Bardstown Police Officer Jason Ellis, a brutal double homicide stuns the community again and leaves residents and investigators looking for answers. 


Sep 04, 2019
Badge 139

What happened on that spring night as Bardstown Police officer Jason Ellis turned off the Bluegrass Parkway? We dig into the investigation, the theories and the evidence. We’ll also tell you who Jason Ellis was: a father, a husband, a baseball player, a brother and a son. 

Aug 28, 2019
The Most Beautiful Small Town in America

Bardstown, Kentucky is the Bourbon Capital of the World, with centuries-old history and small-town charm. But just under the surface, there are whispers, secrets and five unsolved murders. The first one to shock the small town was in May 2013 as a police officer was heading home from work.   

Aug 28, 2019
Trailer: Introducing Bardstown

Once dubbed “The Most Beautiful Small Town in America” and considered the Bourbon Capital of the World, Bardstown, Kentucky is like a lot of small, tight-knit communities all across America.

But just under the surface, there’s something darker. Not everyone wants to talk about it. And a lot of people would rather forget.  That’s because since 2013, Bardstown has also been the site of five unsolved murders. 

Now, the team behind “Bomber,” “True Crime Chronicles,” and “88 Days” is digging into these cases to find out what’s really happening in Bardstown, and whether these murders could be related.  And along the way uncovering a history of violence and fear in this otherwise quintessential southern town. 

Bardstown launches August 28. 

Aug 08, 2019